Harbaugh on the Jaguars: “Name a team they’ve played, they’ve gotten to the quarterback.”

Jim Harbaugh spoke to reporters Wednesday in London. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


What’s been the biggest challenge thus far in acclimating to The Grove and the situation here?

“Can’t say what the biggest challenge has been. But, it’s a great place to set up camp. Honker down in a great football environment. I think we have everything we need. Great set up here at The Grove, football oasis. So, it’s been a pleasure.”


You’ve stayed on the road before when you’ve played games on the East coast. Does that help with this experience?

“I think so.”


You’ve come here on the back of a four-game win streak. Is a long trip like this kind of a distraction for you guys?

“It does not have to be, no. I think there are many positives. The team really can spend more time together, getting to know each other even better. Everybody’s got a story. A chance to spend time in the rooms at the hotel here, or more time with the coaches to watch tape. You don’t have to drive home. You don’t have to drive into work. You really just come right down the elevator, or the lift. And then practices and meeting rooms are right across, are a short walk to the practice field, weight room, everything centrally located. An opportunity for more positives I believe.”


You mentioned getting to know people. Have you had a chance to get to know something that you didn’t know about one of your players already on this trip?

“Yeah, [S] Bubba Ventrone turned 31 on Monday. And would have never guessed that he was 31. He’s the youngest looking 31-year-old I think I’ve ever come across. Also, [RB] LaMichael James had his 24th birthday yesterday. Had a chance to celebrate those two today.”


Would you say you’re purposely keeping QB Colin Kaepernick in the pocket more this year? Is that a conscious decision from himself?

“No, I wouldn’t say that’s a conscious decision, no.”


Can you talk to us a little bit about the increased production you’ve got at the cornerback position from CB Tramaine Brock over the last four weeks? How pleased are you with what you’ve seen from him?

“Very pleased. Interceptions, scored a touchdown for us in the Texans game. He’s got PBU’s, pass breakups. And he’s also tackled well. He’s had some big tackles on third down that have allowed our defense to get off the field and get the ball back for the offense. So, pleased.”


The defensive unit as a whole, obviously you lost LB Aldon Smith four weeks ago, that’s a lot of production to lose at a defensive end position. As a unit, they’ve seemed to step up?

“Yeah, I think they’re playing very well. Good team defense. As you alluded, I think that’s the key, and some very good individual performances. But, overall they’re playing really good together. And we can get better, too. As you watch the tape, you see the opportunity to improve. And certainly would like to do that.”


What’s the challenge you see from the Jaguars? People would look and say they’re not having a good season. What’s the challenge though that you see that they can pose?

“Many challenges that the Jaguars pose. They’ve been in tight games and especially you look at the Broncos game, it was a two-point game at the end of the third quarter. Defensive line is outstanding. They’ve gotten hits on every quarterback they’ve played. They’ve gotten big hits on [Broncos QB] Peyton Manning, [Colts QB] Andrew Luck, [Seahawks QB] Russell Wilson, all of them. Name a team they’ve played, they’ve gotten to the quarterback. So, that’ll be a challenge for us. They’re really good off the ball up front defensively. And another big challenge is the special teams. Jaguars special teams is outstanding. And they’re a young team in many areas, one in the secondary. But, they fly around. They play with great effort. And those are dangerous teams when you can see them getting better. So, could go on but many challenges. Like every challenge, playing in a game.”


You mentioned the Jaguars special teams. What about your own special teams that sometimes it takes a while for those units to gel. Where are those units in your eyes as far as chemistry and the way they’re playing, coverage units in particular?

“Very good. Talked about it after each of the ball games, especially the last three, four ball games. Special teams are playing very well, coverage units in particular.”


A few years ago, former 49ers LB Blake Costanzo was the unofficial captain of the special teams. Is there somebody that you’ve seen sort of taken a leadership role on those units?

“The guys that are consistently showing up with the outstanding play are [S] C.J. Spillman, Bubba Ventrone, [WR] Kassim Osgood, [CB] Darryl Morris, made two huge plays in this last game. I think he is really coming. The forced fumble that led to our touchdown and also a big tackle on the kickoff coverage unit. Really had the chance to show his speed and just how far he’s come as a football player. And many others have contributed. We’ve talked about them, [LB Nate] Stupar and [LB Dan] Skuta, and [S] Craig Dahl, [RB] Anthony Dixon, some guys that have been real staples on that unit. And they’re gelling right now and they’re playing extremely well.”


Is there a way that you can get Morris and Spillman in there? I mean obviously Morris filled in as a gunner when Spillman moved over to safety, but use both their speeds on those coverage units?

