Harbaugh: “It was good to be in the fray. Got stepped on. Got cleated in the foot. And that felt good too.”

Jim Harbaugh spoke on KNBR from London on Tuesday. Here is a transcript.

Q: Where are you guys?

HARBAUGH: It’s a hotel. We’ve got a real nice football facility set up, field, weight room, locker rooms. We turned conference rooms into offices and meeting rooms. It’s very good. I would compare it to our setup in Youngstown or when were in New Orleans for the Super Bowl.

Q: How have the players adjusted so far?

HARBAUGH: They’ve been good. We flew out right after the game. It was a happy flight after the victory over the Titans. Then, got here. Some guys were experiencing different things. I’ve seen many of the guys walking around the hotel. Some have gone and seen their family in London. Andy Lee, Kevin McDermott, Phil Dawson and Colt McCoy were headed out for a round of golf today. So, different things that the guys are doing. They have the day off today.

Q: Is this your first trip on European soil?

HARBAUGH: I’ve been on European soil before but it’s a working business trip much like it was when we went to Youngstown. Coaches, Monday and Tuesday are game-planning days.

Q: What was the most satisfying part of the win? Was it the return of the read-option? Was it the special teams?

HARBAUGH: Both those things were really good. Multiple guys contributed. The play of the special teams was great. The play of the coverage units putting our offense in great field position, putting our defense in great field position.

Kaepernick had a great game. I thought it was maybe Frank Gore’s best game since I’ve been with him. The blocking, running, touchdowns, everything that he did was A++. I loved that.

Anquan Boldin had some huge catches. Defensively we played really good again. Like last week we gave up some big plays but I think we can keep improving in all facets. That was my take from it.

And Frank, too. The more I get to know Frank, I just love him so much. He’s a mystical type of guy. He’s got a spiritual connection. He sees more than most of us do. Very deep guy. Very special person. Love him to death.

Q: Do his teammates feel the same way?

HARBAUGH: No question about it. He is one of those guys that is very inspirational through his actions and what he says but mostly what he does. He’s one of those guys that can see things, points them out, has a great mind for football but just as a person in general, very special. A mystical man.

Q: In addition to using interesting words like mystical, you used a phrase about Darryl Morris looking like an arrow through snow as he runs down the field. We liked that. It was very evocative. I had never head that. Are you a hunter or is that a common phrase?

HARBAUGH: Very what was the word you used? Evocative?

Q: Evocative. I think I did say that.

HARBAUGH: I’ve got to look that one up. Evocative. Is that a word?

Q: Winston Churchill’s speeches during the Battle of Britain were evocative, how’s that?

HARBAUGH: Ok. It is a word.

Q: What is an arrow through snow? Are you a hunter?

HARBAUGH: No. Never have hunted.

Q: I’ve just never heard the phrase. It’s something you picked up?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, from my brother John. I cannot take credit for that one. The way he went through the man was like an arrow going through snow. He just went right through him.

Q: Were Kaepernick’s feet bothering him earlier in the year and not anymore and is that why he’s running well now?

HARBAUGH: He’s running well. It’s just what he does, what he’s capable of. He’s a very talented individual and you’ve seen it, many examples.

Q: What was it like being in that fracas on the field?

HARBAUGH: What was it like? It was good. It was good to be in the fray. Got stepped on. Got cleated in the foot. And that felt good too. I walked that off. It felt good to get cleated again. It’s been over a decade since I’ve been stepped on and cleated. It gave me something to walk off. It felt good to be honest with you. Life-giving energy. Feel like you’re in the fray getting jostled around. Don’t quite have the leg strength I once had though. I was getting moved more than I was moving anybody. Just another reminder, you stare in the mirror and it’s not the same reflection you saw in the mirror in my south quad college dormitory room.

Q: You said we may see Aldon Smith playing in a couple of weeks. Any update on that?

HARBAUGH: No. As I said at the time, I’m hopeful. In the overarching scheme of things hopeful for Aldon personally. And I think he’s on track. I know he’s treating one day at a time and that’s how we’re looking at it too. Make the day as good as possible and hopeful that we’ll see him soon. I don’t know when that will be. I’m not the authority for when that will be. I’m not the spokesman for when that will be. Just speaking as his coach and as his teammate and the way the rest of the team and coaches and players feel. We’re in his corner and support him and we miss him. Hopefully we see him soon.

Q: Are you going to take the team to see any sights in London?

HARBAUGH: Yes, we will do that. We’re going to do it as a team after Friday’s practice. We’re moving from out here in the country down to the city so on our way we’re going to take some buses through and see some of the sights and hopefully 10 Downing Street will be one of them.

I think you kind of get the picture. We’ll go to Buckingham Palace, mess with the guards a little bit. See Big Ben. Can you just imagine, you take 70 football players, jump out of the bus, snap some photos, back in the bus. It would be like one of those European Vacation movies. Chevy Chase, I’m picturing Chevy Chase here. Clark what his name? Griswold! I’m going to be Clark Griswold.

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  1. “I thought it was maybe Frank Gore’s best game since I’ve been with him. ”
    So all early-season news of the impending demise of Gore’s career has been greatly exaggerated?
    But it might be preferable to reduce Gore’s workload to 16-18 carries a game from the current 22-25 carries.

    1. The last 2 weeks was the first time Gore has been given 20+ carries in back to back weeks during the regular season since the first 2 weeks of 2011.

      So far on the year he is averaging 18.1 carries per game.

      1. Had they done that versus Indy, we would have won that game IMO. That’s why Gore chewed Jim’s ass out after that game…..

