Harbaugh on Kaepernick: “There were 30-yard lasers on the run. Just haven’t seen anybody ever do that.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh spoke in the defensive meeting room Monday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Opening Comments:

“We’re glad to see you. We’re glad to be back. It was a great win for the team. We’re very excited about it. The biggest thing is the guys worked hard for it. They worked hard in their preparation. They worked hard in the ballgame, a tough, physical game. And when you work hard for something and get rewarded you feel very good about what the team accomplishes. And it makes you better. Both those things.”


Is there any injury update to FB Bruce Miller?

“Yeah, but it doesn’t look good. It looks like he has an injury to his Scapula.”


He seems like a very valuable player, sort of under the radar sometimes from the blocking, but how significant a loss is that, given what he brings to the team?

“Very significant. He does so many things in the protection and the run game. Receiving out of the backfield. He is a multi-talented, multi-use player. Special teams contributor on two, three phases, so it’s a loss.”


Can you guess how many weeks at this point?

“Not right now. I have a pretty good idea, but won’t say anything officially. It doesn’t look good for now. But, it’s something he’ll heel from.”


But, you’re preparing that you may not have him the rest of the way, even in a playoff scenario?

“As we speak, yes. We’re bringing in [FB] Owen Marecic, hopefully in route, and we’ll look at our options.”


How is WR Michael Crabtree doing?

“I think good. I haven’t seen Michael today, but seemed good after the ballgame and on the flight home.”


What are your options at that position with Bruce out? Who would you expect to be candidates to get more playing time there?

“Like I just said, the possibility of signing Owen Marecic, [RB] Anthony Dixon, and then we could get creative with some other guys on the team.”


Is it, maybe not, will you plan on signing him? I mean, you need some insurance there. Is he going to go through a workout for you, Owen?

“Yeah, come in, go through a physical and see where he’s at with his conditioning, etcetera.”


RB Kendall Hunter scored a touchdown and he’s been playing kickoff recently. How is that for you to see him rewarded, being unselfish, and take a role like that that he wasn’t accustomed to to start the year?

“He’s always been on the depth chart there. A good game again. He played well last week, played well again this week. He was responsible, did his assignment, had the backside, was heads up for the reverse, was in the right place and was rewarded with the touchdown. So, job well done.”


A year ago, TE Vernon Davis expressed that it took some time for him to click with QB Colin Kaepernick. What has been the difference this year for those two?

“Well, I think you saw the same thing last year where there was ‘clickage.’ And they’re clicking again. Two great football players.”


It seemed like that play, that touchdown, kind of showed each of their special abilities. I mean, Kaepernick to throw the ball that far and accurately, and Vernon to get that deep beyond the guy and make the catch.

“Obviously, the special talents of both those guys on display in that one play. Vernon, the speed, the ability to track a football, extend for a catch, balance of keeping and getting the feet in bounds. There’s many superlatives there. Colin, great accuracy and arm strength down the field, buying time, which he did a great deal in this ballgame, which was impressive on that play and others.”


How vital has it been, with Crabtree playing his third game back, how vital has the passing offense just been? Kaepernick has shown life in the last two games.

“He’s shown a lot of life in all the games he’s played. It’s been good to have Michael back, there’s no question about it. He’s contributed from the very moment he stepped onto the field. In each of the games that he’s played in he’s been a big part of our offense, a big part of our team.”


What’s it say about the relationship Crabtree and Kaepernick have on the field with all that time off, their ability to connect on so many plays that break down and freelance and have that rapport where he can find him in small spaces after the play breaks down?

“Yeah, I think it’s a good point. It’s probably a special thing where you see what they did together last year when Colin stepped in and Michael was the go-to guy. And they have picked up on that pretty seamlessly in the last three ballgames. It’s been outstanding in that regard. And, I would say the same thing for [WR] Anquan [Boldin] and Kap, and Colin and Vernon. They’re doing it at a high level. Talented players. Team-oriented guys.”


With this being the last regular season game at Candlestick, how do you view it? Is it bitter sweet for you? Do you think back and just remember some of your best coaching and playing moments there?

“I think it would be forward. Wanting to win this game for many reasons, the most being that we gotta win it, to accomplish our goals this season. It’s the next game, which makes it the biggest game of the season. And then also, it’s the last game at Candlestick and we don’t want to be the guys that screw up the last game in Candlestick. These players will come back 20-25 years from now and they want to have a good memory of winning at Candlestick. I think that’ll be very important, not only for them, but for all the guys that played for the 49ers and have that legacy of playing with the team and playing at Candlestick that want to go out with a win. So, probably more forward-thinking than I am nostalgically at this point. Make sure we work hard to give ourselves the best chance of doing that.”


It’s a rematch of, well, we won’t say rematch, but a look at the two teams that played, you had to get by them to get to the Super Bowl.

“NFC Championship game. We played each other.”


Right. What do you take of that and how far both teams have come?

“That was then, this is now. It’s the next game. It’s the biggest game on the schedule. We desperately want to win. I’m sure they feel the same way. It certainly has been evidenced this whole season that everybody’s fighting tooth and nail for wins. No team, no exception. The competition has been the most heated. It’s like a froth out there to win these games. You see it from the players. You see it from the coaches. And, it’s made for a very exciting season. But, everybody’s fighting tooth and nail.”


LB NaVorro Bowman’s been playing some fantastic football lately. Can you talk about his role on the team and just what he means to your defense and the kind of year he’s having? I’ve heard Defensive MVP thrown around a little bit about him.

“Well, he sure has been playing at a very high level. Consistently great week in and week out. You could even say the last four or five ballgames, I mean, he’s elevated that play to the last five, six, seven games he’s just been outstanding, and deserves to be mentioned in that kind of company.”


It seemed like LB Aldon Smith was applying pressure constantly yesterday. As good as he’s been, do you see him kind of, given his absence for a while, do you see him getting back to his old peak form?

“He got a game ball last week. He had another excellent game this week. Another game where we really played good up front. It was an excellent plan by the defensive coaches. Well executed by our players. We had seven three-and-outs in the game out of 11 series. That is, when you talk about time of possession, that certainly factors into that. Getting the ball back for the offense. So, we really played well up front. The backers played extremely well. Played really well in the secondary. [S] Donte Whitner, a lot of big hits again in the ballgame. A couple mistakes here and there in communication and coverage, but overall a really outstanding game. And that quarterback hit us with some passes on the outside in the flats, but he’s got a big arm and a tendency to throw the ball down the field and we were protecting against some of those bigger plays, some of those seem routes. Just thought it was an excellent plan that was well executed.”


Have you asked K Phil Dawson to stay beyond this season, yet?

“No, let me do that right now. Phil, stay beyond this season, please. No, I’ve been remiss asking him to do that. Let me officially ask him to stay beyond this season.”


That is a legitimate question.

“Absolutely. I’m glad you brought it up. 24 straight field goals and he has just been a top-notch guy too on the team from the day he got here. Just a real guy’s guy. Real football player in every sense of the word, which that always doesn’t get affixed to kickers and punters, but Phil is that kind of a teammate. It’s about the team. It’s about accomplishing the mission and the goal of the team and him doing his job within that. That’s the way I truly believe the way he looks at it. So, it’s been A-plus-plus. Very happy with Phil. Nothing not to be happy with him about. Just so good on the field, off the field, in the locker, in the community, etc.”


Bowman was saying the other day that he sees Phil Dawson here when he doesn’t have to be here. Have you observed some of those moments where he’s here–?

“He’s got a perfect attendance in the offseason. I’ve not seen a lot of kickers and punters have perfect attendance before. But yeah, he’s committed. He’s made a great sacrifice too. His family’s not here and they come and visit. He talks about them all the time. He’s a great role model too for all of us, just how much he loves his wife, how much he loves his kids, how much he talks about them. Just the way he does so many things right. It’s great for everybody to see that.”


How much does he influence your decision making? He’s become so reliable and so automatic on these field goals, as you drive guys drive downfield, I’m sure it shapes play-calling and your decisions. How has it affected your job during games?

“It does. It’s shaped it in a positive way. You feel you know you have the option and the high probability that he’s going to make the kicks.”


So, a long-term deal coming up?

“Pay the man.”


This was CB Tarell Brown’s first game in a month. How do you evaluate his performance against the Buccaneers?

“Real good, real good. Real excited to see T. Brown this morning as well. Moving around good. Another guy who came in there and contributed right away. There was no real rust factor. Did a lot of good things.”


S Eric Reid had the late interception and elected to go down. He said after the game he wanted to save the kickoff team from having to make another trip down the field and his defensive guys, making another defensive series. Is that the type of decision making that you saw from him in the draft process? That type of veteran decision making instead of taking the easy walk into the end zone?

“Yeah, he’s a smart player. He made a smart play there. Could have batted it down because it was 4th down, but who’s going to do that when they have a chance to get an interception? Further probably tells you how smart he is. But no, good decision. ”


You were obviously preoccupied with your own game, but what do you think about Dolphins S Michael Thomas? I mean he was on the practice squad one week and not only was he playing yesterday, but he’s intercepting Patriots QB Tom Brady and knocking another pass down.

“It brought a smile to everybody’s face as we got that news on the plane and started seeing the highlights. Mike’s just a great guy and a great teammate. Everybody was just happy for his success. I really personally enjoyed listening to him give the interview afterwards and just the Michael Thomas excitement. Just wonderful, wonderful. Really happy for him. Texted him, he texted back. Few players I’ve coached that I love more than Michael Thomas.”


I saw RB Frank Gore twist his ankle towards the end of the game and then he came back on the field for that four-yard run. Did he walk that one off? Is he feeling OK today?

