Harbaugh on 49ers rushing attack

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh spoke Thursday afternoon in the 49ers media tent. Here’s what he said about the fact that the 49ers are 17-0 the last two seasons when the offense runs it 25 or more times.


Since last year you guys are 17-0 when you run it at least 25 times a game. In your mind is that a telling stat or is that more a reflection of you guys are winning, so you’re running the ball more?

“Well, I think the most telling stat is how many points you have, how many points they have. And turnovers, another telling statistic and then there’s other statistics that you could pull from, point to, extrapolate, etcetera. Do they have meaning? Some cases they do, some cases they don’t.”


You don’t go into a game with a benchmark of “we’d like to run X amount of times?”

“No, nothing that we talk about prior to a game, publicly.”

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