Harbaugh: “I support Jonathan Martin.”

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh spoke in the media tent Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript.

Q: What strikes you most about having Aldon Smith back?

HARBAUGH: I wouldn’t say one thing strikes me most other than it’s good to have him back, good to be around him again.

Q: Patrick Willis and Ahmad Brooks said they got pretty winded in a drill the other day and Aldon wasn’t even breathing heavily which shows he’s still in good shape and ready to go. Were you impressed by the shape he came back in?

HARBAUGH: Who said that? Patrick Willis and Ahmad? Really? Interesting. That concerns me because the drills were not that rigorous (laughter). You’ve opened up a different topic of concern.

Q: Does Aldon look physically fit and ready to play for you this weekend?

HARBAUGH: He does.

Q: Will he play this weekend?

HARBAUGH: We’ll assess that. This is a thing that’s being taken day by day.

Q: Do you expect Mario to play?

HARBAUGH: There are going to be a lot of possibilities that we could delve into here since we haven’t had a game in 10 or 11 days and some new players have been added on to the active roster. Quite a few possibilities, maybe some nuances, but I like to think of all those options being open. Would be less inclined to go into the details in each or any of those unless we were to get the same thing from our opponent.

Q: Has Mario been able to do everything in practice since he’s been back?

HARBAUGH: Again, today is the big practice of the week, the first one of those. We’ll get a chance to really look at Mario today. It’s all looked good. He’s been taking part for the past couple of weeks now.

Q: Having Crabtree back on the field, what does that mean, just his presence?

HARBAUGH: Good to have him back. 15 reporting eligible. Everybody kind of watches out of the corner of their eyes as they do drills. It’s neat to see any player that comes back from a serious injury, understanding the grueling rehab that’s taken place. It takes mental toughness grinding through those rehab sessions. To be where they are now, that’s an exciting day when they trot out there in uniform and start taking reps.

Q: Does he take reps with the offense or do you work him in with the scout team at first?

HARBAUGH: Today will be a bigger practice where there will be scout team reps and multiple reps. He’ll have a pitch count.

Q: What’s this like for you getting so many reinforcements for the stretch run?

HARBAUGH: It’s good. One thing I’m noting for this game, the inactive roster will really consist of one non-healthy scratch. Of those seven players, there will be six really good football players who are ready to go and won’t be active for the game. There are some decisions to be made. You expect that the players will have the opportunity to state a case, make an argument for why they should be out on the field contributing. Very much looking forward to that process.

Q: What about Quinton Patton?

HARBAUGH: He would be the one who is not a healthy scratch this week.

Q: I think today marks 24 weeks since Crabtree tore his Achilles’ Tendon. Are you surprised or impressed by how quickly someone can come back from that injury nowadays?

HARBAUGH: I think you’re right. I had the math, since the surgery it’s been five months and 27 days as of Sunday, so five months 30 days today. Surprised? I don’t know. I guess because we watch him day to day. Successful surgery, on track at every point, doing everything that he was asked to do by the doctors. Reports were really good. Terrell Suggs would be the other one I’m aware of. He played in a game five months and 28 days from his surgery. That seems to be the common ground, six months. But they’re different positions. Who knows for certain how that plays into it?

Q: Is Patton a candidate to go on IR or do expect he’ll be playing again at some point this season?

HARBAUGH: I anticipate he’ll be playing again. He’s doing really well, came out of his boot a couple of days ago and he looks really good. I think ahead of schedule for Quinton.

Q: Can he do anything on it?

HARBAUGH: He just got out of his boot, but soon.

Q: Going back to Aldon, is that a football decision whether or not he plays?


Q: Given the health scares with coaches over the weekend, are you willing to share what your medical, do you get a physical every year? You had the heart procedure last year you said was minor. There is some concern about protocols for coaches in a high-stress job. Certainly you saw what happened with a couple of your colleagues this weekend.

HARBAUGH: Yes, but I’m not aware of any protocols for high-stress jobs.

Q: How is your physical health and do you get a physical more regularly since last year or anything you’re able to share?

HARBAUGH: No, it was just a minor thing and I was able to walk it off. I’m feeling good. Thanks for asking.

ME: What makes Cam Newton unique and special as a quarterback and what have you seen from him this season?