“Yeah, he was walking good on the plane. Saw him walk up and down the aisle. He looked like he was walking it off pretty good. Came back and said hello. We had a nice chat during the flight. He, [head coach Jim Harbaugh’s wife Sarah Harbaugh] Sarah and I. That was enjoyable. It’s kind of become a little tradition to have a nice chat with Frank after we win.”


Does he continue to amaze you? 1,000-yard seasons and everything he does week in and week out.

“He’s a mystical man. He is a mystical man.”


Is he a Hall of Famer?

“Yes, I believe so. I truly believe that in my opinion. Other good stuff to talk about to. Also, looking at what Colin did in the game. Contributed to the first downs in probably the biggest way that he has all year. 22 first downs, 11 by passing, 8 running. Frank had, I believe five, Kendall two, and [RB] LaMichael [James] one. And then Colin had three rushing first downs. So, 11 of the 22 first downs or touchdowns were contributed by Colin. The way he made them, getting out of the pocket, scrambling, buying time, extending plays. Even the four-yard gain to Bruce that picked up a first down. The touchdown to Michael, where he extended the play, pump fake, pump fake. Talked about how Michael and him were on the same page. And then the throws he made running to his right. There were 30-yard lasers on the run. Just haven’t seen anybody ever do that. And then the escapes. The part of the long drive that we got the field goal there in the 4th qtr. where he got out. Some of your older readers and football fans may remember Harry Houdini. I don’t think Harry Houdini was in tighter jams than what Colin was yesterday in some of those situations. He was Houdini-like, escaping and buying time.”


Are those some of the skills you saw maybe before the rest of us in terms of elevating him to that job in the sense of no matter what scheme the defense plays, you can’t prepare or plan for those kind of escapes or extending the play as you described it?

“Well, and you don’t really, I’m not saying we’re scheming them offensively. He’s got size. He’s got strength. He’s got great decision making. And he’s got arm talent. He’s got talent to throw on the run. He’s got speed. All those things, we’re watching. Everybody’s seeing them together as he continues to show the kind of player that he is.”


I know you’re game planning, but can you reflect on Candlestick a little bit on the iconic venue, the great players who have put on this uniform for this franchise who have played there and done so many special things?

“Yes, I could. Boy, I’d hate to leave anybody out. There’s been so many. And so many have played with the San Francisco Giants. So many players that have played for the 49ers and played for other teams in the National Football League or in Major League Baseball that have passed through those dugouts or sidelines to play on that field. There will be tremendous memories from everybody that’s ever played there. That’s why it’s important for us not to screw it up and make sure we get this win this Sunday. Also excited that [former 49ers owner] Eddie DeBartolo will be there. Had a chance to see him in Tampa. We didn’t screw it up in Tampa, that’s where he lives now. So, he’s still got the bragging rights in Tampa. Felt good about that. Now we’ve got to get another win this week.”


Do you remember the first time you played at Candlestick?



What do you remember about that? What was that like? Was it unlike other stadiums? Was it windy? Anything stick out in your memory of that?

“We got beat, I remember that. We got beat pretty bad. I was the backup quarterback with the Chicago Bears. The starter threw like three or four, maybe four interceptions in the first half and they inserted me in the second half. We didn’t win the game. First time I ever went there was when my dad was coaching at Stanford. Took us to a Raiders, 49ers preseason game. My brother and I and our sister and our mom. I remember sitting there like, ‘It’s not this cold back in Michigan.’ We just moved to California and they said it was going to be cold. They had us kids in our warm jackets, but it was still cold. ”


About how old do you think you were?

“16. I’m sure others could elaborate more, but like you said, iconic venue and it’d be an honor to be on that sideline for the last game at Candlestick and we want to win it.”

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  1. ““No, let me do that right now. Phil, stay beyond this season, please. No, I’ve been remiss asking him to do that. Let me officially ask him to stay beyond this season.””

    LOL!!! right on

  2. I know Houdini was a great quarterback, but for the life of me I can’t remember what team – or teams – he played for . . .

      1. Okay, thanks Ribico. I kinda figured he went back at least to the days of leather helmets. Wonder if anybody knows his stats since Coach Harbaugh seems to be pretty high on the guy. Happy holidays!

  3. Forgive the sentimentality, guys .. but though it’s been
    awhile since I’ve lived in The Bay … and ..

    I wonder if those who live elsewhere can appreciate ..
    what Candlestick Park means to those of us who
    watched them build it …

    Sure … it’s a dump … but ..

    its our dump …

    I’ve seen many a Giants game there …
    and the best seats in the house ..
    were the ones right above the
    Dodgers dugout …

    (I still feel sorry for their pitchers)

    I froze my butt off at some Giants games …
    and roasted at some Niner games …cuz
    we all know The Stick has it’s own weather
    system .. different from the rest of the Bay Area ..

    And the decision to plant the football turf below sea level ??
    Brilliant !!

    I’m gonna miss The Stick .. and on the day they blow
    the old girl up …
    I’ll probably get a little misty …

    So … you guys who are goin’ to the Monday Nite Game …

    make some memories …

    1. I am 57 and a lifelong Bay Area resident. My Favorite Candlestick memories from games I attended in person:

      1. The Catch.
      2. Joe Morgan homers to knock the Dodgers out of the playoffs.
      3. Ed Halicki no hits the Mets.
      4. Steve Young td run against the Vikings.
      5. Jeff Garcia comeback against the Giants.
      6. Bob Brenly hits a ninth inning homer to send a night game into extra innings gettting us a croix de candlestick.

      And to balance things here are five most painful memories from the Stick:

      1. Roger Craig fumble in the NFC championship vs Giants.
      2. Dave Dravecky breaks his arm on the mound.
      3. Loss to the Vikings in 1988 playoffs
      4. Preston Riley botched onside kick allowing Tom Landry and the Cowboys to knock us out of the playoffs 3rd year in a row in 1972
      5. Every time Lasorda and the Dodgers beat us at the Stick. Used to happen all the time.

      RIP Candlestick.

      1. Preston Riley had a chance to botch the onsides kick because Fitzgerald, the Cowboy center (?) tackled Cedric Hardman just as he was going to sack Staubach for a ten yard, or more, loss. Instead he scrambled for 20 plus yards and a first down on third and long. This happened right in front of a ref, too.

        This is why I hate it when I hear anyone say, “The refs shouldn’t decide the game.” Next time you get ready to repeat that nonsensical idea, consider how the games are affected by calls NOT being made. Either way, call or no call, the ref is going to affect the outcome, so why not actually call penalties? Make the same calls at the end of games as the beginning; the same in the playoffs as the first game of the season.

    2. Actually there is a remote possibility that their could be a playoff game this year at the stick. If the Niners become the fifth seed which will happen if the Niners win out and if they win their first two playoff games and the sixth seed win their first two playoff games then the Niners/Candlestick would host the NFC championship game. I cant ever recall that two wild card teams playing for a championship game.

      1. If Carolina wins their wild card game and goes to Seattle and wins, coupled with us beating Philadelphia and then New Orleans, then we would meet Carolina in the NFC Championship game in…… San Francisco.

      2. And, let’s not forget Seattle has not yet clinched the Division. If somehow the Seahags lose to the Cards and the Rams, and the Niners beat Atlanta and the Cards two things will happen: 1. the Niners will win the division. 2. Pete Carrol’s head will explode.

      3. Man could I see that face of the Pete cheat! I hope to all the goodness in the universe for sea-chickens to lose the next two games. Wouldn’t that be an amazing holiday gift to the Niner faithful:)

  4. Gruden just said, in no uncertain terms, that the lack of PI call in the Super Bowl last year decided a world championship. He’s p*ssed.

    1. I will never get over that one. Ray Lewis love fest or something. The refs aren’t supposed to decide games, well they decided that that game.

      1. Agreed, Domingo, it was a love fest indeed. Jerome Boger and crew made sure Preacher Ray rode off into the sunset with an undeserved 2nd ring. Not only was the 4th down pass both an obvious hold and PI as Gruden points out, but many have forgotten that Crabs was the victim of a blatant helmet-to-helmet/defenseless receiver hit by Jimmy Smith on the play before that (check out the GIF–sorry if I wasn’t able to correctly post the link, but here is the address for those interested in lamenting yet another play where we got screwed–it’s even more egregious in hindsight):


        Not to mention other brutal non-calls such as the double-team sandwich hold on Miller on the kickoff return TD, the facemask to LMJ just before he fumbled, and Cary Williams’ shoving the referee.

      2. You forgot a PI call on Culliver that sustained the final scoring drive by the Ravens, on which there was MUCH less contact than on Carbtree in the end zone.

      3. Yeah, that call was devastating, too. Incidental contact at worst. So frustrating to watch Boger’s crew call a completely one-sided game in regards to secondary play. If someone can refresh my memory, did the refs throw a single flag on the Ravens secondary in the entire game? I don’t recall one.

    1. Jack,

      Matt Elam with 3 picks??? I saw him get one but there were 2 linebackers that got the other two. I’m sure you know that right?

      1. Uh…yeah of course I do. Got a little over excited there. That was actually a terrible outcome for the 49ers. Looking like a trip to Lambeau to open the playoffs.

      2. Jack,

        You are taking the Steelers and the Bears too lightly. The bears are scoring a ton of points and the Steelers are not going to lay down for Rodgers. The packers have their work cut out. Their defense is pathetic. Rodgers may have to score 50 at Soldier Field in 2 weeks.

