Harbaugh says the 49ers are “scary good.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what Jim Harbaugh said about the state of his team and the virtues of paranoia at his Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.

In last year’s meeting against the Giants, DT Justin Smith batted down that fourth-down pass. Obviously everybody knew Justin’s impact. What’s been Justin’s impact this season where we’re not seeing it on the sack totals or anything like that? What are you seeing out of Justin this year?

“The thing that we’re probably seeing with all of our guys on defense, really they’re all playing good. Everybody’s playing well, playing well together. It’s probably the second week in a row that we can say that nobody had a bad game. And they’re all playing well. So, that’s a real positive thing. Nothing’s wrong. Nothing’s wrong, except nothing’s wrong. That’s why we’ve got to keep asking those questions of ourselves.”

You said ‘nothing’s wrong except for the fact that nothing’s wrong’. Can it be unsettling when your team is playing so well, in a way?

“Yes. That can be unsettling. It’s scary good. But, scary good. The law of averages say that you’re not going to keep getting the breaks. You’re not going to stay at that spot. But, I think if you understand the concept of scary good then you have a chance. Stay on your toes. Keep your guard up. Stay paranoid. And come out here every day and do what you believe in, which is the preparation. Make this meeting the best possible meeting it could be. Make this practice the best one of the season. Each down, each series, each game. The brilliance is in the basics. If you believe in that then I think you’ve got a chance of understanding scary good.”

Paranoid, is that a good trait?

The Intel folks wrote that book. I thought that was real insightful. That was a team that was on top for 40 years. Won 40 straight Super Bowls, and that’s what they had to say about it. I think there’s something that can be learned there.”

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