“Yes, and Kassim is also doing an outstanding job. I don’t know if there’s a way to get three gunners in there. I’ll take that back to [assistant head coach/special teams coordinator Brad] coach Seely and put that in the suggestion box.”


Defensive line coach Jim Tomsula has a lot of connections to Europe. He’s the longest tenured assistant. When you came onboard, was that a tough decision to retain him? Or I guess what were your initial impressions of him and thoughts on him since you’ve had him on staff?

“When I first got hired, that was two and a half years ago. Interviewed all the coaches and no, it wasn’t a tough decision to hire Jim Tomsula. It was a very easy decision after speaking with him. He’s had a special gift of presence, personality, of teaching ability and that came shining through. I remember that first meeting. And that’s one position I’ve just never had to worry about since I’ve been here as the head coach, is the defensive line position. He’s always got them well coached and ready to play.”


He’s gone through a lot and sacrificed a lot in order to continue coaching. Slept in his car for a while and all sorts of crazy stuff. Did his passion shine through to you, just how much he loves what he’s doing?

“Yes, none of us look at it as a sacrifice though. Coaching is a great honor and a great privilege to be able to coach, to be able to teach and do all the things that make you keener, finer, more alert. If that means sleeping in your car to be a better coach, than by God, that’s what you do. But, yeah he’s got a great love of the game that shows through every day.”


When he said he wanted to bring on DL Lawrence Okoye, did you have any reservations? That here was an amazing athlete, but somebody who had never played the game and his first exposure be at the professional level?

“I was ready for the experiment, yeah. I was excited about the possibilities. And many things struck me about Lawrence, and our coaches, that were exciting. The fact that he was a rugby player, a tough sport that football evolved from, rugby. But, then the fact that he went and started throwing the discus and in two years was at the Olympic level, thought that spoke volumes. And you wanted to see what would it be like if he switched to football and how quickly he could grasp that. There have been some positive sides. Can’t say that I can tell you if it’s going to eventually work. But, he’s on the right track and it’s got possibilities still. So, still excited about it.”


What is he able to do now? Is it just learning? Classroom time and learning?

“Yeah, and rehabbing.”


And what do you see from him just from the study aspect of it? Do you see the game clicking with him upstairs?

“He’s a very bright guy. And he can regurgitate the information, yes. But, as far as still can he translate that to actually playing, we got somewhat of a glimpse of that and there was steady progress. But, we won’t know again until he gets back out there on the field. American football is one of those games you get better at football by playing football. And he’ll need more of that.”


So, the next time he gets on the field will be offseason program?

“Don’t know exactly about that. Not for sure on that.”


What are the other possibilities?

“I’m not exactly sure on the rule when he can get back to playing.”


Sunday’s game is an 0-7 team against a 5-2 team. What are the levels that could make that a close game, as you said a dangerous game? What are the things that you have to guard against on Sunday?

“Everything. You start with what’s the worst possible thing that could happen as you go into every game, and that’s losing the football game. So, you’ve got to work backward from there to the root, which is where we’re at right now. And understand that our preparation is going to put us in the best possible percentage of winning that game. So, that’s in our best interest to get prepared for this football game, and that’s what we’re doing.”


Your ground game took a while to get started this year.

“Did it? [Laughs].”


Was there anything specific that sparked it off recently?

“I think it’s always had a good spark to it.”


It’s an away game for you. With the links that Jim Tomsula and Lawrence have with England, has it helped with the preparation in any way, or do you just treat it as a normal away game and it’s just a well-oiled machine?

“Yeah, it’s helped. I think there are quite a few guys on the team that Lawrence has become a more popular guy on the team. I’ve noticed that. But, yeah the team was here in 2010, so that definitely helps from all aspects. Coaching, operations, logistics, etc.”


Do you have any health updates on S Donte Whitner or S Eric Reid or anybody else?

“I think it’s as we talked about, I don’t know, maybe I didn’t talk to you about this, but I think they’re going to be fine.”


With QB Jay Cutler out for the Bears, what would it take to get you back to quarterback for the Bears to lead them to a championship this year?

“What would it take?”


What would it take?

“It’d just take a call.”


I’m making that call right now.



Last week you activated DL Quinton Dial. Any chance that somebody off one of those reserve lists will be active for the game on Sunday?

“It’s possible. There’s a chance, yeah.”


And who would that be?

“I don’t like predicting.”


Who’s the closest to being game ready?

“The three that are closest are [CB] Eric Wright, [DT] Tank Carradine, and [WR] Mario Manningham.”


Welcome to the UK firstly. And apart from getting the win, what are you looking forward to most for the game at Wembley on Sunday?

