Harbaugh misses practice to have procedure for irregular heart beat

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh is having a minor procedure today at Stanford University Hospital for an irregular heartbeat. Here’s what the 49ers public relations director and Patrick Willis said about it today in the media tent.

P.R.: “Some of you may have noticed Coach Harbaugh isn’t here today. Coach Harbaugh is not at the facility today under doctor’s orders. He’s having a minor procedure done today at Stanford University Hospital for an irregular heartbeat. We anticipate that he will be back at the facility tomorrow, but don’t have any further information to provide today. Assistant head coach and special teams coordinator Brad Seely will handle all of the meetings and practice today. When he have more information on Coach Harbaugh, we will pass that along to you as soon as possible.”

Q: Was there an incident today?

P.R.: “No. Coach visited with the doctors last night. As I said, the doctors have asked him not to be here today. He’s undergoing that procedure today. It’s a minor procedure and we expect him to be back tomorrow.”

Q: What’s your reaction to what your coach is going through today?

WILLIS: “Like he always tells us, he’s tougher than a two-dollar steak. We know he’s going to be alright. We have a bunch of great coaches here who can keep everything on track. We’re going to practice today as if he was here.”

Q: Did you notice anything different about him?

WILLIS: “I didn’t. He seemed fine to me. He sits right behind me in meetings and I didn’t know anything was wrong. But we know everything’s going to be alright.”

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