Harbaugh: “We would have liked to have B.J. back. We don’t, so, rolled the dice there and now we don’t have him.”

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh spoke in the media tent Friday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

Q: What’s the outlook for Patrick Willis for Sunday’s game?

HARBAUGH: We’ll see. He’s progressing good every day. We’ll see what the chances are tomorrow and the next day.

Q: How did Michael Wilhoite look this week in practice?

HARBAUGH: Good, good. He’s done a nice job in games and practice.

Q: Is he at the point where you can just plug him in and keep everything else the same?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, he’s a trusted agent.

Q: As far as the offense goes, is there another team you’ve faced the last two years that’s similar to Houston in the sense of their zone run blocking scheme and their play action passing?

HARBAUGH: They do a great job in their run blocking schemes and really, nobody does as good a job as the Texans do in simulating the play action pass, making it look exactly like the run, making the bootlegs look like the run. I can’t say that there is anybody that does it as well as they do.

Q: When we spoke to you on Wedensday, B.J. Daniels was still in limbo. Obviously, he’s not with the team. What’s your reaction? Are you disappointed you don’t have him anymore on the squad?

HARBAUGH: Yes, we would have liked to have B.J. back on the practice squad. We don’t, so, rolled the dice there and now we don’t have him.

Q: Was that a risk you thought could happen?


Q: But the Seahawks in particular, did you know they were interested in him?

HARBAUGH: There was speculation, yeah. We knew they had worked him out etcetera.

Q: The fact that John Skelton worked out for the Titans on Tuesday, did that play into your decision? Did the decision come sooner than you would have liked to have made that decision?

HARBAUGH: No, the decision came when it came.

Q: The fact that he was working out with the Titans didn’t affect it?

HARBAUGH: No, it did not.

ME: How do you define “stature”? Is it just height?


Q: What stands out about Andre Johnson?

HARBAUGH: Just about everything. He’s competitive for the ball, I think that stands out the most. He’s fluid, very accomplished route runner, blocker. Top-notch player.

Q: Willis will be questionable?


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    1. After watching bicep smoocher Kaepernick suffer a crisis of confidence against the Seahawks defense, Har-bawling decided he better bring in a veteran QB to backup the bicep smoocher just in case he needs to bench him ….

      The Seahawks made a statement when they grabbed B.J. Daniels. The R/O is here to stay!! NOW that their QB stable is full of stallions that can throw on the run!!

      1. Wilson looks terrible so far this year. Eventually, you have to b able to b productive for 4 Q. U don’t get to play every game at home and u don’t get to play Matt Schaub every week.

      2. Cushing and JJ Watts, will rattle kap and make him feel the pain everytime he gets hit. You got to loved a very good hitting defense, soon a later kap won’t be getting up quickly from the turf. Goodluck !

      1. Life must suck to be a Seahawk fan when you spend your days trolling on a 49ers blog when it isn’t even Sunday. Come back when the Seahawks win more than regular season games remember the Seahawks have to win 5 Superbowls before they are where we are.

      2. @Neal , I don’t see the hawks losing to the Colts. The Seahawks defense is much better against teams like the Colts. The 49ers got beat by Andrew Luck , but Luck will have along day against the Hawks.

      3. @ No Name.

        The Hawks are the luckiest team on the road. they should have 2 losses, just think their luck is going to run out. Got to see Cheating Pete and ego maniac Richard Sherman go down on Sunday. The Colts are a very smart and well- coached team. They will conquer tomorrow. or at least I really hope so.

      4. @ No name,

        Funny how you trolls, show up during the regular season, when things are good and then you disappear after you lose the first or second playoff game. Even if Sea Frauds are 5-0 tomorrow, I wake up the next day and say thank you God, I have such a wonderful life, you on the other hand, have to worry that a cockroach like you, has to live their life on a keyboard and have to deal with being be sprayed by Raid. Clark we need you !! hhahahahah

  1. I wouldn’t roll the dice with Willis. Let him heal what he first thought was a season ending injury. Take away that play action pass by stopping Foster and it’s all over for Schaub….

