Harbaugh says his irregular heartbeat has been “licked”

SANTA CLARA – Wednesday at his press conference, Jim Harbaugh updated the media on the condition of his heart, which he’s had examined twice in the past week.

Q: You had a follow-up evaluation on your heart yesterday?

HARBAUGH: Yeah. Yesterday I went and saw my doctors, had an evaluation and believe we go that one licked. Feel good about that.

ME: Is that how the doctor put it?

HARBAUGH: I put it that way.

By “licked,” Harbaugh is saying his irregular heart beat should no longer be an issue. He later told reporters in the locker room that he used to drink four or five Diet Cokes a day, and now he’s drinking none. Also, he’s quit chewing tobacco. He hasn’t used the stuff in seven or eight days, apparently.

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