Harbaugh on Gore: “What he’s had on the injury report does not to my eye affect him or our running game.”

SANTA CLARA — At his press conference this afternoon, I asked Jim Harbaugh a question about Frank Gore. Here is a transcript.

GC: Frank Gore has been on the injury report since after the Titans game with an ankle injury. Is that one of the reasons he’s rushed for just 121 yards the past three weeks? Is the ankle affecting him?

HARBAUGH: Could be. What he’s had on the injury report does not to my eye affect him or our running game, but you’re never in anyone else’s body so you don’t know for sure. But looking at him, and what’s on the injury report, it doesn’t appear to be affecting the running game, to answer your question.

  1. I think the answer to your question is obvious if you actually watch any of the games. Teams are stacking the line of scrimmage with 8-9 guys, and are dead-set on stopping the run game. Defenses can typically take away what they want, and they’re determined that they’re not going to let Frank beat them. And missing 2 pro-bowl offensive linemen and having 3 out of your 5 OL playing out of position doesn’t help either. Only guys playing in position right now is Goodwin and Anthony Davis.

    I think injuries and defensive scheme are the primary reason for the lack of production. If he was slow going through the hole or no agility when juking defenders, then I’d say an injury is probably hurting him. But when you watch the film, there just isn’t simply anywhere to run. Just a wall of bodies.

    1. Yup. And no wonder that Kap has had two good games in a row throwing the ball with 8 and 9 men in the box. He should be doing better, though, but I expect that trend should continue with Crabtree back.

      I would like to see more 11 personel to force the D into nickel. I think we can kill a nickel D with our running game, otherwise we should torch it with the passing game. Gore is so good at finding the daylight, he’s just incapable of outrunning anyone but interior linemen. The fewer big guys in the box, the better for Gore.

  2. Too bad you couldn’t follow up with; since you don’t think it’s one of the reasons what are the possible reasons then? Clearly you look for more then 121 yards in 3 games so why do you think his production has been down if it isn’t his ankle?

  3. Note for Coach Harbaw:
    “to my eye” you will need a viable running game
    against Seattle next week. Yes, “Crab” is back,
    but once the Seahawks have shut down Mr. Gore,
    then they will be free to concentrate/focus
    their efforts on your attempts to move the ball
    through the air. Richard Sherman is motivated.
    He wants to complete the sweep – in your house.

  4. Your math is broken and so is the Chiefs offense. Us Niner fans want the Chiefs to lose out so that our 2nd round pick is more valuable tool.

  5. Starting offensive line should be Boone/Iupati/Goodwin/Looney/AD. I’m excited to see them in action against Seattle’s best…..

  6. I don’t see a problem with Gore physically. I see no holes to run through and a lot of penetration in the backfield. Defenses are selling out against the run and it means the passing game has got to make them pay for it.

      1. Grant i believe that its a combination i believe he hurt his ankle early in the Washington game and it bothered him in the 2nd half of that game and yesterday but you ca’nt say with a straight face that the D they have been facing with 8 and 9 in the box is’nt a large part of his lack of success. Watch the film i guarentee a young F Gore would not be running for a whole lot more than old Frank is. Once you look at the film its pretty obvious.

      2. Grant there is 8\9 in the box and then theres 8\9 in the box. My point is the numbers might be the same but in the later games i observed teams selling out for the run more aggressivley than i have ever seen before. My meaning is 2 defenses can look the same but not be exactly the same.

      3. I’m not expecting Lattimore to play this season despite looking good in practice. On the other hand…

        Seriously, I saw all 49er backs dodging tacklers in the backfield yesterday. The Rams totally diagnosed the runs.

        Defenses are charging hard, not caring if they over-commit to one side of the field. Surprised Roman never called some counter plays or planned reversal of fields.

      4. “Sure, and Gore is slowing down.”

        Sure, and Iupati is injured.

        Against the Saints, Gore had gained 44 yards on 9 carries prior to Iupati’s injury. He gained 4 on his next 4 carries.

        1. Yup, and it is not indicative of how he ran for the most part with Iupati in the game. 7 carries for 9 yards with Iupati is pretty close to the 4 yards on 4 carries without Iupati.

      5. Throw out those two for sure.
        Two things, Jack:
        Grant likes the Mode, not the Mean
        You must need your exercise this afternoon to engage Grant in this type of didactic! ; >)

      6. 2 explosive runs out of 9? Sounds great, even when talking about Jim Brown, or Barry Sanders. Very, very few stats that don’t have a polar opposite.

        Stats will never win an debate, they only start them.

      7. Kaepernick played ok yesterday, he was 19-28 for 275 yards (9.8 ypa), but if you take out his completions of 20+ yards he was only 13-22 for 108 yards (4.9).

      8. There is nobody who hates to give up a point more than Grant. He’s going to work the “Gore’s legs are gone” angle any way he can.

      9. Grant you say Gore is having the worst year of his career and statisticly you are correct but you give no respect to the majority opinion that stats are’nt the most important measure. You remind me of a minority owner of the SD padres in the 90′s who said he should be the teams GM because his fantasy team had won his leagues championship 3 straight years and who knows stats better than a roto geek. No football GM will win a SB using a slide rule.

      10. Gore gets the yards that are there, nothing more. However, he does get the yards that are there, which is better than having a RB who can’t see the holes, or who runs into the back of his blockers, etc. Gore is also an excellent pass protector. Very few RBs in the league right now do everything well. Tough position to fill these days.

    1. Grant postulated weeks ago that Gore has lost a step and his legs are gone. There is absolutely nothing in the universe that will convince him otherwise and there will always exist a subset of statistics that can be cherry-picked to support his argument. He’s not one to admit he’s wrong either.

    1. Jack i’m playing the under and taking the Saints to cover. I had a very good week and have a little to play with today.

    2. Sorry, Jack, I missed this post a moment ago and asked the same question.
      Me: The Saints can win. Partially by wishing I’ll take the Saints to win outright by 1 point. Bit of a long shot, but I’m thinking about both Brees’ and Payton’s mentality and that they’ve been pointing to this game. I’d guess if anyone spoils my night it will be Marshawn Lynch.

    3. Well I’m guessing you don’t and I don’t either but given we’re at the bottom of the pick’em league maybe that’s a good thing for the Saints.

    4. I’d love to see the Saints win, but I don’t think they will. Brees is not great when he plays outside. He’s still good, but he’s not great. Hopefully, the Seahawks’ problems at CB will balance that.

      Also, Rob Ryan likes to blitz, which, as noted earlier, probably isn’t the best way to defend against Wilson. That said, Ryan has been more varied in his defenses this year, using multiple formations and varying individual formations and blitzes from game to game based upon matchups. If he can throw something at Seattle that it hasn’t seen on film, he might be able to keep them off balance for awhile. Unfortunately, the Saints’ defense only seems average against the run. If it can’t stop Lynch, Seattle won’t have to do much in the passing game.

    5. Jack, if they were playing in the dome, I would pick the Saints without reservation. Do they have a chance to win in Seattle? Yes. Will they? Probably not. But what I am hoping for is a close physical game for the full 60 minutes that really puts the Seahawks to the test on a short week before they play the 49ers. Still, games have to be played and a surprise win by the Saints would make the 49er/Seahawk game even larger at Candlestick.

    6. I don’t think the Saints will win but they have a chance with the depleted CB depth. The problem is the Saints on the road are usually not even close to being the team they are at home. They lost to the freaking Jets a few weeks ago in Jersey for goodness sakes.

      Maybe they’ll step up to the competition tonight and pull the upset. Stranger things have happened this season, that’s for sure.

  7. In my opinion we went in trying to pass not run,but that’s just me.secondly if we really went in to run we would have mixed in hunter or James more,I think hunter only had 1 maybe 2 carries.gore did fine we just didn’t try to keep pounding a square peg threw a round hole that’s just me
    what y’all thinl

    1. Harbaugh has his own thing going, eastcoast, but this is a case where I’d suggest he pull some old tape of BW’s teams vs Buddy Ryan’s Bears Gap8 Defense. Nobody got many, but the 49ers made a few plays against that suffocating D, including some in the run game.

      1. Brotha you can never go wrong watching film from the BW days but lets be honest the talent on this team compared to the precap walsh era 9ers is a joke. There probably are only 1 or 2 players from this years offense that could start for that era’s 9er O. Do’nt ask me to name which ones.

  8. Besides you FF and Quest types, have we all shared any thoughts on who wins tonight? I’m not good with numbers so I usually don’t try to predict the score.
    I think the Saints have a better chance to win in Seattle than most teams. For the sake of arguement (and noting there’s a bunch of wishing in this), I’ll pick the Saints by one.
    Chime in.

    1. I think the Saints can win tonight… the reason being. Seattle has started many games giving up 2-3 TD’s and having to play catch-up to come back and barely win in the final seconds or OT. If they get behind the Saints I don’t see Bree’s n company laying a egg in the 2nd half like those other teams

  9. Time for the offense to evolve into a more west coast offense. We have great possession receivers now in Crabtree, Boldin, Manningham, Davis. Gore (except against New Orleans), Miller, and James can all catch the ball out of the backfield.

    Gore and offensive line is banged up. Why force a round peg into a square hole? Let’s use what we have with our existing QB and receivers and go to a west coast offense (not a spread offense).

  10. Good question Grant! I think in addition stacking the box, teams scheming better against the run now. Not to mention I think the first weeks of stacking the box was more about Kaepernick than Gore. Teams didn’t want to get burned by the read option. Since we’re not running that very much this year, they’re back to focusing on Gore. I think once the passing improves a little bit, I think everything will start to click.

