Harbaugh on Kaepernick: “He doesn’t need to prepare for press conferences and come up with a routine like Jay Leno.”

Jim Harbaugh spoke about Colin Kaepernick’s press-conference attitude Tuesday morning on KNBR. Here is a transcript.

Q: When Colin Kaepernick speaks to the media, boy does he shut down his personality. We know he’s a bright, engaging guy. We’ve had him on the show where he’s been bright and engaging. Are you advising him to shut down his media personality, is it something you’d like to see change, do you feel like he’s projecting a cold image or do you not care at all?

HARBAUGH: Wow, that’s a lot of questions. First of all, no. Players deal with things through their own personality. I think you’re being a little over-analytical and critical. His focus is on winning games, on being the best that he can be as a player and his preparation is on football. To say that his job is be more entertaining, be more engaging – basically, I think it’s entertaining. You want him to be more entertaining, more..

Q: I think more human.

HARBAUGH: Human to you is what? He’s being a human. He’s being a human football player.

Q: I guess. What you said yesterday about Kassim Osgood…

HARBAUGH: He doesn’t need to prepare for press conferences and come up with a routine like Jay Leno. It’s not his job to come out for 15 minutes and do a monologue. He’s got a lot of things to study for his job. That’s what he needs to do – his job.

Q: Yesterday you talked about how Kassim Osgood has pizzazz and how that’s good. It’s just something about when you’re talking to a person and they’re answering you curtly. You do a good job of engaging us…

HARBAUGH: You have to understand, sometimes those questions are asked curtly as well. I really don’t want to argue about it with you. Colin is doing a great job. He’s doing his job. What more do you ask from a guy?


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  1. Wow. How many Bay Area reporters are going to have this story line today? Looks like the long hanging fruit is the easy grab. Just curious…..

    1. I don’t blame the reporters, their job is to write stories that engage fans and when the star quarterback, who is largely the main attraction, gives you one word answers it makes it extremely hard for them to do that. If Kaepernick doesn’t want to have reporters write about his reticent nature then he should give them something else to write about.

  2. E ..
    why do you assume Grant was the one who
    asked the questions ?
    No wonder why you get nuked so often ..

    One thing to keep in mind ..
    This is Grant’s house .. not yours ..

    and .. it’s his prerogative to run it any way he sees fit ..

    Word to the wise ..
    a little respect will go a long way ..

  3. What more do we ask of Colin?
    1. Wins over Tampa Bay and the Cardinals.
    2. Lombardi trophy #6 in February 2014.
    3. And yes, they can be totally ugly wins, ok?

    Check it out, Coach Harbaw:
    if the Niners fail to produce (this season),
    then both you and your QB suck eggs.

    My name is Jay Leno and I approve of this message.

  4. Via MM – BREAKING NEWS: The 49ers place DT Tank Carradine on injured reserve and sign G Ryan Seymour from Seahawks practice squad.

    1. We re very fortunate Jerod-eddie has developed quite nicely for us. Our DL was certainly put the test this season and passed with flying colors.

      I wonder if Dial will see any PT this season.

    2. Surprised they didn’t make this move instead of activating him at the time. Always going to be hard coming in as a rookie returning mid-season from a torn up knee without a TC. Get him 100% for next year.

    1. You knew it was coming…if there is one thing Vince McMahon loves doing, it’s beating the NFL into a building for a huge event…he had WM 29 in MetLife before SB 48, and now he gets WM 31 at Levi before SB 50…the biggest winner in all of this is Levi’s Stadium, getting the biggest events in football and wrestling before they even open their doors…

      1. Plus it’s only 45 minutes from my house…it will be easier to get Wrestlemania tickets than tickets to a Niner game in their new home anyway…

  5. Would it be nice if Kaepernick had more personality during his pressers? Yes.

    Do I think it means anything to the bottom line goal? No

    Time to get ready for Tampa Bay. They have won 4 of their last 5 and won’t be a push over.

      1. I still think they should draft a QB. McCarron would be a good choice. The more I watch Fales the more I like his feet, he is always in a good position to deliver the ball and has good pocket presence.

    1. I agree. It neither helps nor harms the team regarding how he is with the media. The only one it will really effect is himself really. Mainly with his sponsors and likability. I think he’s kinda making it tough on himself, but hey that’s his business.

      As for the Bucs, yes they will be tough. Nothing more dangerous than a team with nothing to play for that are really starting to come along and show progress. They have a lot of talent on that team, but just weren’t able to put it all together in time.

      That being said we should win by at least 2 scores.

      1. No, he’s not auditioning for latenight comic, but it’s always nice to have a goodwill reservoir. You know, so fans will cut him a little slack for those times when he doesn’t do his day job so well.

    2. Jack Tampa has been on a winning roll and we must play well to beat them. The next three weeks is going to be tough so hopefully we are improving every week and continue to win.

      As far a Colin and his demeanor with the media, I personally believe he is making a huge mistake. He is bright, an over achiever and charismatic as a person therefore he should be just himself and stop this silly aloof display of i don’t care with the local media.

      This is entertainment and how he interacts with the media/public will impact his image. Maybe he is still very young and immature in that aspect but if he just acts like his true self everyone would like him. So why make enemies when you can make friends!!!

      1. Chi
        Last year right after he replaced alex he had that “stagefright” look on his face when he was being interviewed by the hoards of media. I cant remember which game (might have been before the saints one) he was in the lockeroom up against a pillar surounded by like 20 reporters and he had this bewildered look in his eyes as he was getting grilled about becoming the new starter and how his relationship with alex was. I undesrtood that look last year, being new and not having to deal with all of that at nevada but now I think its a calculated decision on his part. The more you say the more what you say can be twisted and misrepresented by the media on a slow news day. Just like his tatoos or his biological mother there is many distractions that can take attention away from what he needs to do. While I agree that he can build up some good will with fans by providing better answers ultimately his play will determine how he is treated/percieved.

        Lastly, some of the questions he is asked are just plain stupid. “how did it feel to have Crab back?” What do you want the guy to say good, great, crab is a good player what else can he say to add some pizzaz. And the reason it works for osgood is that this is the first and only time he will be in front of the camera/mic all season (unless he effs up) so he can be charming and then forgotten the next minute

  6. With Lattimore and Carradine healthy next year, along with Ian Williams and Chris Culliver . It will be like the 49ers have 2 extra #1′s along with another #2 Then you start with a draft of 1 first rd pick 2 second rd picks and 3 third rd picks. 2014 could be the most competetive camp in 20 to 30 years.

