Harbaugh on Aldon Smith’s suspension: ” don’t see where any type of comment by me would be productive.”

Jim Harbaugh was interviewed on a conference call Saturday afternoon. Here’s a transcript courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. staff.
First off, can you address the league-imposed suspension of LB Aldon Smith? Is that something that caught you off guard? Have you guys prepared for that?
“Well, I don’t see where any type of comment by me would be productive.”

Can you say what Aldon will or will not be allowed to do while he’s at the team facility during his suspension?
“I am still learning that myself.”

As far as you know, will he be able to partake in practices or just workouts and meetings? Do you have a general idea?
“No, still learning that myself.”

Did he participate in the team meeting today?

Looking at the initial 53-man roster, looks like you guys are pretty light on offensive lineman with only seven healthy guys. What was the thought process behind that?
“Well, we went with the eight number again, and [C] Marcus Martin was planned on being six weeks, that was what we’d been told by the doctors. So, we’ll assess as we go.”

What can you tell us about G/C Dillon Farrell? What appeals to you about him?
“He’s done a fine job. He’s been versatile. He’s played well in the games and felt like he earned a position.”

Was salary cap space a concern throughout the whole cutdown process?
“Not dramatically. It’s a concern, something that always has to be looked at.”

You guys parted ways today with a lot of core special teams guys – WR Kassim Osgood, S C.J. Spillman, LS Kevin McDermott, CB Daryl Morris, S Bubba Ventrone. Do you feel like some of the young guys, I mean, where are they in their development and what does this mean for special teams coach Brad Seely? What’s he going to have to do, what challenges await him?
“There are young players that are going to have to rise to the challenge. It’ll be a challenge for our whole football team – the veteran players, young players, to get our special teams where we’re used to them being.”

You had mentioned on Thursday that you wanted to keep the three quarterbacks. Was there much discussion on that or was that kind of a consensus no-brainer for the organization?
“We all felt like [they] had earned it – all three quarterbacks. It’s typically what we’ve done. We’ve been a three-quarterback team. If you look at our roster, we’ve mainly been three quarterbacks. And then, also, you talked about the snapper earlier, another example. I thought somebody that really earned the job.”

We’ve seen QB Josh Johnson line up at receiver at times. Does that make him a little bit more valuable as the No. 3 quarterback? Just being able to play different positions during practice and what not?
“That’s been very rare and seldom that he’s been at wide receiver in terms of maybe a look. But no, that’s not necessarily a consideration in terms of playing other positions.”

What is the injury that put FB Will Tukuafu and CB Kenneth Acker on Injured Reserve?
“Will is still going through a concussion protocol from the third preseason game. Kenneth Acker’s been dealing with a foot problem. He was MRI’ed yesterday and the recommendation was that he stay off of it for an extended period of time.”

T Jonathan Martin’s versatility along the offensive line, did that kind of make you more comfortable to go with just seven healthy linemen to enter the season?
“Jonathan, another example of someone who’s really earned the position. He’s been mainly playing tackle, but he has the ability to play guard and going forward that will be something that he’ll continue to learn and be good at. I feel very good about it. He’s done an excellent job of getting the job done.”

And also fitting in with his new team?
“Yes. It’s all been very good. We’re very fortunate to have him and excited about it.”

You mentioned TE/LS Kyle Nelson. How much of his ability to also play tight end helped win him that spot?
“Just felt like he’s earned the job. He earned it.”

Do you expect to have everyone available for Week 1? Has S Antoine Bethea gone through concussion protocol? Is WR Brandon Lloyd available?
“Yes, to Brandon Lloyd. Antoine Bethea was doing the final protocol today and did that on the field. And we’ll see if there are symptoms tomorrow. If not, he’ll be cleared.”

Will T Anthony Davis play Week 1?
“We’ll see.”

As far as special teams, is S James McCray one of the young guys that you guys are expecting to step forward on coverage units and did the game on Thursday really sort of propel him to a roster spot today?
“Yes, we do expect him to be very good on special teams. Yes, the game on Thursday, he did a very fine job and we thought in the games leading up to that – the Baltimore game, Denver, San Diego, he was making his case, he was stating his argument and finally felt like he earned the job.”

Did you announce captains?
“Yes. Defensively, [LB] Patrick Wills and [DT] Justin Smith. Offense, [T] Joe Staley and [QB] Colin Kaepernick.”

Keeping both WR Stevie Johnson and WR Brandon Lloyd with your young talent at wide receiver, is there going to be enough football to go around for everybody? Six receivers on the roster.
“Well, there’s only one football, so that’s not going to change. Nothing will be given. There’ll be no layups. Guys will be competing and it will be competition at the highest level. There’s no question when you look at that group, it looks extremely good. But the competition won’t be self-centered. Knowing our guys, it’ll be something that’ll be very good for our team.”

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  1. Can you either bold type the media questions, create some space between the media questions and the one answering the questions, or indicate somehow when a question is being answered? Thanks.

  2. From the new Accept album Blind Rage, and after the tumultuous off season, I thought it apropos:

    There’s a storm out on the horizon
    Blacking out the day
    Hell and high water
    Come to take my world away

    I can hear the wind blow
    I can hear the screams and cries
    Slamming doors, running for cover
    Praying this rage goes by

    Now everything we’ve worked for
    It’s gone in a moments glance
    I need something to believe
    I need a second chance

    With injured souls and wounded hands
    We’ll carry on, we’ll struggle
    We’ll rebuild the land

    We’ve been knocked down, we’ll get up
    From the ashes we rise
    We’ve been kicked around, sure enough
    We will survive
    We’ve been shot down, we’ll stand up
    From the ashes we rise
    Life is so hard, so just get tough
    We will survive

    I can see the ruins
    Of life that used to be
    Everything’s been shot to hell
    In this harsh reality

    The devastation’s all around us
    Blood is on our sea
    But with strength, belief in a fellow man
    We’ll meet our destiny

    1. Wow, I’d hate to hear the song dedicated to the people that are beheaded on a daily basis in Iraq. It’s a kids game played by millionaires, in a stadium with $15 hot dogs and a phone app that directs people to the toilet with the shortest line. The sun is still out.

      1. BigP- True! Nice to keep things in perspective, but even those in Iraq and in other parts of the world where the harshness of life and death is scaled to the Max, they also use sport as a diversion from the relative crappot that life deals them. That is one of the good things that sport provides us which is the opportunity to be a fan. I think it is our trials of life we need to keep in perspective. Sport is the universal escape used by every culture and society to fill a universal need and should be immune from criticism in this respect.

        1. Yeah, like bullet ducking and mortar dodging at the rockets rodeo. Lotsa fun.
          Let us please be circumspect in our equivilencies.

  3. When it is put into the context of sports it is. As long as sports is kept in it’s proper perspective. Razors poem was posted in respect to the 49er’s and that is the context in which it should be taken. He defined it’s context which is his right. The beauty of prose is that it can be related to many conditions and circumstances.

  4. Gentleman, the beauty of music and it’s lyrics from these great bands in particular, is that they ignite different emotions within people from every social spectrum throughout the world. This song merely represented to me as a fan, the 49ers plight. Their arch nemesis assassinates the season of 3 starters, and subsequently wins the Super Bowl. The alleged dysfunctional relationship with the front office, Breaking The Law, etc, etc, etc. The circumstantial evidence suggests this team is in disarray, and the pundits are predicting an 8-8 season. To me, this song means the 49ers must make sure all their ships are sailing in the same direction, and use this tribulation storm to power their sails to redemption island….

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