    That all being said, Gore’s ankle may also be a factor…I don’t see him fighting as hard when in the backfield, he doesn’t seem to have good strength back there.

  11. On Gore: Frank has been a great 49er and I would love to give him the benefit of the doubt and make excuses for his lack of production but in all honesty he seems a step slow. From high up in the stands on Sunday I thought there were two or three plays where the blocking was good enough to spring him for 10+ yards and he got tackled for minimal gains. It seemed as if his mind saw the holes, but the body just could not do what the mind wanted it to do.

    Maybe it is the ankle. By the way, Gore’s blocking on pass plays is still as superb as ever.

    1. No TV here and KNBR 1050 seems to power down the wattage in the evening. Are the SeAdderal SeaRoids really killing the Saints as badly as the scoreboards indicate?

    1. Make no mistake about it, the Seahawks are the real deal…as much as I hate to admit it, they are the NFC front runner for the Super Bowl….unfortunately, I don’t see the 9er’s faring much better this coming Sunday than the Saints are tonite….the Seahawks are just too good right now.

  12. Richard Sherman is a cheater and a thug. See that hit on the wr? That should be a fine. Dude was looking the other way.
    I hate Seattle.
    Saints making a comeback.

    1. Yeah, he may be a thug, but he can damn sure play CB….he’s a FA after this season, as is Doug Baldwin (both Stanford guys that played for Harbaugh)…will the 9er’s be smart enough to make an attempt to sign either one of these guys that’ll definately help them on both sides of the ball?

  13. That’s why I hate the seahaks. Getting in the face of a player celebrating a td. Bunch of punks. Sunday can’t get here soon enough.

  14. Seattle’s roster is filled with criminals, moreso than other clubs. Can’t figure out how they’ve avoided implosion. Maybe it’s Wilson’s leadership?

  15. Doggone Wilson is good. Smh.
    Bruce Irvin is better at dropping back into coverage than I expected; second game this season I’ve noticed that. Mostly zones and not manning up with a TE, but he gets decent depth and doesn’t look too stiff.

  16. Oh boy,
    Grant I don’t want to read your calculated prediction for next week.
    I want to keep on dreaming till Sunday…………….

  17. Russell Wilson is damn good. We are really going to have to take our chances and blitz him early and often and just trust that our corners can cover like we need them too. That is the only way we can beat them. We can’t play those safe coverages and expect to get to him. Lynch is no longer the problem. We have to punish Wilson. The QB must go down and he must go down hard!!!

    1. Bay,

      The read option with Kap keeping it was open against the Saints just like it was against the Rams. Kap just never kept it against the Saints. He kept it against the Rams and got positive yardage. He has to keep it more often. We have to spread Seattle out and attack them as opposed to putting heavy packages on the field and trying push them around. We aren’t healthy enough on our offensive line to do that.,

      1. Reading my mind…. Wilson used it to loosen things up by design. We have to steal a page from sneaky Pete’s play book. We gonna meet up this week for a beer at MD’s pre party?

    1. It looks like games we’ve played up there. Their D makes a good team look bad. Wilson is crazy hard to contain. Forget Tolzein, Wilson does a fabulous Brees imitation while showcasing fabulous escape skills.

  18. I think if Seattle wins this week’s game they have little to play for next week, except bragging rights. I think the breaks will go our way.

  19. On that last TD pass, there was a big time no call. Seattle left tackle blatantly held Galette, but the refs looked the other way.

  20. Seattle is just better in 3 phases of the game. If we still have Ted Ginn, I would say the Niners could match them no matter where they played.
    Seattle has the swagger and until someone takes it from them. They can be beat though…

  21. Fansince 77, you definitely like Ginn. He’s averaging less than 3 catches a game this year, his best year. Not a bad player. But do you really think he’s the difference between us winning and losing?

    1. Well he has the speed so teams have to respect it. And then he’s a good return man. Look at Seattle’s special teams. Tate is a threat when he returns the punt. With LMJ we just pray he doesn’t fumble. I think the Niner’s D is just as good as Seattle. Russell Wilson is better than CK right now, He makes all the right plays at the right time.
      Lynch is a better runner than Gore.
      If they make it to the SB, they have the kind of team to grind it out in NYC in Februrary. Denver’s D is not that good.

  22. Russell Wilson: (it is gonna be a long, long week)
    6 – 9 (third down efficiency); 315 total yards
    75% completion ratio … 11.4 yds per reception
    Hey Colin: No sacks and No interceptions….!!!
    Oh and Mr. Russell has 38 yards rushing.
    Speaking of a balanced passing attack:
    five different receivers with 21+ yards each.

    Note to Coach Harbaw: you do not want to see
    the Seahawks next week. They will chew you up
    and spit you out. “Kapernicus” will fulfill his destiny
    as a rookie. Pete Carroll: the true QB whisperer…!!!

    1. Package Alex Smith and Ted Ginn together and I’d give a cup of Campbells soup and a pack of Wrigley gum for them.

    2. Hey groupie even if the Niners lose and your boyfriend makes it to the Super Bowl, he will get destroyed by the Seahawks, and the QB whisper

  23. I agree with all of that Fansince. Though I would also worry a little about Ginn’s hands back there. He used to be a fumbler. Not as bad as LMJ, though, who had 12 career fumbles in college. Wilson is better than Kap right now, true… but aside from Luck, a case could be made that Wilson is better than any QB to come out since Rodgers. Seems crazy to say that, but I can’t think of anyone else who has produced this way since then.

      1. Wilson’s very Montana in how he approaches each play, throws the ball away at the right times, and avoids big hits, which Joe always did until he got a little older. Main similarity to me, though… demeanor. Unflappable, focused, consistent. Has his gameface on all the time. Never laughing or celebrating or throwing his arms up in the air at a missed call. Just relentless balling.

      2. Disagree, my friend. Montana’s escapes gave him 40% of his opportunities to make the marvelous plays he did. He was clutch, smart, saw the field and his team mates believed in him. I think the analogy is OK.

  24. Agree with 49er42. Seattle is playing unafraid on offense. That said, is it because the coaches feel Wilson will usually make the right decision that they’re comfortable with being so aggressive?

  25. Looking at the last lucky TD and even the very 1st pass of the game by Wilson…why does everything seem to go Seattle’s way at home? They are not THAT much better than N.O. just like they aren’t/weren’t THAT much better than us when we played them.

    Everything just goes right for them.

    1. Sometimes it seems like there are teams of destiny in a particular season. Sorry, I know it sounds stupid, but I completely believe that. I’ve seen it with the 49ers, Pats, G-men, Steelers. Even the SB last year seemed to have some Ray Lewis Juju attached to it. The calls, luck, bounce of the ball, non-calls go your way more than not. I’ve been seeing it all season with the Seadogs, dammit.

  26. And Doug flute due to height issues! Still, the Seahawks can be defeated but no easy task! To defeat them, one must cut the head off the snake, st wilson and the rest of the team whithers and dies! Biggest fear is changes on the o line! That will be hard to overcom, more then just gore slowing down! What are the odds lattimore is the starter by week one next year!

    1. you need a stout front 7 to have a chance to defeat the seahawks. Look at how wilson played against Carolina, 49ers, Rams and Cards so far this year. Most of those games could’ve easily gone either way.

  27. Seems to me if you can’t run the ball you wont beat Seattle. Control the tempo and the clock and grind down that defense is the way to beat them. If you can’t force them to respect your run then those DB’s will have no problem taking away your passing game, e.g. Brees has 80 yards tonight.

  28. The game tonight is a perfect example of why Caroll is a better coach than Harbaugh. Once he identifies talent, he lets the player grow, make mistakes and develop and encourage his natural talents. Harbaugh in the other hand tries to coddle his players, take away their dynamic ability and teach them to play not to lose. Golden Tate and Russell Wilson are excellent examples of Caroll’s great coaching.

    1. I have to respectfully disagree with you. Harbaugh, based on his record, has been a better head coach. Wilson is making Pete look good. Not the other way around. Without Wilson, Pete would’ve been in the hot seat by now. Just my opinion.

    2. Not. Carroll made a great value choice on Wilson, and while all choices are gambles, he hit the Lotto on that one bigger than Poop.
      NOBODY was that sure of RW or he wouldnt have lasted to the thrid round. Without Wilson, this team is absolutely NOT the Juggernaut that it is.
      Credit to Sneaky Pete for assembling the talent he has, but they’re good not great without RW. Besides, they leveraged themselves a bit for this roster. It pay’s off if they get to the Big Dance this year, but questionable if they don’t. Their roster will age faster than Baalke’s.

      1. I think Baalke is doing a pretty fine job of it all. I just don’t think I’ve seen Harbaugh make much of a difference here since his first year. Just not seeing the player growth that I would have expected. I credit Harbaugh for taking an incredibly talented and underperforming roster and getting them to the NFC Championship game, and beyond. But that doesn’t make Harbaugh an amazing coach. He is working with a loaded roster talent-wise, after all. I wait to see what he can do with talent he has at the QB position. He took a worthless Alex Smith and turned him into an average, perhaps just above average QB in this league, but I have yet to see where he helps a player become a force in this league. Quite the opposite- he handcuffs his talent instead of letting players like Kaepernick grow into the system, make mistakes and learn. He seems hell bent on turning Kaepernick into an Alex Smith instead of the playmaker he has the ability to be. A lot of this is on Kaepernick as well, but really, you have to give someone a chance to grow instead of coddling them and controlling their environment all the time.