      1. a very, very nice problem but I’m not sure we can realistically expect guys coming off serious knee injuries to contribute significantly in their first year back after rehab.

      2. You mean like Adrian Peterson coming back from an ACL in record time so that he could rush for 2000 yards? lol. Lattimore’s was more severe, he’ll have 18-20 months before full contact drills.

        Tank will be ready to go to, full throttle.

        Do we have a Culliver update? I’m sure we will be counting on him big time. I am sure Brown and Rogers will be gone.

    1. Attention!!!

      This is the last post of the day! Line up to get the T-shirt from Grant that doesn’t exist! He is selling you all a load of lies.

      I’ll see all y’all in the near future with a different screen name. Props to whomever figures it out first.

      See ya, Grant. I hope that one day E and Iggy can be friends again. Saturday mornings will be so lonely.

      1. I’m not a huge believer in trading draft picks but a team with so few holes should consider moving up to get a difference maker in a key area. I want d-line help but a WR would be nice.

    2. I’m really hoping Lattimore makes it, he is a great athlete. However, I am concerned about his upright running style. Linebackers and safeties in this league will not miss that huge upright target.

  7. Here is E’s last post (delete my post if you want Grant, I’m not trying to add fuel to the fire but if you don’t want his crap on here I understand), is the guy upset he didn’t get a t-shirt?


    This is the last post of the day! Line up to get the T-shirt from Grant that doesn’t exist! He is selling you all a load of lies.

    I’ll see all y’all in the near future with a different screen name. Props to whomever figures it out first.

    See ya, Grant. I hope that one day E and Iggy can be friends again. Saturday mornings will be so lonely.

      1. Houston I totally disagree with you on McCoy. I believe that the coaching staff reined in CK this yr because they knew if he got hurt the yr was over. As to CK he is the unquestioned starter next yr but past that i would’nt bet on it so we better draft someone in the next draft who could be ready at the start of the 2015 season

      2. OC, you’re talking about 2 different things. McCoy is a career backup. I would say that most NFL team’s season is done if the starting QB gets hurt. McCoy is as good as or better than 75% of the backups in the league.

        Now, is McCoy the future starter if CK doesn’t work out. Absolutely not. If the 9ers feel like they need to draft CK’s replacement because they don’t trust he will develop into a great QB then by all means draft another QB. I wouldn’t wait until the 3rd round to do it though. If Harbaugh/Baalke think they need CK’s replacement waiting in the wings then they need to package picks and move up further in the first round.

      3. 49ers selected Geno Carmazzi in the 3rd round of the 2000 draft. That’s the same draft where Tom Brady went in the 6th round. Every time I hear someone talking about taking a QB in the 3rd round I think of Geno Carmazzi. The stigma of 3rd round QB’s sticks with me to this day. And then I remember Joe Montana was drafted in the 3rd round which makes me realize it’s a total crap shoot.

      4. For the most part I withold my opinion of college QB’s untill i hear more from the experts, theres to much to rating college QB’s that most of us ca’nt see. I’ll wait untill Jaworski or Gruden give their opinions. I’ve fallen in love with too many great college QB’s who not only bomb in the pros but are’nt even drafted untill the 7th rd. Who are the 2 winningest QB’s in college history? Ken Dorsey and McCoy….. They both remind me of McCarron. I love Fales but i’m hearing whispers he does’nt have the arm to throw the deep outs, if that does’nt sound like Ken Dorsey i do’nt know what does. I will offer one opinion i believe that T. Bridgewater is the only ca’nt miss QB in the draft this year but i felt the same about A. Luck 2 years ago and look at how he’s played the last 4 weeks.

    1. Yes I know he said that and that was the reason you posted those QB prospects. Do you think the 9ers need to draft a QB? I don’t think they need a QB. Thats why I asked the question.

    2. If the opportunity presents itself and I were the 49ers GM, I’d draft McCarron no questioned asked. I like CK and have been supportive of him, but McCarron will be insurance in case CK plateaus out at his current production level.

    3. between these two ..
      think I’d go with Fales ..

      Hometown kid .. doesn’t look as though
      he gets rattled, much ..

      Boyd, …
      another read-option QB ?

      1. Boyd was considered a top-10 pick before the season, and then he posted almost identical numbers as last season despite not having DeAndre Hopkins, and yet now he’s considered a third-round pick just because dual-threat QBs have fallen out of fashion all of a sudden. I like Boyd. He’s accurate short and deep and elusive and strong and fast. He seems similar to Russell Wilson.

  8. We love his conferences. Get over it and no more “how did you feel” nonsense. Brilliant question: “why did you throw to Boldin?” CK : because he was open.

  9. Ah, Kaep is such a lightning rod. Have you seen the ad he did for headphones? Sure that’s the ad agency leaning hard on that angle for their own purposes, but it may reflect pretty much how CK feels about the public. As to his demeanor with the media, well, if he looked, spoke, and acted that way with me interpersonally, I’d be pretty clear he didn’t much like me. So, I’d take the hint and keep away. Neither CK nor the media have that option. My long term hope for Colin is that he’ll get past that and relax; it takes more energy to maintain enemies than to just smile and shrug it off.

    1. BT,
      did you see the post game press conference? Last week he did it with Crabs and Boldin. This week he did it with Boldin. Boldin is not much of a talker and he did most of the talking. I almost wondered if Kaep would get territorial since most of the questions were going to Boldin. It’s because he was friendlier and more engaging. Even smiled.

      Grant has anyone brought up the fact that maybe Kaep isn’t comfortable in from of the mic? Like a nervous condition or something. His putting up a wall might be a defense mechanism because of it.

      1. Grant i have a friend from Reno he said CK was actually happy go lucky at the mic there. I think its Harbaugh’s influence

      2. I’m certain the organization has gone to lengths to coach these players that get plenty of mic time on what is OK and what is not OK to say and my guess is that Kaepernick feels that saying as little as possible is simply the easiest way to deal with it. Can only get in so much trouble with one or two word answers.