“To improve, would be the next thing. Would like to get better. Like to get better as a team, better in all forms and fashions. Our teamwork, our play on the field. And I really thought two percent would be a good goal. If we could improve two percent as a football team this week, but might have underestimated that. I think we might be able to get three percent, or four percent, or maybe even five percent better with the surroundings we have here and the accommodations. This is a football oasis. I’m very excited about it. So, that’s what we’re attacking. That’s what we’ve been attacking the last two days. And we’ll get after it today. Excited to get out on the practice field and see the guys moving around and see if we can’t start chasing those percent improvements.”


And at the end of the week, will you know the exact percentage that you’ve improved? Can I check with you?

“[Laughs] Yeah, you can check there. It’s always readily told on the scoreboard. That’s the great thing about football and sports in general, the scoreboard tells the story. But, we’re excited about it. Excited to be here. Excited for the opportunity and looking forward to great meetings and a great practice. See if we can’t make this the best practice of the year today. I have a question for you. Foyle’s War, is that coming back? Does anybody know anything about that? I just love that show. Watched them all and a big fan, Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks. Did I get that right?”



“I’ve seen them all. Was kind of hoping there was going to be a return of the show. Anybody know?”



“No, it’s not coming back?”


It’s done.

“It’s done, done?”


It’s done.

“That’s too bad. What a shame.”

  1. Seems the Harbs has taken a page out of Bill Walsh’s
    “meet the press” playbook ..
    To wit:
    “.. never kick a team when they suck..”

    I remember Wayne Walker trying to get Bill to say something
    derogatory about the Buccs..
    (when they couldn’t go into a Kmart with a fully loaded
    credit card and buy themselves a win) …
    and to hear him talk .. Tampa was the SB champs !

    1. Don’t know much about Gordon. crab .. but ..
      like you .. still not sold on LMJ …
      the 2nd rounder doesn’t seem so bad, when you consider
      we get one… if Alex can win just one more game this season..
      (I’ll take that bet) … so .. it’s kinda a “freebie” for us ..

      Gamble, though on Lattimore, I think ..

      Same kind of history of knee problems as Frank …but ..
      can he become the next Frank ?
      (in spite of ?)

      Time will tell, I think ..and I’m betting ..
      we’ll get to see next season ..

      Anyhoo …
      in case anyone’s interested ..
      here’s an interview of “The Garlic Man” .. =>


    1. Well I’m not Grant but…
      Cooper had a +1.4 grade(+ 0.9 in coverage) on 83 snaps
      Morris had a +0.8 grade(+0.8) in coverage) on only 27 snaps

      What’s interesting is Cooper actually had his worst preseason grade (-0.7 in pass coverage) against the Chiefs.

  2. So the players soon to be coming back are Manningham, Carradine, Moody, Wright and somewhere down the line Crabtree and Aldon. Who are the six guys out when they come back? My guess is Bethel Thompson (moved to the practice squad, Moore, Cuningham, Stupar, Asomugha and Ventrone. Cox could get cut in place of one of these guys.

    Grant I would like to know what your prediction is.

  3. Who’s the closest to being game ready?

    “The three that are closest are [CB] Eric Wright, [DT] Tank Carradine, and [WR] Mario Manningham.”

    I love to hear that. Tank Carradine and MM might see some action soon. I also heard that MM caught a TD pass in practice today.

    As Hofer used to say “All arrows up”.

    1. I wonder how much of the “NFL’s growing QB problem” is the shift from keeping 3 or 4 QB’s on the roster to most teams only carrying two. That’s one or two less players being developed along with a team and instead sitting on a couch. Also the fact that high draft picks are no longer groomed but instead instantly thrown into the starting position might also be taking it’s toll on the quality of the QB pool.

      1. I guess every team looks bad when their starting QB goes down, but the Rams seem to be floundering around. Brett? C’mon. When Peyton got hurt in Indy their back-up, Painter, didn’t really look competent, and it cost him, his coaching staff and GM their jobs. Painter’s early struggles so frustrated the rest of the team that the wheels came off; nobody was blocking or tackling and it was ugly. The Niners would be a different ball club if Colt was leading them. At this point I’m willing to level some criticism at HarBaalke for settling for marginal QB depth too. I sure hope we don’t need it.

    2. You’d think Vince Young would get a call…he looked pretty good for GB in preseason. He must be radioactive or something.

    3. There was later a report that the Favre rumor was false, and while they did contact his agent it was because he also represents one of the QB’s they did sign.

    1. Encouraging….I didn’t think he’d see the field until after the bye, but it’s sounding as if they may activate him and get him 8 snaps on the field with designated runs to the opposite side, just for the confidence going into the bye.

