Harbaugh on Bethel-Thompson: “Very good arm strength, really smart.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh spoke in the media tent Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


You have a new quarterback. Why bring in QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson?

“Really, always liked him. Always had a plan for him to be here. He just went to Minnesota after the first year. So, now we’re reconnected. It aligned and we had a chance to get him and put in a claim and got him.


What about him did kind of stand out?

“Well, from the time he was here, and the things we liked about him when we signed him right after the lockout in 2011, he showed very good arm strength, really smart, got a good football character about him. And, since then, he’s been playing football, watching film, getting coached, taking reps. So, feel like he’s even further along than when we had him the first time, and excited about it. He’s excited to be here, too.”


We probably asked you this in 2011, but I can’t remember the answer, did you recruit him at all at Stanford? Was he on your radar at all when you were in college?

“No. He first went to UCLA and then transferred to Sac. State. I think I was still at USD when he was first getting recruited.”


Is LB Dan Skuta starting again in place of LB Aldon Smith? Skuta will start?

“Yeah, Skuta, [LB Corey] Lemonier, yeah.”


What do you like out of what you’ve seen out of–?




“He’s just a good Flint, Michigan guy. He’s like [T] Joe Staley, you know? Like me, you know, we’re Michigan guys.”


Something blue-collar and gritty about those guys?

“There’s just something blue-collar, something gritty, determination about those kind of guys. Yeah, that’s a good way to say it.”


Can you talk a little bit about how well your secondary has been playing? I mean, you guys have a little bit of transition this year bringing in S Eric Reid. It seems like you’re playing some of your best pass defense since you’ve been here.

“Yeah. Some of the numbers and statistics carry that out. Doing a very good job. [49ers secondary coach] Ed Donatell does a great job with our secondary and they work very well together. [S] Donte Whitner is a big factor in that in terms of the communication and getting guys right on the back-end. And then, some very competitive guys that are playing well right now and that bodes well for us.”


What kind of a lift does CB Tramaine Brock give you in that area?

“Tramaine, T-Brock? It’s pretty obvious, he’s given us a big lift. He’s made plays. Even before he got the two interception game he was covering, getting PBUs and tackling. Some of the most impressive things were the tackles that he was making. Third down tackles, getting us off the field kind of tackles. And, so, I think he’s done a fine job.”


QB Colin Kaepernick’s on the injury report with a foot, he was there a few weeks ago. Has that impacted at all your practice plan for him, what he’s able to do in practice, what you have him do in practice or what you have him do in games?

“No it hasn’t. He’s taking just as many reps in practice, every single practice.”


So, why is he on the report?

“I think you know why. I mean, it’s been well documented about the injury reports and any type of ailment, injury or however you define it has got to be put on the injury report. Complying with the rules. Why is he on the injury report? Because we’re complying with the rules.”


What is his condition?

“Well, we don’t really talk about what it is that he’s working through. But, we’re complying with the rules, he’s on the report.”


It doesn’t look like it’s hindering him at all on the field?

“Not to me it doesn’t. I mean, we haven’t altered anything with the practice or game plans.”


Did you guys have interest in drafting Cardinals S Tyrann Mathieu in the third round?

“Well, we could talk about a lot of players we thought were really good. You can see who the good players are most of the time. And you realize they’re not going to be playing for you, they’re going to be playing against you. That’s just the nature of 32 teams picking and you get one pick each round and that’s kind of the nature of the business.”


Has that evaluation process helped you prepare for him in any way? I know he lines up in different places. Seems like a tough player to prepare for. Does your knowledge of him in the draft evaluation process help that a little bit?

“I think what we’re seeing him do in the games is what we prepare off of.”


How’s WR Chuck Jacobs doing as a scout team receiver?

“He’s doing a good job. Yeah, he’s doing a good job. He’s won scout team Player of the Week. Does a nice job. Kind of the featured guy each week. Game plan guy.”


Did he win it last week?

“No, not for the offense last week. The week before he did.”


This week he did?

“The week before.”


When he was impersonating the Rams, who was that? Was it Rams WR Chris Givens?



What’s the role of the number 3 quarterback in practice? What will McLeod Bethel-Thompson be doing these next few weeks?

“Learning the system and competing on the field. Scout team and see how fast the process goes for him to get up to speed, but competing.”


Both QB Colt McCoy and Bethel-Thompson would get some scout team work and–?



What makes Cardinals QB Carson Palmer such a threat?