      3. He gave Pam Oliver a nice interview. Maybe you and the Matts aren’t pretty enough.

        In all seriousness media is an obligation for him, he’s not doing it because he wants to. And if he doesn’t care about his image I’m not going to either.

      4. Grant
        You cant compare the media at UNR and the bay area especially when it comes to Qb’s. In Reno he was a god and could do no wrong beyond that he was in the WAC at a place with no history no fanaticism and probly 1 beat guy and maybe a student newspaper. He was in an equivalent to a 1 stoplight town. Now he is in an equivalent of New York with a rabid fan base that disects everything from his choice of offseason hat to why he didnt run, slide too early, misses open reads etc. I guarantee you that Matt Barkley is 10x more polished with the media from his high profile HS and USC days. but ultimately all that matters is how he plays

    2. Obligation or not, I don’t see why Kap has to be so cranky and terse during questioning. I agree it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things but everybody has a job to do including the people asking the questions so there’s really no reason to be short with them unless they’ve been rude to you.

      1. He is the face of the frachise…
        I am sure his boss, the Yorks are really thrilled this is how their multi million dollar buiness is presented to the public.

    3. While I’d love to see an open and gregarious leader (who doesn’t?), what is there to gain for Kaep being forthcoming with the media? Negative comments get blown way out of proportion and nobody gives a rats about positive comments.

      Pressers are an obligation for Kaep that provide more opportunity to cause harm through a careless comment than good through being open and honest.

    4. I could care less how CK treats the media. His job is to play football and not be a PR guy. however, his demeanor may change as he gets older – kind of like the transformation George Foreman went through.

  10. I don’t know if anyone remembers Kap’s appearance on the NFL network post game show after the Thursday night game against the Rams. Kap came across as a bright, engaging, and intelligent young man. A far cry from the petulant and surly individual being depicted in the media.

    Perhaps it was the fact that NFL network crew included people who have been on the sidelines of a real NFL game (Mooch and Faulk). I can see why Kap feels comfortable and relate better to people with actual NFL experienced as opposed to a bunch of guys who were History or English majors in college, who probably believe that Athletes are grossly overpaid in relation to their contribution to society; and who probably are still carrying a deep seated hostility towards the entire ‘Jock’ culture from way back in their high school days when “dumb” jocks always seemed to get the best looking girls, and future noble prize winners were labeled as nerds and could not get any dates.

    As for myself, I don’t give a hoot as to how Kap answers your dumb questions. I can get all the answers I need from watching the game on Sunday.

    1. Yeah Rick, that must be it. He’s bright, engaging and intelligent, but if you didn’t play in the NFL, he’s going to dismiss you and act prickish. You think he’s really that much of a snobbish jerk? Or….did you just get carried away with your jocks and nerds rant.

      Oh, and to top it off with some poetic beauty, you spelled Nobel wrong. I give your post a 4 out of 5 stars – so bad it’s good.

      1. You did not answer my main question. Did you see the interview with Mooch and Faulk on NFL network, and do you agree that Kap did not come across as the jerk the media has been portraying lately. So maybe the media types need a little introspection of their own and ask themselves if Kap is perhaps reflecting their own hostility back at them.

        I know if someone comes at me in a hostile manner, I would probably respond in an equally hostile fashion. Sometimes these wannabe Woodwards and Bernsteins do get carried away with their “investigative” journalism.

        I did indeed spell Nobel wrong. Sorry Alfred!

      2. Rick,
        No, I didn’t. And I get your point, he can certainly be nice, engaging, comfortable in interviews. I just don’t get why he is so standoffish, most of the time, in 49er pressers. It would be easier on him to just relax and be more himself. He has enough pressure on him, I don’t think this attitude, whether it’s coming from him or his coach, or whoever, is helpful in any way whatsoever.

  11. First off let me say sorry for bailing on our pick em league got a new job out of state and haven’t been around a computer much. And secondly who cares how Kaep is with the media just win games and I could careless if he did another interview ever!!

  12. Grant- I hope you don’t mind me starting a new weekly segment called “Archive Jive” (a pathetic post from the past) pulled from the archives. Some of my own posts will be included. Only one “Archive Jive” post per week, every Tuesday. Here we go….

    The first ever “Archive Jive” comes from who else? “DS”
    The topic of discussion back in March 2012 was: “should Niners sign Peyton Manning?”

    DS94everXev says:

    March 7, 2012 at 12:04 pm


    In PM last season, the Colts had lost 4 straight games. In one of the plays, PM flinched anticipating a hit because he had been crushed all game long and all season long really.

    The WR was open in the endzone, and PM threw it in the dirt because he saw a pass rush that was not there and closed his eyes as he threw the ball anticipating a hit that did not come. PM panicked. Add on top of that this injury.

    He’s done.

    1. Actually the best that DS had to offer is when the little freaky alien lost it and got banished. I think even Claude told her to take a break from the blog. lol.

      1. i remember that but i never commented back in those days i’ve never actually commented like this but i seem to remember that the freak DS was pushed to the breaking point by that freaky guy E was today. but today E seemed to push himself to that breaking point and grant handled it okay, unless you buy into what houston9er was saying. all that nonsense about banning people who were writing football was not good but sometimes people just ask for it if you ask me. but claude is always a good read. him and that one guy ribico that always hangout together, those two guys seem like their buddies even off this board. say whos going to candelstick for the last game there?

      2. DS wasn’t banished. He/she left when Grant refused to take down E’s continued “DSL” comments and/or stop E from posting them.

      3. Bay:

        lets be clear. DS had a mental breakdown

        I’m not a psychologist, but I wouldn’t argue with that assessment.

        I don’t understand, however, why that is a source of amusement for you. You seem to think it is funny that DS had a breakdown. Do you also make fun of kids in wheelchairs?

      4. If you don’t like the kids-in-wheelchairs reference, then let’s look at it this way. You have directed a lot of moral outrage at Prime for making fun of Msc’s wife’s cancer (or what they thought was cancer). How is that different from you making fun of DS for having a nervous breakdown? In both cases, someone is making fun of someone else’s illness.