      1. Harbaugh on radio this morning said it’s highly unlikely manningham plays this week. But chances are good he plays after bye.

  4. According to Wiki the show that Harbuagh asked about Foyle’s War is still going. No mention of it being “done.” It was cancelled once in 2007 but was brought back and is listed as active.

    1. Yes it was. Roman, Fangio have been mentioned for head coaching jobs, but if I was the GM…..my first hire as head coach would be Jim Tomsula. Shhhhh, let’s continue to keep him a secret.

  5. For those of ;you interested in more about “Foyle’s War,” here’s a fan website:

    I watch it every now and then myself, and recommend it. Foyle refers to a British police detective. The show takes place during and after WWII. It’s a well acted, interesting period piece about a much simpler life. The actor who plays Foyle is excellent.

  6. Is Grant in London or reporting from his living room? Newspapers have gotten notoriously cheap when it comes to reporters’ expenses. I’d be interested in knowing who actually is on site reporting on the Niners.

    1. Well … Grant seems to be on a little sabbatical for
      the time being, but .. I bet if you do a little catchin’ up ..
      the guys have had some pretty good discussions ..
      and posted some great links as well, too …

      Don’t worry, man …
      … happens to me, too !

  7. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but the Rams called Favre! Jeff Fischer calls Favre, but not Vince Young? Whoa. I wonder what Jim Druckenmiller is doing……..? Marinovich? Leaf? Carmozzi?

      1. Tuna,
        remember Fischer had Vince Young on his team. Probably doesn’t want to deal with him after having dealt with him once already… The guy is gifted for sure. Must be some kind of a head case.
        Wasted talent like Lawrence Phillips.

      1. I watched Vince Young play about 1/2 of a preseason game with the Bills, I believe it might have been last year, but my god, it was the worst display of football I have ever seen. He was released immediately thereafter.

      1. Razor let me ask you cause you seem to be a straight shooter. Do you think Kap has made players on the existing offensive roster better players? If so, who?

      2. Not yet no. At least not through his play, but maybe psychologically. He just needs to improve that part of his game, and the only way that’s going to happen is through experience. He has the intelligence, and I don’t believe he gets rattled. He’s gritty, determined and committed. Plus he has all the tools, and one of the best tutors. Let’s see how they trust him in December with maybe a new weapon or two…..

      3. PT and RE,
        If you are true Smith Hater, then Colin was a huge upgrade.
        If you try to be a little objective, Colin was an upgrade in some things, based on field performance, while a downgrade in others.
        Right now they’re running a strip down version of the O. It’s good for now until we play the tougher teams.
        Even though we beat the Packers and he had a career day, it was a close game until the 4th quarter.

      4. Fan he has all the athletic tools in the world. My concern is that everyone talked about the huge upgrade CK would bring. Primarily taking the top off defenses. How many times has this happened outside of VD which Smith did anyway.
        The second thing is CK has not made anyone around him better. In fact the surrounding players have made him decent. I thought it was suppose to be the opposite.
        Apparently no hater wants to touch that question.

      5. You asked.
        He’s made Vernon better.
        2012 under Smith through 6 games
        Vernon 23 catches 340 yds 4 TD’s

        2013 under CK
        Vernon 26 catches 466 yds 6 TD’s

      6. Bay pay attention! VD was and is already an estaished player. Troy Smith looked good with VD.

        My question was what marginal player on the roster has Ck made better? Not Patton, not Williams, not Lockette, not Moore, and not even our 2nd rounder pick VMac.

        Greatness is defined by making other around you better. The good players like Boldon and VD are already good players. CK has made no one else a threat. Why? Blame Roman, blame the offense, all crap!
        You clowns said he would add another dimension, where is it?

      7. Bay,
        Colin made VD worse last year! Alex always had a connection with VD.
        Colin made Crabs better, or maybe it’s the other way around. Crabs made Colin look better then he was because that’s all he would throw to.
        I just listened to Cosell’s podcast. He’s pretty tough on Colin. What a hater!

      8. Do you think Kap has made players on the existing offensive roster better players? If so, who?

        I think he has done well with bruce miller…….I see him getting better with him.

      9. Bay when you only throw to 2 guys what do you expect?

        Here’s a concept you might get. If one guy had 100 at bats an another guy has 10, who do you think will have the better opportunity at better numbers?

        So lets slow it down for you at snails pace. Where is the taking the top off defenses at? Where is CK attacking all elements of the field? Where is the franchise numbers?

