Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to Crab15, fesnyc, Scooter_McG, AES, oldcoach, ribico, Razoreater, Jack Hammer, Claude Balls, ninermd, Brotha Tuna, Rocket, BigP, undercenter, E, tkamB, KauaiRobert, Coffee’s for Closers, Bayareafanatic, 23Jordan, Prime Time, MidWestNiner, Chicago49ers, Houston 9er, SoCalNiner, NinerTico, Neal, Leo, Mark, Adam707, MontanaMan16, TIM, Chewie, The Bob Project, AugusinCanada, Brodie2Washington, KezarMike, Dennis, DeezyBee, Domingo, DeePhiant, Calistoga Red, Hoferfan67 (wherever you are), dangle, Fansince77, Hacksaw46, Bray, Larry David, TheLeftSchuh NinersRoc, Txtree49ers, exgolfer, Grimey9er, 49ergirl, Stan, Dude and everyone else who reads this blog.

Happy Thanksgiving.

  1. Very thoughtful Grant. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    All jokes, trash talk, and disagreements aside.
    It’s always a good time on this blog. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone of the faithful family and their families alike. Have a fabulous day.

  2. Happy Turkey Day to you too! The forecast said showers, but it looks great outside. Everyone go out and play if you get a chance. Go Niners!

  3. Happy T-giving to all my fellow posters, finally something we can all agree on. Grant I was curious are you and your family doing a hybrid Thanksgiving\Hanukkah feast and celebration. I can see it now turkey gravy on potato pancakes. enjoy both holidays.

  4. Grant,
    Just as the Green Bay QB is thanking his ‘D’
    Just as Alex Smith is grateful for his ‘D’
    Just as Colin is glad his ‘D’ is stepping up,
    so the Niner fans are thankful you, okay?

    (where would we be without you, huh?)
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody on this blog. Agree or disagree, it’s great to have the opportunity to talk football with all of you guys and I hope you and your families have a wonderful day.

  6. Hey Grant Happy Thanksgiving. Ok enough of that. Back to football haha. Can u at some point please ask Roman, Harbs, Kap why this guy refuses to take a check down to a back when his reads aren’t there? It’s so obvious it’s there on the all 22 film and isn’t that what these guys do all week? Watch film and make corrections? I mean they have too see this right? Bill Walsh invented the RB being a viable pass catching option and for a guy(roman) who claims he looked at all of the old west coast film how can he not coach this guy up? I so want to give Roman the benefit of the doubt but he may just not be a great coach and teacher. Thanks Grant

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Grant and the entire Cohn family, and your blog is the first place to go when i want to ruminate on the Niners. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Niner fans who come here to share and to make the experience. And Happy Hannukah as well. Here’s to a long and extended Niner season and warmth and joy in the coming holiday season. Just like the NFL, it may never be easy, but lets enjoy as much we can the strapping on of the pads as we go about making our way thru life.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all of the faithful.
    May you all enjoy good health and much happiness.
    Let’s all remember today our many blessings in life, and be truly thankful.

    God bless you and your families, our great country, and the San Francisco 49ers.

  9. Happy thanksgiving to you grant and to all my fellow posters. I think of you all as my football family. Hope everyone has a great one.

  10. Got an hour to go before I carve the bird …(27 pounder)

    We’ve got the kids. grandkids and
    …even both great-grandkids comin’
    and some special wine from my brother’s
    small vineyard)
    (no sulphites .. just grapes)
    I’m tellin’ you … it just can’t get better than that !

    (but I thought Hanukkah was around Christmas .. ?)

      1. It’s not very big, Crab ..
        I helped him harvest a few years ago ..
        and he’ll get two barrels from his vines ..
        He gives one to a buddie
        (who supplies the crew) .. and he gets the other barrel…

        Good arrangement .. and he’s happy..
        and, I’m more than happy to visit him .. cuz..
        I’ll snag a few bottles from him to bring home ..

        I won’t touch commercial wines .. cuz the ‘codes
        and the sulphites give me headaches ..
        Guess I’m spoiled, huh ?

      2. MWN – Thanks for the info….I drink wine occasionally, usually merlot or cab….basic stuff.
        Is your bro a Niner fan? Get him in here if he is.

    1. Well, Dude, if we throw out you’re best three posts, the average of the rest of them…….?
      As to family, do what I did, marry a great woman. My family likes her better than me. Her family likes her better than me too.

    1. Kiffin should not be coaching in the NFL. The Cowboys D sucks. But, I’m not complaining. Like I said several weeks ago, Dallas will not win the NFC LEAST.