HARBAUGH: I remember when he was coming out of the draft. How did we say it….plutonium grade. Really good. He just continues to grow and blossom into a top-shelf quarterback. My father-in-law was adamant that we had to get Cam Newton. He was the future of the NFL. You’ve got to give him credit, he saw it. He saw some things in Cam Newton, which we all did. I think the whole football world saw it at that time. We weren’t in a position to pick him, but he’s been a great addition to the league and to the Carolina Panthers. He’s a great player.

Q: What stands out to you about the Carolina defense?

HARBAUGH: The linebackers and the defensive line. I think it’s the best defensive line we’ll play. The line backing crew is outstanding, very talented, play very hard and they’re a very smart group that plays well together. The secondary is very physical and cover extremely well. This is a formidable defense and we understand the task that’s in front of us this week.

Q: How do you define plutonium grade?

HARBAUGH: He’s just uniquely talented. My son Jack Harbaugh is a little over 14 months old. On the curve, he’s above the 100 percentile. He’s big, growing very well. Cam Newton would be further outside the graph. He’s in a world by himself. He’s just tremendously talented.

Q: Do you feel it’s the job of the veterans on a team to prevent hazing or bullying?

HARBAUGH: A couple of things there. No.1, we’ve well discussed it and it’s been well understood what the policy is within the organization. As far as that situation, there is only one thing I can intelligently comment on and that’s knowing Jonathan Martin. I know him to be a fine person and his family, a great contributor as a student and as an athlete at Stanford. He epitomizes the student-athlete model. And he’s a personal friend. So, I support Jonathan.

Q: Have you reached out to him?

HARBAUGH: I don’t have any comment on that or anything else because I wasn’t there. I’m not in the locker room there, didn’t see anything, didn’t hear anything, haven’t talked to anybody that did. Anything I would have to say in any regard would be hearsay.

Q: Can you generalize for us what your policy is for hazing?

HARBAUGH: Yeah I could and I’d be glad to at a different time. I don’t think that this is the forum for that discussion. You can bring that up to me when it’s not related to this story. Anything else is hearsay on my part. And if you want hearsay, just tune into ESPN. They’re rolling it all day long.

Q: There have been a lot of comparisons between Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton. Is Colin the scout team quarterback this week?

HARBAUGH: That’s a good idea. That’s a very good idea because they are so similar in ability, in makeup, in confidence, in talent. They’re both great. That’s not a bad idea at all.

Q: Did your father-in-law have any insight in Kaepernick before the draft?

HARBAUGH: No, no he did not. My father, Jack Harbaugh, was championing Colin Kaepernick. The two fathers championing their champion.

Q: Did you visit Luke Kuechly when he was in high school?

HARBAUGH: Yes. I thought it went really well. I had a home visit and I sat in his living room in Cincinnati with the Kuechlys and felt confident and sure that Luke would be a Stanford Man. Walked out of the living room that night feeling pretty darn good about it. Got the tragic news the following week that he was going to Boston College. He’s a great player, somebody who’s got to be blocked or he’ll make every tackle. Big challenge for us this week.

Q: How do you react when you get that kind of news? What do you do?

HARBAUGH: Stew. What did we do wrong?! What did we do wrong?!

Q: Do you expect Kyle Williams to return punts and kickoffs on Sunday?

HARBAUGH: Again, all those options are open. Not going to divulge that information.

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  1. Kyle Williams will be one of the in actives for this game imho.
    I remember when Coach Harbaugh was relating his phone conversation with his dad prior to the draft, making him promise not to tell a soul including Mom….When Jim told his dad that it was Colin Kaepernick, his Dad replied “That’s the one son, that’s the one”.

  2. I don’t agree with Harbaugh on Martin. At some point you have to be a man and stand up for yourself. We’re seeing one side of the story. Martin doesn’t appear to have the heart for football. He seems entitled. Again, this is just my opinion from what I’ve seen, but I don’t think Harbaugh should get involved in this media circus.

    1. At some point you have to be a man and stand up for yourself.

      Here’s the problem with that poor theory. Say he did try to stand up for himself and Incognito (or one of his buddies) reported that Martin wasn’t being a team player, that he wasn’t listening to some advice or some other type of BS that bullies love to utilize when they are playing mind games with their chosen victim. If those said bullies were the traditional @#$ kissers that make sure that they have their superior ( or in this case the HC) in their hip pocket, then who do you honestly think he would believe: the victim or the great guy who could never do something like that IE the mind game playing bully? More often than not the superior will go to the victim, tell them that he or she is in the wrong, and that they had better shape up. And what is worse is that the superior usually will not allow the victim to defend himself in any shape or form. This in turn does damage to any self-confidence that the victim has and also allows the bully free reign on whatever he wants to do to the victim. Tell me how can someone can stand up for themselves in that type of environment. And don’t even try saying that they should get away from that environment because most victims do not have the means to do so. You have absolutely no clue as what those mind games feel like unless you dealt with them. I have, and let me tell you, mental bullying can be just as damaging as physical bullying. Sometimes even worse.