      10. Under CK Vernon is projected to catch

        104 catches 1248 yards 14-16 TD’s

        Vernon’s best year to date with Smith was 2009

        78 catches 965 yards 13TD’s

        By all accounts VD will set career high’s with VD as his QB blowing 2009 numbers out of the water.

        Funny how Smith was not able to sustain those numbers either. VD’s Td’s went from 13, to 7 to 6 from 2009 to 2011. His catches and yardage all went down as well.

        Why? because he got double covered and Smith was never able to establish a consistent connection with any of his WR’s….

      11. Projected Bay? Im projected to make a lot of money this year. But if I don’t work my projections mean jack. You are such a simple minded man. Keep trying though!

      12. “Just showed you the numbers tool. He made VD better too….”

        Davis averaged 3.1 catches per game with Smith, and 2.5 catches per game with Kaepernick last season.

        The increase in Davis’ numbers in 2013 is simple, no #2 receiver which has led to an increase in targets. We saw the same thing for Davis in 2011.

      13. Bay tries to use stats and he can’t even get that right. Did you graduate highschool or are you the biggest/worst liar bull crapper in Freemont?

      14. Now I’m not sure how Bay’s projection was derived, but in my opinion, there’s a small problem with the ESPN projection.

        Davis missed a game. By averaging his stats over seven games when he only played six, it more or less assumes he’ll miss more time. Maybe he will, but let’s just project for a moment that he won’t.

        If we average his season numbers over six games and project it over fifteen, we get a projection of 65 catches for 1165 yards and 15 TDs.

        That’s a bit higher than ESPN’s projections, and I’ll admit I’m being optimistic in projecting no more missed games. I’d be very happy with that season. If Crabtree and Manningham come back strong, there’s also a real possibility of Davis’s targets dropping (he’s getting just over 7 a game in the six he’s played now), so we’ll have to see if he can maintain that pace.

      15. Correct. I caught that after completing my comment, however it is still almost 40 receptions short of Bay’s projection.

      16. Indeed. Really not sure where those numbers came from. Perhaps he’ll shed some light on that.

        I’m especially intrigued by how Bay’s numbers have him dropping from an average 17.9 yards per reception to 12.

      17. For a guy who claims to be an engineer, Bay is not very good with numbers.

        Based on Davis’s numbers to date through 6 games, his totals for the 15 regular season games he is expected to play in would be

        65 catches 1165 yards and 15 TDs.

        Also, keep in mind that Bay already has been exposed once for manipulating the Davis numbers to make the claim that he performed better with Kaepernick than he did with Smith. It appears that he’s trying to do it again. Before reaching any conclusions about Davis’s production under each QB, one probably ought to look at all the data. You can do so here:


        Possibly relevant Vernon Davis numbers conveniently omitted by Bay:

        2012 regular season with Kaepernick (7 games)
        12 catches 139 yards, 1 TD


        The increase in Davis’ numbers in 2013 is simple, no #2 receiver which has led to an increase in targets.

        No, no, no, no, no. The absence of a #2 WR can only be used to explain the drop in Kaep’s numbers for 2013. It cannot be used to explain why any other receivers’ numbers might have increased.

    1. Glad to know I got one over on Mr. Cosell, as Mr. Lemoniers’ play has not only not surprised me, but confirmed what I already knew. As I said before, he will be a prolific pass rusher if he can stay healthy…

  8. He made Crabtree better since you asked

    Through 8 games in 2012 with Smith

    Crabs averaged 55 yard per game with 3 TD’s during that span

    Through his first 8 starts in 2012 with CK

    Crabs averaged 89.25 yards per game with 7 TD’s during that span

    Any other dumb questions slime….

    1. Once again keep cherry picking stats. I’m talking about this year but somehow you have ADD. Now one last time Bay, who has CK made better on the roster? Not VD not Bolldin, those guys are already good.

      Where is the greatness you talked about? Why have Williams, Patton, Moore, Osgood not excelled their games under CK?

    2. In the above thread Fan77 said that the 49ers have been running a strip down version of the offense… he’s right. The name of that strip down offense is best known as the Alex Smith Offense.

      Just to point out a quick observation about Kaepernick. How many QBs can say they have achieved this in their first 16 starts: threw for over 400 yards, broke the single game rushing record for a QB, beat Brees and Brady on the road and finished a game with a 99 QBR?

      I like Alex Smith but do you know how many 400 yard passing games he has had? Zero. How about 300 yards games? 3.. 3 in his entire 9 year career.

      1. Dude numbers are great but unfortunately they don’t win championships. My question remains, where is the upgrade CK was suppose to bring? All this potential is great for crystal balling but showing how the Niners got better is not clear to me. Can someone tell me who Ck has made better outside of Davis who already was good and Crabtree who has yet to catch a pass this season?

