Harbaugh says A.J. Jenkins will “play quite a bit” this preseason because “he needs to play”

Jim Harbaugh also spoke about A.J. Jenkins on KNBR Tuesday morning. Here’s what Harbaugh said.

Q: What is your evaluation of A.J. Jenkins so far, and what are you expecting from him this August?

HARBAUGH: He had a very good day yesterday. I’m expecting to go out and see him compete and get game time, play quite a bit in this game coming up and the next games, because I think he needs it. He needs to play. And all of our players do, but that’s one in particular that will benefit.

Q: How would you evaluate his rookie season?

HARBAUGH: He didn’t play enough to really be in there and show what he could do and get the experience of playing. He needs to play, and I think he’s excited about that and looking forward to competing.

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