      3. 23,
        Have you even watched the Bears play? Their defense is horrendous!
        Bring on the Packers or Cowboys! Even though the Niners will play away from Candlestick, it will be great to start a new era against one of the classic rivalry teams. The Niners would smack down the Cowboys, and Bears. You can never rule out Aaron Rodgers. Best QB in the league. And he has a ring.
        How rings does Kaep have? None. Sorry. couldn’t resist slipping that one in. Alex Smith doesn’t have any either.
        Hey Happy Holidays man! Seriously……

      4. Last week I had some getting on me for not ranking the Bengals in my current top 10 teams and having the Bears on it in their place. One Sunday later and that list doesn’t look so crazy all of a sudden.

      5. Jack,

        You see how one player can actually help a team on offense. The same can happen on defense. Watch how much Briggs helps the bears against the run. Too bad he can’t play safety! Lol those two backups back there are horrible.

    2. Fan, what is your problem man! It seems like you are just waiting for any opportunity to say something negative about CK and then you mention our old QB to save face. Did CK do something to you personally? Just wondering what’s all the angest! Please don’t tell me your issue is due to his lack of production since it will make me laugh all the day long.

      1. Claude, the whole fun of coming to this blog is to read everyone’s perspective and opinion. Even as a fan I have stated that CK is a work in progress but it’s so intriguing to read constant jabs at the CK by some bloggers that claim to be 49er fans regardless of his performance. If you are a fan of another team then I can understand the resentment. I mean is there such a thing as a perfect football player or a human being! If you choose to you can pick any of the top QBs in the league and talk about their mistakes and deficiencies even if they had a great game. To my opinion it’s fine to be realistic and talk about the opportunities but to constantly make negative comments about anything then it becomes personal. At least I would very much dislike interacting with someone like that professionally or personally since regardless of what you do nothing is good enough and glass is always half empty.

      2. Chicago:

        We are in complete agreement. Like you, I also disliked it when bay and 23jordan would constantly take jabs at, and make negative comments about, Alex Smith, regardless of his performance, even as the 49ers were winning games on their way to a 13-3 season and the NFC title game. And they both claimed to be 49ers fans the whole time.

  5. Like seeing John Harbaugh carry on the family tradition of beating Jimmy “Squint’s” (minus Wendy Perffercorn and 9 kids) Schwartz.

    That said, there were some horrible calls and non-calls in this game. The league needs to take a serious inventory check of their referee’s in the off season.

  6. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/12/16/carroll-loss-to-49ers-could-be-seahawks-best-scenario/#comment-3016145

    /facepalm First we had crybaby Sherman trying to blame it on the refs which is about as hypocritical as you can get given how much of his game comes from refs overlooking his muggings now you have Carroll literally trying to ‘spin’ the loss into a win by saying that it works out best to keep his team on edge. Grade A pathetic. Never seen two bigger sore losers in my life.

      1. I have zero respect for this Jack A$$,supposed to be a role model for his team by cheating the system as much as possible and then bailing on his program.

      1. Carroll:
        Losing to the 49ers in the NFCC is exactly what we wanted to have happen. The last thing we want around here is to move on to the SuperBowl and have a once in a lifetime experience because how can you motivate someone who’s already been to the top? This way they’ll carry that hunger and motivation into next season. Nope, losing this game is exactly how ME and MY coaches planned it out and it went perfectly(patting himself on the back as he says it).

  7. I was telling someone how bad the Seahawks caps situation was next season. They have 7 players scheduled to make over 54% of their salary cap. That can’t be good. Their window will be closing after we kick their azz in the playoffs this year.

  8. HA-Har is at it again……“ We had a nice chat during the flight. He, [head coach Jim Harbaugh’s wife Sarah Harbaugh] Sarah and I. That was enjoyable. It’s kind of become a little tradition to have a nice chat with Frank after we win.”

  9. Harbaugh is as Harbaugh does. The two brothers are mirrors again.

    When one wins, the other wins.

    When one has his kicker provide an outstanding performance, the other has his kicker provide an outstanding performance.

    When one has his rookie safety make an interception towards the end, the other has his rookie safety make an interception towards the end.

    When one is making a strong push for a wildcard spot, the other is making a strong push for a wildcard spot.

  10. Mega Millions jackpot hits 586 million! Can you afford an NFL team with winning ticket? Hell no… Not even that least valuable team (Raiders).

    Forbes’ annual list of the NFL’s most valuable franchises:

    NFL’s Most Valuable Teams (Worth)

    Multi-billion dollar club

    1. Dallas Cowboys ($2.3 billion)

    Billion dollar club

    2. New England Patriots ($1.8 billion)

    3. Washington Redskins ($1.7 billion)

    4. New York Giants ($1.55 billion)

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    28. Detroit Lions ($900 million)

    29. St. Louis Rams ($875 million)

    30. Buffalo Bills ($870 million)

    31. Jacksonville Jaguars ($840 million)

    32. Oakland Raiders ($825 million)

  11. Crabs15,
    Can’t afford to buy my own team, but likely could afford to watch my favorite team on my own private island. Hey, I might even be able to afford to have someone read me the Inside the 49ers Blog ($lol$).

    1. AES – If I win 586 mil I will get email’s from Grant of all regular bloggers in here and SantaCrab will throw you all $100k…..Swollen pockets for all……even the dude who called me an a$$hole a couple weeks back.

      Stay tuned for volume 2 weekly edition of “Archive Jive” later this morning.

      1. Good Morning Crabs-What a nice thought, my brother. Ha.
        You know W.C. Fields said (paraphrased): When I was an orphan I used to say if I ever got any money I’d give some to the little orphans. Now that I’m rich I figure f-k ‘em. (He actually did help out).
        Regarding our exchange about Mark Twain; you can also Google Will Rogers and ‘The Illiterates Digest’. Its dated now (though more current than Twain!). He was known for some observational gems on life and politics. Finally, I saw this morning that P.J. O’Rourke is joining The Daily Beast. This man is ver funny. He’s kinda Libertarian, a tad more conservative than I tend to be, but he pokes fun at a lot of stuff, including stuff I believe, and makes me see it in a different light.

      2. Tuna – I will check that out thanks…
        Can you believe this wild playoff scenario? Niners could play first playoff game in GB, Chi, Det, Phi or Dal…..I’m confident Niners beat ‘em all but I agree with Jack Hammer, I don’t want Niners to play at Lambeau. GB is due to play a good game against us.

      3. Yeah, man. This is the time for wild speculation! Lots of teams are formidable, Sea and NO at home. I think SF has a shot in each game. Baalke built a decent cold weather team, so even Lambeau doesn’t intimidate me too much.

      4. Neal (real deal) – Not sure what’s left of the 150 luxury suites that are available at Levi’s…..If you win the mega, I better be invited to Seattle game next year if you get one.

  12. For those still warming themselves around the Alex Smith camp fire, just read the highlighted upper heading and perhaps you will get a better understanding on why Harbaugh chose CK over AS.

    I’ve been saying for the past six weeks that the best is yet to come with CK. Once he learns how to master and combine pocket presence along with his freakish athletic ability he will become a Brady/P.Manning type QB that will make receivers (almost any WR’) look good. CK’ running ability will always be the X-factor in his game – that’s the part of his game that D-Cords will try to harness, but as he progresses as a pocket QB his game and our offense will take off.

    1. In my camp the campfire raged on until the Chiefs won eight games. After that I was hoping someone would put the fire out, unfortunately the fire still rages on and our pick becomes less valuable as the sparks continue to keep the fire going.

      1. The campfire will keep smoldering until the Chiefs lose in the playoffs. I like Smith but I hope he and the Chiefs falls flat in the first round so that we can get at least a pick in the middle of the second round.

      2. Midwest and undercenter regardless of what happens with chiefs ultimately it will all depend on Trent and who we pick! If we pick a late third rounder that becomes a franchise player I will be toasting all the niner faithful with joy.

      3. Midwest and undercenter regardless of what happens with chiefs ultimately it will all depend on Trent and who we pick!

        Also what or whom we trade it for.

      4. MidWestNiner:

        I don’t know what your definition of the middle of the round is, but now that KC is in the playoffs, the highest that second rounder can be is 21st. If the Chiefs lose in the first round and the draft order for the first round losers is determined by win-loss records (I think that’s the case, but I’m not sure), then the pick will likely be 23rd or 24th.

        I know that our resident football geniuses have guaranteed that KC will lose in the first round, but that still remains to be seen. There’s also a very slim possibility that the Chiefs get a bye. If the KC wins out and Denver doesn’t, the Chiefs will win the AFC West and have the No. 1 seed in the AFC. If that happens, then the second round pick SF gets from KC will be no higher than 25th.

        Not what I was hoping for, but still better than any pick in the third round.

      5. I know of all that Claude. That’s why I am hoping that the Chiefs finish in either the fifth or sixth seed in the AFC and have a quick exit in the playoffs. Getting a pick between the 21st and 24th picks in the constitutes as being in the middle of the second round.

  13. From Bill Williamson at ESPN:
    ” In the three games Crabtree has been active, Boldin, the NFL’s leading receiver this season on third down, has been a huge part of the offense. The reason is he is seeing less double teams and he is making defenses pay. ”

    I didn’t realize that Boldin is the NFL leader in third down yardage, but I am not surprised.

  14. Soooooo,
    Matt Flynn. Why did the Hawks and the Raiders pass on this guy? Is he terrible in practice and money in games?
    Sounds like Shaun Hill 2.0

    1. Flynn has done well in a system with several weapons at his disposal yet apparently he can’t make anything happen at any other time.

  15. Here is volume 2 of the weekly “Archive Jive”

    I’m not sure if Moses visits us anymore but after reading his “Doritos” post, I can see why. He’s referring to Crabtree and Kap. This was almost 2 years ago.