    2. What do you disagree with Harbaugh about? As far as I can tell this is all he said about Martin:

      I know him to be a fine person and his family, a great contributor as a student and as an athlete at Stanford. He epitomizes the student-athlete model. And he’s a personal friend. So, I support Jonathan.

      Not sure there’s anything there to disagree with. Also doesn’t seem wise for us to make judgments on the issue when, as you say, we have only one side of the story.

      Agreed that Harbaugh shouldn’t get involved. I thought his answer was as good as it could be: supportive of a player he knew while acknowledging that it’s not his place to comment.

    3. This is the NFL son. There’s no room for that BS on this team. These men are professionals, not college fraternity. The approach should be to get these rookies up to speed as quickly as possible so they can contribute to the success of the team.

      1. I don’t think any of us can make a judgment call on what happened without being in that locker room or any NFL locker room for that matter.
        What I can conclude is that Martin abandoned accountability. He abandoned his team.

        After hearing Tannehill’s comments,”If you asked Jonathan Martin who his best friend is on this team two weeks ago, he’d say Richie Incognito,” (The) first guy to stand up for Jonathan when anything went down on the field — any kind of tussle — Richie was the first guy there. When they wanted to hang out outside of football, who was together? Richie and Jonathan. I’m not in those guys’ shoes. I can’t explain what’s going on,” I’m left wondering if Martin mentally collapsed and used Incognitto as a scape goat. The voicemail is from OTA’s when Martin skipped out on 2.
        Sure, they are voluntary. These men are sacrificing their bodies and their health for the team. They expect everyone to make the same sacrifice.
        So, the conclusion I’ve drawn is Martin folded to the pressure. He didn’t deal with the incident responsibly. He deserted his team. Then, through his agent, who has a vested interest in making sure Martin keeps getting paid, the voicemail is leaked.
        Had Martin actually gone through the appropriate chain of command, and it was possible to do so through his same agent, I might have more sympathy. Instead, he appears like a spoiled child who didn’t like what was required of him and gave up. Then, he coward away from accountability.
        I think the fact that the Dolphins players are supporting Incognitto says a lot about the situation. They have the best view and are a good litmus test. Eric Davis also said that “many outsiders would be offended by what took place in an NFL locker room.”

      2. Your post just proves you have no clue about what bullying can do to a person, especially the mental form of it. You also say that we shouldn’t make any judgment calls and then you make one yourself. Quit while you are ahead.

    4. Matt,

      How can one disagree with Harbaugh unless they too know Martin personally?

      He was upfront that he would noy comment on the situa ion. He knows that anything he says would be on ESPN almost immediately, thus his “if you want hearsay, just tune into ESPN. They are rolling it all day long” statement.

      1. I disagree with Harbaugh asserting his opinion on the matter.
        I meant to hit enter. What should have been the new paragraph was only my opinion of the situation. I closed it reasserting that I disagree with Harbaugh addressing this topic in the media.

      2. When Harbaugh broke his tradition and answered this question,”Do you feel it’s the job of the veterans on a team to prevent hazing or bullying?”, and specifically brought up Mr. Martin, he became part of the distraction.
        I disagree with giving the media anything at all regarding this matter. I think the way you address it is by simply saying this team is only focused on Carolina. Anything outside of preparing for Carolina is a distraction that doesn’t merit a response.

      3. I think Harbaugh was wrong to make that comment to the media. I think Harbaugh got caught like all of us do from time to time saying what he really thought when a tongue in cheek response is needed.
        The media is paid to ask a fire storm question because it creates controversy. His opinion of the Seahawks, of which I agree 100%, should have stayed in his locker room.
        It appeared like his team played out his opinion on the field even if they didn’t win. That’s something as a coach he can be extremely proud of.
        He’s great with the media and it is extremely frustrating as a fan to read 99% of what he says. The 1 % generally has to do with his ex-players of which he always goes to bat for. That’s what makes these men play so hard for him. He has their back.

