Harbaugh keeps his focus

Here is my Thursday column on Jim Harbaugh.

SANTA CLARA – It used to be so easy to get Jim Harbaugh to say too much.

He used to love creating side narratives before big games. He was the side-narrative king, the Charles Dickens of football coaches. Maybe he didn’t like the 49ers’ chances of winning that particular game and he tried to even the odds by making the game about something else.

Last year the week before the 49ers played the Giants, Harbaugh actually wrote down his side narrative and his P.R. staff e-mailed it to reporters an hour before Harbaugh’s Friday press conference. The final sentence of the statement was, “The Giants coaching staff’s sole purpose is to use their high visibility to both criticize and influence officiating.”

The officiating never was an issue in that game. The Giants beat the 49ers 26-3.

Before the 49ers played the Packers Week 1 this season, Harbaugh created two side narratives.

Narrative No. 1: The NFL should change its rules regarding the read option. The Packers said they were going to deck Kaepernick during this play. Harbaugh said they shouldn’t be allowed to: “My opinion is before the quarterback has declared being a runner, then he should be afforded the protection all quarterbacks are afforded.” And then he went on and on and got into specifics.

Harbaugh did the exact same thing he accused the Giants coaches of doing the previous season: He tried to criticize and influence officiating. Ironic.

Narrative No. 2: The Packers are a dirty team that will try to injure Colin Kaepernick: “You’re hearing all the tough talk right now,” Harbaugh said. “You’re hearing some intimidating type of talk, the same thing we were hearing a couple of years ago. It sounds a lot like targeting a specific player.”

The NFL didn’t change its read-option rule, but Packers’ linebacker Clay Matthews illegally hit Kaepernick out of bounds and seemed to validate Narrative No. 2.

The day after the game, Harbaugh still was stuck on Narrative No. 2. A reporter asked what he thought of Matthews’ illegal hit, a clothesline on Kaepernick out of bounds, followed by an open-hand slap to Joe Staley’s facemask. Harbaugh exploded with a 388-word response vividly describing the play and the hit, criticizing the way the referees penalized the play, and calling out Matthews’ manhood: “That young man works very hard at being a tough guy,” said Harbaugh. “He’ll have some repairing to do to his image after the slap.”

Harbaugh’s players seemed to follow his example. That week, Anthony Dixon challenged the manhood of the 49ers’ upcoming opponent, the Seahawks, calling them the “She-Hawks” in a tweet.

The Seahawks beat the 49ers 29-3.

After that humiliation, Harbaugh changed. He seemed to realize his side narratives hurt his team more than they helped it. He seemed to realize a head coach’s job is to focus his team on its upcoming opponent, not on what might happen or what happened the previous week.

This week, everyone expects the 49ers to beat the Packers. Even Packers fans expect the 49ers to beat the Packers – they still have not sold out Lambeau Field. If the game is about football, the 49ers should win. They’re the better team. But if the game is about the weather or playing on the road or some other side narrative, the 49ers could lose.

All week, reporters have flocked to Santa Clara trying to induce side narratives out of Harbaugh, trying to make the buildup to the game interesting.

Here’s how Harbaugh answered my question about the weather in Green Bay this weekend: “What the weather’s like won’t control how we play. We’ll go out and play hard, keep our bodies warm by playing hard. I played in a zero-degree-weather game and it didn’t feel any different than a 30 or 40-degree weather game.”

Harbaugh totally dismissed the idea that cold weather could affect an athlete. Mind over matter. Next question, please.

Q: “Some people think it’s a disadvantage for a West Coast team to play in Green Bay. Do you welcome that challenge?”

HARBAUGH: “Is it? I mean, do you have some study on that?”

Q: “You’re practicing in 60-degree weather. A lot of people think you’ll be at a disadvantage when it’s zero degrees at Lambeau.”

HARBAUGH: “I don’t know the study you’re referring to.”

Harbaugh used the Judge Judy method – she’s a favorite of his – to shut down that line of questioning. “Some people think” is hearsay, and therefore inadmissible. Next question, please.

A reporter tried a different approach to the same question. “Your team’s been a pretty good road team. Is there anything that defines a good road team other than just being a good team anywhere? Is there any characteristic or mental quality to that?”