      5. Claude,
        Msclemons wife was ill, and she has nothing to do with this blog or the vitriol on it. He simply asked others to support him because he was worried. DS was a creep that would make extremely rude comments and flip out when somebody gave it back to her. DSL comments? She used to make comments about my genitals all the time, but flipped out after I found a picture of her dancing in front of her Xbox. If you are going to run your mouth, be prepared for people to come at you. Grant didn’t take the comments down because she made equally offensive remarks towards others. DS wasn’t a victim, she was a complete creep.

      6. BigP:

        I’m only talking about the end of his/her tenure on the blog. Again, I’m not a psychologist, but it sure seemed like he/she had some sort of breakdown. More to the point, Bay clearly believes that DS had a mental breakdown, and he seems to think it was funny.

      1. E:

        Sorry, but I’m not interested in listing your aliases. I was referring to my prize for being the first one to identify you under your new name. See my 3:57 comment above.

    2. Idk how to look up posts in the archives, but are there ones when MM was running the ship? If so and you don’t remember or wasn’t here then. Onelame is the all time champion at getting banned and losing his mind. Especially in the Nolan days. Priceless

      1. Cfc….. The darkest days in this 49er fans lifetime. I cringe at the thought. Singletary was no better but I was numb by then.

      2. MD
        At least Nolan accumulated some talent that went on to be a contributing factor in this teams rebirth. What good has Dennis Erickson EVER done?

    3. Crabs
      I like your “Archive Jive” idea. Let’s just say its a Target-Rich Environment; a lot of material to choose from. Let ‘er rip!

    4. Crab
      If we play by your rules, then all “Archive Jive” entries will be DS’s BS with some of mine sprinkled in from time to time.

      1. Nick, MD, CFC, Tuna, Chi – We are all fair game in “Archive Jive”…..Only requirement is a sense of humor.
        We all have had some lousy posts and piss poor predictions about players/coaches etc.
        Volume 2 comes out next Tuesday. One of you guys could be next! ;-)
        The only things certain in life are death, taxes and the archives!

    1. I love it. I am sure the small Seattles suicidal nations threat to boycot is going to bankrupt Beats and Monsters cables!!! LOL

    2. The dude peeing on the bus wheel is hilarious. For a fan base that prides itself on intense behavior, their reaction is pretty funny.

  13. I don’t blame any player for being careful at press conferences. Many times there is a reporter who wants to provoke the speaker to make a comment that will generate controversy, because that attracts attention and increases readership which generates more money. I am not saying all or most reporters do this, but some do.
    So players like Kap go overboard and give as short answers as possible. Frankly it beats having a player who runs his mouth like R. Sherman.

  14. Lol awwww look at the media crying over how someone doesn’t do things the way they want. Since when can the media be trusted anyways. He knows that of he has a horrible season, game, quarter he will get smacked by them in a heartbeat. Look at this blog alone when he isn’t living up to “expectations” why would he want to be fake and put on a happy face when it won’t be genuine? Poor wittle writers.

    1. Ronnie Lott once told me that if you are nice to people during your playing career then it will open up opportunities after your playing career.

      1. C’mon bay it was Ronnie frickin Lott. Lol
        And Augustine…..I don’t know how they do it up there in Canada, but most Americans don’t speculate someone’s life and how well it is by the way they handle the media. In fact the media is more unpopular now then it’s ever been. Wonder why.

  15. Off football topic; but at least seasonal:
    This afternoon I had a 6′ ladder set up on one end of my front porch and a Little Giant ladder extended to 9′ at the other end and I’m walking the balance beam of the porch railing towing a 75′ strand of l.e.d. lights with one hand and a staple gun in the other. A neighbor lady walks by and says “Oh, Hi!” and she’s smiling and waving. I say Hi back and she keeps waving like she thinks I’m going to wave back. Finally she says, “Are you stringing Christmas Lights?”
    sigh. OK, there isn’t much point in decorating to get into the spirit of the holidays and then saying what I was thinking, so I just said “Yes”.
    C’mon Ma’am! LOL!

    1. Brotha, kind of sounds like the neighbor who saw me scraping ice and snow off my driveway the other day who asked, “Gettin’ the snow off the driveway, huh?” I really wanted to give a smart azz remark about it being obvious, but instead said, “Yep, it’s gettin’ a bit slippery lately.”

    2. Lot of stupid people in the world BT, holidays or not. Good on you for holding your tongue. Not sure I would be able to do the same.

    3. Yeah, one more:
      A friend of mine had a grey Weimereiner ( I KNOW I massacred that spelling) dog. Its an interesting looking breed so he’s used to questions. We’re talking at a gas station and some guy with Connecticut plates asks about the breed and then says
      ‘What’s your dog’s name?’
      Bob says “Grey Dog”
      “Oh yeah. That’s an old Indian name, huh?”

      1. Classic, brotha! But weimaraners are great dogs if used for what they are bred for: hunting. But I’ve seen people try to make them household pets and find out that they’ll go nuts (eating couches, etc.) if they aren’t allowed to be what they were supposed to be. Kind of reminds me of a QB that is often discussed on this blog.

  16. Travis ‘Cheese’ Hatke
    Hawks fan here! What a game on Sunday. Props to your team. I really Hope we meet again in the playoffs

    Off topic, but this is the first Seattle fan I’ve seen that has some class. Who’d of thunk it? Be nice to read some more from the northwest dregs. Take note Capeman!

    1. yeah, md ..
      there are a few … seemingly with
      some sense .. but then ..

      I always thought SeaChicken fans were
      the way they are cuz ..

      too much Starbucks in the bloodstream ..

      1. They’re new to this football thing. Gotta give them a couple of years and they’ll learn that 2 point losses are still a loss and that rings aren’t won in week two and thirteen. They’ll also realize that championships are forever and fans that were alive in these said 5 seasons can brag all they want foooreeeveeeeerrr!

  17. Q: “Yesterday you talked about how Kassim Osgood has pizzazz and how that’s good. It’s just something about when you’re talking to a person and they’re answering you curtly. You do a good job of engaging us…”

    I would love to ask this reporter if they have in the past or plan to interview Osgood in the future.
    A good opportunity for credibility can be earned by this person by actually interviewing Osgood after dropping his name.

    1. AES ..
      I see where yer goin’ with this ..
      sure .. how often do we see pressers
      from our Special Teamers ? ..

      Grant .. could it be like Dawson said ..
      “..slow news day, huh ?” ..
      at the start of his rare presser ?

      or .. is there a reason we don’t get to hear much
      from these guys ?

