Harbaugh says he “believes” Patrick Willis will start Week 1 against the Packers

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh spoke in the media tent Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said, courtesy of the 49ers.


Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio was telling me that you guys decided on S Eric Reid as the starting safety. What has he shown you to earn that role heading into the regular season?

“Just everything we talked about, he’s been good. He’s shown that he’s picked up the system fast and played well in games. It’s been a nice progression, nice process for him.”


How quickly did the LB Parys Haralson trade come about? Was it a couple days or did it happen real fast?

“Over a few days.”


Did he request to be traded or was there any conversation that way with him?

“You can talk to Parys about those details if you’d like. I mean, I’m not going to get into people’s personal business.”


Did he want to be a starter? I thought that would be a reasonable thing for him to want.

“Again, I’m not going to speak for somebody else. But, he’s a great guy, one of a kind guy. I love Parys, all his service that he gave to the San Francisco 49ers. I think that you can surmise by it that it’s a win-win. That’s how we look at it. That’s how Parys is looking at it. Positive thing for both Parys and our team.”


Did the play and performance of LB Corey Lemonier during the preseason camp kind of, I guess, make that trade possible? What I’m getting at is, he seems to be like, he could be a pretty good football player. Did it make it easier to part with Parys Haralson because of the way Corey’s played?

“Independent of anything, Corey Lemonier has been a ascending, improving player. I’ve been very pleased with the way he’s performed in ballgames and in practice and he’s doing a fine job.”


How much does money have a factor into any of these decisions?

“Were you and Cam kind of writing each other notes there and figuring out the question to ask?”


It’s very hard to control me Jim, I kind of ask my own questions.

“You looked like you were kind of conferring. Again, blanket-statement, we don’t talk about the contracts publicly.”


I’m saying generally. I’m saying does money factor into your roster decisions? How much of a factor is it?

“A percentage. I’m sure that somewhere it factors in, Tim, to decisions, yes.”


How do you assess the long snapper competition?

“Very even. Both are NFL snappers. Feel very good about both those men. It’ll come right down to the wire.”


With QB Colin Kaepernick going into his third season, how is it different for you in terms of how much you have to help him study up on the league and on your offense and on defenses? Do you not have to tutor him as much as you did during the last two years?

“He’s a contributor. He is a person that studies the game. Very impressed with how he goes about his job and he takes on a great responsibility there as the quarterback to study the opponent, to study their personnel, to study the ready list, to study the game plan, contribute to the game plan, make suggestions. He’s a very inquisitive guy that wants to know all the details. So, I think what your question is, do you have to coach him more or coach him less? He demands being coached more. That’s the kind of person-player that he is.”


What did you say, there’s a ‘ready list,’ is that what you said?

“Yeah a game plan, a ready list.”


Is DL Lawrence Okoye’s injury, is that a season-ending type of thing or would you like to get him back to the practice squad at some point?

“Don’t believe that it’ll be a season-ending injury. I don’t think he’s going to be injured the entire season, but at this point when you get injured at this point, for all intents and purposes it is for the season.”


Is he somebody, when he gets healthy, that you’d consider bringing him to the practice squad or do you think he’ll –?

“Yeah, yeah. You’re getting into the kind of the rules of the situation. At some point he’ll be waived/injured, but we will have his rights when he’s healthy and we can sign him back.”


That would be for next season?

“We’ll have his rights this season.”


So he can go on IR or PUP?

“Yeah, he wouldn’t go on either of those right now. There’ll be a release. You’ll get a statement. You’ll get a release, exactly what his status is at the appropriate time.”


But you’ve seen enough from May to now to be assured that he’s on a good trajectory for learning the game? You’ve been encouraged with what you’ve seen from him?

“Yes, definitely. Definitely encouraged. And feels fortunate it wasn’t an ACL. He’s got an injury and we’ll have a statement that will be exact and that the doctors can comment on. And we’ll have that for you.”


You got doctor quotes?

“No, not Dr. Harbaugh.”


But another doctor will provide quotes on the details of –?