“At this point where we stand, we’re not trying to explain or answer those questions in detail,” said Harbaugh. “Keeping it simple. Take our best players, we’ll go to Green Bay, and see if we can beat their best players. I’m just boiling it down Barney-style for myself. And, we’ll take that approach and see if it works.”

His point? The game is the game. There is nothing but the game. The game speaks for itself.

By the way, I always liked Barney. No side narratives.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for the Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

  1. As much as I love Harbaugh, I felt like he was a little distracted by something over the past year or so, media, winning, stardom, something. It wasn’t a huge distraction, but just enough to soften him up a little. It’s refreshing to see him as focused as he is. His sideline antics aren’t as extreme this year, I just want to see it yield a Lombardi. It’s been 20yrs since we brought one home.

  2. Mad Magazine once published a book of the comics in the 70s named “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions”. Harbaugh may have read that.

  3. I would just like to say that my SOONERS wiped the floor with the “best team in the nation” last night. BOOMER SOONER!!!!! :-)

    1. The Tide is FAR from the Best team in the Nation. Florida State is winning this one easily. BAMA did not stand a chance against FSU. And I live in SEC country.

      1. ” ”
        Trust me a lot thought they were. And auburn is winning it all.

        Another thing about watching that game I saw. OU went hurry up fast paced offense almost the whole game. Wore out those big bama defenders. This is what I’m worried about with our defense. We haven’t played our best vs hurry up.

    2. McCarron’s draft stock will take a hit. Even though he threw for nearly 400 yards, he also coughed up two picks and a fumble. Not good enough … SEC team losing makes me happy.

  4. Grant,

    Sometimes your columns knock it out of the park. Sometimes your columns aren’t worth using to clean up after the dog. You are building a Bob Horry career. You’re either Big Shot Bob that knocks down the 3 at the buzzer to win the game or you disappear for 3 games in a row and average 1 point a game.
    Let’s just say I’ll be walking my dog in a bit and this column will be in my hand as I wait for my dog to finish his business in my neighbors yard.

    Side Narrative? Really? This is so silly it’s not even worth printing in the paper. Harbaugh reacted to tough talk from a team saying they wanted to injure his QB. I think Harbaugh was right in this case and it played out in the game with the Packers – especially Matthews – taking several dirty shots throughout that game. Harbaugh reacted to obvious press stories by the Giants specifically aimed at influencing officiating. Harbaugh wasn’t wrong. Was Harbaugh doing the exact same thing? Of course he was. So what? All coaches do that. This part of your column is asinine:

    “After that humiliation, Harbaugh changed. He seemed to realize his side narratives hurt his team more than they helped it. He seemed to realize a head coach’s job is to focus his team on its upcoming opponent, not on what might happen or what happened the previous week.”

    You don’t think Harbaugh realized prior to Sep 15th, 2013 that his job was to focus his team instead of focusing them on what might happen or what happened the previous week? You don’t think that after a Super Bowl appearance and 2 NFCCG appearances that Harbaugh realized what his job was? Are you kidding me?

    You can argue that Harbaugh is a D-bag of epic proportions that uses the media for his agenda. You can argue that Harbaugh’s sideline demeanor hurts his team by aggravating the officials to the point that he never gets a call. You can argue that some of Harbaugh’s quotes are a distraction. To say Harbaugh didn’t realize that his job was to focus his team is ludicrous. You have a valid topic but you ruin it by pretending to know what Harbaugh is thinking. When you go out on these ledges it hurts your writing and your credibility.

    1. Houston ..
      colorful metaphors aside .. I disagree that
      Grant’s cred suffers from his writing ..
      For the most part .. he writes his opinion ..

      and you can agree or not with his opinion ..
      it’s up to you …

      Frankly .. sometimes I enjoy his opinion ..
      whether I agree with him or not .. but ..
      you can be sure .. whatever Grant writes ..
      he will incite conversation …

      I mean … you just posted your opinion … right ?

      1. Well MW, Grant did write his opinion. I just think the opinion that Harbaugh didn’t realize his job was to focus his team prior to the 2013 season is ludicrous. You can state an opinion that Harbaugh’s pressers divert players attention from the opponent, or Harbaughs sideline antics hurts the team. That is an opinion that has merit. When you write an opinion about what someone is thinking then you better be very careful and have solid evidence. To say Harbaugh didn’t realize his job was to focus his players is an opinion that lacks evidence and definitely hurts the credibility of the writer.