      2. How so Brotha Tuna? It seems to me the niners are in more danger of that than Seattle. They have a young dominant secondary and young pass rushers… Some of the harder positions to fill. They have a slew of young Running backs, a young qb who makes below average wideouts much better than they are. And they have added Percy Harvin to that mix… The niners on the other hand still have to find a replacement for Justin Smith, Carlos Rogers, and Donte Whitner, Frank Gore, and Anquan Boldin… and at this point even Kaepernick is a question mark. I would say the key pieces of their roster are more set than ours at this point… I am just curious why you believe differently?

      3. Reasonable questions Shoup
        Seattle gave up a lot of choices and Cap space to get their current roster. They have a number of FAs to deal with soon and not a lot of $. SF has been positioning itself better for the future although they’re heavy in choices now as their capital and have a few Cap choices of their own to make.
        My take is SF is in better shape mid- and long-term

      4. Shoup,

        Seattle is in a heap of trouble tring to sign the balance of that secondary, those linebackers and their D line. You have to remember they have quite a fe guys on 1 year deals like Avril and Bennet. Gotta pay Thomas and Sherman. They are not in as good a shape as we are in because they don’t have the picks that we have. Watch how they look next year and the year after. They are hard pressed,to win a title this year. They know it too. It’s up to us to shut that down. Seattle can’t win up there in Seattle. We can and Carolina has a chance. Next week is very important to our team. If we lose to them next week( which we won’t) it won’t be good. We’ll just have to be ready for them come playoff time when we are COMPLETELY healthy. Injuries are killing us.

      5. Seattle is fine with the cap. On the D-Line, Avril is on a two-year deal. Irvin is obviously in the second year of a rookie deal. Bryant just re-upped last year. The only big piece they could lose is Bennett. In the secondary, they’ll sign/tag Thomas/Sherman and let Browner go. They already re-signed SS Chancellor. And they’re counting on their young developmental guys to fill in the rest. The Hawks’ biggest mistake may have been committing the $$ and draft picks for Harvin. But that’s about the only serious potential personnel mistake I see on their part.

  29. I just don’t see how any team in the NFC is going to take down Seattle in
    Seattle. Not with that defense, that quarterback, and that crowd. Lowell had this season right. It’s just not the 49ers year, and they’ve got some true rebuilding to do if they’re to compete with Seattle in coming years, starting with certain members of the coaching staff. Wonder what Greg Roman will come up with on Sunday???

    1. So much of it still depends on health. Even in-game. For example, last year the Pats lost Talib and Gronk in the first half of a playoff game they were winning. We just need to play with great toughness and focus the rest of the way–no telling what who will be left standing at the end.

    2. Roman will be calling the same garbage he’s called all season thus far. The reason being it’s brought the 49er’s more wins than losses this year….Roman may be an easy target, and in all likelyhood, the goat, for the 49er offensive anemia this year….the issue is, just the same as many believed it was last season, the QB….Kaepernick isn’t at the same level as RW, and has alot of work to do to get there….the question is, is CK up to the task? I certainly hope so, cause I’d really hate to see the 9er’s looking for a new HC, or a new QB in a year or two.

  30. Grant

    Here’s a question for you to ask at the next presser:

    “Jim. Have you considered sitting down with Greg and Colin to watch Seahawks offensive film, try to mimic the Pete/Darrell/Russell magic?”

    1. E!!!!!!??!!!!
      Harbaugh would never answer that in a million years. Nor Bilicheat, nor Pracells, nor Sneaky Pete. Nevah.

  31. As much as I hate to say it..Wilson is light years ahead of Kap..And no one is beating Seattle in that building..We just built a new stadium and built some pile..I would have built the same exact design as Seattle..Gaurantees you 8 wins a year.

  32. In Pro Basketball and Football, the home team will get the majority of the calls. That is why you have to beat the home team soundly. Its called home cooking. Seattle is defending the home field. They always do that well. You have to make plays up there to beat them. On the road its another story. We have the team that can beat them. Our defense will handle them. We need a masterful offensive gameplan. The crap that we’ve been calling this year wont be enough.

  33. As stated earlier its so frustrating the Niners never go for the kill..Up by 10 they shutdown..This has been going on since nolan…

  34. I always warned of Sneaky Pete didnt I?…always posted that on Lowell’s column.
    And he HATES Harbaugh.

    I watched a movie with Bill Paxton as a religious zealot. Just like H man talking football.

    1. So Stan, you got Harbs all figured out. How about your Raiders? You got them figured out too? Cuz they don’t know what the H they’re doing, they could use your insights apparently.

      1. Yeah,I do. And I said from the start Allen wasn’t right for the Raiders. Bring back Hue. Except,Reggie wants a yes coach to his omnipotent GM.
        I said trade McFadden long ago.
        And back to Pryor. I should have known a Penn State man was all fake.

    1. Hammer – Lol…..you forgot the little smiley face bro.
      Yes Mora played there but he is thoroughly enjoying “running L.A.” these days (2 straight wins vs $C).

    2. Hammer,
      What’s wrong with the UCLA gig? Mora seems to happy with his surroundings. Will Washington make him an offer he can’t refuse?

    3. He’s got it pretty good right now at UCLA. Lots of young players making an impact. Nothing is out of the question, but Sark coming to SC shouldn’t scare the head coach at UCLA.

    4. Hammer if Mora goes to Wash that would make UCLA the plum college job out there. They are very good and very young and they have deep pocket alumni [like Grant] who are willing to pay anything for a national championship. Seriously if UCLA is open it will lead to a national search.

  35. OK, Capeman/Tweedledum,
    NOW bring it! Six days of yo stuff is finally appropriate. Your Seaslugs look Outstanding. Brag ‘em up. Our guys will need to suck it up Big Time to beat your guys. Time will tell.

    Uh, Alex (no nothing)/Tweedledee: nobody’s talkin to you.

    1. Wilson’s post-game interview shows what he’s about. Stud. He’s going to make Kap a better QB as a result of their competition.

  36. “to my eye” … fans such as Brotha Tuna must still
    believe that the Niners can hang with Seattle next
    Sunday. They totalled yards 429 (w 127 on the ground).
    Only one sack……………………………MOBILE QB…!!!
    Six receivers with 21+ yards each; BALANCED…!!!
    How long has it been since Colin threw 3 TDs….???
    Seattle tops the Saints (27 – 7) – leading the entire game.
    Coach Harbaw has a serious week #14 stomach ache.
    If we are excited because “Crab is back” just imagine
    how they feel in Denver about a receiver named Decker.?

    As the man says: time will tell.

    1. How long has it been since Colin threw 3 TDs….???

      You seriously are a moron. He did it just a week ago (Nov 25) against Washington.

    2. I saaaaaaaid, Nobody’s talking to you, but you popped up anyway like the weasel that you are. Is it because you’re BOTH Tweedledum AND Tweedledee? Two misanthropic Harbaugh haters trolling a blog of otherwise-like-minded people; could they be the same? It’s a conundrum. Inquiring minds want to know!
      (PS: That would be kinda sick, huh?)

    3. The only way to shut people up is on the field.

      If Colin plays up to his potential, the Niners can keep up. They have the Defense to do it. It was a low scoring game up in Seattle until he wheels fell off in the 3rd quarter. Russell Wilson only had 9 completions.
      It falls on Colin to raise his game. Make them pay for playing 8 in a box.
      Roman has to get creative with his personnel groupings, show them something different. Put Hunter and LMJ in the backfield. Split one of them wide.
      Please show us more then just throwing the ball to Bolding and David.
      If the NIners are going to the Superbowl, this isn’t the crucial game anyway. They are staring at the 6th seed. It’s how they play up in Seattle in the playoffs, that’s going to be the key.
      Right now the team that has the attitude that believes they can beat Seattle is Carolina.

  37. We will beat Seattle this week. I’m looking forward to seeing the frustration on Pete’s face while he tries to figure out what we’re doing to them during the game next week. We will show the Saints how we handle Seattle. Everyone knows how tough they are in the “Dome” they have there. They need the noise to be able to function in that place. A clear disadvantage for the visitors. The fans at the “Stick” have to make it just as difficult for them this week.

    We have to relentlessly attack the pocket. We have to rotate our defensive linemen and blitz like crazy. We have to take our chances on the edges with our corners. If we don’t get pressure on Wilson, we lose. I can’t wait til Sunday. Niners WIN!

    1. I’ll have to admit that I am concerned about LMJ. I don’t like him back there returning punts. He’s got 2 muffs in 2 weeks. Seattle’s kicker hits a high ball. Every time I watched LMJ taking punts this weekend, I was waiting for him to fumble again. I don’t like that feeling. Damn!!

      1. Mmmm I think Carolina can win there too. 23 I too think that we are going to write the blueprint this week. My only feel is Gore. We need to split carries and have our backs available in the flat.

      2. Gore is not a problem. Our offensive line will not allow us to run the ball anyway. They are missing far too many blocking assignments against quality opponents. McDonald may be a rookie but he is 1/16 the blocker that Delaney Walker was. This kid misses every block he tries to make. He’s horrible. Our whole line just takes turns missing assignments on running plays.

        Gore has certainly lost a step. He just does not get to the hole fast enough anymore. Our line isn’t exactly opening up any either. Gore isn’t running poorly against these 8 man fronts. He just doesn’t have anywhere to run. Peterson wouldn’t be running any better behind our line yesterday. The defense was geared to stop us from running Gore so we did hat we were supposed to do. We beat them running the ball.

        Personally, I’m a bit tiered of the 22 personell. Put that extra tight end on the sideline and put the ball in the air. McDonald is not the threat as Walker was. Put Manningham on the field and spread the defense out. Let’s air it out! Let’s put the defense on its heels for a change!

      3. 23Jordan, Peterson wouldn’t run any better? That guy only faces 8 or 9 in the box Minn has the worst qb situation in the league. Yeah, are all world Oline isnt that great… they are predominantly a good run blocking unit that really cant pass block. The problem this year is they haven’t been able to run block either.