    1. @Razoreater, Take away Gore and Kap will have a terrible game, thats what you shouldv’e said.. haha

      Watch out for the Texans defense Cushing and Watts is going to make kap life miserable on sunday night game in SF, Kap will looked like a bewildered rookie Qb. haha

      1. That really isn’t the issue though razor. There is a lot of evidence to suggest the 49ers feel they made a mistake going with McCoy as the backup QB. Because of that mistake they felt they had to let a guy go that they like the potential of and risk losing him to another team (which is what happened).

        It happens in football, not every decision will work out for the best, but it is a shame they have had to let go another promising rookie due to a mistake they didn’t remedy earlier (McCoy) and out of fear of not having a capable backup right now.

      2. They did not like his potential enough to keep him. That’s the bottom line. McCoy not being real is such a colossal mistake that I contacted forensics, and they confirmed my suspicions….Mangenius’ fingerprints were all over it.

    1. Said that earlier. The 3rd QB is for the future not now. That is if all goes according to plan. It did not.
      This was really about trying to fix the goof at number 2 better known as the backup QB. And that position became even more important in the threats to the read option.
      Now we have two iffy backups and no future. Guess the plan is to look to next year’s draft for the future and just get by for this year.

      To bad about Colt, always liked the guy. So I ask, was this Mangini’s idea?

  2. I’m sure decisions are well thought out by management. But some obvious and questionable decisions have been made by harbough and balke. Winning has given them the benefit of doubt but i wonder how much better the team would be with some improved decision making.

    1. Agreed. I feel like I am observing learning curve stuff. Just when TB got really good in drafting it seems getting the most out of those players and finding the team identity to chart the course ahead are still a work in progress.
      I do believe this draft will grade out really well in the end. Not so some of those decisions that followed this draft.

      1. It seems like bad management. An unclear vision for the team. In the quest to follow the ever changing vision for the team, we are losing good football players. Playmakers are playmakers despite scheme, type of offense, etc. I don’t have a problem with cuttin players or admitting your mistakes. For example trading Jenkins I can respect. But a lot of the rest of what has been going down is like chasing ones own tail. Granted our roster is stack and any cut can be easily picked up by another team. It’s more the method and not the madness that bothers me.

  3. “….so, rolled the dice there and lost.” That is a nice spin on it but really more like you made some bad decisions, played a bad hand and got beat by the guy in the black hat across the table who turned out to be your arch rival and nemesis.

    1. Correction on the quote:
      “so, we rolled the dice there and now we don’t have him.”
      Actually you lost in NFL team poker where luck is just part of it.

  4. Skelton could have been had before the McCoy signing , now they like Skelton better than McCoy but went after McCoy 1 st. Daniels is better than McCoy but is gone but McCoy is still here but has no future… What is that whole scenario called, F@$ed up management

  5. Evidence is mounting that Harbaugh has made several bone headed decsions that will seriously hurt the Niners future at the most critical position on the team. Instead of having a team with a strong QB corp, Smith and Kap, now 2 good QBs are gone, Smith and Daniels, and we are left with a green, but talented, QB with questionable back-ups.

    1. There’s no way they could have kept Alex with his salary. They basically used it on Boldin if you want to look at it that way. No Boldin after Crabtree went down and we are screwed. However when Crab & Manningham return we have all the weapons we need and Kap will be the Franchise QB all good teams need. Harbaugh = smarter than you.

  6. If you accept the premise that the read-option scheme is no longer viable in the NFL ( as has been pointed out for weeks now ), and that BJ was not the best pocket passer available, then how could the decision to release BJ been bad?

    It wasn’t.

    I liked BJ but must accept the logic in all of this.

    As far as I can see Russell Wilson is winning in Seattle because he can thrown accurately on the run, not because he is an elite read-option QB. But there is a longer term problem with a QB running. Sooner or later he is going to get his legs broken. Just ask EJ Manual and Hoyer.