      2. jack you are right on! against the colts the run game was so effective but unfortunately we did not stick to it. Anyway hopefully we can stay on track for the rest of the season and stay healthy. GO NINERS

      3. According to Gore himself, that arguement never happened on the sidelines. So was it a media-drivien? Who knows. But Gore himself said he had no such altercation with JH, for what its worth.

    1. Sam,
      double post much? If you don’t want to look like an azz, then don’t act like one. Show me my bet and someone that accepted it…. You won’t find one.

    1. Once again sam king lube job, show me a bet that I made with an accepting party otherwise go spew your hatred elsewhere. Look dumb much?

  2. Bay you are a man that talks out his ass can never back it up then plays semantics you bet and the entire blog minus jordo was looking forward to amonth without you hsing the word douche you gay mans douche nozzle

    1. Sour Douche Sam,
      I am a man of my word. If I made a bet and someone accepted it, then kindly show it to me and I’ll follow through. You won’t find it because you are a double posting low life liar who is now resorting to discriminatory name calling out of frustration because he is wrong. It’s either that or you are frustrated because you are in denial about your own sexual orientation….

    2. Soudough Sam,

      You should stop wasting your precious time on a douche bag like Bay. All these guy arguments are off the chart, his comment are garbage like him. Bay has no class, and his point of views makes me shake my head. If bay coaches little kids, can you just imagine how all these kids moral will be? They’ll probably be staring down the toilet bowl like Bay, trying to see where his brain is at.

      1. Capeman,
        Wait a sec? Aren’t you some kind of troll because you offer various viewpoints that don’t find Bay’s narrative of definitions?
        What? I’m confused!


      2. Capeman,
        you are not a 49er fan. Why are you on this site? It’s a blog for 49er fans. And of course Douche77 pairs up with you because he is not a 49er fan either. Cue it up… Go eat some taco bell, sit on the pot and squeeze. Look down… There are your brains….

      3. Bay,

        We all know you spend most of your time staring down your toilet bowl, looking for brains. And after you get tired, you go back to the blog and stink up the place with your garbage. You are one of the kinds. Maybe you can be more productive with your arguments, if you stop being childish and be mature for once in your miserable life.

      4. Fan 77

        My apology, I know, I’m not supposed to be here in these blog because I’m not a 49ers fan and a troll. That’s what Bay said. My comments and various point of views haven’t pass Bays mental standard. Maybe, I can change the narrative in my comments to bay’s specification, so he can fully understand the meaning? 

      5. Jack,
        Now that was funny.
        Hey Bay Area Fanatic, can we get you to do some product endorsement for Summer’s Eve. You seem to be the blog expert on douchebags!!!!
        We can get Michael Bay to shoot the commercial! He’s your buddy isn’t he???

    1. Sour douche Sam,
      since you already look extremely stupid for making things up about me not following through with a bet, you are now going to shift gears and change subjects?
      Alex Smith proved nothing to me. I said I didn’t care for his style of play and wished for a different QB. I got my wish douche….
      You threw something out there now prove it or continue to look like a douche bag…

  3. Bay you eluded to leaving the blog for a month if Alex Smith could win so many games he did and you welched based on semantics you are the blogs enema tube prove otherwise

    1. Sam,
      didn’t think you could look more stupid and you went and did. I put a bet out there and no one had the guts to take me up on it.
      So based on your pea sized brain, you are saying that if someone makes a bet and no one takes him up on it, that the originator of the bet should pay up anyway? Moron…..

      1. If I may interject, fellas. I distictively remember bayareafanatic tossing that bet out there, and NO ONE accepted. No one did. And I don’t blame anyone. At the time, it appeared to be a suckers bet. But nevertheless, not one accepted so that means bayareafanactic doesn’t have to “pay up”.

        But according to your logic Mr. Sourdough Sam, I’m going to place a bet with you. I bet you 10 dollars, nothing too extravagant ;) that the sun will come up tomorrow. Since I’m sure you will not be accepting my bet … and remember … according to your logic, you will have to pay me anyway. Whenever you’re ready, let me know and I’ll email you my shipping address. :-)

      2. We don’t know why the Niners traded Smith.
        We do know that we DID NOT WIN THE SUPERBOWL with Colin Kapernick at Quarterback.

      3. Fan we traded Alex Smith and jet CK because of his overwhelming potential and because Harbaugh thought CK could do what Alex did in winning games but also championships. That trade will be contested and dissected til the 49ers win a Super Bowl. The haters know this, this is why Alex Smith is still deeply rooted in their mind. They want to think CK is a for sure but we still don’t know. That pains them.

        My question is, who has CK made a better player. Was there a marginal player on the roster who CK made a better player? Greatness is defined by making others around you better. Montana, Jordan, Bird, Magic, Marino made average guys into productive guys. Why can’t CK find anyone but Davis and Boldin? If we’re suppose to win a SB isn’t this why we kept CK, because he carry the team the next level?

      4. If anyone listens to Jim Harbaugh, he’s already said why he traded Alex Smith. Harbaugh told Tony Dungy on Sunday Night Football 2 weeks ago that he benched, hen traded Alex Smith because Smith could win games but Kaepernick could win Super Bowls. One again, Harbaugh is proving to be true. Smith can help the #1 defense in the NFL by being marginal and not throwing 2 picks a game. He can’t help them win a Super Bowl. The Raiders, Jacksonville, Houston, Philadelphia won’t be in the playoffs. However, Indy, Denver, New England, and possibly San Diego will. He gets a chance at Denver and San Diego shortly.

      5. So I guess Harbaugh was wrong because Colin didn’t win the Superbowl.

        Why would Harbaugh back Smith? It wasn’t his pick. Colin was. Alex had limited skills but it was enough to get to the NFCCG the year before. He was good enough to get past a very good Saints team, and they lost to the eventual champs in the Giants.

