Harbaugh on final cuts: “A very exciting, good day.”

Here is a transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s post-cuts conference call, courtesy of the 49ers.


How was the process today or over the last couple of days, of getting down to this 53-man? How difficult was that?

“Well, there’s a lot of worthy players. And the thing that’s profound to me was that so many guys improved, so many guys were ascending players, right up to the point of making the final roster, that it made the day, to me, a very exciting, good day by the efforts of the players and what our coaches accomplished over the offseason and the training camp. And to see young football players ascend and get better as football players, that’s very exciting to me. But I have yet to have a day where it’s not been a good experience to watch the players ascend.”


Do you guys intend to sign FB Owen Marecic?

“As always is our policy, we don’t talk about any player who is not a part of our team. Who we intend to sign, or workout, or what possibilities there are out there. You could just get into an endless discussion about it.”


How difficult was it in making the decision to move on from TE/LS Brian Jennings and go with LS Kevin McDermott?

“Yeah, that was a big decision and personal because Brian Jennings, to me, we breathe the same air. There’s nobody I can say I enjoy more than Brian Jennings. Watching him play, watching him compete, just being around him every single day. And I think Brian’s got more football in him. He’s definitely a NFL top-level talent. And we felt that way about Kevin McDermott and that decision we felt was in the best interest of the team. But, yeah, on a personal level that was as tough as it gets.”


Were these two games a test for McDermott, and how did he perform in these last two preseason games?

“Good. It’s a test for everybody all the time. That’s the nature of football. But he acquitted himself very well and made the football team and we’re excited about him. Everybody you talk about on the team is in competition, but that position has been under scrutiny, has been competitive every day of training camp and was before in the offseason. Every single day you’re laying it on the line and what they do in their profession. And it’s been scrutinized, it’s been competed for daily. So, he handled it, handled his business.”


There were some guys, you talk about the ascending players, anybody come to mind of the guys who did make it? Certainly, it looked like LB Nate Stupar played his way onto the team in the last couple weeks?

“I wouldn’t categorize it the last couple of weeks. Ever since Nate got here late last season, was added to the practice squad, the way he’s worked and the way he’s ascended as a football player and improved has been very good for our football team and for himself as a player. You get so excited about that. And gosh, maybe there’s more there too and he can keep ascending. You talk about it being a meritocracy, that was evidenced with Nate Stupar.”


What are you going to do with RB LaMichael James? Are you going to put him on the PUP list or what’s going to happen?

“You can’t put somebody on the PUP list now. So no we would not put him on the PUP list. That’s not an option. To put somebody on the physically unable to perform list, once they practice one day in training camp that no longer becomes an option per the collective bargaining agreement.”


The decision to keep the five wide receivers, you obviously had some veterans in and WR Lavelle Hawkins showed up well the last couple weeks, what went into that decision?

“What always does. You do what you feel is the best thing for the football team. They’ve competed well. They’ve performed well and at this time were put on the 53.”


We saw WR Chad Hall get into the game at defensive back the other night. He seems like a guy who was going all out since the beginning of the offseason program. Was that a tough cut for you?

“Like we talked about, I really felt Chad Hall improved by a real inflection from the time he got here and through the offseason and through training camp. Definitely was, talked about, several guys that were right there on the, certainly deserving and on the cusp of making it and Chad Hall was one of those. I would say no doubt about it, he was very deserving of making it.”


QB B.J. Daniels, if he’s not there yet, do you see him being able to compete for the backup job at some point this season?

“Again, talking about really just jobs in general, who’s competing for the starting job or who’s competing for the backup job, that just takes place. There’s no discussion about it outside of the practice field and the meeting rooms, except when it relates to the starting quarterback. I can see entertaining a lot of questions on that position as we have in the past, but not the other positions.”


Can you just maybe discuss what you saw from B.J. this summer and in the preseason games? Did he open your eyes or when you drafted him is that kind of what you anticipated?

“Definitely thought a lot of him when we scouted him and drafted him. And, the coaches coached him hard and he got to compete with multiple players at the position. Some that were on this team, some that were veterans of the league and nothing was ever handed to him and he went out and performed. Performed in games, performed in practice and earned that spot. That was just another example of the merit system, and felt that he earned it with his play.”


With LB Cam Johnson, was there question when the game started on Thursday? Was he one of those guys on the bubble or had he already in your mind earned his spot on the 53?

“Everybody uses that cliché the bubble. There’s constant evaluation daily in practice and in games. What he did in practice and in all the games, there’s no question especially in that game that earned it, merit again. He showed that he is a ascending, improving player as he had in training camp and in the offseason and when he was here last year on the roster, on the squad. Yeah, that was earned again. There’s a body of work, but definitely that game was a shining moment, shining game for him.”


You guys are deep at linebacker. Is that a good position to be deep at as far as contributing to special teams? You want to have a lot of linebackers for your special teams coverage?

“Yes you do. That’s a place you want to be strong and I think we will be. I think that who dresses in the games, there’s still 46. Only so many go to the game when your team is fully healthy, but definitely they’ll be training up in those positions. Keeping guys that are smart, keeping guys that are tough, keeping guys that are hungry. I feel good about our team in that regard.”

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  1. If Harbs knew he was cutting Hawkins and Jacobs–which he obviously did, given that they both tore it up in the 4th Q of the last game–why didn’t he just keep in Baldwin to give him more reps?

