Harbaugh on Fales: “My personal QB evaluation of this class has David in the top five.”

SANTA CLARA – David Fales participated at the 49ers’ local Pro Day on Friday. Here is what Jim Harbaugh said about Fales.

Q: What do you like about David Fales as a prospect?

HARBAUGH: A lot. I’m a big fan. My personal quarterback evaluation of this class has David in the top five.

Q: What does he do well?

HARBAUGH: I think he sees the field. I think he throws the ball downfield. A lot of quarterbacks are doing what they’re taught in their systems. He is a guy that is an example of a quarterback who throws the outside lanes, he throws the ball in the seams and gets it down the field and sees the field well. He’s got a real savviness about the position. Big difference in the San Jose State win-loss record when he was the quarterback as opposed to before he was the quarterback. He has risen with the program and brought wins.

Q: Does he have a strong enough arm?

HARBAUGH: You see a very, very compact throwing motion. Today, more compact than what I saw during his career, but he was still throwing the ball 50, 55 yards downfield, throwing the deep comebacks, the outside lanes like he did at college easily, accurately and on a line. Do not see any deficiencies that way.

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    1. I think everything Harbaugh says is true, even what he doesn’t say about his arm-strength. If there is one weakness to Fales that may be it.

  1. Why would Harbaugh share that info? Not saying he’s lying – he probably does see him as a top 5 QB in this class – but why give that info to others?

      1. Jack,
        That was my thought.
        Harbaugh has now made it crystal clear that he is not interested in the QB from next door.

        1. While you all are probably correct, smokescreens don’t work if other teams know they are smokescreens. Sometimes, you have to throw out the truth to make it more difficult for your opponents to get a read on you.

    1. Because at this time of year a GM or HC can say anything, even the truth, and nobody will know whether or not to believe it. This close to the draft it’s a freebee.

    2. Harbaugh says he thinks Fales is a top 5 QB and suddenly we think we’ve peered behind the curtain? What nugget of information do you believe there is to mine from Harbaugh’s admission? Who’s changing their mock draft based upon what he said?

      1. Why give another team any kind of insight into your draft board, no matter how minor? He easily could have left it with the typical superlatives they use to describe prospects, but he went the step further and gave a ranking.

        I tend to agree with Jack – this smacks of misinformation, hope other teams bite or over think the 49ers interest in Fales or even QBs in general. Or, it could be to hide their interest in a certain teammate of his…

  2. Baalke was seen last year screaming “throw the ball” from his press box during a game last year when Vernon was wide open and Colin didn’t see him.

    This is the 2nd time this draft season Harbaugh praised the way a QB sees the whole field. Combine that with praise of Fales compact throwing motion and its clear Kaepernick’s weak spots are on the head coach’s mind.

    Not saying they are unhappy with Colin, but its clear they are visualizing the possibilities of a good vision QB that quickly gets rid of the ball.

    1. Brodie,
      So why say it for all the NFL world to hear. And no less from the coach who knows the QB position better than most and who always disguises what he really thinks.
      I mean, If he really likes that kind of West coast like player then keep mum and draft the dude.

    1. Yup. I’m sure there many comments are are smoke screens… just not sure which ones. The other QB Harbaugh said has great vision is Johnny Manziel, but I’m not sure that’s a consensus.

      Harbaugh often is full of praise for QBs before drafts… like his “plutonium grade material” comment about Newton.

      His “sees the whole field” comments could just be coincidental… or he’s saying it because its on his subconscious wish list of capabilities he wants Colin to develop. Once in a while Harbaugh tells the truth just to mess with our heads.

      Colin improved his release since college, bit its still one of the slower windups in the NFL. Quicker release… improved vision… those are high on Colin’s need to improve list.

  3. Kaepernick definitely needs better field awareness. This is team is being built for any offense, spread included.

  4. Way too much over thinking going on here when it’s pretty simple: Harbaugh gushes over any player he’s asked about. In this case it also benefits him to talk up a QB they have zero interest in.

    1. Calling Fales top-five in this class suggests Harbaugh prefers him to Logan Thomas, Jimmy Garoppolo, Zach Mettenberger, Tom Savage, etc.

      1. If you believe him sure, but I don’t. I would bet he likes others better and is hoping some team over drafts Fales. Personally I think the guy he really wants to get late in the draft is Thomas.

      2. No.
        It suggests he wants everyone else to believe that Fales is top five and for everyone else to draft him accordingly. Then Harbaugh grabs the QB he actually likes and whom he has said nothing about until after the smoke screen has cleared.

  5. Man Grant, you sound like Hofer begging for Pat Devlin…. Fales is NOT a top five QB. For Harbaugh to suggest it tells me that he is disguising who he really wants. I get that you hitched your wagon to Fales. He is not who Harbaugh wants.

    You’ve been around Harbaugh long enough to get a feel for when he is being disingenuous. This is one of those times. Sort of like when he said ” Alex Smith is our guy”, Or like when he said “we have no interest in Payton Manning”.

    Makes a person look silly to all of a sudden say Harbaugh is telling the truth when it backs their agenda lol. Just saying……. Especially especially at this time when he is most apt to be covert….

  6. I am saddened by this obvious forecast, because I wanted to see Fales as a Niner. A West coast alternative at a bargain in the draft and our local boy just vanished behind Harbaugh’s smoke and mirrors.

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