Harbaugh says Aldon Smith will play against Colts on Sunday

Jim Harbaugh spoke in the 49ers’ media tent Friday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

Q: Can you fill us in on Aldon Smith’s status for Sunday?

HARBAUGH: The task today was to go and have a great practice. The time spent Sunday will be for us to go get a win, beat the Colts. We’ll make those decisions.

Q: Have you spoken to Aldon about the incident this morning?


Q: Are you satisfied with what he had to say?

HARBAUGH: I’m disappointed and I felt like he needs to go to work, face his teammates and soldier through it.

Q: Will the team discipline him or is that a league matter?

HARBAUGH: That’s pretty exclusive to the league. Well, it is. They have exclusive rights to the consequences on there will be consequences. There always is, good or bad. We all have consequences.

Q: Last year Demcarcus Dobbs was in a similar incident and he didn’t make the trip with you guys to St. Louis. Why react to that situation that way and leave this one up in the air?

HARBAUGH: I’m not really leaving it up in the air. There is nothing really up in the air about it. Demarcus wasn’t here when we left last year for St. Louis.

Q: If Aldon doesn’t play who is likely to fill his place?

HARBAUGH: You know the guys we have on our team. Not to leave it up in the air. I expect Aldon, like today, he’ll be back to work and playing on Sunday.

Q: How do you as a coach try to convince players like Aldon to keep their head screwed on straight?

HARBAUGH: Those things, not going to address what our policy is as it relates right now. These two things, we’ll deal with it.

Q: How did he seem at practice today? Did he seem focused?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, he seemed like he had his wits about him.

Q: Just to be clear, did you say he would play on Sunday?

HARBAUGH: I anticipate that, yes.

Q: Is there anyone in the organization you advise to talk to players when they’re in a situation like this?

HARBAUGH: Yes, the organization does provide that. I’m not going to dissect it, exactly what the policies are and what the team has in place as it relates to his situation.

Q: You said you wanted him to get back to work. Was that his suggestion or your suggestion?

HARBAUGH: I encouraged it.

Q: Will Aldon address his teammates?

HARBAUGH: The conversations, what existed, what the details were, the specifics, we’re not publically sharing that right now.

Q: Did see if he was on his way to the facility when the incident happened?

HARBAUGH: Again and again, we’re not going into the specifics and the details.

Q: You said the league has exclusivity over this whether or not to suspend him. You’re not expecting them to hand out a suspension last-minute before the game? As far as you know he’s going to be cleared to play on Sunday and any possible suspension will come after?

HARBAUGH: I think it’s pretty clear what the policies are in the National Football League collective bargaining agreement. There is a process and we respect that.

Q: Doesn’t the team have discretion to its own discipline?

HARBAUGH: There is a process there. When it comes to suspensions and fining and discipline there is exclusivity of the league.

Q: What’s your reaction to Anthony Davis getting fined for his personal foul at the end of the Seahawks game?

HARBAUGH: Per league directions I’m not going to comment on that.

Q: Where does Eric Reid stand as far as going through the protocol?

HARBAUGH: He’s got to go through another test today. If that goes well, he’ll be cleared tomorrow.

Q: The contact test?


Q: How were you contacted about this incident this morning?

HARBAUGH: I don’t think there’s anything more that’s relevant at this time that at least I feel is relevant and I don’t feel that is relevant.

Q: What is the status of Vernon Davis?

HARBAUGH: Still day-to-day.

Q: Aldon was on the injury report with a back injury this week. This the car accident aggravate it?

HARBAUGH: He practiced today.

Q: Fully?

HARBAUGH: I’ll let the trainers fill that out.

Q: Ray McDonald is back at practice. Do you anticipate he’ll be able to play?

HARBAUGH: Again, day-to-day. A game time decision there.

Q: What’s it like going up against Andrew Luck?

HARBAUGH: A big challenge. It’s the third week in a row we’ve face a top notch quarterback. Our guys know the challenge, the task at hand at that’s what the team is focusing on right now, the immediate task at hand which is have a great practice today and put ourselves in a position to win on Sunday.

Q: Would you term Vernon Davis a game time decision as well?


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  1. Harbaugh’s first real challenge to actually answer an important series of questions with class. I give him about a C-.
    How about offering a short soundbite to reinforce the importance of behavior, both to the team and as an ambassador of the team? His responses left something to be desired.

    1. What a joke….. Harbaugh doesn’t have to tell you, me, the media, the president, or anyone outside of his football team jack squat. This is a personal family matter. The 49er family is handling it like They need to handle it. You crying about them not spilling their guts, ridiculous. .

      1. I’m not crying about it. I just don’t have blind allegiance to JH as apparently you do. What would be wrong with Harbaugh showing a bit more concern about a player’s actions? Check yourself dude.

      2. No, you check yourself. Who says heisn’t concerned about his efforts and actions, but that concern is being shown behind closed doors. Nobody in this organization needs your approval on how to handle their business. Do you think harbaugh and balkee and york just said, gee your a great player we will sweep this under the rug? No, im sure all kinds of concern is coming from the top all the way down to coach. Its nothing to do with blind aligience, as you put it, its to dowith handling personal matters behind closed doors. Not on an open podium to make ppl like you happy. Now, you check yourself

  2. I can’t help but be disappointed in the team’s decision to let Aldon play this weekend. It’s a cop-out for Coach to say, ‘Let the League handle it.’ He’s your player, Coach. Your responsibility. Do the right thing. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve been embarrassed by the (in)action of our executive staff. Bad call.

    1. A. Its a cop out
      B. Its in the labor agreement.
      You should have chosen B. Under the terms of the labor agreement teams don’t have the authority to impose discipline for criminal misconduct.

      1. That’s ridiculous. Players can still be punished for putting themselves over the needs of the team. The guy was drunk at 7AM on a day he had to go to work and you don’t think the staff has the authority to reprimand him?

        Aldon has the skill and opportunity to become the greatest pass rusher of all time. He also is quickly developing a track record of acting selfishly. He needs someone on that staff to actually put his needs ahead of their own and try to help this kid.

        Again, he was drunk at 7AM on a work day. That is a very serious problem that does not need to be left to the commissioner. Bench the kid for as long as it takes, he needs help.

      2. Exactly Jack. Smith is getting preferential treatment here only because he is a starter and key cog on the defense.
        This is the second time that I have been disappointed in a move by Harbaugh.

    2. Collective bargaining agreement Auotomatic, that was changed so that the league had a say as well as the organization. They have to collaborate before any decision is made.

      1. Sure they do. If the situation is a legal matter and there are substantiating factors before a case has been closed, the individual has every right to continue his life. Therefore his employer does not have the right to suspend him until a formal case is presented before a judge. The CB protects the player in this case.

      2. Prime,

        Read the comment again. I said nothing about suspending him. The team does not have to consult league if they choose to make him inactive.

      3. The players association would have a problem with sitting a starter for the reasons I said. It’s part of any sports collective agreement.
        This isn’t as simple as a moral decision. It’s based on case law and the agreement between players and the teams that employee them.

      4. Prime
        NFLPA has zero say in who a team does or doesn’t suit up for a game. The unsuited player gets paid, so the Union has no gripe.

