Harbaugh on Kaepernick’s sack in overtime: “That was the back who didn’t get a hand signal from the guard. The protection was changing based on the look.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Obviously, what was your reaction to the DT Ray McDonald news today?

“Just heard that today. As I’ve said from the very beginning, I was never there to stand up here and say what did or didn’t happen as any of us. The stance on domestic violence … that principle of being completely against it. And also the principle for being for due process and respect of the judicial system, legal process and that these are people’s lives. Let the facts and the information lead to the decisions that we would make as an organization and that ultimately the authorities would make. They had a process. They had an investigative process that now seems to be concluded. That’s my reaction to it. Feel like the process led to a conclusion.”


Are you concerned about the message this sends out to other domestic violence, potential domestic violence, victims?

“What message is that?”


Well, the fact that the victim apparently shut down, according to the district attorney’s office after the initial interview and refused to comment any further, which is why they have insufficient evidence to prosecute.

“From my view, there has been a lot of discussion. There’s been a lot of introspection. A lot of people have weighed in, including the authorities. I think that the people can see that if they have an issue when it comes to domestic violence, that they will be heard. That has been my view of it. I look at it from that standpoint as well. And I think that’s a real positive. I think the discussion has been a positive. I think looking at ways that we all view it and where we can improve as a league, as a team, as men, is something that has been a positive and will continue to be.”


This thing is now resolved. The LB Aldon Smith thing is going to be, he’s going to come back and play. In both of these cases, these incidents resolved around these large house parties that some of your players have had and developed out of that. Can you discourage those sorts of gatherings from happening that seemed to generate this or is that even a proper thing for a professional coach to do with professional players?

“You say, ‘all these’.”


Well, those two things.

“Two incidences. So, what’s your question? Should I forbid parties at people’s houses? What can you do?”


Can you address those? Is it improper for a coach to even address that? How do you feel about that?

“As an organization and as a coach, I think it is proper to advise, to educate. I think we do that as a team. I think we continue to look for ways to send the message of good conduct. And you strive for it 100 percent, good conduct. And we want to have that. We haven’t had that. We want to get there. So, your suggestion of ways to inform, to educate, is something that, yeah, we take very seriously.”


How’s Ray’s attitude been in these last couple of weeks as the investigation’s been ongoing?

“I think Ray can speak to that. As I said from the beginning, I’ve known Ray, in my interactions with him, he’s told me the truth. I really felt from the very beginning that if this was something that Ray was telling on the truth on and, again, we weren’t there, none of us were there, if he was telling the truth then, yes, he could be strong, he could be courageous, he could live his life, do his job to the best of his ability. If you’re not telling the truth, then I think that would be an unbearable weight, for what that’s worth.”


Have you spoken to Ray after this announcement was made?



Do you know what Aldon’s progress is going to be this week? Will he play in New York this weekend?

“Well [Associated Press writer] Janie [McCauley], we’ll see. I understand he’s eligible to play and to practice. Very much look forward to that. There’s consequences for our actions – good and bad. Good consequences for good action. And there’s accountability. He has served that. He has done that. Look forward to moving forward in a fresh, clean slate. That’s what I anticipate and look forward to.”


Realistically, how soon can he contribute to the levels you’re used to with him? He obviously hasn’t played for a long time. Do you have any sense of how close he is to being — ?

“We’re not ready to jump to that. We’re not ready to jump to predict that or answer that question. Excited to have him back playing football, with the team. I think that’s where the hope, the excitement lies right now.”


Were you relieved to learn that the charges were dropped against McDonald so you don’t have a cloud hanging over the organization?

“I pretty thoroughly answered what my feelings are and the respect that we’ve had for the process and continue to have.”


Does a win like that get you guys back on track so to speak? How much can that get this thing rolling again?

“Terrific game. Exciting game. Extremely proud of our players. I really feel like they played with as much heart, as much hustle, as much fight as I’ve ever seen our teams play since we’ve been here. And, really proud of their execution. That was a gritty game. It took every guy, it took every minute and then some to get it done. But, proud for the win and onward to the Giants. There was some extremely good play too. Offensively, I thought our line fit together in a way that was needed, meaningful. Execution, their effort, protection, the run game, I thought it was outstanding. I thought our backs, [RB] Frank Gore played a complete game. It was, when you turn on the film, and playing at the highest level. Everybody playing together. Winning individual matchups, one-on-one matchups, but also playing as a unit, playing as a team.”


With that offensive line, each of the last couple of seasons they’ve had what they considered a bad game and they bounced back the following week with really strong play. What is it about that group being able to turn it around in a week’s time to get back on track?

“We all have had that happen to us in various parts of our lives, etcetera. But strong and courageous, I thought that’s the way our team played. That’s who they are. That’s how they’re made up.”


Can you talk about LB Chris Borland and his play yesterday? It just seemed like he had a nose for the ball. Every play he was around it, swarming it, what’d you see?

“Fun to watch. He’s doing a great job. He does have a, he’s got a sense for the ball. I’ve been watching it in practice and you watch it in the games he’s like a thief in the night, he’s going to get under somebody, get around somebody. You look how far he went to get that fumble. He was the furthest guy away from that pile, that point where the ball was and slashed in there and then secured it. I thought it was a great play. In on a lot of tackles, covering a lot of ground. He plays the game, it means a lot to him, he cares, you can see that by the way he plays and is doing an outstanding job. The other guy is [LB] Michael Wilhoite, he’s in there calling the defenses, doing what [LB] Patrick [Willis] does and doing it where you’ve got to keep guys focused, you’ve got to keep guys on edge. Your leading guys, you’re calling the defense and those are part of his responsibilities and I think he’s doing it at a very high level. And that’s because of Patrick, that’s because of [LB] NaVorro Bowman. They’ve set the standard at the highest level. And both Chris and Michael, they know what that level is. They know what it needs to be and they’re rising to it and that’s outstanding. A lot of credit to [49ers linebackers coach] Jim Leavitt and those two men.”


Given the play of those two guys and with Aldon coming back I’d imagine you feel good about the linebackers spot right now? Patrick may be getting closer. It seems like that position is becoming one of depth and strength.

“Yeah, I would agree. And, it’s always been that. Guys have always played to a high standard there. You see the way [LB] Dan Skuta plays. [LB] Ahmad Brooks, let’s talk about Ahmad Brooks. A tremendous play. How awesome that he was the one that stayed with that play, came around the backside and caused that fumble to come out. [LB] Aaron Lynch doing a nice job. So, it was good. It is a position of strength and keep trying to build on that.”


When QB Colin Kaepernick got sacked in overtime, what was the breakdown on that play?

“Which one?”


It was the blitz. It was the last offensive play that he got sacked. I was wondering, was there a receiver that was supposed to have recognized the blitz and broken off his route to give Colin a short target quickly or what happened on that play?

“The last play, the third-and-10 play where he rolled to the right and threw to [WR] Anquan [Boldin] on the sideline?”


It was an all-out blitz in overtime. Colin Kaepernick got sacked pretty quickly, didn’t seem like he had really anywhere to go with the ball. I was wondering where the breakdown was?

“Yeah, that particular one, I believe that was the back who didn’t get a hand signal from the guard. The protection was changing based on the look. You’ve got to get a hand signal and if you don’t get the signal you’ve got to site it on the move, on the run. We didn’t get that picked up by the back. I think I’m thinking of the same play.”


I think one of the last updates we had on Bowman was that he was cutting and doing some of that. Any update on what he’s going to be doing this week?

“Yeah, we’ll see. He has been doing some cutting and cutting pretty darn well. So, we’ll see. Tomorrow will be a big day and we’ll see if that window gets open to start practicing.”


After the game, WR Michael Crabtree had some quotes to some of our colleagues that were there about that he now considers himself just a third-down back and he seemed to express some dissatisfaction with that perhaps. Will you address that with him and what is your response to that?

“Well, my response is, and I was there, I caught the tail end of it, I didn’t catch all of it, so I don’t have it all verbatim, but I did see the two reporters that were talking to him and here was my view of the battlefield as I walked up to it: There’s Michael Crabtree catching a 4th-down-and-10 play, where he comes open, Colin hits him with the long pass. Great catch. Sets up a chance for us to kick a field goal to tie the game and togo into overtime. And again, I just caught the end of it, but what I heard the two reporters asking him was, ‘You don’t seem like you’re getting the ball as much. Are you not part of the offense? Why aren’t you getting the ball? You dropped some balls.’ Again, I didn’t see the whole thing, but I felt a little defensive for Michael. Here’s a guy who makes a great play and now he’s answering this question or that question. Maybe I might’ve gotten a little defensive too.”


I wasn’t there either.

“You weren’t there. I didn’t catch all of it, but–.”


You thought they might be leading the witness.

“No, I’m just saying what I saw. Here’s a guy that makes a great catch and it kind of feels…looked like he was put on the defensive.”


Is he just a third-down receiver?

“No.” [Laughing]


Just to make sure we have it right on Aldon, is he available full go starting tomorrow for meetings, practice, everything?

“Yes, to my understanding.”


Is there an update on NT Ian Willams and WR Bruce Ellington?

“Not more than what I gave yesterday. I’ll get that later today.”


It’s nice to see you smiling today and I assume, you had a great game yesterday, a great win. Last week, I watched on TV, I wasn’t here, and you seemed really down. I’ve never seen you that way before. Very monosyllabic. Is it that after a loss like the Rams loss, you’re just so focused on what you need to do or you’re downhearted? What’s the difference between you this week and you last week? And I know it’s a California question and I apologize.

“Why do you say it’s a California question?”


Because in the past when I’ve asked questions about feelings, you say that’s a California question, but I know you went to Palo Alto High School, so you can’t get out of that.

“Well, I don’t know if it’s a California question, but it’s a question on feelings. I think you see me game day, you see me sometimes in these press conferences, and I think you’re right in the middle of the fight. I think to be judged on personality or the cut of your jib or what clothes you wear has never seemed as important as what your integrity is or your character, your ability, your effort, how hard you work at something. So, I guess that’s where I go with the personality or feelings questions.”


I asked you how many times you watched the Rams game film and you didn’t like that question much either. Are you now willing to say?

