Harbaugh on Kaepernick: “Talked many times about his different qualities. Showered him every day.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh spoke in the defensive meeting room Tuesday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


Are you feeling fresh or are you feeling a little jetlag?

“I feel great. I feel great. One of the other bonuses of a long stay away, you get nine days away, is just how fresh your facility feels when you get back and the practice fields, the food, the comfort of your own bed, your kids. But, the facility we’ve been in, the meeting rooms, offices that the fellas have been in for the last six to nine months now feel, ‘wow, it’s great to be back.’ This is new, it’s not stale bread anymore. It’s another bonus. So, it gives you life and enthusiasm, which is a good thing.”


How does this setup, have London out of the way, you’ve got half the year gone, you’ve got a week off and you’ve got the bye? Does this come at a pretty good point of the year for you guys?

“The bye week? Yeah, I suppose. I suppose it does, right in the middle there. If I could pick the week that’d probably as good as any.”


The trade deadline’s coming up pretty soon here. Is there anything to report on that end or not yet?

“No. Nothing to report.”


It’s been nearly a year since QB Colin Kaepernick took over, I guess we’re a couple weeks from that mark. Looking back on that decision, maybe, was it a tough one on you and do you realize now how that was the right decision, everything he’s given you over the past year?

“He’s done a phenomenal job in all regards. Talked many times about his different qualities, showered him every day. And he keeps getting better every, it seems like it’s weekly now, game after game and just consistently really good. So, yeah plus-plus.”


You guys are tied for seventh best in fewest sacks allowed. Why do you guys think you’re so successful in protecting Kap?

“I think it’s … I don’t know. I don’t really want to go over that list. I don’t have that list in front of me right now. We’re still asking how we can get better. Not at this stage, at the halfway mark, do we start having the answers. We’ve still got questions, how can we get better.”


Were you able to stay awake through Monday Night Football last night?



What’s sort of your take on the state of the division at this juncture?

“Same as we knew it was at the beginning. Arguably the best division in football. It’s very tight at the halfway mark. So, there’s a lot of football to be played. For us, just to keep focusing on what we can do to improve.”


What’s sort of the take on WR Michael Crabtree’s return in a few weeks? Is that still doable?

“That’s doable. I’m not going to make any proclamations or profound statements, but he’s right on track for, at some point here, weeks.”


Mid-November is still the target?

“Some amount of weeks.”


Having “opportunity practices” for the young guys this week, are there any guys who you are looking at hoping they can take advantage of an opportunity this week?

“Always. Always looking at the young guys to take advantage of an opportunity.”


Anyone specifically?

“All of them, all of them. All have the license and opportunity and the talent to step up.”


How significant really has T Joe Staley been for the running game or the run blocking of the offensive line?

“He’s been outstanding, both tackles have. Joe Staley and [T] Anthony Davis are having great years. I was going to say having their best years. I think Anthony Davis definitely is, Joe Staley’s had a lot of great years, but they’re both playing at a very high level.”


The NFI and PUP guys are eligible to come back early next week. Do you expect them, all of those guys, to be back practicing full next week and be added to the 53?

“At some point. We had an ‘opportunity practice’ today. [DT] Tank Carradine was here and by that I think we’ll make him the first guy activated to the 53.”


What did you like about playing for former NFL head coach Ted Marchibroda and did he influence your style of coaching in any way?

“So much, yes. I loved playing for Ted Marchibroda. The first offensive head coach, passing coach, that I had as a head coach. A head coach that played the position. That was really neat. That was quite a thing. I just learned a lot from him, and just on a personal level just a great friend and a coach you just loved to play for, wanted to do well. He didn’t yell at you. It was a look that he could give you that was just 100-times worse than being screamed at. Kind of like what my dad does. It’s a Jack Harbaugh look. Ted Marchibroda look. Just the look of disappointment, just rips your heart out.”


Was he mostly a positive guy though or that look could get you?

“Very positive, always so positive. But, yeah that look was the one that said it all, got you.”


What stood out about Tank these last few weeks you’ve seen him practice?

“He’s still coming along. He’s getting the feel back playing 11-on-11 football, but it’s coming.”


What have you liked the most about how things have been going during this winning streak and the points you’re putting up and the takeaways? I mean, there are a lot of good things to point to the way you guys are playing right now.

“Yeah there sure are. A lot of positives. Playing very good team defense. The special teams is really rolling. Offensively, done a great job reducing the pre-snap penalties and the during-snap penalties and the post-snap penalties and have done that very well defensively. Really, almost eliminated them and that’s been great that we’ve taken that stride. Same with the special teams. Really a dramatic improvement in terms of playing disciplined, sound technique football. So, it’s a great job by the fellas in that regard. Execution’s been good, getting better and you keep seeing that we can, that there’s even, you play good football and there’s room for improvement, ways that we can improve. So, that is the one most encouraging thing is that we’re playing good and we can get better.”


What aspects, are you willing to go into specifics, where you’d like to get better?

“Yeah, just every aspect I think there’s room for it. So, it’s not going to be huge leaps at this point, but there’s definitely things that we can do to improve.”


Have you thought about what this offense will look like when you get WR Michael Crabtree and WR Mario Manningham and some new elements to the mix?

“No, we’ve really just been focused on what we have this week. Those being the best available players and they’re all doing a real fine job and how we could use them differently. Get [RB] LaMichael [James] in the mix. I want to get that going. He’s just too good of a football player not to be playing. And other things, but mainly just focusing on the guys that are here playing.”


When you say get LaMichael in the mix, is that both sides, special teams and offensively, or is there one specific area where you want to see him?

“Yeah, both of those. Yeah, both those areas.”


You’ve been around the game obviously a long time, college, pro, high school. Does anything ever surprise you? Do you look at a score 49-9, the Jets lose, or the Broncos run up four or five straight touchdowns. Do you ever say ‘Wow,’ or do you say ‘Ok, that’s pro football.’”