    1. Those fans are loud because that’s only meaningful organized outdoor activity they get to participate in in that rain filled miserable environment of theirs. Imagine a situation where all that frustration builds for days on end of rainy gloomy weather, then you get your one chance to go outside and let it rip and go crazy.

      1. Nick you are so right! No wonder Scandinavians are so uptight until they a get a few drinks in them and boy then they let it rip. Gold and gloomy weather for sure impacts peoples behavior. When i moved to Chicago for the first several years it was hard to understand why people were so uptight.

      2. Amen
        Cold weather sucks, and it does terrible things to people’s disposition. see NY PHI BOS CHI DET at least CHI and DET have some of that midwestern sensibility that we on the east coast clearly lack. Im convinced thats the reason people here are so hostile and obsessed with sports. It gets dark at 430 pm for 5 miserable months. Its hard to be mad all the time when its allways 72 and sunny

  18. I don’t believe the poll question is as simple as a yes or no answer. I want to say that yes he is better but idk if he is. The read option, which was a huge part of his success, is now gone. So obviously his rushing stats are taking a hit. His comp %, YPA, rating, ypg, rush ypg, TDs are all down when compared to last season. And he had a better win %. The stats say he’s not improving. So I’ll go with that.

      1. I can’t think of an area where he has gotten better. Sadly. His reads are the same. He locks onto one guy. He’s more hesitant to run when a play breaks down.

      2. He is still struggling from the pocket. He is good when it’s clean, but very up and down if there is any disruption. Doesn’t move around very well within it.

        On Sunday he missed Crabtree wide open over the middle and threw it incomplete to Gore instead. It was a simple read against a zone could have been a big play.

      3. Grant, I’d say most Niner fans don’t really care how Kap answers your or other reporters’ questions. Winning football games is their job and that’s all they’ve been doing for the past 3 years. Also, it’s apparent that the niner locker room and veteran players embrace Kap and his real personality, as we get to see clips of those in the 49ers “Mic’d” videos.

      4. Jack – I see overall imrovement from Kap, especially getting plays off on time. Way less delay of game penalties. However, Kap’s accuracy was awful vs Seattle……just awful.

    1. You have to consider the stats with the big picture. This year we’ve had several key injuries on offense and defense. Just look at Andrew Luck’s stats post Wayne’s injury. Clearly, there’s a double standard and nobody in media has brought his poor play. Kap loses Crabtree and Vernon in two of his losses, but that’s not a big deal, right?

      1. That is my biggest issue with Grants style of journalism. I expect our blog writer to cover any stats from several perspectives so we do not just look at things with a tunnel vision.

    2. Whats the timeframe for the improvement? If you are talking the last couple of weeks (since Crab’s return), definitely yes.

  19. Grant,
    Was that you asking the questions to Harbaugh?
    Whoever it was they were definitley trying to push buttons and create a response

  20. Am I the only person here that is not overly affected by CK’ low % QB ratings as long as we keep winning?
    I mean how many times a week do we need to see more stats and numbers related to CK or F.Gore (at times) for that matter.

    I would venture to say that the highest percentage of people who frequent here could tell you that CK is not playing at the same level as he did last year.
    And all the reasons or analysis have pretty much been provided ad nauseam.

    Yes, CK still has much to learn, but as long as he and the rest of team can find ways to win until Kaep becomes a finished product, I can overlook some of the lowlights in CK’ journey and enjoy the ride.

      1. Don’t know Crab, I had to reboot my computer and may have lost it in the process.
        Need to get my grandkid to set me up again (lol).

    1. I agree as long as we win…i could care less about stats and what kap says in the media…im a xo’s guys…. this is TMZ BS

    2. AES

      I think lots of people had such high expectations that anything short of that was not going to sit right with some fans. There is no question that CK has some work to do but that’s part of the growing process. I have been reading where some people don’t see any improvement and seem to be using stats for the basis of their argument. I tell you what on that last drive for the final FG, CK did not do anything stat wise, but what was important, he managed the drive. No mistakes that I saw, that’s a huge gain in becoming a QB – the ability to manage the game is so important to success.

      1. AES, maybe i am a just a bias 49er fan but i have seen a change in CK for the past three games. CK is not a finished project but just look around the league and you will see some of the top QBs making mistakes, throwing interceptions, missing open receivers, hesitating a few seconds and taking a sack. The question here is can CK improve in the near future and should we believe in him until he proves us wrong?

    3. >>Am I the only person here that is not overly affected by CK’ low % QB ratings as long as we keep winning?

      What a novel idea, AES! Welcome to 2011.

      No, I am as well. I’m treating CK the same way as I did our previous QB. He’s are going to make good plays, not so good plays so don’t go crazy over a int or missed read, it happens to every NFL QB. And don’t crap on the QB because he didn’t throw for enough yards, kept the chains moving by throwing low yardage checkdowns or (insanely) the team didn’t win by enough points.

      And he’s going to need the defense, special teams contribute to the win. He’s going to have game plans called that minimize his weaknesses, and emphasize his strengths – don’t take as evidence the team is “shielding” him.

      And some knucklehead is going to think he is insulting him or those that back him with a “he just wins” comment.

    4. Of course, the standard rebuttal is our previous QB had reached his pinnacle, while CK has only scratched the surface.

      Well all great, but we are talking about winning *right now*, not 1, 2 or 3 seasons from now.

  21. In Pittsburgh, they root a QB who is an accused (twice) assaulter of women. Maybe we all should be grateful for what we have. Kaep doesn’t provide a lot of copy or charm at the podium, but he stays away from the felonies and he slings the ball pretty well.

    1. Had to laugh. Thinking of a generic Dad saying to his son:
      Stay away from the Felonies, Son. And the Opiates and the Crack Ho’s cuz they gots bugs and disease. Don’t get busted for kiddie porn or molesting. Be an upstanding citizen, or at least an upstanding gangsta.