“Yeah, I watched it more than once. Bunch of times. But, the main thing is right now is watching the New York Giants and onward to that particular game. As Anquan Boldin said, these now are one-game seasons for us and that’s the way we’ll approach it. But, very proud of our team. Enjoy each other. Enjoy the time we have to prepare and to practice and to play these games. And you think you’ve got a lot. You think you’ve got a lot of time. You think, ‘Well, we’ve got from now to Sunday and it’s only, here we are Monday at 12:17 p.m. and we’ve got a lot of time.’ But, the sand slips through the hourglass and then you don’t have that much time. So onward, get onto that ballgame and do the best we can to prepare and get ready to play the Giants.”


Back to Santa Rosa Press Democrat columnist Lowell Cohn’s question, is there a certain weight having McDonald and Aldon sort of in the rearview mirror now? You can go forward without that stuff. Is that part of, maybe there’s a weight off your shoulders with that stuff?

“There’s a process that played out. From the beginning, you ask for some patience there and to let that process see a conclusion. See a process, see a conclusion. I think it’s done that and you move forward. It’s OK to do that. Taken a lot of questions on the matter and I think I’ve plowed that ground as thoroughly as I can possibly plow it at this point.”


You mentioned process, which you’ve mentioned throughout this news conference. What exactly is the process for players who get into trouble? In this case, Mr. McDonald called team security first, not 911. What are the players told to do when they get into trouble?

“I can’t specifically say that they’re told to do…”


Is there a process?

“No. No. I don’t have a process.”


Where players are told to call team security first and then 911 or 911 first, then team security?

“No. There’s a thousand different examples that you could say. There’s a lot of different shades of gray. Do they call security on particular issues, do they not on others? I can’t comment to those and say that there’s a process. No.”


Do you want to change that? Do you want a process after this experience?

“I want to strive for 100 percent good conduct in every way we could do that and strive to do a better job and do the best job that we can.”

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  1. I’d be interested to know who asked each question. Some of them are rather annoying and, really, brainless, apparently designed to provoke rather than elicit information.

    1. Jack, I agree. However the way the questioning started at the beginning of the press conference it wouldn’t surprise in the least if Coach wasn’t messing with the press a little bit. The reporter asked a question but couldn’t fill in the blanks on what play it was. Why answer a question the person asks if they do not know the exact play themselves.

      The typical culprits like Kawakami, both Cohns, Ann Killion all want to generate hysteria and become holier than thou when certain outcomes don’t go their way. Why waste the time haranguing on a subject that has been closed?

      BTW I like your posts on webzone

              1. When Harbaugh said 3rd and 10 he was talking about a play in which Kaepernick actually threw the ball.

                “The last play, the third-and-10 play where he rolled to the right and threw to [WR] Anquan [Boldin] on the sideline?”

                Based on video of the two plays it looks as though his description of the play with the RB missing the signal and going to the wrong defender is a description of the sack on third down on their second to last possession. Not the one in overtime.

              2. I said the last play. He got confused, thought I said the last play of the fourth quarter, the third-and-10. I clarified that I meant the last play in overtime. He understood.

              3. I don’t think he ever figured out exactly which play you were referring to. At least that’s how it reads and looks based on his description.

              4. He got confused between the third-and-10 play at the end of the fourth quarter and the third-and-10 play at the end of overtime. That’s obvious.

              5. Yeah hammer he was definitely thinking of the sack in the 4th. Thanks for the clarification and the gif evidence. Man it’s too bad this blog couldn’t have someone like you asking the questions in there. Someone who actually understands the game and can ask a question. Hey maybe grants dad can get you a press pass too! You know Jim loved every second of that.

              1. No. Davis blocked inside because Hyde was supposed to come out and pick up the edge rusher but missed the signal from Boone.

  2. “Coach, Frank Gore has been very good in pass protection during your time here. On two third downs late in the game yesterday you had Carlos Hyde in place of Frank Gore. What is the reasoning behind that move?”

    “It seems as though each week there are 3-4 plays in which Eric Reid is letting receivers get behind him. Is this due to a technique issue or play call responsibility?”

    1. or why are all run plays are going up the middle or to the left? Is Boone better at pulling then Staley? Have you lost confidence in Boone and Davis?

      1. I wonder if Iupati is fully recovered from last season’s injury. He used to pull a ton to the opposite side.

        One player I’m looking forward to pulling is Marcus Martin. His USC footage shows him pulling from center wide. Artful Randy Cross-ish stuff.

    2. Great questions. And I’m sure coach would gladly field those types of questions instead of the TMZ stir up the shiz type questions that he has to field.

      1. Harbaugh has been here now 3 years and serving up answers relative to nothing. You don’t think by now the media is as happy to get out of those conferences as fast as possible as much as coach is?
        What else is there to say? How many more ways can you try and ask a question to someone who is going to give you nothing substantial. Deal with it!

        1. Prime Time: This PC Presser. It’s for you or anyone who just loves football and information relative to a games. And, this is why everyone in Seattle loves Pete Carroll. Watch the video from the Antrel Rolle of the Giants also. He say’s in a confused manner “I’ve been playing football for 10 years good and bad and never had a team rush for 350 yards. Haha.


          1. Yeah prime. Watch your buddy Mary’s video. Then you can get marching wilson jerseys too.
            She’s a liar you’re a racist. Perfect mix for a Seahak fan. Match made in heaven. Maybe 77 can be your baby troll. IJS ha ha haaa.

              1. Yes he is a racist. Why do you think he calls me ponch? Because he’s racist.
                He makes fun of cancer patients. He’s disparaged the kids on my team. He makes disrespectful comments about my wife. He welcher on bets and double posts.
                And what does Grant do? Nothing. Yet when Grant thought that E made one comment towards Mrs. Cohn, he was banned.
                Grant I ask you for the 3rd time. Who hijacked my name and avatar this last weekend? Prime or C of C?

    1. I remember that play. When I was watching the game and the play happened I thought… that was pretty good. Speed of play is one thing but reaction to a play is another. Borland really showed his mettle on that play and the fumble recovery. Both outstanding.

      I also thought Hyde returning kicks and running with abandon was a sight to behold. Don’t know how long he can last running like that especially the hit with the Saints linebacker. they both looked like they were a little woozy.

        1. And this stage George with all the injuries and the Niners being in the fight of their lives,everyone needs to do their job and more. You can’t save anyone for anything. It’s do or die.

          Also word to the wise, Bay does not know shinola about football!

          1. Prime, but you seem to agree it was a risk to Hyde, no? I realize that when Ellington went down, they had to make due on the fly. If Ellington doesn’t play next week, maybe it’s time for Patton.

            1. I think Hyde gains much needed experience whenever he is on the field. The Niners can’t afford to lose. They need the backups to the backups to play and play well if anyone goes down.
              Not sure what we would be saving Hyde for last Sunday? It’s next man up. You cannot worry about injuries this late in the season. Full steam ahead!

            2. George you put someone back there from a position of redundancy. Not your running back when there are only two of those.
              Put Patton back there.

              Maybe CB Johnson.

              1. Patton wasn’t dressed and if you put a guy back there who is not confident or hasn’t done it in practice, your doomed. Bays team would be 0-9 right now with his thinking!

    2. Jack,
      looking at next year’s draft, in your first three rounds how you would draft from a position standpoint.

      I’d go

      1. Guard
      2. WR
      3. TE

      Also hope Baalke can work his magic and bring in a free agent Tackle. Also wondering what we do with Gore. He can still play, and he will be incredibly valuable as a mentor.

      1. 1) Trade for 2015 first round pick
        2) Safety
        3) Running Back
        4) Fast, tall wide receiver with return capabilities
        5-7) Package to trade for 2015 pick(s)

      2. Pass rusher should be an early pick. Lynch has looked good, but overall the pass rush has been pretty poor this year without Aldon. And next season will be Aldon’s last before he needs a new contract – no guarantee they’ll be able to keep him.

      3. Bay,

        I haven’t thought much about it yet but I think going guard depends on what they do with Iupati and even if they lose him they still have Boone locked up for next year, Looney, Brandon Thomas might be back from his injury, and Kilgore should be back.

  3. I love how the media often approach Harbaugh with a questions they hope illicit an emotional response. Harbaugh rarely if ever responds emotionally. His responses are calculated and matter of fact. It must torque some reporters immensely. Media these days is so driven by emotion, by controversy. It must be very difficult to be confronted by an emotionless/facts driven personality. I love it though. Make those reporters squirm until they can ask a respectable question.

  4. I listened to the game on XM yesterday and am now watching it. Wow, Kaepernick could have thrown for 400 yards if the receivers could catch. I am hoping that maybe they have fixed their problems on offense.

  5. Can a normal guy ask a reporter a question?

    My question is…..
    For those of you who wanted justice served by way of suspension for Ray McDonald…. How do you feel about that opinion now that due process showed it’s ugly head and revealed facts and the truth about the allegations? In the future without video evidence or witnesses, will you change your stance on the law or will you continue to back your own brand of justice?

  6. I just keep getting more and more impressed each week with how good the rookie WRs have been this year. You’d be very happy with the early returns from any one of Watkins, Evans, Beckham, Cooks, Benjamin, Matthews, Robinson or Landry, all of whom were taken in the first 2 rounds. Davante Adams has had a couple of decent games as well.

    Add in John Brown, Allen Hurns, Taylor Gabriel, Martavis Bryant and Donte Moncrief, who were taken in later rounds and all have shown a little something too.

      1. Do you mean 2014 1st rounder (#30) + 2015 3rd and 4th? If I could convince the Bucs to give up #7 for the cost of #30 + next years 3rd and 4th I’d take it. Good luck with that though – that’s a very unlikely trade scenario. Also I’d have taken Beckham, not Evans.

        Of course that’s not considering the fact they could have had Benjamin for a small trade up, or moved back and taken Matthews, Robinson, Landry or any of the other guys I mentioned that went after pick #30.

        1. Though we still don’t know what we have in Ellington, and it is worth keeping in mind that only a handful of the WRs taken would likely be seeing much game time on the 49ers roster.

          1. I was one of the posters who pushed for using at least one high pick to draft a wr this last draft. I might have even gone for two. It wasn’t just about getting a receiver for this year but setting the team up for the future. Except for Stevie none all of the vets are either in decline or need to be resigned next season. Or both. Elington is a good receiver but he is a slot receiver and they are easier to come by. The Niner’s still do not have a receiver who can stretch the defense. Getting one or two good younger receivers gives you quality at an affordable price till their rookie contracts expire. Receivers are at the top of the market price wise.