        You could say all the injuries this year was karma. Because karma is a female dog.

        That’s the thing about this team and some of the people who post on here — we haven’t done anything. Getting to the Superbowl and breaking the rushing record for a QB is not the standard. Holding up that Lombardi trophy is.

        We’ll see if they can put it together this year. If not, then it’s 3 years into Harbaugh’s 5 year contract.

      6. Dbag77,
        You sound like a women upset that her favorite purse line is being discontinued. Advice …. turn the page.

      7. Fan well said. After the first 7 games it’s clear CK needs help. Just like Alex did and any other QB that plays football.

        The haters are white knuckled because when the trade happened they thought relief. What they now realize is the huge pedestal of greatness that CK was put on showed was just a glimpse! Aka premature ejack!

      8. Whats the matter Bay? Truth hurt or you just like to call names. Listen pal I will be at the Seahawks game in December. You going cause I’d love to meet up with you. Whadda you say we meet up with MD, pole M?

      9. MD,
        tell prime / Axel where you will be. Pole 10 I believe. In the mean time I am fired up that my team is on a 4 game winstreak on it’s quest to return to the super bowl. Fired up that we are slowly going to be getting our missing weapons back. Fired up that the QB that I wanted drafted is our current franchise QB. And fired up that we get to watch him develop and achieve success during his development period. Fired up that our defense is playing lights out again and making plays. Its a good day to be a Niner fan… Cause that’s what this room is for. Niner fans….

      10. You wanna meet or what? Never mind the rift rafting, before, after during the game, wherever! Show me around town Bay. You in or out?

      11. If you’ve followed my comments you would know that I’m not 100% sold on CK. He has a ton of growing to do. What I am 100% sure about is that Alex is not the answer. He was holding this team back. To win with Alex, the defense had to bring their A+ game. The special teams had to bring their A+ game. If either of those teams were playing at a less than historic level, we were destined to lose. Exceptional games for Alex were few and far between. We just couldn’t win continuously depending on our defense and special teams to dominate every time out just to keep games close.

      1. Actually, that’s not true. MidwestNiner took the bet, but the stakes weren’t what Sourdough described. The loser only has to admit he was wrong in bold type without making excuses.

        Even though he was adamant that the Chiefs would only win six games, Bay somehow convinced MidwestNiner to put the over/under line at seven. If the Chiefs win more than seven games, FDM wins the bet, and Bay has to admit he was wrong. If the Chiefs win seven games, it’s a push. Bay cannot win the bet.

        Here’s the link: http://49ers.pressdemocrat.com/2013/06/inside-the-49ers/which-team-is-the-super-bowl-sleeper/

        The takeaway from that thread wasn’t so much the bet as it was Bay ridiculing Razor and MidWestNiner for being clueless in suggesting the Chiefs as a Super Bowl sleeper. Not once, but multiple times. It was classic Bay.

      2. Why are so many people worried about whether or not I paid up on a bet? First off Oneniner / latino heat, I did NOT accept the terms of the original bet and neither did the person that I attempted to place the wager with. You guys that are persisting with this are morons with nothing better to do.
        I DID however place a bet that the Chiefs would not win 8 games. Looks like I will be wrong on this bet. I have to post in BOLD letters that I was wrong. I have no problem in doing so as I am a man of my word.
        Seriously you Smithers are a twisted bunch. Bully victims that are lashing out in your adulthood attempting to reclaim lost self esteem…. Life is good, enjoy it.

      3. haven’t had someone paste their lips on my cheeks and sniff my jock like this in a while. Kinda creepy FDM. I guess you love me….

      4. I just think its funny how you call on the room as your boys but its the complete opposite. Everyone calls you out, you name call and in summary you are the “biggest douche bag on here”.

      5. FDM,
        I’ll make it simple. You don’t post here regularly. You don’t add any football value. And last I checked, the majority of the time you seek me out, not the other way around. How’s that azz taste Kobe?

      6. Don’t be sour Bay. I told you why I don’t post anymore. I’m here for the comical relief. You are the best at it. Continue on with your name calling and making friends……

      7. What are the odds that Bay will also apologize for labeling Razor and MidWetNiner as “clueless” for daring to suggest that KC was a Super Bowl sleeper?

      8. I’ll tell you what Clod. I just might do that if you ditch your label of blog police and have the courage to post an opinion once in a while.

      9. What you know, Lameareafanatic squabbling like a highschool cheerleader again. Go figure! Cue the name calling in 3, 2, ……

      10. Bay:

        1. I can’t ditch a label.

        2. Three commenters have assigned that particular label to me: You, jordan and ninermd. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that you three are the commenters I have called out frequently for posting posting false, inaccurate and/or misleading information. Once again, I’ll ask you for a cogent explanation as to why the problem isn’t that you post that kind of b/s, but that I correct you and call you out for posting it.

        3. I post plenty of opinions. For example, on this particular topic, I gave you my opinion as to why I thought Razor’s and MidWestNiner’s selection of the Chiefs as a sleeper wasn’t clueless.

        What I don’t do, however, is make things up or pull them out of my butt in order to offer an opinion. I’m simply not going to join you in regularly offering uninformed or otherwise ignorant opinions. On the rare occasions when I do offer such an opinion, I try to label it as such. I also don’t see much value in offering an opinion merely for the sake of offering an opinion. I don’t think I know everything.

        I don’t understand why you think that practice somehow lacks courage.

      11. Clod says, ” I don’t think I know everything” Buahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha,

      12. Claude,

        I think Grant labeled you that way as well. Its funny that you only “correct ” a certain group of individuals. That makes you a hypocrite. Everyone noticed what you do, they just don’t single you out. Hey but it’s different strokes for different folks.