      1. I agree with you both. The merit system theory goes completely out the window considering that Baldwin made the roster. His play didn’t support it at all.

      2. Mid West,
        “His play didn’t merit it” — but his pay did. Niners could be paying him this year while he plays for another team. A penalty for us and a gift for that other team. In the age of caps that is a double minus. Baldwin is a bridge to Manningham or Crabtree or better yet turns out to be worth every penny this year.

        On Sulley’s Q, I figured playing those other two was more about BJ Daniels and seeing what he could do. His practice and play and thus comfort was with Jacobs and later Hawkins. He probably had few to no reps with the latest to the show, Baldwin.

      3. Niners could be paying him this year while he plays for another team. A penalty for us and a gift for that other team. In the age of caps that is a double minus.

        That still has a strong chance of happening if he doesn’t leap up the depth chart. Unless he makes some loud noise he will be a casualty of Manningham and potentially Crabtree coming back midseason. It makes no sense for the team to have seven WRs on the roster, especially considering the utilization of the TEs.

    1. They had already decided by then that’s why. You don’t play players you want to keep in the 4th quarter of the final preseason game if you don’t have to.

      1. 2 reasons Albert.

        1) Hawkins made plays. (Who cares if it was against the bottom of the depth chart guys).

        2) He’s not Jon Baldwin. (Who cares if Baldwin has been more productive in 2 years than Hawkins has in 5).

      2. He was so productive that he was traded for A.J. Jenkins because he couldn’t take hold of the #2 WR position.

      3. In LH’s one healthy year he had more catches than Baldwin in his 2 yrs with KC. I think we should have kept ‘em both, 6wr’s and went with 9 LB’s instead of 10

      4. They have Williams, Patton, and Cox to help in the run game.

        Powder puff secondaries? At least it was against starting defenses. Hawkins was playing against a bunch of guys who were cut the last 2 days.

      5. Even better. He’s been in the league 5 years and healthy for 1. Let’s sign him up.

        Hawkins played in 23 games his first 2 years and had 14 catches.

        Are you intimating you are smarter than the coaches? You wouldn’t have that big of a head would you? ; )

      6. Powder puff secondaries? At least it was against starting defenses.

        That doesn’t change the fact that the secondaries that he caught receptions against were weak.

      7. Trust me Jack. You have a big enough head for everyone on this blog with room to spare.
        Hawkins was about as productive in that one healthy season as Baldwin has been in two.

      8. MidWest,

        You’ve been down on Baldwin since the trade. That’s your opinion and as you told me yesterday you’re entitled to it.

        Other commentors have done a better job of explaining the decision to go with Baldwin over Hawkins better than me.

        The big head comment was directed towards jshaw as a joke after a comment he had towards me a couple days ago.

        If you want to start getting personal let me know.

      9. Baldwin failed to be a #2 WR for the Chiefs but the 49ers aren’t asking to him to fill that spot. Here in SF he’s the #5 -emergency if there’s a disaster – WR. For that role he did as well as Hawkins. Toss in the guaranteed money and it was likely an easy choice for management.

      10. I apologize for my comment Jack but not for my distaste in Baldwin. I have seen him on TV and have not been impressed at all. I also have friends that go to every Chiefs game that they can during the season and they too have come to hate Baldwin’s style of play. Even now they are laughing at me for the team trading for Baldwin. And you know what? I can’t blame them. Baldwin is a joke that needs to prove that he is more than that or he will be a midseason cut when Manningham and then Crabtree come back from their injuries. Keeping him on the roster now is just delaying the inevitable and a waste of a roster spot.

      11. Mid,

        Maybe you’re right and Baldwin does get cut; maybe he doesn’t, but the team would be crazy to trade for the guy and cut him 2 weeks later without seeing how he adapts to the system over a few weeks as he learns it. It doesn’t matter what he’s done before; only what the Niners believe he can do for them going forward.

      12. If he lands on the current depth chart as the fifth best WR then that won’t be saying much Rocket.
        I do hope that Baldwin proves me wrong but he has a long ways to go and little time to get there.

  2. The roster will very likely have a very different look come Dec with the addition of Marecic, Dobbs, Manningham, Crabtree, Carradine and possibly Dial. That’s as many as 6 players who could be cut between tomorrow and Dec. If I was on the roster but not starting I wouldn’t be contacting a real estate agent any time soon.

    1. I’m guessing Baalke will be shopping players to trade between now and December to make room for all those returning players.

      1. Brodie I believe with the bottom of the roster quality of players he will be cutting, teams will likely take the chance that the player will clear waivers and they can sign them for free. Unless they have a serious need because of injury.

  3. Harbaugh is far better than Singletary or Nolan–not even close. But his presser act is wearing thin. At first it was funny, then it became mildly interesting. Now I’m getting bored with the manly men, competing in the arena and every fart in red in gold is alive and exciting, blah, blah, blah, but don’t ever ask me any question that involves any kind of complexity or insight into what the team is doing.

  4. Sorry to see Jennings go, all Pro.
    There are going to be some decisions to be made when Crabtree and Manningham return. We haven’t seen what K Wiliams looks like yet.
    I see the tight end position becoming a key to victory.
    All in all lots to be happy about and to look forward to.

  5. i still want to know who is going to return punts/kicks, since james is out. do the 9ers have a burner who can catch it, hold onto/not fumble it, and burn it to the end zone? i suppose that guy is williams, for now. are we to be enthusiastic about that?, or is there someone else i didn’t think of?