            The Niner’s made a real mistake not drafting receivers this last year because their was an abundance of them and the team had the resources to trade up a bit if need be. More supple vs less demand equals bargains. The coming drafts will not have the amount of quality wr in them so there will be more demand than supply which means they will cost more draft capital. The past draft was also very deep so later picks had more value and would have meant easier trade ups. These are very simple concepts and I don’t understand why more people couldn’t understand those principles.

            When you buy something buy it when it’s over stocked and goes on sale.

            1. Yeah, I was quite vocal about drafting a WR early, and I also suggested taking two. In the end the 49ers did just that, using two 4th rounders to get two WRs, except one was a vet.

              Baalke basically admitted he was looking at trade up scenarios, and I still believe Beckham was the one Baalke wanted, but in the end it cost too much to get him. When it got to pick 30 they looked at what was available and decided taking the nickel back was more important than a WR. Based on need, I can understand the decision.

              Between day 1 and day 2 of the draft they had the opportunity to take Stevie Johnson for low cost. Too good to pass up, as it gave them leeway to focus on other needs while shoring up the WR core with a ready to go player. But if that hadn’t happened I very much expect one of their 2nd round picks would have been used on a WR.

              Easy to say they should have taken a WR early, but also hard to argue with the decisions made at the time, especially seeing how many of the picks are contributing this year.

              1. I agree! I could also see their rational. I also think they did well getting Stevie -great trade. I just think they could have set themselves up better for the future with drafting another wr. Once they got Stevie it wasn’t a dire need but they still could have picked up another wr by trading up using late picks or 2015 draft capital. I really like Ellington but the receiving class was unusually strong and that really should have been taken advantage of.

                As I have often stated before I think the main short coming with the 49ers is that they have a sort of Pollyanna attitude when it comes to injured players in that they always expect them to return their pre injury level far sooner than usual or that it could be career ending. Nothing wrong with swinging for the fence now and then, but you have to have a back up plan in place.

                That said I do think other than possible stocking another wr, they made good use of their picks this last draft. Although I do think that Ward was over-drafted. Could have gotten much better value at that position and his contribution could have been easily replaced with little drop off. That’s the position that should have been used to take a shot at a top flight receiver. He was really not that special. Drafted purely for need at which they don’t usually do well. They seem to do unusually well with their latter picks at all positions except receiver so they really needed this last draft because of the talent available at the wr position and they could have picked up someone like ward in the latter rounds.

                Older players like Boldin who are presently beating father time could spiral down very quickly in one season. And well -Crabs is not really reliable both in respect to injury, new contract and lack of speed. So that leaves them with Stevie, Ellington and Patten ( who except for being a fan favorite is realistically a question mark) for next year unless they resign Loyd. They are bit set at receiver for the future and it usually take a bit to get them up to NFL speed even if the draft one next year.

                They really need to replace the people who evaluate and coach the wr in their staff. Perhaps they should begin to use the same policy with staff that they use with players. It they can not cut it and you need to do better get rid of them. There is no room for loyalty in a winning program. Too much ” Good Ole Boy” attitude in the NFL among coaches.

              2. In my other post in the fourth paragraph I meant of say ” we are not set at wr” rather that “we are a bit set at wr”.

              3. 1(30). Jimmie Ward — best slot corner?
                2(57). Carlos Hyde — best RB?
                3(70). Marcus Martin — best center?
                3(77). Chris Borland — best ILB?
                3(100). Brandon Thomas — best guard?
                4(106). Bruce Ellington — to be determined
                4(129). Dontae Johnson — baller?
                5(150). Aaron Lynch — one of the steals of the draft?
                5(170). Keith Reaser — to be determined
                6(180). Kenneth Acker — looks like a baller?
                7(243). Kaleb Ramsey — to be determined
                7(245). Trey Millard — best FB/HB?

              4. Willtalk:

                There you go again.

                Although I do think that Ward was over-drafted. Could have gotten much better value at that position and his contribution could have been easily replaced with little drop off. That’s the position that should have been used to take a shot at a top flight receiver. He was really not that special.

                … they could have picked up someone like ward in the latter rounds.

                Yeah, in his first season, he has only started and played reasonably well at slot CB, which is clearly the easiest defensive position to play. He’s ordinary. I’m sure lots of guys could do what he has done, especially guys drafted in the later rounds. Why don’t you name them?

                Drafted purely for need at which they don’t usually do well.

                Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati, Navorro Bowman, Aldon Smith, Chris Culliver, Eric Reid, Ward, and Chris Borland once again say you’re full of crap.

                They really need to replace the people who evaluate and coach the wr in their staff.

                Yeah, Crabtree, Boldin, Lloyd and Stevie Johnson are garbage. You might want to consider whether you are placing too much emphasis on the AJ Jenkins selection. He looks more like an outlier than he does the norm.

                There is no room for loyalty in a winning program. Too much ” Good Ole Boy” attitude in the NFL among coaches.

                Any evidence that this applies to the 49ers or is this just more of your made up nonsense?

      1. Yes, I think we can officially say that Baalke sucks at drafting WR’s. Ellison is similar to Cooks, not quite the game changers everyone predicted. We could have had Benjamin, legit #1 and replacement for Michael Crabtree. My other suggestion is to just hire a Steelers scout, so you never have to worry about the position again. Whatever happened to Quinton Patton? Is he really that bad, ’cause if he was that good, they’d find a way to get him on the field. Things become dicey for this team next season. Boldin is obviously old, Crabs is gone, Stevie Johnson is a #2, so who becomes our #1? Turns out, we needed a #1 more than we ever needed a slot corner. Hindsight 20/20.

  7. I’m watching the Eagles/Panthers game and thanking my lucky stars I root for a Harbaugh coached team. The Panthers used to be good Atlanta used to be good. Pittsburg, the Vikings, Chicago used to be good. For those screaming about what a jerk Jim is, I’d be very careful what you wish for.

        1. Whoa whoa whoa Last week you wanted Foles now Sanchise, are you sure u dont want matt barkley? or how about the guy who details chip’s car?

          1. Bos-He wants anybody but Kap back there..Gabbert throws a td in mop up duty against Denver’s third stringers..He wanted him to take over.lol..Now that’s desperate for change

            1. We should make a list of how many players you don’t like on this team, compared to the one guy I want to player better, and let’s see who the troll is.

          2. I won’t take Matt Barkley.
            We’ll see how Sanchez does the rest of the year. He also has some playoff success on a crappy Jets team.
            If I want to run a spread type offense, why wouldn’t you consider Foles?

        2. Fan77,
          Looks like you finally answered the question I’ve been asking you since August.
          “Who would you rather have as QB? ”

          If Sanchez is your preferred QB for us you might want to do a little more research bud.

  8. Why is CK posting stuff in retaliation to critics on Instagram? This is the issue I have with this guy. Just play football and winning shuts everyone up. Why concern yourself with small social media insults? Grow up already!

    1. Prime ..

      since neither you or I (actually) know Kaep, personally ..
      there’s no need to jump to any conclusions as to the why ..
      or the how ..he responds ..

      It’s quite possible, he’s just having fun with them

      1. I think professional athletes should avoid social media altogether during the season. It’s a distraction. It’s also a gateway to many unnecessary dialogue with people trying to create controversy.
        Be a pro, stay focused, let your play on the field speak to your critics. Nothing says F U like a WIN.

        1. I totally agree with you Prime, but sometimes people just don’t do what is in their best interests. I think that, Kaep, due to being mixed/adopted has a bit of an identity issue and that sort of makes him a bit thin skinned in respect to social criticism. He may tell himself he doesn’t care what others think when in fact the opposite is true. It also probably creates an over-reaction and compensation via establishing his own individual unique identity through the projection of an image of a non-comforming rebel.

            1. Dumb comment on mixed-race kids. That’s pretty messed up, right KY? I think it’s pretty cool that Colin engages the fans…

            2. Yeah, KY, and adoptees also. I was adopted as an infant. Until now I thought I knew who I was, but Dr Willtalk knows better. I must be confused. He’s a Hella Psychoanalyst and Sports Medicine Specialist. Without ever reviewing a chart, interviewing, examining, or even being in the same room with him, he was able to diagnose the severity of Vernon’s injury AND that he was malingering and dogging it. Perhaps Willtalk should focus his energies on wiping out Ebola.

              1. Dr Willtalk has offered to analize (sic) anyone on this board.

                PS: you don’t want Willtalk or anyone else “analizing” you without your consent.

          1. Here we go again.
            Dr. Willtalk will see you now. Get comfy on the couch and tell the good dr. “what color is your parachute” Sheesh

      2. its obvious he spends more time on dumb stuff instead of being a student of the game…….why can’t his brain function like the top QB’s in the league

        1. Yeah u rite.. he should not have a life outside of football..work 24-7..eat breathe sleep football..Because if u study like Brady,manning,Rodgers..it guarentees u win a super bowl every year..No matter what team u got..U rite oneniner..Kap needs to move into the santa Clara facility or better yet..follow those guys around day….He’ll get super bowls every year like them…

        2. Like Drew Bree’s? Or Tom Brady? He’s beat them. Or like peyton manning’s when he chokes every time he plays against Tom Brady. GTFOH

          1. It’s not only a distraction to him but his teammates. You guys don’t the media asks his teammates daily to comment on the comments he made via Instagram, Twitter? It’s now a locker room issue. Yeah might not seem like a big deal to us but if I’m one of his teammates the last thing I want yo go I’d hear about his comments and asked my opinion on it.

    1. Fan- Actually he is very bright and a much better person than people perceive him to be because of the image they see projected. If he was stupid it wouldn’t bother him so much that people misunderstand and misjudge him.

        1. There’s a huge difference between wisdom and intelligence. Kap is intelligent and he’s still got a ways to go in the maturity department. I will say that it’d be interesting to see how the rest of us normal folks respond to the pressures and temptations these guys face.

          1. I love it, “a huge difference between wisdom and intelligence.” And then throw in “football smarts.” Bet Einstein would NOT have been a good baller in any position. And then if that’s not bad enough you, the QB, have to stand up in front of millions (TV) and basically apologize for losing the game even though it’s a team sport and promise to do better next week. Oh dear and you think he looks insecure. Haha.