“Yes, a board certified, expert, medical doctor. Learned doctor.”


About his right knee?



This team’s made some moves to extend players long-term, to keep them over the long haul. Have there been any talks with you, to extend you out beyond your contract?

“Again, put me in the category of, we don’t discuss the contracts.”



“Yeah, put me in the same category as the players. This is a policy of –. It doesn’t seem to ever do any good to talk about contracts publicly.”


Do you want to be here?

“Again, my experience has shown me, that it’s never good to talk about contracts publically. Doesn’t serve any positive purpose.”


Do you want to be with the 49ers longer than five years?

“Again, there is no positive result that comes out of talking about contracts.”


The wide receiver situation, on Thursday, will you play maybe WR Austin Collie –?

“If you think you got a story there feel free to run with it, Tim.”


I asked you when you were at Stanford the same stuff?

“Yeah, yeah.”


This wide receiver situation on Thursday, do you kind of split the reps up differently? Do you have a plan on how you’d like to see which players? Will we see more Austin Collie or more WR Lavelle Hawkins earlier, or do you think you can share?

“Yeah, we’ll make those decisions before the game. I don’t want to go through today, tomorrow, who’s playing, how much they’re playing, when they’re playing, how many guys are playing at each position. We’ll trot out there and play Thursday night against the Chargers.”


Will LB Patrick Willis start week one?

“I believe he will.”


The Vikings are still going after G Joe Looney’s hit on DT Kevin Williams and saying they thought that was a dirty play. And I just wanted to see your reaction? They said more about it today in Minnesota.

“Yeah, I’m not aware of any comments that were made.”


I can read it to you if you want, or do you want to talk about that play?



Was it a clean play? Could I just hear that from you?

“It was an unfortunate play. I don’t think it was a dirty play. Don’t think it was intentional. Don’t think there is any malice in the heart of Joe Looney.”

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  1. One of the better Q&A’s with Harbaugh. I find these hilarious. “Learned doctor.” lol! I assume he’s talking to Tim Kawakami … Grant, how come he never singles you out?

  2. 2014 draft picks:
    1. First round – own pick
    2. Second round – own pick
    3. Third round – pick from Kansas City (Alex Smith). Selection could turn into a second-round pick if the Chiefs finish 8-8 or better.
    4. Third round – pick from Tennessee. Titans moved up in second round this year to take WR Justin Hunter.
    5. Third round – own pick
    6. Fourth round – own pick
    7. Fifth round – own pick
    8. Sixth round – own pick
    9. Seventh round – own pick
    10. Seventh round – pick from Carolina (2012 Colin Jones trade)
    11. Seventh round – pick from New Orleans (Parys Haralson)*

    Not bad…..

    1. I wouldn’t brag about that last addition to the list considering what was given for it.

      To that “Not bad…” you can add keeping the financial house in order as well. The Jenkins/Baldwin trade was a move to help the future cap and on further review, the Haralson trade was a small help there for this year. If I have the numbers right the Haralson savings more than balances out the extra required this year for Baldwin.
      I bet we see more moves that have cap savings under writing them before this team is finalized.

      1. Right and that is why Baldwin will be gone after 2013. If per chance he does well enough to keep around then expect a dramatically reduced new contract.

    2. It looks pretty impressive to have all the draft pick options and several players waiting to heal to play! GO NINERS

  3. why do you continue to ask questions, naive at best, of Harbaugh that you know he won’t answer. You look stupid and the whole question period is exceptionally boring. cc

    1. I’m pretty that Grant didn’t ask all those questions CC. You’ll know, because he likes to write ME: next to HIS question.

      If you were about Grant.

  4. Coach is hilarious in these interviews! You can get more info about the 49ers by reading the back of a milk carton than you’ll get from interviewing Jim Harbaugh. I doubt he’d even concede that the team colors are Red & Gold if it were asked by a reporter during a presser.

    Reading it sounds way more contentious than actually watching it.

    1. Of these quarterbacks, which ones would be available, and fit the scheme when the 49ers would be willing to pull the trigger on one?