      5. Brotha it’s not just about money for the NFLPA. It’s based on “suspicion of DUI”. That means he has not been formerly charged. The team has to abide by the CBA and in it, cannot suspend a player surrounding a legal matter with “suspicion” as the case. He has to be found guilty of driving under the influence formerly. That means a thorough investigation needs to occur. So until that happens, why should the organization suspend him?
        It’s not like Hernanadez and murder. Completely different crimes committed.

      6. Prime,
        As long as he isn’t docked a game check at this point, there is nothing they can do about it. The Niners are fully within their right to deactivate him with pay on Sunday, like they are anybody else on the roster, for any reason. There is no grey area, they can do it.

      7. Within the CBA it will state that suspending a player without formal cause will be prohibited. You cannot deactivate or suspend someone based on suspicion. That’s what Im talking about. The NFLPA will support and go to his defense in this because he has not been formerly charged.

      8. Respectfully, I think the difference here is that suspension and deactivation are totally different. Deactivation is not about punishment. It’s about which guys on their roster they choose to fulfill the allowable active roster (46?). The team can legally send a message by not choosing him for their own reasons, and it’s not punishment in terms of the CBA.
        You are absolutely correct that a team cannot summarily suspend a player without due process.

      9. But Im confused about this sending a message? Who is the message for Aldon or the public? Without discounting the severity of drunk driving, pro football will always be about money and winning. Aldon gives the Niners a better can at winning.
        As for the public, people will still buy tickets, jerseys, and buy Sunday ticket regardless of immoral things players do.

      10. Prime,
        He wouldn’t be suspended, he would simply not be on the active game day roster, just like last weeks inactive players. They all got paid. The team can make him inactive for Sunday’s game.

        QB B.J. Daniels, WR Chris Harper, RB LaMichael James, LB Nathan Stupar, DT Tony Jerod-Eddie, G Joe Looney, WR Jon. Baldwin

        “Within the CBA it will state that suspending a player without formal cause will be prohibited.”
        -That is correct.
        “You cannot deactivate or suspend someone based on suspicion.”
        -That is incorrect, they can deactivate anybody they want for any reason they want. There is a big difference between being suspended (salary garnished) and deactivated (receives salary).

        You are smart enough to know the difference, stop digging your heels in.

      11. To Aldon and the team Prime. It also would send a message to the fans that this type of crap won’t be a part of the Niners culture.

      12. Prime,
        It’s very simple. There is the 53 man roster and 46 man active gameday roster. The inactive players still receive their full salary, travel, lodging and food benefits. They can be inactive all year and still be credited with accruing a full season. They receive 100% of their compensation and benefits. The teams have the right to suspend players for conduct detrimental to the team as well, but they cannot suspend them for infractions that already have established fines, which are listed in Article 42, section 1 of the CBA.

        “(xv) Conduct detrimental to Club—maximum fine of an amount equal to one week’s salary and/or suspension without pay for a period not to exceed four (4) weeks. This maximum applies without limitation to any deactivation of a player in response to player conduct (other than a deactivation in response to a player’s on-field playing ability), and any such deactivation, even with pay, shall be considered discipline subject to the limits set forth in this section.”

        They can suspend a player or make him inactive with pay for conduct detrimental to the team, they just can’t put him on ice all season-there is a limit That limit is clearly stated in the CBA, which I shared.

      13. Once again you are missin the point. Why deactivate him or suspend him if the law has not formerly charged him? Why has the league not suspended him?
        Because and pay attention closely, they can’t because he was not formerly charged with a crime. That’s what in the CBA.
        But the Niners can deactivate him but why should they? They need him to win games. They can discipline him if and when the league mandates it. This isn’t moral/send a message time. It’s the NFL where winning is all that matters.

      14. Prime,
        Actually, it would be good to take a moral stance considering the team preaches character and “being above reproach.” It’s not always about winning games if you do it with criminals. His blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit and he had weed and pills in the car. My point was that they are within their rights to do so, which you acknowledged after I provided the CBA article.

      15. I’m not conding what he did,but when are decisions in pro sports made on morals and values? The team made a mistake not disciplining him the very first time, by again I don’t think you can take disciplinary a rooms on a player unless there is a formal legal charge?

        It’s not right but this was a point of contention in the CBA

      16. Stop hiding behind the damn CBA. That’s false. They could suspend him for up to 4 weeks for conduct detrimental to the team per the CBA.

        The message they are sending if Smith plays is clear. Drink and drive all you want, get drunk and beat your teammates all you want, but under no circumstances is it ok for you to rip the coach or organization for lack of playing time.

      17. Prime regardless of the CBA and moral and ethical principle, the team should have put the hammer down on him and his off field issues.
        This guy is going to get a huge contract but he is making it very difficult on himself, the team and his family if he continues on this reckless path.
        You have to fine him or sit him just to find out how much this game means to him. Now if the CBA does not allow it like you said until there is a formal charge that’s one thing. But some form of action needs to take place.

      18. Sitting him hurts the team more than him. A fine of whatever amount of money means little as he makes enough to laugh off the fine. So, unless he wakes up and turns his attitude around there is no one or nothing they can do to help him unless he helps himself.
        All I’m saying about the CBA is that the players have more rights in situations like this where legal charges are concerned.

      19. Harbaugh looks really weak in my eyes right now. This is a clear case of turning a blind eye because the player in question is perceived as too valuable to bench. This was a golden opportunity for Harbaugh to practice what he preaches and let this team know that this behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated from anyone.

        I don’t care about the CBA. A team has to have a backbone and standards it lives by. You punish this kid anyway you can and send a message to the player and the team. The only message being sent is the rules of conduct only apply to lesser players. Harbaugh has just shown that talent gives you license to act like an idiot.

      20. “All I’m saying about the CBA is that the players have more rights in situations like this where legal charges are concerned.”

        And you are wrong. Last year the Steelers suspended a player for 2 weeks after he was suspended for a DUI. They didn’t hide behind the league and say they couldn’t do anything due to the CBA.

        At some point Harbaugh and the organization should start walking their talk.

      21. Prime,
        I understand what your saying about teams choosing not to suspend the player, I’m not preaching here, but Harbaugh was, so he should man up. I understand the hypocrisy of the league, and I’m not disputing that. I’m just stating that teams are able to take action, and I backed up my statement.

  3. I guess there are no morals when you lose to your hated counterpart (Pete the cheat). I love Harbs but this is getting creepy…WWBWD?
    Are we becoming more like the villain Raiders of the 70′s? If a player uses poor judgement or breaks the law, just look the other way. Is it win at all costs and encourage cheating now?

    1. Crab,
      It seems like he is becoming Darrell Russell, which is sad. True story: My buddy and I went to a party at his home in Blackhawk when he first entered the league. There were people smoking, drinking and doing ecstasy, it was crazy. I vividly remember Russell bragging about how he had just purchased the Playstation 2, and every game and accessory for it-even though he only played Madden. He had this stack of unopened game cases and other stuff. He thought it was really impressive to have all of this just because he could, not because he really wanted it. Seven failed drug tests and a (eventually dropped by prosecutors) charge of videotaping the raping of a drugged woman later, he was out of the league. He died in a car crash in 2005. He was such a talented player, but he could not escape his demons. The NFL doesn’t really want to help these guys, it just wants to fill its coffers while the players have the ability to do so. If somebody doesn’t step in to help Aldon, he could suffer the same fate. It’s very sad.