            1. Nice that you like it and you missed the point since your QB is clearly showing his superior FB smarts this season right? Your media adoring R Wilson is ranked 25th for QB’s on NFL.com 10 places below Kaepernick right. Good thing you Lynch.

              1. Wilson: Pls don’t interpret what I said or meant to convey and don’t pit Kaepernick and Wilson against each other, they are entirely different. Does Wilson seem more composed, maybe. But he’s had an entirely different set of lifetime experiences. He’s been married and now divorced. He’s had to go thru the death of his father and support his mother and sister emotionally and be the man of the house. All b/4 25.You don’t think that changes who you are very quickly. Stop being so defensive.

              2. Its hard to tell with you sometimes when you’re being snarky or not. You throw a lot of jabs so there’s a reason we’re defensive with you. I missed it. Thought you were comparing Kap’s football ability to Einstein’s.

                I like RW. he’s a good young man when we need people with character but having a great personality is a bonus as a QB but not necessary. Brady’s not exactly friendly but he’s great. Rivers can be a butt. Rothlesburger isn’t exactly lighting up the media. Rodgers and Manning both have winning temperaments. Flacco’s pretty quiet. Cutler’s like a cactus.

        2. 37 on the wondrlick and being a straight A student says otherwise. But dont let facts get in the way of his tattoos and headphones

      1. None of you have any idea how smart Kaepernick is, although his reported Wonderlic score suggests that he is very smart. Out of all the commenters, JPN is the only one who might be qualified to speak on the subject.

        1. Claude that is unfair b/c we already know that JPN is a fan of Kaepernick and has stated such. I am probably the only impartial person here b/c I’m a Seahawk fan. But anyone has to know that Harbaugh would never have picked him if he was not up for the job.

          That being said no one can guarantee how any NFL player will develop. Look at Wilson he’s going through an “accuracy” phase of his own. I heard something on the news recently that said when a QB throws and runs it can throw off their accuracy. Maybe someone here has an opinion.

          1. I am probably the only impartial person here b/c I’m a Seahawk fan.


            [Deep breath]


            Whew [pant pant pant] Thanks for the laugh. I needed that. It was getting pretty tense in here.

            And to think I almost passed over your comment because I thought it would just be more useless b/s.

              1. This probably represents 33% of the reason I come here! Golly!
                A couple of,times I’ve perused various comment sections on other sports and just been appalled. We’re freakin’ Einsteins!!!
                I checked out a NASCAR comment section, and it was like a cliche’. So I checked out a Wrestling site comment section: yeah well I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to check that out for yourself; not to be believed.

  9. Oh after watching the game again. I have to give hustle points to Boone also. He stayed with his man through the whole play and helped buy ck an extra second for the bomb to MC. That was at the sidelines when it happened. Great hustle!

  10. I find it funny that people complain about what Kaep post on his Instagram, facebook, and/or Twitter page. The only reason you know is because you follow him. What does it say about your life that you follow a child to many of you. Lol. You all want him to grow up, when do you plan on growing up.

    Back to things that REALLY matter. We have to win out or come very close. We aren’t getting any help as of now. All that can change but it’s hard to believe it will.

      1. I don’t have a twitter, instagram, or facebook accounts either but hey, I’m old school and just don’t communicate that way.

        The young-gen do communicate using all the social media resources so it doesn’t surprise me that CK and many other athletes use it.

        What I need from Kap is for him to continue to hone his craft and get better each game without the moments of head scratching inconsistency.

  11. Fellas help me out here.
    Grant used to have his email address posted right below his Bio on the front page of the blog. I no longer see it there. Does anyone know/remember it? I want to write to inquire when he is going to write a “mia culpa” article about his overreaction to the Ray McDonald situation. Thanks in advance

      1. Smith was with the team through the preseason. He’s a good special teams guy but didn’t return any kicks, and played both halfback and fullback. He was a guy I thought could have stuck.

    1. It’s a fine column. I don’t take the decision to not press charges as McDonald being innocent either. I think stating that the DA didn’t move forward only because the fiancee didn’t want pictures taken is telling only part of the story, the part that paints the team and McDonald in a negative light.

      There were also character concerns regarding the fiancee that could have made it difficult to prove that McDonald’s actions were not in self defense. From the DA memo:

      “One documented prior incident involves both of these parties. On 5/24/14, McDonald called the police stating Jane Doe had a gun. At the time he denied that she ever pointed it at him or fired it. At the time McDonald said he just wanted her removed from the home. The 49ers Security Director called 911 around the same time. He reported that McDonald had just called him and told him that his (McDonald’s) girlfriend fired a gun. Our office declined to file charges. During the current investigation the 49ers Security Director was asked about the May 24th incident and he said he could not recall McDonald’s statement. During the current investigation McDonald was also asked about the May 24th incident and he changed his story and said Jane Doe did fire a gun into the ground as he drove away from his home that day. Initially Jane Doe denied firing the gun and has not provided any further information about what happened.”

      “Circumstances concerning Jane Doe’s past conduct further complicate the issue of whether McDonald used unreasonable force. The May 2014 incident in which Jane Doe allegedly fired a gun could be part of what the jury would be instructed by the judge to consider in determining whether McDonald could use force to defend himself and whether that force was reasonable.”

      “The decision is clear because we have mutual fighting between two parties, each party blaming the other and there are no verifiable eyewitnesses, no one with significant injuries, and no allegation of prior domestic violence by McDonald. In fact, the only documented prior incident between these two parties involved Jane Doe possibly firing a gun. What complicated the review in this case was the number of potential witnesses, some of whom were not forthcoming with what they saw. Extensive investigation was required to determine whether relevant evidence even existed. A charging decision could not be made without that investigation.”

    2. I think your father took the Keith Olbermann route..Woman can do no wrong..And the big bad 49ers were protecting Ray instead of her..I look at it from a different perspective..She started it..He’s has to fight her off..without fighting her.She’s trying to resist him fighting her off..I think he was protecting her..Jane doe..the aggressor..the instigator..also the mother of his unborn child..Do u wanna throw your baby mama in jail..or keep it on the low?It’s Ray house..so why should he leave? Hence he was trying to get her out of there..I don’t think the 49ers would go thru all this maintaining due process if he was at fault and stake their reps on it..I really don’t….

    3. “Perfect column” – OMG! Only Grant would think that a back-pedal to cover previous sanctimonious, uninformed, and incorrect keyboard moralizing is “perfect”. Even discounting some presumed favoritism on his part, this is idle speculation. We know what was assumed by some was wrong; now those who over stepped have some unanswered questions. Oh my!
      ” I haven’t spoken to McDonald about the incident.” – Oh, there’s a shocker!
      ” So, what lesson have we learned from the McDonald Incident?” – That depends on who you mean by ‘we’, Kimosabe. If you mean you & Grant; answer is nothing much. If you mean me; answer is nothing new, it just reinforced my view that most of our Bay Area and national media types are celebrity gossips.

      1. Due Process. Lowell and many others ‘weren’t buying it.’ The Niners were hiding behind due process to keep Ray on the field. Now it plays out. No charges filed.
        Innocent until charged, tried, and found guilty by due process? Lowell aint buying it.
        Corporate shenanigans. Lies and damned lies.
        By the way, how is it that the Sex Offender Kaepernick is still running around loose on the streets? You know, the sexual assault and then dumping the victim in front of the ER, and ………….oh,….wait…..

        1. BT,

          Just another example of the arrogance some of these guys have and their inability to admit they jumped to conclusions.

          There was absolutely no reason to bench McDonald and now that the DA has declined to press charges we have the lame columns from Lowell and Tim K absolving themselves from a poor initial reaction.

          What else is new?

    4. In Grant’s mind, this is a perfect column because his daddy wrote it.

      It sounds like the lynch mob got together and decided to pull the “unsettled mess” card. First came Kawakami, then Murph&Mac, now Daddy Cohn. What these tools all have in common is lack of accountability and failure to admit being wrong.

      Come on Grant, say it. It’s not that difficult … “I WAS WRONG”.

      1. Grant lacks the life experience to know how to adequately respond to a situation like this. His refusal to step up and admit he is and was wrong is a clear example of this.

        Matt- I greatly respect you for your public apology pertaining to you initial stance.

        1. Bay-
          Guys Grant’s age are leading Companies or Platoons into combat; age (experience) is a lame excuse. And what’s Lowell’s excuse? He’s my Paleolithic age, he’s had plenty of life experiences.
          Imagine if someone filed a civil suit against LC and the Press Demo for Libel and Slander. The plaintiff’s motivations don’t matter. Now the legal eagles on here can attest that it’s really hard to prove intent and win a case like that, but no matter, the process has to unfold. Civil matters can drag out for several years, should Lowell be suspended until resolution of the case?
          With pay, or without? 2 years? 4?
          Me thinks neither Lowell nor Grant ( nor I) would care to be held to that standard

          1. Tuna,
            Guys that are Lowell’ s age begin to forget that they were young once and also made mistakes. He is on a pedestal looking down on us. His writings wreak of arrogance.

            1. True dat, Bay. I forget sh*# all the time! ; >)
              Sometimes guys like LC and TK
              make me crazy because they do know better than some of the stuff they write. It’s manipulative posturing and cherry picking evidence to support an agenda. It’s like trial lawyers; not like expository writing.

    5. Grant:

      If by “perfect,” you mean slanted, misleading and passive aggressive, then, yes, it’s perfect.

      I notice that the column doesn’t contain a link to the DA’s memo. That’s a strange omission. I wonder if it’s because Lowell doesn’t want people to read the memo and realize that his description of the incident is incomplete and misleading. I don’t know. I’m just wondering.

          1. Grant Cohn November 11, 2014 at 11:42 am
            McDonald tried to “forcibly remove” his pregnant from fiancee from the house. You support that?

            Uummmm yes. If she is swinging at me what makes you think she couldn’t hurt the baby by doing that? RM fault is staying with his crazy broad. This ism the first and probably won’t be the last time we hear of this. Believe it or not Grant. Women can abuse men the same. I know you but these slander men only commercials I’m seeing now but women can be just as abusive.
            Just can’t admit your thoughts on dealing with it would have failed and cost him half the season for nothing. Stay humble Youngster.

