Harbaugh: “Superb year of football. Well, you can’t say superb.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is a transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s final press conference this season, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Can you give us an update on LB NaVorro Bowman? Is the timetable impacted because of the two ligament tears in his knee?

“He’s got an ACL tear. We’ll see how MCL heals in the next two to three weeks. But, that’s not known if that has to be fixed or not. The fact of fixing the ACL is what we know.”


So, you’d have to wait two or three weeks before the ACL could be repaired?

“Yeah, to see what the MCL is like.”


One more injury question, RB Frank Gore wasn’t on the field for those final five snaps, was that due to a hand/finger injury?

“Yes, his right ring finger. He broke it.”


And that’s the reason why, did he do that on–?

“He broke the right ring finger.”


At what point in the game did he do that?

“I did not know about it until after the game.”


But is that the reason why he wasn’t in the game at the end?

“Like I said, I did not know about that. No, I’m not saying that, no. That I was aware of at the time, no.”


Back on Bowman, do you expect him to be ready for the start of the regular season?

“I have no way to speculate (on that).”


What have the doctors informed you of?

“I have not been informed about that.”


Are you saying his MCL was not torn?

“It’s not known, for sure, if that has to be fixed, or if that will tack down on it’s own.”


Just to clarify, he won’t have any procedure for–?

“A couple weeks. Two, three weeks.”


G Mike Iupati doesn’t have to have surgery?

“His fracture will be casted.”


T Joe Staley was telling me yesterday he had a compound dislocation in his thumb in the first quarter and he continued playing. Were you aware of that?

“Yes, I was aware of that.”


How well did he play?

“He played well. The game itself was one of the best games I’ve ever witnessed as a coach or player because the players played their ass off. It’s a credit to the players in the game, the way they played.”


You were in the Super Bowl last year. You don’t get there this year. Do you have to say this team did not take a step forward this season?

“It was a fabulous year of football. Superb year of football. Well, you can’t say superb, but the players played superbly. I thought they were prepared superbly by our coaching staff, and it was a great year of football with a capital G.”


I have a question about the final interception. QB Colin Kaepernick said after the game that his mind was made up pre-snap where to go with the ball. Is that the right call in that situation with that play to go ahead and make that decision where you’re going to throw the ball before the ball is even snapped?

“Pre-snap decisions are made, yes, based on the route call, the matchup, coverage. That does happen on certain pass plays.”


Is that one of those plays?



So, when you look at the film and review that, was that the correct call for him to do?



Colin said point-blank that he blamed himself for that loss. Is that a quarterback just taking the mantle or is that appropriate? Should he have said that? Was he accurate?

“No. That’s not accurate. I thought Colin played his ass off. As I said, I thought all the players in the game did.”


Do you understand why he said that, do you like that, maybe that’s a little bit of leadership there? What do you characterize what he said?

“I think you characterized it pretty well. Taking the mantle.”


A lot of the players that helped get you to three straight NFC Championships are now pending free agents, S Donte Whitner, C Jonathan Goodwin as well as CB Tarell Brown. Will this be one of the more difficult or involved offseasons to figure out which core players you keep and how you bring in and do you replace them and rebuild it again?

“Today, it’s Tuesday and I’m back to work. You find other ways to compete. It’s not as enjoyable as it was a week ago. You’re not still playing. You’re not still competing on the field and getting ready for practice today and tomorrow. But, you do find other ways to compete. And, that’s definitely one of the ways. Fight to keep our players. Fight for our players to not be taken away from us. So, that will be a competitive fight.”


Obviously, you always want your players back and you’re not exactly in control of everything, but are you resigned to the fact that you might lose some guys this year that you really don’t want to lose?

“I’m resigned to the fact that I’m going to fight to keep our players and not let our players get taken away.”


How would you like to see Colin approach this offseason? Last year he was very busy, very active, very visible. Do you mind what he does in terms of off-the-field issues, not issues, but just what he does off the field?

“I thought he was A-plus in the way he trained, prepared. As coaches, as players, you could see it. It was hourly. It was daily that we were with him in the offseason and he was preparing for the season. Talking to him, that’s the plan again this year.”


You could tell he was the first guy in today.

“Yeah. You could see his car right in the parking lot.”


Did he meet with you? Did you talk with him, go over things, the game?