“I think that’s just anything in life. Do things surprise you? Heck yes. The older I get, the more I see, the less I truly know for sure. That’s in football and all aspects of my life, our life.”


Stanford is retiring Broncos executive vice president of football operations John Elway’s jersey number. What are your thoughts on that?

“Congratulations. Well deserved. Great Stanford player. Great NFL player. Legend, both at Stanford and in the National Football League. Contributions are enormous. Well deserved.”


Did you draw inspiration from him?

“Yes. I draw inspiration from many people, John Elway included.”


Off-track just a tad, several college basketball teams are training with Navy Seals leading into the season, is that right up your alley in terms of developing toughness and how to handle yourself in duress and some of those things. What’s your take?

“I heard Michigan did that a couple years ago, the football team did that. Went down to Coronado and trained down there with Seal Team 1. Yeah, seems like that would be a great idea.”


Has there been a receiver behind WR Anquan Boldin, WR Marlon Moore, WR Kyle Williams, WR Jon Baldwin, who’s asserted himself over the last few weeks?

“Yes, at various times they’ve all shown they’re capable and have asserted themselves. Yes.”


Will you get a day off this week?

“We’ll see. We’ll see how far we, if we can get ahead on Carolina. A very good football team. They’re getting better and better. A lot of talent. So, we’ll see if we can get ahead a bit.”


Are any of your veterans staying around like they’ve done in the past bye weeks?

“Can’t speak for all, but saw Colin Kaepernick today, [DT] Ray McDonald was in. I know there’s quite a few others. [NT] Ian Williams was here, saw Ian. [RB] Marcus Lattimore’s birthday today. Happy birthday to Marcus Lattimore. 22 years old. So young. How about that.”


You talk about trying to get better. Is there a difference when judging the strength of your team based on an opponent with a lesser record than a superior record?

“Could you repeat that?”


In terms of improving your team, which you said you always want to do, is there a difference when you judge the strength of your team based on a team you played with an inferior record based on one of the best teams in the league, when it comes to judging your team?

“That seems very mathematical. Beyond subtraction, multiplication, long division, I don’t have an exact answer for you there. A percentage. I start seeing decimals and algebra, calculus there.”


No need for that.

“Yeah, sorry. History’s my better subject.”


Did you have any good Indian food or pot pies, fish and chips or anything?

“Oh over there? What did we eat? Yeah, little bit of everything. Had some of the fish and chips. I don’t even remember what I ate. Food. Sustenance.”

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  1. Sorry to jump into the comparison barrel again but I didn’t notice that they are 7th in sacks allowed. That is really good. Remember how many sacks they used to give last year? Quick check KC is 9th in sacks allowed. That is one thing that we all know forsure is that Kaep doesn’t get sacked like Alex did. Also I just looked, SF is 6th in points scored per game. This includes the two duds against Seattle and Indy. Our offense is putting up a lot of points and doing so with 1 WR and 1 TE to throw to. Not bad at all. We should all be happy as fans.

    1. They are also 7th in points allowed. Again, this team is doing well with improvement coming with the guys coming back from injury.

  2. Sidney Rice is out for the season, getting Percy being back will still help the hawks, but not as much with Rice as a loss.

  3. “Get [RB] LaMichael [James] in the mix. I want to get that going. He’s just too good of a football player not to be playing.”

    I can’t wait to see him play. He’s a stud. A lot on this blog have called him a bad draft pick and basically wrote him off. I disagree.

    1. LMJ is another Kendall Hunter. The 49ers are built to run between the tackles. Teams should know that when Hunter or LMJ come in the game it’s going to be an outside run, toss or sweep.

      LMJ is not built for this type of offense. Not a bad player, just not a good scheme fit for SF.

      1. Agree. KH can take it inside. LMJ is developing that too, he needs more chances. I think LMJ can become a Charlie Garner type RB. I’d love if he could become a Sproules-type guy. Hunter is beginning to round back into form.

    2. I agree with your disagreement on LMJ.
      I thought he played well for a rookie last season, except the fumble in the superbowl I didn’t have any problem with him. I thought he filled in very well for KH.

  4. MM reporting Carradine has been active (Cunningham waived). No surprise, but great to hear. Looking forward to what the 2nd rounder can do!

  5. Sidney Rice of the Seahawks is out for the season with torn ACL. Looks like we aren’t the only ones in need of a wide receiver.

  6. I am still ticked off at the Rams for gagging last night. Five cracks from the two yard line to win the game and they come up short. Pathetic.

    My question is how are the Seahawks 7-1 with the O line as horrible as we all saw last night. Hopefully the Rams gave a blueprint to the rest of the league on how to pressure Wilson without letting him get out of the pocket.

    I suppose it is too much to expect Tampa Bay to beat Seattle next week. The best shot for a team to knock off Seattle in the second half is New Orleans. Frankly it does not really matter. If the Niners take care of business the rest of the way (including beating the Seahawks at home) they win the division even if Seattle beats everyone else except the Niners.

    Remaining games:

    Seattle: Tampa Bay, at Atlanta, Minny, New Orleans, at SF, at Giants, Arizona, St. Louis

    Niners: Carolina, at New Orleans, at Washington, St. Louis, Seattle, at Tampa Bay, Atlanta, at Arizona.

    1. Rick,

      The Giants are only 2 games out in the NFC LEast. If they can hang around, they might be able to make that a tough East Coast road trip for Seattle.

    2. Seattle is good, but they’ve got quite a few chinks in their armor that Percy Harvin can’t solve. I think they lose 3 more: at Atlanta (Hawks suck in domes), New Orleans, and at San Francisco. They also may loose at NY because the Giants are trying to pull their usual “we-sucked-in-the-beginning-of-the-season-but-we’re-trying-to-be-a-contender-in-the-end” routine. As long as we stay paranoid and continue getting better, the road to the super bowl will come through SF.

