Harbaugh says Wallace can “do a lot of the things a QB that can move could do in our system.”

Here’s the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.


Tell us about the addition of QB Seneca Wallace? How do you see him fitting in here over the next, whatever it is, several weeks of the exhibition season?

“I think he hit the ground running. Professional, he’s played in the league, experienced guy. So, going over a lot of things that he is familiar with, has done in other systems. So, we’ll just incorporate it into ours and I think he’ll be able to get right out there and start playing.”


What kind of feedback did you get from senior offensive consultant Eric Mangini when you were thinking about Seneca?

“Good feedback. I felt like he could do a lot of the things that a quarterback that can move could do in our system. Thought it would be something worth exploring.”


When you say ‘get right out there,’ do you mean, could he be out there for Sunday’s game?

“I think so. I think he really can yeah. Again, there’s numerous plays in our system that he’s done before. Whether in Cleveland or Seattle, so, it’s just a matter of learning how we call them, and getting familiar with the quarterback-center exchange. Timing with the receivers may not be precise and exact, but to be able to get out and play and compete, I feel that he can do that.”


With five QB’s now – -?

“And he’s been playing. He’s been playing in New Orleans all of Training Camp.”


With five quarterbacks and 55-60 snaps in a game, does that put a little bit more heat on you guys to figure out who plays, who doesn’t or if everybody plays just a little bit?

“Yeah, you split it up, you split it up five ways.”


So QB Colin Kaepernick’s still going to play? Colin will still start?

“Yes. That has not changed, nor will it.”


And all five guys could play or will play?

“Yes. I anticipate that. We’ll see how [QB] Scott [Tolzien] does today in practice after an off day. He had something that he was working through and wasn’t able to, wasn’t at full speed Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday or since the ballgame in Kansas City. We’ll see where he’s at today, and if he’s good to go and at 100 percent or close to it then we’ll split it up after Kap four ways.”


Is the plan still to have QB Colt McCoy go second?



Did the backup’s performance in the first two preseason games prompt the signing of Wallace? Did you go into this training camp thinking you might add another quarterback or did you, look at first two preseason games and say hey we might need to make a move?

“The fact that you could get an experienced quarterback like Seneca Wallace at this stage when you have seven-to-ten days ‘til there’s a final cut down to the final roster then a chance to bring him in to do more than just a workout. You get a chance to actually practice and play in a preseason game or two. So, I felt like there was no downside to doing that.”


How important is it to have at least one backup that’s had some NFL starts, experience under his belt?

“How important is it? Just like anything I think it’s preferable to have game experience at any position. That’s certainly not always the case and whoever the best player it is that gives us the best chance at winning the game as a backup quarterback, then that’s who we want on your roster. That’s who you want going in. Whether he has game experience or not.”


When you look around the league you have a bunch of defenses that have spent a lot of their offseason trying to basically stop what you guys do and what Seattle does and some of those looks. Do you feel like you guys as an offense sort of have to counteract that? Or, will you be adding wrinkles this year different from kind of what they’ve seen?

“I don’t talk about scheme, but it’s always evolving. That’s one thing that seems like a constant in football, that you must evolve. You have a plan, the opposition has a plan, those two plans meet and then you have to adjust. That’s every game. That’s every season. So, with the advent of the quarterback who can run, extremely athletic and fast, and has the ability to throw the football at a NFL-quarterback level, the NFL hasn’t seen that type of player in so much abundance as it does now. When you look at [QB] Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, [QB] Robert Griffin, [QB] Russell Wilson, and there’s others that are fitting that mold. [QB] Ryan Tannehill. And they’re big, and they’re fast, and they can throw the ball very effectively. So, there’s a new wave of quarterbacks like that. I don’t think that’s any revelation, but teams are studying how to defend these players and I think that everybody’s finding out that that’s a pretty good combination to be able to be really athletic and to be able to throw the ball as well as these guys do.”