      1. Just shows we are all human some more talented then others I also have had experiences with people that I thought they had it all but their actions were disappointing if not self destructive. Thanks biG P

  4. AS just cost himself 10s of millions of dollars with this episode. He’s clearly high risk, and now he won’t get top dollar on a contract extension.

    1. Wrong. I say this because he’s our ONLY legit pass rusher. He really has the team by the balls. He’ll get a decent extension, count on it.

    1. Hiring Singletary wouldn’t make a difference…no more than A Smith taking an ass chewing from JH is gonna change anything…Aldon Smith is an immature, rich young athlete who thinks he is somewhat invinceable…just like the rest the boneheads that find themselves in similar situations….AS needs to be called out on the carpet by Willis, Bowman and J Smith and told that he’s fu(#ing up and letting his teammates down…..his recent history of screw ups is sending a bad message to the 9er organization with regard to his commitment, professionalism and dedication to his craft….I hope he gets his act together soon, and doesn’t turn out to be a major headache and embarassment like T.O. did.

  5. Let the over reaction begin. JH did nothing wrong. All other NFL head coaches would have done the same thing. The NFL will determine when and how to punish Aldon Smith.

    1. First of all, you don’t know for certain what other NFL coaches would have done in this situation. Have you called them to inquire?
      Secondly, JH did wrong. He has just established a new set of rules for star players and for other players in the team. When Dobbs got busted last year, Harbaugh suspended him immediately. This is not Smith’s first trouble with the law…so it is not an overreaction in any way.
      Third, this is very serious stuff. Smith is lucky he didn’t hurt or hurt an innocent bystander. Moreover, he was drunk, twice the state limit, at 7 am, just an hour away from showing up to work….I don’t know about you, but it is not professional behavior to show up drunk at work.

      1. **Too many grammar mistakes to correct on my post….my apologies. I am trying to rush my comment while waiting on a red light.

      2. Read a story in a newspaper the other day that said texting while driving causes more accidents that drinking and driving. Just sayin’…

  6. JH needs to grow a set and simply say what occurred is unacceptable and from our vantage point, he sits. He is placing priority over a possible defensive advantage on Sunday when he could use this as a learning tool and example; show the team and AS this is not conduct we accept. VD sounds so professional/mature and a team leader when discussing AS’s situation. That sounds like a 49er

    1. Shameful! I can’t even imagine Bill Walsh, or George Siefert letting one of his player being active for next Sunday’s game with a track record like Aldon Smith’s.

    2. Remember,

      Vernon was a knucklehead at one time as well. He thought he was bigger than the team. It took Sing to embarrass him and send him to the locker room on national TV to wake him up. He knows where Aldon is, he was headed there as well.

      1. Agree 23….Vernon was a knucklehead in his first year or two with the 9ers..the difference is, he wasn’t an idiot, as is Aldon Smith…VD didn’t put the health and well being of others at risk with deplorable behavior like AS is…… nor did he ever risk suspension from the NFL for his selfish actions, which would have hurt his team…

  7. Why would they suspend him? The league is going to anyways. What they should do is put him on some kind of probation or curfew for the rest of the season. MAKE him see a counselor. He’s obviously not right upstairs. It’s just like high school kids….. If you’re the best at your position, you get treated differently. Nothing’s changed.

  8. He put lives (including his own) at risk when he got behind the wheel that morning. By this not being his first incident, Smith is showing a bad pattern here. I love the niners and want to see them put their best out there every game, but Aldon needs to ride the pine for at least this game. He also needs to get his head out of his ass before something happens that causes someone to lose his/her life.

  9. From PFT: “Police say Smith’s blood-alcohol level was .15, according to the San Jose Mercury News. That’s nearly twice the legal limit. One would think someone with a person who was that drunk at that time of day would struggle to practice later in the day, but Smith did hit the practice field after making bail, and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said Smith “seemed like he had his wits about him.”


  10. You tell me what job you can drive to work drunk, get in an accident, have possession of marijuana an still get to work for the day with no punishment. 49ers could withstand one game without Aldon, they are a defense of depth. The integrity of the franchise is more than one player. And three different infractions on less than two years is what we call in the law business a pattern of bad behavior. Very disappointed in 49er supervising staff. Aldon would be better off with Belichick as a coach.

    1. You need to get off your high horse and stop this “integrity of the franchise” nonsense. There is no integrity in how the NFL does business. So check your expectations of you’ll get disappointed.

      1. I, for one, am BIG disappointed.

        Drunk driving is a really serious issue.
        Much more than winning a football game (which I feel the 49ers would still be able to do without Aldon).

        It troubles me a lot that they suspended Brandon Jacobs for 3 games last year for his twitter remarks and will just defer to the league this time.

      2. Allan
        Good comment. I actually would rather the Team lose this game with Aldon sitting on the sidelines in sweatsuit. Then as the team gets ready for the next game, Aldon has to look them all in the eye.
        On tv I saw brief interviews with teammates. Predictably, they supported him. As I watched Justin be supportive, I couldn’t help thinking that Justin probably gave Aldon a Nuggee and called him a Knucklehead. There’s Dumbass, and then there’s Hurt Your Teammates With Yur Dumbass Stunts. Lilo.

    2. Niner let me get this straight. You say A.Smith would be better with Bill Bellicheat as his coach. Because Bellicheat is such a man of honor?

  11. At the risk of Nick telling me to get off my high horse, if Smith is allowed to dress it will be the low point for the franchise in my eyes and be quite a disappointment. That disappointment would be with everyone with a say in the organization, starting with the man ultimately in charge, Jed York.

    At some point winning a football game should be looked at as less important than the safety of society and the player involved.

    1. I think he should be suspended as well. However, most of the league would handle the situation the same way. They’d wait for the league to impose the suspension.

    2. Since nothing meaningful actually comes from him sitting out I’d rather have the sacks then the pointless gesture.

    3. What country are we living in??? I hope not one where my rights to go to work, and try to make a living are taken away because i was CHARGED with a crime. Not proven guilty, but only CHARGED! Anyone who disagrees is an idiot and should go live in 3rd world country!! Are you a Communist?
      If Pac-man Jones can have people shot, attempted murder, and still play in this league, how dare anyone get on Aldon’s case. Maybe most of you have been perfect angels your whole lives, good for you, there wont be much time spent debating your fate at the gates of heaven. In the world and country i live in, this is common behavior.
      Young people make mistakes, and hopefully they learn from them. Let the judicial system play out. When he pleads guilty, Goodell will suspend him. Anyone ready to crucify without a trial is an idiot…..most of you bloggers! If you were every wrongly accused of something, how would you like it if you were sentenced in the court of public opinion without every having a fair trial!!!! Thats what i thought!

      1. jshaw,

        Nobody has said the 49ers should cut him, or take away his right to work. He would still earn his full salary if he was deactivated for a week or more to get his life in order.

        Regarding how I would feel if I were sentenced in the court of public opinion before having a fair trial, how do you know that myself or any of the other commentors have not dealt with that?

        I’ve been in Harbaugh’s position before. In my first year as a varsity head coach I had to deal with suspending two starters the day of a game for violating team rules.