      1. Adam707,

        I said this on the blog last year during week 9and we didn’t lose until the Super Bowl. I’m saying it again. We are not losing another game. There, I said it again Adam!

      2. Jordan,

        Don’t jinx it, you said the same thing last year bro. I do know one thing, if we end up with the same overall record as the Hawks, same division record, we win the division baby, we have a tougher schedule.

      3. I sure hope you are right. It is just very hard for a team to stay that zoned in for that many games. But with our schedule it is very doable.

  7. Coach Harbaw sez:
    he sees Colin getting better
    week after week after week
    game after game after game
    plus – plus – plus

    If they finish off the year minus
    a Lombardi trophy, the Niners
    will suck all the life out of that assessment.
    I’m just sayin….

  8. The roster ascent begins! Tank Carradine now activated! Young beast #2 now on the squad! We’re going to come out of the bye down right nasty!

  9. If Crabtree is going to make it back this season he will have to be moved to the active roster sometime in the next 6 weeks per the PUP rules.

    1. It sounds like he’s actually doing we’ll in his rehab. The training staff is keeping him out as a precaution (which I’m thankful for). I think he’ll be activated in late November, but may not play until December, just enough time to get comfortable and ready to compete.

  10. I know that the Niners are not a blitzing D, but the sack rate when they blitz is the worst in the league, which is surprising to me. Is it a scheme issue?
    From PFF:
    San Francisco 49ers: While the 49ers have blitzed opposing quarterbacks 55 times, they only have one sack on blitzes. That is a rate of 1.8% which is the worst in the league.
    Seattle Seahawks: There have been 80 times where the Seahawks have blitzed opposing quarterbacks, and on 13 of them they have gotten a sack. That is a rate of 16.3% which is the highest in the league.

    1. Mood,

      It’s because the Niners never send the house. The Seahawks go ZERO. They send everyone and let the secondary cover one on one. The Niners send 5. They send a corner at times. They send Bowman, or they send Patrick. They never blitz ZERO.

      1. That’s true, but I would have still expected a somewhat better sack rate than 1 in 55 attempts. I’d have guessed somewhere in the range of 6-8 sacks. Manusky and Nolan’s D also did not have all-out blitzes, but I recall Nate Clements getting to the QB quite a few times (even though I have tried to shut out all memories of that era :( ).

  11. We are getting stronger and stronger by the minute. With Tank being added to our D-Line, and moody coming back to ST, and finally getting MM and Crabs on offense! I must say this is going to be exciting

  12. Prime Time says:
    October 29, 2013 at 6:44 pm
    Isaac Soapoga traded to the Patriots
    Welcome to 6 hours ago
    Razoreater says:
    October 29, 2013 at 12:49 pm
    Ice headed to the Patriots…

      1. For what Prime? For paying up my bet? At least I paid up my bet. You welched on our bet. By the way, why did you post under two different names in the same thread?

    1. Yes I was wrong. Now answer my question. Why did you welch on your bet? Why did you lie when Grant called you out for double posting? Why did you post under two names in the same thread?

      1. Baydouche don’t waste my time with your immature questions. I see the bitterness steaming from your ears. Relax pal, you were wrong, it’s won’t be the last time!

    1. Tank’s college tape is ridic. We talk a lot about the pass rush he could provide us, but he’s also an exceptional run defender who has the power, leverage and instincts to blow up plays in the backfield. Most of all, blockers have to account for him, which makes Cowboy, Navarro, Patrick, Aldon (please, please) and the rest all that more effective. Would love to have a shot at crushing Marshawn with these guys.

    2. Thanks chicago

      Good tape…what my main concern is like basketball “…Only one ball…” with Tank and Lemonier it’s “…only one ballcarrier…”

  13. http://www.csnbayarea.com/49ers/expected-additions-should-improve-49ers-roster

    My favorite quote from this article….

    “WR Michael Crabtree: His rehab is coming along on pace after undergoing surgery to repair a torn Achilles on May 22. He is running near full speed, as well as performing agility work. Coach Jim Harbaugh expects Crabtree to be ready to get on the practice field in mid- to late-November. It’s possible he can play in the final four games or so of the regular season before heading into the playoffs.”

    1. The great part about Crabs… We could activate him off the list, but still make him a gameday inactive if we absolutely had to give him more time to regain his confidence. Obviously we’d like to get him involved in live game action as soon as he’s comfortable doing it. But I think he knows the offense well enough to be held out as long as his recovery demands.

  14. Top-11 graded teams on PFF:

    1. Broncos: 165.1
    2. Panthers: 114.9
    3. Bengals: 112.2
    4. Seahawks: 111.5
    5. Chiefs: 108.4
    6. Saints: 94.7
    7. Colts: 82.3
    8. 49ers: 73
    9. Lions: 69.1
    10. Patriots: 63.6
    11. Cowboys: 54.1

    1. Grant do you know what the final ratings at the end of the regular season last year were? I’m curious whether there was any corelation between the ratings and playoff success.

    2. Makes sense as Carolina has been very good in the past 3 games to up their ranking. Problem is they’ve beaten bad teams and lost to average to better ones which is why giving credence to rankings like this is difficult. The Bengals are another one. Beat the middle to below teams and lose to the good ones.

    3. Something is clearly wrong with that ranking system. Look how badly PFF has underrated the Dallas Cowboys. They’re the eventual NFC champions, and they rank no higher than 11th? With 5 NFC teams ahead of them? Pffft.

      1. Hey, Grant went out on a limb there with that Cowboys prediction (a rotten limb it turns out) and I applaud him for it. We don’t have to continally rub his nose in it. Unless… Umm Grant, are you still standing by that preseason pick?