        For example, I like clowning Alex Smith. Look at his stars this year as a passer. He makes it easy. He’s low hanging fruit.

        His team has the #1 defense in the NFL. His team has the best starting position differential in the league, 35 yard line. His act throw in the air is 6 yards. His complexion percentage is 58%. Their strength of schedule is easiest in the league. They’ve beaten 1 team in the league with a winning record.( Dallas) And Dallas hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record. But all Alex does is win! He’s playing the same type of football as he did for the 2011 San Francisco 49ers, but only worse. The truth is the truth. Yes but they are undefeated. It means little if you’ve not beaten anyone. I want a super bowl. Apparently, JH did too, that’s why he benched and traded Smith. Thanks for the picks Smith. Its the least you could do after leading the team to all those losing seasons! Just my opinion.. Just thought I’d help grant with a few more hits!

      13. Speaking of bets/vows, the team has to thank it’s good fortune that Kaep showed his promise during Alex’s injury. Otherwise bay would have sworn off his Niner’s allegiance had the team had the gall to continue winning with Alex Smith.

        Because that’s what “real fans” do.

      14. 23J,

        Your last paragraph pretty much sums up why some thought the Chiefs could be a sleeper team. Strong defense, a real good running back in Charles, and a QB that doesn’t screw it up.

      15. claude balls says:
        October 22, 2013 at 10:05 pm
        Actually, that’s not true. MidwestNiner took the bet, but the stakes weren’t what Sourdough described. The loser only has to admit he was wrong in bold type without making excuses.

        Then that means the bet he’s talking about didn’t happen. So what’s the point of this? Onelame while you were crying in your pillow because old blue eyes was done, some of us REAL fans were still here. So take Claude’s half truth and run with it. Because based on sours memory it wasn’t the same bet. Another failure and another lame attempt by Claude to twist the truth.
        Again reality never lived in your world.

      16. >>They’ve beaten 1 team in the league with a winning record.( Dallas) And Dallas hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record. But all Alex does is win!

        The exact same thing can be said about Denver. They’ve lost to the only legitimate competition they’ve faced (Indy) and needed a patented Romo brainfreeze to pull out that Cowboys win. But they are the favorites to go the the SuperBowl! (that is until Indy exposed them).

        All Peyton does is win! Until he get to the playoffs. And this was the QB “real” niner fans had stiffies over a coupla years back.

      17. Jack those 3 things have won superbowls for some organizations. It’s one of many blue prints for success on how to win a championship.

      18. Fdm and ribico and Claude. The trollsome trio. And their pet ankle biter onelame. Who are you fighting for boys? Smith is gone and is an open target for smack talk. Since he’s not a 9er anymore why are you defending his honor still? What kind of real 49er fan does that? They don’t. But trolls must be trolls.

      19. When did I ever say Denver was the best team in football? I thought they were overrated too. So what’s your point? In fact IMO there isn’t ONE single dominating clear cut superbowl winner in the nfl this year. There are 5 that are equal. And the KC chiefs aren’t one of them.

      20. 23jordan:

        Out of curiosity, can you name for me another regular commenter who has a track record of posting false, inaccurate and/or misleading information with the frequency that you and Bay post it? For throwing out unsupported opinions as if they were established facts like you guys do? Who exactly am I ignoring?

        I love the “everyone agrees with me; they just don’t say it out loud” assumption. It seems like a convenient way to avoid troubling self-reflection.

        As for Smith’s numbers with the Chiefs, yeah, they’re down this year. I assume it’s due to having to learn yet another offense, and I expect his performance will pick up later in the season as he fully acclimates himself to Reid’s offense. That said, I know it is killing you that he is winning with the Chiefs and once again sh!tting all over your predictions.

        Which makes it very entertaining.


        Nice try dodging the question. I’ll ask it again. Why is it OK for you to post ignorant/misinformed opinions, but wrong for me to call you on it?

      21. Clod,
        you are a piece of garbage that I wouldn’t litter my home garbage can with. You throw out the fact that I post things that are false or inaccurate. You want to label me that fine. I post my opinions. I am curious though, what have I posted that is inaccurate or false?
        I am sure that I am wrong from time to time, I’m not perfect. They are my opinions. Without pulling up something eons old, what have I posted that is inaccurate?
        Wish I could pull some inaccuracies of yours up. I’ve done that with some of the other douche bags. And by the way I have more respect for those losers than I do for you. Why? Because even those losers have opinions. You do not. You just pick through peoples stuff and judge. Looking for mistakes.
        You remind me of the grouchy teacher in one of my favorite films “Finding Forrester”. That is EXACTLY how i see you….

      22. >>Who are you fighting for boys?

        Because it’s just too fun exposing the neverending logic kneeslappers, stupidity, ignorance and hypocrisy of the haters. Me is thankful for the 2nd amendment, it’s just like shooting fish in a barrel.

      23. If you have a fantasy draft, you would be foolish to pick Alex Smith.
        If you want to win, then you would be a fool not to consider him.
        He has the highest winning percentage. Maybe he’s just a lucky charm given all he’s been through.
        His team hasn’t play anyone, but look at the Broncos! They have almost the same schedule!

      24. Claude

        The only thing that ever hurt me about Alex Smith is that he ran my team into the ground with his horrible play for far too long. I got tired of knowing my team never had a chance to win a super bowl as long as he was the QB. This is something the Chiefs canvases will learn in the next 2 years. His team is winning games against non playoff teams. Teams with losing records. What about my post was untrue me blogvestigator?