        I’ve also been in his position regarding helping someone who has a substance abuse problem. My older brother was an alcoholic and fortunately no one was harmed until Christmas Eve 3 years ago when he left a friends house drunk, and ended up in an accident just like Smith. Instead of sending him to work two days later, I took him to a rehab facility. Thankfully he’s been clean since.

        My feeling is that the 49ers are enablers to a very talented young man who has an addiction. Harbaugh repeatedly talks about the 49ers family, and it is time that they act like one and get Smith the help that he needs. It should have happened after the first couple of offenses, and I can only hope that they are taking these steps now.

      2. Jack, well said. The key is family. Aldon has a father ( not sure about brothers) and maybe its time for him to come to northers California. The 49ers are a company, and winning football games is the bottom line. Im sure they want to help Aldon….in between shifts!!! We have 16-19 shifts a year, that leaves about 341 other days in the year to get Aldon some help.
        I could be wrong, but it seems as if Aldon woke up early from a night of heavy drinking and was still drunk on his way to work. If so, he was not out partying and driving around like the first DUI in florida. He is trying to learn. Probably shocked that he was still so drunk the next morning. The kid is 24, thousands of miles away from home, with people pulling him in all the wrong directions. I hope he learns. But i have not seen anything that tails me he is a bad person. And i dont see any reason to deprive him of his rights or crucify the niners for running a business. In high school football, you are dealing with kids, and football is a privilege, so i condone not letting them play. Aldon is an adult with a job to do. If i had issues and my work was going to get me treatment, im sure it would be before or after my shift, not during. Business is business.

      3. Well, I live in Brazil.

        Maybe I’m an idiot as you say, but I’m sure I’m better educated than people who call other people idiot simply for disagreeing with them.

        And I hope you never lose any relatives, specially children, because of a drunk driver.

        Because maybe if something like that happens you would feel that winning football games and the rights to go to work are not so important as you thought.

  12. Mister Harbaw is desperate for a chance to avenge his terrible loss in last year’s Super Bowl. Against his own brother. That being said, he is desperate for a win against the Colts. And he is not willing to risk anything which he thinks might prevent him from gaining satisfaction in this regard.
    Even his own conscience, or that of the Niner fans.

    Someone should read him the story of Faust written by Goerthe…
    the character of Mephistopheles and the bargain with the devil.

    At this point, neither Stanford University nor the University of San Diego are sorry that Coach Harbaw is no longer on their payroll.

    1. “At this point, neither Stanford University nor the University of San Diego are sorry that Coach Harbaw is no longer on their payroll.”

      Tax paying Americans wish you weren’t on our payroll.

  13. Not being The Wizard of Oz, I won’t pontificate on the “Should of” of the decision to let Aldon play while The Process plays out, but I do think it would’ve been ‘Best Practice’ to condemn the act but not the player. That can be simply done by quite simply doing just that: “The Forty Niners condemn drunk driving, demand accountability, and support our player and teammate.” I’m sorry, what’s wrong with that?

  14. I would’ve liked to have heard coach say that he’ll be inactive for the game on Sunday to show that this behaviour won’t be tolerated. I’ll consider myself a little naïve for thinking that the Niners would put good character ahead of winning a ball game, even though I think they could still beat the Colts without him. I guess they could always make him inactive last minute but I doubt it.

  15. Nick needs a high horse to sit on if his morals are so low. Apparently nick has never been a coach or a parent. Principles and guild lines are what brought these young men to their success and as soon as their mentors allow them not be accountable, we can expect a continuation of their behavior. This “that’s just the way it is” attitude creates too many casualities from the innocent. This would be a very different discussion if Aldon had hit a person a not a tree. Would you still let him play then??? What exactly needs to happen before its worth punishing?

    1. Reaction this morning from one of our neighbors on Nextdoor.com:

      “At 7:30 am this morning, there were 6 police cars and a black truck parked in front of a house on Bentley Ridge Dr. Police Officers were standing in front of a house with a young African American male in hand cuffs. The black truck looked like the one neighbors spotted in the security videos before. Anyone with info whether this was an attempted burglary and/ or something else?”

  16. Baalke and company may need to pull a jerry jones move and give this guy the dez treatment. A security team to escort him. And a curfew. Seems to have worked for him.

  17. I’ll never understand how players go out clubbing and drink days before practice or games. In my four years of high school and three years of college I think I have practiced hungover twice. And they were damn near the worst days of my life. And I damn sure would not be doing it if it were my job. I think what aldon fails to realize is this is his job and that all his teammates, coaches, and fans are counting on him. Does a pilot drink the day of a flight? No. Does a surgeon drink before surgery? No. Time for him to grow up and straighten his life up. Millions of people would kill to be blessed with the talent he has. Cherish and embrace it. Don’t blow it.

    1. You do know that there are pilots and doctors who are alcoholics? And yes they do operate and fly planes while they are drunk or hung over. Try googling “alcoholic doctors” you’ll find lists, stories, and even an article from a British news site that says a recent study showed 1 in 6 doctors is addicted to drugs or alcohol. You’ll find the same with pilots. I’m really surprised by the apparent lack of understanding of substance abuse on this blog.

      1. Well I do know that there are exceptions in every profession. And with that there will be addicts. But all of which need to suffer the consequences of their actions.

  18. On a brighter note, at least we know it isn’t that Harbaugh isn’t teaching these guys what to prep for for game day. Instead, it’s that they are drunk at practice when he’s teaching them. I’m relieved to know the problem isn’t Harbaugh

  19. A lot of people on this blog have talked about how harbaugh should have suspended Aldon like they did Dobbs last year. But Maiocco brought up a valid argument to why he did not suspend Aldon. If the Niners were to suspend Aldon for this game they would still have to pay him his game salary of 100k, compared to Dobbs 27k. Plus the fact of why suspend him now when the league will be suspending him anyway.

    1. MidWestNiner,
      Nice piece by Tim. Harbaugh is certainly acquainted with the personal strains that come with a DUI.
      But having said that, I don’t believe that he has made a hard core commitment to ensure that his team is “above reproach.”

      The incident with Ahmad Brooks was a sad indictment that the 49ers do not take their “above reproach” culture seriously.

      How, and to what degree the league issues disciplinary action after a full investigation has been determined is one thing. Allowing Smith to play this Sunday becomes a ‘black-eye’ to the 49ers/Harbaugh regime and that is on them.
      A clear and loud message is being sent here; Winning is valued much more the ethics! By playing Smith on Sunday, the 49ers/Harbaugh essentially put their “above reproach” culture to bed.

      I also believe that a very important issue is being somewhat overlooked here.
      Aldon Smith clearly has personal issues that are not being addressed by the team.

      If I were a betting man, I would put my money in saying that A.Smith has likely been driving with a buzz on more than a few occasions. Had he not had an accident Smith would have driven to work under the influence to no ones knowledge but his own.

      Aldon is still young enough to conquer any issues and have a brilliant career, but he needs the Org/CBA assistance to get back on track.
      The worse thing that can come out of this situation is that the 49ers Org does nothing.

      They have an opportunity to show Aldon how much they care for his future by giving him some tough love by setting in place some concrete measures for his success and restoration.
      It’s time for the Org to prove how “above reproach” is defined.

      1. Harbaugh is not a saint, he is a hypocrite, he wants to win and really I just can’t bear to watch this guy being interviewed, he a a very good coach but not a great one. I don’t think for a second, he is already thinking about his next contract and that he wants to win and get a 5 year, maybe $40,000 contract.