      2. Patience, prime, patience !
        it will happen … patience …

        The path to greatness isn’t paved with
        gym mats … no !

        Theres a few firkin’ boulders placed strategically,
        along the way, for you to stub yer toe on !!

        He’ll get there…

        (Guess thats why they call us “The Faithfull”)

      3. I believe he will MW but my point is these Alex haters/fantasy football fans painted a different picture. Now Im asking for evidence. All I hear is excuses and lies.

      4. Dude,

        Prime just named 2 players that Kap. Made better in his post above. He doesn’t realize that it may not be making everyone better as long as everyone isn’t healthy and on the field. Kyle was certainly a bigger threat with Kap on the field. Walker got a fat contract because Kap helped him highlight his speed and ability to block and sometimes catch a pass.

        Someone pull up Dwayne Bowe’s stats this season. Tell me that he’s happy with his numbers. Hopefully winning regular season games will be enough for him. He’s making enough money not to complain.

      5. Still no answer and a lot of spinning of the question. Classic hater denial.
        Once again everyone, outside of the current established good players on the roster, who’s game has CK elevated THIS YEAR from even average to good?

        Note: not Crabtree: has not played, not Vernon, was already good, and not Boldin, already good.

      6. Does Tom Brady make the current group of guys productive? Yes. Does Drew Bree’s spread the ball around and get people touches you bet! How about Aaron Rodgers using all his weapons. Sure!
        Now a lot of people put CK in the same category as those other guys, why can’t he get the secondary talent involved?

      7. Prime
        You telling me that all those numbers that I said above don’t show that Kaep is an upgrade? So when a QB throws for over 400 yards and the QB before him never has that isn’t an upgrade? I’m not an Alex basher I actually like him a lot but you are straight up stupid if you can’t see kaep is better. If I give you stats that no QB before has done and you still can’t see it then you a just biased. Kaep may ave lost the super bowl but he got the team there. When it was Alex’s chance he completed less than 50% of his passes and 1 for 13 on third down. Kaep is an upgrade over that. Open your eyes.

    3. Bay,

      What’s wrong with prime. He says these guys were already good. Does he realize that you can make good better! Verona was good with Smith, his numbers so far are better with Kap. Crabs was good with Smith, they were better with Kap. What’s wrong with this guy? There is a difference between good and better!

      1. You’re just hating on Alex if you think Kap made Vernon better.
        Alex and Vernon always had good chemistry. Did you even watch the Saints championship game?
        Colin should have looked at Vernon during the last four plays in SB. Didn’t even bother. Threw all 4 times to Crabs.
        Even Moss said so.

      2. You know what I have concluded Fan. These guys want to see what they want to see. They will never ever admit Alex was a good soldier for SF.
        So now lets talk about CK’s game. And what happens? Crickets or it some how gets thrown back to Alex.
        These guys don’t understand football and what it takes. I truly believe there is a huge level of ignorance.

      3. Fan keeps talking about that last drive of the Super Bowl. Kap didn’t get it done, however he got us there. Alex couldn’t have gotten us there. Everyone on this blog knows that.

      4. Good point Fan. A great QB does not always rely on his bread and butter. Montana used Wilson in pressure moments. Young with Brent Jones. Kap has trust issues and its holding this offense back to a degree.

      5. 23 Jordan,
        The standard here is not getting there but winning it. You just showed your stripes. Alex was 2 fumbles away from the Super Bowl.
        We don’t know if he would have done better, if he would have won it all.
        So he could have very well got us there.
        You won’t admit it because you’re just a fantasy football stat lover and not a fan of the team.
        You should not be happy the Kap got us there and we lost. In fact, it was the team that got there. Win or lose. However, when you are 1st and goal and you have 4 shots to win the game, then it falls on the QB to make a play to win it.
        So let’s talk about CK’s game as it is right now. In his 3rd year he is still learning his progressions.
        Is that good or bad for the team?
        I am surprised he is not farther along. Stripped down won’t get it done in the playoffs. N0t this year.

      6. Fan he can’t answer that because he is a fantasy fan where numbers matter, not rings! Highlights are more important that wins. Stats tell all, growth and development mean little. Team work and making everyone better is useless as long as there are 40 yard passes.