      25. Haters????? Who do I hate on this 49ers roster?
        No Ribico it’s the fact that you and your nerd buddy Claude are cowards. You have nothing else to do but be tough guys on the internet. What do you actually brim to this site? Besides the Jerry Springer side show.
        If I’m wrong then why don’t we make a little wager and bet that you have ATLEAST 20 times trolled around and started arguments with 23, bay, or myself. When none has said a single word to you. At least 20 since Alex smith was benched. I’ve seen bay and 23 ask you to just end it all. Not once have I seen a post where you agreed. How old are you? Is your life that boring that you have to get on a page just to troll and look for fights? I really wonder how tough you two are in person. It’s obvious you were punked at some point in your life. Again…. What’s the reasoning for defending a player that wasn’t good enough for this roster? He’s not a 49er.

      26. Fan…. You’re correct with your take on Alex smith. He’s lucky alright. 3 seasons with dominating defenses and running games to cover his average play. I’m not saying it doesn’t take some skill to manage a game and not to lose one, but lets keep it real. The broncos IMO are overrated also. It’s a matter of time Manning chokes again in the playoffs, but comparing the two teams are like apples and oranges. Manning doesn’t have the running game and defense Alex smith is blessed with again. The chiefs aren’t blessed with an elite qb the broncos have. They both haven’t played anybody but the worst division in football. Manning is shredding every defense he’s playing against, and Alex smith is relying on defense and rb’s. so which of the two are poised to make a solid superbowl run?
        Or… Which of the two are a better team?
        IMO it’s Denver. When these two play in a couple of weeks the “all mighty” chiefs will be exposed by their weakness. And that’s qb. The chiefs defense is good but have they faced a top tier offense so far? You could say Dallas. But Dallas scored on them pretty well. Denver will make the chiefs throw the ball more due to the fact that they will be scoring all game. Now you leave the game into Alex smiths hands on the offense. Besides the NO game. When has Alex smith ever won by putting the team on his back? Never. He’s not the type of qb who can. all of the second rd pick jockeys don’t need to worry anymore about 8 wins. They will win 1 more game. Like the 49ers of 2011 the proof had to be shown against the playoff teams. And they showed it. Denver was a playoff team last season. So we already know they can beat the playoff teams. KC hasn’t. Alex smith isn’t a superbowl winning qb. He doesn’t have the 2000 ravens or 85 bears or 2002 TB defense or running game. Two different teams. KC is the one with something to prove. Them being #1 in the rankings is a joke.

      27. Bay:

        I am curious though, what have I posted that is inaccurate or false?

        You’re kidding me, right? You, jordan and ninermd chastise me for being the “blog police” because I allegedly devote too many comments to correcting your factual mistakes and/or faulty reasoning. Those same comments, at least those dealing with your factual miscues, identify your misstatements.

        Wish I could pull some inaccuracies of yours up.

        I am sure you do.

        And I am sure they’re out there. There just won’t be that many of them because I generally prefer to hold off on forming a hard opinion until I know the relevant facts, and I do the research. You should try it sometime.

        You just pick through peoples stuff and judge. Looking for mistakes.

        I suppose it might seem that way to you, but I see it differently. You like to attack people personally when they don’t agree with your opinion, telling them that they are “clueless”, that they are “morons” or that they “don’t know anything about football.” That’s bad enough by itself, but it’s particularly galling when your own opinions are uninformed/based upon misinformation, hypocritical, or just something you made up. In those situations, it seems appropriate to bring out the correct information.

        And you can’t tell someone they’re clueless for having an opinion different from your own and not expect to hear about it when it turns out they were right.

      28. Why are we still arguing about Alex Smith? He’s already proved he’s able to win with the right situation around him. The debate was settled a long time ago when Smith took the Niners to the NFCCG. All the detractors didn’t think he should be on the field or could win anything. He did and now he’s winning with a new team. He had supporters and he had detractors and he’s now a KC Chief. Let it go people.

      29. 23jordan:

        As I have said repeatedly, blaming Smith for the 49ers’ bad performances conveniently ignores reality. The 49ers got rid of Singletary and Raye, but kept Smith, and, boom, they started winning. A lot. How do you not get that?

        Two guys who know something about QBs, Harbaugh and Reid, disagree with you and value Smith. By contrast, Singletary had to rely upon an old friend/ex teammate to get hired again … as a LB coach. He isn’t in high demand, or any demand, as a head coach. Raye is, I believe, officially retired.

        But keep ignoring those facts and insisting that it was Smith’s fault.

      30. Ninermd,
        I don’t think Smith ever gets credit for what he did on this team during the Harbaugh era, mainly because he’s always know for more of his cautious play. It’s easy to forget that during the first year with Harbaugh, he brought the team back against a good Lions team, came back from 3 scores to beat Philly, which was a dream team, also beat the Giants in the regular season and came back twice against the Saints.
        I much rather have Colin for this 2013, but I wouldn’t slam Smith for what he did under Harbaugh.
        He just isn’t a flashy dynamic player.
        I think Denver is overrated, but I think the Chiefs are underrated, mainly because Defense wins championships and when it gets cold an teams have to go to Arrowhead, it will get tough. Alex was built to dink and dunk his way to another championship game. KC has beat a bunch of weak teams, there is a thing as momentum, they seem like a team of destiny, going worst to first and squeaking by. Alex is only an above average QB, but the rest of the offense is a WIP. Bowe drops a lot of balls, they have no TE. They have Jamaal Charles.
        Somehow they’re winning so that has to count for something no matter what the Smith haters say.

      31. ninermd:

        Another failure and another lame attempt by Claude to twist the truth.