Do you expect the practice reps will still be even among the guys, the backups that aren’t Colin Kaepernick?

“Yeah, like I said see how Scott does out there, but yeah I want to get them all in the mix as much as possible. But, Colin’s going to get his practice reps and then after that, they get divvied up.”


Are you still able to have kind of two practices going on simultaneously?

“It’s been lessened. Whenever you get this far into camp, it gets a lot harder because sometimes one position group is lower on numbers and makes it impossible to do it for the whole entire group. So, linebacker, inside-backer has been one of those positions.”


RB Frank Gore got two carries last game. Is he going to see more action or is he going to sit on the bench this game?

“We’ll have a feel for it. Pretty much the way we’ve done it is we go into the preseason games and kind of treat it the same, in terms of how much the starters play each game. So that’s a pretty good gauge. You’ve seen how we’ve done it, how we’ve managed it with Frank. Every preseason game that question gets asked, and pretty much every preseason game, you see Frank about the same involvement in the game. So I think you can predict it will be somewhat similar to what you’ve seen every other preseason game we’ve been with Frank. Maybe a carry or two.”


Have you guys decided if RB Marcus Lattimore is going to start the year on NFI?

“He’s starting the year on [NFI], where he started, and will continue to be on [NFI].”


Quick question for you about your third corner. It’s been three weeks I guess since CB Chris Culliver got injured. That third corner, is it sorting itself out? Do you have a pretty good idea as far as competition and where that stands?

“Very competitive between [CB] Tramaine Brock and [CB] Nnamdi Asomugha.”


How is LS Brian Jennings doing? Obviously he’s in a competition for the job. Do you expect just him to – -?

“It’s very, very even. [LS] Kevin McDermott and Brian Jennings are high-caliber snappers and they’ve competed and it’s been, it’s very close.”

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  1. I do not see how Kaep will have more snaps than the previous two games if all five QBs play against the Vikings.

    1. Exactly which reiterates that Harbaugh plays the media like a fiddle. It also keeps the Vikings guessing because CK should play into the third unless he is lightening it up. That leaves maybe 20 minutes between 4 guys. No chance!

      1. Says who? You? He needs to play into the 3rd quarter. He has barely broken a sweat in any of the preseason games. There is practice reps and meaningful game reps. This offense needs a stiff challenge before Green Bay and figuring who your #2 and 3 QB can wait til game 4 preseason.
        3rd game very important for tempo, play calling, centre QB exchange, clock management, all things CK needs work on.

      2. “He has barely broken a sweat in any of the preseason games.”

        Which is just what Harbaugh has wanted. 10-15 snaps is about 2 series. That’s enough.

      3. It’s not enough. For a guy who says he won’t put CK on a pedestal, don’t you think the kid needs some live action going into the season? Harbaugh is paranoid I get that but he still needs to get CK ready. You can’t wear a black jersey all camp then come week one and never been touched. Again it’s not just about the physical contact as so much leading guys in and out of the huddle, reading different defenses, audibling, making the right adjustments, clock management. All things he struggled with last year.

        People around here forget this guy has only played 10 games. Like JH said himself, people have been scheming to play against the new wave QB all offseason. The element of surprise (The Bears game) won’t happen ever again.

      4. I do, but they are doing a lot of situational stuff in practice, and I don’t think there is a D any tougher than the one he sees everyday at practice.

      5. Where your wrong is sayiing situational practice. You think Aldon Smith is trying to rip CK’s head off? You think Fangio is scheming up blitzes to confuse Kap while putting him on his back. Harbaugh does not want anyone hitting the ground so how is it the same? It’s not, it’s practice and players need to feel the real thing before it starts for real. 10-15 snaps won’t get it done or get Kap ready. You need that tape to evaluate, CK needs it for confidence and preparation.

      6. Even if he does play 15 snaps it does not make it right. Make an arguement for why he should only play that little instead of pretending you know everything around here or are inside the coaches room and that’s what the organization has decided.
        The righteousness is growing old Hammer!