     MosesZD says:
    January 23, 2012 at 1:04 pm
    If I could trade MC and KP for a bag of Doritos I’d do it. What you saw out of KP in pre-season is almost certainly what he’s going to be. All those picks..
    He couldn’t even read pre-season vanilla defenses. Just like in college he couldn’t beat a defense on a team that finished .500 or better… Nate Davis was a QB better prospect than CK. Same with Troy Smith

    1. We have not heard from MosesZD in a while. I have a sneaking suspicion that he now posts under a different name. I cannot prove anything but there is a similarity of writing styles between Moses and Mustard….. Just saying….

      BTW for the next Archive Jive may I suggest you look up some nuggets from a certain GeoMac. The man was the biggest Singletary brown noser around, and he disappeared like a fart in a hurricane as soon as Ding-A-Ling was fired.

    2. Crab15,
      MosesZD, was a character.
      But here’s an archive bit of one of the most uncanny characters that we’ve seen in theses parts for quite a while:

      “It was something I told everybody at the very beginning of the week. “I will not tolerate players that think it’s about them when it’s about the team. And we cannot make decisions that cost the team, and then come off the sideline non-chalant. No. You know what? This is what I believe. I’m from the old school. I believe I’d rather play with 10 people and get penalized all the way until we have to do something else, rather than playing with 11 when I know that right now that person is not sold out to be a part of this team. It is more about them, than it is about the team. Cannot play with them. Cannot win with them. Cannot coach with them. Can’t do it.
      “I want winners. I want people who want to win.”

      None other than “Iron” Mike Singletary – circa 2008

      1. AES – Wasn’t Singletary sort of playing with only 10 players on offense all-along??? ……You know….. that dreadful one he had starting!….You know who I’m talkin about……

        Chilo!! …..
        Who did you think I was going to say? :)

  16. The final Standings in the NFC west should look something like this:

    Hawks 14-2
    Niners 12-4
    Cardinals 9-7
    Rams 7-9

    The Rams have Washington s number one pick next year which could be a number 2 pick overall. Few years ago the NFC west could not even produce a .500 team, now they are the best division in football.

    1. Jack I never thought milking the time was a strategy for the Niners but when it works I guess that’s all it matters regardless of how many time outs we use.

      1. Chicago,

        Using the timeouts is a bigger issue in the 2nd half of games. The milking the clock part is a big aspect of the 49ers offense. Simple stuff, the more you have the ball the less opportunity for your opponent.

        I read a lot of comments on here from folks complaining that the 49ers coaches don’t have the “killer instinct” because of the way they call the game when they have a lead. I don’t get that. What I see is smart football.

      2. Working the clock has always been smart football, it’s just not exciting. That being said, they continue to occasionally have issues with the clock. The focus has to be on getting the play off in time instead of getting too cute. Harbaugh is exactly what you want in a coach though, all about football 24/7. From his daily uniform to his press conference responses, he is a model of efficiency. You gotta love it.

      3. Jack I agree and yet I disagree. When the Niners used the time out when they needed a yard for a first down in the second half, I thought that was a great timeout. When they have to use a timeout when players don’t know what to do or CK looks disheveled I think those are wasted timeouts. they are necessary time outs but still wasted.

      4. Jack,
        Like you said, it’s smart football. I haven’t played Madden in years, but I beat my nephew the other night by running the few plays I remembered and grinding the clock down. He didn’t even realize what I was doing until it was too late. It actually started a great conversation between the two of us about football strategy.

      5. Eating up time to maximize TOP is great, but I think it sometimes comes at the cost of our offensive rhythm. My biggest concern with this strategy is that it must be revised when we come up to Seattle. Getting the plays called quickly and allowing CK time to adjust will be hard unless they work closer to a hurry up offense. But, this is the same concern I’ve raised in the past about playing up here. No matter how quickly we strike in the playoffs, the fans wont be quiet.

      6. One thing to keep in mind is that in today’s passing league, a 14 point lead can be wiped out in a blink. Milking the clock may sometimes come at the expense of the 49ers offensive rhythm, but it also can work against an opponents offense, keeping the ball from them a little longer to break up any rhythm they may be generating, and not giving them the opportunity to post back to back scores in a blink.

      7. Jack I understand the concept of milking the o’clock but not on every/or most plays! Obviously Jim is the expert but you would think this strategy could back fire specially when you have a very complex offense and a young/ inexperienced QB! Why put more pressure and responsibility on cks shoulder when his trying to just focus on the next play.

    2. Makes sense since his philosphy is milk the clock under nearly all circumstances.

      What about that issue when the play is snapped at :01 or :00 – does that give the defense the ability to tee off when they know when the play has to run? Or does it not matter since the Dlinemen, in 3 point stance, are not aware of the exact clock remaining? And the rest of the defense is concentrating on motions, assignments and not particularly on the clock?

      Also can they get out of this mindset when needed? When was the last time we saw them pull off a successful two minute drill?

      1. Rib,

        Off the top of my head the last time was the end of the NO game.

        I don’t agree with the whole tee off argument. Those guys are focused on their man and the ball moving.

    3. To quote Harbaugh himself, what he said here is a lot of “gobble gobble turkey.”

      No team in the league is as disorganized at the snap as often as the Niners. Kap often looks distressed trying to get his checks done and getting the ball snapped because he has so little time.

      The Niners have led the league in delay of game penalties since Harbaugh and Roman arrived. They talked about needing to do something about it earlier in the season, but now it’s some sort of strategy? Give me a break. I respect Harbaugh a lot and think he’s a great Coach, but this is complete horsesh*t.

      Timeouts are not there just to use. They are there so you can possibly put a drive together at the end of the half or the game with little time on the clock. They are there so you can challenge a call by the officials if you need to. They are there in case a player has a brain fart and doesn’t line up properly. They are not there so you can take one because your team can’t get out of the huddle in time to go through the protections or change the play.

      This is a big time issue and has been from day one. It went on with Smith and it’s gotten worse with Kap.

  17. I am predicting ckone has career highs next game……in yards and tds….

    the falcons are playing a bunch of rookies on defense and the candlestick high should lay the foundation….

    1. I agree. He has really been solid on that side and provides that toughness and tenacity to our secondary. And I love the Reid/Whitner combo. As long as we don’t overpay….we still gotta extend Kaep, Aldon, and Crabs

      it will be tough

      1. Had you asked me last season, I’d have said to let him go. But he has been much better this season playing next to Reid instead of Goldson. Still gets beat more than I’d like, but makes plays, too.

        I say bring him back on a one year deal (perhaps with an option for a second) and try to draft his future replacement. We struck gold getting a safety that could step in and start from day one this year. I wouldn’t count on being able to do that again, but I think the team would be wise to get ready to move on from him in the next year or two.

    1. Jack …

      Defense ..? … no concerns ..
      last I heard, they were ranked #3 .. but,
      stats don’t tell me what my eyes see ..
      I’m guessin’ .. even the SeaChickens are a
      bit concerned ..

      Offense ? … just one concern ..
      CK7 reading defenses a little better …
      but so far this season … I see much progress in
      that area ..

      I think a big concern .. is making sure
      we get both Kaep …
      and Harbaugh …
      locked up ,,, for the foreseeable future !

    2. - How Kaep handles loud stadiums on the road come playoff time
      - How Kaep handles his nerves early in games in the playoffs
      - A beaten up DL
      - Loss of one of their most versatile offensive players in Miller
      - Muffed punt returns

      1. Scooter ..

        I think I read somewhere that Wilhoite was
        a possible replacement for Miller ..cuz ..
        apparently, he has experience at the
        position ..

        I find that possibility intriguing ..

    3. 1. The secondary allowing big plays.
      2. Kaep getting past his first read.
      3. Injuries.
      4. Roman and Harbaugh not allowing Kaep to do what he does best.
      5. Inconsistency.
      6. Roman’s bad habit of either getting too cute or conservative.
      7. Playing in Seattle where the refs allow any visiting receiver to be bumped, held, etc.

    4. My concerns lie in the offense..3rd down conversions,,gettin 7′s instead of 3′s…Moving the chains..Possible bad inclement weather

    5. How the next men up for Miller perform.

      After that, the only concern is the team keeping it’s poise in Cheatlink field. They’ve not done that the last two games there. And that the refs call the Seaholds according to the NFL rulebook.

      I’m not worried about the preliminary games leading up to that matchup.

    6. Those 2 quick drives for touchdowns by the Bucs concerned me. I know it didn’t matter, but it concerned me. Seems like sometimes our corners play so far off opposing receivers, giving them free-releases off the line…
      That’s what I’m most worried about.

    7. Jack my concern is injuries! I am worried about concussion issues for Our young safety and Vernon. I hope he did not have another concussion when he hit the wall and did not report it!!!

      Also, playing in hostile and very cold weather cities.

    8. Jack:

      I have two. I am concerned that:

      1. The offense won’t be able to find its rhythm with all of the lineup changes, particularly this latest one.

      2. The offense cannot function adequately at Century Link.

      Okay, I have a third concern, but I don’t like to voice the i-word for fear of jinxing the team.

    9. My only concern is finding a way to beat the Seahawks in Seattle. The SB is going to go through there so it’s all about figuring out the answer to a tough question.

      1. First thing Rocket the 49ers will have to do in Seattle is beat the noise. Simple, run the ball. Nothing quiets a crowd like running the ball. This will keep the 3rd downs manageable, and keep Kaepernick ahead in the pitch count.
        Second thing is stop the run. Just like in SF 2 weeks ago the defense kept Lynch in check and contained the pocket with Wilson inside it. It was executed beautifully.
        For all of Seattle’s hype, I truly believe they are beatable. Even at home. The only thing the Niners cannot do is take bad penalties, turn the ball over and be one dimensional on offense.
        This is the perfect situation for the Niners. We are getting hot at the right time.