        Exactly how did I do that? I accurately relayed the conversation, and provided a link so that other commenters could judge for themselves what happened. No one else seems to have a problem with the way I presented it. Why am I not surprised.

        As for your attempt to blame ribico and me for the Alex Smith arguments, I fart in your general direction. I think we’d all like to move on and get past that topic, but the other two Stooges (since we’re calling names, I’m joining in) can’t stop writing about Smith. They bring him up all the time; they can’t help themselves. Hell, jordan couldn’t resist the urge to go to a Chiefs blog and argue with people over there about Smith.

        But it’s really ribico’s and my fault. Through our trilateralist contacts in the government (New World Order, Yeah! Woohoo!!), we’re using the media to control jordan’s and Bay’s minds and force them to keep writing about Alex Smith. The trilateralists agreed to help us after we showed them how to pull off 9/11 and blame it on those innocent peace-loving Arabs.

      32. Fan… When Alex smith was helping in the season we won and was a fumble away from a superbowl. He got credit. The problem was he got to much and to little of the credit. Meaning the “Smithers” wanted to brand every win because of him. Qb’s get the wins. The “haters” said he benefited from a #1 defense and ST and a top 3 running game. And Smith was the weak link to an already football juggernaut. I agreed with the “haters” as they were called because it was the truth. Alex smith didn’t put this team on his shoulders like Rodgers, mannings, or Brady can do. BUT he didn’t lose us games either. The NYG game wasn’t just Kyle Williams fault, or the defenses fault. Alex smith had a couple of chances to hit some receivers who were wide open. But to the “Smithers” his lackluster game wasn’t his fault. The NO game… The defense gave the offense FOUR 1st half turnovers and the squandered it without td’s. the game IMO shouldn’t have had to be close.

        I personally was sick of Alex smith before Harbaugh. But then I bought the excuse of he didn’t have any coaches or players blah blah. An gave him another chance with Harbaugh. He exceeded my personal expectations. And I rolled with it and admitted I was wrong, but I still didn’t feel he was the qb to take the team to the superbowl and win it. The next season I jumped on board 100 percent and boldly stated that unless he was throwing the ball downfield more an connecting Harbaugh would bench him. The NYG game was THE test for him. He threw all day in that game and it was his worst since Harbaugh got there. He failed the test and it was the beginning of the end for Smith. “Smithers” thought I was crazy at the time. Was I???? Lol I also said that smith would become a top FIVE qb in all statistical categories, no need to question his drive he proved it like you said in Detroit and vs NO. Well he didn’t live up to my prediction so again I was wrong about that part. Fan…. It’s not about who’s a hater or smither. It’s about some that can’t call it like it is. Alex smith is the biggest headache this fan base has ever encountered. He’s gone now so if any Niner fan wants to bash him, why would any of the others care? That’s my question. He’s a chief, so screw him and I hope he fails miserably. Like every other qb in the league.

        Oh and Claude…. Yaaaawn! More side stepping bull****! You and your tri troll committee, need to upgrade that 2012 Alex smith gold member club card. SF isn’t accepting it anymore. xxxx CARD DECLINEDxxxx If you 3 were smart you’d call 1-800- GO NINERS and upgrade that bit**! Your 2012 gold flub card is no good here, and neither is your cred. Beat it nerd!

      33. @ninermd – blah blah blah……..you sound so much like your godmother sarah palin……

        your mooching, sad sorry lifestyle gives you so much time to be on Alex’s d##k……

      34. Ninermd,
        All good points. I would have taken Peyton in a trade after the NFCCG.

        Smith just wins ugly. At the same time, KC had a good D last year, and now look where they’re at this year. The conservative QB and offense has something to do with it.

        I personally thought part of the reason to keep the switch last year was because the team was perfectly capable of winning the SB with Smith, and then we would all be stuck with him.

        Hey he might get there this year and win, mainly because football is a game of funny bounces. You never can tell….

      35. ninermd:

        No one misremembers history like you do.

        I’m gonna miss you when the black helicopters show up to take you away for reprogramming.

      36. Lol NA Claude my history recollection is spot on.
        And for a clown who “goes by facts” and nothing more. It’s odd that you decide to overlook this fact.
        Every president we’ve had since Bush 1 has been openly pushing for a New World Order. Any thoughts on that fact or will you just sidestep another answer with you “conspiracy theorist” answers?

        And onelame. You’ve been smacked with facts twice in one day. And still here you are trying to swipe that Gold member Alex card. It’s over. And Claude isn’t rolling with you. Even that dummy is smart enough.

      37. Fan… Never could question smiths guts. It would be absolutly the best thing that could happen to this blog if they faced off. Somewhere along the lines in the playoffs a team needs that clutch performance or play. Can ck or smith do it??? It would be an interesting superbowl. That’s for sure

      38. Claude,

        So why did the Niners trade Smith? I’m sure you felt like we could win a Super Bowl with him? Why would we trade such a valuable asset? A guy that only wins football games?

      39. ninermd says:
        Alex smith is the biggest headache this fan base has ever encountered. He’s gone now so if any Niner fan wants to bash him, why would any of the others care? That’s my question. He’s a chief, so screw him and I hope he fails miserably. Like every other qb in the league.

        Wow! Why would you even care if Alex Smith is having the kind of success his having with the Chiefs this season? Obviously, it hurts you inside to see Smith having a successful year with the Chiefs. When Alex Smith got traded to the 2-14 Chiefs team, you expected that it will be the end of Smith’s career in K.C. But again Alex proved you and the critics wrong, that he’s not yet done.

        It seems even though A. Smith is not a 49ers, Bay, 23jordan and yourself is keeping tab on what Alex is doing in K.C, it seems you guys are possesses with Smith?