      7. We are not done week 3 of preseason and you are talking SB? News flash Jack, lots of football to be played and CK has a lot of work to do before that. First thing is preparation and that starts now.
        Remember all those years Tony Dungy sat all his starters before the playoffs. What happened. Rust and being unprepared for that battle settled in. Same thing here. Playing safe is like asking for death!

      8. Yes, the team is back to that level of expectation. If Kaepernick gets hurt this is a 6-7 win team at best. I don’t care how many plays Kaep gets in games that don’t count.

      9. Ok I get playing safe but hypothetically, week one CK takes off pulls a hamstring. Gets sacked seperates a shoulder. Point is you cannot protect football players. They still need that exposure to live bullets. No one is saying play the whole game but 3 quarters gets you physically and mentally ready for what’s to come, violence week one!
        When you try to play safe it’s like playing scared, bad things happen. If Harbaughs mentality is to keep Kap safe til the regular season that’s fine but you gotta give him more than 15 snaps to get him sharp. You cannot simulate that in practice. Players on defense know not to give him that extra shot. He needs that and the Vikes will give him that over 3 Q.

      10. Prime,

        Just because something has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s the only way.

        CK looked plenty ready on his first game against the Bears last year and he didn’t play into the third quarter two weeks before.

        Besides, neither team is going to show anything, anyway. It seems to me the practice time CK is getting is far more valuable than running a vanilla offense against a vanilla defense.

      11. Ex it’s not a traditional thing but a development thing. CK needs work in a lot of areas. This will be his first full season and as we seen last year, the game aspects like clock management, getting in and out of the huddle, making adjustments at the line, these are all things a new QB needs exposure to. He has not played very much this preseason. He surely won’t play at all in the last preseason game so the arguement was that he will only 10-15 snaps tomorrow night.
        I think it’s a bad idea because getting game ready happens when you play in games, not situational practices. I don’t like the idea of playing it safe or assuming he will be ready.
        And please enough with the Bears game as measuring stick to everything CK. He played well against a team who had no idea what he was about, little time to prepare for him and classic Lovie Smith, no half time adjustments.

      12. No NFL QB starter is going to play into the third quarter, I would let Kaep have 3 or 4 series and play the other guys and hopefully we won’t see the other 4, actually take a snap during the real games, unless we are blowing someone out.

      13. Are you sure about that Neal, no NFL starter plays into the 3 quarter? Well Jake Locker is still playing and it’s the 3 Q and he is a NFL starter. Nice try rookie!

    2. prime,

      Thats why you are sitting in your basement on the computer. You know nothing about football. Kap needs not another series. He is and will be ready. You are a real gem. Still trying to get my yard mown!!

  2. Who do you think will be the top-five quarterbacks drafted next year, in order? It’s way too early for this, I know. We can revise our guesses.

    My guess:

    1. Bridgewater
    2. Fales
    3. Boyd
    4. McCarron
    5. Murray

      1. He’s very strong mechanically. Nice high release, and rarely throws the ball off his back foot which helps with accuracy.

        It was evident when he was at Palma, but they didn’t throw it much which is why he was so lightly recruited. MPC was the perfect place for him to showcase his skills. His path has been very similar to Jeff Garcia’s.

        I think he will be a 3rd-4th round guy if all goes well this year.

        1. He was outstanding against Stanford. I think he could be better than Garcia. He’s bigger than Garcia, and Garcia never completed 72 percent of his passes at SJSU.

          Which QBs will be first round guys do you think?

      2. Similar paths is all.

        1st round QB’s? Bridgewater is getting a lot of hype, Manziel if he can repeat that level of play and declares, not sure after that but I would put Murray ahead of McCarron.

      3. Murray can make all the throws, and hasn’t had the running game behind him that McCarron has. That really makes McCarron’s job easier.