“Just his knowledge, his savvyness, his toughness, his throwing ability, quarterback ability that he has. He’s still the guy that can, one of the top pocket passers in the game. Makes all the throws. Been a very good addition for their team.”


How did DT Ray McDonald look today and do you expect him to be able to contribute Sunday?

“I think so. Looked good.”

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  1. Classic Harbaugh …

    Is LB Dan Skuta starting again in place of LB Aldon Smith? Skuta will start?

    “Yeah, Skuta, [LB Corey] Lemonier, yeah.”

  2. I apologize if anybody has already mentioned it, but the story about Adrian Peterson’s two year old son being beaten by a grown man a few days ago is so tragic. The boy died today and I can’t really get it out of my head. My son is six and my little girl is two and a half. The thought of beating a two year old child is sickening and evil. The thought of hitting any child is sickening. My prayers go out to Adrian Peterson and his son, who was the innocent victim of a coward and lost his very young life because of it. I pray that his soul rests in peace at a time when he should be playing like other children, oblivious to the kind of evil that claimed his life. It’s just so sad, and you don’t have to have children to realize that, you just have to be a human being.

    1. That is tough and many people forget that when I child is two, is when he or she begins to express his individuality. That means saying “NO” to parents…..and parents having to deal with that. …Unless of course you’re a macho idiot like this bully Peterson’s ex- has taken up with.

    1. That article makes me want to puke. Cooper might be a stud and we never gave the guy a shot. Not good. That what preseason is for damnit!

      1. Brock and Cooper could of been something special, and who knows if we even will have Brock next season. Asomugha was good in the Clinton administration.

    2. Who needs a young, talented press corner? The 49ers have Asomugha!

      Did anyone else find Fangio’s answer regarding playing Brock or Asomugha interesting?

      1. My belief is that Brock has played lights out these last couple of games but I want him to keep it up against a good QB. There’s a difference between Shaub and Rodgers. I’m happy Brock is balling. He’s the only corner that appears to know how to find the football in the air and take it away.

    3. Incredibly disappointing, especially since Cox and Asomugha have played poorly in comparison. Hopefully Darryl Morris, a guy who was having a better camp and preseason than cooper, turns into a stud to make this hurt less.

    4. 23,
      Dude I can’t believe you actually read the article. I thought you would actually block any news from KC!

      Did you read any of my posts????

      I rip on Alex! I pretend to be you!!!!

      1. Fan’77

        You broke me up; the jerk-circle thinks everyone forgot their display of football ignorance from last season….?Not hardly

      2. Oregon Niner

        Just to clarify — I went on the KC site and posted all the nonsense from 23 Jordan, the Alex hater himself, would post here. I went by the name of 23 Jordan and every there thinks he’s douchebag.
        Kinda like here!!!

        Then again, no one liked Jordan the basketball player either!

      3. Wow, talk about a trolling, double posting loser. So you admit to visiting the KC blog and posting under 23J’s name? Get a life dude.

      4. That Guy,

        If fan 77 did post somewhere else using my name, he should be admonished about it. I’ve never posted a comment under someone elses name. That’s disrespectful and inappropriate. He actually thinks it’s cool but thank you for letting him know that it’s something a troll would do. He is a troll.

        Fan, that was inappropriate and you crossed the line with that. Hopefully others here will let you know that as well.

      5. Fan77,

        How immature and inappropriate was that? Are you really not old enough to know that was not cool? That was something a juvenile would do. Obviously that’s what you are. Let me get this. Double posting on another teams site under my name. I guess I must be demoralizing you and your lack of football knowledge on this site so you try and silly my name somewhere else? Stay classy fan77! Not!

      6. Fansince 77,
        Did you really do that? “Just to clarify — I went on the KC site and posted all the nonsense from 23 Jordan, the Alex hater himself, would post here. I went by the name of 23 Jordan and every there thinks he’s douchebag.” What the f#%€ is wrong with you guys? Who has the time to do that? Who would want to spend their time doing that? Other than the Prince George paralegal making fun of cancer patients, that is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard on this blog.


      7. F’77
        Over the last few years I’ve taken more shots at Jordo than the VC took at me in a year and a half in Nam, but I would never stoop so low as to post under his name. I guess you think you’re clever or funny; not me. It’s stupid and ineffective, and fundamentally just sad. Jordo comes off looking like the adult in that exchange. Maybe you and DS can found a Club; secret handshakes and the whole deal. Try swapping medications, that should make for some interesting reading.

