Harbaugh on Eric Wright, Ahmad Brooks, Aquan Boldin, Michael Crabtree and Kaep’s cap

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh spoke to Bay Area reporters Monday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: What happened with Eric Wright?

HARBAUGH: He did not pass his physical.

Q: Why didn’t he?

HARBAUGH: We don’t ever talk about that. He’s not on the team.

Q: Were you aware of his DUI before you made the trade for him?

HARBAUGH: The better guy to talk to is Trent. He’s got a clearer understanding of the specific transaction. (Baalke was not available for comment)

Q: You had some pretty strong words about the Seahawks and suspensions…

HARBAUGH: I don’t agree with that, the way you characterized.

Q: You did say you wanted your players to be above reproach.

HARBAUGH: That hasn’t changed.

Q: Do you think everyone on your roster qualifies for that right now?

HARBAUGH: I think our guys do a great job of playing within the rules, yes. As a coach, you anticipate and deal with things as they occur. Anticipate and resolve.

Q: Do you plan any discipline for Ahmad Brooks?

HARBAUGH: Not to discuss out here. We’ve had conversations, but nothing I want to talk about here.

Q: Are you generally disappointed in the situation?

HARBAUGH: It’s not the time to talk about it.

Q: Have the 49ers done all they’re going to do on the matter?

HARBAUGH: I’m not going to publically discuss what our conversations have been with Ahmad or any of our players.

Q: When he signed his contract, he talked about how he had turned his life around. Does the incident change your view of where he is in his life?

HARBAUGH: Again, not going to discuss it.

Q: Is he out here with some of the other vets participating in the early portions of this camp?

HARBAUGH: No, he’s not been out here for this particular camp, no.

Q: Any issue with Kaepernick wearing a Miami Dolphins hat?

HARBAUGH: I know Kaep and I know where his allegiances lie. They lie with us. I’ll chalk that up to a slow time in the media cycle.

Q: Are you considering bringing in another WR?

HARBAUGH: We’ve said from the beginning the spot is open for the young guys. They’ve competed. That rages on. I feel like they’re making a lot of progress. I feel good about where that stands right now.

Q: Do you expect Kyle Williams to start practicing soon?

HARBAUGH: I don’t want to comment.

Q: Are you optimistic?

HARBAUGH: Very optimistic, but not making any predictions?

Q: What’s your impression of Boldin? Can he make up for Crabtree’s production?

HARBAUGH: He’s got the license and the ability to do that. Everything we’ve seen has been A+, what he’s done in his career and the time he’s been with us. He’s very serious about winning, very serious about football. I admire that about him. He’s not always the friendliest guy to sit down next to in a meeting or at lunch and have a conversation with unless it’s about football. He doesn’t want any distractions. I think it’s a good thing for all of us. I’ve been impressed by it. He’s not a small talker. I respect that.

Q: Who will start opposite Boldin?

HARBAUGH: The three guys that we mentioned (A.J. Jenkins, Ricardo Lockette and Quinton Patton), also Marlon Moore has been doing an outstanding job. Rather than get focused on the depth chart, we’ll play this into camp and give the competition the importance it deserves?

Q: Will Crabtree go on PUP or IR to start the season?


Q: Where is he in his rehab? Is he still on track to get back at some point this season?

HARBAUGH: Talking to the doctor and to Michael, they feel very good about where he is right now. I wouldn’t categorize it as ahead of schedule because he’s just starting now to move on it. But it looks great, that’s the word from the doctor. I’m optimistic there. Michael did a tremendous job post-surgery, stayed in town, did not leave, did not travel. He did everything that he was being asked to do. They say it looks great.

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