Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to Crab15, fesnyc, Scooter_McG, AES, oldcoach, ribico, Razoreater, Jack Hammer, Claude Balls, ninermd, Brotha Tuna, Rocket, BigP, undercenter, E, tkamB, KauaiRobert, Coffee’s for Closers, Bayareafanatic, 23Jordan, Prime Time, MidWestNiner, Chicago49ers, Houston 9er, SoCalNiner, NinerTico, Neal, Leo, Mark, Adam707, MontanaMan16, TIM, Chewie, The Bob Project, AugusinCanada, Brodie2Washington, KezarMike, Dennis, DeezyBee, Domingo, DeePhiant, Calistoga Red, Hoferfan67 (wherever you are), dangle, Fansince77, Hacksaw46, Bray, Larry David, TheLeftSchuh NinersRoc, Txtree49ers, exgolfer, Grimey9er, 49ergirl, Stan, Dude and everyone else who reads this blog.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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