      8. Boy you guys have no sense of humor.

        23 Jordan — Just kdding ya man. I wouldn’t do that. We go back and forth out of love for the Niners.

        *** I posted as 22 Pippen. How’s that?

      9. But the only way to be sure is to read the blog of the 5-0 Chiefs led by Alex Smith and see for yourself if your name shows up….

      10. Fan 77,

        It appears that you are very proud of you’re accomplishment with Jordan and putting your crap on his profile on the KC blog, he has his opinions and you have yours. This is worst then Prime Axel Randy with all of his multiple profiles, you have set a new low. Fan 77, you are certainly no fan on this site. What are you 50 years and going on 12. A real d bag you are. Nice move loser. !!

      11. Big P,
        The best part was that big grunt at the end. It’s the same grunt Colin makes when he looks out at the defense after the double AB and VD.

      12. I normally just get a kick out of reading everyone’s posts but this is going too far so I had to post. Fansince 77 AKA Impostersince 77, it’s funny how you only want to recant after you just got flack from everyone regarding your dumb actions. I don’t know if you are telling the truth or not, but any person that has to lie behind the screen name of another’s needs a life. What are you 12? Grow up and talk crap behind your own name as opposed to assuming another person’s identity. What a joke. Now can we move on to adult conversations, discussing what really matters? Or do we need to keep entertaining this impostor?

      13. Fan,
        Whatever, to each their own. I’m sure you feel really good about yourself right now, like most people that get their sugar rush from negative attention.

      14. Meanwhile BiG Bitter gets off on labelling people.

        1. A writer cannot possibly have a valid opinion unless he has played football.

        2. Someone who earns a decent living cannot possibly be a blogger.

        3. It’s ridiculous to think someone has the creativity to create his own blog and express his own opinions for whatever they are worth.

        You are a joke pal!

      15. Fan 77, if you truly did what you mentioned about posting under 23jorden on the chiefs blog then you must seek professional help and consider recieving treatment. That’s just wrong man regardless of how you feel about someone!

      16. Chicago Niner,

        Since you live in Chicago and know about the real Jordan, I’ll fill you in (I also live there in the 90′s):

        Go to that article and you can see for yourself if I posted comments under his name. There’s only three posts as far as I can tell, so it won’t take you that long to find the truth.
        (Although I am not responsible if the real 23 Jordan, whoever that is, either the blogger on his site or Mr. MJ himself, may have posted something since this conversation started last night)

      17. Prime Time,
        Here’s what amusing:
        23 Jordan rips on Alex non-stop, then he says he went on the KC blog to read the Cooper article. Could it be he follows the Chiefs after all?

        So I make a joke that say hey I’m posting the stuff you say on this blog on theirs.
        Not that I did post anything on that blog, but is it really that horrific if I’m just quoting what he wrote about Alex?

        Now it would be a heinous crime if I went on the blog and posted stuff that 23 never said, like how he LOVES Alex and misses him. That would be a travesty!

        And to top it off — his handle is 23 Jordan!

        WTF? Are we meant to be believe he’s actually MJ?

        But then he sure likes to bet alot…. Hmmmm……….

      18. The jive turkey gobble gobble club likes to make stuff up, run with it and then use it like a truth. All just bitterness because every single time they have brought up an idea 49ers related, it’s comically bad. Baseball fans trying to think they know something about football.

      19. Fan77,

        Lost all respect for you dude. This is a blog. It’s for entertainment. I don’t know if you posted anything on a K.C. Blog using my name or not. YOU said you did. I read the link from this blog about the cornerback. It wasn’t a blog, it was a link.

        I’m gonna be the bigger person in this and just post about Niner football. I’m not responding to your posts as well as the childish games with Prime and one Niner. This is a Niner football blog. I’m through embarrassing myself engaging with you three. I’ll let you all have at it. Good luck dude.

      20. 23J,
        I don’t always agree with your takes and wish you would move on from talking about Alex Smith, but this turn of events is pretty sad. I’ve never had a negative conversation with Fansince77, but when somebody says “Just to clarify — I went on the KC site and posted all the nonsense from 23 Jordan, the Alex hater himself, would post here. I went by the name of 23 Jordan and every there thinks he’s douchebag.” followed by “23 Jordan — Just kdding ya man. I wouldn’t do that. We go back and forth out of love for the Niners.”, it’s pretty sad. I don’t know what he had hoped to accomplish by doing such a thing. I can’t believe that you got somebody so riled up that they would spend a second of their time pretending to be somebody else, on another teams website. I expect that from Axel and Latino Heat on this site, but he just took it to a whole other level.

