Harbaugh says A.J. Jenkins will “play quite a bit” this preseason because “he needs to play”

Jim Harbaugh also spoke about A.J. Jenkins on KNBR Tuesday morning. Here’s what Harbaugh said.

Q: What is your evaluation of A.J. Jenkins so far, and what are you expecting from him this August?

HARBAUGH: He had a very good day yesterday. I’m expecting to go out and see him compete and get game time, play quite a bit in this game coming up and the next games, because I think he needs it. He needs to play. And all of our players do, but that’s one in particular that will benefit.

Q: How would you evaluate his rookie season?

HARBAUGH: He didn’t play enough to really be in there and show what he could do and get the experience of playing. He needs to play, and I think he’s excited about that and looking forward to competing.

  1. From Harbaugh’s statement, I am beginning to believe that Jenkins will be a starter against the Broncos on Thursday and may even play with the backups as well.

    1. Reading between the lines it sounds like Harbaugh suspects Jenkins is a “gamer” rather than a practice guy. Or maybe I’m just wishful thinking.

      1. Thx Claude. Leo that was funny.
        Was trying to look at some avenues as to why they would sign a punter for more than 1 year.

      2. Not one of us (including Grant) has mentioned Andy Lee for months. It’s a shame … unlike Vernon Davis, who is labeled around here as the best TE in football (though the stats say otherwise) … Andy Lee IS the best punter in the NFL. Glad to see he’s signed long-term.

  2. Glad to see some improvement from The Jenkins. Harbaugh has been spoonfeeding confidence into him since he was drafted.

      1. I don’t think so Crab, but I think Romanowski might have been. The first guy to congratulate him after the first TD was Jason Avant. So much for the teammates not being able to play with him.

    1. ESPN ran a nice bit on Cooper & The Eagles. Seems like they’ve positioned themselves to work through it. Acceptance or rejection had to be player driven. Avant said something to the effect of ‘I’m a Christian, so forgiveness and redemption is something to strive for’. That’s definitely paraphrased, but on message.
      Crabs- Yeah, maybe regarding Macklin. The Mayor of Philly has been trying to pressure the Eagles to cut him. Kelly wanted to keep him, though not just because of lack of depth.

      1. It would look bad on the organization and entire league if they cut him and was unemployed because he said a bad word while all liqueured up.
        This was never going to be player driven. Everyone deserves a second chance and huge applause should go out to Chip Kelly for doing the right thing. Try and work through this, use it as a means to show he can give guys a platform to rectify mistakes and move forward.

      1. Ha! According to Ryan Van Bibber from Turf Show Times Craig Dahl is almost universally reviled by Rams fans. (I can attest to that because I know a few) He struggles in coverage, misses the tackles he should make and generally looks lost on the field.

        Truth is he has no starter DNA and can contribute as an extra linebacker playing safety inside the box. Hard working role player. Nothing more.

      2. And thank you, sir, for substantiating my prophetic abilities. ; >)
        Nah, but I recall more than a few caustic comments from you earlier on that subject. When SF first signed Larry Grant from the Rams I made a few snarky quips, but he proved me wrong by being quite serviceable. Maybe we get lucky this time too. We can hope.

  3. Thursday marks the beginning of the end for Candlestick. Many memories of Mays, McCovey, Marichal , and the many Niner memories will come tumbling down at this seasons end. The Stick. Yup the Stick.

  4. Look for Candlestick memorabilia (seats, signs, benches, etc.) to be sold off to the highest bidder in a about a year.

    I haven’t heard anything regarding what (if anything) from the “Stick” is going over to the new stadium.
    I’m not sure how old the current goal-posts are, or how often they are replaced, but they could be the one remnant that could be transferred to the new park.

    Candlestick was not the best of places to see a game (especially night baseball), but it was full of many of my childhood and adult memories.
    But I can’t pull myself to say I’m sorry to her go either.
    The City of San Francisco totally dropped the ball by allowing the team to move down the road to Santa Clara.

    1. If I recall correctly souvenir pieces from the Vet (Veteran’s Stadium) sold very well after the Eagles moved to the Linc. Like Candlestick, the Vet was a concrete dump with a lot of fond memories.

      1. True that, MSCL.
        I’ll always remember seeing my first SFGiants game on TV at their new Candlestick Park when I was around 8 yrs old. At 8 yrs old, the “Stick” looked like a giant fortress. I count myself as very fortunate to have seen Willie Mays, Juan Marichal, Willie McCovey, Jim Ray Hart, Bobby (and later Barry) Bonds play.
        Great memories indeed!

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