      2. FDM,

        You make good points but the problem is they can’t seem to do these things in Seattle. This goes beyond the x’s and o’s and deep into the psyche of the team. Kap especially seems to be intimidated playing there. The last two games at that Stadium they haven’t been able to run the ball, throw the ball, stop the run or protect the ball. In other words they completely fall apart offensively in that setting.

        It’s going to take some serious psychological prepping to get these guys believing they can win there.

      3. The last 2 times up there nothing went right. They took bad penalties, got behind early, and chased the game.
        I think the mental barrier has been eliminated and their confidence right now to go up there and win is huge all stemming from that win in SF. The one thing about Seattle is that they have not faced any adversity all year. In the one big game they had to play this year to prove they are the best team in football and make a statement, they lost. Sure that game meant more to SF but looking back, SF didn’t even play that well. Seattle had a chance to win the division, prove they are the best in the NFC and didn’t.
        Now before we get to playing Seattle in Seattle in the playoffs, consider this: whose more battle tested? Who has played more pressure packed games with everything on the line? Who can take last years playoff experience from young guys to vets and use it their advantage?
        Home field is great to have but in the playoffs its no more than a 3 pt advantage. The formula to beat the Hawks has been revealed. Minimize their run game, keep Wilson from getting outside, and play exactly how our offense has been okaying the last 5 weeks: run the ball, play action, take shots deep when needed, and don’t turn it over. Kaepernick is getting hot now, look out.

    10. I’m also concerned with the offense in the Redzone. That is the one area they can’t seem to get a handle on, and it’s going to haunt them in the playoffs if they have to settle for FG’s instead of TD’s.

    11. Good question Hammer,
      I have my personal Christmas list.

      Top 5 Offense:
      1. Redzone proficiency
      2. Smart clock management
      3. Better pass protection
      4. Quicker decision making from CK
      5. Eliminating unnecessary “cute plays” in the redzone

      Top 4 Defense:
      1. Better pass rush
      2. Give P.Willis more help against tall/dominant TE’
      3. Keep intensity level throughout entire game
      4. Give starters more rest when a win is inevitable

      Special Teams:
      Protect Phil Dawson! (lol)

    12. Thanks for asking, Jack. Wish I had your football savvy.

      I’m lookin’ at the glass half full, i.e., ahead to Seattle. My biggest concern there is the crowd noise. At least since Bill Walsh the 49ers have enjoyed a tradition of depending not only on brawn/skill sets, but also on brains. That’s why I so enjoy watching them. But intelligent football demands effective communication – and therein lies my concern. We know how to beat Seattle defensively: slow down Lynch, rattle Russel’s cage. But will the offense, without dumbing down, be able to implement their game plan, including calling audibles, despite severely disruptive noise? I don’t know, but I hope so . . .

      1. That was nothing like Grants piece Jack. Grants Harbaugh game entry was patronizing and obnoxious. Branch did none of that here and made a point to mention the moves the Niners made were the right ones when it was all said and done.

        I’m not sure what people expect Harbaugh to say when asked questions like this. A) he’s a players Coach and loves these guys and B) he’s not the final say on who they sign. He wants everybody to come back until Paragge and Trent meet with him and tell him it can’t be done. Doesn’t mean he’s playing some sort of game.

      2. “On Thursday, Harbaugh told reporters it’s his “desire” to re-sign strong safety Donte Whitner, who will be a free agent after this upcoming season. If you’ve kept track at home, Harbaugh publicly has stated a desire to re-sign three players in the past – Dashon Goldson, Randy Moss and Joshua Morgan – and the 49ers re-signed none of them.

        In other words, you’re out, Donte.”

        Looks very similar to me. The only difference is the tone.

      3. Jack,

        You forgot to include the next sentence in which he says he was kidding of course. The tone is the biggest reason why it was nothing like Grants piece.

      4. Jack:

        Branch doesn’t suggest that Harbaugh is being disingenuous when he says those things. Grant did.

        I think that distinction is more than a mere difference in tone.

      5. Branch: Jim says he wants his players to come back, but it doesn’t always happen because he’s not the ultimate decision maker.

        Cohn: Jim Harbaugh acts contradictory to his words because he is disingenuous.

        You think that is mere semantics?

  18. Can we just stick to the backs we have. I feel putting Kendall Hunter or Anthony Dixon at FB gives a major advantage. It will be very easy to exploit defenses with those two guys in that position. I’m sure Dixon will proudly fill that spot to catch some passes on LB’s. Also we could run quick hitting FB counters.

    1. MWN,
      It would be awesome to have Sir PM serenade the old girl one last time.
      ESPN commentator Chris Berman recently mentioned that the old Candlestick Park may have saved many lives during the 89 earthquake because she was built structurally strong.

      Hey MWN, you thinking of buying a seat?

      1. Love to, AES .. but ..
        I would need to know for how much ?
        … and also freight to ship it here ..

        but … I’d be happy with one of those giant
        jars of mustard from the concession stands..
        and .. u-hhh maybe …
        one of those “tubes of death”

        Sure hope Paul brings along Harrison’s son,
        Julian Lennon, and of course … Ringo …

        I saw the Stones there .. and would love to see him, too ..

      2. $749? That price is stupid. It’s like those over priced pumpkins that they throw out after Halloween and get nothing for. Should be about $125/pair strapped to a pallet. Smh. F-ing Bureaucrats.

      3. Don’t be so cheap guys. Candlestick Park will always be regarded as the house Joe and Jerry and Walsh built. Remember the greatest, QB, WR and coach in NFL history!

      4. Prime – Giants shortstop Johnny LeMaster (stickman) was a legend at Candlestick before Montana and Rice. :) …….Remember when he had his name removed from the back of his jersey and he went onto the field with “Boo” on his jersey instead? You gotta love that guy for doing that….it was hysterical. LeMaster was the absolute worst starting big leaguer I’ve ever seen…… hands down!! Ever!! Dude could not hit his way out of a paper bag….. he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat!

      1. Razor:

        Have a little faith that the 49ers will beat the Falcons. If they do, then they’re in, regardless of what happens in the Cardinals-Seahawks game. If you believe they can beat the Falcons, then you don’t have to make yourself feel dirty by rooting for the Seahawks.

        You just have to have a little faith.


      2. Claude:

        You’re assumption that I lack faith, demonstates your lack of faith in my fanhood. Here’s my train of thought…. The Seahawks are not going to lose their final 2 home games. If the Seahawks win, the 49ers can go into the Arizona game and open up the offense. Try some new things against a regular season opponent, and maybe give the other playoff teams something to consider. This Falcon defense is one of the worst in the NFL. So many on here have been clamoring for Roman to open it up. I can’t think of a better time to do it, then the last game at the Stick, playoffs wrapped up, and a Falcon defense flying on broken wing.

      3. Razor:

        1. How does any of that mean you should root for the Seahawks? You either believe the 49ers will beat the broken-winged Falcons, or you don’t. The only reason to root for the Seahawks is because you doubt the 49ers’ ability to do so. It seems to me like you have some doubt.

        2. I also would suggest that you lack faith if you think the team needs to open up the offense more than it already has.

      4. Deputy Balls, the Seahawks win and the 49ers are in. It really isn’t that difficult to comprehend. For the record, I don’t expect the 49ers to beat the Falcons…..I think they will destroy them.

      5. Razor:

        Then you don’t have to root for the Seahawks. Seriously, don’t do it. You’re going to feel dirty afterwards.

      6. I agree, Razor, don’t do it. The 49ers are handling their business and we need the Seahawks to start doubting themselves. Id love to see the Hawks lose at home, and put a little self doubt in the house of boom.
        NO will beat Car this week and it will set up nicely for us to take the 5th seed.

      7. Razor,

        The best possible thing that can happen is the Seahawks losing. If they do, it puts a ton of pressure on them to win their final game against a team that has played them very tough (Rams). Most of all it would keep the door open to the division for the Niners. Have confidence that the Niners will handle their business instead of hoping they back their way in with a win by Seattle.

    1. If the Cardinals beat the Seahawks, then the Niners will still be in the running for a first round bye and home field advantage.

    1. Undercenter there is still some punk behaviour going on. I had the distinct pleasure of sitting in front of 5 drunken profane violent seahawk fans sun before last. I have sat with visiting fans at both Kezar and the Stick and these guys were the worst 2nd only to the Raider fans. If the cops had’nt stepped in before half time they would have made the whole day miserable and talking to other 9er fans many had the same experience. What a bunch of coffee drinking little punks.

      1. I agree Old Coach, I was just trying to say the brick thing and theses other type of fan antics was the correct way to show their underlying support for their team. To me the ‘uncontrollable’ drunk at the game is a total disgrace to football, sports, and mankind and they ruin the experience for others that come to cheer their team. I in know way think the punk thing is gone. I was trying to point out that these particular fans Seahawks and Niners were having a good time supporting their team without being punks.

    2. Sounds nice, but can’t 49er fans show themselves to be the better fans and forget this nonsense? We’ve been to the top five times already, let’s act like we belong, in contrast to those overconfident Seadderal trolls……How long do you think the billboard is gonna last anyways? It’s going to be defaced seconds after it goes up. Waste of money I say!

    1. Midwest – I don’t like it, Pete’s going to have a large banner copy of that billboard sitting in Seahawk locker room if we play them again in playoffs. I hate the hell out of them but they are the best team so far this season.
      Why give bubblicious Pete more ammo?
      Buy the freaking billboard AFTER we beat them in Seattle.
      We just lowered ourselves to Seahawk scumbag levels and we are using the Children’s charity donation as an excuse IMO.

  19. Glad to see Niners clinch playoffs with win Monday or Zona loss Sunday. Niners are 2 games ahead of Zona in Conference standings (tiebreaker).