    1. Smartmove by the Packers. They are doing everything they can not to get embarrassed by Kap and the Niners this year in game 1.

      1. At first i was thinking at least the hawks didn’t get him, but you’re right. We could potentially see GB twice. Interesting

  6. I really don’t get the infatuation with Lavelle Hawkins, or desire of some to keep him over Jon Baldwin. Either guy would be the 5th WR on the team. Come game day, they’ll likely only suit of 4 WRs, so neither guy would suit up unless there was an injury. So why keep a vet with limited upside?

    Hawkins has had a go at an NFL career and shown he’s (at best) just another guy. He was cut by the Patriots 2 months after they signed him, was then picked up by the 49ers and he wasn’t having a particularly impressive camp – if he had been he’d have moved up the depth chart. But 1 KO return TD and 1 “spectacular” catch (I put that in quotation marks because everyone seems to forget that it should have been a routine catch – juggling it in the first place was actually not a good sign) against 4th string defenders and all of a sudden he’s a must keep? I don’t get the attraction.

    Baldwin is a young guy with a lot of raw talent. He may never pan out, but he’s got physical skills you simply can’t teach, and he’s a natural split end which none of the other 49ers WRs are. Read any of his draft scouting reports and they all say pretty much the same thing – great natural talent but his route running sucks, he’s inconsistent, and he’ll likely need 2-3 years to develop. The upside is there. Seems like a much better use of the 5th WR spot on the team to me.

    1. Spot on post Scooter. I think the venom spewed toward Baldwin by commenters on this blog is a bit over the top. Folks ought to look at Baldwin in context–a wide receiver who played with a carousel of lousy quarterbacks and offensive coordinators dating back to his days at Pitt. Fact is, given decent coaching and CK, he’ll be fine in his role here.

      1. I look at it in that, despite the atrocious WR options with the Chiefs during those two years, he never took hold of the #2 WR position. He was also traded in a bust-for-bust move for A.J. Jenkins. That isn’t venom. That is nothing but pure facts. Baldwin has until the seventh game to make some noise (not a peep but NOISE) or he stands a good chance of getting cut once Manningham comes back from his injury. No excuses.

      2. Not wanting to quibble, but “he was also traded in a bust-for-bust move for A.J. Jenkins” is not pure fact. That he was traded for Jenkins is fact. In a “bust-for-bust move” is your opinion on the two players involved in the trade. Yes, it happens to be the opinion of many, but still opinion.

        That aside, how is Hawkins, who has now been cut by three teams this year (Titans, Patriots, 49ers – now that is nothing but pure fact, see the difference?), a better option?

        I’d rather the guy that has 1st round physical talent and was deemed as having at least some trade value to the guy with mediocre talent that hasn’t done much in five seasons and has been cut by 3 teams this year already.

        Oh well, he’s been a 49er for what now, 2 weeks? I guess it is fair he not be given any leeway…

      3. Hawkins would add an extra dimension to the return game for one Scooter. I know that there are some on here that say Williams, Patton, and Cox can be utilized there. Cox is fine, but I would rather see Patton and Williams only utilized on the offense so as to decrease even slightly the potential for injury.
        The claim of the bust-for-bust move just being my opinion is weak to say the least. You don’t switch two former 1st round picks if they aren’t busts. If Baldwin wasn’t, then Reid would have had no problem in utilizing him like he did with Owens when he was an Eagle.
        It doesn’t matter if Baldwin has talent or not if he can’t use it to its fullest potential.

      4. MidWest – as I said, it was quibbling. You said it was pure fact. It is not. There is nothing that defines a “bust”, and therefore it is all opinion-based. Like I said, that Baldwin was a bust in KC is a popular opinion, but still opinion nonetheless.

        That list of potential kick and punt returners should also include Hunter and James. Hawkins was not the #1 KR in TC. Also, Hawkins would only help on kick returns if they held one of the other WRs inactive, weakening the active receiving core, or keep all 5 WRs active on game day. They could well do so, but it would mean they don’t suit up someone else that could otherwise help out on the kick and punt coverage units.

        End of the day, you don’t like Baldwin as a player, you haven’t since he got here, so in your opinion he’s a waste of a roster spot. Fair enough – as you’ve said, you are entitled to your opinion.

        In my opinion he’s worth holding onto to see if he can fulfil his talent at the 49ers. Maybe Harbaugh and Baalke agree with me, as he’s on the team, and Hawkins is not. Or maybe they just couldn’t afford to cut him due to cap ramifications.

        Either way, I hope Baldwin can learn the mental side of the game as a 49er, because physically he’s got the talent to be a good split end.

      5. I excluded Hunter and James for the same reason that I did with Patton and Williams.
        As I have said earlier, his time to realize his potential is limited to due Manningham and Crabtree most likely coming back from their injuries midseason. If he hasn’t climbed past Williams and probably Moore as well, then he should be cut regardless of his potential.

      6. @MWN: I’ll expand on my earlier points: Chiefs QBs in 2012: 8 TDs, 20 Ints. In 2011: 13 TDs/18 TDs.
        Johnny Morton>Johnny Sirriani (KC WR Coach). Harbaugh and Co.>Crennel/Haley & Co. Situations and context do matter. Look no further than Alex Smith stats pre-Harbaugh vs post-Harbaugh as an example. Anyway, Baldwin will be infinitely better off with CK and our coaching staff. If he can’t lock down a 3rd or 4th WR spot, he’ll be gone by week 7 when Manningham returns.

