Harbaugh: “Aldon Smith’s mom was here, that was neat to see.”

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Jim Harbaugh made an interesting digression in his postgame interview. Here it is.

HARBAUGH: Great road win. Had a lot of families here for this game. Daniel Kilgore had close to 100 friends and relatives. Patrick Willis’ family was here. Quinton Patton is from here, his mom came over and cooked for us last night. It was a neat day. You could see it brewing when we landed, just how many relatives from the Midwest and the East and the South came over. NaVorro Bowman’s mom was here. Aldon Smith’s mom was here, that was neat to see. It’s always good to play well and win for our families that are in the Midwest and the East Coast and the South.

Q: Do you expect to have Aldon Smith back with the team after the Bye week?

HARBAUGH: I’m not real knowledgeable on exactly when that’s going to be, but I think at some point here in the next couple weeks. Things are going very well for him.

Q: There was a report that Aldon Smith may not return this season. You expect him to be back and playing in the next few weeks? Is that accurate?

HARBAUGH: I’m hopeful. I’m not the definitive source on any announcement there.

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  1. I work in the addiction field. Alcohol and other drugs can really ruin your life, cause you to make bad choices and really screw with your mind.

    Football players have incredibly short earnings lives. I hope they cut Aldon some slack when he returns, especially for the gun thing. When you are basically too old to work after 30-35, things get compressed. Hope they let Aldon back on the field with some solid civic duty as penance…

    1. Ghost I agree. I think a very good start would be if he was paid during his stint in rehab he should donate that money>

      1. No, when I was young in Mendocino I played music for a living and abused as much alcohol and drugs as I could stand. Got real good at it. But that was a long time ago. Lot of my friends are gone from those days. Some are still here but still gone. I learned a long time ago to cut a man some slack. These days, haven’t done any drugs in 25 years, enjoy the occasional glass of wine or a beer. Ride my Harleys, play my guitars, fool with my Mosins and others like them, walk the dogs, feed the cats, watch football and am highly amused by life…

      2. Crabs,

        Not an appropriate question bro. The good news is, I’ve never had a drink. But you already knew that. :) nice win today. We are Rollin’!!!

      3. 23J – Don’t worry about my questions. This alcohol expert made a common sense comment and I responded. Then Coach posted a racist comment/question and I answered.
        My 5% comment is just my opinion based on my life experiences.

      4. Crabs

        You sound as if you were offended that I mentioned it. I wasn’t worried the least bit at all bro. I just thought it was in bad taste to ask someone something so personal. To each his own.

      5. Crabs i reread my post i meant to post that you must not be from an irish family, not that you must be from an irish family, if it came off as a racist comment i apologize. I’m from a primarily Irish family and a high percentage of my extended family suffer from alcoholism, it is a genetic disease.

    2. G, I agree with you. If Aldon sticks with his rehab it would be great if the gun chargers would be dropped with community service since he is rehabbing.

    3. Wow Ghost – you work in addiction and all you hope is that he gets some slack on the amount of money he gets?! How about hoping he has the willingness a recovery program and maintain sobriety? How about hoping he has the wisdom to see that packing illegal firearms in his situation is completely boneheaded and unnecessary. Ok bro, here’s hoping you have better priorities at work than on this forum…

    1. Aldon is a bad bad boy. Can’t wait to see him back on the field. How great can this guy be when he has his priorities straight? The sky’s the limit.

  2. Man with the way Lemonier and Justin Smith have been playing lately if we can get Aldon back and maybe Tank going this will be one fearsome pass rush.

  3. Yes, Colts are good. Now we need another team to step up and knock off Seattle—- besides us. I suppose S.F. could win the division with the same W-L tally as Seattle. hmmm…..just what would that look like? If SF beats Seattle here and neither team loses again outside the conference…….there might be co-champions.

    1. NFL does not allow co champs. There are several tie breakers, including:

      Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs).
      Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division.
      Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games.
      Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference.
      Strength of victory.
      Strength of schedule.
      Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed.
      Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed.
      Best net points in common games.
      Best net points in all games.
      Best net touchdowns in all games.
      Coin toss

      There has only been one or two instances where it has come down to points scored, which makes for a very entertaining end of the season.

    2. Division rivals play only two games each year which are not common to everybody. Because the Niners finished first and Seattle finished second last year, this year the Niners have to play Green Bay and Washington while the Seahawks play the Vikings and the Giants. The way this year is going it seems Seattle got a break, but we have already beaten Green Bay and if we beat Washington it should be a wash in this category.

      If we beat Seattle at home both teams will finish 5-1 in the Division. Also a wash.

      The matchup with the AFC south should also be a wash. The Niners should beat Jacksonville next week and both teams will finish 3-1. (Each has a loss to the colts).

      That leaves the one NFC division which everybody plays. This year the NFC west plays NFC South. Atlanta, Tampa Bay, and Carolina are having bad years and both Seattle and the Niners should beat all three. That leaves the Saints and this is where Seattle gets another break. They get the Saints at home while we play them in New Orleans.