      1. Lynch. Mobile, accurate and a strong arm. No one is talking about him, so he might be available in the fifth round. If the 49ers get him, he wouldn’t be the first NIU player Baalke has acquired – Nathan Palmer and Jason Schepler are the other two.

      2. If he makes himself noticed though, he could go much sooner. It is becoming more rare for the top option to open the college season to still be there by seasons end and more common for an unknown to step into the limelight.

      3. So Fales is too much of a pocket passer for the new 49ers?
        Or maybe just drafted too high? Imagine that from SJSU and a little coastal spot named Monterey.

        1. How many NFL players were on that Florida State defense and how many NFL players were on that NIU offense?

          Mathews is a big kid with a cannon, but he seems like a sack waiting to happen in the NFL.

      4. Why the EFF are we talking about the Niners drafting a QB? Is this that same old Niners-draft-a-QB-then-trad- him theory? Fine theory if it is, but who gives a shat about the identity of our next pawn. It’s irrelevant.

    1. I think so. I think he’d want to ride out Kaepernick’s career at least. But he has a track record of bolting places after a few years. If he has a losing season this year or next year, you don’t know how he’d respond.

      1. Similar to Walsh with Montana.

        So far it has been all rosy. It will be interesting to see the organization responds when they face adversity for the first time.

        In regards to his jumping ship at prior stops, I chalk that up to moving up the ranks.

        1. Yeah, I’d chalk it up to that, too. Still interesting to see how he responds to being in one place for an extended period of time.

      2. The question is what type of temperament does Jed York has. DeBartolo’s temperament is one of the reasons that Walsh retired.

      3. And if he feels that the org. is partly to blame.

        From York Jr on down it seems things are headed in a pretty good direction to very good direction.

        Well maybe with the exception of those new ticket prices.

      4. Coach is still here! His whole goal in life now is to win the Super Bowl (several times) and get into the hall of fame. He’s in a great situation at the highest level, there’s no reason for him to leave. There’s no better situation!

      5. judging by The last two yrs..adversity gets no bigger than that.Jim and the team will be fine.. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger..

    2. I don’t know, but I think they may be looking at Eric Mangini as a possible successor. Baalke takes a long view. I’m not saying Mangini will stick. Who knows if he’ll be on board next year? If he leaves, they’ll probably take a look at someone else in that position.

  5. As a reporter working with Harbaugh, my first goal would have been to earn his respect by asking him the kind of questions that take research and film study.

    1. That would show some respect, wouldn’t it? Damn good thought, Razor. Of course, Harbaugh would refuse to talk “scheme”, which covers a whole lot of territory, so in the end, it might not help… Still, good thought.

  6. Always seems as though press conferences to Harbaugh are like giving birth. Let’s get this over with.

    So they look at the Haralson trade as a “win – win”. I see how NO gets a win from a proven, talented team player, I don’t see how 49ers get a win out of a 7th round pick for said.
    If what I think he eludes to is true, that Parys wanted to start and so he is okay with the trade then I don’t feel as bad about this trade. He has been a good guy on this team, earned a lot of respect over the years and deserves like in return.
    Yes ,I could never be a manager for an NFL team I am too sentimental for it.

      1. Yes, I mentioned that earlier, this more than balances the extra cash needed for Baldwin’s contract this year.
        The Jenks/Bald swap essentially shifted that financial burden to this year for the Niners. So they just covered it.
        They want to make sure they have some extra cash for any free agent signings from other teams after final cut.

    1. Same for me Bruce. Parys had sentimental value. But when the younger guy is almost as good and potentially better it’s best for the team to go with youth. Taking a 7th tells me the 49ers were going to let Parys go one way or another.

  7. I am surprised that when he was asked if he wanted to be here that Harbaugh didn’t respond with a curt NO and walk out of the press conference. I bet he wanted to though.

    1. ….experience shows me that I have to stand here and answers off the wall and rude Qs like this one.
      —-What he really wanted to say but instead used his formulaic.