        1. I agree, Murray can make all of the throws. I think McCarron can, too.

          And Murray had two good freshman running backs last year, Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall. Both averaged more than six yards per carry.

          I think you have to factor size into this discussion.

      4. Is it possible that Dennis Allen doesn’t make it through the preseason? I know it’s preseason but the Raiders are beyond awful.

        1. Very interesting argument and article. Thanks for passing that along. I can see the argument for Murray. It will be interesting to see how Fales stacks up with those two this season. He’s a wild card.

    1. Bryn Renner doesn’t get the props he probably deserves. Smart QB. He’ll probably never be an elite player, but the type of player that could be a good starting QB in the NFL for a long time.

      1. You’re right, Mariota is good and he’ll probably get picked high when he declares. He’s tall and fast, maybe faster than Kaepernick.

        Mariota throws a ton of shorts passes, though. His arm seems Matt-Barkley-esque. He can’t drive the ball down the field. I prefer Boyd at this point.

    2. I honestly don’t know where Fales will go in the draft. If he has another good year then he should be a high pick.
      But I know this. He was a star at Palma, a star at Monterey Peninsula College and taking the long route to San Jose State U he is a star there. I am guessing he will likewise take the long route to the NFL and then eventually get the opportunity to prove his star quality there as well.
      I would love it if the Niners grabbed him. But take all this with a grain of salt because I am from Monterey and an SJSU alumn. Double bias. Waiting for the triple bias when he is a niner.

  3. I agree with Hammer that CK gets between 15-20 snaps. Without a ‘firm’ #2 QB and nothing to prove for CK, why risk anything “freaky” happening.

    The next two preseason games will be used to measure the play of Tolzien, McCoy, Daniels, and Wallace. Three QB’ will make the 53 man team.
    It is becoming increasingly evident that the Org is not very impressed with either Tolz and McCoy. But honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of S.Wallace. TC has definitely been anything but boring this year.

  4. I wonder if SF will go with only 2 qbs to keep one of their other players. If that happens, the Wallace signing makes sense. The team could cut McCoy and Tolzien, keep Gray, Skuta, and Patton who are all theoretically on the bubble. Yes, I listed Patton. There are too many Vets at WR for Patton to make the squad without some wrangling.

  5. I think Harbaugh should stop praising more then he needs to. He is loosing credibility and trust. He is acting like a Manager who doesn’t like you but will always give you praises before he fires your asss.

    1. Who is he losing credibility and trust with? The media, fans or players? The only people he should care about losing the trust of is his players, and I don’t know many players that don’t like to hear their coach sticking up for them.

      1. Scooter, he praised AJ like a son. He even went as far to say he would be a great player. Then we all blink and he trades the guy? What do you think the players in the lockerroom think after that? Public praise then it’s is pack your bags. Could you trust a guy like that?

      2. Trust him for what,PT?
        Taking us to the SB? I would say YES!
        He has had 2 winning seasons so far, how many NFL teams have you taken to the SB in your 2nd year PT?

      3. Yes, because no matter what, you know he’s not gonna publicly throw you under the bus.

        Prime, why haven’t you figured out yet that the players hear exactly where they stand from the coaches behind closed doors.

      4. First off Prime, he said AJ was going to be a great WR last year. He wasn’t getting a whole lot of praise from Harbaugh this year.

        Second, I don’t think any players should have to listen to what is said in the media to find out what the coach thinks of them or other guys on the team. I am sure Harbaugh speaks to the players individually and as a team, and I dare say those conversations are a lot less guarded than his press conferences. Publicly calling out a player very rarely yields positive results. So yes, I think players would quite like the fact that Harbaugh has their backs with the media.

      5. When a coach loses a lockerroom he is done in that city. You guys telling me that he meets with the players and says “okay guys, don’t believe anything I say to the media, it’s all just junk” No way.
        He publicly praised Jenkins then trades him. So is he a liar or a a great con artist?