      2. Before this with Smith, I probably would have disagreed with you Neal. Now all I do is agree with you 100% and shake my head at the realization of what kind of difference a couple of days make.

      3. MidWest,

        It is not only Harbaugh that I am disappointed with, where is Trent and Jed in all of this, would of loved to been a fly on the wall, with Walsh and Eddie D, if they were faced with the same circumstances, they both wanted to win bad, but at what cost. Aldon Smith has a drug problem, he probably is alcoholic and needs to dry out and go to re-hab.

      4. Highest paid coaches in the NFL include Belichick, Andy Reid, Sean Payton, Pete Carrroll, Jeff Fisher and Mike Shanahan. I’d say Harbaugh is as equal to if not better than any of those coaches.

      5. Prime,

        Grant said there was no need to tip you. Please make sure you get the hedges as well. That should keep my on the blog for an extra week or so. Kiss much azz lately tough guy? You should try a significant other. Its
        difficult to have relations with a
        lawnmower! Try going outside. Leave the basement. Get some fresh air. The blog will be here when you return. By the way, you forgot to do my neighbors yard as well. Let’s go prime, chop chop.

  20. I can’t remember the name of the black doctor of psychology that worked for the 49ers. Anyone know his name and if he’s still an employee?

  21. Back in the 80′s PG&E underwent an internal sea change in their Human Resources approach to troubled employees. (For out-of-Sate fans, Pacific Gas & Electric supplies power to the northern 2/3 of California; a huge corporation.) Many of their employees were Nam Vets, some with issues. Rather than cast them out as Deadbeats, they viewed them as valued employees with medical/psychological/emotional problems that could be treated. Their successes lead them to expand their view beyond veterans to any employee with addiction problems, or a number of other issues. They continue to say that they get a lot of bang for their buck by helping employees return to productivity for the company and themselves rather than just having a revolving door. It turns out being able to rely on their experience in times of weather or earthquake challenges is well worth the investment.
    So helping Aldon help himself would be the elegant choice. That presumes that the man will recognize and embrace the need for change. Without that acceptance of responsibility Aldon may just be a smouldering fuse. These are grown men, they need to figure it out (yeah, you too Ahmad). That Divens/Brooks debacle should’ve been a Coaching Opportunity. Was it addressed individually? The fellas need to gather ’round the campfire and get their heads together on this stuff. Or maybe it was and a few guys were nodding off in the back of the room.

  22. Anyone who advocates punishment without due process of law is a fool and not worthy of citizenship in the United States Of America!!!!! Its that simple! We founded this Nation by the people for the people to get away from the oppression of monarchs, communist or military states as well as church governed states. These described forms of government allow for tyranny! Any person in power could go ” judge, jury and executioner” on any common man, depriving him of his right to a fair trial by his peers!!!! These are the fundamental beliefs that separate our great democracy from other forms of government!

    1. jshaw:

      Please stop with the outraged groupie rants. You don’t know what you are talking about, and your unconditional, over-the-top fanaticism is wearing thin. Please give it and us a break.

      1. CB, i could care less about a football game, Aldon is probably guilty ( im sure he is) but this country works differently, we have laws and procedures. Anyone who advocates punishment without following the procedures in place to prove guilt or innocence is a fool and is clueless as to what makes America so great!!! And taking a shot at an employer who allows an employee the right of due process……is insane! this has nothing to do with football !!!! This is about America!!!!!!!

      2. jshaw,

        Your rant is over the top. This has nothing to do with government or policies. It’s a football team that has a player who can’t get his act together. This is the latest in a long line of mistakes this kid has made and needs to learn that he can’t continue to behave this way.

        We already know he wrapped his car around a tree and was drunk. This comes on the heels of other transgressions he has been a part of. A football team is a close knit group of guys that can be fractured if the treatment of individuals is not consistent. Dobbs was deactivated last year for a similar mistake and somehow I think there are some players that see that as hypocritical behavior on the part of their HC.

        Aldon Smith cannot stay out of trouble. His team needs to hold him to the standard they have said they abide by.

      3. Rocket, i disagree. Everyone is using football as a platform to justify not allowing someone their constitutional rights. We all assume he is guilty so we want him punished now!! That is a slippery slope my friend. I cant think of one other venue this would sit well with people. Let me remind you of a couple things: DUI only became serious in the last couple decades….because people can get hurt. Our last president, MR. Bush, had DUI’s in Texas. 20-30 years ago, they were treated like tickets. But one time out of 100,000 that someone drives drunk, someone gets hurt or even worse. Im not advocating drunk driving, just trying to put into perspective in the pecking order of crimes. Josh Brent from the cowboys killed a teammate and did not get cut!!
        It took a murder charge, with an additional set of murder charges on the way for the pats to cut ties with AH.
        The double standard actually benefits extremest like yourself. If it was not for the guys who do get cut right away, the scrubs, then there would be no fear of repercussions by any of the players. At least they know that THEY could be the one that the example is made of. The fact is: this is a business, and every decision reflects that. Why should the 49ers suspend AS for an important game without being found guilty of anything?? For some moral crusade??? Thats a joke! The NFL will get this right. They will let the legal system run its course, and when guilt has been proven, then they will act accordingly with a suspension. Anything else would be a foolish overreaction! Everyone who wants a preemptive strike is overreacting. Unless Aldon is someones pastor, then i dont condone suspending him from work before he has been proven guilty.
        And anyone who thinks big businesses run around shooting themselves in the foot in order to lead a moral crusade for the sake of bible thumping extremist… is kidding themselves!

      4. Jshaw,

        You are turning this into a political issue and it’s not. It’s a case of a football team and a problem child player. If the player is exhibiting conduct detrimental to the team, then the team has to hold him accountable for the sake of the rest of the organization. You can’t let a player become bigger than the team.

        The other issue here is consistency from the organization is dealing with this type of situation. The Niners deactivated Dobbs last year for a similar offense. That shows a willingness to deal with a problem player. By not doing the same with Smith, they come off as hypocrites for not enforcing the same code of conduct for all players. I mean seriously they suspended Brandon Jacobs for a few tweets last year. Where were you with your rant then, or when it happened to Dobbs?

      5. What is the issue surrounding conduct detrimental to the team? He can still practice and play. What did he do that affects the team outside of more media attention?
        This incident happened outside of the team. The police have yet to file formal charges. To date it’s based on suspicion of DUI.

      6. Prime,

        The report has stated he was twice the legal limit to drive and parked his car against a tree in somebody’s yard. He did all this the night before a practice and was still drunk at 7am. How do you think he practiced that day?

      7. Rocket Harbaugh said he practiced and looked good. Is he lying and if he was still drunk do you think the trainers and his position coach would let him continue to practice and hurt himself? C’mon man!

      8. Yeah Prime I think he was lying, embellishing, being coy, whatever you want to describe it as, much like he does when talking about most of his players. If Aldon Smith was loaded at 7am, then he wasn’t ready for a good practice 4 hours later.

    2. Nice speech, now hop off your podium jshaw.

      No one is advocating for Aldon to be legally tried without due process. But this isn’t about the law, it is about the team and what they stand for. Aldon has consistently shown he considers himself above the team and team rules. He should be sat down as an example to all players that the team comes first.