        1. I’m sticking with the Cowboys. They’re banged up but they’re still in first place and they could get hot down the stretch as Murray and Ware return from minor injuries.

      2. They are going nowhere with that defense Grant. They may win the division because it is horrible but that is not a good football team.

        Updating the pass vs run ratio:

        Dallas is 25th in rushing attempts and 9th in passing attempts. New OC same old playcalling.

        1. I’m still sticking with the Cowboys. They have the best offense in the NFC and their defense will be good enough by January.

      3. Grant,
        throw up the white flag partner. By sticking with the Cowboys you are showing that you are as stubborn as Harbaugh….

      4. Grant

        Claiming Cowboys means you have faith in Jerry Jones and Tony Romo, which indicates that you are clinically insane.

        Time to visit the asylum.

      5. Grant,

        I’m still sticking with the Cowboys. They have the best offense in the NFC and their defense will be good enough by January.

        No they don’t, they are one dimensional and middle of the pack at best. How do you foresee their defense getting better by January?

      6. Grant Cohn says:
        October 30, 2013 at 10:47 am
        They have the best offense in the NFC
        According to NFL.com they are the 9th ranked offense in the NFC, behind the 49ers at #8. That is 9 out of 16 so they are in the bottom half of NFC offenses.

        Yep, they sure are the best.

        1. Dallas is scoring 28.8 points per game and 36.5 points per game at home this season and they’re on pace to host the 49ers in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

      7. Grant Cohn says:
        October 30, 2013 at 11:25 am
        Dallas is scoring 28.8 points per game and 36.5 points per game at home this season.
        So what? They’re 4-4 with 3 of those wins coming against their pathetic division. Scoring 36.5 points doesn’t mean anything if the team gives up 51 points.

      8. Grant Cohn says:
        October 30, 2013 at 11:25 am
        and they’re on pace to host the 49ers in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.
        What else does your magic 8-ball tell you?

      9. Grant Cohn says:
        October 30, 2013 at 11:33 am
        So they have the best offense in the NFC.
        How do you figure, their points per game(which is the stat you used) isn’t the best in the conference(the Bears and Packers are both higher) and again what is your point about scoring 36.5 points at home when they aren’t undefeated there.

      10. Grant,
        I believe that the loss to the Seahawks took a mental toll on the Texans. You could see it. Not the same team.

        Well, the loss to the Lions did the exact same thing to the Cowboys. You could see their world crumbling. The infighting is happening. Dez is taking a break from beating his mama and doing his best T.O. imitations on the sidelines. Stick a fork in em….

      11. Grant, seriously learn when to give up. Who cares how many points they’ve scored? They scored almost 50 in one game and lost. That is not the mark of what the best offense is. You score points in many ways including when Sean Lee picks off a pass and sets you up inside the 5. The best offenses are ones that are balanced and can move the ball on the ground and through the air. Dallas is not even close to being the best offense in the NFC.

        1. Good argument, Rocket. You’re a caution!

          The Cowboys do have the best offense in the NFC, though. And Dallas has been in every single game this year until the very end. In their four losses they’ve lost by a combined 14 points. In the 49ers’ two losses they lost by a combined 46 points.

        1. You can’t compare the Texans and Cowboys. The Texans don’t have a quarterback. Romo is fifth in passer rating behind Manning, Rivers, Brees and Rodgers.

      12. The Texans are giving up 17 points a game and the Cowboys 28. So what’s your point? Romo’s chucking it around cause he’s constantly in a dog fight cause the boys got no defense….

        1. The Cowboys’ defense will get better when Ware and Wilcox get back on the field. The Texans’ offense will not get any better until next season when they have Brett Hundley or Marcus Mariota or Braxton Miller.

      13. At least I have an argument Grant. Nothing you are saying here backs up your stance which is why I’m telling you to give up. I know you won’t but I still try to save you from drowning anyway.

        1. That’s an unpleasant image. I’m not allowed to have a Super Bowl prediction? Who are you to tell me when to give it up?

      14. Don’t start getting offended Grant. I’m telling you to give up trying to defend your position with weak sauce like how many points the Cowboys have scored. The Cowboys weren’t even the best offense in the game they played this past Sunday, never mind in the NFL.

        The Cowboy offense is one dimensional. They are pretty good in that one area but still rated behind other NFC teams. They are 8th overall in passing yards, but just 12th in yards per attempt behind teams like NO, Atlanta, Detroit, GB, Carolina, Philly and the Niners.

        Their running game is ranked near the bottom of the league in every category. Put this info together and I’ll tell you what you don’t or at least shouldn’t, come to as a conclusion: Dallas is the best offense in the NFC.

        They are what they have been for the past few years under Garrett: a one dimensional pass oriented offense that can’t win consistently. An 8-8 caliber team that is on the same pace this season.

        1. The Cowboys’ offense is one-dimensional right now because Murray is hurt, but he’s coming back this week and he’s averaging 4.7 yards per carry, fifth-best in the NFL. He’s a stud. The Cowboys have the best offense in the NFC. The Saints don’t have a running back like Murray. The Seahawks don’t have receivers like the Cowboys. The Packers have serious injuries.

      15. Cue up the great Paul “Bear” Bryant. ” Offense wins games, but defense wins championships “.
        Grant the Cowboys are Tommy “hitman” Hearns. Thunderous scoring, glass chin defense….

      16. Murray is always hurt. That’s part of the problem and a big reason why the Cowboys didn’t run enough last season.

        The other issue with your point is you are taken down by your Gore metric. Just as you like to take out Gore’s long runs to knock his average down, if you take out one big game Murray had against the Rams, his average drops to 3.9 ypc.

        Even with Murray healthy, the Boys were a pass heavy team. Nothing has changed with the move to Callahan in that area.

        1. Exactly, if you take away all of Murray’s long runs this season he’s averaging 3.9 yards per carry. If you take away all of Gore’s long runs, he’s averaging 2.6 yards per carry.