“We talked yesterday. It wasn’t one of those post-season meetings where everybody just calls a meeting, just because that’s always what’s been done. I didn’t need to ask the players how they felt. I know how they felt. I know how I felt. No need to pat each other on the back. But, just needed to look into their eye and tell them just how thankful that I was to be their coach and how enjoyable this season was and thank them for their efforts.”


A couple of minutes ago, you hesitated on the word superb, a superb season.

“Well, you can’t call it superb, but it was a great year of football.”


Let me ask my question, OK? Why did you hesitate on superb?

“Well, superb you’d be super, Super Bowl, win the Super Bowl. I’d classify that as superb.”


And a follow-up is, is there any such thing as a good loss?

“I don’t know that. I’ve heard people ask that question and I have not experienced a good loss. So, if there is one, I’m not aware of it.”


You don’t ever use the phrase, ‘window of opportunity,’ but we use it and how many times can a team get to certain level and not win it before the window closes? Do you presume that your window to win a championship is still wide open? Do you have many more years? One more year? Where do you think you are in that level?

“Well, back today competing for that very thing. I don’t understand windows. It’s confusing in terms of football. So, back today competing.”


Along those lines, how much do the Seahawks figure into your offseason and figuring out ways to beat the team that won the division this year?

“I think you compete at making your own team better. Find ways to continue to improve and then your opponent has a say. So, you are competing against them as well.”


Do you intend to bring all of your assistants back, most of them back? What’s the plan there?

“As you know, there are some assistants that are moving on to other jobs in their career path, and that’s something else we’ll be competing at, to make sure that we continue to have a great staff.”


Other than those, would you imagine keeping everyone else?

“We’ll see. You don’t know for sure.”


Can you say if the Browns have contacted you about anyone on your staff?

“I’ve had conversations with the Browns.”


You have?




“Regarding our coaches, yes.”


So that’s a possibility as far as that opening?

“Yeah, there are possibilities.”


Is it just one? There was a report about defensive line coach Jim Tomsula. Is he the one or are there others that the Browns have asked about?

“Again, you start talking about other people’s jobs – that’s their situation. You asked me if I’ve talked to anybody about our coaches, yes. Going into any further detail – I don’t think it helps our situation, their situation. Their search is their search.”


Has anyone for the league or the officials contacted you about the running into the kicker penalty, and would P Andy Lee have been able to punt after that play or was he injured?

“He limped off, but I think he would have been able to punt after that.”


Has anyone contacted you about that play?

“No. Nobody’s contacted me about that play.”


Why not re-punt that? It was a 38 net, moved it up five yards. Why not go ahead and punt it?

“Because he was limping off the field.”


So that did impact your decision?



After the game, you compared it to a 15-round fight, saying one or two plays really decided it. You’ve had a chance to now look back on more of it. Do you still hold that view? Is there some other area that you think maybe you could have improved as a team on that would have won that game? What are your thoughts?

“No different. As I said earlier, I thought the players that played in the game are a real credit to football the way they played.”


At the end of the game when you guys were on offense, 18-yard line, 30 seconds left, two time outs, were you comfortable? I know you don’t like that word comfortable, but did you like the rhythm you guys were in? Did you think you were pressed up against the clock at all? Should you have handled that differently or did you handle it correctly?

“We all felt that we were in position to score the touchdown there. I thought we were in good position.”


Is there something about Colin, I know your judgment of it that he’s played very well, but three turnovers in the 4th quarter, again he was harsh about himself. Is there something there that needs to be tuned up in his game? Is there something that you can say, ‘OK, there was a reason why these things happened and we will fix them going into next season?’

“I thought he played fabulous. I really did. There were things that happened both side of the ball, special teams. You could point to a lot of areas. I really feel like the players just really acquitted themselves as well as they could on both sides of the ball. Both teams.”


Your next home game’s going to be across the street over here. In this offseason, are you going to set up the locker room over there and all that stuff? Are you going to take a role in some of that or have you thought about any of that? Are you going to have some involvement in setting up that whole thing over there?

“There is going to be some strategy there, and I’ll get into it now that the season’s over.”

Will you keep the locker room here or practice out of that locker room or do you even know yet?

“We’ll make good decisions. We’ll make good decisions as an organization, together, as we’ve always strived to do.”


Do you expect to have contract extension discussions with 49ers CEO Jed York any time soon? Do you expect to have an extension by the beginning of next season?

“Well, until something further changes, which would have to be a principle in my mind that would completely change the way I think, I don’t ever talk about contracts publicly. If that principle changes, I will let you know.”