        Dee Phiant, coaching is all about trust. When players hear conflicting messages, it raises doubt, it creates lack of trust and you lose credibility.You have played team sports, it’s all about the brotherhood, all for one right.

      6. Film and meeting rooms: players and coaches meet and analyze what everybody did right and wrong. If you don’t know where you stand after that…

      7. When the coach loses the locker room, yep, that’s the beginning of the end. I don’t think Harbaugh defending his players to the media is going to turn the locker room against him. Quite the opposite in fact.

      8. Hammer says ” Prime,

        Relax, it will all work out. Take a deep breath. LOL.”

        Are we talking football or are you out of arguments Jack? If so, have a pee and say good night.

      9. Scooter trust is about believing someone has your back through tough times. He praised Jenkins, then shipped him off, is that trust?

      10. Based on that argument Prime, Harbaugh should refuse to allow any player he’s ever praised or defended in the media to be cut or traded, because you know, how could the players ever trust him again otherwise, right?

        So, in future, I assume you’d prefer that any player on the bubble (or worse) he should just refuse to talk about or answer questions about? Or perhaps you’d prefer he just be blunt and say things like “yeah, he’s not really putting it together” or “we’ve made a big mistake drafting him, turns out he’s not what we thought he was” or “he may as well pack their bags now, he’s not going to make the team”. I’m sure the players would respond much better to that. SMH…

      11. How are you Prime? Did i misunderstand your point or are you stating that Jim H has lost the trust of the locker room? Just clarifying your comment! To my opinion Jim H is in full control of the locker room. His philosophy is very simple, do not talk about the players and the team to the media so they can create a drama series. Keep your issues in the locker room. Therefore, when he is asked about specific players he will back them up and will not share his opinion publicly so please explain how this method is impact the players trust!!! If you worked for a company and your supervisor did not share his feedback with the outsiders would that be someone that you can not trust? Jim H, is a NFL player first and he does not like to drag anyone down publicly and if you do not fit in his system then you are gone. I respect this system and the process.

      12. Chi I don’t think he has lost the lockeroom but public praise ( which is great) then shipping a player off is confusing. Do other players start to question his sincerity? Donte Whitner for example.
        My point is these misinformation tactics grow tiresome after awhile. It’s like with Singletary and his rants and giving up too much information to the media.
        Just tell the media which are liaisons for the fans what the answers to the questions are. You don’t have to tell us that Jenkims is going to be great when its clear as day he isn’t. Then 1 week later send him packing.

        Don’t you think other players start to wonder or is the 49ers lockeroom oblivious to human emotion or judgement when it comes to job security?

      13. Prime, thanks for explaining your point of view, i get it now. Its probably more annoying for the public since Jim H does not share anything with the media! However as far as the players goes it should not impact them as long as they know were they stand in the locker room with the coach and he is up front with them. I personally do not care as long as the team keeps performing. Go Niners

      14. Prime,

        If you’re uncomfortable with JH, you an always head on over to the Chiefs blog. After all, your hero is over ther checking it down like the chump he is. I mean champ! Lol

  6. Every one is a critic. How many Superbowls and NFL championships did these guys complaining about Harbaugh’s methods win? Nothing matters until Week one.

  7. PT most players hate the media, but what they hate even more is a coach that throws them under the bus publicly. I’m sure AJ got an earful in the locker room and I don’t have to know about it.
    Vernon praised AJ, does that mean we doubt his judgement now???

    1. Yes we should question anyone who has said Jenkins is a good player because as we have seen, he is not. He didn’t do anything in SF to warrant any praise. The player and coaches when questioned are not going to be negative. My point is dont praise and predict greatness. Dance around the issue like Whitner did when asked about AJ.

      My point is more times than not, Harbaugh says one thing then does the opposite. It looks bad.

      1. Prime,
        It only looks bad to outsiders, specifically those who are unable to read between the lines.

        That was a horrible post and you are the only one on that bandwagon.