      21. 23j says “I’m not responding to your posts as well as the childish games with Prime and one Niner”

        Promises promises!

      22. Big P,

        I’m not sure what the guy was thinking. He actually felt like he had done something monumental. Sometimes maturity is crystal clear in life. Even more clearly on this blog. I’ve got to keep it football myself and the let the guys who want to get personal continue to do so without a retort. Hopefully Kap has a good day tomorrow and we can enjoy conversations about a blowout win. 31-10 Niners. Have a good one P. Go Niners!

  3. BigP
    Thanks for the information.
    It is so horrible what some people are capable of doing.
    My thoughts and sympathy to the entire Peterson family.
    Maybe the NFL can use this tragedy in the football family to raise awareness of the horrors of child abuse.

  4. Question for you all. Do any of you guys know if Candlestick has disability services? I’m in a cast and on crutches and want to go to a game just can’t do all the crutching.

    1. Adam, yes they do, had knee surgery a few years back, was able to trade my regular tickets, to the handicap section, they even picky up from your car, with a cart, and also use a rest room that the opposing team family uses, so not.as crowded.They took good care of me and my son.

      1. Don’t lie Neal/23clown. You totally gave yourself up with the knee surgery. 23 was babbling the same thing last year. You are totally double posting! Exposed!

      2. So let’s get this straight PP Time Axel, Randy and Fan 77,. both Jordan and I had knee surgery , so we are the same person. What a simple mind you have. Look I know you are not the smartest guy in the world, being a lawyer which is a dime a dozen and charging clients a $100.00 a hour, a plumber charges more but Grant knows for a FACT we, are not the same person. Also looks who is talking , you have had more profiles on this site, then Alex Smith rolls to the right and throws the ball out of bounds. LMAO . I am way to busy to have multiple profiles but you, working out of your van, has plenty of time. Now go back in your little hole.

      3. Whatever Neal/23clown, same bad spelling, same time line knee surgery, rhetorical insults,same agenda, it all points back to you losers, or should I say loser!
        No doubt you are cheering for the Raiders today!

      4. Actually I could careless who wins the Raiders game. Don’t give a crap about the Raiders and your boy toy Alex Smith. I am not a couch potato and watch sports all day. I watch one football game a week, which is the Niners and most Shark games. That is it. Also I had no idea that Jordan had knee surgery.

      5. Oh that’s right Neal 23clown, you work out 7 days a week, less than 7% body fat and top salesman in the country. I forgot how big time you are. Keep trying pal!

      6. Actually calm down Prime, I mean Fan 77, oh I mean Randy oh I mean Axel. I am the top sales rep in my company, not the Country. I have changed my work outs and now it is 5 days a week, with 3 days of kick boxing classes, and swim and gym, maybe you should do the same things, it will clear your bitter head. I am sorry that your Mother breastfed you with Molson’s, that explains everything Oh Canada LMAO

      7. Neal 23clown I could care less about what you do, how much you work out. Your the idiot that made that public and I don’t care nor did I ask for an explanation. I think it’s pretty insecure of you to even mention that stuff.

        As for Canada, you wished you lived here. You would be making more than that $8.00 per vacuum you sell top sales guy!

  5. A few days ago, Adrian Peterson’s young son died
    as a result of physical abuse by the boyfriend of his mother
    (that would be Adrian’s former girlfriend). Two years old.
    Not quite three weeks ago, former San Diego Charger safety
    and defensive back, Paul Oliver, died by suicide (gunshot).
    So what do the friends and family of
    the 2012 Player of the Year (Peterson) and
    an NFL has-been (Oliver) have in common?
    Hard questions…. heartbreak… hopelessness?
    Reach deep, Coach Harbaw; reach way down deep
    and come up with something powerful & healing;
    not something to tell your players, but a conviction,
    a message by which you can live your own life.
    Time to become a bona fide role model, big fella.
    What does it really mean to be a coach, hmm?

      1. Exactly. This POS took Alex-vs-Kaep partisan shots at Clem last year when his wife was ill, now using this tragedy to advance some sick, OCD driven agenda.
        Grant, you might really want to give some consideration to the baseline standards of decency on your blog site; it’s got your family name on it. Cuss words and personal attacks on your family aren’t the only considerations for Time Out.