Do you expect to be the 49ers coach for many years into the future?

“When that principle changes, [San Jose Mercury News columnist] Tim, [Kawakami] I will (call you).”


You can call me.

“Yeah, well I’m sure you’ll keep asking me. I don’t have a problem with that. I guess on a professional note, a personal note, something that stood out in my mind – is just how good it’s been to work with all of you, weekly, monthly during an entire season. And, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, professionally, I want to compliment you on just the way you’ve all handled the news, and your accuracy and your professionalism in which you’ve reported it. And I know you don’t take sides or choose up sides. I know you are very eager to be neutral, but I’ve felt that you’ve done it in a very professional way. There wasn’t a time when you tried to divide the team. There was no malice in the way our media handled the season and I appreciate that. I thought it was fair. I thought it was tough at times, but fair, but not divisive. I don’t know if you take that as a compliment or not, but I felt like you were on the 49ers side as much as you could be in your positions. And I appreciate that.”


Well you know what–?

“Does that make any sense at all, [Santa Rosa Press Democrat columnist] Lowell [Cohn]?”


Except for being on 49ers side. We cover, we don’t root. But you know that.

“I understand that’s your position, but I felt the way you covered was very professional and with no malice to try to divide the team.”


Thank you, I’m sure we all appreciate that. And, I would add you’ve improved. When you first started with us, you weren’t as confident or as forthcoming, and I think one of the reasons we’ve done better is because you’ve done better.

“Well thank you. I strive to improve. Improvement leads to success, success will lead to championships.”


You did bring up professional, I did want to ask you about Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman’s actions and words on the field with WR Michael Crabtree. I guess to Colin too with the choking gesture, with the comments after the game. You know Richard, were you disappointed in that? Were you upset by anything that he did?

“I don’t know the things you’re referring to. I’ve heard some talk about it, but I don’t know those specific gestures that you’re referring to because I didn’t see them.”


Did you see the interviews?

“I did not see the interviews. No, I did not sit down and watch the interviews from the game. And whatever did take place, let those be judged how they’re judged.”


Did you make a point of avoiding that, of looking at that interview?

“No, I didn’t avoid it. I have been seeing to other areas.”


Given what Michael Crabtree showed you in the way that he could come back, do you believe NaVorro Bowman can do something similar?

“I absolutely do. I really do. He’s got healing ahead. He’s got grueling rehab ahead. That is not the way that you would have foreseen his offseason to be, after coming off of what many have talked about, and deservedly so, of a Defensive Player of the Year-type of performance. Great year by NaVorro. But facts are stubborn things. That’s what lies ahead of him. Now, knowing what’s inside of NaVorro Bowman, I have great faith in the human agency of NaVorro Bowman to continue to be great.”


Can you share some of your message to the players heading into the offseason from yesterday when you had a team meeting?

“No, not so much. Not so much. Am I regressing? (Laughter) Am I regressing, Lowell?”


What’s the plan going forward with RB Marcus Lattimore? Will he be full go when OTAs begin?

“I believe so, yes. I think this has been an outstanding year for Marcus. Tough at times, but I think great things will happen for him.”


Do you go into next year presuming that Lattimore and DT Tank Carradine, two guys you drafted pretty highly, are going to be producing for you next year or have to?

“I have great hope for that, yes. I think there’s a path there, and nobody owes anybody a career in professional football. Your career is literally your business, but I have great faith that those men have what it takes.”


How about CB Chris Culliver and also NT Ian Williams, and what strides they’ve made maybe?

“Chris was out sprinting yesterday, and Ian Williams is back walking around and well on his way to healing and rehabbing. Same thing, grueling rehab.”


I did notice at the end of the game you and Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll did exchange some words at the handshake. I’ll ask. Can you share what that was about?

“I congratulated him and his team moving on and wished them good luck. And he had some very nice things to say as well. I think everybody saw the same thing in terms of the way the game was played. Great credit to the players that played in the game and to the coaches that coached in the game. It was a great football game.”


He said before the game, and maybe you knew about it, you and the 49ers make him and the Seahawks better. Would you say the same thing works the way that you look at them?

“Yes, I would. They’re an outstanding, worthy opponent, and they do. That’s one thing about a rivalry that is a wonderful thing in football, at any level, it makes both teams aspire to be better, to be great. And they had a phenomenal year. So far they’ve done it better than anybody else has.”


Would you like to see them win the Super Bowl?

“The team that plays the best, the team that plays the hardest is the one I root for. That’ll play out a week from Sunday.”