      7. 77 Fan – You say Alex was 2 fumbles (KW) away from winning Super Bowl. I grew up 2 short blocks away from Gwen Stephani (same Jr. High & H.S)….she rode her bike by my house daily. Does that mean I could’ve have scored/married her? :)

      8. Fan,

        We were not 2 fumbles from the super bowl. I’ve seen you type that on several occasions. Without the fumbles, we are guessing that the Giants would not have mounted a drive to get themselves a score. Reality is, our quarterback couldn’t complete a pass in that game in the 2nd half. Remember 1-13 on 3rd down. Do you remember what the 1 1st down was? I do. It was a last on the last play of regulation to Delanie Walker. A meaningless pass because the clock read 0:00. Those 2 fumbles were critical but you’re assuming Smith would have done something he hadn’t done the entire 2nd half, move the offense.

        With regards to Kap and his reads, he didn’t seem to have a problem reading defenses last year with all his weapons healthy. I will wait until Lap has his favorite target on the field because I critique his play. If he struggles with Creatures and Manningham in the lineup, I’ll be the 1st to be critical of him. Crabtree was automatic for Kap last year. We’ll see what happens this year.

        Do you believe our record would be any better with Smith at QB this year? I don’t and I’ll guarantee you the majority of this blog won’t think so as well. Possibly worse with that game against GB where Kap threw for 412. Especially considering Smith has NEVER thrown for 400 yards in his career and has only 3- 300 yard games in 8 years. It was going to take a big passing game to beat Green Bay game 1 this year.

      9. 23 Jor,
        Now you really are a hater. Those two fumbles were a big reason why the Niners did not make it to the SB. All you focus on are the stats, and you don’t follow the game at all.
        Just as the Niners now have problems with WRs getting open now, they had the same problem then. Vernon caught some quick passes and then they started to double team him.

        You just want to hate, that’s why you go on the KC blogs. I was just joking about it and then it turned out to be true!

        The Niners are a run first team under Harbaugh.

        As for Alex this year, well he’s on a lessor team and they’re 7-0.
        Keep hating playa!

        Meanwhile Cam Newton is looking pretty good.

      10. 23J – Most knowledgeable football people know Kap is better than Alex but clearly Alex has improved.
        I see you and Prime are still scuffling…Lol….Me and Prime have always got along, we don’t agree always but it’s civilized. Why did you try and bust my balls last week? :)
        Did you see I’m on top in Yahoo NFL pickem league? I should have won it last year too bro.
        Hop on the bus with the rest of the group, the Crab is takin you guys to skool!

      11. Everyone go look at Alex’s stats against the Giant in the NFC cup game. They are Tebow esque. Don’t blame the game on KW. Alex did nothing offensively to win the game. Before KWs last fumble Smith had a chance to win it overtime. He couldn’t complete a third down to do it. He even had better receivers than Kaep has now.

      12. Crab,

        YeAh I saw you up there bro. You shining like new money up there. As for Prime, you won’t see me address that fool. He continues to throw my name around. If you see me name calling back and forth with that child again, I will leave this blog. No I just pulled the rug off of DS aka Fan77. That is DS, o guarantee it. Hates Kap, loves Smith. Says Smith could’ve won the Super Bowl for us last year. Now that is a Joke.

        As far as the yahoo pick em, I’m too big a Niner homer to win that game. I always pick against any team in our division bro. Seattle and Arizona have killed me!!

      13. Even with the Kyle Williams fumbles, Smith still had a chance to drive to win the game near the end of regulation. He didn’t get it done.

        He also had a possession in overtime with the chance to drive for the win. Didn’t get it done.

        Williams screwed up for sure, but he didn’t lose that game alone. Neither did Smith; no one player did. Heck, with the way the offense was (not) moving the ball, you could even argue that without a good return by Williams, they might not have even got their last FG and there would have been no overtime.

        I’m no Alex hater; I cheered my heart out for him, was delighted to see his career finally get on a positive track, and I wish him well in KC. At the least, I’ll enjoy rooting for him to beat the Raiders twice a year. I can’t imagine a #1 pick QB being handled more poorly, and given less chance to win than he was for years. Him finally rising above all that was the great story of the 2011 season. Vernon Post will always be one of my greatest football memories.

        But I’m a fan of the team first, and this is a better offense with Kap at QB. It was apparent in his first start. It was confirmed in a big way against the Patriots, and again in the playoffs.

        Yes, there are some growing pains this year. He was not good in the losses, and could have played better in some of the wins, too. There are things he needs to do better, and I hope to see improvement from him. I get why some express frustration. But the future is bright, indeed. And frankly, the present ain’t so bad, either.

      14. Euclidite,

        You said it best. It’s a team game. A team lost in the NFCCG. The team was not built on a vertical passing game, but a grind it, pound the rock team.
        While the two fumbles are not the reason they didn’t get to the SB, you can’t blame everything on Alex’s performance. He did well in the first two quarters. At halftime, the Giants DC made adjustments. None of the WRs could get open. Gee, isn’t that a common theme on this team?

