Harbaugh on the Alex Smith-to-Michael Crabtree red zone connection

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what Jim Harbaugh said at his Tuesday press conference about the red zone connection between Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree, courtesy of the 49ers.

Michael Crabtree said he’s been working a lot in practice with Alex Smith, as far as getting into the red zone. He had two red zone touchdowns, obviously last night. But, before that he had only had two in the last three seasons. What goes into in your mind, making a good red zone wide receiver?

“It was really evident in this ball game, just two guys really being on the same page. On the first touchdown, perfectly thrown ball and great hands catch. Great strong hands catch by Michael on the stop fade. And then Michael’s second touchdown, just two guys again, making a play, being on the same page. Knowing body language. Seeing body language. Made eye contact and the two of them made a play. I think that evidence speaks for itself, two guys on the same page.”


On that play particularly, were those routes run? It looks like WR Kyle Williams was almost in the same area as Michael? Was that play as clean as it was supposed to be?

“No. That’s what I’m saying, the two guys were on the same page. Michael really broke off his route. Alex read his body language. Michael came back inside. Alex hit him and then Crab found the lane to the end zone.”


I see what you’re saying, it was an in-route adjustment. Kyle was running one way but Michael was going back.

“Right. They both were on the same page.”

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