    The future of the NFL QB is standing tall in the pocket for most plays under the protection of the current rules and the O-line. Less exciting but easier to keep a QB on the field, IMO.

  7. Earth to Jim Harbaugh: YOU DID HAVE HIM. You were just afraid to cut McCoy before Skelton (the experienced one) got up to speed. You were then going to cut McCoy and move BJ to #3. Not hard to figure and Pete Carroll and millions of fans knew exactly what would happen. You sometimes appear to be floating in space. When Bill Walsh used to speak people listened intently. When you speak you look like you just finished a hypnosis session or hit a bong. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???

  8. So if I am to understand what is being posted on this thread by quite a few people, Harbaugh and Baalke are now idiots who don’t know how to manage their personnel and are wrecking the teams future. Is that right?

    Daniels looked like he had some talent to develop but he was a 3rd string QB who was never going to play here. We didn’t lose a stud player crucial to the teams success. Whether Barrows theory is right or not is irrelevant. In the case of BJ Daniels, if they came to the conclusion that McCoy wasn’t the guy and signed Skelton, then there has to be a bridge to the time when Skelton is ready to assume the backup role. They obviously didn’t feel comfortable with Daniels progress enough to cut McCoy and give him the backup duties so they went with the other option.

    In the case of Marcus Cooper, a team that is contending for the SB is not going to keep a raw player like Cooper over a vet they’ve already put time into unless the rookie just dominates and forces them to keep him which Cooper didn’t come close to doing. Not going to happen.

    Bottom line: We are talking about end of the roster players here, not superstars. The handwringing going on over a couple of 7th round picks is insane. Questioning the skills of a GM and HC who have done nothing but win since they came here because they cut a couple of players who at best would be role players in the future? Seriously? C’mon.

    1. I’m guessing this is in large part a response to comments I’ve been making. I’ve never said Harbaugh and Baalke are idiots, and I certainly don’t believe they are. I guess just having an opinion that doesn’t paint Harbaugh and Baalke as omnipotent rubs some the wrong way.

      From the outset, with the comments I’ve made about Cooper and now Daniels, I have said it is due to Harbaugh and Baalke’s philosophy of focusing almost solely on winning the next game rather than thinking about the future – what I’ve referred to as short-sighted thinking. They aren’t idiots for thinking like this, and may even be a factor in making them that “1% better” today. It just isn’t a philosophy I agree with.

      In general, my observation has been the teams that are successful long term are the ones that look to keep and develop a good stable of young talent, and aren’t afraid to keep young guys over mediocre veterans in backup roles. 49ers have tended to stick with veterans over rookies as they are “trusted agents”.

      At some point that philosophy falls down as there is no succession plan. In 2014 the 49ers at CB currently have Carlos Rogers (who is generally considered to be overpaid) and Chris Culliver (who will be coming back from major knee surgery and even before that was fairly heavily criticised by many) under contract. That’s it. Sure, they might re-sign one or two of the guys coming off contract. They’ll also probably look to draft one or two CBs early. But there sure is going to be some uncertainty at the position, and they may be forced to throw more money at it than they would otherwise want to. Could have been nice to have a young guy they liked the potential of such as Cooper to step into one of the key backup roles next year after having a year getting used to the system.

      1. I hear it has been another good game by Cooper today. Highlighted by a fumble recovery TD on ST as well as an INT. Keeps that up and he really will be one that got away.

  9. So the Niners released the third string QB and now the teams management is terrible? Perhaps some need to look back on the team just a few short years ago. Not every move is a homerun. You think the Pats, who are one of the most well run franchises, thought they’d be releasing a murderer from their roster? Nothing like scrutinizing every move and then panicking.

  10. Loss of BJ is considerable the fact that he joins Seattle in an excusable “Dice roll.” especially since before the Seahawks game Pete Carol said he would have drafted BJ but for the fact the Niners grabbed him first. I can hear Pete now “They waived who? Really! What’s their deal?”