  8. LOL, Inman’s and Kawakami’s blog hits in a week don’t even equal a thread’s worth on the majority of days here with Grant. Not that much better with the rest of ‘em, either.

    1. We have a solid community of 49er fanatics around here that love to share their ideas and opinions(and rag on each other a bit). Add in the fact that Grant likes to jump in the mix and you get some really nice back and forth and lots of comments.

      1. Grime
        I love football but if I had to survive on the “Will the pats be allright and do we cut or keep Tebow talk” id be heading for the zakim bridge.

        Thanks for giving me an outlet and keeping me sane, plus the diferent viewpoints and collective football knowledge of the community is very entertaining as are the spirited debates

  9. It has been brought to my attention that the 20 team format for the blog’s fantasy draft that I created will be very harsh and result in some worthless picks by the middle rounds. It has also been suggested that we break the draft into a 10 team format. I would like to know how many of those that joined my fantasy draft wish for two drafts each composed of 10 teams. I have considered doing so, but I felt that involving all of the participants in the decision was the better move. Whatever the majority decides here will be done.

    1. 20 team leagues present a unique challenge. The waiver wire is usually unsigned vets and Cromartie’s 10 kids. Picking up girl #2 during a bye week is brutal.

      Two 10 team leagues may be a better choice.

    2. Twice we did 12 team leagues and it was rough. Slim slim slim pickins. 20 teams is WAY too many. Do two brackets of ten and meld them together for playoff time.

      1. Don’t the two brackets still draft from the same pool of players though, if not how is it possible to ‘meld’ them for playoff time? Wouldn’t you have two of the same player potentially playing each other?

      2. My new job takes up so much time that I’d completely forgotten about the pick’em. I’ll get one going, thanks for the reminder.

        One suggestion although a weak one admittedly for the FFL is to simply have two leagues and two winners. I don’t mind sharing the championship with someone else ;)

        If the two winners really feel the need to continue the pee pee contest they can fight over who scored the most points during the season between the two of them vs strength of schedule blah blah blah.

      3. I agree. The overall winner will be decided by whoever has the most points at the end. Who out there wants to be a fantasy league manger and take control of the second league?

      4. The problem with that is that I would be on two fantasy leagues and thus taking up another participant’s spot. It would be better if another participant created one so that there would be two teams of 10 and not one team of 10 with another of 9.

      5. OK good point.

        I made a second league. I used the default settings which I think you used as well.

        League id: 1938178
        Pass: blogleague
        name: Quest4Six par Deux

        I will drop from the first league as well.

      6. Thanks Coffee. Anyone that wants to leave my league and join Coffee’s feel free to. We both will need 9 participants in each league.

      7. It’s like running two separate leagues. An A bracket and a B bracket. Lasts three weeks take the top four from bracket A and top four from bracket B and do single game elimination. Make sense?

  10. Harbaugh basically frames every question into some rah-rah thing for his players. If the questions don’t conform to Jim’s speaking highly of his manly men, then it gets real curt real fast. It’s kind of entertaining watching the press try to crack him open a bit.

    The only issue I have is that Harbaugh has this open disdain for the press and yet, it’s a type of marketing that is almost priceless. I mean think about how many other businesses get reporters constantly talking about about and reporting on them.

    Not many. So without the press churning out blogs and newspapers, and radio and TV about a team, the team and its sport have less of a face, presence, market share, etc..

    The press helps sell tickets and merch–indirectly of course. And as a result, are responsible to some extent for Harbaugh’s salary.

    So it’s somewhat disingenuous on Harbaugh’s side of the ledger sheet to front in an openly combative and hostile manner.

    And I like him. He’s unique. He better stay on the winning side of the ledger sheet though, because these guys will pounce when they get the chance.

    1. Wrong. winning sells tickets, period. Harbaugh has a big problem with the general stupidity and mean spiritedness of the questions thrown his way. I’m surpried he hasn’t just smacked a few of the morons in the press corps…

  11. Jewell Hampton has played really well this summer. Hate to see him go. The kid from Oregon hasn’t looked nearly as good…

    1. I think it’s evident that LaMichael needs space. For whatever reason they are not using him as a slot receiver. Time will tell if they think he’s valuable enough as a RB and/or returner to remain one of the 53.