        However, I think the loss of Staley could help the run blocking on the left side if Iupati is back… those are two maulers that can push a pile on the left side.

      4. “Personally, I’m a bit tiered of the 22 personell. Put that extra tight end on the sideline and put the ball in the air. McDonald is not the threat as Walker was. Put Manningham on the field and spread the defense out. Let’s air it out! Let’s put the defense on its heels for a change!”

        22 personnel was their least utilized grouping until the 4th quarter when they were up 23-6 and ran the ball 6 straight times out of it. As for airing it out, well were 5-6 for 69 yards and had their only touchdown pass on Sunday out of 22.

      5. Jack,

        I still would rather see 3 wide with more weapons on the field. McDonald is not being used because his hands aren’t reliable and he certainly won’t beat anyone on Seattle’s defense. I’d love to see this team in attack mode and being completely agressive against Seattle for the entire game on offense. They need a creative gameplan. That 22 takes Manningham off of the field. I want to see Seattle get spread out and exploited with rubs and picks since they insist on playing man against us most of the time. Attck the corners relentlessly. Only Sherman played well last night. Run to his side and make him tackle all night. He can’t tackle at all in run support.

      6. Maybe Jack,
        but I think 23 is on to something. How has 22 worked out versus the Hawks? We cannot be predictable this game. I wouldn’t mind inserting MM and going three wide with Hunter as a single back. Not the entire game, but as a change of pace.

        A good boxer will give a fighter several different looks during a fight. Box, lean on the ropes, lefty, righty, mix it up in the center of the ring. Last night the Seahawks were like a “good boxer”. They ran power, pistol, option, threw deep. They were great at everything they tried. They were balanced and did what they wanted.

        We used to be great at running the ball and proficient at everything else. Now we are just great on defense and marginal at everything else. Our special teams are average, Our run game is average, pass protection average. Boldin, VD and CK have moments of greatness but not consistently enough.

        My point is that I don’t believe our coaches are putting us in the best position to succeed. We are predictable. Predictable doesn’t work well when you have a divisional opponent coming in that matches up really well against you. So yes, I think 23J is right. We need to be different this game.

      7. “How has 22 worked out versus the Hawks?”

        Well, the last time the 49ers beat them they used it on 21 of 57 plays.

      8. Jack, with the personnel turnover since then, I don’t think the “last time we beat them” is particularly valid. CK has strengths AS lacked. VM is not on par (yet) with DW as a weapon. The addition of Boldin gives us a stronger WR corps than that last win, now that MC is back it makes sense to feature the 3 WR sets more than they’ve shown up to now.

      9. Rib,

        Since Harbaugh took over, the team that has run for the most yards has won every game and the 49ers have run for 0 yards the last 2 weeks from 11 personnel (3 WR’s).

        I agree that the personnel is different, and over the last couple of games they have begun using Boldin in ways similar to how they used Walker in the passing game and getting into the same run look formations.

        We’ve seen the results of them trying to open it up the last 2 games against Seattle.

      10. Jack, we don’t have the same weapons now that we had last year here. We don’t have Moss stretching the field. We don’t have Delaney Walker’s speed. Those are 2 major weapons to defeat the Seahawks. Not so much what they contribute to the game stats wise . It’s more about what we can do to move their defense around. Having a Moss to take Sherman deep. Having Walker to take a safety out of the box.

        McDonald can be defended by a linebacker. Remember Keuchly(sp) for Carolina. We have to spread these guys out to get some mismatches and create some one on ones for our receivers and backs. Then we can try and get Our backs into the flat and out in space against their backers. The more legit weapons on the field, the better.

      11. Game one last season Manningham as injured/out.
        Game two Davis and Manningham left the game with (respectively concussion and knee)

        Game one this season, Crabtree and Manningham of course not active. Davis left the game with a hammy.

        The two losses since the last time we beat them were in SEA. Let’s face it, even the best wide open offenses (or any offense for that matter) get bogged down there.

        This is the first game where, offensively, all of our playmakers are active, so the option is there for Harbaugh/Roman to call the change ups. I think they will. We shouldn’t expect another 130 yard gane from Gore this time (the last time we beat them). The big question mark is the Oline.

      12. Jack,

        We moved the football early in the last game against Seattle but we turned it over in the red zone. We have not run the ball at all out of any groupings these last 2 games because we’ve have 8 men in the box geared to stop the run. We didn’t have Crabtree against the Saints, so our 3 receiver sets didn’t have 3 viable threats. We saw what Baldwin did in that game. It’s almost like we should have kept Jenkins.

      13. Jordan the 3 receiver sets you are calling for…there already happening Boldin, Crabtree and when we run or 22 Davis is the 3rd WR

      14. The Niners were forced to play out of 12 due to McDonald going out in the first half and they seemed to do pretty well passing in that formation for the most part. A little more 3 wide is fine, but you also can’t get away from running the football. In order to beat Seattle they have to play a completely clean game, win the TOP and score TD’s in the redzone. No easy feat against this Seattle team.

    2. Not sure how often to blitz, but yeah mix it in. Got to change it up a bunch. Vic will want to sit back a lot rushing three and clogging lanes, but they need to keep that rascal in the pocket. Some option (check) blitzes and zone blitzes.
      OLBs need to contain, especially Brooks. Overall D needs to disguise well. Whitner take note.
      They’ve tried to run at Aldon to wear him down; be ready.
      Let Crabs and Boldin engage Sherman, even as decoys. Respond to his physicality; never flinch. Maybe get a PF on him thru grabass. We’ll get our yards elsewhere. Try splitting VD wide opposite of Sherman; NO had a moment or two with Graham that way.
      OL: with a week’s preparation for the group they can game plan better, but unless Iupati returns, sf could be over matched personnel wise. They need to threaten the middle and do something off of that; PAP, pitch, roll out, boot, counter, fly sweep. Run a draw,off the pistol to confuse the read.
      Yeah, the kitchen sink I guess, LOL!

    1. Bay and Jordan what you’re really saying is you want a new head coach. Harbaugh is conservative by nature, get used to it or start calling for his job. The same goes for those who want Fangio to run Ryan like blitz packages. He will use the blitz when he feels it fits the situation but he would rather drop 7 or 8 back into coverage, so either get used to it or start calling for his job.

      1. Old Coach,

        I’m not saying anything of the sort. I don’t say we completely go away from what we do as an offense. I say we need a game plan against this team that has not been the same as we’ve grown accustomed to this season. We have to diversify this offense to beat the Seahawks. We can’t do what we did against the Saints. We can’t rely on turnovers to get us field position. We have to sustain drives and move the ball on offense. We have to show Seattle something they have not sen from us in 2 years. They expect conservative. We need to cut it loose on them. We have everything to lose by losing this game. We need to plant seeds by throwing downfield and not being so predictable with the run game. Especially since our offensive line is banged up. We have to throw the football on them. A lot more than we normally do.

      2. Jordan i understand what you’re saying and i do’nt totally disagree with you. What i’m saying is there is very little chance you will see much difference in this weeks game plan. If the 9ers are to win this week the difference will be in the execution not the style. Harbaugh is who he is. I do’nt always agree with him but i always appreciate him and he is a very good coach. Hopefully the difference in this weeks game will be..
        #1 crowd noise our O linemen will not be getting off one or two counts to slow.

        #2 healthy WR’s
        #3 a QB who seems to be getting more comfortable in his job.
        #4 excecution\excecution\excecution

      3. Jordan,

        Last week they dropped back to throw on 65% of their plays until running it on their last 8 after the score was 23-6. That doesn’t sound too conservative or predictable.

      4. Old Coach hit the nail on the head. This is what the Niners are, far better or for worse. You can’t change your offense in a week and if you try to then the other team has already won.

        On offense the Niners have to execute and play a clean game. There is no fool proof method to winning a football game but if you win the LOS and don’t turn the ball over you have a great chance.

        The Saints are arguably the most prolific passing offense in the league and they put up 7 points last night. Going crazy in the passing game is not going to help the Niners win or what they are about. It’s about doing what you do better than they do.

    2. Jack,

      I never said I had a problem with last weeks game plan. I’m speaking about this weeks plan. I’m talking about the game plan against Seattle. I know we threw the ball more last week. I would hope that we would do the same this week. I would hope that we would spread them out and attempt to run with Hunter as opposed to gore. Three wide changes their base personell and I think we want more of that on the field for them. Their backup corners didn’t play great last night. The Saints were horrible. Brees was off target and the wideouts did not fight for the football. It’s like they were scared to take shots from the Seattle secondary. Even Jimmy Grahm looked intimidated. On one play, he slowed down to try and diminish the effect of a tackle instead of running forward to get yardage. Brees played like CRAP!

      1. Jack,

        Sunday was a better plan. However, we need to diversify it a bit more. Challenge them down the field. Threaten them at least 4 times.

  38. Thank you for the correction (34 to 7 ).
    Anybody remember Grant’s comments about
    how the Niners have so few sustained drives?
    Nothing involving more than three first downs?
    Check out Denver and Seattle both;
    they are able to go the entire length of the field.

    Speaking of Alex Smith (listening to ESPN)…
    (How many well-thrown passes were dropped?)
    He played one of his finest games against Denver.
    Pay attention, Colin; you are not there yet, rookie.

    1. BUT HE LOST. Just like I said he would do when he finally faced a real QB. Now he still has the Chargers in San Diego and don’t sleep on the Raiders in Oakland. That 2ndround pick keeps getting better every week. AlexSmith! the gift that keeps giving. Ask the K.c fans if they care about how well he played?