    1. Technically…If Az loses Sunday, Niners could rest their key starters in last 2 games and settle for 6th seed.
      Rest could equal rust. 5th seed keeps possible home game in NFC Championship in play, against 6th seed (Saints or Panthers).
      Hmm… If we had a bunch of injuries I wonder if that would’ve been considered?

    1. Ticking time bomb for some NFL guys.
      DoD and Vets Admin aren’t doing enough for brain injured vets. Lots of them due to roadside IEDs. No Bueno. Effects linger.

    1. I think The Ravens would be most dangerous..Cause they’ve beaten alot of the playoff participates last yr who are in playoffs this yr.As it suxs to say.Colts,Broncos, Bengals,49ers,New england,Chiefs,lost a close one to philly last yr,close loss to Bears this yr..

  20. I am going to play GM again and take a stab at what I think will happen this off-season in regards to the Niner roster.


    SS Donte Whitner
    The combination of Reid and Whitner is one of the best safety tandems in the league. Letting Whitner go would cause the team to find a new QB for the defense in place of one who has done an excellent job in that department and could also cause FS Reid to regress.

    K Phil Dawson
    Dawson has done an superb job despite a few hiccups earlier in the season. There are good options in FA if he were to sign elsewhere, but most of them will probably cost the team too much in sign with.

    WR/ST Kassim Osgood
    I understand that Osgood isn’t getting any younger and that he is strictly a ST player at this stage in his career, but he is one of the main reasons that the our STs unit has become relevant again after an abysmal 2012-2013 campaign. Letting him go could result in that same situation all over again, and who wants that?!

    ILB Michael Wilhoite
    He is another core STs player, but has also showed that he is a capable backup at ILB. Letting him leave could hurt the team at two crucial areas.

    TE Vernon Davis
    I figure that most of the bloggers here will think I am nuts considering how big his current contract is, but consider this:
    1.) Davis is only signed through the 2015 season.
    2.) Kaep and Davis have developed an amazing chemistry with each other, as evidenced by the fact that the duo has connected for 12 TDs this season.
    3. We have no idea what we have in Vance McDonald or anybody else at the position.
    Locking up Davis past 2015 could be key to the offense’s future success. Especially Kaep’s.

    RG Alex Boone
    Boone has easily outperformed the contract he is currently signed to. Add to that his versatility that allows him to play almost anywhere on the line in a pinch and it makes perfect sense to extend his contract before it expires, thus most likely making him to expensive to keep.

      1. I agree. I still think they had their sights on Cyprien in round two of the draft. Whitner is good, but I just don’t see them paying him what he might be able to command on the open market.

      2. I don’t like the idea of having so many new faces in the secondary next season. If Rogers is released, then that would leave Brock and Reid as the only players from this year. We need to upgrade our secondary, not rebuild it.

    1. Accidently hit the post button too soon. Oh well, continuing on from where I left off:

      QB Colin Kaepernick
      I thought about keeping him out of this area, but his play as of late has changed my mind. That said, I don’t believe that he is yet worth breaking the bank for. A contract similar to what Alex Smith was given with the option of renegotiating the deal after the first year if he meets certain incentives makes the most sense here. This would give the team some extra cap space to work with and Kaep a better situation than what he currently is in.

      FB Bruce Miller
      Miller was asked to take over the role of the Swiss-Army Knife vacated by Delainie Walker and has filled in admirably. He is also part of the reason why Gore is still racking up the yards on the ground despite hitting the dreadful RB age of 30. Unless the team can find somebody else that can block and catch passes like he can, Miller will remain a much needed cog on offense.

      DE/NT Tony Jerod-Eddie
      Whether being asked to start or a serviceable backup, Jerod-Eddie has answered the call. Not bad for an undrafted FA. Signing him would also give the team a successor to Ray McDonald.


      WR Michael Crabtree
      Does Crabtree deserve a new contract or extension? If you look at what he did in 2012, then the answer is a resounding yes. That yes becomes even stronger when you consider what having him on the field means to the offense. But therein is where the problem lies. When he is healthy and on the field, he is a nightmare for defenses to deal with, and his mere presence opens opportunities for the other receivers. But he has been healthy during a full season only once. He puts up great numbers, but is it worth extending a guy who only has one full season of good health under his belt? I would be willing to wait until after the 2014 season to see if he remains healthy and therefore a player worth keeping.

      OLB Aldon Smith
      There is no denying Smith’s talent, but at the same time, there is no denying the demons that he keeps conjuring up. He has to keep his nose clean if he wants to remain with the team after 2014.

      LG Mike Iupati
      Iupati’s bad season couldn’t have come at a worse time. He was in line for a big contract after what he did during his first two seasons. What hurts him even more is that he is that the offense hasn’t missed a beat despite him being out with an injury and Snyder playing in his stead. And let’s not forget that Joe Looney did a good job on the line when Snyder was knocked out of a game. Given the fact that another team will be willing to prehaps make him the highest paid guard in the league and his down season coupled with the offense cruising along with without him makes him not needed, is it really a good idea to extend him, let alone making him the highest paid guard?

      CB Chris Cullver
      This is a very fluid situation. He had a huge opportunity to displace either Brown or Rogers in the starting lineup, but a season-ending injury during the off=season quickly ended that chance. And this was after his foolish pre-Super Bowl comments followed by a horrendous showing at the Super Bowl itself. Now he will have to prove to the team that he is fully recovered from his devastating injury, that he will be on his best behavior, and that he is the missing link to a future solid Niners secondary.

      C Daniel Kilgore
      I want to believe that he is the future center for the team, but the fact that he couldn’t displace Jonathan Goodwin from that postion is an eye-opener to say the least. Does he have the chops needed in order to be successful as a starting center? TBD.


      CB Carlos Rogers
      Carlos Rogers has done an excellent job as a starting CB, but to say that he has lived up to his contract would be a gross overstatement. The team needs his versatility but not at what his current salary is. He isn’t getting any younger either. He needs to agree to a pay cut if he wants to remain on the team that gives him the best chance at winning a Super Bowl.

      DE Ray McDonald
      McDonald is easily the most underrated DL on the team, but with him missing time due to an injury and a platoon of Dobbs and Jerod-Eddie performing well in his place plus a potentially more talented option in Tank Carradine (who is already chopping at the bit), he is probably on a list of potential cuts. Given the circumstances, he may be forced to take a pay cut if he doesn’t want to be released and replaced by a cheaper option or two.

      FS/SS Craig Dahl
      Dahl is a solid STer but a terrible backup at either safety position.
      Taking less money could save his job.


      WR Anquan Bolidn
      I would love to see Boldin finish his NFL WR career here, but he will mostly likely be too expensive to resign after his big season this year.

      C Jonathan Goodwin
      Goodwin has done his job, but at his age and with his limited versatility on the line, it’s hard to see the team keeping him after this season.

      WR Mario Manningham
      He has yet to gain the trust of Colin Kaepernick. That alone is enough of a reason to say good-bye.

      CB Tarell Brown
      The fact that he lost his job to a guy some thought should have been cut a long time ago doesn’t bode well for him. Somebody will overpay for his services but it won’t be the Niners.

      QB Colt McCoy
      Colt is okay as a backup, but the team may want a younger QB that is capable of stepping into the offense if Kaep were to go down.

      OG/OT Adam Snyder
      Snyder is very versatile but stinks it at any position on the OL.

      WR Jon Baldwin
      It’s doesn’t help Baldwin’s case that he is buried on the depth chart despite being a former 1st round pick and that his problems that the Kansas City Chiefs grew so tired of that they were willing to trade him for A.J. Jenkins showed up here, but it is absolutely inexcusable that he didn’t make the best of his given opportunity after the team had released Kyle Williams.

      RB Kendall Hunter
      This is through no fault of his own, but Hunter is probably the odd man out in the RB situation because of Frank Gore being entrenched as the starter, LaMichael James being versatile in three areas of the game, and Marcus Lattimore waiting in the shadows.

      RB/FB Anthony Dixon
      Dixon will probably want a starting role next season and that is something that the team won’t be able to grant him.

      DE/TE Demarcus Dobbs
      Dobbs is an example of a great backup that will be phased out by a stronger backup in Jerod-Eddie and Carradine wating in the shadows.

      CB Eric Wright
      He hasn’t done enough to warrant a bigger contract than what he is currently being paid.

      ILB/OLB Darius Fleming
      Injuries that occurred to him before the beginning of the past two seasons and the emergence of both Dan Skuta and Corey Lemonier make him expendable.

      1. The fact that Brown lost his job and didn’t reclaim it after coming back from his injury is proof that he shouldn’t be resigned after the season.

      2. Tramaine Brock retained the job for two, maybe three reasons, none of which reflects poorly on Tarell Brown:

        1. Brock played well during Brown’s recuperation;
        2. Brock accepted the contract offer that Brown rejected, which means Brock’s going to be the starting right CB next year;
        3. Brown may not yet be fully recovered from his injury.

        If Brown had accepted the 49ers’ offer, and was fully recovered from his injury, he’d be the starting right CB right now.

      3. I wouldn’t count on that Claude. Harbaugh usually goes with the hot hand and Brock clearly had that. That hot hand is also what led to Brock getting the contract that he did.

        Unfornately I don’t have access to those stats Coffee. Wright has done okay but it has been in a very limited role.

      4. It amazes me how short some peoples memory is concerning Mr. Brock. He beat out Culliver. He looks as good, if not better than Brown.

      5. MidWestNiner:

        The hot hand and Brown’s prior rejection of his offer. It’s by no means certain that the 49ers would have offered that contract to Brock if Brown had already signed an extension.