              1. According to the DA’s office, the last time he did that, his fiancee fired a gun.

                For a guy who wasn’t there, doesn’t know what happened that night and doesn’t know the parties, you seem to know exactly what McDonald should have done.

              2. Why doesn’t “should have forcibly removed himself” and “just walk away” make any sense to me? Seems like two distinctively different acts, Grant.

              3. Not putting words in your mouth. But, if you were to rewrite that, would “physically remove himself” be a better choice of your meaning than “forcibly remove himself”?
                I think Ray tried to forcibly remove his Fiancé from the house. How does one forcibly remove oneself? Grab myself by the throat and hustle myself out the door? With great prejudice? Hah. : >)
                I’ve been able to walk away from the two weird confrontations I’ve had with women over 64 years, and felt superior having done so. So yes, that’s the right way.
                But criminality is different.

        1. Don’t try to change the focus. We were talking about your father’s incomplete and misleading column.

          As for your McDonald trying to remove his fiancee from the house, you are talking about the same woman who three months prior had pulled a gun on him, and possibly fired it. In August she was now instigating a physical altercation by striking him in anger. It’s understandable that he would want her out of the house to avoid a further escalation, especially if the gun was still in the house. Her 911 call and subsequent statement to the police made it clear that she wasn’t going to leave on her own accord.

          Those would be some of the relevant facts that your dad conveniently left out of his column. Things are not quite as cut and dry as he, and you, would have us believe.

          1. You’re justifying McDonald manhandling his pregnant fiancee after telling her she would be an unfit mother and he was going to take away her child.

            1. I commend your sense of nobility, Grant. I mean that. But all you appear to see is how bad it is that McDonald “manhandled” his fiancee.

              Do you think it is ok for a woman to draw a gun during an argument? To start hitting you during an argument? Of course it isn’t. And yes, I think in those circumstances you have a right to defend yourself, even if it offends certain people’s nobilities.

            2. I’m not justifying anything. I’m simply pointing out the established facts that you and your dad keep trying to ignore. Why do you keep trying to change the subject away from your dad’s incomplete and misleading presentation of facts?*

              As for what McDonald allegedly said to his fiancee, did he, or anyone else, corroborate her assertion that he said those things? No, so why do you recite her version as if it was a established fact?

              You’ll notice that I stuck to the facts presented in the DA’s memo and avoided using loaded terms like “manhandling.” You might want to do the same, unless you think the facts don’t support the position that your father and you have taken.

              * If you want, I can also explain why your dad’s assertion that Santa Clara County’s investigation “was compromised from the get-go” is nonsense.

              1. Jack:


                Unlike Lowell and the DA’s memo, I’m not going to do any cherry-picking. I’m going to quote the entire passage dealing with the “compromised” investigation. Please excuse the evil cut and paste that’s about to follow. Moreover, also unlike Lowell, I’m going to link to his column so you can judge for yourself whether I conveniently left out anything that doesn’t support my position.

                From http://www.pressdemocrat.com/sports/3091584-181/lowell-cohn-ray-mcdonald-case?page=0

                We know for a fact Santa Clara County’s investigation was compromised from the get-go. It was compromised because the first San Jose cop on the scene had a classic conflict of interest. He’s a police officer but he also moonlighted for a private firm providing security to players. He has a relationship with 49ers players including McDonald. None of this is to say the police officer did anything untoward. His mere presence was a complicating factor.

                When McDonald fought with his pregnant fiancée, McDonald didn’t phone 911. He phoned the cop. You wonder if the policeman was more loyal to McDonald than the law. The friendly cop was already at McDonald’s house when other police officers arrived.

                It was a very bad move when McDonald phoned the friendly cop. It was a predictable move. It gummed up the whole investigation and it made San Jose reconsider its policy about letting police officers moonlight for big-cash clients like the Niners.

                First, we don’t know “for a fact” that the investigation was compromised. In fact, to the extent we know anything, we know that it wasn’t. The DA’s office was aware of both Pritchard’s involvement and his relationship with the 49ers and conducted an investigation into whether the investigation of the incident was compromised. Although the memo doesn’t expressly state that the investigation was not compromised, the only logical conclusion to draw from the memo is that the DA’s office believes it wasn’t.

                Lowell, who conducted no investigation, nevertheless states without equivocation that the investigation was compromised “for a fact” and that Pritchard’s presence “gummed up the investigation.” Yet, he doesn’t present a single fact explaining how Pritchard’s presence compromised or gummed up the investigation. There aren’t even any allegations of how it occurred. Did Pritchard coach McDonald, shape witnesses’ testimony, coerce the fiancee, hide evidence? Lowell doesn’t say. Yet, even without any facts, he knows “for a fact” that the investigation was compromised

                Lowell also gets speculative and insinuative again, alternating “None of this is to say the police officer did anything untoward” with “You wonder if the policeman was more loyal to McDonald than the law.” It’s a chickensh!t way to slander the officer and keep alive the suggestion that McDonald committed a crime. .

                The only time Lowell’s position reflects actual known facts is when he writes that “Pritchard’s mere presence was a complicating factor.” That is accurate. Pritchard’s status as first-officer-on-the-scene and his relationship with the 49ers are troubling and risk giving the appearance of impropriety. For that reason, it was vital for the DA’s office to investigate his activities on the scene and his relationship with the 49ers to determine whether either compromised the process. It did so, and as noted above, found nothing to suggest the investigation of McDonald had been compromised.

                Sorry for writing another novel.

              2. No apologies necessary Claude. My take was very similar to yours.

                It’s too bad that when anyone tries to show both sides that it gets dismissed as fandom.

                Oh well. Par for the course here and with other Bay Area columnists.

              3. exgolfer:

                I’m shopping the rights as we speak. Bidding is open. You want in?

                Just so you know, I’m leaning towards the bidder who is ready to cast George Clooney as me, Billy Crystal as Lowell, and Keanu Reeves as Grant.

              4. Claude,

                I’m not trying to come off like a big shot, or anything, but I could get involved somewhere in the three figure range (I’m talking about a number with no decimal point).

              5. Claude,

                I see what you did there, first Clooney, and then Nathan Lane. That was a reference to all the scuttlebutt that Nathan Lane is really straight and uses all of his boyfriends as beards, right?

          2. He ALWAYS tries to change the focus in a debate.

            Meanwhile, anybody else besides me have questions about the NFLPA?
            The original purpose for them was to represent the players interests against the League and the teams. In that context, their advocacy for Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson is normal and understandable. But where does it leave them in relation to the fans and society? What’s the statement?
            ‘Let’s support the wife beater and the child beater against that nasty NFL.’
            Hmmmmmmm, I dunno.
            They also bargain against the safety rules that are evolving (with mixed results so far) for the players’ long term interests. You know, the ones that the NFL only got interested in because ex-players sued them. So its an important issue for the players and ex-players, and yet the NFLPA hasn’t sued or shown much advocacy on the subject. Or what about the troubled players? Guys with drug or alcohol probs, or guys who need counseling for emotional or mental issues.
            If the NFLPA wants to be a force for change and lead in any of these areas they’ll need to re-examine and re-invent themselves.

        2. I stopped reading at “Somehow, this is not surprising.” Somehow I thought the rest of the column would be whiny moralizing conjecture pablum. From the comments of the regulars here, I’m glad I saved 10 minutes of my time.

      1. Ninermd:

        Don’t hold your breath. I suspect Grant’s hit and run link to his dad’s column will be his sole contribution on the subject. He apparently doesn’t have time to hold himself to account for his columns.

    6. Its a perfect column if you enjoy a lot of conjecture, and believe that McDonald is really guilty and is getting away with it.

      Nothing either TK or LC have said is wrong. Their articles don’t present any incorrect facts, as far as I can see. That is not the problem with the articles.

      The problem with the articles is they both start with one premise – Ray McDonald is guilty until proven he is innocent (or the more cynical reason perhaps is that anything that paints the 49ers in a bad light is good for business). That is why everything they have written is slanted towards showing how the “evidence” we have in the public light depicts that of McDonald, the fiancee and the 49ers trying to cover something up.

      Since he has not been proven innocent, only that there was not enough evidence to press charges, this type of speculation can not be debunked. That doesn’t make it good reporting. Not even good conjecture.

      1. Scooter:

        Their articles don’t present any incorrect facts …

        No, but they conveniently leave out relevant facts. They also suggest that the lack of evidence against McDonald is attributable to (a) his fiancee not wanting to hurt her meal ticket and (b) a corrupting of the investigation by Sgt. Pritchard, even though they have not substantiated either claim.

        1. Yes, therein lies the problem. Lots of conjecture and everything is written from the perspective that McDonald and the 49ers are in the wrong. Anything that doesn’t support that argument is left out. Its just another agenda piece.

  12. Far from perfect. In fact its meandering,
    First He implies that “its not a surprise that the DA didn’t charge him” not because he is innocent but because there is a cover up. With all the media attention on this case if there was an ounce of guilt they would have at least charged him if only to not appear biased and partial.
    Second he Riles about nobody “signing” press release. Petty and pointless the message of the release is clear “We were right you were wrong”

    Third he misrepresents the facts “the DA didnt say a crime didnt occur they said they could not prove it” Well Actually they said that “Both parties agree that Jane Doe struck Ray McDonald first, and that her minor injuries are consistent with restraint rather than attack,” Better get new glasses Lowell because that statement shows that RM didnt assault his GF

    Finally he makes a moronic argument that ” He gets hit by 300lbs lineman all the time so he should withstand his 130 lbs GF hitting him and not react” WTF is that? So the same GF that pulled a gun on RM 5 months ago should have a free go at him because she is outweighed by 160 lbs? By that logic if she was a big girl (200 lbs) and he was a scrawny punter who weighed 160lbs then it would be acceptable for him to defend himself

    And one more instance of Asinine Cohn logic: “Asterisk a player can not touch a woman unless she touches him first” So when you help grandma across the street make sure not to touch her hand or Lowell Cohn will accuse you of domestic violence

    But hey at least Lowell wrote an article on the matter. Still waiting for you junior

    1. Oh, BOS ..
      That’s pretty cold on junior .. ha !

      I’ll hafta agree with Deezy .. ^
      While I’m from the old school.. and still .. believe
      (apparently mistakenly) in … “innocent ’till PROVEN guilty”
      and due process … I also hafta think the Niners org
      MUST present a position which is above reproach ..