      7. Having kick/ punt returners that also play a role on offense/ defense is pretty common. It means it is one less specialist you need to have active on game day.

        Since the 49ers have kept a couple of special teams specialists for coverage units (Ventrone, Moody), it is important the kick and punt returners can also fill roles on offense and defense. I think after seeing a few long kick and punt returns against the 49ers most people can agree that solidifying the coverage units over keeping a 5th receiver active to be the kick returner is a smart move.

  7. if Tolzien got a page…..Brian Jennings definitely deserves a book….

    * Jennings was teammates with Jerry Rice
    * He was drafted by then-general manager Bill Walsh
    * He saw the team go from a playoff team in 2001 to the league’s worst team in 2004 to a Super Bowl team in 2012.
    (from MB)

    1. The obvious one would be Jacobs who’s no doubt a shoe in for the PS. That looked really good this preseason and you know he’s the first one up if any injuries. Other than that I’m not sure

    1. No room for old snappers in the NFL. He was a soldier for the organization but he needed to be able to do more than snap the football. He has to hold the point and he was definitely a little light in the pads. It was that time. Plus the backup was cheap and beat him out.

    2. It’s also possible our FO sees McDermott as the next Jennings in terms of ability, and felt if he were cut that he’d never make it through to our PS.

      1. There is annoying and there is useless waste of oxygen. Everyone here knows which one you are.

        Quit wasting our air.

  8. @Ghost of Mustard–Never understood the fascination for Dylan. Now “Handsome Dick Manitoba” is a whole nuther story. I can do Harbaugh’s pressers in my sleep now if I wanted to.

      1. Despite Gray playing just a few snaps there was just something about him that made me think he was a real football player. I trust this coaching staff but wished we kept him on the roster.

    1. I would be okay with it if Coffee is, but if we can’t, you can still participate by setting your team to auto draft from either your list of players that you wish to acquire or telling the system to draft for you the best player and/or position need available when it is your turn to pick.
      On another note, do you still wish to remain with my league or join Coffee’s? We are trying to split up the 20 team league into two 10 team leagues so that drafting will not be such a headache.

      1. @ midwest i dont have a problem switching over to balance the lgs. I just would like it on labor day if at all

      2. Let’s find out what Coffee thinks first. I am fine with it, but if he isn’t able to then I won’t push him to do so.

      3. Should be fine. But lets make sure we let everyone know the best we can so draft attendance is somewhat decent hopefully.

      4. as of right now I am the only person in the second leg I’ve changed the draft to 11 a.m. tomorrow. but if people are going to move they need to do it pretty soon . if by tomorrow morning there are not enough to draft I will simply delete the league. I will let someone else take my place on the 20 team league for me that’s just too many people .

      5. Yeah I know. Like you, I have done what I can to get others to your league so that we can have two teams of 10 instead of the 20 team monster that we have.

      6. At this point I’m still the only person signed up in the second league.

        league id: 1938178
        password: blogleague

        Draft is at 11am tomorrow. The 2nd league is capped at 10 teams, if you drop the first and find the second to be full then you can simply sign back up for the first league and we can get this evened out.

        I’ll log in tomorrow at 9 am, if it’s still mostly empty I’m gonna call it and take the boat out instead. Hope we can get this to work.

      7. Thanks Msclemon. Coffee needs eight more from my league to join his before we draft tomorrow. Any other takers for two teams of 10?

    1. I got a little misty reading his goodbye. I get it’s pure emotion but I’m pretty bummed about this move.

    2. Class guy on and off the field, and now he leaves with class. Wish him all the best, wherever he lands. But when he retires from football, I hope it’s as a 49er.

    3. What a true professional and gentleman. You can tell he has class and was passionate about his team and the job. I wish you the best Mr. Jennings and thanks for all the great memories.

      Grant why not write about a true football player that was a fan favorite and contributed to the 49ers organization for 13 years!

  9. One other perspective on both Baldwin and Jenkins. Because they were their teams top pick they were both given more opportunity to make their respective teams than say a player who was just signed for camp. Even though Baldwin was not picked by the Niner’s he still carries over some of that residual preferentual treatment. He is somewhat of a carry over from Jenkins. What ever production they can get from him helps to lessen the loss of face in the Jenkins choice. So would still gives him an advantage in respect to competing against other players who were not drafted by the team. So it is obvious that in any competition for a spot Baldwin would have a built in advantage over someone like Hawkins.

    1. I’m hoping if Baldwin develops even a little, the 49ers could field a big receiver formation with Baldwin, Boldin, Davis and McDonald. This would present defenses a red-zone matchup nightmare… IF Baldwin pans out.

  10. Well, since tolzien went to greenbay, we need to change line calls, audibles and anything that can be used against us. I don’t want to see a repeat of that Raider/bucs superbowl where Gruden had the defense calling out every play.

    1. Or the Rams 2012! Baseball Managers change their signs every game, Roman can work something out. We have to do it with our division opponents, except Seattle games cuz no one can hear the calls anyway.

  11. Multiple Choice:

    Who does Dobbs bump upon returning?

    A. Tukuafu
    B. Jerod-Eddie
    C. Nobody

    Who does Marecic knock off?

    A. Stupar
    B. Ventrone
    C. Moody
    D. Nobody

    Wright comes in and who goes out?