      1. One Chief,

        Why are you still here. How about you and prime find a girlfriend. It should be that time don’t you think. You two worry me.

      2. One Chief learned a new word but doesn’t know how to use it in a sentence. You gotta grow up son. Get married. You ever thought about kids?? Yes, you’ll need a girlfriend/ wife 1st. Lol.

      3. 23jordan is really obsessed with Alex Smith. This guy jordan even go to the K.C Chiefs blogs. He loves it when he ripped Alex Smith, he just can’t let go. Alex is already in K.C and he still bashing the guy, what kind of a person in their right state of mind, will do something idiotic?

    1. I’m finally able to access this blog again and I see this type of bull $#@! from the pathetic troll! Your post is way beyond the bounds of being uncalled for Mr. Chief.

  6. Let’s talk about how to be a winner
    both on and off the field.
    Thinking about a man who played defensive back
    for the Steelers (14-2 regular season) and then
    helped beat the Bears (29-17) and win the 2007 Super Bowl.
    Thinking about a man who later coached the Colts (12-4)
    and won his second Super Bowl in 2007;
    he led them to 10 straight postseason appearances.
    This man is recognized as having dealt with tragedy too.
    His name? ………………Tony Dungy.

    Yes, Jim Harbaugh is being challenged, by his peers even,
    to do more than simply win football games.
    Real life circumstances demand the same of all of us.

    1. Obsessed with Harbaugh, Alex you carried his bag in the golf tournament. You do know he’s married right? I don’t think he’s interested in you. He benched you and traded you.

      1. 23J c’mon man no need to stoop to PrimeTime’s level. You make a lot of sense once people dog through the noise but it’s this kind of noise that masks some of your better thoughts, opinions & analysis.

  7. Tough match ups to pick between this weekend. I think I might as well flip a coin on the Jets/Steelers game but GB & Balti along with Minny vs Carolina seem like they could go either way.

    1. Go with Kaep Big Niner. He is facing a defense with a strong run defense but a weak secondary. Wilson will be facing the Titans who have a strong defense in all aspects. I expect the Seahawks-Titans game to be a low scoring affair.

      1. Midwestniner, The Seahawks will win 29-10 over the titans. The hawks will dominate this football game with the seattle crowds noise its a nightmare to the opposing Qbs and to their offense..

      2. He wasn’t asking who would win but who to start. Russell Wilson is off to a rough start and will be facing a secondary that is currently ranked as the ninth best in the league.

    1. The IP that I get my service through had some problems this week so I haven’t been able access the fantasy league let alone anything online. But I was notified today that my service was restored so I will be able to get the standings and results up in a little bit.

  8. I don’t see, the Kansas City Chiefs losing the next 3 games at home. The way the Chiefs defense is playing right now, and with the crowds noise at arrowhead, its going to be very tough to win against a tough chiefs defense. And Alex Smith always rise to the occasion, to put his team in a position to win games.

    1. The Raiders game this Sunday is a classic upset alert game.
      I had the Browns game pegged as a loss at the beginning of the season and haven’t seen anything to dissuade my prediction. I expect the Chiefs to lose at least one of the next three games but won’t be surprised if they lose two of them.

      1. Unless the home is SeAdderal.

        I’m not expecting KC to break the noise record. KC has loud fans, but SeAdderal’s sound amplifying stadium design gives them the edge.

      2. Midwestern, Tell me about the noise in Arrowhead staduim today. I said yesterday the noise was going to be a big factor, the raiders found it out in the second half, how tough it is to play offense at Arrowhead staduim with the loud noise.

        How about these kid Cooper, one of the 49ers CB reject?

  9. note to MidWestNiner:
    So Jim Harbaugh aspires to enjoy a Super Bowl win
    (and be like Tony Dungy on the field), well…
    then balanced human beings all over this planet –
    his family, his friends & neighbors, the 49er organization -
    will be glad to see JH “hit for the cycle” …
    (and emulate Coach Dungy off the field as well).
    168 hours in a week (minus 60+ minutes of game time)
    Do the math, gentlemen.

    Alex Smith (6-0 after we handle Oakland at home).
    Betting against us the next three weeks is a bad idea.

    1. Alex Smith, If the chiefs defense plays the way they’ve been playing for the last 5 weeks, I wouldn’t be surprise if the Chiefs are 9-0 by 9th week of the season.