          And Murray’s injury isn’t serious. The Cowboys run as much as they need to and they’re good at it when they have Murray. They’re the best offense in the NFC so the run-pass ratio currently is not relevant.

      17. Context! Grant, even if you were right, empirically right, and/or had offered compelling evidence that should convince most people (you haven’t convinced me yet, nor have those ‘pokes), you’re still going to encounter resistance when you pick the Boys to win it all on any Niner blog. It was inflammatory here, so you had to know you’d need your fire retardant underwear AND a lot of indisputable data. The arguements made have not been airtight.
        I think Rocket just wanted you to concede a point that wasn’t being well defended, or defend it better. My personal belief in life, not just blogosphere, is that my credibility rises when I acknowledge my errors. I do err from time to time, I’m not hesitant to admit that, because everybody does.
        So, Dallas offense isn’t the best in yards gained or points scored. So how are they the best? Well, maybe they’re actually not the best offense, eh? They still could win it all; any team that makes the Playoffs has that potential. There! Are you proud of yourself? You made me type something that makes me ill!

      18. Kaepernick is better than Romo.
        Gore is better than Murray.
        Davis is better than Witten.

        Niners Offense is better than Cowboys Offense.

        Murray might be a good RB if he could stay healthy, but until that happens, he has no value.

      19. It’s like the fantasy scenarios Grant created for the Cowboys’ Super Bowl run have yet to happen, but the cautions we raised in response have actually occurred.

      20. Grant,

        I took out one game. In a couple of other games he averaged 2.1 and 3.6 ypc respectively. The Cowboy running game is not always good and woefully inconsistent. Murray is a good player, but he can’t stay healthy. He misses time every single season. You also seem to be changing your tune on the play calling strategy you predicted would change dramatically under Callahan. Even before Murray’s injury they were passing as much as they ever did with Garrett calling the plays. Garrett even went public saying they had to run the ball more because Callahan was calling too many passes. Your argument is a moving target Grant.

        1. My argument is the Cowboys have the best offense in the NFC and they can run the ball very well with Murray. I see no reason to back off my prediction. I’m sorry if that upsets you.

      21. How?

        By saying that is your opinion, that’s that, and sorry if it upsets you. Disregarding opposing points that blow up your argument while maintaining a flawed opinion not backed up by the facts. That is the debate equivalent of taking your ball and going home.

        1. How can you win a debate about a prediction? The Cowboys will determine who is right, not you.

          You didn’t blow up any of my arguments. The Cowboys have the best offense in the NFC, a top-five running back, and a talented defense that will improve as Ware and Wilcox get back. They’re as talented as any team, maybe more talented. And if they get hot down the stretch, they’ll win it all. That’s what the Giants did two seasons ago.

          If I had said in October of 2011 that the Giants were going to win the Super Bowl you would have said the same things. That team lost four games in a row in November. All that matters is getting into the postseason, and currently the Cowboys are the No.4 seed and the 49ers are the No.5 seed.

      22. You are dead wrong Grant, even if half the season remains and the team you predicted to win the Super Bowl is in 1st place in its division.

      23. This is what I mean by a moving target Grant. We are discussing your opinion that the Cowboys have the best offense in the NFC. Your argument has been blown up by the fact nothing statistically or in the win loss column backs you up. All you have is your finger in your ears comeback of “yes they are the best.”

        Your prediction is a whole different matter that we all ridiculed when you made it. You also predicted this complete 180 in offensive philosophy how much more they would run the ball, and how Callahan would be a superior play caller, yet half way through the season everything is exactly the same as it has been since Garrett has taken over from the pass/run ratio to the 500 record.

        Nothing you have predicted for the Cowboys has come to fruition Grant. Continuing to predict a SB for Dallas is nothing more than stubborn arrogance. You can’t accept that your opinion is flawed. You have to keep on digging the hole.

        1. They score 28.8 points per game. Only the Bears and Packers score more and those two offenses aren’t better offenses than the Cowboys.

          There’s another half of the season to go. Callahan is doing a good job calling plays and you can tell because the offense is excellent. They have the best empty-backfield set in the NFL. When Murray comes back there will be more balance. The run-pass ratio argument is so weak considering how good Dallas’ offense is, much better than it was last season.

          You know Rocket has lost an argument when he goes ad-hominem with the name-calling. Stubborn and arrogant. Ha!

        1. The Cowboys have four good receivers, a good tight end, a good running back, a good quarterback and a good offensive line. No other NFC teams can match all that on offense.

      24. I already agreed with you on the WR’s. Davis is better than Witten, the complete 49ers run game is better than the Cowboys, Kaepernick has already won more playoff games than Romo, and the loss of Waters is a big blow to the Cowboys o line.

        1. It’s not that big of a blow. The Cowboys are good at tackle and center, and the Cowboys’ No.1 back averages more yards per carry than the 49ers’ No.1 back despite the fact that the 49ers are a better run-blocking unit than the Cowboys. The Cowboys are a better pass-blocking line than the 49ers this season.

          The gap between Witten and Davis is small.

      25. “The Cowboys are a better pass-blocking line than the 49ers this season.”

        That’s not a surprise. The 49ers struggle in pass pro.

        The fullback? Really? Is that all you can come up with?

      26. You know Rocket has lost an argument when he goes ad-hominem with the name-calling. Stubborn and arrogant. Ha!

        C’mon Grant seriously? You’ve called me that before and I don’t take it as a personal insult. I didn’t call you a name; I described your behavior on this issue, and quite accurately I’d say. Don’t be so sensitive.

        They score 28.8 points per game. Only the Bears and Packers score more and those two offenses aren’t better offenses than the Cowboys.

        The Packers are better, and points scored are not a measurement of who the best offense is. Too many other factors weigh into how and how many points are scored. You are sticking to that because it’s all you have in your favor in regards to your belief the Cowboys are the best offense in the NFC. No statistical data backs you up and neither does their record.