      2. The biggest issue Grant suffers from is credibility imo. He’s trying to write columns that his lack of skins on the wall don’t mesh with. He’s a young guy, relatively new to the business, didn’t play football, and yet he’s writing advice columns and second guessing people who have been in the game longer than he’s been alive.

        I think that more than anything is what makes Grants opinions so polarizing.

      3. The only problem Grant has is he isn’t a homer. There is a good amount of validity to what he has written in this piece.

      4. Grant:

        Did you delete one of my comments or is the website eating them? I don’t see any comments more recent than 11:35 am.

      5. OK, so that one posted. Let’s see if this comment stays up.


        The only problem Grant has is he isn’t a homer.

        That’s not a problem for me. I think the Cohns harbor some ill will towards Harbaugh, and Grant lets it creep into his judgment, analysis, written work, etc.

  5. The Packers have had one foot in the grave these past weeks, and it’s time for the 49ers to pack them in and bury them six feet under…..

  6. “The Seahawks beat the 49ers 29-3. After that humiliation, Harbaugh changed. ”

    So we are to believe that week to week results are a reflection of side narratives and not game plan, on field play and injuries? Note, the week after the Seahawk humiliation the niners lost to the colts. Also note, VD was injured for most of the game with hamsting. The niners were without crab/VD and Boldin was double teamed all day. Needless to say the passing game suffered. The Harbaugh generated side narratives are intended to get into the head of the refs. He is basically telling the refs to watch the late hits on Kap. The media generated side narratives, cold weather, shouldn’t be an issue.

    Let’s get ready to rumble.

  7. I believe that it has become a foregone conclusion that you take whatever Harbaugh says with a grain of salt.

    His job is to prepare his team/coaches to play and win games. No one can debate his ability to do just that. Everything else is fluff to me, I’m not to concerned with his interview/press jargon because that is not a top priorety.

    I really don’t give a penny how the local or national press think of Harbaugh. It’s not about them.
    What is it about?
    Win be any means necessary!

    1. If he was so great, he would of gotten a head coach job already, I really doubt that he gets one this year. Also Kawakmami’s is really lame and a wussy, he is ok with the Warriors but is horrific with the Niners and Sharks. Jack, I wish you could replace him at the Merc.

  8. Maybe Harbaugh finally watched one of his own press conferences and realized what a complete prick he sounds like.

    1. I am not sure if Harbaugh changed at all, perhaps their is nothing to gripe about this game. You know this is Jim’s world and we are just little people that don’t matter.

  9. Grant

    I agree with your column; I have believed that for over a year that JH has been competing with the players for building his own stock. I believe that it is a distraction to good play on the field. Is it merely ego, or can’t he accept that he is no longer the QB? We have the most talented team in pro football, yet we have losses from teams we should be obliterating. Too many distractions.

    1. Jim Harbaugh’ NFL record to date:
      48 games
      36 wins
      11 losses
      1 tie
      .766 %

      5 games
      3 wins
      2 losses
      .600 %

      I’ll take that kind of distraction any day of the week!

  10. ” …. I agree with your column; I have believed that for over a year that JH has been competing with the players for building his own stock…”

    for what ? .. he’s already a head coach in the NFL …

    do you think he’s shootin’ for the Commish’s
    corner office ?

  11. What’s changed since the first time these two teams met earlier this year? Our offense is better and Green Bay’s defense is worse. I don’t think any of this will matter though. Playing the game in this type of weather IMO is irresponsible by the league. It’s dangerous to the players and it greatly reduces the quality of football that us fans want to watch. There is cold, and there is extreme. This is dangerously extreme. How much so? So much that Packers fans don’t even want to go to the game. This is a proud fan base and their game is not sold out.
    The Niners have a great team. Aaron Rogers is a great QB. Unfortunately we won’t get to watch them do there thing much. We will be reduced to watching slippery balls bounce away from normally sure handed backs and receivers. Bodies diving on that frozen concrete surface attempting to recover fumbles. And here is the whiner in me, the Niners played in the tougher division have the better record and more dominant team, yet they have to travel. The NFL recognizes this and is going to vote to reseed the playoffs beginning next year. Unfortunately for this whiner fan, it’s a year too late.

    Tough to predict a score because none of us know what type of surface they are going to play on. Will it be a slick icy surface? I heard rumors that Green Bay is able to heat the field? Is that true?