      He choked in the clutch just like he did 99% of the time here. He threw 15 yards downfield into triple coverage to the tight end on 4 th and 4. He had 2 1/2 minutes left in the game. If he had gotten the TD, he still would have left Manning too much time left on the clock. He should’ve run for the 1st down or threw the CHECKDOWN, something he has been doing his entire career! What was he thinking? Big games aren’t his thing. He’s a ribbon guy, not a trophy guy. That’s why we dumped him. Better games of his career my azz! HE LOST!

      1. 23 Clown Expert,
        You’re just a dumb pathetic hater. You keep trying to mock Alex, well guess what? Colin hasn’t beaten a good team either. At least in the games that Alex lost he played gave his team a chance to win at the end. What did Colin do in the Seattle game? Nothing. He stunk. In the Indy game? Nothing. Stunk. Carolina game. Sack and a pick with plenty of time on the clock. NO game. Nothing.
        What you have offered to this blog? Yup. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

      2. Fan… Why do you care what anyone thinks of Smith? He’s not a 49er. The more they lose the better for us. What’s your deal?

      3. DS77exev,

        You just can’t get over it can you. Kaepernick beat Green Bay son. He also beat your Rams last week. This tram that was playi g so well and was a threat . It wasnt his fault we lost to Carolina or the Saints. 1 play away in both games. DS, I know it hurts you that smith is gone. We had to dump Average Alex. He keeps losing and the pick is getting better. Game losing pick in 1st series of the game In the end zone on 1st down. What a CHOKER! Game losing incompletion on 4th down by throwing 15 yards to the end zone instead of the checkdown for 5 yards. I thought he was sooooo smart. Just a dumb play by your smart hero. 3- 4 more losses coming from Alex. Chargers- Loss. Colts- Loss. Raiders- Loss. Redskins- Loss. Alex finishes 9-7. Average Alex does the Niners another solid with a mid 2nd rounder. DS77 is hurting. 23Jordan is laughing. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

      4. Ds77exevers,

        Smith gave them a chance to win?? By throwing I to triple coverage to a tight end that was not open on 4th down and 4? A tight end that was 15 yards dow field in the end zone? You mean he solidified their fate. He locked up the loss. Didnt you see Manning throwi g his hands up when Smith threw into triple coverage and th3 defensive player dropped the pick on 4th down. What a comeback? ?? Gave his team their 3rd loss with more to come. No more cupcakes left on the sch3dule for boyfriend DS!

      5. Fan, I am confused about your hater comment here! You have a troll, a total tool constantly talking $hit behind his keyboard on a niner blog with our x QBs name and you are defending a player on the KC chiefs team but call Jordan a hater! With all due respect to our x QB, a true niner fan could give a f about some other player on another team. This is the niner blog not the x QB blog. We have moved to a new era

      6. Fan, I am confused about your hater comment here! You have a troll, a total tool constantly talking $hit behind his keyboard on a 49ers blog with our x Qbs name and you are defending a player on the KC chiefs team but call Jordan a hater! With all due respect to our x QB, a true 49ers fan could give a f about some other player on another team. This is the 49ers blog not the x QBs blog. We have moved to a new era

      7. Well I for one don’t mind hearing how wonderful Alex Smith is doing in KC. I think we should devote more time on this blog to former QB’s. Shaun Hill doesn’t get enough mention here from all you haters. He did beat out Alex Smith as the starter while they were in SF together so Hill is obviously a better qb than Smith. If you take out all the incompletions and interceptions, Hill really was a pretty good QB that could have won us alot of games.

      8. Bay and 23 Clown,
        You guys are pathetic. Anyone who disagrees with you is a troll. That’s all you got. You both have nothing to say except throw insults.
        23 Idiot, you still haven’t proven anything with your responses. You said Alex threw into triple coverage. What did Colin do? He threw it up for grabs in the Carolina game. So that’s better?.
        I only bring up Alex to show how pathetic and idiotic 23 Clown Fish is, which isn’t hard to do.
        This is a SB team, and the only reason it may not get there this year isn’t because Seattle is so great, but that CK did not live up to expectations and until he proves it in the game, it’s all talk.
        I don’t want to hear about how he got us to the SB. He didn’t win it. This has nothing to do with Alex, but the play of CK.
        He will be better next year, but clearly this year he did not play at an acceptable level for any true Niner fan.
        Even against the 30 and 31st ranked passing offense, he could put up 300 yards.
        Why would anyone defend that output?

      9. >> I think we should devote more time on this blog to former QB’s.

        If you can find out any of these former Niner QBs still in the league, be our guest Houston. I know you were always talking up Carr in comparison to AS. What’s he been up to lately?

      10. DS77exev,

        Who is your team? Is it Seattle or Kansas City or Seattle? DS, remember when you went on the Chiefs blog? Why dont you just stay there? Why are you here? Kap will shut you up soon enough.

      11. Well ribs since you asked, lets see about the QB’s that the coaching staff preferred over Smith. The list is long but let’s give it a shot:

        Colin Kaepernick – Current Starter
        Troy Smith – Starter in CFL
        Shaun Hill – Backup in Detroit
        JT O’Sullivan – Out of Football
        Trent Dilfer – Out of Football
        Chris Weinke – Out of Football

        I’m not really counting Tim Rattay or Cody Pickett here but one could make a case for them. After watching some of those decisions from Smith against Denver, wouldn’t it be fantastic if Reid signed JT O’Sullivan or traded for Shaun Hill to create some competition for the QB spot. That would be hilarious.

      12. 23 Clown,
        So were you any less a Niner fan when Alex was the QB? It’s obvious you hate the guy, so much so you followed him and left comments on the Chiefs blog.

        It’s obvious you don’t have a team, you root for a player.

        I hope CK shuts me up because that means he’s playing better and then the Niners have a better chance to win.
        But why don’t you with why he might shut me up. What’s going to change in this game as opposed to last time? What? A 80% Crabtree? Will they roll him out? Will they unveil a new form of the pistol. Please offer something, anything, beside your typical Alex bashing remark. You’ve been exposed as just a fan, which is fine, just stop pretending you know anything about the game.
        I know you have are posting under multiple names and for the last stupid time, who is DS?

      13. >>Houston’s rogues gallery of ex-QBs

        Well, the current status of those QBs is a searing indictment of the coaches who thought they were starting material, isn’t it? (BTW, just how are those former head coaches doing these days? No longer *head*, are they?)

        Outside of Colin, of course. But we always knew Harbaugh was the QB whisperer. Except now, when the recent PD poll indicates he’s not putting CK in a position to win.

      14. At least Alex will always have the Alexcuse to fall back on. What is the list up to now?

        Poor o-line play
        Bad receivers who dropped the ball
        Small hands
        Terrible Coaches

        Did I miss any?

      15. Houston:

        Which of those “excuses” wasn’t a valid explanation for Smith’s struggles?

        Also, with the exception of the small hands (when was that used as an excuse?), each of those “excuses” mirrors explanations that have been given for Kaepernick’s struggles this season.

      16. I think we have different definitions of the word Alexcuse. In my dictionary that word has nothing to do with a QB’s struggles. That word was invented for the fans who post comments on blogs as a way to deflect blame or suspend accountability for Alex Smith. The word denotes a shifting of blame to anyone and everyone except Alex Smith. The Alexcuse is used when a poster wants to show Alex Smith is the most accurate passer in the NFL except his line doesn’t block well or his recievers have a lot of drops. The Alexcuse is used when the team goes 2 full years never eclipsing 200 net passing yards in a game but the poster wants to point out that the lack of passing yards is due to everyone and everything except the QB.

      17. Houston, you’re missing the point that Alex isn’t struggling. He’s been a big part of the turn-around story of the NFL this year, and he played very well against Denver. The drops and the defensive collapse are what did them in.

        I don’t see why people have to continue to unjustly denigrate the guy. He’s gone, the hysterics aren’t required anymore….

      18. DS77exev,

        Are you too stupid and jaded by your hatred for Kaepernick to see the difference in the way he’s played the last 2games. Against the Skins, his best QB rating as a pro 134.5. Against the Rams with Crabtree 275 yards passing. Did you miss the games or are you blind. Maybe you are waiting for Jack hammer to say Kap had 2 solid games in a row.

        You’re the clown that keeps crying about Kap going through his progressions. Are you willing to admit that he went through his progressions on several plays last week now that he has more weapons to look for that he TRUSTS. Do you know anything about football?

        Can anyone on this blog deny the fact that Kapernick looked like a more composed, comfortable QB with Crabtree on the field? Anyone? Anyone except DS77. He’s in denial? He hates Kaepernick.

      19. 23 Clown,
        So in your eyes Kap is playing great. That even against the worst pass defense he couldn’t break 300 yards.
        I see. I get your standards now.
        It was one of his best ratings and yet it was still a close game until the 3rd quarter.
        When Alex went for 18-19, that didn’t count because it was against the Cards. Or when they toasted buffalo and had the most rushing and passing yards ever for e Niner team. Right. It’s Alex Smith.
        You’re so stupid that you think I’m DS too. Really. It’s like, are you really Michael Jordan? Maybe, because you like to bet people all the time!
        So when are you going to admit that CK is not playing at the level we expect him to? When are you going to stop making excuses for him?
        Never because you’re a dumb hypocrite!
        But enough of that. It’s too easy to show how lame you are. Happy Holidays instead!

      20. Thumbing down this thread I made a bet with myself. And guess what THREE names I knew I’d see. I like Houston’s idea of talking about a different Ex Qb than Alex (securing a nice draft pick) Smith. Why isn’t any real 49er fan NOT rooting for him to fail right now? Smh

      21. Fan,
        I can only speak for myself. I identified you as a troll last year. You are like an ugly wart that just gets bigger and dispite attempts to get rid of it, it just continues to get bigger and more unattractive as time goes on.