      6. Claude i think the correct answer is #3. I see the 9ers resigning Brown and restructuring Rogers while drafting a CB with a late 2nd or 3rd rd pick. You can never have to many Corners in the NFL

      7. I thought Wright has been an upgrade over Cox, and that’s just being thrown into the mix after a lengthy absence. Wright/Brock/Culliver/Reid and Clinton-Dix in the first round.

      8. He is an upgrade Razor, but it makes no sense in bringing back Wright unless he is willing to sign for the veteran’s minimum. He has looked good on his limited snaps, but I want to see more from him.

      9. Well done Mid and thanks for taking the time to compile this list.

        Most of it I can see happening, but I think they will retain Wright simply because they seem to like him a lot. They kept the guy on the non injury list while he sorted out personal issues instead of just signing him later. They really wanted him and if he’s agreeable to a modest contract, I’m guessing he’ll be back and he really doesn’t have many other options.

        I also think they’ll resign Boldin to a two year deal. He’s made a huge impact and they will want him to come back.

        Alex Boone has two more years on his deal so I’m guessing they’ll talk extension with him next year instead of this year, unless his cap hit for this year is high.

        Kendall Hunter isn’t a FA so he shouldn’t be on this list.

      10. Thanks Rocket. I included players who could be released either because they will cost too much at their current salary or they will lose their roster spot to another player. I have Hunter in this category because I believe that Lattimore will displace him before the 2014-2015 season.

      11. Ah ok thanks for clearing that up Mid. Still I don’t see them releasing Hunter, both due to his contract being low and the fact that he’s in the long term plan with Gore going into the last season of his contract.

  21. Jesus Saves. I’m sure of it. He’s saved hundreds, thousands, even millions of souls, and he’s trying to save Jim Harbaugh’s soul right now. Are you listening, Jim? Jim, are you listening? Somewhere the stars are aligning the planets are shining even though stars shine and planets align. Things are happening in the outer reaches of the universe that can impact this 49ers playoff run, and just like the man in San Jose who’s lucky Mega Millions ticket has brought him fortunes beyond belief (and btw, tonight I bought a lotto ticket and diapers because if I won 636 with all those 0′s…. I’d shat myself, but I digress). Jim Harbaugh’s lucky day is here too because Jesus is trying to tell Jim something and if Jim would just listen, he could win his first Super Bowl.

    What the hell am I writing about? I’ll tell you what. Jesus. Jesus, through the form of injury and incompetence is talking to Jim Harbaugh right now, trying to force Jim’s hand to do something Jim’s not entirely comfortable doing – THROW THE DAMN FOOTBALL. Mike Iupati goes out against the Seahawks and we beat the Seahawks because Roman can’t run Gore into a brick wall along the right side of the Seattle D line. Now Bruce Miller is lost for the season. Anyone in their right mind would listen to Neion Deion Warwick and work around the remaining strengths of the team and start throwing the football. Jesus is telling Jim to throw the football. You couple a win against Seattle without Iupati, the Greg Roman controversy of suckitude this year, with now Bruce Miller lost for the season and the old, “Hey Jim, this is Bo Schembechler… you gonna have a FB and a mean, nasty TE with his hand in the dirt? Yeah, coach. Good… you’ll be fine,” story means nothing, and really just shows that that’s a slow train to no where. Schembechler never won anything.

    But now enter Jesus, taking away Iupati for a W against the Seahawks and now taking away Miller for the playoffs. The handwriting is on the wall if Jim chooses to read it. Throw the damn football. You all saw the throws to Vernon against the Bucs, the escapability of Kaep and improvisation to Crabtree. We all know Gore isn’t running left or right. We all saw Kendal and La Micheal running effective sweeps that Gore can only now dream about. The NFL saw it all too.

    Frank Gore can do two things: Pass Block and run up the gut. That’s it. So if Frank’s in there, defenses can narrow down our offensive options. It like John Madden always said, “The more things you can do.” Why is this important? Because if you’re limited, defenses scout this and know this. Frank is a huge limitation when in the game, but somehow, some way, Roman and Harbaugh think the key to hoisting number six goes through Gore. It doesn’t. The key, like Jesus is trying to tell us all, is throwing the football, not going power run, and not using a FB and dirty TE with his hand in the dirt. The key to winning Super Bowls is Kaep in a spread offense. And if you motion a running back out of the backfield and into wr formation, going empty with four or five wide, you don’t do it with Frank Gore out wide (like they did against the Bucs) because Gore isn’t fast enough to be a receiver. You motion La Micheal out and have him run a drag route underneath as a blitz beater. I can’t keep giving you these gems, Roman.

    Empty backfield must, it has to, it simply must have a blitz beater built into it because going empty invites the blitz. So anticipate this. Go with quick receivers running hot routes, rub routes, quick outs and the like. Anticipate going empty and having the defense blitz. If you have five guys in the routes, and the d brings five or six, you have one on one coverage across the board. I could draw up plays designed to beat this in my sandbox. Why can’t Roman?

    Either way, Jesus is sending Harbaugh a message. We beat Seattle with Mr Power Run Game, Mike Iupati out – we just lost Bruce and Greg Roman’s head’s on the chopping block. It all spells out for Jim Harbaugh to abandon his boy. “I’ve abandoned my child…. I’ve abandoned my boy.” Abandon the power run game in the playoffs, calls some smart plays, and we might, maybe…. we might win number six. Keep riding Gore and the season ends in Seattle.

    1. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s just the typical tale told by Spitblood – full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    2. Spit,
      I feel like I just walked through the maze from the movie “The Shinning” with the great Jack Nicholson?
      Hey dude, sending out a happy holidays your way!

    3. QB,
      unlike with the Alex situation, Colin has options. That alone will force his asking price. Colin will get 6 year $84 million dollar contract with four years guaranteed. That’s what my crystal ball says.

      Crabtree – he’ll be back. Given his injury history, I hope he is fair in his negotiations.
      Boldin – pay the man. Figure it out.
      Baldwin – Bye bye

      Iupati – Not good enough in pass protection to warrant a big contract. He’ll be gone.
      Goodwin – Gone
      Aldon Smith- Niners treated him very well during his time of personal struggle. This should net them a home town discount.

      Hunter – will stay
      Miller – he’ll be back. He’s valuable
      LMJ – Not good enough in this offense to warrant a spot. Hasn’t shown upside value as a returner either. He’ll be gone.

      CB Brown – too expensive. He’ll be gone.
      CB Wright – More affordable.
      CB Rogers – too expensive and skills are diminished. He’ll be gone.

      Dawson – pay the man

    4. Spitblood!
      I like your style. When Miller went out, I suggested the silver lining might be a surprise come playoff time, 49er’s go spread, empty back set, and Kaep kills ‘em all with his arms and his legs, just like Jesus wants!!

  22. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000300225/article/week-16-nfl-honors-stock-watch

    Pundits know nil. Peyton is never a true MVP, because as Irsay alluded to, his primary value is in disappointing fans when the cards are all in. Russell Wilson is not the MVP, because his game is limited, and that defense wins for him. Tom Brady is the MVP, end of story.

    How can Watt be the most disruptive force in the game, but Quinn is causing the most game-changing plays? Vaccaro is better than Thomas? Joke. Better than Reid? Not slightly.

    Mike Glennon got his groove back against the Niners? In what universe?

    1. I’ll give them credit for one NFC West related item in that article: putting Earl Thomas on their list over Richard Sherman. Sherman may get the headlines, but I believe Thomas is truly the key to that defense. They couldn’t do what they do without him.

    2. E,
      I believe that this honor is awarded before the end of the post season. So it typically rewards and validates what the player has done during the 16 game season.

    3. Brady won’t even get a sniff at the MVP. The league looks too closely at the teams accomplishment as well.
      The Pats are going to slip and will be one and done in the playoffs. No MVP for you Tom.
      As limited as Wilson and Cam are, if they win, they will get MVP consideration based on what their teams do.

    1. What bunch of BS! There is no tension. Jim h is a passionate coach and will back his players but someone with the business mind must watch the money here or we will have a cap disaster. The only think I wish for is constant collaboration so the coach can influence the roster decisions and draft picks since he is ultimately responsible for the performance of the team. If Jenkins was a Trent decision then maybe it’s time to change that responsibility and allow the coach to pick the wide outs.

    2. They are both extremely good at what they do, which leads to some tension. The problem is Baalke has final say over the roster and Harbaugh has final say over who plays. Harbaugh wants the best players on the field at all times. Baalke wants to see his draft picks pan out. The 2011 draft class was good. The 2012 draft class was a mess. Missing on Jenkins set this team back, pure and simple. Harbaugh didn’t want Jenkins, but Baalke didn’t want his first round pick to bust, either. It’s a conflict of testosterone fueled interest at times. Baalke runs the draft the right way and knows defense, but lacks an eye for offensive talent. Harbaugh has a good eye for offensive talent. He probably wonders why they don’t trade some picks to land a stud offensive player instead of accruing another five 7th round picks for 2018. They are both right and they are both extremely good at what they do. It’s all about finding the balance and not letting ego’s run wild during the process. The one other thing I will say is that Baalke needs to understand that Harbaugh is the guy. He was the guy they wanted and he has delivered. They knew what they were getting with him and shouldn’t be surprised if he makes a power play. That’s Harbaugh. It’s a business and he has the leverage. Teams would get into a bidding war for him if he was available.

      1. Big P i do’nt see Harbaugh getting anymore power untill he wins 1 or 2 SB’s. Coaches who get to the playoffs consistenly do’nt get front office powers Super Bowl coaches do. imho

      2. That’s what I said with collaboration! Trent must allow Jim to have more control on the offense and maybe stick with the defensive side. They should use the concept of principle negaotiation by Roger Fisher to reach mutual gain since we are on the same team. The key here is mutual gain and collaborative decisions.