Has the league contacted you or the 49ers about what happened on the sideline with Seahawks CB Jeremy Lane going out of bounds?

“I think there has been some contact there. [General Manager] Trent’s [Baalke] talked to them about that. I do have a perspective on that because I did see it. I was standing closer to the sideline than the person that got run into. I saw Jeremy deep into our box and I turned around. What I saw was our guy do the exact same thing. I was practically in his shoes because we both turned around and saw the same thing. And he did run into our guy and kind of stumbled down to the ground. But our guy was in a spot back where he was supposed to be. I saw it with my own two eyes. I saw the same kind of reaction. He made the same reaction that I did. So, it was bang-bang. I could be called for a witness on that because I saw it.”


In that instance is it, when the player’s behind you, is it hard to figure out whether to move?

“Yeah, you don’t know which way to go other than just hold your ground and protect yourself. Which was his reaction. It would have been mine as well. But I think I would be welcomed to be called and say the same thing on the record.”


What’s your schedule like the next couple of weeks? Are you going to the Senior Bowl, are you going to watch the Super Bowl here at home, or are you going to go to New York for any reason that week? Do you know?

“No, I plan on doing the work from here.”


Who was that on the sideline? I didn’t immediately recognize him.

“I know that. I don’t think that’s come out. I’m not going to be the one to say that right now.”


It wasn’t a player though?

“No, it was not a player.”


After ending the last three seasons with losses that are as close as can be, does it get easier each time or harder? What’s your mindset going into the offseason?

“Competitive. Find new things to be competitive with in your work, and today is no exception.”

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  1. Hey bayareafanatic, man up and criticize your boy Kap for once. I know it pains you to see your beloved play so bad in a game so big. But nooo it cant be Kaps fault, its the coaches and refs and secondary and everyone else!!!!! If Smith did what Kap did on Sunday, there would be 50 comments from you saying how terrible he is.

    None of your comments hold water. You hate fansince77 for the exact reason everyone hates you. He is exactly what you were. You two are one in the same, yet you dislike him so greatly. Now the shoe is on the other foot, how ironic.

    1. Hey! Hold on a sec! I only bring up Kaep’s issues to show what a hypocrite Bay Area is. I like Kaep because he’s the Niners QB. But I was never blind to his faults. Turns out all his faults showed up at the worst possible moment.
      I had some arguments with 23 Jordan, but when he said Kaep should use his legs, I was man enough to post something after Kaep that big run in the 2nd quarter.
      Will Bay Area ever admit that I may have a point with Kap’s limitations? I doubt it.

    2. First of all the Better Team won Sunday,

      It’s as simple as that.

      Patrick Willis said it best when he said “we all had a hand in losing this game”.

      And he’s right. All 3 Facets of the 49ers Team failed in some part of the game.

      #1 You had the ST’s give up a massive KR after the 49ers had just scored a TD which was HUGE at that particular time. Seattle went on to score on that Drive on a very short field.

      #2 The 49ers Front 7 did a very good job keeping Russell & Lynch from really doing any significant damage in the 1st half. But then came the 2nd half where Lynch scored a TD from 40 yards out, the 49ers D over-ran the play specifically Rookie Safety Eric Reid. Then there was the Fatal “Free Play” on 4th & 1 where Aldon was called for Off-sides (again?) Russell throws the TD in the End Zone. Devastating.

      #3 And this was the Biggest reason why the 49ers lost although you could put Kaep’s Turnovers right up there….

      The O-Line was horrible in Run Blocking, Gore had 14 yds. Total….TOTAL!

      And let’s make no mistake about this Aspect because the futile Running Game by the 49ers put ALL the pressure on Kaepernick thus the Picks & fumble.

      THAT’s why the 49ers lost. Not just because of #7.

      The 49ers will be back ready to go next season & I’m very proud of what they accomplished this season especially when it looked pretty bad in weeks 2-4. They encountered some bumpy roads to get where they got. Let’s not forget that, clearly Kaepernick HAS to get better Playing from the Pocket & being able to Read Coverages & throwing to his 2nd & 3rd Targets.

      I believe he will, he’s got the Work Ethic & Dedication but most importantly he’s too talented not to.

      1. I’d put the lousy run blocking by the O line right at the top. Mistakes will be made by the units at some point (or points) during the course of the game, but the O line’s run blocking was awful throughout. The Seattle run defense do what they do and shot through the gaps, but the Niners O line had no response.