      And .. contrary to those who were assembling next
      to the hangin’ tree …
      The Niners did just that

    2. Bos,
      The police report said that there were clear marks around her neck area. Can you explain to me how a 300 lb professional athlete needs to restrain a 130 lb women by using his hands around the neck?
      Too many unanswered questions in this case, but at this point both Mac and his fiancé need to live with the truth.

      1. Im not sure if clear marks around the neck..means he neccessarily put them there…bruises can occur from falling into something…bumping into something. I mean …we don’t know.

        1. Deezy,
          It’s a natural reflex to immediately use our hands and arms to protect our head and neck areas during a fall.

          As I said earlier I’m glad this episode is over its time to move on.

          1. AES,

            You sound a lot like GC, LC and TK.

            Check this out:

            Maiocco tweet :”both parties state (she) stuck Ray McDonald first and evidence shows injuries consistent with restraint… rather than attack.”

            Salient word: “RESTRAINT”.

          1. Oh so I see that my previous comment was deleted even though it did not contain any naughty words. Let me sanitize it a bit

            Until you admit that you were wrong on RM and his guilt kindly refrain from any more posts since clearly you lack credibility.
            There grant thats much better. Still waiting for you to man up though

            1. BOS49er: “You want me to admit I’m wrong or refrain from posting on this public site.” Are you in frigging grade school!

              Look, there’s his side of the story and there’s her side of the story and somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

              We just haven’t heard the entire truth yet. And we never will b/c one of the most powerful entities in the USA is involved and has it’s image to protect — the NFL. You would have never believed the Ray Rice story if there hadn’t been a video.

              BTW, good luck on me not posting. Someone’s got to keep you honest:)

              1. Mary:

                Let’s be clear. We want you to go away and never come back. You contribute nothing of value to anyone on this site, and your comments are almost always uninformed and annoying. Your continuing presence here is uninvited, unwanted and almost universally despised. I’m sorry that you cannot find a Seahawks fan site where anyone tolerates you, but you aren’t going to do any better here.

              2. There you go again with your “honest” baloney. Yeah, you honest. Like when you lied about a connection to the 49ers? Or like when you invented the accusation that CK dumped that woman at the ER in Miami? Like that?
                Tell us more.
                No, don’t.

              3. >>Look, there’s his side of the story and there’s her side of the story and somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

                As we can’t know the absolute truth let’s suspend and shame him anyway, right Sqawk fan? BTW, what is her side of the story? I don’t think we even know that, do we?

                “According to Walsh, McDonald’s fiancée “never used the words ‘choking,’ ‘grabbing,’ ‘punching'” — “anything of that nature” during her interview with police. When police attempted to interview her two days later and take additional photographs, she refused.

                Walsh said that McDonald’s fiancée said McDonald struck her and was restraining her. However, the investigation revealed that McDonald’s fiancée hit him first.”

                Move that “truth in the middle” a little closer to McDonald’s side.

              4. Claude response to Mary.
                Let’s be clear. We want you to go away and never come back.”

                Seems as if you forget your recent rebuke about me trying to dictate what people should say on the blog. I’m sure you’ll find a way to back out of this one.
                BTW, when you use the word “me” it encompasses everyone on this blog. Just an FYI, you don’t speak for me.

              5. Well I can say Claude speaks for me. This troll brings nothing but trash to this site. It’s supposedly a Seahak fan, it bashed our qb, tried to bring Seattle posts on here? Who in the bleep cares or wants to read about Carroll or Wilson? Finally it lied about leaving and not coming back. As soon a Seattle gets 1 game above here comes Mary. Sorry AES I’m betting Claude is speaking for a huge majority of this blog. Except her only friends in prime,77, am onelame. Get this bum put of here!

              6. AES:

                Seems as if you forget your recent rebuke about me trying to dictate what people should say on the blog.

                First, I didn’t rebuke you for trying to dictate what others say on the blog. I rebuked you for your hypocrisy. You can’t cry about censorship in one comment and in another demand that other commenters stop writing about a particular subject.

                Second, Mary is a troll. Her history of commenting has demonstrated that she is only here to annoy, disrupt and provoke the 49ers fans who post comments on this blog. Because trolls aren’t interested in a free exchange of ideas, but only in sowing discord, excluding them doesn’t limit that exchange. Most blogs and forums, to the extent they can, banish trolls. It’s not about limiting anyone’s freedom of expression, but about removing irritants whose actions are so disruptive that they inhibit the free exchange of ideas for everyone else.

                If you still don’t see the difference, let me know, and I’ll try again.

                BTW, when you use the word “we” it encompasses everyone on this blog. Just an FYI, you don’t speak for me.

                I stand corrected and will make sure to exclude you when I tell Mary how much she annoys people.

                If anyone else minds me telling Mary that she is annoying and an unwelcome presence, please let me know.

              7. As many of you know, I have no reason for defending Mary or her conclusory comments. However, I do not quite understand why so many posters feel she should not be allowed to post here. Other than her Seahawks fandom, she evinces no characteristics significantly more loathsome than those of some of the fans of the 49ers who regularly post herein. In fact, I prefer her to some of them. Her brand of ignorant partisanship, even when combined with her inability to appreciate complex arguments, is far less objectionable than the intentional malice of some others.

              8. JPN:

                I both love and hate that comment.

                This may be the best sentence ever written on this blog:

                Her brand of ignorant partisanship, even when combined with her inability to appreciate complex arguments, is far less objectionable than the intentional malice of some others.

                It certainly is the best backhanded compliment I have ever read here.

                That said, Mary is plenty intentionally malicious, and you are too forgiving. Merely because you corrected one of her ignorant diatribes, she accused you of lying about your profession and experience and, when proven wrong, refused to apologize.

                She also accused me of valuing dogs over women and general misogyny merely because I didn’t think Ray McDonald should be suspended without some showing that he committed a crime. I’m not as forgiving as you.

                But what really pains me is the possibility that I am one of the intentionally malicious whom you find more objectionable than Mary. That stings.

              9. “But what really pains me is the possibility that I am one of the intentionally malicious whom you find more objectionable than Mary. That stings.”

                About that, you should not worry, Claude. I rarely respond to or address those whom I put in that category. I have no such issues with you.

                As for Mary, I believe that much of what she writes is unintentional malice that is driven by her own misguided opinions more than anything else.

          2. JPN
            It’s always good when someone takes the ‘other side’ of an arguement. Lynch mobs are no good. I’d also agree with your ” unin-tentionally malicious” characterization. You’ll notice I’ve never called for a ban, but I’m sorry, a person should understand their environment, their surroundings, and their context. This is clearly a partisan Fan site for the 49ers. What does she think? You wear Man U. Gear in Birmingham, you’re going to get a comment.
            At The Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite this weekend I encountered 3 great big Stetson-wearing Texans and their wives. One lady was wearing a Cowboys sweat shirt. I was wearing a Niners shirt (it was Sunday!) so I said loudly with a big scowl: “Dallas?!?”
            We all laughed together. They knew they were on foreign soil. What part doesn’t Mary get?

      2. AES
        The DA said that rays GF and another woman were in a physical altrecation outside of the house. The marks could have come as a result of that scuffle

      3. How did you miss that the DA’s statement included that the marks were consistent with restrain and not with an attack. Trying to hold a person who is “fighting mad” can easaly cause bruises. That’s what the DA’s statement is pointing out.

  13. I have a hell of a cold because this stupid person comes to work despite being sick and infects us all. So I’m in a grumpy mood, and don’t have the energy to retype even this little bit:

    “Lowell, there is “your business,” and “not your business.” This is the later. Just because the guy plays a high school game for a lot of money doesn’t mean that this isn’t “not your business.”

    Regardless of why they decline to prosecute, it’s over and done. Leave it be. There are far worse crimes happening as I write this than a jealous and probably drunk woman picking a fight with the guy she claims impregnated her…”

    We live in an 21st Century rerun of the Victorian Age. Bunch of tightasses looking to point fingers here and there. If you think women are 100-percent angels you are either delusional or celibate. That doesn’t mean you have any excuse to hit or be violent to a weaker human regardless of sex. But women are more than capable of stabbing you if they are jealous, pulling a gat on you one day in 28 and etc. It is what it is and to deny that is a one-way ticket into pee-cee fantasy island…

  14. Back to football. I like Crabtree. Last year I had a tremendous amount of respect for him coming back from his injury and helping our offense. Having said that, I think this year he is holding our offense back. I think Lloyd deserve some of his snaps and so does Ellington.
    Crabs is slow and outside of his 50 yard reception just isn’t gaining regular separation.

      1. I love watching all the ways Boldin creates separation from DB’s. Its nearly always the craftiness of a veteran receiver and great body position and a little push off here and there too.

        1. Was that reply to Jack or me? I want receivers who can play and move the chains, do their jobs all the time and don’t cause distractions. Everyone’s been pining after Kelvin Benjamin here. He ran a 4.60. Crabs ran a 4.51. Motivation is more important than 40 times to me. Boldin is always motivated and I love that.

            1. I don’t disagree with you on Crabtree’s run blocking having something to do with his amount of playing time. I’ve said the same thing.

              I also don’t have any issue with the current WR rotation.

    1. From a Barrows article earlier this week, here are the percentage of offensive snaps played by the WRs:

      Boldin 62, 90%
      Crabtree 44, 64%
      Lloyd 21, 30%
      Johnson 18, 26%

        1. DHB is very fast. Ted Ginn Jr. too. I’d rather have the guys we have than either of those two. Of course this kid Brown at AZ looks pretty good, haha.

    2. Bay,
      Crabtree has not had a banner year but hanging him out to dry at this point of the season is premature.

      Crabtree was never a speed WR, we all know that. He gets open by running precise routes and breaking tackles for the extra yards after the catch.

      That’s been missing in his game this year but he could possibly still have a big game with half the season yet to be played.

  15. Maiocco tweet :”both parties state (she) stuck Ray McDonald first and evidence shows injuries consistent with restraint… rather than attack.”

    This is all about Ray Rice. Stunning how the actions of a Ravens player (and the NFL’s greed and incompetence) had such a huge impact on the 49ers season.

    Aldon Smith just completed week 5 or 6 the Ray Rice segment of his suspension. Ray (not Ray Rice) McDonald’s reputation is in tatters. The NFL owes the 49ers big time.

