Harbaugh: “For the most part it’s the same offense” with Kaepernick or Alex Smith at QB

SANTA CLARA — Here is what Jim Harbaugh said about the evolution of the 49ers offense at his Monday press conference.

Q: Frank Gore was saying that the offense with Kaepernick is really the same, just you do more read option. Is it essentially the same?

HARBAUGH: That’s one take. I think for the most part it’s the same offense, don’t know that it’s dramatically different. I’d concur with Frank.

ME: You used the full-house Pistol formation about 17 times yesterday. What do you like about that particular formation, with three players surrounding Kaepernick in the backfield?

HARBAUGH: We thought in this particular game that it was a way for us to get a hat on a hat. A way to balance off Miami’s defense and what they had shown to do because it is a balanced formation. Allows you to go in any direction and throw the ball. It was a good base formation for us in this game.

Q: Often you’ll have a Jumbo formation with offensive linemen Daniel Kilgore and Leonard Davis and they’ll be on one side and then you’ll often run to that side. Your run game is known for its creativity and keeping defenses off balance, but that seems to be an exception. Do you have any thoughts on that? Could you be setting something up for later in the year?

HARBAUGH: Absolutely, anything’s possible off of that. And we did get stopped on the 3rd-and-1. We just didn’t have all 11 guys doing… We had 10. Ten guys did exactly what they should have, but we didn’t get one more down block that we needed. So, you don’t like to see that happen.

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