      2. Folsom,
        great post. Dead on on all points. There are quite a few great character guys on this team that I love as human beings. Patrick Willis is a man. He’s accountable.
        Cosell said this morning that the poor run game was in no way Gore’s fault. He said the Offensive line played one of it’s worst games of the year in both run blocking and pass protection.

      3. Folsom,

        I agree 100%. As is usually the case many fans try to find a scapegoat and it’s usually the guy that makes the final play that sticks in their minds, but this was definitely a team loss. Breakdowns from all 3 phases played a role in it.

  2. I think most of the bile has ebbed at this point. I’m done with my angry QB blaming and general irrational thinking and am ready to get back to my calm QB blaming and general irrational thinking.

    What’s the latest pick Zach Mettenberger will make it to? ;)

      1. Even as vapid as their back up situation is I still think there is no way they draft a QB with any of their first 6 picks, which will most likely turn into 3 or 4 picks with a couple trade ups. 4th maybe but I still think the 5th round is the soonest they pull the trigger on a signal caller. Don’t you get the feeling that Harbaugh feels like he can get pretty much anyone to play well for him at QB? Whether that is true or not, if he thinks that way he wont feel it’s necessary to spend a high pick on another QB.

      2. I’m thinking no earlier than the third round as well Jack and Coffee, but that will probably depend on if the team chooses to address the backup QB position in free agency or just resign Colt McCoy.

  3. According to Adam Caplan the Browns did some background work on Jim Tomsula last week, but no interview has been scheduled.

    1. Before Nolan got shoved out the door and Singletary received his job almost by default then by merit I’d read reports that Singletary wasn’t getting hired for the HC jobs he had been interviewing for because he didn’t have a team of coaches already thought up. He was thought of as not really prepared for the interviews especially compared to coaches that were coming with with a complete plan of who to hire and what systems to run etc. Singletary simply was not on the same level of organization as his competition. Singletary was also a 9 to 5 family man and in a world of coaches sleeping at the office watching game film that doesn’t always rub owners the right way. I read that Dan Reeves left a job with the Cowboys after two days because of a stipulation that required he work a specific amount of hours.

      On the surface Jim Tomsula and Mike Singletary appear very similar. They both appear to be great motivators as well as ‘player coaches’ a term that is usually associated with successful head coaches like Jim Harbaugh. So when I see Tomsula seemingly getting passed over for HC jobs even though we recognize what an amazing position coach he is I have to wonder if maybe something similar isn’t the reason.

  4. I have to give coach kudos for being positive in his beliefs. When asked if the fade to the right corner was the correct call for that situation , he answered in the affirmative. Four tries in end of the game situations and four failures. Go figure!

  5. I got’s to know…Did Anybody ask flat out – How could you go to the same play that you called in the Super Bowl? Anybody?

    Or better spoken versions of that question.

  6. huh?
    a loss in a completely winnable game…
    an ” I personally threw it away ” game…
    one of those “failed to reach the big game” games…

    that is a superb game? Someone buy Harbaw
    a dictionary and make him shut up long enough
    to look up the word superb, why doncha…?

    Superb has nothing to do with how the Niner fans
    feel right now, okay? The man is in a trance.
    Advice to Jed York: fire him, replace him.
    Start the 2014 season with a new head coach
    in a beautiful new stadium.

  7. We need a big tall wideout that can win a jump ball in that situation..or at least swat it away..We’re gonna need a stretch the field guy..Goin into these playoff games with our sole offense being Gore at running back, Crabtree and Vernon or whomever as passing options..Just aint getting it..Three years in a row now..The offense can’t generate anything.Idk about y’all but im tired of seeing that.That’s coaching and bad situational football.Somebody needs to take over signal calling.We’re not gonna win a championship with this questionable offensive infastructure.It’s easy to defend..Easy to stop..The team lacks a killer instinct..Thats what these past three years have in common..Letting teams snatch these games away from us.It’s sickening.Why go 12 rounds with an opponent..when u can knock em out in the seventh?Why does it have to come down to Kyle williams fumbling?Why do the last four plays in the superbowl none featured Frank Gore? Why call a shot play from the 19 yard line with 28 secs and two timeouts left? Thats coaching..Fool me once..shame on you..Fool me twice..Shame on me..Third time? We deserve this..and hurts to say that..No upgrades to this offense..This is what we get..No Josh Gordon trade,Any thing that could help upgrade the passing attack..waitin on kyle to return from injury,mario from injury,crab from injury,wasting time with Aj jenkins..smh..It’s un f’n believable

    1. Geez I’m glad someone finally thinks what I think. There are a few 6’5 good deep threats in this draft. We need one. Crabtree is not physical enough to go heads up with Sherman.