      3. I think the dynamic is better when you have a GM and HC instead of a Coach doing both jobs, but I also see where Harbaugh probably wants more input on the acquisitions. It’s all about wins and egos, and the egos get bigger the more you win. Hopefully they make it work long term because I think they are both better with the other as opposed to without.

      4. “Missing on Jenkins set this team back, pure and simple.”

        Not really. It looks like they made up for that with the Patton pick this year. This is a team that has utilized 3 wide receivers on a total of 22% of it’s offensive snaps.

      5. Jack,
        Had Jenkins panned out, he could have helped out while Crabs was rehabbing. It was basically a year and a half of wasting resources on a player that contributed nothing.

  23. Aloha from Hawaii

    Solid win on Sunday. The Atlanta game is very winnable. I think we’ll secure the 5th seed by running the table.

      1. Thanks Nick, I have not been to Hawaii in 12 or 13 yrs, need to go back

        Took me a while to figure it out. I hope Boldin is on the team next year. My favorite player.

      1. Rib, really? Is that a real stat? I’m just surprised. I’ve lived in Sonoma County (ranches, dairies and coastline) 38 years. There have been approximately 25 shark attacks on the Sonoma and Marin coasts, none fatal that I recall. But I promise you I can’t recall a single bovine attack or even farm injury from a cow, bull or steer. Things must be rough in Kansas!

      2. Pigs….don’t forget about the pigs. I’ve heard the cattle stat as well. Deaths from shark attacks per year around the world is a very small number. More people are killed falling out of bed, let alone by murderous cows.

      3. Hah. That’s why I (mostly) eat grass fed, hormone free beef, chicken and pork. Like Dave Barry said, “Eat healthy until you die.”

      4. And yes I agree with the commentary on statistics. Definitely something to think about when the next Football outsiders, PFF, DVOA, etc etc team rankings, player rankings are trotted out.

      5. Thanks for the link, Rib. I’d heard that Hippos killed more in Africa than Crocs, Elephants and Big Cats. I learned a healthy respect for Water Buffalo too. Not to be messed with!

  24. ♫ You better watch out
    You better not cry
    Better not pout
    I’m telling you why
    Mike Nolan is coming to town. ♫

    Thank you Mike Nolan for drafting Gore, VD and Willis, much appreciation!
    Happy holidays Mike!!

      1. The Rodney Dangerfield of the 49ers Defensive Line….Really impressed with his performance playing as wounded as he has.

    1. Crabs,
      You inspired me bro.

      ♫♫ Dancing in the dough
      On a one-horse open sleigh
      Over the fields he’d go
      Opponents laughing all the way!
      Red flags with the media ring
      making spirits not so bright
      It’s not fun to partake and sing
      In a Nolan lead song tonight!
      Nolan smells!
      Nolan smells!
      Dysfunction all the way!
      O how depressing it is to ride
      In a Nolan lead sleigh!

      A day or two ago
      He thought he’d take a ride
      To the mall to look at suits
      He loved what he saw inside!
      The look was kind of tired
      Thankfully young Jed agreed
      And Nolan’s suit wearing ass was fired
      And replaced with a Dingleberry!

      Nolan smells!
      Nolan smells!
      Dysfunction all the way!
      O how depressing it is to ride
      In a Nolan lead sleigh! ♫♫

  25. Something we heard or read alot during the off season even early into the season was the league catches up with Fangio by his 3rd yr, anywhere he has been. I hope he has put that to rest, his D has been outstanding this yr. Thats also why i think the team will resign Brown and restructure with Rogers.

    1. What makes you think Rogers will restructure, when he refused earlier this year? The 49ers were betting Culliver would beat him out in training camp before the injury…..

      1. He would have had to been an idiot to restructure before he saw what was available on the open market. The 9ers will release him, he will try the open market and i believe he will end up back with the 9ers. After his experience in Washington i just do’nt see him signing with one of the teams w\o cap issues [other wise known as the losers]

    2. old coach:

      I don’t know about Brown. After his agent’s screw up this year, I think he’s going to be looking for as much $ as possible. I don’t think the 49ers will get into a bidding war for him.

      As for Rogers, I have no problem with the team bringing him back. His play this year has been right in line with his salary for next year. A CB corps of Rogers, Brock, Culliver, Wright and a draftee would work for me.

      1. Claude i do’nt think the 9ers will resign Iupati and if they do resign CK i believe it will be for less than most of us thought he would sign for after watching him in 2012. I believe with those developments there will be more future cap space to sign players like Brown. IE solid but not spectacular players.

      2. old coach:

        With the way this year has gone, both Kaepernick and Aldon Smith may come cheaper than we thought they would at the beginning of the year. . I think you may be right about Iupati.

        Also, even though he has played this well year, I don’t expect to see Whitner back in a 49ers’ uniform. They seem to be handling his possible extension the same way they handled Goldson’s last year. They’re not extending him and will let the market decide.

      3. Agree on Hitner and Brown. I think they’ll go the draft route instead of resigning Hitner, even though he’s played better this year. Brown was offered the deal before they gave it to Brock. As soon as Brock signed it was over for Brown here imo. Just not enough in the budget to resign everyone.

    1. He is having a great year at the end of a 4 yr. $28 million contract. I honestly expect him to seek at least $35 million with his next deal.

      1. At his age? I think the most he could get is a two year deal, maybe 6 million a year (the minimum base salary he demanded from the Ravens).

      2. I agree chewie…plus he knows next if he returns he’s not going to be a #1 guy, its going to be crabs….so it really comes down to what he’s looking to do for the last portion of his career, maybe he still believes he’s a #1 guy.

        It would be great to have him and Crabtree next at ful health and bring someone in via draft, maybe FA, while also grooming Patton. We need weapons.

      3. There have been worse contracts given out guys. And do you honestly that any WR that can catch for over 1,000 yards is going to take just $6 million?

    2. Boldin? I thought that was TO! (just kidding)

      I have a 81 jersey. I ducktaped over Owens and replaced it with Celek. Then I covered *that* with Boldin. Who’s the next 81? I hope it’s Anquan for at least a couple more – I don’t care how slow he gets.

      1. I cant see the Niners extending a 33 yearold WR at his current salary or more. He’s been great, love to have him but money and age don’t precede term and youth needed at the position.

      2. Seriously? Boldin has been our offensive MVP. Beast blocker, catches everything and stayed healthy all season. No signs of slowing down either. We don’t make the playoffs without Boldin. We don’t beat Green Bay without Boldin and several other teams.
        We would be CRAZY to not resign this guy.

      3. Unfortunately Bay money talks and age walks. Its the NFL. The Niners need money to sign a whole lot of other guys, younger guys like Crabtree, Aldon, and Iupati. With so many draft picks and a draft deep at WR, sorry but Q wont be a Niner next year.

      4. I don’t see Boldin taking that kind of deal unless he really loves it here or a significant signing bonus is added on Bay. And it doesn’t help that Boldin is looking like one of the top 5 WRs that will be available in the 2014 FA market.

      5. Wrong,
        Boldin knows he shines best here as a #2. He’s played long enough to know that with VD and Crabs here, he can shine.

      6. Boldin was brought in to be the #2 WR but that all changed when Crabtree went down with his injury in the offseason and has since shined as the #1 WR here.

        There. Fixed it for you Bay.

      7. I agree MW. Some team will throw big money at him. Besides I don’t see the salary cap situation that the 49ers are in, to give that amount of money to the WR position when they one, need to sign their #1 WR in Crabtree. Their pro-bowl guard needs to be resigned and their best pass rusher and possibly strong safety.
        The other point is with a draft coming up deep at the WR position, and with an abundance of picks in the high rounds, they can easily get maybe a cheaper, long term solution instead.
        $14 million guaranteed to a 35 yearold WR in the NFL is a bad business decision.

      8. I am a huge AB fan and his contribution to our team this year has been price less but if he demands to make more than $7million per year at age 33 then I would pass. It would be great if he signs a two year contract worth $13million with incentives.

      9. I wouldn’t extend Boldin at a high salary, but I would bring him back on a reasonable deal. He is the kind of nasty player this offense has lacked and is a good #2 receiver. He might be the toughest football player, pound for pound, that I have ever seen. He’s a enforcer. Hopefully they can work something out, but his age, the draft and the free agent market will definitely come into play.

    3. Boldin will get a two or three year offer at the most. Nobody is giving a 33 year old WR a 5 year deal. He’s also not going to get as much as he did on the previous one. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t resign with the Niners for two years. I think both want it to happen bad enough that it will. Probably two years 10 mill, first year guaranteed.

    1. I expected Harvin to have problems, but Crabs has played better than I expected. I didn’t initially think he would be able to return this season. It blows my mind that he can do what he’s doing right now after that injury. He isn’t close to 100% yet, but his return is impressive and speaks volumes about his work ethic and the Niners medical staff.

      1. Crabs,
        That’s cold. She hates you. She bought that at Walgreens on the 75% off Christmas aisle, on Christmas eve, two minutes before closing. She even dented the box on purpose to get an extra 15% off, while preaching Christmas spirit to the clerk. It also could have been a re-gifting. Nothing says “I gives a sh%& about you!” like Stetson….or Brut. Lmao.

      2. Leo, Big P – That’s hilarious….I actually kept the Stetson. When Mo-inlaw visits, I soak myself in Stetson, I smell like I just crawled out of a cat-litter box. Then I give her a great big phony hug. She responds with “you’re smellin fresh today”

      3. Big P “She even dented the box on purpose to get an extra 15% off”

        I’m still laughing man….I’m not B.S.’ ing I really got Stetson from her. She’s not poor either…She hate me

  26. In order to remain relevant and interesting, blogs are supposed to be updated regularly. Apparently, Grant is set on doing things differently.

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