        There’s another half of the season to go. Callahan is doing a good job calling plays and you can tell because the offense is excellent. They have the best empty-backfield set in the NFL. When Murray comes back there will be more balance. The run-pass ratio argument is so weak considering how good Dallas’ offense is, much better than it was last season.

        Now you’re just making it easy for me. The Dallas offense was a great passing offense before Callahan took over. Your argument before the season was that Callahan would commit to the run game and make the offense more balanced. Now you are doing a 180 yet again when confronted with data that doesn’t mesh with your assessment.

        The weren’t balanced when Murray was healthy to begin the season, so why are they going to be in the second half of the season?

        Dallas had the 6th rated offense in the league last season Grant. Offense was not the issue. Their downfall was they didn’t have a running game when it mattered and their defense was terrible. Looking at the first half of the season nothing has changed.

        1. The Packers are not better. No Finley. No Cobb. No Jones. Murray is better than Lacy.

          Dallas is scoring 28.8 points per game this season. They scored 23.5 points per game last season. Murray is averaging 4.7 yards per carry this season. He averaged 4.1 yards per carry last season. Romo’s passer rating is 101.7. His passer rating was 90.5 last season.

          Callahan is doing a good job. He’s successfully developed Terrance Williams into a top-flight No.2 receiver, too.

      27. Tony Romo is Dez Bryant’s worst nightmare, and Dez showed it on the sidelines last week.

        Give the Cowboys a real QB, a sane GM, and a HC with some moxie and you’ve got a contender.

        Now, not so much…

      28. GB is the second ranked offense in the league Grant. They are more balanced and effective than Dallas. Even with all those injuries they continue to move the ball up and down the field and win games. Dallas throws the ball up and down the field and loses as much as it wins.

        The point total is skewed by the Denver game. They will not average that much in the second half of the season imo.

        1. The Cowboys don’t get credit for putting up points against Denver but the Packers get credit for putting up points against Minnesota? Minnesota is giving up 32.1 points per game this season. Denver is giving up 27.2

        1. The Cowboys don’t lean on their run game like the 49ers do. The 49ers are averaging 4.5 yards per carry, which is fewer than Murray’s average.

          The Cowboys have a better offense than the 49ers.

      29. You are doing comparisons between a full season and a partial season Grant. If the Cowboys are averaging these numbers at the end of the year I’ll be happy to concede that Callahan was the superior play caller. However Callahan is not doing what you said he would, and Murray is averaging 4.7 ypc based on one great game so I highly doubt I will have to. This team having a great passing offense before Callahan is the key point here.

        It really doesn’t matter what the offense does anyway. The defense is worst in the league.

        1. Whatever Callahan is doing is working because the Cowboys are scoring 28.8 points per game instead of 23.5.

          And like I said this morning, the defense will come around by the end of the season. There is very little pressure on the Cowboys because they play in the NFC East. They just have to get hot at the end. There is much more pressure for the 49ers to catch the Seahawks and win the NFC West.

      30. The Cowboys have a better offense than the 49ers.

        Passing offense? Absolutely. Overall offense? No. The Cowboys are dependent on one facet: the pass. They can’t run the ball to win. The Niners can win with both.

        1. The Cowboys are not dependent on the pass. They have a top-five running back in the NFL. And the Cowboys score more points per game than the 49ers.

          And this 49ers offense can’t score consistently with a straight drop-back attack. It’s all based on the run and play action. The Cowboys have an elite drop-back passing game plus a play action game plus a top-five running back.

      31. You have to wonder though what the numbers would be if the 49ers had needed to play offense for more than 3 quarters in 4 of the last 5 games.

      32. The Cowboys are not dependent on the pass. They have a top-five running back in the NFL. And the Cowboys score more points per game than the 49ers.

        There isn’t one factual truth in anything you said here.

        The Cowboys have called 120 more passes than runs and are averaging 3.7 yards a carry. The running game is a passing thought.

        Murray is not a top 5 RB and can’t stay healthy long enough to become one.

        The Niners have scored 12 fewer points than Dallas has and are averaging the same amount of yardage

        1. Murray is top-five in yards per carry and has missed just two games this season. He could have played last week but they rested him.

      33. Man does Jacksonville stink. How does an NFL team not cover a receiver?

        Actually they didn’t even have a receiver on the field on that pass to Miller.

      34. And you have to wonder how many points Dallas would have scored against Houston and Tennessee and Jacksonville

        Houston and Tennessee are good defenses. Overall the Niners have faced far better defenses than Dallas has.

    4. What waste of a thread. The Cowboys will not win the NFC East. They will not make it to the playoffs. End of story. No need to waste more time on this nonsense.

      1. Nah, Nick, I think I finally figured this thread out:
        Grant is the decoy for a bunch of tire & wheel thieves. While we sit at computers & phones scratching our heads at his circular arguements, his cohorts are out back jacking our cars onto blocks and taking those fine rims and low profile tires. Doh! Always get suckered in by Cowpuke Hate Opportunities!

  15. LOVE the Harbaugh-speak. When asked about the different foods he ate, while in England: “I don’t even remember what I ate. Food. Sustenance.”

    So focused on the game prep…”Sustenance.”

    Too Funny!

  16. 49ers.com “49ers Activate Rookie DT Tank Carradine.” DT?

    He was a 4-3 DE in college. I figured Tank would add a few lbs to transition from a 4-3 DE to a bulkier 3-4 (or “4-3 under”) DE. Justin did that when he was traded to the 49ers, and I assumed that was the plan for Tank.

    One explanation is Fangio values versatility and could care less what position Tank’s listed at… or the 49ers webmaster messed up.

    1. That is the plan Brodie, according to Fangio and Harbaugh. J. Smith and McDonald are both listed as DTs, not DEs, on the 49ers roster. Just the way the 49ers list them.

