Harbaugh calls Palmer “an excellent top-not QB who is smart, savvy, extremely good from the pocket.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh spoke in the media tent Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


Coach, you want to comment, we just reported that three felony charges have been filed against LB Aldon Smith in connection with weapons and his party in 2012? Will you comment?

“Well, the organization has a statement. My comment would be, we’ve been aware of the incident that you’re referring to, the serious nature of it. And we’re all accountable for our actions good and bad. So, there’s a process, due process, other processes that will take place and I don’t feel any need to comment further on it.”


Do you expect Aldon Smith to play this year?

“I don’t feel any need to comment further on it.”


Can I ask you another question regarding when Aldon Smith was arrested on a DUI, did you pick him up that morning at the Sherriff’s jail?

“Did I?”


Did you pick him up?

“I don’t have any need to comment further on it.”


DT Ray McDonald injured Sunday, how will that injury affect him this season?

“Hard to predict that right now, how it’s going to affect him the entire season. He feels good about it. The doctors feel good about their evaluation and we’ll trust in that. But, hard to predict the future on it.”


Is that an injury that has an impact? Does it physically, can he go ahead and play with that?

“From what I’m being told, yes. Without a high risk of making it worse.”


Without a high risk?



How much are you relearning the Cardinals with all the change they’ve had in coaching, coordinators, head coach, everything? How much is new that you’re seeing on video?

“Quite a bit’s new. Quite a bit about the team is a new team. New coaching staff, new players. There’s quite a few of the players we know like [WR Larry] Fitzgerald, [CB] Patrick Peterson, the linebacker [Daryl] Washington. Quite a few guys that are staples on their team. But, they’ve added a mix of quite a few good players and it’s really a new team in that regard and they’re playing very well. This is a very good football team, a very well coached football team.”


But, scheme wise? Scheme wise, is it just like all the coaching staff here has seen new things obviously, how different from last season?

“It’s different. Cardinals in particular. They do a very good job of high volume, multiple on defense with their scheme. Week to week it changes. Their players are doing a great job of learning a high volume of scheme.”


Where is Cardinals QB Carson Palmer at his toughest to defend?



Where is Carson Palmer at his toughest to defend when you evaluate him as a quarterback?

“Well, an excellent top-notch quarterback who is smart, savvy, extremely good from the pocket and can make all of the throws very accurately and very tough to defend. It will be a big task for our defense this week.”


There was a report this week that you guys have talked to the Cleveland Browns about WR Josh Gordon. How do you feel about the wide receivers you have right here, the guys behind WR Anquan Boldin, and also the prospect of adding two guys in WR Mario Manningham and WR Michael Crabtree later in the year how they could fit into the mix?

“Sorry, a plane was going over our head.”


Just, how do you feel about the wide receivers you have here and then also the additions that you expect later in the season with Manningham and Crabtree?

“I think our guys are coming along fine. I feel very good about the way they’re prepared, all of our guys at every position. I feel good about the way they’re working, the way they’re preparing, the competitive nature they have, the desire to win, really has been plus-plus from our players. And when you work that hard, good things are going to happen. That’s how I feel about that.”


Most of your cornerbacks are on one-year contracts and will be free-agents or restricted free-agents next year. Is there like a belief just how that group would approach this season knowing that they’re all in contract years and just this is, the time’s now for them to win a new contract?

“Their approach?”


Yeah. Have you sensed that or talked to them about how to deal with that being in a contract year?

“No. And I haven’t sensed anything different from their approach at any time. Talking about those guys in particular [CB Tarell Brown] T-Brown and [CB Tramaine Brock] T-Brock and [CB] Nnamdi [Asomugha]. Yeah, I haven’t sensed any difference to their approach.”


Do you think that gives them extra incentive though knowing that they’re in a contract year?

“I would think so. I think that would be natural. I might take a guess.”


A couple of follow-up questions for you, was the team aware of the potential of felony weapons charges when the decision was made for Aldon to go on indefinite leave?

“I think I made it pretty clear that we were aware of the situation that occurred two summers ago or a year and a half ago. So, yeah, re-plowing the same ground there.”


I hear what you’re saying coach, but on Friday you had the DUI information and you allowed him to play. Then on Sunday after he played, the decision was made for an indefinite leave and I’m wondering if between Friday andMonday you had learned that there would be this potential for felony weapons charges?

“The organization, as I said, has a statement and they’re releasing that. Hopefully you have that by now, if not, we’ll get that into your hands very shortly.”


Does this change your concern? Because we went from DUI and issues with that arrest now to a felony weapons charge. Does this change your position?

“I won’t have any further comment on it. Hopefully you’ll be able to get that statement as soon as possible.”


Thank you.

“You’re welcome.”


Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians had some strong words when he was asked about being on Hard Knocks, being compelled to be on Hard Knocks. What would be your take on being told that you have to appear on that television show?

“If that’s something we were in position to do, then we’d certainly do it. I think it’d be good if there was a, kind of a criteria. You knew because of where you finished. A team from the AFC, a team from the NFC was the Hard Knocks team that year. Similar to how staffs do the Senior Bowl based on their finish or coach the Pro Bowl based on their finish or coach the Super Bowl based on their finish. Maybe there could be something like that. A criteria. I think they have one or are discussing one. So, I think that would be something everybody would know going in. It would be fair, so it wouldn’t be arbitrarily assigned.”


So you’re saying that maybe the last place team gets to be on Hard Knocks the next year?

“No. Maybe you have the Super Bowl team and you have the team that played in the Championship Game, the team that had the bye. Maybe the team that had the third best record in the regular season was the Hard Knocks team next year. Just as an example, so it’s set. Similarly how they dot the Pro Bowl and Senior Bowl. Just a thought, just thinking out loud.”


But, the fact that they have cameras in meeting rooms, cameras in the GMs office, that seems to run counter to how you guys have operated. That wouldn’t bother you to have that scenario?

“Like I said, if there was a criteria where everybody knew going in that that was the team that would be assigned. There’s going to be teams that are going to be on Hard Knocks and that seems like a popular thing and something people want to see. So, I don’t see it going away. You could stamp your feet and say I don’t want to do it, but I don’t know how productive that is for anybody concerned. You might have people a year from now, some team that’s on Hard Knocks wins the Super Bowl and then everybody’s going to be, ‘why can’t we be on Hard Knocks, it’s an advantage to be on Hard Knocks.’ I don’t know. I’m just, again, thinking out loud. I’ve probably given that a lot more time than it needs to.”


Have you guys been tempted at all in these first three Jim Harbaugh training camps to go on Hard Knocks?



Have you talked about it internally?

“Haven’t been tempted, no.”


Why not?

“Just haven’t been tempted.”


Have you ever watched it?

“Yes. I find it quite entertaining.”

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