    2. Deezy,

      You are absolutely correct. I campaigned hard for Josh Gordon on this blog before he went crazy on the league. The blog genius Jack Hammer said we didn’t need Gordon. Now Gordon is a pro bowler and soon to be All- pro.

      We’ve decided to waste our #1 pick on another bust of a wide receiver just like we did 2 years ago. We needed a monster wide receiver for Sherman and Peterson!

  8. Well, Kumbay-freakin’-ah Harbaugh, LOL. Was that Jim’s most cuddly Presser ever? I loved it. The interchanges with TK and LC were warm and respectful. Jim will continue to manage his message and duel with the writers to do so, but season’s over. He gave the handshake at the end of the game, and a silent acknowledgement that the team had had struggles at times.
    Quite human.

  9. Harbaugh wont say it out loud, but I get the feeling that he is not happy that Kap made up his mind to go to Crabtree on the final play before the snap. As much as I have tried to defend Kap throughout the year, and as much as I still believe he will win us a Super Bowl or two before he is through, the final play was a major league brain freeze. There was no reason to make such a risky throw with 30 seconds + 2 timeouts. Sure, take a look over there to see if Crabtree was open, but there was no compulsion to pull the trigger. A simple toss to a wide open Patton would have gotten 8 to 12 yards.

    I have to believe Kap and Crabtree allowed Sherman to get into their heads. They did not just want to win, but wanted to score the winning TD over Sherman, and it backfired big time.

    We had better not see a one read and take off QB in Kap next season. He has had 1-1/2 seasons and 6 playoff games unde his belt. Time to start scanning the entire field, staying calm in the pocket, become better at sensing the rush, and making good decisions. No more excuses.

    1. Rick,

      Those were my exact thoughts right after the game. I really believe that this is exactly what Kap and Crabs were thinking. We’ll show up Sherman. That was truly a stupid decision! Kap blew that.

      1. Just listened to Cosell. He said that the Niners lined three receivers to the left and singled Crabtree to the right. The single safety cheated to the left. According to Cosell there were more defenders to the left side than there were receivers forcing the ball to the other side. He reiterated that going to the bunch side would have been the wrong call.

        He said that going to Crabtree was absolutely the right call no doubt. However he said that the corner fade was a poor route selection to run against that look. Was the ball underthrown? Yes. For this I absolutely blame Kaepernick. Montana used to put the ball where the receiver and only the receiver had a play on the ball. Was it an unimaginative play call? Yes, for this I absolutely blame Harbaugh. Not taking a time out immediately after Vernon’s catch was inexcusable.
        In the superbowl versus the Bengals, when the Niners drove all the way down the field, everyone expected that last TD pass attempt to go to Rice. Walsh knew this and that is why they went to Taylor. IMO had Harbaugh taken a timeout, he should have and could have drawn up a play for Vernon. And if he really wanted to get creative, he could have decoyed everyone and taken a shot with V Mac taking advantage of his height, or taken advantage of Patton’s quickness and gone to him.

        He also said that the interception thrown to Chancelor was Kaepernicks worst throw of the year. For me, I don’t know if it was his worst of the year, but it was a terrible throw at a critical time.

        I just find all the absolutes to be pretty comical. No one knows why the play went to the receiver that it went to. Or who called the route. Or why Vernon was pissed. And guess what, we will never find out. I will say this, there are a ton of reasons why we lost. It’s a team game and I hope all of the folks responsible work this offseason to get better.

        For those that are all up in arms against our QB, be mad. I am. But what better option is there? Would you rather have Ponder? Or Dalton? Who would you rather have? Maybe you want Rogers, oh wait Kaepernick has beaten Rogers three straight times. You want Brady? Oh wait, he got bounced too and the Kaepernick led Niners beat him the last time. Cam Newton? Ah shucks Kaepernick and the Niners bounced him out of the playoffs too.
        There are so many components that go into a last chance game winning drive. There is a lot of shared blame. Did Kaepernick stink it up in the 4th quarter? Absolutely. Not his best moment. Did he have a lot of help on this day from his Oline? His running game? His coach? Mmmm, not so much. But when comparing to our last QB, I’ll take the shot taken even if it’s a failure, versus not having the sack to take the shot at all.
        While there are some good football minds in this room, a few of you sound like you just left a weekend course of football 101 for women that want to better understand the sport……

      2. The blog hemmorroid barks “For those that are all up in arms against our QB, be mad. I am. But what better option is there?

