Harbaugh: “I get paid extremely well. Jed York has always been square dealing with me. I don’t think about that as an issue.”

Sports Illustrated recently interviewed Jim Harbaugh, and he denied that he wants a contract extension, that he wants more power and that there is friction between him and Trent Baalke.

Here’s a Harbaugh quote from the interview: “I have never been a guy that wants to get extensions. If the guy at the top is getting extensions every year or two, it sends everybody else to the water cooler. The reason is, in any kind of budget, you have so much money for coaches. At some point it comes down to a pool of money for the coaches. When I started out, I was making $5 million. You run back for an extension, it shrinks the pool.”

Smart. I doubt Harbaugh was going to get an extension from the 49ers this offseason, anyway.


      1. I would have lost money yesterday on Grants neutral headline about Kaepernicks contract negotiations.

        I missed these headlines yesterday, but got a good chuckle from Lowell Cohn today.

        Lowell Cohn: Kaepernick needs a reality check


        Kaepernick salary demand out of line

        Classic Lowell Cohn!

        1. He actually advocated physical violence by also recommending a Boston Creme Pie to Kaepernick’s face….

  1. Grant, thanks for the Harbaugh quote, which I missed. To me it says he sees winning as more important than increasing his compensation, which confirms how I have always interpreted him.

  2. Grant:

    Smart. I doubt Harbaugh was going to get an extension from the 49ers this offseason, anyway.

    How passive-aggressive of you.

  3. Grant – you should have ended the article with “Looks like all is well in Niner land….or is it???” (with a “shifty eye” gif at the bottom and the “Duh-duh-duh” sound chiming in the background)

  4. At least that is something from the horses mouth. However people will believe what they want to believe regardless if its true or not. I am hoping that this puts the story to rest, however I bet it continues to rage with the people who want this story to be true. I like Harbaugh and I hope he stays for the duration of his contract and beyond. He does do things that raise the cackles on my back, Free agency is getting closer by the day and hopefully the topics will be focused on that.

  5. This Harbaugh contract nonsense will blow over. Harbaugh, Baalke, Marathe and York are on the same page like no other combo of coach, GM, President and owner. They are all smart, driven individuals who want to win.

    There is a fixed pool of money determined by the salary cap that players have to split up. Similarly, as long as the total money York and Marathe budget for coaching is one of the highest in the league, if not the highest, things will be fine. From purely a business standpoint, a team can assign only so much funds for coaching that the coaches have to divvy up. Harbaugh very much understands the importance of having the best coaching staff who are well-paid. I guess he has deigned to “suffer fools gladly” and spell out the obvious in this interview.

    Now that March is here and action has resumed, I’m delighted with the extension of Donatel and Boldin’s new contract. IMO, the three individuals who are most passionate among the Niners for winning are Boldin, Justin Smith and Kap, and these three are closely followed by Willis, Bowman, Staley and Whitner. I think the importance of getting Boldin back cannot be overstated. I hope that something works out with Whitner. I also read somewhere that Fangio and the Niners are on the verge of signing a contract extension, which is very good news, too.

          1. How confortable are you with a rookie replacing whitner?

            I’d hate to see another 1st round pick used on a safety 2 yrs in a row, but wouldn’t mid maybe nabbing a WR in 1st and then trading up in the 2nd to grab our SS

          2. I’d have to agree with razor. If you look at Whitner his play in coverage can be attributed to playing next to Reid. Reid rarely makes a mental lapse. A very smart 21 year old who I believe already can bring a young player along just fine.. Don’t get me wrong Whitner is a huge part of that backfield when it comes to leadership but sooner then later he needs to be replaced.. I would not be surprised in the slightest if the niners move up in the draft for Clinton Dix or prior.

          3. If you look at Whitner his play in coverage can be attributed to playing next to Reid.

            I have no idea what that means. Reid was an improvement over Goldson in terms of coverage, which I think allowed Whtiner to focus on his own job, but I don’t think Reid made Whitner look better than he is. And I think Whitner is good. According to PFF, he ranked 5th among all safeties in terms of coverage last season. Whitner and Reid worked very well together; why break them up if you don’t have to?

            My hope is that, with the cap being higher than expected, the 49ers will find a way to bring Whitner back for at least a couple of years. If they do that, then they won’t have to reach for a safety in the early rounds.

          4. I think they want Whitner back, but aren’t willing to pay him much more than he made in the last contract. It will depend on what the market is for his services.

            I’d like to see him back, but I also think they can survive without him if it comes to that. Good tackler and big hitter but I worry about him in coverage. He was better last year but the year before he was downright awful.

          5. rocket:

            If you want to feel better about Whitner, just do what I do. Blame Goldson for the 49ers’ coverage problems in 2012.

          6. Claude,

            You could argue that Whitner losing track of Baldwin (?) for a long pass completion, off of a Wilson scramble, cost the 49ers the NFCCG. Of course, that’s not the only thing that hurt the 49ers chances of winning, but Seattle didn’t have much going offensively until that pass play. Plus, if you take those three points off of the board, the end of the game might’ve been different.

