Harbaugh: “I believe we have the opposite of a controversy.”

Jim Harbaugh spoke on KNBR Wednesday morning. Here’s what he said about Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers quarterback controversy.

Q: Is Alex Smith cleared to play contact football yet?

HARBAUGH: It looks like he will be before the week is out, but not as of right now. I’m sure he will be.

Q: You would presume that he would be eligible…

HARBAUGH: It’s all in the doctors’ hands. I’m not Doctor Harbaugh. For me to start talking symptoms and medical jargon, it doesn’t even ring true to me. I leave that in the doctors’ hands completely. That’s the best thing for everybody.

Q: After the game, (Grant Cohn) asked you if Colin Kaepernick is your quarterback going forward, and you said you have two quarterbacks with hot hands. Did you leave the door open for a quarterback controversy purposefully? Do you regret leaving the door open?

HARBAUGH: I believe we have the opposite of a controversy. A controversy is an argument between opposing points of view. This is coming at it from a team point of view. And do we have two good quarterbacks, two winning quarterbacks, two quarterbacks with a hot hand? Yes we do. So we’ll make the decision and let you know in a timely fashion.

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