        The guys that don’t care for Kaep haven’t commented much this week because he’s had two good weeks in a row after mid season struggles.

        Real fans want to acknowledge his growth the last two games. Some check downs and attempts to go through progressions.

        All douche bags like you want to do is rip him every step of the way. Even when he has his best QB rating game as a pro, you want to say that it’s because of the opponent. That same opponent the Rams held Russell Wilson to 139 yards passing.

        Kaepernick in his second season is QB rated 15th in the league. Something real fans are optimistic about. Kaepernick is 9th in the league in yards per attempt. Awesome. Means he’s attacking the whole field. Bottom feeders like you don’t care, you just want to rip. Will this level of play be ok next year or the following? No. But for a young guy just getting his weapons back it’s ok for me. Cause I am a fan.

        Do the room a favor, change your name. You are not a fan, at least not of my 49ers you aren’t.

        Slowly but surely the folks that cared about Smith more than the 49ers are slowly going away. You are one of the only ones left that isn’t a 49er fan. That is obvious.

      22. Angus, I’m not denigrating Alex Smith in the least. I like the guy. But I’m definitely happy that he’s a player for the Chiefs now. As such I’m not sure why people keep bringing him up on this blog. If we’re going to do that then let’s bring up former players who are actually better players than Smith. Names that come to mind are Goldson, Soapoaga, Cooper, Lawson…

      23. Thumbing down this thread I made a bet with myself about who would post nonsensical “I’m a better fan than you” b/s. And guess what two names I knew I would see?

  39. Some of these trolls are like having Oscar The Grouch living in your 35 gallon trash can.
    I’ve really enjoyed tossing it back and forth with the rest of you.
    Oh, and NO Saints…….dang dudes.

  40. I hope for our game against the Seachikens that we do more 3-4 WR sets because with Boldin,Crabs and Manningham and VD we should at least exploit some of there weaker DB’s

  41. Seahaks look unbeatable at home. I must say. BUT…
    They did come off a bye, Bree’s and the dome dwellers never play well in the cold or rainy elements, and seemed to have every play bounce their way. The division is locked up, but this Sunday a peaking team is facing a red hot team. This is a must win for the 49ers who are built for tough road games unlike NO. I’m still standing by my prediction and saying we don’t lose another game this season, and a win on Sunday will definitely build the confidence. Seattlerol is in trouble this Sunday.

    Game plan should be. Keep Wilson in the pocket by securing the outside. If we blitz blitz up the middle. Do not let him run to the outside. We have the lb’s to do that with. Unlike NO. Stack the box and make Wilson beat us (on the road). Get physical with their receivers. Do not let ONE play happen without pressing them. Throw their rhythm off. Make it ugly and nasty. Our defense is playing solid football right now. They will be the deciding factor in this game.

    Offense… It’s going to struggle. Have to chew up the clock and first and foremost do NOT give this team a turnover. Attack the weak side of the field, where mr browner will not be. Challenge that runt of a safety a couple of times. Run more than gore in this game. And keep gore between the tackles. Need plenty of play action and quick slants. Especially to Manningham. We need to use miller in the flat more often and keep ck moving in the pocket with a splash of the option. He MUST make those back shoulder throws to Boldin with no fear.

    Roman and Harbaugh will have to change it up. Cheat and his staff have this offense figured out. We can’t afford to continue to think we will out physical or play them. Schemes are important to a division rival. The game plan better keep them guessing. I hope Roman opens up ten more pages of this “huge” playbook and adds some new wrinkles. We went up their and was close in that game with ZERO offensive output until the 4th. No reason to think we don’t win this game. I’d love a blowout, but I can’t see it happening with the injuries on the offensive side. A good two possession win and total domination throughout would suit me just fine. Can’t wait till Sunday. This IS our season.

  42. I am not a Pete C fan but after watching the game last night you have to give credit to the Seahawks coaching staff. Everyone keeps talking about the defense but their offense was on fire and their game plan was excellent.

    Russell W, deserves the MVP so far. He makes plays in situations that most QBs would be either sacked or forced to make a mistake.

    I am not sure if blitzing RW is a good idea! we must contain him to have a chance next Sunday and I hope GROW opens the play book and takes a few pointers from the Seattles offense. Go Niners

  43. Niners need to hit first this game, be the aggressor and take it to Seattle early and often, and avoid the stupid penalties they got in the previous game. If the 49er defense plays as well as they did in the first Seattle game (minus the penalties), I like the 49ers chances of winning. Kaep will not play as badly as he did in Seattle. His arc the last couple games is definitely trending up and his confidence is growing. 49er offensive weapons are emerging which should start helping the red zone offense. Turn these field goals into TDs and it could be a blowout on Sunday for the 49ers.

    Would be nice if either the Saints or Panthers sweep each other and the Niners win out. Makes the Niners 5th seed.

  44. I was rooting for the Saints last night because a Seattle loss would have helped the Niners, but part of me felt pretty good watching the Saints get punked. With the game out of reach, Brees’s helmet gets touched by a Seahawk and he starts whining to the ref about a roughing the passer penalty. Man up you wuss! Sorry, I just can’t root for that little squirt.

    1. Someone should have told Brees he wasn’t going to get a “home” call on this night. I won’t be able to forget the Ahamad penalty all season. It was truly significant to our team and our season. But if you want to talk about Karma, the Saints took it in the rear last night and then hopped on their flight only to have mechanical issues. They had to stay the night in Seattle lol.

  45. My buddy asked me an interesting question last night. He asked what I would guess the Niners record would be at the start of the season if I knew about the Ahmad Brooks assault issues, Aldon Smith being gone for six games, Manningham not coming back until early Nov, Crabs not coming back until the last week in Nov and Patton being out most of the year with a foot injury.

    I didn’t answer right away because I had to think about it. He then said, to add to it we cut Jenkins and Kyle Williams. So he said that if I would have known all of the above, that the Niners would be 8-4 at this point of the season, would I be happy with that record.

    It took me a while, but I had to say yes I would be happy with that record.

    Looking at the NFL power rankings, one slotting doesn’t sit well with me. The Saints. On most power rankings they are still top five. They just got embarrassed on national television. They barely snuck by us in their own backyard on an afternoon where the refs were in a giving mood and our offense had one of their worst showings of the year. Sorry I just think there are more deserving candidates for the 4 spot.

  46. Not too surprised with the Saints performance last night – typical when a dome team meets the elements (see Peyton Manning’s / Indy’s historical success rate against NE in NE). Throw in the SEA cheat field advantage and a team playing at a pretty high level and the stage was set for a big SEA win.

    Niners will win this weekend due to:

    1. Home field. Go you Faithful!
    2. Hungrier team. After last night’s win SEA likely has home field wrapped. We are still fighting between #5 or #6.
    3. SEA is due. Despite last night’s dominance SEA has had lucky breaks go their way in close wins. That ends this weekend.

    Niners have the potential to win in SEA in the playoffs. We have the talent and intensity to match them but it will take a monumental effort, with the emphasis on mental. In particular #7. CK can’t get rattled like he’s shown in earlier games up north.

  47. I will say one thing but it’s probably something that we all know already. If we can’t beat the Seahawks in our place this Sunday, we won’t beat them this year in the playoffs. This is a must win game for us in every sense. We have to prove that we can play with this team for 60 minutes and out duel them. We have to prove to them that they need to be concerned about us come playoff time. We need them to know that the only advantage they think they have is their home crowd. I can’t wait til this Sunday. We gotta have this damn game. It will be interesting to read everyone’s opinion on how we get it. What will the gameplan be on offense?

    Guys, what do you think the offensive game plan should be? I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts on this. This is the biggest game we’ve had since the Super Bowl. We have to show up big time in all phases!

    1. Thought about that quite a bit. I’d like to see a some three receiver sets. I’d like to see some hunter or LMJ in the flat, and I’d like to see some tight end stay in to block and release in the flat as safety valve and I’d like to see some miss direction keepers and let Kaep run. Even if they are not big gainers, 4, 5, 6 yard pops to sustain drives. I’d also like to see Dixon run some wide to punish their CB’s.

      I think if we predominantly try to hit medium and deep passes early we won’t sustain drives. I’d like to see us focus on short underneath stuff for the first half and sustain drives.

      Then in the 2nd half change it up and open it up. Sort of like a boxer going to the body for six rounds to open the head up for the later rounds.

      I’ll repeat. Gore between the tackles is not going to win us this game. It will keep it close for three quarters and then they’ll pull away. Predictable.

      1. Bay,

        That’s one thing I miss about Gore. His patience is his biggest asset. However, he just can’t plant and hit the hole with authority anymore. It’s also impossible to run him wide. He has the heart of a lion but he just doesn’t have any quickness left. His speed was never there but his lack of quickness is definitely gone. I like the guy. Always have. His ability to block is invaluable. I don’t think JH has the guts to diminish his playing time, split more of his carries. I’d almost like to see a lot more of Dixon this game. Someone at full speed that is running harder. I’d love to see kendall Hunter but he has to hold the football and this game may be too big for him. LMJ is killing me right now. I’m scared to death of his ball control issues. Turnovers will simply kill us this week.