    2. so if kaep is accused of something we shouldnt root for him because of the accusation–if they had anything on roethelisberger he would be facing charges….jameis winston shouldnt be given the heisman because someone made an accusatiob against him, right

  22. Seriously the media and fans are over thinking the whole kap situation. He hasn’t even started a whole year yet! He is winning games and thats all that matters. Think of the mike singletary era or nolan or dennis erickson..how do we forget so quickly the days of ken dorsey and jt osullivan …. lets not forget and be over critical of our QB and Coach. In Coach Jim we trust, he turned our program around and kap is his guy. I think kap is doing the right thing in not opening up to the media! Look how the media twists words out of context and makes it the story line of nfl.com and nfl network etc.. this can be major distraction …. its the right move and grant and everyone else in the media is a hater and need to cover the xo’s of football now TMZ stories…some of us actually played and understand the game and this commentary is plain awful

  23. Judging from the articles the past few days, I’d say it’s just the Cohn’s that are having the problem with Kap not talking to the media. No one else cares. Old people, and Cohn’s are the only people that want Kap to be so,etching he’s not.
    If you guys don’t respect harbough’s take on it you simply don’t respect their way of doing business

  24. What does the media do for Kaepernick? Or any athlete? Maybe he just doesn’t want to give a whole lot of energy to people that don’t have his best interests at heart. I understand that writers get butt hurt about this, but they need to get over it. They jump on the storyline bandwagon when things are going well and rip guys when they aren’t. Their agenda runs against the grain of a football team. I’m sure Kaepernick remembers the “The First Annual Anthony Davis, And To A Lesser Extent Colin Kaepernick, Writing Competition.” That fine piece of journalism is sort of a blueprint for the media to build lines of communication with athletes.

    1. BigP, i completely agree but he needs to be more political for his own sake. If i was in his shoes then i would play the same game with the media. I would use them and make them look like fools by being a much bigger person. If he allows the fan base to get to know him it will be much more difficult for the media to create drama.

      1. Chicago,
        I don’t disagree with your take, but I think these guys get what they want to get out through social media. How does a writer benefit him? When he became the starter last year journalists were harping on his tattoos, his ethnicity, his biological mom, etc. They tried forcing a story about Kaepernick and his biological mother and he wanted no part of it. They tried painting him as a thug and wasted countless hours talking about his tattoos. They ignored the reality that he was raised in a great family, was a great kid and did very well in school. They tried crafting their own narrative to his story, you can’t blame him for not playing along. Your political point is valid, but how many times do we see players and coaches give five minute long p.c. responses to questions where they don’t actually say anything? They do that because the media is just looking for anything that they can manipulate into a story.

    2. What does the media do for Kaepernick?
      They pump hot air into the NFL balloon, which expands, expanding the money for owners, coaches and players. Media attention hypes the League and supports the big contracts.Media attention got CK those endorsement contracts. The Big Bucks don’t come free; there’s ALWAYS a cost. But make no mistake, the NFL is Showbiz and it’s locked into a symbiotic dance with the Media that the League courted.

  25. I am aware that Media is a business. I just laugh when some reporters call themselves journalist and ask the most ridiculous questions during their interviews and then wonder why the coaches/players are being defensive. I have been in Pittsburgh for business for the past few days and you should have heard Big Ben rip into the media. Then he was accused of not liking the offensive coordinator which he denied on NFL network and stated the media ask the most stupid questions that makes the players frustrated.

    Despite the circus show and the new nature of Media, I truly believe 49ers organization is coaching Colin to be very reserve during press interviews. Colin has a huge personality and he is a go getter so it does not have anything to do with his nerves on front of the mic. If my opinion is true then coach Harbaugh is making a mistake! Colin is only 26 and he is under tremendous pressure to just prepare to play football therefore it is unfair for the coach to put more pressure on the kid. He should allow Colin to just be himself on front of the mic and trust that he will say the right thing.

    Also, its funny how the local media is not happy with Colin’s interaction but at the same time they go to extra length to create doubt about his ability as a QB! How would you feel if you constantly read $hit about you without covering the entire dynamics of all the potential reasons and then the same person shows up in your face to ask you a question? It would require excellent composure to blow all that crap and stay neutral to the same people that do not believe in you. Keep in mind, these men are professional athletes that spend their entire life training to become who they are and they must believe in themselves no matter what, so any doubt about their ability is a personal attack!!!

    1. Chicago,
      +49. The perfect example…….

      “The First Annual Anthony Davis, And To A Lesser Extent Colin Kaepernick, Writing Competition.”

    2. How would you feel if you constantly read $hit about you without covering the entire dynamics of all the potential reasons and then the same person shows up in your face to ask you a question?

      Let’s ask Alex Smith about that.

      1. At least Alex Smith has a lot of class and humbleness in him then Kap who’s arrogant. I can hardly wait to see the same people that put Alex Smith under the bus, do the same to Kap when all these people run out of patience in Kap’s below average performance.

      2. Capeman= Flipper = Traitor,

        We are not like you Capeman, we are life long committed 49er fans , we don’t jump ship because a QB plays poorly, or if we don’t like ownership. We can bitch and moan, but we are STILL Niner fans, unlike you, your nothing but a fair weather fan. When the Sea Cheats lose, who are you going to root for next year. Denver or New Orleans, the Niners, we don’t want you biatch boy.

      3. Neal,
        Don’t speak too soon Water boy. You might eat your word when that time comes. And you shouldn’t rely on your heart to speak for you, sometimes it’s better to use some common sense.

  26. All I asked was that he not go up there with his lid twisted… looking like a middle eastern slim shady. He’s cleaned that up, leave the kid alone.

  27. To me, this whole Kaepernick vs the media thing is meaningless. He’s not Alex Smith…he’s Colin Kaepernick. He’s different. So what? CK’s under a ton of pressure to get his team back to the SB. He had such an explosive impact last year many expected him to just pick up where he left off. Well, teams had all off-season to come up with ways to stop/slow down the read-option. Colin’s still very early in his NFL career…he’s got what, 19 or 20 starts (not counting playoffs). Give the kid a break…if he gives short answers at pressers, then just write what he says. In short, deal with it, don’t whine.

  28. In my company when something doesn’t go right, I take the blame. It’s the owners fault.
    Kaeps lack of professionalism with the media should fall squarely on ownership and the front office. If he was short with some reporters for some of the stupid stuff they write, that would be understandable. Unfortunately he treats everyone poorly and represents our franchise poorly. The timing of this issue is terrible for the Niners. They are about to open a brand new modern stadium in the middle of Silicon Valley and Kaep is the face of the franchise. Get him some media training pronto.
    At the same time it’s also the media’s responsibility to work harder at establishing that relationship. Take different angles get more creative with your questions to assist in bringing that wall down. In other words don’t be lazy.

