Harbaugh says Wilson has “that feel that only so many QBs ever have had – to extend plays.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh discussed Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick Wednesday afternoon in the media tent. Here is a transcript.

Q: What sort of challenges does Russell Wilson present, and why is he playing so well?

HARBAUGH: He’s a fantastic player. A wonderful, wonderful player, competitor. Skills of arm talent, mobility, great field awareness, understands the scrambling lanes, the escape routes out of the pocket. And then, that feel that only so many quarterbacks have had that have ever played the game – to extend plays. A lot of great qualities. A lot of wonderful qualities about him.

Q: Does Kaepernick share those same improvisational skills?

HARBAUGH: I think they’re both very talented quarterbacks. Two great young quarterbacks. And they both throw really well from the pocket, too. The ability to stand in there and deliver the ball with timing and accuracy. They’re very good at that.

Q: Is he playing a lot better now that Week 7 last year?

HARBAUGH: Russell Wilson?

Q: Yes.

HARBAUGH: He’s playing phenomenal.

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