    1. The team will need to draft an ILB next year. I like the following prospects:

      Eric Kendricks, ULCA
      Denzel Perryman, Miami
      A.J. Johnson, Tennessee
      Terrance Smith, Florida State
      Darryl Monroe, Washington State

    1. That sucks. Sucks for the D and the Team, but mostly it sucks for Patrick. Get the surgery, PW, and heal right. Not just for next season, but for healthy life after NFL.

    2. Man this one hurts. We are very fortunate that Borland is looking like a huge steal in the 3rd, but I think Wilhoite is who I’m more concerned about. And after that Lattimore fiasco there’s no way I’m counting on Bowman returning anytime soon.

      The secondary has been the key this season, they’ve done a tremendous job, especially considering our lack of a consistent pass rush.

      With Aldon back I would think that Lynch would slide over and replace brooks, if not gradually then immediately. This would give us quite a duo. I’m really hoping to see Dorsey back this week as well. So as long as Wilhoite can just play his assignments and limit mistakes, we should be okay.

      Please no more injuries, please!!!

      1. We are very fortunate that Borland is looking like a huge steal in the 3rd

        Nope, that pick should have been packaged in a first round trade up to get a WR. Haven’t you heard? Not doing so was a huge failure by Baalke.

        1. Oh I thought they were supposed to be packaged for an elite CB for an obviously struggling secondary….

          at any rate, the guy is ballin’ right now. I had my doubts, mainly due to the T-Rex arms and lack of speed, but the guy moves so fast to the ball, its amazing. Love seeing him play.

          1. You guys are aiming too low.

            Baalke should’ve used that pick for a WR, CB, still drafted Borland AND finagled extra picks for next year. That’s the least any decent GM wouldn’t got done.

      2. Leo,
        “Lynch would slide over and replace brooks”, not so fast. Brooks has been productive. Although, he’s been somewhat inconsistent in run support, he’s still a major factor on D and, without him, we’d have lost the game to NO. I expect the team to slowly work Aldon into the lineup.

        1. It will probably be similar to how they defended Graham. I know he had a lot of receptions, but the limited the damage on those.

      1. As long as the offense puts up 20+ points per game, who the team plays won’t matter. I expect the 49ers to finish the season 11-5.

        1. 11-5 is the magic number. Probably a 38% chance of losing only one more game, but the Packers overcame a multitude of injuries to win the Super Bowl. Why not the 49ers?

    1. Who do you have behind Mebane? I haven’t followed the Hawks closely this year.

      Could be interesting if Bowman comes back fully with Borland in there. With the exception of the Bronco’s game they’ve done well without those 2nd string guys.

      1. Wilson: We do not have depth. Our injury report is beginning to look like the roster. It’s next man up and they will probably be looking for somebody. And this rushing duo will not work on KC’s defense like it did the Giants. This will be a tough game for us.

        That’s why I attached that PCarroll video after last weeks game. PC said he felt the team had really taken steps forward in our last 3 game particularly in the defense. We were getting our toughness and accountability back. Running more and passing less but that’s the kind of football we play here and that’s what we want even though many might not appreciate it — that’s what we like.

        1. That’s a little dramatic. Jordan Hill is what the Hawks site says is your backup. I would say both Hawks and 49ers are built defensively on schemes rather than individual players. Hawks will be fine.

          Nobody would be happier than me to see that Hawks lose out the season but that’s not going to happen.

          1. Wison: Seahawk players are saying Mebane is our most important defensive player. Unique. Supposedly saying combination of Kevin Williams & Hill. It will be a challenge.

            Who do you think will loose this week’s games of importance: Detroit or Cardinals. I guess I want the Cards to loose but they are both NFC teams. It will be interesting to see how Drew Stanton does. That being said I don’t want GB to get back into competition with Detroit — So hopeful for a loss for GB/Eagles.

            Dallas is on a bye week.

            1. Mary,

              To bad for the Seahawks that their FO doesn’t have the requisite discipline to manage their salary cap. They will plunge further in to cap hell next and beyond. So sorry for your upcoming losses.

              1. Exgolfer: although your comment was rude I’m going to answer it anyway b/c I am far more of an expert on Seahawk issues than you. Keep in mind that this is your last chance .

                All of our core players are back again this year. Tate is someone we couldn’t keep as well as Red Bryant and Clemson. This year we are plagued with injuries & if you are in doubt check our injury report.


              2. Mary,

                My comment was not rude, if anything, it was polite, considering you are a fan of the 49ers main rival and you’re posting on a 49er blog. But, hey, maybe I’ve got it all mixed up, who knows.

                BTW, my last chance for what?

                You go on, whistle in the graveyard. I’m telling you, the Seahawks will have to let go of more key players next year and don’t have replacements ready to go.

                You’re funny, above you stated that you were objective about 49er issues because you’re a seahawk fan, now you’re saying that you should be listened to about all things seahawk, because you know more about the seahawks. Isn’t that a bit of a double standard?

            2. I’d like the Cardinals to lose. The Lions are unreliable. Dallas is the weak link with Romo being injured. And of course it will be interesting to see how the Hawks season finishes without Mebane. Cardinals x2, 49ersx2, Eagles, Cheifs and the Rams could play spoiler with the last game of the season. Right now I think our schedule is easier.

              1. Wilson said: Right now I think our schedule is easier.

                Yes, I think you’re right about that. The only thing in our favor (and I hate to capitalize on injuries and misfortune) is the uncertainty of the Eagles/Cards QB issue)

              2. Sanchez is playing well at the moment. Stanton’s not bad either and they’d have to lose 4-5 straight to be in any danger. I think one good shot on Romo and we see Wheedon for the rest of the season and 3-4 loses is likely. GB is getting hot and has potentially 3 losses as well with Eagles, Patriots and Lions on the schedule. Its going to be tight and the stupid NFC south will be represented with an 8-8 or 9-7 team like the NFC west was not too long ago.

            3. You hear that, exgolfer? This is your last chance. If you don’t stop with the rude comments, Mary is going to do something that you won’t like.

              I presume that means she will continue to post comments on this blog. Dammit. Everyone loses.

              1. Claude,

                Conversely, if I behave (her version of good behavior, anyway), do you think she’ll leave the blog? It seems like a something of a paradox, but, for the good of all on here, I’m willing to try.

              2. ex:

                No chance. She already welched on a promise to leave the blog. We’re stuck with Mary for as long as Grant continues to neglects the blog and allow trolls to post freely. Apparently, that neglect will continue for a while, so it looks like Mary is going to be here longterm. We might as well make her stay as unpleasant as possible. Turn about is fair play.

              3. Oh Balls I feel your pain. Keep your posts to just 5 lines like the one I’m responding to and there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. Betcha can’t do it. (wink) (wink)

              4. It’s so funny that the person who claims to work in “legal” can’t stand to read more than five sentences. Has anybody here ever read a legal document that short of length? Must be another lie to cover up the fact that he works at a truck stop café serving chicken-fried steak, hash browns and coffee to guys wearing caps with a Peterbuilt logo on them, lol.

          1. Wilson: in response to 11/12 8:21 — Can’t wait for the Patriots Lions game. Keep in mind Lions def. is only allowing 15.8 pts and Pats 22. And I never ever underestimate Brady. The Eagles play Dallas 2 & I imagine Dallas will drop. And Lions have 3 tough games. (I was hoping that’d lose to Dolphins) So just have to get rid of Dallas and GB for a wild card.

  16. @Edwerderespn: Spoke to @NBowman53 Sunday. He said still having some knee pain recovering from major surgery, unsure when he would be cleared to practice

    1. I saw that and wondered thought we might be seeing Borland and Wilhoite the rest of the year. We drop OLB Thomas to add A Smith, does Moody Suit up and who else do we have in case of injury if Bowman can’t return?

  17. Patrick is a man among men. He’s honorable and a heck of a player. I hope he gets better, uses the time to heal up his body for the later third of his NFL career and comes back strong. In the meantime, Boland is something else, as tough and fearless as they come. We are so lucky to have a talent evaluator like Baalke wo, despite whiffing on a few, brings players to the team that other franchises can only dream about…

  18. I had total knee replacement on my left leg in May by one of the top guys in the country. Got back on my feet in two weeks and was riding the Harley, driving my stick-shift Dakota and everything. But it still puffs up a bit if I really push it. Once you screw up your knee it will never be the same. It is a complicated joint and not very well engineered.

  19. Could this be the end of the road for Willis in a 49ers uniform? He has cap figure of $8,736,750 for next season and only $843,500 in dead money.

      1. TK may have ‘caught’ JH misquoting him, but check it out: here’s TK and Killion, just after an OT finish when everybody’s blood is still up, prying at Crabs trying to dig a complaint out of him; picking at a scab and hoping it will bleed.
        That’s the most cogent question after an OT upset in The Dome to break a long streak? It just seems so weaselly to me.
        What if they got him to say he wanted more minutes and more targets? So what? Gore and Hyde both want more carries, all the other WRs want more targets. You don’t want to be paying guys who don’t want the rock. So they’re working sooooo hard to find a crack to wedge themselves into so that they can get after Harbaugh.
        I don’t recall either of the Matts using ambush questions like that even though they are persistently trying to gain knowledge to use professionally. Would Wayne Walker take that approach?

    1. Bay,
      What is there to make?
      Our number 1 WR is upset that he is not getting the opportunities he feels he should be getting.

      Probably happens more often on every team then most of us are aware of.

      I just don’t like the story making it to the social media. Locker room rifts should never leave the house.
      If this story is true, Crabtree is guilty of violating the unspoken rule of not taking your grievances public.

    2. I don’t want to see Crabtree back next year. We don’t need bad apples in the locker room. He’s not producing on the field and has a bad attitude off of it. See you later Crabtree and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  20. okay so if Colin earned a B+ yesterday
    then what sort of grade do we give Aaron Rodgers?
    six touchdowns, no sacks, and no interceptions…
    315 yards passing…to how many receivers?

    Colin sez he is happy with his ugly / late win.
    whatever…how often do you get that 50-yarder…?
    Elite NFL quarterbacks win more convincingly.
    (from start to finish… series after series….)