    1. Bay i do’nt think he needs training. I believe he honestly does not like the members of the media. He feels somewhere along the way they treated him unfairly that along with his immediate supervisor treats the media with disdain adds up to a strained relationship. If Jed York wants CK to behave differently with the media he would have to ask the same thing of Harbaugh. I do’nt think there is a chance in hell Harbaugh will change with the media i think he would tell Jed to go to hell, fire me if you do’nt like it.

      1. I too wish he would lighten up a bit but at the end of the day it’s about his performance on the field. He’s had a strange offseason with all the attention and the flack he took for wearing the Dolphins hat etc., but he hasn’t gotten into trouble and if the worst thing you can say about him is he is a little rude to the media, then I can accept that.

  29. if some other teams qb acted like kaepernick does with the press im sure alot of people here now defending kaepernick would castigate theother team’s qb for being so unprofessional and being an ass

  30. Two teams that I disliked with a passion, will be rooting for this weekend. Raiders and the Giants. Can’t believe it. Rooting for the Raiders because if KC loses, I figure a better second round draft pick for the Niners , and the Giants is quite obvious. It is still not out of the question although bleak as it is, that we can have a playoff game at the Stick.

    1. Neal,
      The only reason why you’re rooting for the Raiders because you hate Alex Smith for one thing and you don’t want to see this person to succeed. And secondly, you’re rooting for the N.Y Giants because you’re afraid of the Seahawks and you don’t want to go to Seattle for the Playoffs. The last and final game that the 49ers will be playing at the stick will be in two weeks against the Atlanta Falcons. They will not play another home game at the stick you can bet on it.

      1. And secondly, you’re rooting for the N.Y Giants because you’re afraid of the Seahawks and you don’t want to go to Seattle for the Playoffs.

        And no I am not mad. I just figure that a Flipper like you would only understand big letters.

      2. Cheatman= Flipper= Traitor. I an a NINER FAN, and your no fan at all. If the Niners are going to play in the boom box, that is fine with me, as long as they call holding on Sherman and others, because they are cheating frauds. The Cheathawks will not win the game, if the refs call the game the way they should. Their a reason why the Cheathawks are the second most penalized team in the league.

      3. Neal,
        How about the first topic, you wanted the Raiders to win on Sunday because for one reason. It’s because of your hatred toward Alex Smith and you want him to fail badly, rather than be happy for Alex that his having a lot of success even though his not with the 49ers anymore. The other 49ers fan wanted the Chiefs to lose to the Raiders, because they have good reason. But you can’t hide it; it shows that you have a vendetta towards Alex…
        These comments have no concern with the Hawks and 49ers.

    2. Rooting for the Raiders because if KC loses, I figure a better second round draft pick for the Niners

      That would only work if the Chiefs missed the playoffs, and I don’t see that happening.

      1. That’s a good point which I hadn’t considered. I suppose our best case scenario on the draft pick now is the Chiefs losing in the wild card round. That would place our pick from them between the 21st and 24th pick of the round depending on where their record ranks among the losers in the wild card round. But even if they do make an early exit, I would guess they’d have one of the better records of the losing teams based on where things stand now.

        When Alex Smith (who I still like and respect, in spite of agreeing with the choice to go with Kap) went to the Chiefs, I was pleased with that destination specifically so that I could root for him to beat the Raiders twice a year. Glad to see I can still do that without it being likely to upset the slotting of our draft pick much.

    3. Capeman formerly known as DS

      I don’t hate your boy toy , I think Alex Smith is a hell of a guy, he would be a great neighbor, hate is such a strong word. I hate Hitler, I hate serial killers, I hate men who mistreat and abuse women, I hate rapist and pedophiles. but I don’t hate Alex Smith, your such a dummy. Get some help, Capeman you need therapy and meds quickly.

      1. Neal alias Bay fanatic,

        The names Neal and Bay is absolutely the same person, you can tell by the way you two write your comments, they’re exactly the same, and how you both make your idiotic and insulting comments to other people. You’re the one that needs to seek help and therapy, and you should do it right away before you get worse.

        Btw, you can’t deny it you absolutely hate Alex Smith, because of your high expectation of him. That he never became the Qb you expected him to be. You can tell by the way you bashed and criticize Alex in your past previous comments.

        I can tell that your expectation with kap is very high also. In a year or two, you’ll be one of those people that are going to put Kap under the bus if he continues with his below average performance.

  31. December 12, 2013, Update news from Seattle for 23jordan.

    Losing is never good, but with two more wins we can still feel quite right. Here’s all the advanced stats and more for Week 15.
    It’s another week of the Advanced Stats roundup, and though Seattle lost this week it didn’t really do much harm to them in the standings or in the stats department.

    Russell Wilson added an interception (sad face, it was so unnecessary!) and the Seahawks added a loss, but they maintain their lead in overall DVOA and defensive DVOA, while the San Francisco 49ers went from sixth to…eighth. Of course, that probably just means that 49ers fans are running to delete “FootballOutsiders.com” from the internet, but it also just goes to show that maybe we didn’t have as bad a game as many might think.
    It was a tight game between two foes of near-even talent, but Seattle’s playoff odds remain 100% and their chances of getting the number one seed are still a virtual lock.

    As you may have expected between these two teams, things stayed close to 50/50 and rarely veered very far into anyone’s favor, up until that one moment that took the air out of Seattle’s sails.

    Big Play!
    While you should never say “we lost because of THIS,” Frank Gore’s 51-yard run dropped the Seahawks’ chances of winning -31.3%. Had they managed to stop him for a nine or ten yard gain, who knows. If they had just stopped him and the 49ers entirely, then it would have swung 30% the other way. But that’s not what happened and this was definitely one of the biggest fourth quarter swings against Seattle all year.

    It’s a testament to the defense to see that many positive performances, even if single-game WPA and EPA results for defensive players are misleading. I still think you’d be foolish to not assume that the Seahawks had a great day on defense, other than a big misstep against Gore. Consider that they went on the road, in probably the toughest environment they’ve played in all year, mostly-without their top coverage linebacker, with the Niners working Michael Crabtree back into the lineup, and they held them to one touchdown, four field goals, four punts and an interception.