    A. Ventrone
    B. Dahl
    C. Moody
    D. Nobody

    1. Razor
      Not sure it has to always be within the same position group. So, just for example, when Dobbs returns they could release Stupar, though Tuk or TJE seem more likely. I’m still not sure I ‘get it’ on Marecic or Reid anyway.

    2. I’ll go A, A and D (unless there is an injury). I don’t see Wright taking anybody’s spot. He’s an insurance policy they have locked up to a contract in case someone gets hurt.

      1. The poll doesn’t ask who I would knock off Scooter. If it did, then I would choose F for question 2. F is ‘Why are we even entertaining the thought of adding him?!’
        I am guessing that the team would release Johnson mainly because he is in the 5th hole on the OLB depth chart.

  12. The Packers signed Scott Tolzien to their practice squad. Maybe he’ll give Dom Capers a clue how to stop the 49ers’ offense.

      1. This is a big disappointment to me. I would rather have Gray than even a player with the potential of Cam Johnson. Gray’s skillset is just hard to find. Bummed out.

      1. We will let Gray develop in KC for a year, then when he is ready to play on a “good” team, we will fleece KC in another trade. :)

    1. Even if they really like Celek, was keeping a 10th LB in Stupar better than keeping a 4th TE in Gray? I don’t believe so. Like most others, I think Gray has the potential to be a quality player in a season or two.

      1. Gray played 14 snaps all preseason. I don’t see the need for all the love. In McDonald they have the athletic replacement for Walker locked up for 4 years. The 3rd TE needs to be more of a blocker which is why the choice is Celek.

        The 10th LB is primarily for special teams and will likely be among the first to go as other players are claimed/signed, or come off the injured lists.

      2. Fair points Jack. Though my liking of Gray has more to do with what was written about him during practices more so than pre-season games. As you said, he didn’t see much action.

        I would be shocked if the 49ers weren’t hoping to have him on the PS. If they really liked him, it might have been better to hold onto him for a week, then waive him when Dobbs comes back (and other teams have already made moves to complete their 53).

      3. Both of you make good points. Thanks. I suspect part of the decision was based on his blocking. That’s one area in which Celek is better, I guess. Still, blocking can be taught, which is what the practice squad is for. Players with Celek’s skill set are common. I still don’t understand it, but you have to go with the FO.

    1. Midwest, I was laughing when I saw that. I can’t stand Ray “I know when the cameras are on” Lewis. Since he’s touting his clairvoyance, maybe he can tell us how those two young men were stabbed to death in Atlanta but nobody went to prison for it. Ray-Ray doesn’t like to perform for those cameras.

      1. Prime, He was actually convicted for obstruction of justice after the prosecutors lowered the charges from first degree murder because he agreed to testify against his buddies, who later got off. SMH. I can’t believe how many people forget about that. The bottom line is, he was involved.

    2. Midwest, i am glad Jed said something because Ray Lewis was extremely lucky to end his career riding on a white horse with a ring! He looked awful out there and now comes up with this bs conspiracy that the game was set up so we could come back from behind! oh really! what a joke.

      1. Got Morris back, almost there. Chiefs signed Cooper…my word, they love them some Niners. If the new Bay Bridge falls apart, they can have that, too.

      2. And we have Jewel back. My holiday wish list is complete. Add Jed York’s badass tweet, and it’s time for a thin mint sundae.

  13. Who was it? “Pain In The Ass Know It All,” who said that Gray would not be claimed off waivers. Well, you got half your name right.

    1. I had hoped Gray would stick too, but I’m starting to think his supporters, like me, shouldn’t overreact. After all, they had him for an extended time, and their judgement is pretty good. We’ll just have to see.

  14. the Raiders are dumping Wilson . Cue Grants article about how dumb the Raiders are for dropping him and how we should pick him up in 5…4…3…2….

    1. CFC, Are you referring to the Brett Favre clone? Lol, but he would have been a top ten pick last year….

      All joking aside, it’s a great feeling to have the type of roster that makes other franchises look forward to our cut downs.

  15. @George, it’s true that the braintrust needs to be given the benefit of the doubt, in spite of the 2012 draft, which might go down as the worst in Niners history.

  16. …..just don’t see why Colt is on this team……..does anyone really think he can win 1 game (or even half a game) ………..

    One of the rookies Marcus Cooper or MarQueis Gray should be on the roster……

    1. oneniner i agree with you about Colt! i was never impressed with him however hopefully the coaches see more in him than you and i that can be developed.

  17. Why did Grant edit out the part of the conference where he looked like a dummy in front of the entire reporting corps (and was called on it by Harbaugh)?

    Here’s the original version:

    What are you going to do with RB LaMichael James? Are you going to put him on the PUP list or what’s going to happen?

    “Who’s asking that question?”

    This is Grant Cohn.

    “You can’t put somebody on the PUP list now. So no we would not put him on the PUP list.”

    So you’re going to carry him on the roster?

    “That’s not an option. To put somebody on the physically unable to perform list, once they practice one day in training camp that no longer becomes an option per the collective bargaining agreement.”

    Guess that’s one way to get yourself noticed…

    1. I don’t get it…..the exchange was reported above……..by Grant

      dude…Give him a break …. you shouldn’t be surprised Grant is not too familiar with the PUP list……..if you want news about who is squealing or how sweet the backup QB is you come to GC.