      2. So is Ann Killion and Tim Kawakami who both wrote very similar pieces around that subject.

        You’re right Grimey, what Harbaugh says to the media and to the team are very different things. I’ve been through it as both a player and a coach, and I assume you have in some capacity as well.

      3. I’m not saying he doesn’t give misinformation but Harbaugh is no different than any other NFL coach in how they deal with the media. All these writers are clutching at straws trying to criticize a coach who has turned a franchise around after a decade of futility and misery, and it’s doing them no favors with their audience. It also causes some poor simpletons to believe the coach is losing the locker room.

        I like to criticize too, but I prefer to discuss scheme(unlike Harbaugh).

  8. grant–in your piece re how aj Jenkins affected 2 niners draft you proposed an alternative where niners could have taken qb tyler Wilson…why would that be a good thing for the niners…hasn’t Wilson been passed on raiders depth chart by undrafted f/a matt mcgloin for niners 3rd qb

      1. Alan Smith reminds me of Bryant Young who I also believe should make or already be in the hall of fame but you don’t hear a lot of buzz around his hall of fame chances


    Just a thought, but when you think of what this year means to the HOF credentials of Frank Gore, Anquan Boldin, Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, and even Andy Lee… if they win it all and these guys have great seasons, they are locks for the HOF.

    I think their leadership on the field is going to carry this team all the way this year. Do you think each of these guys makes the HOF ( I realize only Ray Guy has done it as a punter)?

    1. Chicago
      As much as I admire each of those guys, I’d guess none are first ballot (Willis could get there with health and longevity) and kinda on the bubble. Lee, nah. As you say, a SB win would be huge for Frank and Q and might be a tipping point in their favor. It’s hard for a lunch pail guy like Justin to get in. That group is so selective that a guy has to do his stuff for a number of years. I think Frank deserves it, but does some writer in Minneapolis or Michigan? Even being the best in the NFL at your position for a year or two won’t always get it done.

      1. “Lunchpail” describes the mentality of Justin Smith. But he’s a dominant, game-changing player and has been for long enough that I think a SB win makes him a strong consideration for the HOF if not a lock.

        He’s not only individually dominant, but he’s a lynchpin for the performance of the entire defense, as you saw what happened after his injury.

        I think it’ll be a travesty if he doesn’t get in. To me, he’s one of the best linemen I’ve ever seen.

      2. With interior lineman like Smith (and BY) the voters will look at things like making pro bowls, all-pro teams, and DPOYs. That’s why Tez Kennedy and Sapp made it first ballot. BY was on that path but the leg injury derailed his chances. Cowboy’s 4 pro bowls and one first-team all-pro (he should have won DPOY in 2011) might not be enough to get him there.

        I don’t see Frank ending up with enough rushing yards to make the HOF. Also, with contemporaries like AP and LDT, HOF voters are going to ask themselves how many RBs from this era can they put in?

        Bouldin won’t make it – look at his contemporaries, but I’m sure he just wants more titles and doesn’t care.

        I don’t want to jinx anything injury-wise, so I won’t even type their names, but 4 other current guys have the makings of “perenial” pro-bowl/all-pro credentials to make the HOF. And that doesn’t include the guy with “questionable” fashion sense.

    1. Thanks jack hammer, I enjoy your logic and your experiences in the game of football come through. What is your best guess on how effective Baldwin will be?

      1. Thanks Rebel, I am excited to see Baldwin work with Kaepernick. With his size he should contribute to the run game with his blocking, and if he can add 20-25 catches it’s a win.

  10. On ESPN, Harbaugh to McCoy in practice: “Too easy of a throw to miss.”

    Harbaugh to Tolzien: “You over-analyze things.”

      1. Grant,

        Hundley is listed at 6ft 3in on the UCLA roster.