    At this point, I have to wonder if Byron Maxwell has won the starting cornerback job for 2014. I know that there is always going to be competition for most spots, but Maxwell’s performance over the last two games is enough to make you wonder if they can move on without Brandon Browner and without having to spend much on finding other secondary help.
    A week after having a Defensive-MVP type performance against the Saints, Maxwell had three pass deflections a crucial interception against San Francisco.

    1. Seriously capeman nobody cares about what the Seahawks numbers are or about their plans for the future either. You’ve moved on to them as a fan which is fine, but go find a place to talk with other Seahawk fans instead of posting this crap here.

      1. Rocket,
        If you think these comments are crap to you, why waste your time reading it? First of all its address to 23Jordan, Nobody is asking for your opinion or what you think of it.

        Btw, i’m not trying to be rude, but who are you to tell me what to do and where to go too?

      2. Now Capey,

        How would rocket know your poorly reasoned and inartfully written comments are “crap” if he does not read them? Well, I guess he could use inductive logic to infer your latest comments are “crap” based on the quality of your past comments without actually reading said latest comments, but would you really want to deprive him of the unique experience of wading through the tortured logic and third grade phrasing that you consistently bring to the table?

        And, in anticipation of your assuredly childish and predictably woefully malformed inevitable rejoinder that you were not addressing me in your comment to rocket, I say (or rather write) this: posters in an open forum have no reasonable expectation of privacy in what they post. And that’s a fact, Jack!

      3. Cape
        We don’t care where you go as long as its away. How can we miss you if you won’t leave, LOL? It’s just goofy that you think anyone here cares about your updates or your team. Your spitting into the wind. Who are your next opponents? Go dazzle their fans with your wit and insights.

      4. Gadfly,

        Not trying to be rude, why don’t you mind your own business and stay out of it. It doesn’t concern you, and nobody is asking for your opinion. Go back to what you are doing teaching 3rd graders, that’s the only ones that you can brain washed.

      5. ‘why don’t you mind your own business….?’
        Because its colors, dude! Wake UP! I can argue with Jordo. Space can argue with Jordo. Gadfly can too. But we’ve got his back versus some guy who roots for a different color. Jordo doesn’t care about any of those Seaslug details either. And No, Goober, you can’t have a private conversation on an open forum.

      6. Brotha Tuna,
        Not trying to be rude, why don’t you mind your own business and stay out of it. Who cares in what you think and what your opinion is. By the way, was the comment address to you? Or you just want to make yourself feel better making comment on the previous post, in a negative way?

      7. Capey,

        Please re-read the second paragraph of my December 12, 2013 at 6:19 pm post above. I preemptively addressed your predictable petulance.

      8. Well that was a bit of a mistake, I must admit. Oh well. I will admit to Gadfly being an alter-ego, since clearly I just outed myself. ;)

      9. Incredible. You just can’t grasp it even when it’s spelled out for you.
        Thanks for the attempt generally, but go ahead and be rude. I, and more than a few others I’d guess, think you are already being rude for merely proselytizing your Seaslugs religion in a Niner Tabernacle. Get it? G-T-F-Away.

      10. Capeman, i respect any other football fan for supporting their team. With that said, you do not qualify to be in that category. You are a lame troll period. You are not a seahawk fan or any other NFL team fan or you would not go to another teams blog and talk $hit behind your keyboard to feel like a fan or a man. you poor sorry soul.

    2. Capeman,
      Isn’t it sad that no matter how lengthy your narratives are, they means nothing until you have a Lombardi in your current empty trophy case.

      But I do appreciate that you come on here all the time because at least you have come to terms with the underlying truth that you have to go through the 49ers to get to the Superbowl.

      1. Capeman isn’t even a Seahawk fan, really, he’s just a frontrunner that becomes a fan of any team not called the 49ers that becomes a favorite. Must get expensive buying a different team’s gear every season, huh?

      2. Spaceborn,
        I’m glad that you can see everything in your crystal ball. Can you please tell me what are the winning numbers for the Lottery these coming Saturday?

      3. Capeman says:
        December 12, 2013 at 5:11 pm
        I’m glad that you can see everything in your crystal ball. Can you please tell me what are the winning numbers for the Lottery these coming Saturday?

        I have some winning numbers for Sunday.
        Giants 16
        Seahaks 13

      4. NinerMd,
        The casinos in Las Vegas are looking for experts with a lot of experience predicting scores for the NFL football games and their sports book. You should apply for their openings; you won’t have any difficulty getting the job with your expertise.

    3. Capeman,

      You said all that to say this.

      ” The Niners kicked our azz and now I’m going my best Richard Sherman impersonation!” “I’m going to blame Frank Gore!”

      You can disappear now. A simple congradulations Niners will do. In the future, be origional with your posts. Don’t copy information from somewhere else. You sound lazy and uninformed.

      1. 23jordan,
        The only person that I know that disappeared before the 49ers and Seattle game was you. You made yourself invisible so you can avoid not making the bet; you thought you were going to lose.

        You might consider making a wager in the next game when these two teams play in the playoffs at Seattle. You’ll probably have some balls now to make a wager, because of the 49ers win at the stick in their last meeting 19-17. I doubt it that you’ll make any wager against the Hawks, because the game will be at Seattle…

        You came out of hiding after the game. You’re one funny individual. I’ll bet that you and Brotha tuna are one person. You both actually say the same crap all the time. It’s nice to have multi names on this blog; you can change your name anytime to different personality.

        Didn’t you read the Post it said News from Seattle; it didn’t say that I’m the author that wrote that news. The only thing that I did was copy it and post it on the 49ers blog. The only one that’s misinformed is you Jordan, and your credibility sucks, because of all your lies. Sometimes I’m also thinking that Neal and Bay is also one person that changes their names to another. Good job, you people need therapy and counseling. At least Gadfly admitted he has two personalities, the other name is JPN001.

  32. I loved
    Keenan at Cal. I always thought he could have had better numbers had his brother/cousin? not been the QB.
    I also believe that it was that combo that eventually cost Jeff Tedford his job by cuddling them. Well, at least on the playing field.
    But in truth, the player’s efforts in the classroom were not acceptable to school standards.

    But Keenan is a nice pick for the Chargers.

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