    2. I too was under that incorrect impression that Grant was. The PUP and IR Rules were tweaked recently (this year?), so a detail slipped bye us. JH has an entire staff of people keeping him up to speed, so he should be out in front. /shrug/

  18. Mike Purcell and Michael Thomas added to PS, taking it to 7. Will be interesting to see who is the 8th. I would have thought Trenton Robinson would make the PS, but not sure they’d keep 3 DBs back there.

      1. I’d already counted Bykowski, Omameh, Hampton, Jacobs and Morris – they were the first five known to have been signed. There is one spot left.

      2. I still don’t know why Marecic is getting signed. Dixon is a better st player an there’s no need for fb2/3. Is me ps eligible? Put him there.

  19. “Former #49ers WR Lavelle Hawkins remains unsigned after he was released Saturday.”

    Stunner! Doesn’t the rest of the NFL know how explosive this guy is?

      1. Hawkins apparently is a little too flamboyant while Hall and Andy Reid worked together in Philly.

        I’m calling it now, as soon as Manningham or Crabtree is healthy, Kyle Williams will be released.

      2. Hall did more this off-season than Baldwin Scooter. That said, I believe that both would be hard pressed to stick on the roster once Manningham and Crabtree return from their injuries unless they were able to reach the #3 WR position.

      3. Mid Hall was not gonna make it unless he lit it up in the preseason, which he didn’t. The second factor was his size. Baalke believes in large men, he was not gonna keep Williams and Hall, both are 5 foot nothing guys. Baldwin at least has some size. Patton as well is not that big so outside of numbers, I think size and durability became a factor.

      4. Baldwin did one thing this offseason that neither Hall or Hawkins did – he ran with the first team offense (while he was in KC).

      5. I think Hall could have Prime but oh well.
        He did and had an uneven performance Scooter. I would rather not argue about Baldwin and instead let his play do the talking. If he does enough he could stick on the roster after Manningham and then Crabtree return to the roster. If not, it will be hard to justify keeping a guy that is the seventh best WR on the team, regardless of his potential.

      6. Baldwin might not even see the field this year if Moore and Patton continue on their ascending play. I’m hoping this new blood of Boldin, Patton and Moore can really take off and be a dynamic group. With the run game and Vernon, this offense with this trio could be something teams will have no answer for.
        My biggest worry going and most intrigued to see is
        how Roman calls this offense. Like last year in GB, they pulled no punches and really let it fly. Here’s hoping to a more balanced attack with some new explosive wrinkles.

    1. What is more shocking is the rest of the NFL doesn’t know what a great GM you are…….

      Hawkins does not return punts. And he is below average when covering kickoffs and punts on special teams…….

      He will never be a #1 or 2 receiver and the team has 2-3 kickoff returners……….why would the 49ers sign him ? ……..

  20. Adam Schefter:

    Six teams — CLEV, HOU, GB, DAL, NO, BALT — put in waiver claims for
    former 49ers RB MarQueis Gray, who was awarded to the Browns.

    1. That’s some good teams in there that have a good eye for talent. I hope it doesn’t end up being a case of the one that got away.

    2. so it was not just a few crazy fans here going crazy with the Gray move! Jack why do you think so many other NFL teams has interest in Gray despite his 14 snaps?

      1. so it was not just a few crazy fans here going crazy with the Gray move! Jack why do you think so many other NFL teams have interest in Gray despite his 14 snaps?

      2. Gray is a good athlete, but not at the level of the 3 the team kept.

        In Davis, McDonald, and Celek the 49ers are set at TE for the forseeable future.

      3. Chicago,

        I’ve never felt strongly about Celek. He drops ball, does not hold blocks and is barely a shadow of his brother. I felt like the Niners should have kept Gray. He had 1 catch in the preseason but I remember it well. He made the catch and then started directing his blocking after the catch. He looked quick nd he has instincts.( Gifts from being a QB!) That was the cut that is going to come back on us. he’s gonna be a player.

      4. Chicago,

        The “crazy” fans in here fell in love with a player who caught one pass all of preseason. What you fell in love with were the opinions of writers on his play in practice.

        The problem with keeping a developmental player on the 53 man roster is you get no contribution from him. The kid has talent no question, but he’s a former QB/RB learning how to play TE and that type of conversion is normally done as a PS player.

        Everybody’s down on Celek, but he’s a prototype TE in size, has experience at the position and is much further along in his blocking ability. They kept Celek because Celek is the better option right now. They have Davis and McDonald as the long term top two TE’s. There was no room for Gray.

    3. So what if other teams put claims in. The Niners had no need for the guy and the Browns now have to keep a kid on their roster who doesn’t play ST’s and doesn’t know how to play TE. He is a developmental player I’m sure the Niners would have loved to have on the PS, but they weren’t going to waste a roster spot on a project, nor should they have.

    1. Interesting article. The author is right on target on both counts. LMJ won’t play this season unless Gore/Hunter are injured. I wonder if the Niners will trade him during the season?

  21. Grant your hero football player now is a spy on the packers practice squad, why do you think he is taking the ps job since he will never play as the QB for the packers?

      1. Fleming was waived/injured. Was still off. How could o forget everybody’s favorite 5th linebacker Cam Johnson. Doh!

        What’s the over/under on number of games any of those 3 will be active? 8?

      2. Since Fleming was wiaved/ injured and cleared waivers he is still on the 49ers roster on the IR. To release him they would have needed to reach an injury settlement with him.