      2. Jordan,
        my gut tells me that Gore got worn down early this season. A savvy coaching staff would have taken into account his hip injury from last year and given him a snap count.
        What happened is Gore bitched Harbaugh out after the Colts game. Jim then said, “ok, you want the rock? I’ll give you the rock”. I say this because in the first three games Gore averaged 13.6 carries a game. After the Colts game we rode Gore to a 5 game winstreak, he averaged 21 carries a game but it came with a price. Gore is worn down. Two of those games he carried it 24 and 25 times. This IMO is JH’s biggest mistake this season. If you look at the five game winstreak, in every one of those games Gore should have been pulled as 4 of those games were over early. Gore received 30 additional carries that should have never happened during that span.

        Versus Jacksonville Gore received 10 carries after the game was over.
        Versus the Titans Gore received 9 carries after the game was over.
        Arizona was a tight game, he needed to stay in the entire game.
        Versus the Texans Gore received 7 carries after the game was over.
        Versus the Rams Gore received 3 carries after the game was over.

        The wear and tear on Gore weren’t just the carries, he hits someone on EVERY PLAY.

        JH could have saved limited his most important asset for the stretch run at the end of the season. Instead he gave in to the criticism that he gave up on the run too early versus Indy, coupled with Gore getting on him about it.

        The question is, why doesn’t Jim trust his other backs?

    2. Just as much as ‘we’ need this win, SEA needs to be knocked down a couple rungs. They already think that the Niners can’t beat them, and that can be a powerful force when a team as a whole has full confidence in what they are doing. If the Niners can beat them somewhat handily it will REALLY help them down the road if and when they play again in the playoffs.

      I agree, we need every kind of play in the book run on Sunday. I’d like to see a little bit of their own medicine, ultra physical with the receivers, make the ref throw the flag for PI\holding. On offense quick defined throws, up tempo would be nice. Kinda like the K-Gun {pun not intended at first!} that the Bills used to roll out in the 1st quarter. No way stinky Pete and Cable will have time to prepare for that with TUE off. Roman needs mutiple wrinkles to keep the uber aggressive SEA defense thinking instead of reacting to what they’ve seen the last 2 games and on tape all week.

    3. I was really hoping for a littimore showing late in the season. I thought he could add a dimension to our team with his quick physical play and good hands out of the back field.

      now on to the game.
      Keep Wilson in the pocket. zone blitz up the middle. stay with their receivers till the end of the play.
      ok, now play the big nickle. pull Brooks on passing downs and replace him with Skuta. let Skuta spy Wilson the whole game by not letting him out of the pocket.
      on offense,
      I’d like to see both gore and lj, or hunter or Dixon in the back field together in a pro set with 3 wr’s or two and Vd. run some plays in the flats, some curls, slants, slugo’s, screens, counters and naked bootlegs.

    4. I don’t see Gore looking worn down personally. I see him getting the ball and then having to squeeze through a minimal hole, or getting hit in the backfield. The run blocking hasn’t been good and the reason is defenses have decided to take away the run at all costs. The only way to stop it is to make them pay in the passing game which the Niners have started to do the past couple of weeks.

      Seattle will play them the same way this week because they are the ones who formed the blue print everybody else follows when facing the Niners now.

  48. Right now, as we speak, Jack Harbaugh is inside the 49er empire collaborating with the generals to help devise the winning strategy against Pete Carrolls’ Seahawks. Hakuna Matata…..

  49. In the week 2 loss Kaepernick completely wet the bed.

    First half:
    In field goal position: interception
    Safety (down 2-0)
    fumbles on own 29 (5-0)

    Second half:
    Interception returned to SF 25. (Seattle field goal)
    Interception returned to SF 2. (Touchdown)

    If the 49ers are going to going to get over on Seattle they must get a decent game from the QB for a change and get average at least 3 yards per carry on the ground to keep the offense on schedule.

    1. Jack, CK’s bed wetting this season (not just the SEA game) has been scutinized and dissected ad nauseam. With all of his comfort blankets back on the field, it looks like he’s turned the corner. But it’s safe to say this is a huge GPS ame for him.

      1. Rib,

        Kaepernick played fantasitic the last 2 games. The question I have is, can he be patient and consistent enough to make the underneath throws that will be necessary for the offense to work their way down the field against this defense?

    2. 23 Clown Nose,
      Read this. Read how poorly CK has played in all the important games for the Niners this year. Look at how Seattle suffocated Brees with the 4th, 5th and 6th QB. CK has to step up and play better. Maybe you should spend less time on the Chiefs blogg dissing on Alex and instead write about how poorly CK has played against playoff caliber teams.
      We’ve talked about this to death. CK has to raise his game for the Niners go anywhere in the post season.

    3. Good observation Jack. Kap has looked intimidated against Seattle quite frankly and that has to end for the Niners to have any chance of winning this game. There are plays to be made; he just has to make them.

    4. Hammer,
      If “wetting in bed” describes CK’ bad games, how would you describe his good games?
      Leaning on your creativity (lol).

      1. I would have used “stinking up the joint” as a little smell on CenturyStink up in SEA would serve that cheat bowl just fine.

    5. And they were STILL in that game for three quarters. NO way they roll in and beat us, and by us I mean me and the thousands of crazed faithful and the team. The playoff run starts now. And we will NOT lose again.

  50. If the 49ers lose to the Seahawks this weekend and the Eagles beat the Lions and the Cowboys beat the Bears, the Eagles will be the No.6 seed heading into Week 15.

    1. Ahhhhh, it’s the time of year. These speculations always crop up about now. That scenario of those wins could very well happen, but it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

    2. If this happens, it likely won’t last long. The Niners will have to lose at least two more games for the Eagles or Grant’s Cowboys to even be in the discussion for the 6th seed. Because by season’s end, one of those two teams is guaranteed to have at least 6 losses, as they play each other in Week 17.

  51. One thing people forget is we were still in the Seattle game till the fourth quarter not playing our best football till the roof finally caved in..The last team to win in Seattle…Thats right the 49ers.This team has put up with so mutch adversity this year and were 8-4.Were going to go on a road battle this year and SF is just the team to take out Seattle in their building.

  52. git er done, Coach Harbaw. Find a way, willya?!!!

    What kind of win are we talkin’ about here?
    1. Niners lead from wire to wire.
    2. Balanced attack (air and ground)
    3. A little something special out of special teams.
    4. Not a single delay of game penalty.
    5. Not a single time-out forced by clock mismanagement
    6. You score a TD on your first series.
    7. The Seahawks do not shut us out – in any quarter.

    In other words, a convincing win. No celebration if
    Seattle beats itself with self-inflicted bloopers, okay?

    1. We are not playing for a national championship. We don’t need to out score Seattle by 30-40 points.
      A win is a win!

      Interesting how you are setting up cushions for yourself in the case of a 49ers win though (lol).

    2. Alex Smith (the seahawk fan pretending to be a chiefs fan that never discusses them on this blog other than by using the name Alex Smith) is getting the excuses ready I see. So much like the typical Seahawk fan that will never accept a defeat as getting beat by the other team, but will tell you after a loss that they beat themselves or that the officials robbed them. Seen that for years.

      Just a question: When was the last time the team with the best regular season record won the SB? 10 years? I hope that makes you feel better about the Seahawks chances of winning the big game, lol.

    3. you are so pathetic. I like how you keep changing your login name and set up expectation for the another team that could give a $hit about what you think of them. Harbaw in his age would woop your a$$. And CK could care less about what you think so move on bud. Go enjoy your super team the Kansas City Chiefs.

  53. Boy was I ever wrong about the ‘Aints. They went down like dogs last night. What a bunch of wusses.

    I still believe we will beat the Seahawks this week at the Stick, run the table the rest of the way and finish 12-4. Maybe the Giants and the Cardinals can beat Seattle and we can still win the division.

    Looking doubtful… but..I am still not ready to give up. In the immortal words of John Belushi in Animal house: “Was it over when Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No it is over only when we say it is over”. In this case, it will be over when Mathematics say it is over…I will concede nothing till then.

  54. Lots of comments I’m reading on here about how the Niners have to change this and that and I couldn’t disagree more. You can’t change what you do, you just have to do it better. There is no easy answer as to how to beat the Seahawks, but you aren’t going to do it by panicking and changing your system that you’ve been running for 2 and a half years.

    Defensively, the Niners don’t need to do anything different than what they did in game two. It was effective and held them in the game even with the offense doing nothing other than turning the ball over. You can’t go to a blitzing scheme against Seattle, they eat that up. You have to be disciplined in your rush making sure to keep Wilson contained in the pocket, and force him to beat you from there. They also need to study the film and see how the Seahawks leak a receiver out late for big plays. They do that with Miller and Baldwin and it leaves them wide open with nobody within 10 yards of them. Most of all they need to keep Lynch from the big running plays which is the only thing they failed to do in the first game.

    On offense, they have to get some semblance of a run game going to keep the LB’s from cheating back and filling the passing lanes. They need to win the one on one battles with Maxwell and Lane when the situation arises, and keep Sherman from being a factor in this game by leaving him alone. Teams keep going at the guy and he keeps making plays which turn the game in their favor. Accept that he is one of the best and attack elsewhere. If the Niners are balanced and can win the one on ones in the passing game, they have a good chance to win this game, because the defense will keep Seattle from running away with it. This game is on the offense to win.

    1. Another good take from Rocket, although I think the occasional blitz could help. Yeah, the Saints first play, the 9 to Meachem had a predictable result.
      Thinking about the run game, teams are filling the gaps, but they’re also getting penetration into the backfield. Folks dissing all the RBs, but Gore and Hunter have shown they can produce with just a little room, and I think LMJ could also. Our ground game was marginal even before the two injuries.

    2. “You can’t change what you do, you just have to do it better.” Exactly.

      The last couple games up there it seemed as though the Seattle D dictated the tempo of the 49ers offense, making them play faster than they could. A lot of factors go into that and it will be interesting to see if it changes on Sunday with the game in SF.