        And what the heck is the matter with you, hoping for someone like Alex Smith to fail miserably? Honestly, I think you are not a true football fan of the game, the stupid remarks you’ve said, that you’re hoping that bad things happen to A. Smith, makes me think you trios need to grow up. You trios should give it up.

      40. Bay bird brain says:

        is english not your first language

        Cape troll,
        is English not your first language

        At least check your spelling and your grammar, dummy. You’re a joke!

      41. Lmao who is this joke capeman?
        I keep tabs on Alex smith? Since when? Why would i root for him to fail??? Because he’s not a 49er you clown.
        I’m not a fan of football? I love football, just not fantasy players and teams like you do. I’m a 49er fan first and only. You come on a 49er board and call out a fan that doesn’t want other teams to succeed?
        I know you’re in your 20′s only young kids would even think that way now a days.

        What makes you think you get any cred being a seahak fan on this blog? Like you matter.
        You try and calle out for not caring about Alex smith and say I’m not a fan of football, but everything that comes out of your mouth is negative comments on ck.

        I’m jealous of Alex smith having success? Since he’s not considered an elite qb and every time I hear about the chiefs it’s “Alex smith is doing a fine job at managing the game” and their defense, running game and coach get every ounce of credit for winning. Hardly means he’s successful and the reason they are winning.
        My teams qb is far better, you couldn’t name a GM in the league or an ex player commentating that would take Alex smith over ck right now. You’re a troll, and ill let you know that I want your qb up north to fail miserably too. And that because I’m not an nfl fan, I’m a 49er fan. If that can make any sense to you, you should stop now.

      42. You’re not making any sense at all. In order for me to understand you, can please be more specific with your spelling and your grammar.

        1)You need to check your spelling, and you should consider revising your grammar on your sentence.

        a)Now a Day suggestion change it to (Now Days)
        b) Cred (creed)
        c) Calle (called)
        d) ILL (I’LL)

        2)You should consider revising your grammar on your sentence and spelling as well.
        a)Like you Matter
        b)And that because I’m not an nfl fan, I’m a 49er fan. If that can make any sense to you, you should stop now.

      1. Nobody else worried about Gordon’s attitude & work ethic? He’s going all DeSean Jackson it seems since the trade rumors started. It looked like he was going through the motions with less-than-half-hearted effort in the last game. That sets off warning bells in my Old School mind. A different mind-set would have him fiercely determined to perform at a high level to raise his value.

      2. Tuna,

        I agree, he didn’t look very good last game. However, looks can be deceiving. Watch the passes that were thrown to him. The passes were poor and off target. There was 1 pass that was dropped that probably should have been caught.

        Clearly, Weeden’s throws were the problem. He got benched this week in favor of Jason Campbell. The Browns also signed a wide receiver off of the Dolphins practice squad. I hope that means the Browns are trading Godson on Monday. Sundays game will be very important as to whether or not he gets traded or how is value is affected. If he has a great game against the Chiefs and the Browns win, he won’t get traded. The Browns would be in the playoffs race. If they lose, he’ll definitely get traded in my opinion.

      1. Biggest problem with trading for Gordon this late in the season is it takes a WR a ton of time to work out all the reads in the offense and work out the timing with his QB. Obviously his attitude and drug use are also big issues.

        If we’re going to make a trade, I’d much rather replace Dahl with Buffalo’s Byrd to give us a legit 3-man rotation at safety and improve our nickel and dime units. I know we’ve been pretty good in pass D so far this year, but come playoff time Byrd would be amazing to have on the team.

  4. Time for Sourdough Sam and BayAreaFanatic to be banned if there’s any more of that childish back and forth. You think this is your private video game? Run for Congress or something.

    1. No doubts in my mind concerning Kaepurnicus. He has improved his pre-snap defensive reads to call the audible and take advantage. He’s also been able to do it before the play clock runs out. He just needs to keep improving every game, in every facet, but so does the team….

      1. I agree. He’s getting better at progression reading. He’s still got a ways to go before he can read defenses like Luck, but he will get there in a season or two.

        Kappy’s QBR rating in this game was 99, the highest this season. As ESPN continues to refine their calculation of QBR, I find this metric more reliable than QB rating. Lynch is just awful at analysis.

  5. bayareafantic and sourdough sam, why do.t u guys just kiss and get it over already u two sound like a couple jr high prudes! damn, im here to read about the N9ners not your guys jr jigh drama

      1. Thanks gentlemen,
        the guys that have been here a while know. I’m not perfect, but I also didn’t initiate that and I didn’t welch on a bet.

      2. Ask yourself Bay, why are you in so many squabbles with so many different people? Is it because you are the king douche bag supremo?
        If it’s on purpose you need help. If it isn’t, seek professional help.

      3. Prime / Axel,
        the last guy I am going to take advice from is a fake real estate attorney who has been banned from this site multiple times. Funny when you were muted or censored by Grant, you just kept on coming back like the desperate loser you are. Then you attacked kids, yes kids on my baseball team, then you attacked cancer patients under the guise of one of your multiple names that you use. And to boot, YOU WELCHED ON A BET. Funny how no one ever calls you out for that anymore seeing that some on here find that to be such a big deal…..

      4. Bay,

        Exactly. But at some point, you can’t take the bait from Prime. If you see me respond to any post of his, it will be on my way off this blog. He’s a child and you can’t lower yourself to respond to the dude. You’re too football savvy to waste time arguing with this guy. Who the hell is Sourdough Spam?! That’s the Niners mascot. Remember, we can’t feed the trolls!!! You have respect from several people on this blog for your football opinions. Don’t muddy yourself responding to these clowns. Stay classy bro!