      And before you go all “innocent until proven guilty” on me, keep in mind the 49ers have the right to collect their own evidence and can decide to sit a player for violating team rules (under “conduct detrimental to the team” in the CBA).

      1. So its about ethics and morals? So this is what aldon has done:
        left a club in Miami slightly buzzed
        got his gun after being stabbed in his own home, to make sure the uninvited guest new the party was over and didnt try to stab him again as they left.

        Got drunk, went to bed, woke up, tried going to work and realized that alcohol stays in your system an awful long time! And shame on him for having medicine that is perfect for a hangover, in his car.

        Poor kid, headed straight for the 9th level of hell!!

      2. Who is the real person behind the bella la figura? Society helped construct his identity which depends on public performance for reification. In his interactions between personal aspirations and assessment from others, it becomes part of the real person’s creation and presentation of self. To oversimplify, the real person is in the bella la figura….

      3. jshaw – what he did was get wasted a few days before a game, and blew 0.15 at 7am on his way to work. He is meant to be resting an injury, and I assure you there is no doctor on this planet that recommends getting yourself wasted as a good strategy for healing. It actually has the opposite effect on recovery. It was immature and selfish, and placed his own wants and needs above the needs of the team.

        Driving while still drunk was then reckless. He could have injured himself or someone else. Again, immature and selfish. If he had injured himself or someone else, the team would also suffer. Should the team just accept that behaviour?

    3. jshaw,
      Maybe I’m missing something here.
      Aldon ran his car into tree because his alcohol level was high enough to impair his driving judgment.
      Should the team wait until he hurts himself or someone else?

      How the league and the Santa Clara DA’ office treat this is out of the 49ers hands.
      I will respect the due process outcome when it comes down by these entities.

      My concern involves Aldon Smith the man and how the 49ers Org handles this situation.
      In no way do I advocate Smith being cut. But I do advocate that the team take some form of disciplinary action that sends a clear message throughout its ranks that this type behavior will not be tolerated.

      I have yet to hear how or whether the Org took any action regarding the A.Brooks incident. But if Org did nothing simply because all charges were dropped on the legal level, they are guilty of turning a blind eye and are dangerously setting themselves up for a major incident that will cast a dark shadow on their Org because they are being perceived by the public that the are only concerned with winning a any cost.

      If this were a first time offence, than Aldon’ clean record would give him consideration and possibly a free pass.
      But in this case, it’s not his first offence.

    4. jshaw,

      You do realize that it is not unconstitutional for a business to suspend a worker with pay following an incident with the law right? The NFL has provided teams the ability to do this as well through their, “conduct detrimental to the team” section in the CBA.

      You should check yourself before calling all of those who disagree with you idiots, fools, and unworthy of being an American citizen.

      1. A business will never do anything that will negatively affect there bottom line. Getting out in front of this is only going to please extremist and hypocrites. There is no way it helps the bottom line. They will let the law run its course and deal with the suspension when it is handed down by the NFL after a guilty verdict.

        You all sit on your couch and enjoy the luxurys of being an American, yet at the same time, you want to see men punished before a trial by their peers. You sit there and enjoy your rights, but want to see them taken away from your neighbor. Not only are you idiots, morons and unworthy of being Americans, but you also hypocrites!

      2. And now you have called everyone who disagree’s with you fools, idiots, unfit to be American’s, extremist, hypocrites, and morons.

        You keep referring to the 49ers as a business, which they are, and the 49ers as a business have a responsiblity to represent their corporate partners and civic partners as well. Winning football games is only part of their responsibility.

      3. Any business more concerned with short term profits over long term sustainability is a business doomed to failure.

        Getting out in front of this sends a clear message to staff (to keep the business line going) that breaking company rules will not be tolerated. They are there for a reason, which is to maintain discipline, health and wellbeing of all staff, as well as provide a working environment most conducive to high performance of the entire organisation.

      4. “Winning football games is only part of their responsibility”
        No Jack it’s the only thing. Everyone in the corporate world wants to be associated with a winner. Winning games masks everything when it comes to notoriety.

      5. No Jack, I said anyone who enjoys THE BENEFITS AND RIGHTS ALLOWED TO THEM BY BEING AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, BUT WANTS THOSE SAME RIGHTS TAKEN AWAY FROM THEIR NEIGHBOR! Is a hypocrite, idiot , moron etc etc. Do you disagree with that? If so then you support discrimination!
        Yes the niners are a business. And jumping the gun to discipline a guy before he has been found guilty of his crime wont please anyone who believes in America, the constitution, civil rights or the judiciary system. Only a small % of extremest who obviously dont believe in justice, only punishment. The only fans who are pissed, are the hypocritical extremist who have an axe to grind against rich young athletes. Not fans who want to win games and pay a small fortune for season tickets. We are just fine letting due process take its course.

      6. Scooter, the rules that were supposedly broken, are California’s rules. That is why its between AS and the state of California. So just for the record, we want an employer to reprimand AS, for breaking state laws before guilt has been proven. Then the state will punish him too and the NFL also,(at least the NFL will wait until after the court date, even though they are treated like the big tyrants).
        So we advocate triple punishment by anyone and everyone who wants to get in on it….all before a guilty verdict.

        You clowns are the same people that formed posse’s to hang innocent men in the wild west, thank god for the 21st century!

      7. JShaw,

        So you think most employers would just shrug off an employee running their car into a tree while drunk and showing up to work having been completely loaded a few hours earlier? Get real.

        There’s also the matter of Harbaugh and the Niners having previously punished players for similar or lesser transgressions in the case of Dobbs and Jacobs.

        It’s a double standard that can fracture a locker room and in this case Harbaugh has clearly sent the message that the team is a class system, and punishment only applies to guys at the end of the roster.

      8. And just to add, Aldon Smith also has a history of this type of behavior. I’d bet in most industries he’d be suspended immediately or terminated after the list of problems he’s had.

      9. “Winning games masks everything when it comes to notoriety.”

        You should ask the decision makers at NAPA if that’s true. They just pulled a multi million dollar endorsement contract from a team in NASCAR for pulling some interesting maneuvers at the end of a race. Corporations are very sensitive to public opinion.

      10. jshaw, the rules I care about Aldon breaking are the team rules regarding player’s code of conduct. While I don’t have a copy of the club’s code of conduct, I would be shocked if Aldon isn’t in breach of them.

        I’m not saying Aldon should be punished by the team for breaking the law’s of California. The DUI offense isn’t the issue in my opinion, and I’ve not said it was. The issue is he was drunk on his way to work, and getting wasted a few days out from a game when he was meant to be rehabilitating an injury. To make matters worse, he then drove to work when he was a danger to himself and others on the road – he could have seriously hurt himself or someone else, and either way the team would have been detrimentally impacted. That is why the 49ers should deactivate him. Not because of the DUI – let the legal system and NFL sort that out.

      11. Suspending a worker with pay for violating the law is not discrimination or unconstitutional.

        This part of your comment says it all, “Not fans who want to win games and pay a small fortune for season tickets. We are just fine letting due process take its course.”

      12. JShaw,

        Playing in the NFL is a priviledge and not a right.

        Should the 49ers decide to not play Smith on Sunday, please tell me what right the 49ers have deprived him of?

