Harbaugh: “It was no breakout game. That’s what Vernon Davis does.”

Here is a transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.


Did DL Glenn Dorsey practice a little bit today?



How did he look?

“Did good.”


Good enough to play on Sunday?

“We’ll make that determination, but it was good.”


You’ve got a roster opening, are you going to use it between now and the game or is it kind of up in the air?

“Anticipate using it, filling it.”


Will it be NT Mike Purcell?

“We will make that decision by tomorrow.”


Tomorrow is the deadline, right?



So, is it either Purcell or DT Quinton Dial? Is that the conundrum?

“Well, we know what we’re going to do. But, we’ll let the transaction speak for what we’re going to do.”


Titans TE Delanie Walker did a lot of things for you on the offense over the past two years. How would you say that TE Vernon Davis and the rest of the tight end group has kind of absorbed that loss. It seems like tight end is still a real strength for you. Just kind of absorbed the loss of Delanie this year.

“Yes, tight ends are playing extremely well, led by Vernon Davis who is a great player. I was asked earlier in the week by the Tennessee media, ‘what did the breakout game that Vernon had last week mean to the team,’ and do we expect that going forward, etc. And my reply was, ‘it was no breakout game and that’s what Vernon Davis does.’ He’s, in our opinion, the best tight end in the National Football League. Blocks, runs routes with the best of them. So, he leads the way in that regard. [TE] Vance [McDonald] and [TE Garrett] Celek have also done a very good job.”


It was nice to see WR Michael Crabtree was catching passes out there. What was it like to see him back on the field moving like he is?

“Good. Very excited and very proud of what Michael’s doing. These guys, Michael Crabtree, [WR] Mario Manningham, Quinton Dial, [DT] Tank Carradine, they go through grueling rehab and that’s been going on for months. And, just excited for them as football players as they transition back into playing. It’s a great process. I think it shows their toughness, mental toughness. Not everybody can do that. But, they’re doing it and I’m proud of them for that.”


Is the plan with Manningham to have him after they bye week?

“He’s practicing now. We don’t have a crystal ball on exactly when he plays in a game, but he looks really good, really good. He had a very good day yesterday and I’m excited for him.”


Without using percentages, where would you say he is as far as physically, football shape, coming back?

“He looks good, looks real good. It’s a matter of, it’s going to be soon.”


Titans QB Jake Locker took all the reps today in Tennessee. How do you balance preparing for two quarterbacks this week?

“Well, it’s not the first time a team’s been in the position that way. So you just do it and prepare for both.”


Is it a benefit that you faced Jake in college, just having a good idea of his skillsets?

“That I coached, benefitted …?”


And defensive coordinator Vic and the rest of the staff.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s any advantage.”


Assuming he does play, what kind of distinctive challenges does he present? What kind of quarterback is he in your view?

“Very good quarterback. Experienced quarterback. They both are. They’re both good.”


Will LB Ahmad Brooks meet you guys in Tennessee?



So he’s in Virginia now and then–?



Any reaction to Dr. Dan Garza’s passing?

“Yes, we were stunned and deeply saddened by his passing. Myself, players, coaches, staff. We send our prayers, our condolences to his family and friends.”

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    1. I wouldn’t say that Wilson is better than Kaepernick. I don’t think Wilson is in the same league as Kaepernick. Just about any QB would be in a good position to win in Seattle with that Defense.
      I’d just say that Seattle uses Wilson better than SF uses Kaepernick.

    2. Wilson is a lot better than Colin plus he isn’t a dick which means he’s twice as good as Colin… and I’m no fan of the Seahawks. But Colin has turned out to be a no-class media trinket. I hate saying that cause I really looked to the guy to be our QB even when he was in Reno.

      1. No class, how? Do you listen to him speak? Have you read his story and watched interviews with him? If you have you can tell that he’s a very humble and hard working player. Far from having “no class”.

  1. Coach Harbaw’s reaction to Dr. Dan Garza’s passing:

    “Yes, we were stunned and deeply saddened by his passing. Myself, players, coaches, staff. We send our prayers, our condolences to his family and friends.”

    Let me help you out, here, fella. It goes like this:
    Players, coaches, staff, and I…. (we) send our prayers.

    If you wonder about the correct use of the word
    “myself” (or when to refer to yourself using ‘me’ or ‘I’)
    there is a simple test available
    (English teachers all over the world are nodding their heads)

    Players send prayers.
    Coaches send prayers.
    Staff send prayers.
    I send prayers ….rather than “myself sends prayers.”

    In other cases, people mistakenly use “myself”
    when the word “me” is the correct choice.

    Unfortunately, many adults (including sportscasters)
    frequently misuse the word myself. In all probability,
    those USD and Stanford athletes would be heads up on this one.
    Those men had brainpower, huh? (& a real deal graduation rate)

      1. Oh good ol bs is still upset at coach for sitting Alex smith. Ghost. Bs built its whole life around Alex smith and just like smith, bs bought the hype and had the rugged pulled out from under its disgusting body. Give bs some time. Once the chiefs are one and done in the playoffs and get humbled vs Denver in a couple of weeks, bs in its alien spacecraft will depart earth again in search of Sandra bullock floating to her death in some far away galaxy.

  2. Ghost of Mustard sez: Speaking for myself,
    I think you are a complete idiot
    with no friends and
    way too much time on your hands.

    Let us be sure of this: you will never fully appreciate
    the impact on football/sports of a capable referee.
    Speaking/writing as well as you do, Ghost of Mustard,
    you manage to flatter and demean
    me and yourself simultaneously,
    with both of us receiving equal parts of
    the honor and the ridicule.

    Every game has rules. Unless you wanna go bare knuckle.
    Keep on trash talking and someone is bound to
    take you up on it, big fella.

  3. Many of the people who support the Niners
    and read this newspaper also subscribe to
    the concept of the scholar/athlete, as I do.

    Darrel, please do not fumble the ball away yet.
    Keep on carrying the rock and pick up
    a few more yards. The name of the game?
    Idiocy-is-not-a-joke… even-if-you-are-one.

    Show us that you are more than a mental micron;
    please compose a full paragraph (five or six sentences).
    Do it extemporaneously. Niner fans will read and decide.
    They will give you two grades; one for mechanics/grammar
    and the other based on how interesting/entertaining you are
    in terms of content/subject matter. Ready, set, go…!

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