  10. Alex Smith not a sotrngest QB with great Arm but he doesn’t make mistakes under pressure; he was very intelligent. I was one of his critique but since he left the team, Kapernick’s performance took a big dive. Sounds like Alex Smith was his brain on a side line with signal calling. I don’t see 49ers playing steadily this year. We would be very lucky to get a wild card spot this year.

  11. I apologize for this being late, but here are the standings and results from Week 5 of the Quest4Six league:

    1. Amsterdam Invaders 5-0
    Defeated NF_HAS 110.02 to 101.66

    2. TeamSF 4-1
    Defeated Uaaaatchi 123.90 to 69.88

    3. NF_HAS 3-2
    Lost to Amsterdam Invaders 110.02 to 101.66

    4. West Coast Bias 3-2
    Defeated Coffee’s for Closers 103.16 to 96.88

    5. GreenDart 2-3
    Defeated Orenthal Hernandez 144.76 to 60.52

    6. Uaaaatchi 2-3
    Lost to TeamSF 123.90 to 69.88

    7. Orenthal Hernandez 2-3
    Lost to GreenDart 144.76 to 60.52

    8. barnone dmp5 2-3
    Defeated MidWestNiner 97.12 to 75.16

    9. MidWestNiner 1-4
    Lost to barnone dmp5 97.12 to 75.16

    10. Coffee’s for Closers 1-4
    Lost to West Coast Bias 103.16 to 96.88

    1. Second worst fantasy season I’ve ever had. Tied to many of my teams to the same QB’s and they’re killing me.

      I always think of that nfl.com fantasy commercial with the song “had a bad day.”

      1. The only thing I like about checking my quest4six team at the moment is the photo of Christina Hendrix that they’ve got plastered on the homepage.

  12. OK, so I’m a fossil. But wtf happened to Saturday Night Live? Anyone remember when it was funny?
    Back in the 70′s the staff called themselves “The Not Ready For Prime Time Players”, but they were hilarious.

    1. For me it stopped being funny shortly after Dennis Miller stopped being the weekend update anchor. That was probably late 80′s or early 90′s I’m guessing. I love Kevin Nealon and he was pretty funny as the update anchor as well but I just remember the show started losing it’s humor for me around then.

      1. Come to think of it I think it was right about when Phil Hartman left the show that I think I lost interest. That was 93 or 94 ‘ish.

    2. It always takes a few shows for the new cast members to assert themselves, but this year’s crop does not seem very talented.

    3. Brotha Tuna,

      For the best comedy just read ‘Alex Smith (feeling something)’s posts on this blog. With that kind of comedy, who needs Saturday Night Live?

      1. Sometimes they are comedic Brotha, but the one where he used two tragedies to take a shot at Harbaugh was just pathetic and sickening.

      2. Ha! I’d be smarter to react to it as just bad comedy. The thing is Alex & The Chiefs are rolling, so a witty smart-alec could be rubbing it in on us all on this site.

  13. Another question for everyone. My friend told me if you are handicapped with valid placard, you do not have to pay for parking in stadium. Does anyone if that is true.

  14. A bit off topic… No home TV since the DTV switch. Cable is not available at my home, and trees block satellite. My favorite pizza place to watch the 49ers closed its doors the other day. Anyone know of a good sports pub/restaurant near Healdsburg?

    1. Brodie
      My wife and I usually go to the upscale eateries there in H’burg so I’m not sure, but I’d guess Bear Flag Republic Brewery would probably have the game on the box.

      1. Good call. The Bear Flag could work, as well as the HB Bar and Grill.

        Some of the busy (and pricey) upscale places want to turn the tables over quickly, and I’m looking for almost 4 hours of uninterrupted concentration. I could nurse a pepsi at B&B lounge or John and Zeeks, but a pub/restaurant vibe is preferred over a bar vibe since I’m a teetotaler.

        Needless to say, I’m not the biggest fan of our current FCC for giving my TV bandwidth to the cell phone companies.

    1. And even if Aldon’s head was right, what kind of post rehab shape would he be in if released later in the season? Are the 49ers donating a weight room to Aldon’s spin-n-dry facility?

    2. No surprise there. Hopefully he will have finally put his inner demons and legal troubles behind him by the time hr is finally sble to step back onto the field.

    1. nice idea, Space .. but I think David Fucillo
      hit the nail on the head at the end of the article
      when he mentioned the short term gain over
      the cap space ..