  23. Im not defending Aldon’s behavior. I am defending his right to be PUNISHED AFTER the legal system has run its course. The 49ers are a business. They have a job to do, win football games! They have no obligation to enforce a code of ethics or to try to teach young men how to be perfect in the eyes of “everyone who has never done anything wrong or stupid”. These duties belong to our parents and law enforcement. It is the job of Goodell and his henchmen to enforce penalty’s for those bringing unwanted attention to the game. Thes men are smarter than you and I, witch is why they wait until the court system of out great country has run its course. The 49ers have no obligation to punish a man prior to his day in court, in order to please all of you who have never done anything wrong. Even if you think doing so is for his own good! Suspended players will tell you, when they are at the low points of their lives, the worst thing is for them to be in exile away from their support system, the other players and coaches. Those of you that pretend yow want AS suspended for his own good, think about that.

    1. jshaw,
      I stand by my original comment; if this were a first time offence, he likely receives a free pass.
      It’s not.
      Time to take action. My personal disciplinary action would be to sit him on Sunday.
      He still gets paid and hopefully a lesson learned.

    2. Jshaw, you are absolutely right that the 49ers have no obligation to punish Aldon. No one is suggesting they are obligated to. Just that they should.

      The 49ers have to decide whether the talent of one player supersedes the team rules they have in place regarding player behaviour. Letting it slide tells not just Aldon but every player “if you are talented you can bend or break our rules with impunity”. If you want to lose a locker room there is no better way than letting talented players get away with violating team rules. Just ask the Bengals of years gone by.

      Saying they will let the NFL decide what his punishment should be (noting even Harbaugh has said publicly there probably will be punishment, which he almost never does) is a cop out. It is the 49ers way of saying they don’t want to handle it, and more importantly, they don’t want to risk being hit twice with the prospect of losing Aldon’s services (once for team imposed deactivation, once from NFL suspension). It is short sighted. As good as Aldon is, the team is better off long term taking a hard stance now.

      1. Scooter good points but not in this situation. It’s the NFL and fair or not, the better players get preferential treatment.
        It really is about the bottom line and winning, more so in SF. I mean look at the Alex Smith situation. Loses his job because of an injury and because the coach thought that CK gave them a better chance to win. There is no loyalty value system here. It’s a cruel business.

      2. Prime, you aren’t honestly comparing the Alex Smith situation with this are you?

        My point is that in the long term (and that could include this season) the 49ers are better off letting players know they have to respect and abide by the team’s rules and code of conduct. It is as simple as that. There is also the possibility it makes Aldon wake up to himself and straighten him out, also benefiting the 49ers.

        Not doing anything is all about winning the game on Sunday. Very short sighted. Taking action is all about maintaining a winning culture long term.

      3. I’m talking about values, morals, the right thing to do does not apply here. Winning at all costs matters, everything else is for the pundits to discuss.

      4. Prime, I don’t give a rats about public opinion on what is the right or the moral thing to do. I have never said that. I only care about what is right for the 49ers. Doing what is best to win this Sunday is not the right thing to do if it comes at the price of long term success and team stability.

        Showing faith in players and giving them responsibility is important to building a team. But when a player steps out of line – repeatedly – they need to be disciplined or the other players lose faith and belief in the organisation. I’ve seen it happen to too many clubs in too many sports not to be concerned by the 49ers approach to handling this situation.

      5. Your wrong scooter. You talk about losing the locker room. Suspend one of your best players due to crying from the media and hypocritical fans, without letting the matter be decide in court! That is how you lose a locker room! You think guy in that locker room are cheering for AS to be punished or suspended? Hell no! He is one of them, they are a family. These guys dont care at all what you or Grant think. All they care about is winning. Harbaugh knows this. He is doing exactly what he should do. After all the support he gives those guys and defending them against the media…you think hes gonna get scared now and offer AS up as a sacrificial lamb ’cause hes scared of the heat? It seems as if you dont know much about football or the family style atmosphere in a locker room! Guys on this team WANT AS suspended!!!??? What a joke! hahahahaha!

      6. Sure thing jshaw. The 49ers should let all their players know from now on they can do whatever they want, because the rules don’t matter. If they feel like turning up to training drunk or hung over, no biggy. Heck, why bother turning up to training at all? What say the players just rock up on Sundays at the game and see how they go, hey?

      7. Players respect a leader who sticks to what he says he believes in and doesn’t have a tiered system of discipline. Harbaugh has punished players in the past; he’s choosing to look the other way because of who the player is. If you think the players aren’t questioning Harbaugh’s judgement right now after seeing him punish others previously, then I don’t think you’ve been in a locker room.

      8. Who has JH punished??? It wasn’t Brooks. It wasn’t Crabtree who was accused of rape before the SB. Dobbs?? Wasn’t that after a conviction? I have been part of a locker room! Guys are like brothers, they dont act like bitches who play tit for tat and they dont hate on each other, hoping a guy gets suspended for mistakes he may or may not have made!

        Its as simple as this: if you want to see football, watch the game on sunday!
        If we want to see justice and moral/ethical enforcement/punishment….watch judge Judy!!!
        If you want to see people of the highest ethical and moral standards……spend sunday in church!!!!

      9. Rocket, players respect a leader who supports them, has their back, and does not sell out do to pressure by the media or a minority of “extremist”. And most importantly, who leads them to victory at all costs.

        Harbaugh is a football coach, and after Seattle, has his hands full trying to win football games. I have no problem with him letting the legal people deal with this foe now, if, after AS pleads guilty, there is still no suspension….then you guys have an argument.

      10. jshaw, it isn’t about doing what the players want. It is about doing what the players respect. Players respect management that doesn’t let them get away with breaking team rules, so long as those rules are reasonable. Not turning up to work drunk, and not driving to work under the influence, are reasonable rules.

      11. Prime Time says:

        September 21, 2013 at 4:55 pm

        I’m talking about values, morals, the right thing to do does not apply here. Winning at all costs matters, everything else is for the pundits to discuss.

        What a great lesson to teach my 3 year-old niece who I am trying to guide towards being a Niners fan.

      12. Prime,

        Rights, morals, and the ability to do the right thing? What would you know about that? You’re the guy that stalked the author of this blog when he banned you for being an azz. You need to find a new blog. By the way, my grass needs another prime time special! Get the hedges as well!

  24. For punishments, they made AS ran 1000 laps and did 10,000 push ups. Doing all this without telling any outsiders; however AS must play Sunday to make sure that 49ers can win otherwise the fans will be pissed and rant even more than Seattle’s defeat. How about that for a explanation so that we can move on and enjoy tomorrow’s game.

    1. What would they have done if he had killed or seriously injured somebody in the crash? Make him participate in a triathlon?! What a friggin’ joke!
      I don’t care if we lose the game because Smith is kept on the sideline Sunday. He shouldn’t play on Sunday.

      1. Whoa, take ‘er easy there, Pilgrim! I care about losing. Lemonier should be ok out there and a loss should not be attributed to his absence.

      2. Pay attention MW, Josh Brent from the cowboys DID kill a teammate. He didnt get cut for another 6 months.

        And another thing, it aint your f*@3ng choice so it dosent matter what you want!

      3. Josh Brent never played another down of football either.

        The good thing is nobody else was involved. I don’t think anyone has said the 49ers should cut/fire him as you said below.