      1. That could mean (gasp) the 49ers really do run a “4-3 Under.”, Maybe they did it because DTs are cheaper to franchise tag then DEs.

        Justin made the pro bowl listed in both positions.

        Do the 49ers list Aldon, Lemonier and Brooks as OLBs?

    1. All there look good to me, but sadly I think the 49ers are still hopeful for Kyle Williams. Why? I don’t know. Maybe they think he brings stability in the kicking game and worried about LMJ being butterfingers, but Kyle Williams has actually been worse.

  17. Got up this morning to hear Jerry Jones saying that Deon Sanders could shut down Calvin Johnson. It reminded me of conversations with my parents. They don’t seem to remember things that happened 20 to 25 years ago the same way I do.
    Deon Sander wasn’t a tackler. He didn’t stop the run. Would he have played in any defenses today outside of a nickel back? Since this blog has some of the most savvy minds when it comes to football, do any of you think he would have shut down Calvin Johnson?

      1. I heard Prime Time on the NFL network and he said he could shut down CJ because Stafford would be afraid to throw to him because he would take it back the other way for 6.
        The thought of it getting picked and it being returned was an advantage Deion had over opponents. A classic case of intimidation. Best ever CB in the NFL.

    1. I don’t agree that Deion would only play Nickel CB. He wasn’t a great or enthusiastic tackler in run support, but I don’t remember him shying away when it was needed. I’d definitely line him up as the RCB.
      In coverage I saw him shut down a lot of very good receivers. He had superior foot quickness, agility, balance, and great anticipation. He had short area quick twitch and blazing acceleration and top end. He could stay with anybody most of the time and had the best recovery speed of any DB I remember ever. Many of his picks came when he laid off a receiver and suckered the QB into throwing.
      OK. Deion vs C.Johnson. Its hard for me to see even Sanders shutting down Calvin. Sanders could stay with him and almost leap with him but Johnson’s bulk and strength would be too much for Deion to pitch a shutout. Calvin can get position and screen off defenders and can’t easily be jammed at the LOS. So, I think Jerry Jones is incorrect.

    2. Matt, Sanders was the greatest cover corner in the history of the game. You are right he could’nt tackle his mother but he could cover. I think he had some very good games vs Jerry Rice but Rice had his share of good games vs Sanders. I believe that like any match up between two great players they would each have their victories. What kind of pass rush Sanders was playing behind would probably be the deciding factor.

      1. Deion was the best period. He was also an ego maniac that disrespected the Niners when he left. In the end, he was the missing piece that hand delivered #5 though and that cannot be over looked.

      2. As good as Deion was though, Jerry had his way with him. No one could run routes like Mr. Rice. It was his route running that enabled him to play as long as he did.

      3. It was like the days of Bird vs. Magic. No one out played the other, they just each played great and entertained the fans to two great players competing hard.

      4. I cringe when I hear it, but its the truth. Sanders was the best. If only the 49ers could install Lott’s attitude into Sanders brain.

        Sanders could single cover just about anyone. He was so fast, he often peeled off his man to snatch passes directed at WRs other DBs were assigned to. So many of his picks were run back for TDs. His presence freed up another player to lurk or stack the box, as if the D had 12 players.

    3. Matt,
      Deion would have shut him down. He was the best ever. It also comes down to matchups. Culliver for instance matches up well against Calvin.

  18. a new addition to the James Harbaw vocabulary list
    (the glossary of champions, huh?)

    …sustenance …
    (gobble, gobble)

    Just do not ask him what his breakfast tastes like
    the day after the Super Bowl, okay?
    (it might resemble a POS… piece of something)

  19. So Russel Wilson has stunk it up quite a bit this season. The ends have gotten wider and have been disciplined for the most part staying home to contain Wilson in the pocket. The result has been that Wilson is one of the most sacked QB’s in the NFL. So how is the loss of Sidney Rice going to affect that offense? It’s going to be all on Lynch and Wilson to run the ball now. Harvin if not managed correctly will get hurt again and be out for the season as well.

    I like us to win the Division with a 13-3 record. I see the Seahawks losing multiple games down the stretch. Especially now that the Ram’s game the league a bit of a blue print….

      1. Of course,
        but it’s on him too. He is holding the ball a long time. Tough to see the field at his height. He flourishes when he can take a deep drop or roll out. That’s been taken away. Even gum chomping Pete said Wilson was hanging on to the ball too long.

        Now with the loss of another receiver, look for Seattle to go with a shorter quicker passing game. With Seattle’s lack of playmakers, defenses will be able to take that away by mugging them at the line.

        I think that Seattle’s defense will get tired soon. The Rams thoroughly whooped that Seahawk ass on Monday night.

        BTW, who else though Clemens could have run it in on 2nd and goal?

      2. Last season someone posted a table showing sacks by length of time holding onto the ball. Would be interested to see what that looks like here. He may be holding onto the ball too long, but it sure seems like he is seeing a lot of quick pressure. We see that a lot here with the 49ers too.

        Regarding the Clemens play, yes. He even had Long blocking for him.

      3. From the games I’ve watched Wilson play this year, a component of his sacks is for sure due to holding the ball too long.

    1. Bay,

      I think the Oline injuries they’ve had are at the root of the issues they’ve had on offense. I do think defenses are playing Wilson in a contain mode to keep him in the pocket, but he is still escaping and making plays with his legs. The pass rush he’s facing is making it nearly impossible to do much from the pocket right now.

      Once they get their OT’s back and Harvin returns, their offense will be much better. Having said all that, I do hope you are right because if the Hawks get home field through the playoffs, they are likely going to the SB.