    1. With all of the trades in 2012 for 2013 picks it’s almost like Baalke looked at the the 2102 class, said “blech” and punted to 2013.

      Or he just had a bad hair day. 2010, 2011, and -from the initial looks of it- 2013 will make up for it.

      1. It will be interesting to see over time how the 2012 draft class overall stacks up against other classes. Obviously the QBs are looking good early…

  22. Grant yahoo sports is calling Reggie McKenzie’s choice of Tyler Wilson in the 4th Rd a “terrible mistake” Any thoughts?

    1. We are talking about the Raiders after all, not exactly the mecca of great football decisions. He’s not a bust yet and I’m curious to see if another set of coaches cant get a little more from the kid.

    1. No. But for what the 49ers do he is the better 3rd TE. Gray is this years Konrad Reuland.

      I get the potential of Gray, but they already have what he would bring to the table in Davis and McDonald, and neither of those guys is going anywhere any time soon.

      1. I believe if Gray had been an excellent special teams player they might have kept a 4th TE but since he isn’t nearly as good a blocker as Celek he was never going to be the #3 TE. Harbaugh values blocking in his TE’s way to much to keep Gray

      2. Or he could be an oversized WR who takes forever to learn the position and has no impact at all. We don’t know Nick. The team didn’t see the logic in keeping him, not much else to say.

      3. Nick says: “Gray would have been the Delaney Walker of this draft – fast, athletic TE”.

        Forget Gray. Chris Harper is the new Delanie Walker.

  23. Just checked into our hotel in Seattle getting ready for a 7 day Alaska cruise and sitting on the table was tickets from my wife to the game for week 2. 50 yard line row 5 behind the visitors bench. Go 49ers.

  24. Not a bad fantasy draft, not the one here. Ck7, Russell wilson, arian foster, felix Jones, l bell pittsburg, franklin ucla and greenbay, welker, amendola, hartline, ty hilton, witten, olsen (Texans), dawson kicker, defense houston and tampa. 12 team league. What d o you think?

    1. Good one here is mine qbs I have matt Ryan rb I have Jamaal Charles and matt forte wrs Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones my flex is mike Wallace my D is Seattle and my kicker is the Giants kicker don’t remember his name.

      1. Its a 8 team. Blaire Walsh is the kicker who led in fantasy last year and also forgot my TE is Vernon Davis really am stoked about my team unfortunately I have only one backup running back and its Fred Jackson from the Bills so I hope no one gets hurt I am stacked for wr and my backup qb is Romo and my backup D is Denver.

    2. That’s not bad. A lot like mine. I have CK7, Russell Wilson, Seattle’s D, NE’s D, Marshon Lynch and Eddie Lacy, Quinton Patton, Vernon Davis, Welker, Tavon Austin, and Dobson out of NE. No kickers. I had to pick last in an 8 team league on yahoo. I

  25. I guarantee you that we will create more pressure on the QB that has ever been seen in the NFL EVER! Our pass rush will dominate football games this year. DOMINANT!!!

    1. I agree! I’ve been trying to be restraint in my optimism, but this defense is downright scary (for the other teams)! Finally, not only do we have a bonafide pass rush, we have serious depth. Our backups have could start on other teams in the NFL. We’ll be churning non-stop pressure.

    1. At least Grant knows how and when to use
      “your” … and “you’re” …

      So … just GUESS ..

      who looks more like an idiot ?

    1. I was just getting ready to post this! We’re being seriously aggressive at WR. I love it! I’m assuming if they can develop Harper into a possession receiver (and who better to mentor than Boldin) we’ll have a well rounded receiving unit.

      I think we’re going to see a passing game that is pretty vertical and very explosive. Kaep has bazooka for an arm, but the accuracy of a laser (and particularly downfield). I actually expect us to run the read-option less this year, because Kaep is establishing himself as an effective pocket passer. This gives him the ability to break off and run whenever the pocket opens up. Essentially it will be a Greg Roman spin on the read-option for the purpose of 1) maintaining Kaep’s protection under NFL rules, while 2) exploiting defenses with a disguised read-option. Kaep can get the ball downfield in a blink and I think that’s going to be one of the surprises that he’s worked on this off-season. I keep going back to Crabtree TD against NE when Kaep split two DB’s with a laser from 40yrds away (ball traveled over 60MPH). Not to mention you have TWO bruising TEs who are fast and can catch. We are going to BURN opponents this year!

      1. I hear ya Razor, I like Marecic but he is not better than Miller at this point and also lacks the multi-skills that Dixon has. Harbs loves him some Marecic though…..perhaps Boobie is on the trade block?

      2. Mmm, could be…Boobie has looked the best I’ve ever seen him look this year. I would be slightly surprised if that were to occur.

      3. @Razoreater,
        Trading Boobie is definitely an option. We could get great value for him. But I agree, with a slight question mark around Hunter, and a HUGE question mark around Lattimore, trading a solid back may not be the smartest move. But we’ll see. All I know is that I’m loving the aggressive approach to getting better on our roster and staying competitive.

      4. I brought up trading away Boobie about a week ago. The blog laughed and said it wasn’t an option. Look at all he did last season. All the same arguments for L James.
        Now, it appears that will be an option.
        I think Stupar is here to fill in 1 game as a back up during the Dobbs suspension. Williams will likely be cut to make room for another WR. He’s the weakest link that isn’t guaranteed 1 million this season.