    5. “At some point you have to be a man and stand up for yourself. ”
      How was he supposed to have done that? Punch that scumbag in his face? Is that how you recommend settling conflicts at your workplace?

      “Martin doesn’t appear to have the heart for football. ”
      Based on what? Care to elaborate? Would his putting up with this barrage of insults and targeted humiliation by a section of his teammates, with apparent support from the coaches, been a sign of wanting to play football? Is that what his contract entailed?

      Jonathan Martin played in one of the most physical O lines in college football for three years. Do you think his excellent performance at Stanford showed his lack of heart for football?

      1. I base his lack of heart on the direct quote from his Starting QB. “If you asked Jonathan Martin who his best friend is on this team two weeks ago, he’d say Richie Incognito.”
        I base it on his no show for 2 OTA’s. He is a rookie, he should be spending every waking moment like the successful rookies do learning and working. Playing is a privilege not an entitlement.
        I base it on the way he abandoned his team. I base it on the fact that he walked out on the team without an explanation. I base it on the way he had his Agent address the matter to the media.
        All of those point to a level of immaturity and selfishness.

      2. I thought about responding with a long post but your bohemian attitude towards a bully victimizing somebody just shows that it would be a waste of time Matt.

      3. @Matt
        Why should one believe Tannehill’s subjective opinion in this matter? Clearly, the Dolphins are playing an endgame in presenting locker room unity to the outside world.
        > I base it on his no show for 2 OTA’s.
        How do you know what the circumstances were in which he left? Martin’s agent said that he had reported his objections to Incognito’s behavior to the coaches, and no action was taken.
        > Playing is a privilege not an entitlement.
        May be in your world. Playing in NFL is part of a legal contract made by players and ownership under rules of union-owner agreement. Go read what NFLPA had to say about workplace expectations in the locker room.
        > He is a rookie,
        He was in his second year. He was not a rookie.
        You should perhaps read what Bill Walsh felt about his issue.

        Maybe Martin was a shy player, but clearly Dolphins locker room and the coaches have their priorities all screwed up.

    6. This is a tough one to call.
      IMO they’re both at fault. Incognito went to far with the hazing, from the family insults and racial slurs. His teammates have his back still. So there has to be some spinning on this story. Hazing happens to rookies. Been happening for years. Incognito went Obannon (dazed and confused) and took it to far.

      Martin obviously is a sensitive guy. Not saying he should take the verbal abuse he got over the phone, but at some point you have to stick up for yourself too. No player is going to respect and pansy who runs to their parents and tells on someone. And that’s exactly what he did. Maybe he’s not cut out for a barbaric game like football. He should have atleast went to the coach or front office about this problem. Not his Mommy.

      If cognito slowed his role and didn’t get racial or personal and Martin stands up for himself. This doesn’t get this far. MEN stand up for themselves. Doesn’t have to be with fists, but atleast make a stand.
      Their teammates are saying they still have Ingognito’ back in this. This whole thing is a huge mess. Consider me on the fence.

      1. No player is going to respect and pansy who runs to their parents and tells on someone.

        He checked himself into a hospital because of the emotional stress that he was dealing with MD. He is now at home working on a lengthy document that he must present to the NFL and NFLPA about the situation. That isn’t a person running to his parents and telling on someone. Not even close.

        Your weak knowledge of the aspects of bullying in any form just keep showing up through your posts Matt. I have never one poster this but your clueless and thoughtless comments have pushed me to it: JUST STFU.

      2. Midwest, it’s definitely admirable you’re standing up for the underdog and are so against bullying.

        It’s just my opinion. I agree bullying is wrong. In this case though, I am not condoning the bullying, I am instead saying the manner it was dealt with was wrong.

        If you don’t like the opinion, MOVE ON. Simple as that.

      3. We make victims out of everyone in today’s world. Before social security and welfare, people were accountable. Now, we give “participation trophies” and a sense of entitlement. If things don’t go your way, you’re a victim.
        I am sure there is a lot more to the story than one man quitting football and running away. Thank you for your opinions though and your fight against bullies.