            By all accounts Whitner is great guy and he’s a solid player, but his lapses in coverage and inability (unwillingness?) to adapt his style of play to the way the game is being called have become frustrating.

          7. exgolfer:

            He’s not perfect, but his coverage lapses are rarer than a lot of people think.

            Good point on his stubbornness. At some point, he should have adjusted to how the officials were calling the games, even if they were wrong every single time they flagged him.

      1. We’ll have a better idea of the possibility of that in 7 days 2 hours 38m…(damn those countdown timers at nfl.com) when the safety free agent market starts to become apparent.

        I’d sign him to a one year deal but that isn’t what’s going to happen so I believe we’re better off replacing him now instead of investing in him long term with a new contract. Can’t say if there is anyone in the draft that can come in and play to his equal or not but even if they’re close it’s better then tying up big money long term in Whitner.

      2. I agree he will hit the open market. As to whether he stays or goes will come down to other teams interest.

        If he isn’t brought back I hope they bring in someone else decent in FA to start for a year or two.

    1. Razor, it’s his perspective. Ponder this: It’s generally written that this media storm has “worked in Harbaugh’s favor,” and yet, here he is, diffusing it. They all talk about what’s going on behind the scenes. How do they know? Have they planted bugs in the building, meeting rooms, etc.? What’s more likely is that their livelihood depends upon getting people to think they know and milking anything of controversy. That’s how I see it anyway.

    2. Harbaugh can’t win this in the media no matter what he says because that is not interesting to the people who write stories for a living. Ratto lists quotes straight from Harbaugh that dispel all the rumors, and then adds “reading between the lines.” That’s Ratto reading between the lines because he’s unwilling to accept that everything could indeed be functional at Niner Headquarters. Same reason Grant went nuts with Jed in Miami stories.

      None of us should be naïve enough to believe everything is perfect between Harbaugh and the front office, but we also shouldn’t be so quick to believe every leak from a source either. Every source who leaks a story has a motive for doing so. Sometimes it’s personal and sometimes it’s truth, but until the accusation is proven, it’s just a rumor. Too many people are swayed by comments that are uncorroborated and that leads to pages of talk about a story that might not even be true. Just something to keep in mind.

  6. http://blogs.sacbee.com/49ers/archives/2014/03/qb-watch-harbaugh-on-hand-for-jimmy-garappolo-workout.html

    Yes, I thought this would be a QB that Harbaugh would love. He’s mobile though not like Kaep. He’s smart, has a quick release, and has quick decision making, and will fit right in behind a line that offers iffy pass protection at times. Think Romo but without the suck. I was right that Kaep wants to be paid like the best but will settle for 18mil. He’s not worth that much as a passer. Trade him for a mid 1st pick and pick Cooks WR. Then take Garappolo with our 1st. Extend everyone else including Harbaugh.. Our offense will be better than number 30 even with a rookie QB.

    1. Our offense will be better than number 30 even with a rookie QB.

      Of course it will because as we know rookie QB’s from division II Schools come in and tear up the league every year.

  7. two observations from the Super Bowl monkey:

    1. the money in Coach Harbaw’s pocket does not
    offset/assauge the bitterness in his heart
    (i.e., the sick feeling from losing to Pete Carroll…)

    2. if the Niners do not win a Lombardi trophy in 2015,
    then I will remain on Harbaw’s back for another year.

    3. the beautiful scenery at Pebble Beach golf course
    cannot be compared with the sideline view which
    Coach Carroll enjoyed at SB XLVIII (your gift to him )…

  8. I must say, after re-reading Harbaugh’s interview, I want him as the San Francisco 49ers coach for years to come! Absolutely everything that he said was exactly what you want from a coach…”Instead, Harbaugh seemed to be campaigning for a raise for a member of his staff, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio.” “I have never said that [I want more power], nor do I want any more power than I have,” “We’re partners on the same team. I have great respect for him. He works extremely hard at it and is very good at it. We are all part of a team. I believe in the structure we have. I don’t want to change anything that we do in that regard.”

    I bet it’s not far fetched to think that as much as Grant despises Harbaugh, Harbaugh despises Grant equally! It must suck to blog about a team that provides you with ZERO information. No wonder Grant speculates so much, folks.

    I can only say one thing, “Coach Harbaugh is an absolute stud!”

    1. Why in the world would Harbaugh despise Grant. Grant doesn’t despise Harbaugh either. Harbaugh is just playing the part of the villain in Grant’s drama. There’s no more to it than that. It’s fiction, not reality.

  9. I’m always interested in how the careful choice of a single word can change the meaning of a sentence.

    “he denied that he wants a contract extension”
    “he refuted the idea that he wants a contract extension”

    Regardless of the truth behind unverified reports, the way they are passed through the rumor mill does make a difference in their meaning.

    Some writers are very skilled in selecting the words they use to shape the impression that they want to convey.

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