  26. SF added WR help by way of Seattle. 49ers signed WR Chris Harper off Seattle’s practice squad, per league source.@AdamShefter

    1. I posted the article with the same Schefter tweet (6:34 AM) earlier then undercenter reposted the same thing. Then at 6:54 AM Maiocco updated saying that Seahawks are still trying to hold onto him. Not official yet because Pete Carroll ain’t going down easy on this, but hopefully Adam Schefter is right. No days off on Labor Day for the 49ers front office that’s for sure.

  27. Another big, strong, physical wide receiver, but with a bunch of drops in TC that got a 4th Round pick cut. Reportedly had great hands in college. Does he have probs with press coverage? End zone drop P#4 he was wide open and ball bounced off his chest.

  28. For Quest4Six participants:
    Bad news. I tried to log in the fantasy league that I created and am not being able to do anything on there expect access the league options. I emailed NFl.com for a reason as to why this is happening and just recently received a response that said that they would look into the problem in the future, but for now that my best recourse was to dissolve the current league and set up a new one, which I unfortunately must do.
    I will try to have the league set back up and ready for the draft ASAP. I am very sorry for those that joined because this affects you too. For those who wish, they are free to join Coffee’s league by utilizing the link higher up on this page.
    Again, I apologize for the problem that this has caused. :-(

  29. Here is a little self promotion.
    Matt says:
    August 26, 2013 at 6:51 am
    I wonder if Harbaugh has seen enough from Gray to warrant not playing him. Perhaps that is how they intend to stash him on the practice squad.

    I’d like to credit Claude Balls, Chess GM and Bayareafantatic for seeing his value. I’d also like to call out some criticism since it’s been constant from a certain few. The real constant has been that it has been constantly wrong.

    Jack Hammer says:
    August 26, 2013 at 6:31 am
    This stuff with Gray is another case of fans over valuing the local player. Every team has a group of their own guys they want to keep first

    F’ing arrogant know-it-all. says:
    August 26, 2013 at 11:15 am
    SMH. Where does all this love for Marqueis Gray come from? As CB says, he’s made on catch in 3 preseason games and didn’t play last night. Forget the glowing practice reports when analyzing players. Other teams aren’t basing decisions on what Grant sees in a practice…(continues on for 2 more paragraphs)

    Matt Maiocco reports Gray DID NOT clear waivers http://www.csnbayarea.com/49ers/gray-hall-and-cooper-claimed-waivers

    I’d like to go on record again as saying L James is not staying on this team. Matt Maiocco is intimating about the same. I also said that I thought Dixon was getting traded and that Scott Tolzien would go to a team that has a pocket passer. Greenbay looks like a good fit if it isn’t just for intel.

    I’m definitely doing better predicting this season than I was last season at this time. Cheers.

    1. Want a cookie? I liked Marqueis Gray too but he is a raw project and if Vernon Davis ever went down the 49ers would have to rely on rookies like McDonald & Gray to pick up the pass blocking schemes to protect Kap. In a Super Bowl run?…..NO WAY. Was not going to happen no matter how you slice it, so this should not be surprising to anyone. The 49ers tried to get him to the practice squad but it didn’t work. It happens. Garrett Celek may not have the long term upside but he could jump in a pinch because he knows the system. If need be Balke could look for another TE next year, there are always projects like Marqueis coming out of college every year.

      1. Sure, can you make it chocolate chip? The point is that all of us are taking wild guesses. Sometimes they pan out and it’s fun when they do. Relax a little.

      2. Lol. I am relaxed and my point is realistic and valid. You’re the one here writing a novel calling out posters like Jack Hammer and boasting your predictions like you’re Jimmy The Greek or something. Like i said the move and outcome is no surprise at all.

    2. SMH. Matt everybody knew he was talented and I’m sure the Niners were interested in keeping him on the PS. What I said was that you and a few others were forming your opinions based on practice reports and not what you saw of him on the field, and that is a bad way to predict the roster. Your self promotion is misguided because the team did not keep him just like I and a few other predicted. He has talent but he is not a TE or ST’s player a team can rely on yet. In other words he should be on a PS, but the Browns obviously think differently so we’ll see how it plays out.

      I have never seen such anger and handwringing over an UDFA being cut. This is nuts.

  30. Good golly. Scouted the draft. Followed minies and camp religiously. Had a decent prediction of the cutdown 53. Thought I had a clue what they are up to. I guess not. Trade Parys & Cam?

    1. Guess this answered our question about who would be gone to create space for Chris Harper.

      I think it also shows that our coaches think we’re set on defense and that they believe that how much our offense improves is going to be a difference maker this year.

  31. Quest4Six is back up now. It is now down to a team of 10 though. If you had joined previously and still wish to be in it, use this link:


    The league ID is now 2002359 but the password is still blueKollarKnightmare.

    Again I apologize to those who had joined the first league that I was forced to delete due to technical difficulties.
    The draft is scheduled for later on today but I can push it back if needed.
    I also believe that Coffee has room still in his league that is listed above on this blog page.

    1. I also ask those who join to use their screen name from here or let me know what team name that you will be using in the league.

    2. I will change the draft time on the 2nd league back to today at 3pm to match yours. Once the first league fills up you can join the 2nd. I get a signal out there so I’ll still be able to participate.

      2nd league:
      ID: 1938178
      password: blogleague

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