Harbaugh says Ginn is “coming along very well,” and more

Here’s what Jim Harbaugh said today at his Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.

Have you guys made a decision yet (on who will fill the open roster spot)?

“No, we haven’t made an announcement yet. We won’t until tomorrow, most likely.”

What’s the purpose of waiting until Saturday for that move?

“Until we know exactly how we want to do it. [WR] Ted [Ginn] had a good workout today. We didn’t practice him. Held him out. But, he’s coming along very well, so we’ll see how he responds to that. See how he looks tomorrow. That is the purpose.”

What about WR Kyle Williams? What’s his status?

“Coming along. He’s progressing well. We’ll see about that.”

Was he cleared to do anything this week? Walk through or anything?

“He’s on his progression.”

Does anybody during the week do punt returns or kick returns besides those two guys? Not this week, but in previous weeks?

“Yes. There are other guys that do that.”

You have a steady rotation of guys?


Two guys is a lot…

“We’ve got other guys doing it, too.”

Is that a concern at all for you on Sunday; how that’s going to be handled?

“It will be next guy up. Everything is a concern, though.”

Will you divulge who the next guy up is?

“It would be [S] Reggie Smith.”

Would RB Kendall Hunter be on kickoffs?

“Kendall would be one of the guys, yes. [CB] Chris Culliver would be another.”

When did you first know about WR Joe Hastings? When did he get on your radar? Was that training camp? What were your initial impressions of him and what you saw?

“First initial impressions when I first met him, was when we signed college free agents, which was the day they reported for training camp. He’s done a nice job. Worked very hard. He competes. Willing, smart.”

How does a guy that comes in with a bunch of other undrafted guys, how does a guy distinguish himself in training camp above the others?

“It’s competing. Somebody wins, somebody loses. Somebody sticks out more than somebody else. Somebody studies a little harder than the other guy. That’s how.”

You’ve been so outstanding at protecting the football this year. Is there a certain methodology that goes into that beyond just telling guys to be more cognizant of holding onto the football?

“Yes, there are other things that go into it other than, ‘Hey guys, let’s just take care of the ball today.’”

What are some of those things?

“I think it’s the pride that the players have in protecting the football. Understanding situational football. I think it could just be emphasizing your scheme.”

Does it go to concept and scheme a lot? Putting your team in a position for your team not to commit turnovers? I don’t want to say low risk or anything. Look at the Eagles, that great offense and 36 turnovers. They’re in a position that they throw the ball around the yard a little bit more.

“Yeah, I think there is scheme, there’s philosophy that goes in there.”

Do you expect to have LB Patrick Willis available to you on Sunday?

“We’ll see.”

If he’s ready to go, there’s no holding him back.

“Right, if he’s ready to go.”

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