      So it seems Drew Brees and Co hold the key to the division title for the Niners. We have to win in New Orleans (Nov 17) and hope the Saints beat Seattle on Dec 2. That will give us the division.

      There is a chance that both the Niners and Seattle lose to the Saints and finish 13-3. In that case it could come down to strength of schedule or even net points.

      1. Rick, this is also assuming the 49ers run the table and Seattle only loses one more game (to us)…

        Not sure we can run the table, not sure Seattle can either.. Sooner or later one team is going to lose to a team they’re not supposed to lose to.. Can only hope that’s the Hawks of course

      2. The easier schedule seems like a break for Seattle until it comes down to the tie breakers. SOS and SOV will favor the 9ers.

  4. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS HAND IT OFF TO GORE AND GET A SMITH BACK AND WE WILL WIN 6 !!!!!! We gotta do a better job on getting pressure on the qb once we play someone good.

  5. The 49ers can ill afford to lose Reid and Whitner. It was no coincidence that Johnson scored when Dahl and Spillman were in the game…..

      1. “Reid was in on the CJ2K touchdown. Watch the film.”

        Nope. Reid was injured on the prior play, and by rule had to sit out a play. The safeties were Dahl and Spillman.

      2. Actually wrong observation E, Reid and Mr. Hitner were out when titans scored the td! Dixion described the 4th qt melt down by the defense best by stating to csn Bay Area net work: “we got on the plane to London.”

  6. So lets ask the question that everyone is thinking, who wins on a neutral field 49ers vs. Chiefs? Two elite defenses creates a game of which offense can do more. With that in mind I take Kaeps ability over Smith’s (no shot on Smith) and 49ers win.

    1. Dude,

      I think that game would be a 10point victory for us. Although it was only the preseason, we put big time pressure on Smith and forced him into his signature move, taking the sack. Our defense would know better than anyone that he doesn’t effectively threaten the deep end of the field. We don’t have to worry about the long ball. Just tackle and defend the underneath routes. Make the tackles after the catch. I think we could shut our offense down.

      Our offense would have their issues as well. However, with Kaps mobility and his ability to escape the pass rush! we do have an advantage on offense. We would certainly have to have all of our weapons back on offense and Aldon Smith. With us healthy, I think we are a primed for a Super Bowl. Alex couldn’t beat us. Our defenders know him too well.

      1. I agree 23. I don’t think the Chiefs offense will be able to do much and with Manningham coming back soon will help the offense so much more. Manningham will replace Kyle Williams in the routes he has been running. I watched a few games last year when Kaep took over and he had a good connection with Manningham. Mann would have a few catches a game with about 80 yards receiving till he got hurt. He will be a huge upgrade over Kyle. I don’t think people realize the upgrade of Manningham over Kyle will actually be. Anyhow, throw all that in and I think the offense overcomes a good Chiefs D.

      2. Dude

        I jujust. Don’t understand how Kyle can NEVER be wide open. The guy is too quick to never get open. Is he struggling that much getting off of the line of scrimmage? That’s sad.

        On another note. Austin Collie has looked good playing with Brady.

    2. Man it would be such blessing if both teams would get a chance to play in the Super Bowl! I guess we can dream, right.

      1. I do’nt know E their D is for real and if they are at home with that crowd noise and the kind of weather you will see in Jan, i believe they have a solid chance.

      2. Don’t sleep on the Bengals either.. they got the firepower to beat a team like the colts,chiefs and broncos…good defense too..I like them comin out of the Afc.

    3. I think the question that everyone is actually thinking is who wins on a neutral field – 49ers vs. Seahawks?

      Sqawks are doing better outside of their artifical noise chamber this season. Niners have been a very good road team in the Harbaugh era. I think this would be an epic battle – NFL honchos, schedule *this* game for London next year.

  7. It will be interesting to see how the play of Lemonier and Skuta effects things with Smith going forward.

    I don’t think they need to worry about rushing anything there.

    1. It should at least give Fangio the ability to take his time working Smith back into the line-up.

      Hopefully they rehabbed Aldon’s hairdo as well.

  8. I didn’t get a chance to see the game so don’t know if I agree with these PFF grades but heres some interesting ones:

    Boldin +2.9 overall, 2.4 pass
    Gore +2.3 overall, +1.0 run
    Kaepernick 0.5 overall, -0.6 pass, +0.9

    Brock: +2.5 overall, +2.3 pass cov (highest grade on defense)
    Brown: -1.7 overall, -2.1 pass cov
    Lemonier: +0.9 overall, +1.8 pass rush

    When I was looking at the stats it seemed Kaepernick looked better than the grades indicated, was this another middling performance? Glad Brock is continuing to play well though, even if Brown and Rogers had bad games in pass coverage.

    1. That’s all we need now the media putting all this attention on this topic so the system can punish him. Let’s face it if you believe life is fare and status does not impact how people are treated than you are extremely naive.

      People with power and status are always treated differently! I don’t necessarily agree with it but it’s a fact.

