Harbaugh says Roman called a good game against the Rams

SANTA CLARA – This is Jim Harbaugh’s assessment of Greg Roman’s play calling on Sunday against the Rams.

Q: Did Greg Roman call a good game yesterday?

HARBAUGH: “Yes. The other play that probably gets some scrutiny is the first with two minutes to go – we throw the ball to Delanie. The flipside of that is getting both of their timeouts, running the football. There would have probably been 1:12 to 1:20 on the clock. It was a well-designed play, a play that we worked on we thought would work. Our guys have executed, our guys have called big plays before. This one in particular didn’t work.”

Q: You were pretty conservative to set up a field goal try there from 51 yards. Were you OK with 50, or was there a part of you saying you should get down the field a little bit more and make the field goal a little bit easier.

HARBAUGH: “I think that’s something we have to look at.”

Q: How do you think your coaching staff coached yesterday?

HARBAUGH: “It’s an accountability. I’m taking responsibility. We all look at the fact that we didn’t win the game, we didn’t finish the game like we were supposed to – we all look at that. We don’t lay it on anyone in particular’s doorstep. We look at it and see where we can improve.”

Do you agree with Harbaugh? Did Roman call a good game? Why or why not?

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