      1. He’s an absolute LOCK to make the 53. Watch him play, don’t just look at stats. Many ex-players and current ones notice that he’s a shoestring tackle away from taking it to the house on many of his runs. The ‘threat’ of taking it to the house is a valuable one. Guys like him may have 3 runs of 2 yards or less in a row, then bust one for 15-20.

        The team is ‘showcasing’ Hampton to see what he has to offer, to the Niners and other teams. LMJ will be unleashed shortly.

  12. “malice in the heart”…?

    If he does not lead the team to a Super Bowl victory in either 2014 or 2015, then what sort of new contract offer should Coach Harbaw expect from Niner management? Looking at the past two years, we gotta ask. Gotta.

    Stanford was quite a ride, however, …. no BCS championship ring… huh?

    1. If he does not lead the team to a Super Bowl victory in either 2014 or 2015, then what sort of new contract offer should Coach Harbaw expect from Niner management?

      One that will probably irritate you obviously.

  13. 2013 GC 49ers Blog Pick’em.

    Thank you MWN for the reminder. Open to any and all with the only requirement being that you use your blog name so we can identify you, also I list the rankings each week here on the blog. I drop teams after two consecutive weeks of no picks. Last year we had a really close battle between the top 4 all the way down to the SuperBowl to decide the winner. I believe it was Ninergirl that won.


    League id: 42196
    Password: blogpick

    Good luck.

  14. From Bovada Las Vegas:


    Aldon Smith: 14 1/2 sacks – OVER


    3,700 yards in regular season – OVER
    22 1/2 passing TD’s in regular season – OVER
    12 1/2 in regular season – UNDER
    550 rushing yards in regular season – OVER
    6 total rushing TD’s in regular season – OVER

    What do you guys think?

    1. I’d take the OVER on everything but interceptions and maybe rushing yards and rushing TDs. The latter two will depend upon how many resources defenses devote to taking away Kaepernick’s runs, and I don’t have any feel for that.

  15. speaking of starting week 1…
    Can anyone explain to me the argument for Not suspending A. Brooks? I’m happy he’s not suspended so that he can help the team…, but I don’t understand why drunkenly smashing a bottle on a teammates head wouldn’t be a violation of the conduct policy or something.

    1. The charges were inadvertently filed & later dropped…sort of a no harm no foul situation that was handled in house. No need for the league to intervene.

  16. Just read Sando’s blog and he has Hawks going 12-4, while the niners are going 10-6.

    He points out Niners’ weaknesses at WR, however fails to mention any of the Hawks’ weaknesses such as suspension, injuries, etc.

    He has truly gone back to his homer ways

    1. Perhaps you should head back over to espn.com and read the NFC West blog again. Pay particular attention to Sando’s “About the team-by-team NFL predictions” entry and the byline on the Seahawks season prediction.

      1. Yeah…Sando didn’t do the Seahawks prediction…but, like everyone else, the guy that did is on Seattle’s jock…it will, however come down to these two teams for the division…and yes, I do believe Sando is a HUGE Seahawk homer…

      2. Sando wrote, “My feel is that Seattle and San Francisco will be in that 10-11 range for victories and that the healthier team will probably prevail as the division winner unless one of the other teams is better than anticipated. I’m leaning toward Seattle as the top team, but it’s a tough call — a lot tougher than the two-game gap between my prediction and Terry’s prediction might make things appear from afar.” (http://espn.go.com/blog/nfcwest/post/_/id/107851/about-the-team-by-team-nfl-predictions)

        We seem to have different ideas of what the term “huge” means. And while I will agree that Sando seems to be a bit of a Seahawks “homer” at times, Seahawks fans often accuse him of being biased toward the 49ers. When two opposing sides both claim that a particular person is on the other side, the odds are that the person in question is actually relatively neutral.

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