      4. It isn’t my opinion Matt. I have experienced emotional abuse at work myself. I tried standing up for myself but was greeted with even more despicable mind games from the bully as a result. I took the next step and reported it to my supervisor who told me that it was my fault for putting myself in the situation. He then let me know that it would go on my record for not wanting to be a member of the team and forced to me to apologize to the one bullying me FOR MY ACTIONS! What made it even worse is that the emotional abuser made sure that I was ostracized by fellow coworkers and treated as nothing but a troublemaker. All of this was thanks to the fact that he was a huge butt kisser. He let his true colors show in front of him, but did it in a way that he knew that if I said anything I would come across as the person with an attitude problem. He made sure that that he got along with everybody but me and ,as a result, I couldn’t get anybody to believe me. I live in a small town so he knew that I had nowhere else to go or nobody that I could ask for help. Fortunately for me, he moved up the chain and was transferred elsewhere. More or less, I lucked out.

        The fact that all of Incognito’s teammates are quickly coming to defense after their little childish stunt that they pulled by ostracizing him in the team’s cafeteria tell me that they knew what was going on and either helped Incognito or chose to look the other way.
        It was reported earlier that the OC and OL coach both told Incognito to toughen Martin up. Suppose Martin found out about that from Incognito or on his own. Do you honestly think that Martin would be willing to talk to anybody on the coaching staff if he had learned that?!
        You say that we make victims of everybody in today’s world. How do you think the victims feel when they are made out to be the ones at fault and not the true instigator? It sucked for me and I guarantee you it probably sucks for Martin too.

      5. Mid thank you for sharing that and glad it worked out for you. The NFL lockeroom culture is a mystery it seems with a lot of bad stuff happening in and around it. From spy gate, to the Saints 2 years ago and now this, football once again is hurting itself.

      6. Thanks Prime. It’s why I believe Martin’s side of the story. Because I’ve been there. I was getting ready to turn in my two week’s notice when I learned about the promotion and transfer from my verbal abuser.
        I don’t want this type of culture in the NFL or any where else for that matter.

      7. i am with you MidWestNiner……the two moron’s [ninermd anmd matt] defending Incognito are dumb…….

        Incognito has a history of bonehead decisions already, not sure why anyone will defend him….

      8. Midwest running to his parents IS exactly what he did. They are trying to push a damn lawsuit. If you can’t observe anyone else’s opinions because you got punked in the past, then maybe this isn’t the subject for you. You weren’t in the locker room so how is it the same as what you went through? Like football a barbaric sport with rowdy adults, maybe Martin isn’t cut out for it. Like you might not be for this topic. I’m not going to soften my outlook for your feelings. You don’t agree? Fine. But don’t comment like you’re the lawyer in this case and know all the facts.

        And onelame. Of course you agree. You have punk written all over you. And of course you are wrong about my stance on incognito. Typical onelame.

      9. I think MD said it a little better. Our stance is on the way it was reported and dealt with. Not the behavior itself.
        I appreciate your position and your sharing Midwest.

      10. Per multiple league sources, Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland received a call from Martin’s agent, Rick Smith, before Martin left the team on October 28. Smith complained to Ireland about the manner in which Incognito was treating Martin.

        Ireland, according to the sources, suggested to Smith that Martin physically confront Incognito. Ireland specifically mentioned that Martin should “punch” Incognito.

        Reached for comment by phone on Wednesday night, Dolphins senior V.P. of media relations Harvey Greene reiterated to PFT the position that there will be no public comment from the team on any aspect of the situation, given the league’s pending review.

        Mike Florio

        Martin had his agent talk to the Dolphins GM and this was his response. But I guess this is Martin’s fault as well, right?

      11. Maybe we can all withhold judgment until we know what actually happened.

        Who am I kidding? That’s never going to happen on this blog.

      12. I agree with Claude. Nobody has even heard from Martin. So to already make a judgment is ridiculous. Mid…. Idk if its anybody’s fault or any fault at all. We know the players are backing Incognito, we know about the message and the out of line things that were said. We don’t know if its an everyday thing in their locker room either. Thus the reason I am on the fence still.

      13. As the rest of the story is shared I’m sure we’ll have a better understanding of what really happened. It appears that Incognitto’s camp has mutual comments from Martin to Incognitto. Time will tell though

      14. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds. I still believe that Martin is the victim, but as you said Matt, time will tell.

  3. No bullying period!! on any level. that’s why columbine happened. The ones being bullied took it out on everyone else.