        Mariota is listed at 6ft 4in on the Oregon roster. However I have stood right next to Mariota and he towered over me and I am 6ft 1in. He seemed taller than what he is listed, closer to 6ft 6in. Guess we will have to wait till the combine to know for sure but I bet he measures taller than 6ft 4in when all is said and done.

        How to you know Hundleys arm is stronger? Mariota’s arm seems NFL strong to me.

        1. I didn’t mean taller. Hundley has about 25 pounds on Mariota.

          I’ve seen Hundley drive the ball down the field and I have not seen Mariota drive it down the field. But Mariota is extremely fast and accurate. He probably will get picked higher than Hundley, but I think both will be first round guys.

      2. Not picking nits Grant but their respective 2013 rosters have them only 11 pounds apart. If he declares after this season I would expect him to measure about 6″5′ and 220. If he waits a year longer I would expect him to be near 230 by then. The kid has quite a frame on him. Weight will not be an issue. Hes big.

      1. Manziel seems like he’s crashing and burning. If I were a G.M., there would be about eight quarterbacks I’d take instead of Manziel – Bridgewater, Boyd, Fales, McCarron, Murray, Mariota, Miller and Hundley.

        Derek Carr and Jordan Lynch also are intriguing.

        1. Hundley isn’t as fast as Mariota, but Hundley is bigger and has a stronger arm. Hundley is the real deal.

          Hundley ran for 83 yards against Stanford in the Pac-12 Championship game. The only QB to run for more yards against Stanford last year war Mariota. He gained 89 yards on the ground against Stanford.

          Hundley also competed 66.5 percent of his passes and has excellent ball placement and touch on short routes. He’s a big, young dual threat and he has much more talent than, say, Kevin Hogan.

      2. Maybe I’m wrong. Need to pay closer attention.

        Hogan is a good QB for what Stanford does, but he isn’t necessarily anything special. Watch out though, Chryst’s son is going to do well there in about 3 years (he has to finish high school first).

      3. Hundley is going to have a big year. I like Mariota as well. My favorite college Qbs, besides Teddy B, are out west. And they are dual threats.

      4. Miller hasn’t impressed me as much with his passing yet. Hopefully he’ll get more throwing opportunities this year. Taj Boyd is good but I’m not sold on him as an NFL QB. I’ve enjoyed watching Clemson’s offense over the last few years so maybe he’s better than I think, but it may be that he’s had a great supporting cast around him.

        How about Terrell Pryor last night. Did he win the Raiders starting job? And why are they playing McGloin instead of Wilson?

        1. Yes, Pryor probably won it last night, but he probably won’t keep it very long. I don’t think he’ll look very good in the regular season. He’s not accurate. He’ll look like Joe Webb.

          Either Dennis Allen is trying to motivate Wilson or Allen isn’t the best judge of QB talent.

      5. Wilson is certainly talented but is also rookie who may need an adjustment period. I think Pryor has the experience to have more success this year. If I’m Dennis Allen, I’m playing Pryor 16 games this year(unless he’s absolutely terrible, then I’m giving Wilson a shot). If Pryor is terrible and they go 3-13 they get a shot at Teddy B. If Pryor makes enough plays to get them to 7-9, they have a QB they can build around.

        Matt Flynn=Kevin Kolb

        1. I agree with that approach, but I highly doubt Pryor goes 7-9. He’d probably win one game by the Bye week, and then I’d bench him for Tyler Wilson. If you have something with Wilson, you don’t have to draft Bridewater. You can draft Clowney or Barr or Matthews.

      6. Dennis Allen is overmatched as a head coach.

        Who was the last defensive coordinator that was successful during their first stint as the head man?

      7. Pryor has way more arm talent than Joe Webb. He made some great throws down the field last night. He also runs like Cam Newton which will give him more of a chance at having success behind that abomination of an O-line. Tyler Wilson might get killed(or worse turn into David Carr) if you stick him back there.

      8. For Jack: Tomlin definitely, also Dungy and Smith did pretty well their first go-arounds. But I would agree in general O-coordinators are probably better as head coaches than D-coordinators.

