Harbaugh on the Patriots: “Everything they do scheme-wise is very tough to prepare for.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what Jim Harbaugh said at his Monday press conference about preparing for the 49ers’ upcoming opponent, the New England Patriots.

Q: You’ve been undefeated in prime-time games this season. You notice anything about your team in these games?

HARBAUGH: No. Somebody else mentioned that, that we’ve been pretty darn good in those type of games. Just locked in on this one here, going to New England, putting together a really good plan and week of practice, travel preparations, I mean, all those things that will go into playing this big game.

Q: Do you know Belichick at all? Have much of a relationship with him?

HARBAUGH: Professional. Have met him a few times and talked to him.

Q: What do you consider the hallmark of playing a Belichick team?

HARBAUGH: They’re always consistently good. Everything they do scheme-wise is very tough to prepare for because you don’t know what they’re going to do. Just very well-coached, very top shelf in the National Football League on the field.

Q: He’s got a reputation as being a guy who schemes very tricky defenses for young QBs to decipher. Do you see this as a particular challenge for your staff and for Colin?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, sure. In particular a great challenge. A great challenge for our entire football team.
Q: Will you watch the Patriots game live tonight or will you wait until you get the coaches’ film?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, well we can’t get the tape until the game is over, but yeah, we’ll probably spend some time watching their other games and take a look at it – we’ll probably have the TV going and the tape machine at the same time.

Q: Two primetime games against playoff opponents. Is this a test for Colin Kaepernick in a playoff-like atmosphere.

HARBAUGH: I really believe it’s about this next game. We don’t take anything for granted. Nothing is secured until it’s secured in terms of being in the playoffs. We’ll give this game the respect it deserves and prepare for it like it’s the most important game on the schedule.

Q: Tom Brady is also a Michigan guy and a Bay Area guy. Do have a feel for him since there are some similarities in background?

HARBAUGH: I have great respect for him. His career, his ability, his competitiveness. All his unique attributes that make him the great football player that he is.

Q: Do you remember him from Michigan?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, followed him. We weren’t there at the same time. Probably about 15 years (difference), maybe?

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