  11. I’m thankful that I am not a raider fan. That is and for the last 10 years have been the dumbest team in football. They dominate the Cowboys for 28 minutes and tgen change their defense before the half and give up a touchdown and lose all momentum. They learned nothing from last week. They are a mess.

  12. The ex Cowboy Gourode is killing the raiders with 3 false start penalties and Charles Woodson looks like Ed Reed back there. They are both washed up.

  13. Per Bleacher Report. Crabtree, Boldin, Manningham and Patton all practice for the 1st time ever, together today. Now hopefully, they will give us 49er fans some fireworks on offense to be thankful for!!!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving Grant, and other fellow posters on this blog. I am thankful I’m smarter then a few of you, and you know who you are.
    Just kidding. Watching the Niners is more fun knowing there is a community of fans with diverse personalities and opinions.
    Now gobble gobble!

  15. Damn didn’t make the cut…..Message received, Im going to have to up my game a notch :)

    Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah to Grant and all the 49ers faithfull and their families

    1. Not at all, BOS. Just an oversight like MWN. You’re family for sure.
      BUT, we all have to get 1% better every day, right? : >)

  16. Crab sez:
    “….MWN – Thanks for the info….I drink wine occasionally, usually merlot or cab….basic stuff.
    Is your bro a Niner fan? Get him in here if he is…”

    Naw … he’s not really into any sports ..
    His eyes glaze over when I try to talk Niners with him ..
    oh well !
    (a black sheep of the family, I guess .. lol)

    But he makes great wine ! ..
    and the auto correct screwed me up last post ..
    shoulda read ” ‘cides ” … instead of “codes” ..

    At any rate … he makes it the old world way .. one pressing
    (and yes .. there is no “foot-stomping” of the grapes ..
    he DOES have an “Armstrong” wine press)

  17. These TD and turn-over automatic reviews aren’t that bad. They’re revealing and aren’t delaying the flow of the game all that much.

      1. no, but I didn’t make the final cut of thanksgiving wishes up there. Maybe I’m not loud enough or don’t start fights on here or don’t quadruple post under different names. Not that it matters but I basically returned serve.

  18. Nice touch grant, thanksgiving is a great holiday and I hope everyone had a blast. Over here in blighty we refer to thanksgiving by its more traditional name. Thursday. But even so I wish all stateside niner fans the very best!

    1. “….. Over here in blighty we refer to thanksgiving by its more traditional name. Thursday….

      Oh that’s good !!

      (and who sez the Brits have no sense of humor ?)

  19. Three things 49ers fans should be thankful for

    1. Aldon Smith – for how it all played out that he is not out for the season
    2. Colin Kaepernick – for the hope that he can get back on track
    3. Frank Gore – for being a 49er

    1. I’m hoping the ST coverage guys are practicing trying to catch a greased pig so that they’re ready for young Mr. T. Austin.

    1. 4-3 wide 9 the Rams use is susceptible to the run
      Gore has over a 100 yards against the Rams in the last three meetings.
      4th most TDs given up to opposing rushers at 12

      Snyder(the temporary wheel) is the only question mark I need an answer to…..

      1. @Grant

        That was because the Seahawks only rushed the ball 15 times. The Rams philosophy is lighter and faster, and so by running the ball 25-30 times is where you grind them down. Can they do it with Snyder?

      2. Grant Cohn says:
        November 29, 2013 at 11:52 am
        No, but the Bears’ running backs are better than the 49ers’ running backs right now.
        It would just be easier for you to list the 3 or 4 teams(if that many) that you think the 49ers actually have a better set of RB’s then.

      3. The rams game is when they started and stuck with the run and destroyed STL. Nothing should change on Sunday. Play action pass, run the ball down their throats. Simple and effective.

      4. Grant Cohn says:
        November 29, 2013 at 12:16 pm
        He’s averaging 4.5 yards per carry. Gore is averaging a career-low 4.1 yards per carry.
        What does .4 yards per carry get you over 12 weeks of a season? 72 total yards or 6 more yards a game! Wow what a game changer he is.

      5. By the way, those 6 extra yards a game make up for his lower average per reception and for being less capable of a blocker, right?

    2. Jack, I thought Stacy had a concussion against the Bears and still has to pass all the protocols? If he doesn’t play, I don’t think Bam Bam Cunningham will do much against the 49er run defense.

    1. Last question from Maiocco, “What was your take on Tomlin along the sideline against your brothers team?” Jim with a more serious expression, “I have no take”……

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