        Maybe a QB with some intelligence. He has been in the league 3 years now, he has seen probably every defense there is to see and he makes the same mistake/throw that cost us a Superbowl last year in the NFC Championship this year. Wow. Then says he would take that look every time? That’s concerning.

        Then the pimple says “While there are some good football minds in this room, a few of you sound like you just left a weekend course of football 101 for women that want to better understand the sport……

        Then you wonder why people attack you. You say the most degrading things ever then when people do the same to you, you whine like a baby. Hypocrite.

      3. FDM,
        count how many times you trail my posts. How many times you initiate the attacks on me not the other way around.
        I don’t initiate conversations with you because I don’t care to. I don’t value exchange with you. So next time you try to make me out to be the bad guy, look at yourself. I didn’t write to you. Yet you called me two names in your post.
        Go to church, go to an AA meeting, or go to counseling for your anger issues. I only have to deal with you three times a week on a blog. There are people that I am sure suffer from daily interaction with you in person. Be a better person for them. God bless. Oh and I reiterate, I don’t seek you out, it is you that constantly trails me….

        You called me a troll because I was calling out all of Kaepenick’s issues and guess what? Those issues cost the Niners a chance to win a Lombardi trophy not once but twice!
        And then you write in one of your other posts how Kaepernick needs to learn to throw to other receivers. Why don’t you go digging through the archives and see how many times I wrote that, and then you respond by calling me a troll.

        You are a JOKE!

        You’re always asking others to leave this blog because they don’t support the team. It’s time you left because you’re just a Class A jerk. You’re here to insult and belittle others, and then are so easily defended.

        You’re not here to support the team, you’re here to confess your admiration for your wonder boy with the howitzer arm. You’re just as wacky as that guy who was posting all that Alex Smith is 9-0 junk.

        You’re nothing but a BLOG BULLY and HA HA HA as usual you were wrong and don’t anything.

        Why don’t you really support the team, and ask for prayers for players like Bowman and Iupati? who played their hearts out only to have our punk QB make an ill advised throw to try and show up the best QB in the league? Of course you won’t. You have no class.

      5. Just be honest in your assessment. The QB that you said all along who would carry the franchise to new heights, that would challenge the entire field, be explosive has not lived up to your pedestal mounting. In fact, based on being able to get over the proverbial hump, he has not.
        We might have a problem at the QB position and I don’t want to hear that he is a young QB anymore. Its been three years now. He has made two bad decisions in key junctures of championship games.
        For once call it like it is, Kaepernick is not the be all end all that you think he is.
        You admitted you were wrong about Alex and the Chiefs winning so many games and I know that burned your ego like acid, too bad you have to swallow it again.

      6. Ask yourselves, what did our last QB do for us in his first 3 years. Let’s look at some QB’s who have been on the league longer and have yet to come close to what Kap has done. Tony Romo, Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, jay Cutler, and the list could go on with QB’s who have failed in their first three years. I agree with Bay Area fanatic, who the hell is better, that is available. I’ll wait. And as for seeing EVERY coverage by know, that’s stupid. Coverages and fronts are constantly changing based on the teams and the personnel.

      7. KY49ER regardless of what any previous QB did before Kaepernick, whether that’s Alex, Joe or Steve, it has always been about winning it all. That’s the 49er way, that’s the standard that has been set. Good, bad, unfair, tough. That’s the measure around here and it has made us one of the best franchises.

  10. Not a single media person asked Harbaugh of the irony of losing the NFC title with the same play that lost the Super Bowl the year before??
    First thing I would have asked. Without any doubt.

    1. A year & a half of Señor Sherman. Take some Pepto and get used to it.
      Maybe Peyton can do it. I guess I’d rather listen to him than GatorBreath.

  11. Note to Jed York:
    you see Coach Harbaw’s forehead covered in blood…
    you realize that he just ran into a block wall (x2)…
    you hear him say: ” Yes, correct; I would do it again.” …

    The man should have punched your Super Bowl ticket.
    Instead, he punched your entire fan base in the face.