    3. It’ll be interesting to see how Iupati’s replacement, Looney?, can change anything. SEA’s quick DL just matched up well vs. Iupati in Game 2. Staley was also bad in Game 2, but I think it was just an early season slow start, but looked like Boone is doing ok, but still have to see.
      At least Harvin will not play from what I read.

  55. Watching the Seahags on offense reminds me of what the Niner WCO used to look like. No fancy shifting, misdirection, changing plays at the last possible second hoping to confuse opponents, stroking Roman’s ego just to show how smart he is. Love em or hate em, the Hags just line up on offense and impose their will on the other team. They dare you to beat them. The Niners used to have a hundred plays with 1 TE, 2 WR and 1 half back. Now they have a hundred formations with different players for one play, which is usually Gore up the middle. Sigh….

    1. *SIGH is right. It’s so boring to watch the offense now. Gore up the middle, or a pass to Boldin, or VD. There’s no diversity at all.
      We get a nice Crabs only to see how slow he is when couldn’t outrun the CB. There’s absolutely no imagination at all. How can this so called dynamic player that CK is be so dull. Even watching him perform against the 30th and 31st ranked passing offense was un-inspiring. It is the inevitable deer in the headlights Colin when a good team shuts down his first option, and the O-line breaks down and he scrambles for a gain of 1 or 2.

      1. DS77exev,

        You hav’nt changed a bit DS. Still ragging on Crabtree. Are you really dumb enough to think Crabtree was supposed to be faster coming off of an Achilles heel injury? Let me enlighten you dummy. Crabtree has NEVER been a burner. He uses his quickness, route running and his hands to get open. He’s never had any speed. And for your information, the safety caught Crabtree, the corner fell down stupid. Throw your keyboard out of the window and just read the comments from people who understand and can recognize what is happening. Why don’t you just contine to agree with jack instead of posting comments. You are clueless and your bias reeks through the monitor. Go to the Chiefs blog please. You add nothing to this one, nothing.

      2. please somebody explain to me on what play Crab was slow enough for the CB to catch him from behind!!! The play that i have seen was exactly opposite and Crabtree outran the CB and the only reason he did not score a TD was because of the safety took a great angel to cut off his path! Just because Grant made a statement falsely it does not mean its true.

    2. If we’re wedging up the middle for five yards a pop I’ll be thoroughly entertained. Keep the chains moving and bore me to death with 1 yard TDs. Repeat.

  56. No body likes to talk about it but Seattle has’nt lost a home game since Dec 2011 and then a far far superior 49er team barely beat them. I’ve been saying for close to 2 years that as long as Seattle has a good to very good front 7 they will be almost impossible to beat at home Opposing teams offensive lines are getting off on the snap a half a beat slow and you just ca’nt beat quality linemen when you are a half a beat slow. Snap count is’nt the only noise advantage there are a myriad of other noise advantages that visiting team are not able to over come. If the NFL is not going to make rule changes to even the playing field IE being penalized for surpassing a certain level on a decibal meter. They are going to have to start allowing man made noise makers into all stadiums like the thunder sticks. I do’nt see any difference between thunder sticks and man made technologicaly enhanced stadiums. I read a couple of interviews with players who played in the KC when the crowd broke the record, both of these players had also played games in Seattle and they both said even though KC had broken the record they had no problem handling the noise compared to Seattle. The noise in KC was made and released, the noise in seatlle continues to reverbarate.
    My point is that the 9ers can go on a hell of a run in the playoffs but because of advanced technology it might not matter when we get to Seattle.

    1. This is a good point but I also think this is what makes the game of football so fascinating. There’s always been a home field advantage that affects the game. Like snow, wind, fog.
      If Denver makes it to the SB, it will be fascinating to see how P Manning handles that weather.
      Carolina could very well make it the SB, and we’ll have to hear about how great Cam Newton is.

      1. Fansince you are right there has always been home field advantages but this is the only one that is man made and technologically enhanced. A real concern if the NFL does’nt step in is whats the next step.

    2. >> There’s always been a home field advantage that affects the game. Like snow, wind, fog.

      Fan, the difference is the home field at CenturyStink is artifically enhanced with technology. No different than if they amped up the crowd noise through the public address system like they do in certain NBA arenas. It really is a stain on the league that they’ve not addressed it. If SEA steamrolls though the playoffs at home, expect the owners to look into it during the off season.

      1. I don’t understand what the League can do on the subject of stadium deign. At some point the NFL must have signed off on the stadium design in Seattle. Once final design review passes through the regulatory process (let alone after completion), its unreasonable to get a change done.
        There is a crowd noise regulation in the NFL Rules, but it hasn’t been enforced in years. That could be looked at; nullifying architectural advantage of existing stadiums and dis-incentivizing future focussed-sound designs.
        Maybe next Sunday The Faithful should all bring kazoos, slide-whistles, piccolos & duck calls to The Stick. Got an empty water bottle? Play it like a jug in a Jug Band! Get creative within the approved list of what can come in to the stadium.

      2. Brotha there are rules regulating noise makers that fans can bring into the stadium, i’m not sure what is allowed and what is not. As to the noise rules that are already in place they left to much up to the refs discretion. a very simple solution is a decibal meter at each stadium once the noise went above the prescribed level the crowd could have 3 secs to get it below or a delay of game penalty would be called. If a crowd wanted to be really stupid and get 2 or 3 of those penalties give a sideline mike to the coach and let him do a reverse Sam Wyche

      3. OC
        I think the Refs are following instructions on not calling that old rule. It worked back in the day, although it was awkward. Are decibel meters small enough to wear on a wrist band like a watch. If so give one to the Back Judge or the Head Ref. If the QB turns around to appeal, the Ref checks for a minimal decibel level, and then can issue the crowd a warning and reset for the play.

      4. OC
        Yes, excellent idea if they’re going to call penalties; gives the fans a chance to comply and to push to the limit! It might also keep the QB from making appeals that won’t be honored and might cause a delay. I nominate you for the Rules Committee.

    3. Several quantitative studies have shown that it really isn’t the crowd that give the home team the advantage, its the refs. See Sept 24 2012 Green Bay -vs Seattle Hail Mary pass for proof. Crowd was loud as hell, but it didn’t matter. Seattle was going to lose that game until the refs gave it to them.

      1. Chewie its 6 of one or a half dozen of another. I agree with you crowd noise effects Refs calls and the louder the noise the more it effects their calls. I would love to see a study that looked soley at seattle home field, i’m willing to bet O lines inability to get off any where near the snap count effects the out come of games as much as 10 pts a game

    4. I’m a little skeptical about the noise in Seattle. I’m sure it is very loud there and the stadium really rocks. However, there is no way an outdoor stadium can be louder than an indoor stadium. I suspect there is some shenanigans with piped in background noise to enhance the decibal level. Having said that, I think it’s up to the team to beat the noise even if half of it is coming from the speaker system. You can go to all players wearing wrist bands and signaling in the calls or some other system specifically for a game where players can’t hear.

      On another point here, I’m amazed there aren’t more OSHA complaints about NFL games from the players union. Complaints could range from enduring decibal levels that require ear protection in other jobs, or unsafe distances between endzone and stadium walls, to even photographers on the sidelines that are tripping hazards.

      1. Houston i’m afraid we may have reached the breaking point in Seattle if there is a answer to dealing with their noise great it will get around to all teams and take care of itself, i worry that they have taken the technology to the level where there may be no human answer.

      2. Houston
        Great points. My guess is that with Congress/The Feds giving the NFL a pass on Anti-Trust Laws that they quietly wink-wink look the other way on OSHA Regs too. The NFL is evolving on the Combine interview processes too, but only due to objectionable practices coming to light in public, and the backlash.
        You and I and every other employment interviewer had to make our best guesses on prospective employees from WITHIN the rules.

      3. Houston you bring up a great point. My question here is it really the seahawk fans creating the loudest atmosphere, is it the design of the stadium or technology! I have a hard time to believe the average fan in Seattle is more passionate than other cities such as Philly, Chicago, Cleveland, New Orleans, Atlanta or even Arizona!!! Everytime i have attend a 49er game the next day my voice was lost! if its the stadium design then why not consider building similar stadiums for all cities including our new stadium in Santa Clara!

  57. I think field position is going to be huge in this game for both teams. The team that gets the shorter field the most will likely win. Whether they get this from special teams via good KR/PR or from turnovers gets the edge because both defenses will make it tough to sustain long drives. Either punter could be the real MVP of this game if they can constantly pin the other team deep in their own territory. Hopefully, though, the 49ers won’t be punting much because they’ve scored TD’s and we’ll only see Dawson on PA’s and kick-offs.

    1. Spaceborn,

      I’m reLly worried about LMJ. Seattle’s punter kicks the ball a mile high and LMJ is having problems catching the ball. He looked horrible last week against the Rams. So bad that I think JH just told him to fair catch everything after he muffed the ball. He’s muffed 2 punts in 2 weeks so far. That’s not good at all against this punter. The stat last night was that Seattle had only given up 13 punt return yards total all year! Astonishing!

      1. Those two muffs have been scary for sure. And it wasn’t like he was dealing with a swirling wind last game. You may be right that he was told to make fair catches for that reason or it could have been a conservative approach with a lead and not wanting to take the chance of a turnover during a runback.

        Either way, it didn’t help get better field position for the offense. It could be a rough game for the 49ers if LMJ is making fair catches deep in 49er territory. 49ers can’t start in poor field position often leading to conservative play calling which leads to 3 and outs or very short drives that stall.

      2. LMJ better be spending time on handling punt returns. I guess he was suffering from food poisoning based on his tweets.

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