    1. Columbine happened because individuals have the gift of Free Agency. You could have hugged those boys every day of their lives. At the end of the day, their trial in this life was to be presented with that opportunity and to make a choice. Unfortunately, they made a horrible choice.
      What shouldn’t be happening is the media attention for the shooters in these incidents. It shouldn’t even be national news. If something like this happens, the victims should be all the news reports on.
      The Egyptians had it right 2000 years ago. If you disgraced society, they wiped your name out of all the records. Today, instead we broadcast it on primetime…We’re destine to continue repeating the same mistakes until we change our behaviors and make better choices.

  4. Time to go trade one of our 7th rounders for J. Martin. Pick up a 2nd round starting OT from the fish for some squid bait.

    1. Waste of a pick considering that we are set at OT. And there is no way of knowing when Martin will be able to return to the game.

      1. Correct right now when Staley and Davis are healthy. But Howl’n Joe almost went down for the season two weeks ago. Our depth at backup OT is not deep or high quality. Always time catch an improvement.

      2. You missed the second part of my post saying that there is no way of knowing when Martin will be able to return to the game.

      3. If we could get Martin cheap and right now I don’t think you could give him away, under Harbaughs leadership I think he could be the backup OT we have been looking for for the last 2 yrs. I believe that the environment that Harbaugh fosters could be a place Martin could excel.

  5. What kind of laugh would you say Harbaugh had when he heard about Willis and Brooks being winded? A casual laugh, an evil chuckle, or something in the middle?

    1. it’s just a l’il hitch in the giddyup .. MidWest ..

      happens, sometimes …

      I keep hearing a mysterious viagra commercial …
      Is someone trying to tell me something ?

  6. Harbs on Carolina D: “it’s the best defensive line we’ll play.”

    Bubblicious Pete pregame speach to his d-line, before Niner game:
    Fellas, did ya hear what Harbaugh said? “Carolina d-line is best the’ve played”…”Carolina!” “He he he…..wheeeeew!!…..wheeeeeweeeee!!”…..”he he he”

  7. Bullies in my day are no different than today’s. the only difference is kids are soft now. Run and tell is what they’re told to do.
    If these kids stood up for themselves they would learn the world isn’t as easy as going and telling on someone who’s picking on you. It’s a shame these kids now a days don’t or won’t stick up for themselves. I did and others my age did too. And you know what happened after they I and others stuck up for themselves? They weren’t bothered again. In fact most of the time the bully and victim became friends. Sounds crazy but it happens. Bully’s are cowards, and when you call that out on them and stand up for yourself, they can only respect you after. This kid is the product of this quickly sinking soft society we live in today. EARN respect if it isn’t given to you. This Bully campaign has gone way overboard. Yes there are some kids not fit to handle it, that’s when your parents step in. The news throws on a couple of suicides and its the end of the world and bullying is everywhere. It always has been. Take a look through YouTube videos and punch in bully gets owned. 100′s of those kind of videos. Bullying helps to a certain degree with kids to teach them mommy and daddy won’t always be there in the real world when grown up. Where I come from, taking an a$$whoopin is better than being a mark. Times have changed and kids are growing more soft than ever. Sad.

    1. MD bullying today is no different then it has ever been Bullying only works when they pick on the weak. Kids still stick up for themselves but the meek and physically weak have no recourse. I think its ridiculous to call it bullying when the victim is an adult. If someone behaves inappropriately in the work place you report it but football is different immature behavior is accepted even encouraged unless you have leaders with the courage to stand up. I believe the 49ers of the 80′s under Walsh and Eddie D were the only team that could have had an openly gay head trainer it helped that the biggest bad ass in the lockeroom [Ronnie Lott] had the balls to stand up to any homophobes.

      1. Coach I agree. The Walsh 49ers were also the only team I knew of that had veterans buying rookies lunches and dinners to stay clear of the hazing tradition. 4 superbowls later it showed it could work. Other franchises like Pitt in the 70′s allowed hazing and that also worked. A grown man shouldn’t be running to his Mommy. It’s actually kind of creepy.

      1. Crab…. Didn’t know there was such a thing as a blog bully. I had to laugh at that label. So talking trash is bullying now too? If I were to stare down a neighbor every day that’s bullying? Bully’s put hands on people in some fashion when growing up. I’m not surprised somebody made up cyber bullying. Today feelings are to be protected at all times and at any measure. Sad.

    2. MD,
      I still bring my kid up the old school way. Too many kids are brought up to be soft. If a person is bullied and he runs away, it’s a direct reflection on how that person will deal with most hard issues in their lives.
      Martin didn’t have to fist fight Icognito, but he did need to show a back bone and tell him enough. If Incognito didn’t listen, the next step was a sit down with the coaches. At least deal with it like a grown 350 pound man. A football locker room is like a prison environment. You don’t want to show weakness in a room full of alphas. Especially one like the Dolphin’s that seemed to lack strong veteran leadership.

