Harbaugh on 49ers defensive backs: “There’s a lot of communication that takes place back there.”

Here is what Jim Harbaugh said Saturday afternoon about the 49ers defensive backs, courtesy of the 49ers.


For the two years you’ve been here, we’ve talked so much about how strong the front seven is on defense, what they mean to the team and justifiably so. But, how well would you say that the secondary is playing, the back end? How well are they playing now? Are they catching up to the front end?

“They’re playing great. So are the linebackers, so are the defensive line. I don’t think anybody’s catching up with anybody. They’re playing outstanding together. Team defense is so predicated on that, within the framework of the defense, playing as a unit, playing together, very, very important on defense. I think they’re playing very well together.”


Do you think when the secondary is together, the same four guys for a year that maybe you see it more in a secondary because those guys have to work in synchronicity so much?

“I do. Yeah. So much communication on the back end, communicating calls, communicating leverage, strength, formation, what the call is, technique they’re going to play. There’s a lot of communication that takes place back there.”

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