      5. Just calling a spade a spade. I have my issues (apparently) but at least Im not fighting daily on the blog with every other person which you obviously enjoy doing. You and that other guy your associated with. I guess the company we keep defines us as people.

        So take your friends advice, please don’t reply and just wait for someone else to fight with.

  6. Dead baby Jesus with your chubby little fists all balled up. I pray today that the 49ers don’t lose to the next 0-16 team. Rebuke the devil known as Freddie p soft away from these warriors. Let them fight off the temptation of warm beers and cockiness. Amen :-) a Ricky Bobby prayer.

    I won’t be able to face anybody if they overlook the jags and lose this game. Lets GO NINERS!!!!

  7. another vocabulary lesson with Coach Harbaw.

    evoke (with the accent on the 2nd of the two syllables)
    evocative (accented on the 2nd of the four syllables)

    Please, please, please tell us that this is a joke.
    Or should we understand that Jim Harbaugh spent
    any amount of time whatsoever at Stanford University
    and yet he is unfamiliar with those two words:
    evoke (the verb) … to call forth, to bring to mind, to conjure and
    evocative (adjective)… tending to evoke an especially emotional response.

    Let us be sure of this: Andrew Luck’s vocabulary includes
    the word evocative. And his breadth/scope of intelligence
    tells me that he will not only win a Lombardi trophy, but
    he will do so sooner than Colin Kaepernick
    (the youngster who refused an offer to attend Dartmouth)
    and the “evocative” Niner head coach. What a piece of work!
    ( somebody buy the man some flashcards, willya..!! )

    1. Looks like you needed a dictioinary to look up the definition of those two words. How smart are you? And are you dissing a coach that is respected around the league as one of the best? A guy who was smart enough to cut ties with a medicore QB for the up-and-coming superstar. You don’t see any comparrisons to your beloved Alex to any of the current great QBs. And another thing, do you think Harbaugh would take time to read this blog, sift through the comments and come to read your “lesson” in grammar? Your life, and mine for that matter, is too pathetic for one of the best coaches in the league to care about.

      1. No worries, Dude. This dweeb hangs on Harb’s every word of the pressers and parses off the cuff comments in a pathetic attempt at put-downs that fail miserably, never realizing that the obsession with Harbs means that Harbaugh OWNS his every waking moment; without wanting to. Why we here have to witness the emotional and mental breakdown is unclear. Free Speech, I guess; free to show the World that he’s not coping.

  8. question for Brotha Tuna:

    who “owned” Coach Harbaw
    for the first 30 minutes after last year’s Super Bowl?
    … his attempts at “coping” with the last-minute loss
    caused him to temporarily abandon the team and
    secret himself in a small utility room somewhere.
    His parents and his sister went looking for him.
    Remember. Go ahead and use a dictionary, “Dude.”
    Look up the words pathetic and miserable.
    Harbs was so obsessed with losing to his big brother
    that he had no words for the press (TV or print),
    the players (either his own team or the Ravens) or
    any of his fellow Niner coaches and staff members.
    No, he had to go isolate himself for 15 minutes.
    “One of the best coaches in the league” experienced
    some sort of emotional and/or mental breakdown.
    Keep an eye on the sidelines when some of the remaining
    games this season get tight. If our postseason run
    ends early, the world will see something “off the cuff”
    from Harbs… more likely it will look “off the hook.”
    I’m just sayin’…..

    As a buddy of mine said, having played for Nebraska:
    “You learn more from the losses than from the wins.”

    1. You start off by first mentioning “who was owned the first 30 minutes of the super bowl,” you do realize you have to be a great coach to go to the super bowl? So he locks himself in a closet to gather his thoughts on the biggest game of his coaching career. He addresses everyone he needed after that, I have no issue there and neither does anyone else… except for you. Are you asking me to look up the words pathetic and miserable so I can better understand you? I think I already get who you are… a bitter fan of one player who was passed over by a better talent. You want to compare Kaep to the other pros… here is one comparison for you. Name another QB that in his first 16 starts accomplished these things: threw for over 400 yards, broke the single game rushing record for a QB, beat Brees and Brady on the road and finished a game with a 99 QBR? I like Alex Smith but do you know how many 400 yard passing games he has had? Zero. How about 300 yards games? 3.. 3 in his entire 9 year career. Stop acting like the ugly girl that got dumped. It’s a little pathetic and miserable.

      1. Dude says:

        Name another QB that in his first 16 starts accomplished these things: threw for over 400 yards, broke the single game rushing record for a QB, beat Brees and Brady on the road and finished a game with a 99 QBR?

        Along with it he had 23 touch downs and 18 Interception and a QBR 76.5 and completion ratio 56.7. Luck this year at the moment, completed 136 of 224 passes for 1574 his QBR at the moment is 91.3 and completion ratio is 60.7.Comparing kap 2012 QBR 70.2 and his average completion ratio at 62.4, this year his QBR 67.0 is below from his last year, a completion ratio of 56.6 this season. If you are going by Kap’s 2012 statistics and his short success in 2102 regular season and the playoffs? It doesn’t make kap an elite quarterback.

        If Andrew Luck is not considering an elite NFL Quarterback, including Luck on the list may come soon enough.

      2. How about Andrew Lucks setting a rookie record in the NFL for passing yards, he completed 30 of 48 passes for 433 yards? Luck in 2012 completed 339 of 627 passes for 4,374 yards in his rookie year.

  9. Regarding any Alex Smith discussion… We got what looks to be two 2nd rounders for a guy who was signed as a UFA a year ago. That’s AMAZING value. I’m glad KC is getting a return on their investment. Makes it a win-win deal.

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