  11. It’s simply amazing how many on this blog think they have a better appraisal of roster moves than a coaching staff that is considered one of the best in the NFL

    1. They’ve been out coached in the Super Bowl. Out coached against the Colts. Seahawks twice in a row. Brought in a 3rd string washed up quarterback to be the backup, and allowed their star pass rusher to nearly kill himself and others despite the tell tale warning signs. Let’s be fair when giving accolades to also give constructive criticism….

      1. Saying the Niners allowed Smith to have a substance abuse problem is like saying the Pats allowed Hernandez to kill someone. At some point these people have to take responsibility for their decisions. It’s not up to the employer to be a babysitter 24/7. Who’s to say help wasn’t offered by whatever team, but the player chose not to accept it? I’m personally tired of this generation who’s problems are always some else’s fault. Personal accountability. Make a mistake, own up and learn from it.

      2. Please excuse any misunderstanding. Let me be clear. Mr. Smith had a track record before the latest fiasco. Management was irresponsible for not being proactive, not the actions by the man himself. Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the matter.

      3. Sorry, razor. Read into your comments something different. Are you saying the team should’ve had him in rehab sooner or suggested it to him sooner before it got to another dui?

      4. Razor,
        Your points are indeed valid and indisputable. But we have no way of knowing how these moves and events will determine the end result of our season.

        I’m not happy with the Skelton move and especially not happy at having sacrificed BJ in the aftermath.
        Aldon Smith created his own situation and the Org has had to deal with it as best they could.

        CK has not looked like the young hungry and fierce player that was last year. One of my best memories of CK’ highlights last season is of him trying to run over a defender and being flagged for taunting after the tackle.

        Now CK is playing with much less abandon (which is likely by design) and in doing so, seems to have lost some of the fierce competitor fire that I had seen in him since his days in high school.
        Razor: This is a development that honestly concerns me more than the Skelton/Aldon/BJ events.

        CK’ quick meteoric rise to football fame may in fact be working to his detriment. Now when I see CK becoming squirrely in the pocket, to me it looks like someone who is trying very hard to protect his celebrity brand and image.

        I need/want to see CK regain the inner-fire he had pre-celebrity stage.
        A few losses pinned to his shoulders can help in that process. He was anything but CK in the two losses against the c-hawks and Colts.
        He looked a little bit like the CK7 we’ve known against the Rams.
        I’m waiting to see which CK shows up tomorrow.

      5. That’s exactly what I’m saying. What’s that old saying? Once is a mistake, twice is a pattern of behavior that should be evaluated by a specialist….

    2. I do not think our coordinators are considered the best in the business, if they were, both would of been Head Coaches by now. Also Harbaugh is a good coach , a great Coach would be his brother who won a Super Bowl.

  12. I’d really like to see them make a move for Josh Gordon. He is one hell of a talent. I know he has off the field issues but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. What do you think it would take to make a trade with the browns? Would they accept one of our 2nd round picks? Or would we have to pair up another player with it? Alla Kyle Williams…?

      1. The Browns were dumping players until they won 3 in a row and I think the trade deadline is week 8 now by the time they are willing to trade we will be getting Manningham and Crabtree back.

  13. I have no idea why they would want to give him up… But it says that they are fielding offers for him as well as Greg Little. And I agree Neal… lol I was just hoopiwbg

  14. If the Niners are looking at upgrading the backup QB spot how about Josh Freeman? He’s definitely an upgrade over Mccoy, who I don’t mind, and Skelton, who I don’t care for. 59 career starts, I believe, and has shown flashes. Also threw for 27 tds last year on a bad team.

  15. Glad to see the Seahawks and 49ers are having good time chatting with each other. Imagine both are sharing the 9ers blogg and giving each other’s opinions.

  16. Coach Harbaw and the Niner organization can hop, skip & jump
    as often as they want with the merry-go-round of backup QBs…
    When the team qualifies for the playoffs,
    when the 49ers get the 1st and 2nd playoff victories,
    when they board the plane for the Super Bowl,
    the HC will be a hero.
    If on the other hand the dream ends early (again),
    then Mister Harbaw is a goat.

