Harbaugh must start Kaepernick

Jim, if you choose to start Alex Smith against the Rams on Sunday, you’ll be making the biggest mistake of your coaching career.

You absolutely must start Kaepernick.

If you start Smith, you will start a massive quarterback controversy.  Every play Smith makes or doesn’t make will be compared to what Kaepernick did or could have done. Talk about speculation and hypotheticals. And you’re the one who will have started it.

If you continue to play your guessing game and start Smith, there’s a big risk of splitting the locker room into a Smith faction and a Kaepernick faction. That will spill over onto the field on game day.

Jim, if you pull Kaepernick for Smith this week and the offense goes back to its methodical, plodding style with the check downs and sacks, will you then pull Smith for Kaepernick?

If so, then Smith is done for the year as well as for the future with the 49ers.

On the other hand, if you start Kaepernick, and he continues to perform along the lines of his previous play, Smith still remains a viable backup in case Kaepernick slumps or gets injured.

Smith is a veteran and can handle being a backup, but not if you jerk him back and forth.

Jim, this is not about who is your quarterback. It’s about what kind of coach are you.

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