  20. Qutoe from Ben Rapistberger:
    “That’s no disrespect to some of these other guys that are doing some amazing things in the NFL right now. But to me, it’s ABOUT WINS AND CHAMPIONSHIPS — and he’s got more championships than anybody”

    Looks like Ben forgot to mention that throwing for a lot of yards and keeping your team in close games is important too. Oh wait no he didn’t because those things don’t really mean anything. You suck Tony Romo!

      1. I’m not stopping anyone from hating on them or my Super Bowl prediction. Hate away.

        I’m not jumping off my SB prediction when they’re 4-4 and in first place. The Raiders were 4-4 in 2002 and they ended up going 11-5 and lost in the Super Bowl. That was a Callahan-Kiffin Super Bowl.

      2. I was just having a little fun this morning Grant I hadn’t even thought of your prediction when I posted it. I’ve given Romo a pretty hard time of late and I was using Ben’s words as another opportunity to take a cheap worthless shot at the guy. It’s how I do.

        With that said I don’t think the Cowgirls have a snowballs chance in hades of getting past their first opponent in the tournament. I agree they’ll be in it but only because of their abysmal division.

  21. “Colin Kaepernick played brilliantly as the 49ers crushed Jacksonville 42-10 on Sunday in London. Kaepernick led the 49ers to touchdowns on their first four drives. The 49ers had first downs on 18 of their first 35 plays and took a 28-0 lead…. His Total QBR ratings are a prime example of Kaepernick’s influence of the 49ers. In Week 7, he had a Total QBR of 99.0. Sunday, he followed up with a 99.8. It was the first time a quarterback has ever registered back-to-back Total QBR’s of 99…. Kaepernick has 123 yards rushing and three touchdowns on 17 carries over the past two games. The 49ers are letting Kaepernick loose on the ground after putting a leash on him the first six games.”

    - Bill Williamson, ESPN NFC West Blog

      1. As a passer has Kaep had a better day this season past GB? I don’t pose this as a statement but as a legit question to his overall performance and not just on the stat sheet.

      2. In his 6 wins his avg rating has been 106.3 but he had an average rating of 35 in his two losses.

        On film what is so different in those two games?

      3. Turnovers are the biggest difference in the losses. He also didn’t run much or put together many drives. In other words they struggled in the two losses big time, including Kap.

      4. A sample of how the Cowboys season has gone. They opened up the season with a divisional win over the Giants… Had to score 36 to do it because they gave up 31 points…

        Put up 500 yards and 5 TD’s and a 140 QB rating versus the Broncos. Great right? Wrong. Their defense gives up 51 points and a LOSS.

        With 6 minutes to go in the 4th versus the Lions and leading by 10, the Cowboys go down 31-30. Their defensive coordinator should have been fired after this game. Calvin Johnson had 150 yards at half and the Cowboys respond by single covering him quite a bit in the 2nd half letting him get over 300 receiving yards.


        1. Like I said earlier, Callahan and the Raiders were 4-4 in ’02 and had a four-game losing streak before going to the Super Bowl. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

      5. Against Seattle he seemed to be unsettled and playing too fast. This caused him to be inaccurate with some throws, and not see open receivers. His first throw, he had Miller wide open in the flat for a 1st down but threw a poor ball and basically tackled him short of the sticks. Later in the 2nd he threw a hitch to an open Boldin in the dirt and the ssme on a throw to an open Patton. Then in the 3rd quarter he has a receiver open on a goalline route they run all the time and he doesn’t throw it.

        Against Indy he didn’t have Davis, and Roman got away from the run for no good reason and put the game on Kaepernick and he struggled to go past his 1st read.

      6. Grant you are right the cowboys are in first place [in a horrible division] they are experiencing alot of injuries right now. They could still turn it around but i would’nt bet on it and you should start practicing, now repeat after me I was Wrong. Boy oh boy was i wrong oh my god i was wrong and everyone else on this blog knew more than i did on this subject. Now you only have to do that if the cowboys finish below 500 and do’nt make the SB.

      7. Those games were also blow outs. Kaep attempted what, like 18 passes? If those games were closer and you double is attempts you can reasonably say you can double his yards. That equals to over 300 yards passing. The difference is that the 49ers only had to play one half of competitive football against the Titans and Jaguars and in those two halfs Kaep played “brilliantly.”

      8. He played good, not brilliant. Brilliant would be throwing a catchable pass to Williams on the first swing pass. Brilliant would be throwing an accurate pass to an open Williams down by the goalline while running to his right. Brilliant would be throwing to a wide open Miller in the red zone instead of to a covered Davis.

        Brilliant has little to do with the stats.

      9. Like I said earlier, Callahan and the Raiders were 4-4 in ’02 and had a four-game losing streak before going to the Super Bowl.

        Yeah, but Jon Gruden didn’t leave him a Super Bowl ready team this time. In Dallas, he has to work with a Jerry-rigged team.
        See what I did there?

  22. Three of the Rams best carries by their running back started up the middle and were bounced outside for big gains. Hunter can be successful with this type of run. I hope the Niners took note of this and use it.

    1. Only if it hamstrings them going forward. If, for an extended period of time, they can’t sign or keep necessary or important pieces because of their cap situation, then, yes, I think they may come to regret it. Then again, they may just view the contract as the necessary final component to the strategy of making Flacco prove it before re-signing him. That strategy won them a Super Bowl.

      Either way, giving that much money to one player means you really have to hit on your draft picks and low profile FA signings, and I have a lot of respect for Ozzie Newsome as a GM. I’m not going to worry over the Ravens.

    2. No doubt about it. That’s a great reward for winning a super bowl. Shoulder given Flacco $14 mil and given Boldin the other 6 this year.

    3. I’m sure they didn’t want to give him that contract but they really didn’t have a choice. If you let your QB get to FA and he wins a SB you are either paying him big money or letting him walk and losing your locker room and fan base for the year. The Ravens mistake was not extending him before he reached FA. That’s why the Niners can’t make the same mistake with Kap.

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