    The Super Bowl monkey is on their backs’.

    My name is Alex Smith and I approve of this message.

  17. note to Coach Harbaw:
    always a chance the refs make a pivotal call which
    you do not agree with. Something that costs the team a TD.
    Or maybe keeps a drive alive for the Texans.
    Act like a grownup.
    No sideline tantrums.

    One more thing: howzabout giving us sustained eyecontact
    during the postgame interview; no slackjawed stare.
    Someone asks a question and you answer, mano a mano.
    Just square your shoulders and confront the thing – win or lose.

    1. Hate to even acknowledge this, but Jim is a animated cranky baby on the side lines and the refs take notice. I could live with that he is a dick with the media,but at least win a Superbowl, we know you don’t have class, like your Super bowl winning brother.

      1. Crab:

        Why are you guys so desperate to perpetuate the myth that Hofer and DS are hanging out on Chiefs blogs? 23jordan is the only commenter proven to be posting on Chiefs blogs.

    1. Since this has become a Alex/K.C. blog now.
      Alex is trying to give game away to Titans. Horrible throw for pick. Titans also dropped 2 picks in first half. Alex should have 3 picks. What’s the score now MidWest?

      1. Since I didn’t watch the game I have no clue as to what the score was at that time Crab. MWNiner might know however.

      1. Prime – where were you when Alex was sucking? Lol ….you guys kill me….Did you see when Alex got hit going out of bounds? Horrific personal foul call but it was a nice drive by Alex to take lead.

      2. I just got home, I was golfing. I did see the personal foul, questionable but the league will always protect the QB.
        Alex game is ugly but you know what, he wins games.

      3. Prime – The only problem with golf is the slow groups are always ahead of you and the fast groups are always behind you.

  18. c-hawks may lose this game because of a stupid time-out (their last one) right before the Colts 2 point conversion.

    No matter how good a team may be, you can’t overcome stupidity!

  19. The c-hawks first loss: Great
    Not watching Petey jump around on the sidelines like a giddy little cheerleader: Priceless!

  20. Brady breaks his streak of 52 straight games with a TD.

    Another game of interest today; Broncos vs Cowboys.
    Grant, this will be a good test for your SB bound (cowboys) team.

  21. already standing at 3-2 (John H…. Ravens HC)
    Good luck, little brother.
    (already got my Lombardi trophy too)
    Again, good luck, little brother.

    Andrew (knew you at Stanford) Luck has the
    Colts at four and one.
    what about the Kansas City Chiefs? we are now 5 and oh.

    See you on week #11 …. Drew (5-0) Brees.

  22. Besides the shaub debacle last week I’ve been saying it for a year now.
    Seattle is NOT the same team away from the soundbox in Seattle. They are not that impressive. Must win tonight

      1. I would not say they suck but they are not as dominate, they still could of won. Love to see cheating Pete and Richard Sherman look so sad. What this Colt game showed me, is if you have fast receivers, who have good hands they can beat the Sea Frauds secondary, they look vulnerable. Our receiving corp 3 years and counting is still weak.

  23. note to A$AP Classic:

    give it up with this ‘tool’ stuff….
    hecklers have been around the sports world forever.

    Now, to help get your focus back on the field
    (where it belongs)
    how much $$$ are you betting on a Niner win today?
    Zero? Oh, dang. I thought for a second you were a real fan.
    It would be a real downer if a heckler’s bet on the Texans
    (win or lose) paid a larger return than your gamble on the 49ers…

  24. my name is Alex Smith…
    [the Chiefs are now 5-0]
    … and I approve of this message.

    wanna carry my clubs at Pebble Beach?
    (inside joke, huh?)

  25. Another good game by ex-Niner Marcus Cooper including a critical INT. It wasn’t so much an INT as a legal mugging. Man-o-man, we let that guy get away.

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