      4. I don’t want our team to lose either Razor, but I despise the thought of winning at the cost of moral sense. The man should be benched on Sunday.

        There is a huge difference between the Josh Brent incident and what Aldon Smith has done Jshaw. For starters, it would have been absolutely stupid if the Cowboys had abandoned Brent after what he did. He probably wasn’t in the right state of mind and cutting him loose could have resulted in something disastrous happening to him by his own hand.
        I never once mentioned that the Niners should cut ties with Smith because of this recent incident. And I don’t care if it is my choice or not. This move is continuing a bad trend in the league and starting a new one with the 49ers franchise: that it is okay to keep getting in trouble with the law because you won’t get any form of punishment just as long as you are a star that plays a key part on the team. It makes me sick.

      1. Misdemeanors are not, correct…..Manslaughter(s) would end his career and jeopardize his life assuming he was found guilty. This should be about finding the reason for self destruction, not persecution…..

    1. I probably should have mentioned that ive been a bartender for over 11 years. This would explain my lax attitude. By your definitions, all 300-400 people i encounter tonight are alcoholics, and anyone who drives is a hardened criminal. They all have social issues and should not be afforded the same rights as all of you saints. If anyone gets pulled over, they should immediately be fired, then serve their time in jail, then be suspended from the union that represents their specific trade.
      If this were the correct process, we would have to support 50-70% of the population by the way of welfare/unemployment. Insane right? That is why we have procedures, laws and rights as citizens. Misdemeanors are not intended to ruin someones life, especially before being found guilty.

      1. Nice way to completely over-dramatise the situation. I fail to see how deactivating Aldon for a game is about to ruin his life.

        At the bar you work at, what happens if you break a company rule – say, you serve someone that is under-age? Completely aside from the legal ramifications, should management discipline you?

  25. Aside from the drunk driving issue, that has yet to be legally proved, I find unbelievable that nobody thinks it’s a problem partying and driniking all night just before the last pratice on a game week.

    Even if all you care is winning football games, don’t you think that doing that hurts the team and the 49ers should do something to prevent other players to keep doing that?

    1. It’s a valid point, but I maintain you do not want a roster filled with choir boys. Some of the greatest hall of famers were colorful to say the least. It’s good to have a couple of these guys on the team. The trick is to keep them out of the headlines in todays pc football.

    2. Some good points Allan. I dont deny AS has some issues, those issues are costing hi m millions of dollars (his value on this next contact goes down with each episode). I dont deny that he’s likely guilty and will have a price to pay to the state of California. And i dont deny that he will likely be suspended a game or two ( witch he does deserve if found guilty).
      What i dont agree with is: him being an alcoholic (maybe, maybe not)
      a bad person, deserving of being cut or ” not worth the trouble” or any of that crap.
      And i certainly dont think the 49ers or JH should overreact and suspend him for tomorrows game.
      The organization has one job to do: to win football games. They are not AS’s father, pastor or anything like that, They are his employer!
      I also do not agree that he should be punished before his guilt has been proven. He is not a boy breaking high school team rules, he is a man accused of breaking state law! When the court decides his guilt, the NFL will hand down a suspension and the 49ers will impose it! Period! Then all of you will be happy. and level headed people will be satisfied that the legal process played out and justice was done.
      If the 49ers jump the gun and ignorantly suspend him for sunday and we lose….they did not do their job as a team who’s sole purpose is to win games…and most fans will not be happy about it. Setting a moral example is not their job, to look to a football team for such is foolish. Look to the church, law enforcement and community leaders

    3. That was exactly my point Allan. Getting wasted a few days out from the game and turning up to work the next day drunk/ hung over is definitely something he or any player should be disciplined for. It shows a complete lack of respect for the club, the coaches and his fellow team mates who are busting the asses getting ready for the next game.

      By not disciplining him the club is saying it is ok to turn up to training drunk/ hung over. Fantastic, because that’s the example I want the top players of the team I support to be demonstrating to the rookies.

      jshaw, you continually argue about letting the legal system determine his guilt regarding the DUI. I agree they should let the legal system and NFL deal with the DUI. For me it is all about the fact he was obviously completely wasted the night before and was still drunk on his way to work the next day, just a few days out from a game. Aside from breaching team rules, as I said above it shows complete disrespect to everyone at the club. Do you or do you not believe that is something the club should discipline a player over?

  26. note to Razoreater (“colorful” hall of famers vs choirboys)…

    Years ago, when I met the ex-wife of an NFL superstar
    (think Green Bay Packer Super Bowl hero…),
    just observing her as the single parent of their beautiful children…
    growing up in another state, on the opposite coast…

    Let’s put it this way; the man’s carousing cost him… dearly.
    In terms of the nuclear family and key emotional rewards,
    how many hundreds (thousands?) of children grow up with
    the Aldon Smith equivalent of an athlete for a father….??
    Too many.

  27. As much as I disagree with jshaw’ premise, it seems apparent that the Org agrees with his take because A.Smith will play this Sunday.

    But my almost lifelong love affair with my favorite team will take big hit. As much as I love winning, call me an old fashion purist, but I still value ethics in the work place as a highly integral part to building a foundation for success and respect for the brand.

    Mr. Smith violated this ethic and besmirched the 49er brand and playing him on Sunday validates his misdeed. My view of the 49er Org is now blemished because of their refusal to take action.

    1. Not just AES, but anybody who feels betrayed, sad or pissed at the organization for this incident, was seriously fooled to begin with.

      Holding any large company or corporation in high regard is only setting yourself up for disappointment. This is America, we pride ourselves for doing it whatever way we damn well please.

      That being said it doesn’t take away the fact the driving drunk is never OK, but I’d be willing to bet 80+% of us have driven more than once when we shouldn’t have.

      1. Further clarification. Even though some say it isn’t a political issue, but being a capitalistic country, big money is always protected and in many instances over morality. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who read between the lines well. Don’t be fooled, winning=money. It’s a HUGE problem in the NCAA.

  28. Razor,
    Dinosaurs like Max McGee, Kenny (Snake) Stabler, and on the baseball field, Mickey Mantle were known for playing with their buzz-on, but professional sports unions and league commissioner offices have established rules and standards to protect their product as well as its players from blemishing its brand.

    Aldon will play today per league rules. The league has precedent on the Aldon situation at the moment and the 49er will need to standby until the NFL offices, and the SC DA’ office hand down their verdict.

    Now there are initial reports that Aldon will enter a rehab program tomorrow. If this report is true, then I applaud the league/49ers for taking the proper position in this matter.

    1. Yes, this is the proper course. Everything else is mute until he gets the help he needs to discover what is that’s causing this self destructive behavior.

  29. I agree with Midwest niner. You cheapen the image of a football team if you have players that don’t have the moral high ground. Take him out for this game today.

  30. The only question now becomes, will the league suspension (if there is one) run concurrent with his rehab time.

    If the league waits until the SC DA’ office final report to hand down their decision, Smith may be out for awhile if in fact he begins rehab tomorrow.

      1. Perhaps the 49ers saw Aldon Smith’ unraveling from his previous mis-steps hence the drafting of Lemonier and Tank C.

        If Aldon does enter a rehab tomorrow one thing is certain, his issues have exceeded a 12 step program.
        And hopefully this is a life/career changing experience.

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