      1. There’s antifreeze in the new system so the operator can control the temperature of the field, but it hasn’t been tested in sub zero conditions. Best case scenario is a soft surface. Worst case, 1967 when it was hard and slick…..

      2. The field should be relatively fine. The chance of precipitation is low and the heating system should keep the ground from being frozen.

        It’s the cold air and the wind that are going to be the problems.

      3. I’ve read the field heats unevenly…. that there are spots on the playing field that are warmer than other spots. This could be the only GB advantage as they know their playing field better.

        It is what it is. Both teams have to play in the conditions. Good thing is the 49ers are not the Air Coryell Chargers going into frigid Cincinnati. They appear flexible enough to adapt to any playing condition. I hope….

      4. Nice reminder Jack

        I remember when they installed those cables (coils) I could only remember thinking “What next”

    1. Heaters don’t work when it’s that cold. After 2006 they installed a new surface, heating and drainage with synthetic fibers interwoven with the grass. They also have 26 ft x 46 ft lighting system from Amsterdam operating 24 hours a day to extend the growing season through the end of Decemeber.

      1. I believe the operator said he had the soil temperature set at 40 degrees when the temperature was 20 degrees outside….Is it capable of 50 degrees?

      2. Deputy Balls, thanks. That might just do it. Should be a soft surface, and the cold air and wind might benefit Kaepurnicus by slowing down the velocity of his throws, thereby making it easier for the reception….

      3. Razor:

        Well, the conventional wisdom seems to be that the teams will rely more heavily on their respective running games, so the 49ers may catch GB off guard by passing. I don’t envy anyone who has to catch a ball thrown by Kaepernick in that kind of weather.

      4. From PFT: “There’s cold, and then there’s really, really cold: The Packers host the 49ers with a 3:40 p.m. Central kickoff on Sunday, and it’s going to be brutally cold. The National Weather Service has issued an advisory that warns of “An Arctic outbreak” with “near record temperatures and dangerously cold wind chills.” Temperatures at Lambeau Field could rival those of the famous 1967 Ice Bowl, when game time temperatures of 15 degrees below zero made for the coldest game in NFL history. The forecast calls for a high of 5 degrees below zero and an overnight low of 20 degrees below.”

        A HIGH of -5 degrees?! Smh. I remember reading Ronnie Lott’s book, Total Impact. He talked about playing against the Bears in the 88′ NFC Championship game and how brutally cold it was. He mixed cayenne/chili powder into Vaseline and slathered himself in it to keep warm. Lol, that’s hard core! Thankfully, they have Nike thermal layers now.

      5. The weight of the football, the cold air, wind will all have an effect of the velocity. He’s able to make an air delivery at 60 mph in normal conditions. The science behind how much this will delay delivery is above my pay grade…..That touch pass might be easier to make.

    2. Bay,

      I agree and I think it was BT who wrote a post a couple of days ago dispelling the myth of playing football in bad weather being true football.

      The game as it’s played now is not meant for weather like this and with what they are forecasting I’m guessing this is going to be a game of attrition more than a game of football.

      The league won’t do anything about it though. They are going to have to play in the conditions and do their best. All things being equal the conditions probably favor the Niners more than the Packers due to the difference in run defenses, but I doubt the game will be played at a high level as it should be which is a shame and a good reason for teams to start investing in retractable roof stadiums as the years go on.

      1. Rocket
        I think that was Old Coach who posted that, and like you, I thought he made a good point. Your point about the modern game is also good. But I’ve got a wry grin considering the other side of that and whether or not it will be a good game: the ’67 Ice Bowl was terrific!

  12. Grant

    Do you know the relative ranking of Bowman and Willis among ILBs by PFF based on every play in every game?

    I find it difficult to believe that Burfict and Dansby had a better season than Willis for All-Pro considerations.

    1. Good point Mood.

      But just as an aside regarding Burfict. I remember his losing huge money because of his terrible 40 yrd time during the NFL Combine. Most scouts were in agreement that a player (LB) with such poor speed could never become a star in the NFL, hence his low draft status.

      But Burfict has proven that a poor 40 yrd time does not have to hurt a player with great football instincts and awareness.
      Good for Burfict and good for the Bengals who were willing to go against the grain when they drafted him.

      1. Burfict had a lot of red flags surrounding him prior to the draft that had nothing to do with 40 times. Picking him up as an unrated free agent was an all reward no risk move for the Bengals. Very similar situation to the 49ers and Alex Boone.