  21. ESPN rankings have the Niners at 12th. Here’s the thing: All the teams above the Niners right now have great signature wins where they just flat out dominated the opponent. Look at what he Packers did do the Bears, the Eagles did to the Panthers. The Niners are barely beating teams, and got smoked by Denver.
    It’s really not a head scratcher — In the three phases, Niners only excel at one — Defense. They’re not a threat for any big returns, although Dawson seems to like he’s good for 3.
    The Offense, even with the win at NO, is still dysfunctional. While they may have found their ID, Gore rushed for 88 on 24 carries.
    It took a hail mary on a 4th and 10 to send the game into OT.
    They have two chances to make a “statement” — against the NY Giants, and the Redskins. They need to show up and just smoke a team.

    1. I agree here. If they in fact truly back on track then our offense needs to show up big time against these struggling teams. We should be seeing similar play quality to the Rams game (the 1st meeting of course).

      And hopefully we will carry that momentum into Turkey Day, can’t wait!

      Any word on Dorsey?

    2. You do realize the Broncos blew out the Cardinals as well. The cards have the best record in the NFL. The Broncos got smoke by a team written off earlier in the season. So you did all the typing for basically nothing lol.

    3. They have two chances to make a “statement” — against the NY Giants, and the Redskins. They need to show up and just smoke a team.

      No, they just need to win. Style points count for nothing. Just like ESPN’s rankings.

      1. It’s true they need to win. My point was that they have not played a complete game and imposed their will against another team. They have looked average in every game this year. All teams have had bad losses too. Don’t you want to see the team put it all together in all phases?

    4. Hey troll77,
      Don’t pay attention to the power rankings. It’s driven be east coast media. Three teams ranked higher than the Niners have also been beaten by the Niners.
      if we don’t drop 7 balls this last week we wouldn’t have needed a miracle 4th down pass.

      1. Hey bay ..

        honestly.. I missed you out there on the field dropping
        balls .. ..

        (I mean… you DID say “WE“)

        but really … like Claude sez … any game where
        the Niners get a “W” … is ok by me ..

        Heck ..

        I wouldn’t mind if the Niners won the Super Bowl
        by just one !


    1. No drama — in a perfect life, maybe. Try profootballfocus.com — all stats and very civil conversations. Try it you’ll like it.

  23. The only words from me about the R. Mcdonald incident .
    I worked for San Francisco Juvenile court for ten years in the 70s and 80s. In SF the DA would only bring and prosecute a case only if it were iron glad. The bar was set so high that only the most egregious cases of breaking the law are even considered. The DA wants to look effective and losing a case makes them look unprofessional . This mind set of only bringing to court slam dunk cases resonates all through the justice system. Lots of real bad people are walking around today because of that mind set.
    Takes a lot of stuff to happen before someone is arrested and for the DA to spend even an hour with a potential case says volumes.

    1. Except for DV. An accusation and anything passing for an injury will result in an arrest for DV. If someone is arrested for pretty much any other crime, what you said has some truth to it. Not so for DV, for which the bar for arrest is justifiably very low. Had RMcD been indicted for DV, I would’ve agreed that he should be suspended at least, and perhaps cut (depending on the evidence and allegations).

  24. >It was a very bad move to call that cop/security guy.<
    Yeah, sure it was. What was he thinking?
    Well, maybe he was thinking that he had a security contact who he should contact. A legitimate, trained professional, not some rent-a-cop, not a Mall Cop. A guy who knew in advance about this woman's volatile behavior. The notion that this was somehow devious or evasive is poppycock.

    1. Claudia: You just pick and pick until you start trouble for somebody. I think you’re really a woman, Claudia. That’s what I’m calling you from now on.

      1. It’s nice to see that you and bayareafanatic finally have something in common. But, then again, that’s what I do. I bring people together. I’m a uniter.

      2. Earlier today you complained that somebody was rude to you. Now you’re calling people names. 98th worst / of 100 Trolls. BTW, Claude’s post was for 49er fans and had nothing to do with the Seatards or you, Mary Palin.

        1. How is calling Claude, Claudia any different from you being called Marty? You are a walking, talking double standard, aren’t you?

  25. Lowell has just posted about the argument involving his “perfect” column. It thanked those who participated, but points out that he doesn’t allow posts that attack him personally. I’ve had several posts deleted by Lowell for pointing out the techniques that he uses in argument. Here is how he ended his post.

    “I do not post comments that personally attack me. I don’t consider that a proper form of arguing. Just letting you know.”

    My post which is typical of deleted posts in the past which I assume Lowell took as person attacks.

    “Is it a personal attack on you to point out that you have attacked Ray McDonald’s character based on your suppositions?”

    Actually I haven’t posted any critiques of Lowell argument style in quite a while. It’s not a subject that he enjoys discussing.

    Enjoy the rest of the season.

    1. He’ll not want to be checking in here for Grant’s comment section then! How can guys who slash & burn with the poison pen for a living have such thin skins themselves?
      Ironic pentameter……..heeheehee……

      1. Grant allows a very wide range of comments — some that I would delete.

        I’ve exchanged emails and thoughts with Glenn Dickey on many occasions, but I’ve never succeed in getting a reply from Lowell on a point where I disagreed with the way he was portraying the issue.

        1. Interesting. I’ve exchanged with him twice in non challenging subjects and he was gracious and delightful. I think he’s smarter and more insightful than some of his angles-of-attack might imply.
          As David Bowie once said to Dick Cavett: “It’s an act. You get that, right?”

    2. Will never forget LC’s column on Jim Harbaugh calling him “an 8-year-old child.” I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

  26. Exgolfer: Did you look at what I sent you in rebuttal to what you said? I doubt it since you didn’t comment. You just wanted to irritate me. Well if last chance went over your head I’m so sorry.

    Your words: “My comment was not rude, if anything, it was polite, considering you are a fan of the 49ers main rival and you’re posting on a 49er blog.” I’m not just a Seahawk fan, I’m a football fan and that’s where we differ.

    1. Ex-golfer: since you commented on how poor the Seahawk FO managed our salary cap money, did you review the chart I sent. I’m anxious to hear your comments.

      1. Mary,

        I might have taken a look at your salary cap chart earlier, if that was how you presented it. In the comment with the referenced link, you called it an injury list. I know the Seahawks have a few injuries, but I really couldn’t care less about reading the details of the Seahawks injury list.

        Now that you have made it clear that the link also has to do with the Seahawks salary cap situation, I’ll take a look at it.

        1. Mary,

          You really are an absolute hoot!

          The article is from a Seahawk fan site, so pardon me if I question the voracity of the article to start with.

          Beyond that, the author only deals with the offense, he does realize that the Seahawks have a thing called a defense, right?

          If Wilson’s cap number is only $9M next year (very questionable) then Seahawks will just be in for even more cap pain later by pushing Wilson’s salary back into to later years. A perfect example of the lack of cap discipline the Seahawks FO exhibits.

          The Seahawks will have to decide which of Avril, KJ Wright, Carpenter, Williams, and, of course, Wilson they want to sign.

          You can stick with the idea that the Seahawks are in good shape cap wise, that’s your prerogative. Just don’t be too disappointed when the “dynasty” continues to fall apart.

          1. BTW, the 49ers have had to let go of players they wanted to keep. The difference is they have a lot more depth than the Seahawks and it’s starting to show. Even you have to admit if the Seahawks had been without Sherman, Thomas and Wagner most of the season, they’d be lucky to be 3-7 right now.

  27. Claude
    “First, I didn’t rebuke you for trying to dictate what others say on the blog. I rebuked you for your hypocrisy. You can’t cry about censorship in one comment and in another demand that other commenters stop writing about a particular subject.

    Second, Mary is a troll. Her history of commenting has demonstrated that she is only here to annoy, disrupt and provoke the 49ers fans who post comments on this blog.”

    So now you feel you need to rebuke me for my hypocrisy? Really?
    I didn’t know that you were given that responsibility. Or, as it is plain to see it’s a position that you seem to have undertaken on your own.

    But if you are going to call me a hypocrite at least take some responsibility in admitting that you have also taken on the position of diving head first in drama around here.
    Case is point; if you don’t agree with Mary (I don’t either as I believe that I’ve only responded to her a couple of times), why not just ignore her like we all ignore jim mora?
    Stop your grandstanding Claude, (trying to garner votes on getting Mary off), getting people off this blog is one position that you can’t have.

    1. AES:

      So now you feel you need to rebuke me for my hypocrisy? Really?
      I didn’t know that you were given that responsibility. Or, as it is plain to see it’s a position that you seem to have undertaken on your own.

      It’s not like I came in out of the blue and accused you of hypocrisy. I mentioned it only after you incorrectly accused me of trying to censor you while simultaneously telling me and exgolfer to stop talking about McDonald and your misguided position. You accused me of doing something that you yourself were doing. Under those facts, I think it is perfectly appropriate to point out your hypocrisy.

      Moreover, why would I need to be “given” responsibility for calling you out for your hypocrisy? Are your comments somehow off limits for response? Do you believe think you can write whatever you want, no matter how misguided, and no one is allowed to comment on it?

      FYI, that is me rebuking you for trying to dictate the content of some one else’s comments.

      But if you are going to call me a hypocrite at least take some responsibility in admitting that you have also taken on the position of diving head first in drama around here.

      I’m not sure what point you are trying to make. How is my pointing out your hypocrisy inconsistent with me “diving headfirst into into drama around here”? Much of the drama I dive into comes from pointing out other commenters’ hypocrisy.

      Case is point; if you don’t agree with Mary (I don’t either as I believe that I’ve only responded to her a couple of times), why not just ignore her like we all ignore jim mora?

      You are correct. The best course of action is to ignore trolls like Mary. I am human, however, and sometimes she posts something that is so full of crap that I have to respond. Other times, her posts set up a humorous response, and I can’t resist. Other commenters seem to appreciate those responses, so I probably will keep making fun of her. If that offends your sensibilities, you’re going to have to find a way to live with it.

      Stop your grandstanding Claude, (trying to garner votes on getting Mary off), getting people off this blog is one position that you can’t have.

      I don’t believe I have ever solicited votes to get Mary off. Can you show me where I did so? Nor have I asked Grant to banish her. I wouldn’t object if he did, because she is a troll, but I haven’t asked and won’t ask him to do so. She provides me with too much good material.

      1. The material, and that she is the blog’s objective voice of reason that keeps all of us silly 49er fans grounded and thinking clearly.

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