    2. So Aldon got an expedited processing and release. Does this only happen to star athletes? Absolutely not. Big shot lawyers, political officials, rich guys with big Shot Lawyers, and law enforcement guys usually get preferential treatment for Quick Release. I’m shaking my head at this jail deputy who knows full well that what I’ve written is true. A few years back I’m riding in a car with a neighbor who is a cop and was off duty and out of uniform. He gets pulled over for 10+ mph and when the cop runs warrant checks he finds out Mark is law enforcement and won’t write the ticket. Mark was embarrassed because I was there and said he didn’t need special treatment, but the cop said he wasn’t going back to his station house after writing up another cop; no f*^#+~% way!
      The Fix is in. Always has been. The media is digging for a story as though this is the only time anybody ever got a quick release from the Santa Clara County Jail, which is preposterous. The jail deputy has selective memory, and perhaps, a personal agenda.
      Real news on Aldon? For me his mother’s presence at the game in Nashville suggests she thinks the team still has Aldon’s best interests at heart (which they’re financially incentivized to do), and at ease enough with her son’s progress to be able to enjoy the outing without him being there. Small but encouraging steps. There are a lot of steps on the road to recovery so every positive step is a good one.

      1. To find the basis for this story you need to go back to an article from the Merc after the Brooks/Divens incident. There appears to be some political infighting in SJ regarding individuals with status getting preferential treatment.

        This has the smell of Smith getting caught in the crossfire between the two sides.

      2. Now that you’ve all shared your personal opinions, it was not preferential treatment unless you are talking about the other inmates, the deputies on duty, and all other individuals in that jail.

        Having worked in Law enforcement and currently working in public safety, when a high profile individual comes into the facility, it becomes a safety liability for everyone there. Inmates would love the notoriety of assaulting Mr. Smith. The Press and fans flood the jail with calls and start showing up outside. This takes personnel away from their duties and leaves staff and inmates vulnerable. You’d be mightily mistaken if you think 1 or 2 deputies is enough to cordon off the sea of reporters that want the scoop.

        The jail didn’t staff anticipating the arrival of Mr. Smith. They staffed according to budgets and a high profile arrest is a strain on the resources of the facility.

        Expediting Mr. Smith’s arrest was in the best interest of the entire facility. Now the invitation to the shooting range was poor judgment by some fan who also happened to be a deputy.

      3. Jack, I know you’re level headed and would put justice ahead of any irrational decisions, but the cost of a trial, an uncooperative witness, and the fact that 12 jurors would have to agree to put the star away in his team’s town, means a lot of wasted money and resources.
        People are irrational when it comes to publicity. Can you imagine trying to find 12 nonprejudicial jurors in San Jose who wouldn’t give Brooks a walk based simply on his status with the team and the fame they’d get for just being on his jury? It would be a huge undertaking.
        The jury would almost have to consist of 8 old women and 4 computer nerds who know nothing of football. It would only take Brooks’s multimillion dollar attorney 1 juror on that panel of 12 to get Brooks to walk. That would be the easiest money his attorney ever made.
        There is a reason there is a clause in the judicial system that dismisses charges “in the interest of justice”.

      4. Tuna thanks for your logical comments. I was just shaking my head after I watched the supposed investigative news. I wonder why the same news does not follow all the dirty business in Washington!

  9. Isn’t interesting that some how as soon as there is news about Aldon Smith doing well and potentially getting back there is an investigative report about the sheriffs department for treating him differently and suddenly we have jail deputies that are concern with fairness! Very interesting

  10. Grant,
    Was Hakeem Hicks trying to force a trade last night? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen such a poor demonstration of receiving by a pro WR.

    I know that his name has been mentioned around here as a possible trade, but I would look his way after last night.

    1. AES,

      I said the same thing last night. He was trying to get the asking price lowered. He looked horrible by design! Lol. It worked on me. I say we. Offer up that 2nd rounder and make it happen!

      Do you think we’re one of the 2 teams with an offer in for Gordon? I’ll give up LMJ And a 4th rounder.

      1. Hate to say it but LMJ is expendable. He either doesn’t fit or is in Harbaugh’s doghouse.
        Regardless, next year we have Gore, Hunter and Lattimore and Boobie. So yes, LMJ is expendable.

  11. Dallas wouldn’t be a problem Crabs. Their D line would get mauled by our run game. We would get to Romo easily. We all know what happens when Romo had a pass rush to deal with.

    1. 23J – I agree, I welcome playing Dallas.
      My only worry (obviously) is playing in Seattle. I think Niners can handle any other opponent on the road in playoffs. I feel G.B. or Saints have a better chance than Niners to win in Seattle, with their explosive offenses.
      Somehow, someway, Niners must win the NFC West. Like I said last week, Saints play in Seattle on MNF the week before Sea/Niners game. Saints could win that game. Win or lose, the Saints wide open offense will drain some energy from Seattle’s defense.
      Then Sea has a short week to prepare for the game in S.F.
      All arrows up!

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