      (And he didn’t even mention the time needed for
      Nicks to learn the playbook, either )

      1. MWNiner, I doubt it happens, but it makes you wonder about how the 49ers are viewing MM’s recovery and Crabtree’s down the road if they are looking into a potential trade.

      2. Yeah, I wonder if we’re not having unrealistic expectations for Crabs & MM for this season. Can they really have much burst this season? If not they’re more like possession guys.

      3. Brotha, I think we might get a glimmer of MM’s rehab progress if he starts practicing next Tuesday. If not, that could be why the 49ers are still looking at bringing in another WR.

  15. Alex Smith on SB play calling… And sticking up for Kap….

    Smith said the offensive line and running backs are still frustrated they weren’t given the chance to win the game. And he’s still perplexed by the play-calling.

    “On the last play I was on the sideline screaming for a timeout because we had called a play that had no pressure answer,” Smith said. “Colin (Kaepernick) did the best he could with the signal and the throw. I’m sure if the coaches had it to do over again they’d call something with a better pressure answer.”

  16. According to SBNation per Adam Schefler; The 49er are not expecting Aldon Smith back this season. I know that this is a topic that has been covered already around here, but if in fact the 49ers have resigned themselves to this we should begin to see more of Lemonier as the season progresses.

    I like Skuta, but I don’t see him as a pass rush specialist. Another player that needs to become more of a PR presence is A.Brooks.
    If we are going to make strong run towards the playoffs, our pass rush will need to really step it up.

    1. It’s sad they traded Parys Harrelson. I like Aldon Smith, but he has some things to work out. I wonder how long the Niners will stick with him. Parys was a class act. Shook everyone’s hands before he cleared out his locker room.

      1. Why is it sad? Skuta and Lemonier have done a real nice job holding down the spot, and the team picked something up for him.

  17. The KC fans are impressive; loud, enthusiastic, and pretty well behaved. They’ve had a few lapses over the years with booing out of frustration, but for the most part they’re a good group. It would be a great place to go to a game.

  18. I read a CBS report through yahoo fantasy football that Hakeem Nicks might become a 49er. There are multiple teams interested. Have you heard anything Grant?

    1. Screw that. We don’t need another run of the mill receiver out there. We need a playmaker. Someone that can become a #1 when Crabtree leaves in free agency.

      1. I think Nicks is better than just another run-of-the-mill receiver. He was drafted the same year as Crabtree and is on pace for his third 1000 yard season. Not too shabby.

  19. Catching the raiders/chiefs game out here in the valley. The raiders defense is giving Alex and the O-line all they can handle this morning. Its the first time I’ve seen Alex Smith rattled this season.
    BTW, Pryor is looking like the real-deal for Oaktown so far. I had the chiefs in a blow-out going into this game but the raiders have bringing it to them.

      1. Oh PP Time says no doubt that I will be rooting for Oakland and told him I could careless who wins, and now guess what he is rooting for Oakland. Can’t get you’re facts straight. duh

      2. See Neal 23clown, you are the same person. Can’t spell, poor grammar and make no sense. You definately are the same guy. Look at the last 10 comments between the both of you, consistently stupid!

  20. Alex sure looks great today facing the lowly Raiders at home against the league’s 6th easiest schedule……… Raiders taking away his checkdowns and he doesn’t know what to do…………. Thank god he’s the Chiefs’ problem now………….. Go Alex go…………….

    1. The Chiefs defense are relentless against opposing Qbrs, The K.C defense are the best defense in the league so far. The Arrowhead staduim noise, just broke the record being the loudest open staduim in the league.

  21. Thanx for the update, Jack .. didn’t hear about his knee ..

    another question, (if you know) ..
    any “pick-sixes” from him, today ?

  22. Bethel-Thompson doesn’t belong in the NFL. If Minnesota waived Bethel-Thompson despite their extreme instability at QB, he must not be worth much. Bethel-Thompson was there for 2 seasons and the Vikes still preferred to waive him for Josh Freeman! I can not forget how horrible Bethel-Thompson was at UCLA. He threw 4 interceptions in one half against a weak Notre Dame team (Charlie Weiss’s worst). He threw a lot of interceptions at UCLA and holds the record for most INTs in one half for UCLA. He was not invited back to Westwood nor given a scholarship when Rick Neuheisal took over the next season. His Sac St. stats are forgetable. Don’t think he’s a star in the making. He lacks QB acumen!

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