      1. I agree 100 percent. If a kid is to run away from a situation that isn’t presented daily. Then more power to him. Nothing I would ever do, but some aren’t cut out to deal with those situations. Now in an everyday situation like school or a locker room you HAVE to stand up for yourself. No matter how it happens. What he had happened to him I thought went to far, but the way he handled it was ridiculous IMO also. Quit on his team and told his parents? A grown man can find no justice in the way he handled it. The word of the decade is Bully. The media throws it out and most lose their minds over it. Sorry IMO a grown man with a career can’t be bullied, he’s getting walked all over. I haven’t heard he was physically assaulted. This story is just weird.

      2. ninermd:

        I’m confused. Twenty minutes ago, you agreed with the idea of withholding judgment until you actually knew what happened. Now, you’re passing judgment all over the place. What changed in twenty minutes?

      3. I’m not blaming anyone for fault. I’m putting my outtake on the facts that we do know. Midwest already has incognito guilty. This is what I do know.

        Incognito went to far with the racist comments
        And Martin quit on his team and went and told mommy. I’m confused as to why he went to mom. There could be a lot of reasons why he didn’t handle it man to man.

        Where did I say I who’s guilty and who’s not?

      4. MD,
        Claude Armand is one of those weaklings. But at least Claude had a plan. Go to school, get his law degree and sue the bully…..

      5. ninermd:

        And Martin quit on his team and went and told mommy.

        Sorry, I missed your comment yesterday when I was distracted by bay’s daily string of made up nonsense.

        How can you characterize your statement as anything but passing judgment on Martin?

    1. The crux of the issue for the victim, if they can get themselves to the right ‘place’, is to be able to confront the aggressor EVEN AT THE RISK OF FAILURE. If it becomes worth it to try even if you might fail, you’ve won before you try. Stand up to a bully, even if he kicks your butt, he’ll probably ease off over time (to save “Face”), because you’re no longer worth the trouble.
      Antrelle Rolle was quoted as saying that. He pointed out that standing up for yourself doesn’t have to be a physical fight, just stand up for yourself. Mr. Martin was unable to do that. I think his absence from voluntary practices was more avoidance from pressure than quitting. He wasn’t coping. We can judge, or remember how Brandon Marshall educated us about mental (and by extension, emotional) issues and the healthy and effective response to same.

      1. Bro Tuna – Damn good post…..Hey I found a new Lagunitas beer at my local liquor store earlier (new to me). It’s called “New Dogtown” ….it’s 6.2% and it’s nearly as good as my usual Lagunitas IPA’s :)
        MidWestNiner – are you a beer drinker?

      2. Sorry but no. I have two medicial conditions that would worsen if I did. And I’d rather not have to have the surgery that I did at the beginning of this year.

      3. Thanks Crab, now that the weather is cooling down the stouts are more appealing, I’ll give it a try. There’s a newer little brewery here in P-Town called 101. Not sure if they’re distributed down your way but they’re good too.
        I was laughing at your Hooters post. My youth football days were on school teams with a lot of Moms involved; not too likely we’d have been dropping bye Hooters even if they’d existed back in the Cenozoic!

  8. Bullying in what ever time or place is the powerful picking on the less powerful. It has nothing to do with being a man. In fact I was taught a real man is respectful and does not pick on those less powerful than him and instead is helpful to them.

  9. Never a fan of Incognito or his doesn’t-get-it father. Martin went to the wrong team where leadership has been lacking for some time. I believe his performance as a football player, a decent OL backup, would improve with any West Coast team.

    But what is the matter with the NFL Florida teams this year? Karma.

  10. Coach Harbaw’s vocabulary (see below)
    nuances… maybe some nuances
    possibilities, options, details…

    Slice it, dice it, describe it any way you want to.
    Just be sure and bring home the bacon **
    (** bacon = the Lombardi trophy)
    The Carolina Panthers are aware of the fact
    that you have a Super Bowl monkey on yr back.
    Just a little pressure, huh baby?

  11. And if you want hearsay, just tune into ESPN. They’re rolling it all day long.
    Boom!! Finally something of merit that comes out of Jim Harbaughs craw and it was gold too.

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