    2. Unless your name is Jack who Grants mentors and I respect Jack as well, no guarantee that your question will be answered. Better off to go on Comcast live chat with MM.

  13. Its finally official, for quite awhile I have felt that Skip Bayless was a closet G. Cohn fan and this morning it was proven. S. Bayless this morn on First Take said F. Gore may be done as a RB in the NFL. Now I’m just trying to figure out which screen name Bayless is going under when he posts here.

    1. I am not so sure about old coach , however I did watch First Take this Morning and both he and Steve A. Smith are picking the Niners to win. I hope they are correct.

      1. Hey as long as that clown Mike Greenburg doesn’t pick us on air we will be fine. BUT Brian Balldinger did. And that’s never good either.

    2. Although Old Coach, I still remember Grant saying that my man Boldin is old and will be here only one year. Boldin might be gone next year, but he is not old as the way he plays. Without him, we would not be in the playoffs. Now that is a FACT.

  14. Much discussion about Harbaugh’s ego. Its big. Newsflash: So was Parcells, Lombardi, Walsh, Jimmy Johnson, Tom Landry, BB, Shanahan, etc., etc.
    Pete Carroll? Sean Payton? Please.
    Mark Schlereth always likes to point out that for all the big egos in the locker room, they get bigger as you head upstairs to Coaches and GM’s offices.

  15. Grant, my only question to you is why do you feel reporters have to induce side narratives out of Harbaugh, to try to make the buildup to the game interesting? SF is only a 3 pt favorite (?) so many aren’t just giving the game to the 49ers. Most know the Niners will have to beat the Packers and the elements. Not an easy chore.

    This is a playoff game between two of the NFL’s most marketable teams being played in the most hallowed facilities in the nation. And you think reporters need to get side narratives from Harbaugh to make the game more interesting? I just question that angle.

  16. The chess match between game plans should be interesting. Week#1 the Pack in their sell-out to stop CK and the Read Option also stuffed Frank, so CK lit them up in the air. Will he be able to do that in Sunday’s weather? How will Capers plan this time around? My 1st guess is he’ll approach it pretty much the same. Lots of run blitzes.
    Thinking back reminded me of something Grant wrote. I think it was in prep for the Week#1 game, but maybe the previous Playoff match up. He said GB had a better coaching staff than SF. Now Grant’s opinion has evolved and he thinks SF is ahead of GB’s coaches. Its interesting, and there’s nothing wrong with changing one’s mind. I’m not sure one staff is owning another. I recall multi-year back-and-forth battles with the Bears, Giants, Cowboys, Packers. Sometimes you eat the bear. Sometimes the bear eats you.

      1. Ski mask and layers+layers+layers+layers.consume massive carbs! Alcohol will thin your blood and chill you. Brandy is for the hotel afterwards.

  17. So wheres your prediction Grant?…looking forward to it..All the discussion has been on the weather..Rightly so I think Kaep explodes and the Niners put one on the Packers and Vernon Davis will be the MVP..GBs biggest weakest is their weakness and Vernon will exploit them Vernon always shows up in the big games!..Go Niners?

  18. OK, dudes & dudettes, Prediction Time:
    I’m going for outright wines, but plug in scores as you like.
    SF > GB. (You had to ask?)
    Indy> KC. (Nothing against Alex, it’s which Indy D shows up)
    NO > Philly. (Philly is hotter, but Payton/Bree’s find a way to prevail)
    Cinci>SD (Both teams are heartbreakers, but Bungles have made the Big Dance twice)
    Bring it!

    1. Here’s mine Brotha.
      Chiefs by 3
      Eagles by 7
      Bungles by 3
      Niners by 10

      Cold or not I don’t see the Pack winning considering they wouldn’t even be in the playoffs had the Bears D not been asleep at the switch on Rodgers fumble.

    2. Sf over GB pretty close game
      Ind over KC… Without the defense playing well we all know Alex smith can’t put the team on his back. No chance for KC
      NO over Philly in a 45-42 type game.
      And sd shocks the football world and defeats cincy

      1. >> we all know Alex smith can’t put the team on his back.

        Now with Jamal Charles dinged and looking woozy, Smith will really have to carry them now. Can he? First drive down the field results in a TD.