        All the haters are criticizing his output against a championship caliber team, but have no problems with CK only passing for 6-15 in a recent game against a mediocre team.

        I happen to like CK and prefer him this year over Alex Smith. I was not a fan of AS through his growing pains years, but did admire his perseverance, which is rare. Before he got hurt, he was playing very well.

        Morons like 23 Jordan who know so little about the game but claim they do just like to come on here and pick fights. He even said he set a trap for Jack Hammer.

        It’s so clownish. No need for a costume for Halloween for that guy.

        He’s a known welter and I was making the point that the Niners were well on their way to getting to the SB with Alex at QB, which he claims was impossible. The ball bounces funny in football

        Like you said, the future is bright but there are no guarantees. No one hands you anything in football, and in life.

      15. Fan,

        You just don’t get it do you. I respectfully disagreed with your post and stated why. You responded to my post by calling me a moron and a clown. What’s your deal? Can you and I stop with the childish name calling and keep it football? That’s what I did.

        You’ve constantly stated that we were 2 fumbles from a super bowl. Now you’re saying football is a team game. Which one is it?

      16. Fan77,

        I come on here and pick fights. Are you delusional? Read your last post. All you did was insult me. But I pick fights? Please find a mirror. Hypocrisy at its finest!

      17. How can anyone possible say with a straight face that Kyle Williams fumbles in the NFC Championship game 2 years ago did not prevent us from going to the Super bowl?
        The first set up the tie, the last one gave the Giants a chip shot to win. 23 welcher, you are a welcher and many other things but now I guess we can add delusional?

      18. There’s plenty of blame to pass around for that NFCCG loss. I don’t pin it all on Williams (though he gets quite a lot). I don’t pin it all on Smith.

        The first fumble put them in a hole, but it was a hole they had opportunities to climb out of. Imagine if any of these things had been different:

        -Dashon Goldson shows poor awareness and takes out Brown, who was almost certainly about to intercept Manning. On the next play, Brock, replacing Brown, gets beat by Manningham for a TD, giving the Giants the lead.
        -Williams gets a solid punt return, gaining 40 yards to set the team up near midfield. But it could have been more; he appeared to slip on the wet field. Still, it looked for a moment like he might have redemption.
        -The ensuing drive stalls at the NYG 7. Instead of a TD to take the lead, they settle for a FG to tie.
        -SF gets possession with 4:07 left in the game with the score tied. Goes three and out.
        -Questionable forward progress ruling nullifies a Bradshaw fumble in NYG territory. Almost certainly would have led to go-ahead points.
        -SF gets possession with 1:47 left in the game with the score tied. Three incompletions, three and out.
        -SF gets possession in overtime. Three and out after Smith completes an 11 yard pass to Davis on 3rd and 12.

        While the second fumble definitely gave the game away, all of those things had to go wrong before Williams even had the chance to blow it. Now you can’t do anything about the Bradshaw fumble that wasn’t, but if you squander that many opportunities, you stand a good chance of losing.

        What if he doesn’t fumble in OT? The Giants were shutting down the offense. Certainly there was no guarantee they would have taken the ball down and scored. Maybe they could have, but there was still a good chance they lose even without the fumble. Unfortunately, we’ll never know what could have happened.

        I guess my point is, it was a team loss. Give Williams, Smith, Goldson, and others their share of the responsibility, but none of them did it alone. Williams was the guy who ultimately blows it at the end, but he had plenty of help setting the stage.

  9. Let it pass .. prime …

    I think …
    (with a couple of exceptions, of course)
    most of the posters, here … are able to distinguish
    BS from petunias …

  10. Okay let’s take a poll. If all the people who post on this blog were to take the Wonderlic test, who would score in the top 3 percentile, and who would be on the bottom?
    For the top, I would have to pick the Hammer, mainly because he pulls out stats like nobody’s business and has his own blog.
    For the bottom, we that’s easy, but I better not say his name because that welcher is very sensitive.

    1. You know you might want to think about what that all means. Alex scored pretty high on the test, but I don’t think it translates to football IQ the way you think it does.

      Peyton Manning: 28
      Alex Smith: 40

      1. Ryan Fitzpatrick: 48
        Colin Kaepernick: 37
        Andrew Luck: 37
        Steve Young: 33
        Brett Favre: 29
        John Elway: 29
        Dan Marino: 15

      2. My point is you don’t have a point, and you just confirmed that.

        I believe you were relating Wonderlic scores to football knowledge, or IQ in general. Clearly the evidence does not support either, and your childish jokes aren’t even humorous.

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