      9. Thanks Sacto.

        Yeah, Dungy built Gruden’s Super Bowl team, that’s a good one. Tomlin is like Seifert, took over a team at the top and maintained it. Lovie Smith’s teams always underperformed with one exception.

  11. Long thread last night about Harb’s relationship with the players and to the media. I think the players understand him just fine. Last summer Boobie knew he was scrapping for his job. He said Coach just told them all, don’t worry, just work. Boobie isn’t the brightest bulb on the arcade but he listened and it worked for him last summer and might again this year. The only guys I remember who didn’t seem to get what Harbaugh is about are Taylor Mays who sulked while slipping backwards down the depth chart, and Brandon Jacobs who, well, we remember.
    Relationship to the media. Even at Stanford he was prickly with the media. I’d guess this is rooted in his experience as a player; we know how the QB position is a lightning rod for criticism. At any rate, his comments this year after trading AJ were very revealing to me. This is when he said something about the media teasing him for his 2012 remarks defending AJ and challenging critics. What I took from that is he’s saying:
    -Yeah, I said it to slap you guys down. Yeah I said he’s great.
    -Even if I didn’t mean it, I’m not sorry.
    -Don’t like it? Bring the heat on me.
    -(Implied: it’s how I roll, I’ll do it again)
    World, meet Mr Harbaugh.
    PS. The Boston media are tired as heck of BB’s non-communicative ways, but they don’t b**** about it much any more.

    1. On the practice field harbaugh gives constant feed back which grant and jack hammer were talking about viewing on espn2 but you are right on how prickly he is with everyone else, it seems he is respected and feared a little, as is p,ayers know if they do not perform their is always somebody else, like s Wallace at the Qb position.

    1. I think he was a the best QB in the draft class and a steal in the fourth round, but it would have been easier to just sign Matt Scott. Scott and Daniels would be a decent pair of backup QBs.

  12. Its looking like the 49 ers want their back up qbs to have a similar skill set as kap. Probably so they don’t have to completely alter the playbook when an injury happens. (Which makes sense). Interestingly, the fact that things changed so much when kap took over for Alex last year is partly why they went so far. It not only fit in but fully maximized their motto of holding things back and unveiling new wrinkles as the season went on.

  13. I have talked briefly on here about my up coming senior season at Sac State. Many of you had given me positive insight and feedback. Unfortunately I have a lisfranc injury. For which I had season ending surgery yesterday. This injury is no joke. Sucks a big one. Thanks to everyone on here who gave me support.

      1. If I had top tier doctors like the pros I would possibly be back by end of season. But screws were inserted yesterday and I’m told 16 week recovery. Rough news to receive a week before we play SJSU.

      1. Have to see if its an option. Not sure if I will qualify for one. The athletic trainers are doing what they can for me.

    1. Aw, man that sux. I know you’ve put a lot of hope and work into this.
      The right nutrition will aid your rehab, in case you wish to research that. Feel better. Go Hornets!

  14. Hey Grant, am I not allowed to change my screen name? Every time I try to post a comment with a different name it fails to post. Not trying to hide or confuse anyone, just wanna change.

  15. Grant,

    What’s your sense on Kilgore? Third year…guy should be able to lift mountains by now. Is he the long-term answer at Center? If so, do you believe they extend his rookie contract three years now on the cheap?

  16. Kevin Kolb just got sacked by a guy who was lying on the ground. SMH. Sucks that the only game on is Bills vs Rednecks and RGIII and EJ aren’t even playing. Instead being treated to the blockbuster matchup of Kolb vs Grossman.

      1. How dare they not fail and get dismembered?! They will rue the day!

        That’s the thing about Grossman and throwing off his back foot. It’s inconsistent. One game he’ll be good the next one he’ll throw 3 ints. Although Stephon Gilmore dropped an int thrown right to him.

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