      2. Ribico….. I’ll take that back. Wheeew! KC is lighting them up and smith is having a hell of a game.
        So in that note I’m saying gb>sf….phi>NO
        And Cin>sd. :-)

    3. Niners – Packers D is their downfall
      Chiefs – cant see Indy taking 3 straight
      Saints – finally figure out the road
      Bengals – they win this week, not next.

  19. Rooting like heck for a New Orleans win tomorrow. Would hate flying to SeAdderal on 6 days rest after playing in the coldest game in NFL history. A full 7 days rest and a trip to Carolina sounds alot better.

  20. Was “The Joe” really the last KC QB to win
    a playoff game ?

    Chris Berman just predicted a Niner – Chief
    Super Bowl ..

    (now I’m really concerned)

    1. I don’t think I’ve taken a “Swami” prediction seriously since he predicted a Bills/49ers SuperBowl.

  21. The 49ers are 8-0 when they win the time of possession. Third down conversions are critical. Not only leave with a victory, but leave as healthy and defensively rested as possible….

  22. NFL.com has posted that the Chiefs went 0-5 this season against the current AFC playoff teams. Looks like Alex Smith is the NFL’s version of Chrissie Hynde.

    1. Let’s not read too much into what happens during the regular season Coffee. There have been times when one team opens a can on another team during the season but gets owned by that same team during the playoffs.

      1. Let’s not overlook what happened during the regular season either. The Chiefs lost 3 of their last 5 games and the two wins came against the Skins and the Raiders. They also lost pretty badly against the team they face first in the playoffs on the road.

      2. It matters and yet it doesn’t Coffee. The Colts are a classic example of this. The season when they won it all, they had a poor second half during the regular season.

      3. I think the Chiefs could go on a run, but they went 2-5 down the stretch and the Colts blasted them in their own house. It’s one of the more intriguing games of the weekend, for sure. Smith will most likely have to have a big game because the Colts will do everything they can to limit Charles.

    2. “Remember you’re in a rock and roll band. It’s not F *me*, it’s F *you*”

      –Chrissie Hynde

      AS could use some of that attitude.

    3. “NFL’s version of Chrissie Hynde.”

      Is this in reference to Jim Rome calling Rams QB Jim Everette ‘Chrissie Everette’ the former tennis player who kept losing to Martina Navratalova?

      Love Wikipedia…..

  23. I’m tapering down my prediction a little bit on account of the weather. Niners win in a back and forth tussle 21-17. Gore and Kaep will both run for a TD and Boldin will catch one as well.

  24. I haven’t followed a lot of the conversation on here yet about our first round pick but I’m starting to like Darqueze Dennard as a choice. Not sure if he’s the generally accepted first CB off the board at this point or if Gilbert is in that slot but neither look to go before the late teens or early 20′s so it wouldn’t take much to get one of them.

  25. Coffee’s for Closers sez: ” Maybe Harbaugh finally watched one of his own press conferences and realized what a complete prick he sounds like.”

    You, sir, need to wash your mouth out with soap.
    No one is tougher on Coach Harbaw than I am, but
    you will never read any such profanity in my posts.

    Go to charm school, go to Sunday school, show some respect..!!!

  26. someone up above wondered whether
    Coach Harbaw is having trouble with
    accepting the fact that he is no longer the QB…
    I would call that an insightful analysis of
    his outlook, his mood, his khaki pants/uniform,
    his slack-jawed stare, his sideline antics…
    the entire package. He had more fun “under center”…
    (why else would he be throwing pregame warmups?)

    So the question for MWNiner is this:
    what are you having trouble giving up on in your life?
    Not trying to play psychiatrist here, just wondering…

    1. “… So the question for MWNiner is this:
      what are you having trouble giving up on in your life?..

      WTF are you talking about ?

      Why should I have to give up on anything ?

      Personally, dude … you should give up on
      sucking helium !

  27. GB had 3 cheesy wins vs ATL, DAL and CHI to make playoffs. The combined victory margin was 7 measly points vs three average teams. The Pack exerted all of their energy just to get in playoffs.
    Rogers shook off rust vs Bears unorganized weak defense. Comparing Niner D vs Bears D is like comparing Rosie O’Donnell with Kate Upton. C’mon man!!……Niners roll Pack…. take it to the bank! If you’re a gambler, call your bookie or offshore source immediately….Make that money and buy your girl something nice.

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