    This team needs a shake-up. A big shake-up.
    Do it now and you have plenty of time (clock management)
    to hire a quality replacement for Head Coach Harbaw.
    If you wait until mid-way through the 2014 season
    to assess this man’s future, then you will have spoiled
    the unveiling of a beautiful new facility.

    The man is in a trance. Dump him, please.!!!

    1. You are one weird person. If all you have in your life is negativity then you have nothing. Why don’t you go somewhere else and celebrate instead of berate. I think you’d be a much happier person. Seek help.

  12. Not meaning to bash your Dad but his comment about Harbaugh was totally condescending in my opinion. Lowell acts like the judge of how a coach is supposed to interact with the media. Harbaugh owes you guys nothing. You’re in a profession covering coaches who find you to be a nuisance. Perhaps occassionally you are useful nuisances but you are the part of the job that the coaches say, “well that just comes with the job” which of course means dealing with you guys is the worst part of their job. They wouldn’t even speak to you if they weren’t forced. Same with most players. I do realize that the media is the information conduit for the fans so I appreciate having the insight you provide. BUT I don’t think it’s appropriate for a person in the media to comment on a coaches approach to how they deal with the media. Grant, you’re in the room. You must know that certain members of the media repeatedly ask idiotic questions that must really grate on coaches and players so perhaps that is why they may be apprehensive about speaking to you. Maybe it’s just me and in this exchange it was ok but this isn’t the first time I’ve heard Lowell Cohn act like coaches owe him something.

    1. Prayers to you Big Niner and quick recovery for your Mom.

      It has been a month of hell, lost my Dad a month ago and my wife’s father died last week due to Colon Cancer. He was only 62

      1. Sorry for your loss. she’s still under the knife as we speak. tomorrow will be my dad’s 5 year anniversary of passing at the same hospital so my mom was worried she pass on the same day.

  13. It’s hard to maintain perspective after a painful loss, but I do have to say that I am proud of this team this year.

    If you had told me before the season that:
    -Crabtree would miss most of the year
    -Manningham would only return from injury briefly and be largely ineffective before returning to IR
    -Kyle Williams would be cut, and Jenkins traded
    -That must mean Patton was good? No, he missed most of the season with a broken foot. There was no viable #2 receiver for most of the year.
    -Aldon Smith would miss significant time in rehab
    -Culliver would miss the whole season due to injury
    -We’d be replacing an All-Pro safety with a rookie (and he’d be the only rookie to make a significant contribution)
    -Willis would be at times limited due to injury
    -Our starting NT would be lost for the season in game 2
    -Kaepernick would average less than 200 passing yards/game

    I would have never guessed that they’d have gone 12-4 and come basically within a play of the Super Bowl. Proud of them for overcoming adversity to have a great year. Sad they couldn’t close the deal, but also grateful to the team for what was truly a fantastic and exciting season.

    1. Great perspective. It Makes Me Feel Better. Now add the likes of tank, Lattimore, moody and culliver plus our picks and things look even better.

  14. I must say I feel really good about next year, barring any significant injuries again, and assuming Bowman heals well. Here’s a few reason why:
    1) Another offseason for Kap thus more time to develop in his problem areas (progressions, footwork, vision, etc)
    2) Crabtree back to full strength and you know he’ll be ready to go
    3) Lattimore. Can’t wait to see this guy play. This could be huge for us, although I don’t want to get my hope up too much, but he could be our ticket back to the big game.
    4) Tank.
    5) Most of our defense will be back. I would like to see Whitner back, but brown is not so high on my list.

    These are just to name a few. This has to be a huge off-season for Kap, this is his chance to prove his work ethic and prove he belongs, I expect him to take it easy on the media stuff (no more nude photos), I hope he just hangs low this offseason and focuses. Focus is the theme of this year. Should also be interesting to see who we extend this year. And though we didn’t beat the Shehawks, i think its safe to say that we weren’t beaten by the noise, we just have to play cleaner football.

    Go Broncos!

    1. Leo,
      that’s a great post. Starting with go Broncos. Lots of things to be fired up about. Next year it will be as if we had two additional number one picks with Lattimore and Tank.

      Kaepernick needs to learn to trust other receivers and integrate them into the offense for him to continue to grow.

      Our offense needs to hit one out of the park with a legitimate field stretching WR.

      We have six picks in the first three rounds. Here are my draft needs and the order in which I would pick with our first six picks.

      1. WR
      2. SS
      2. CB
      3. QB
      3. OL
      3. TE

      1. Thanks Bay,

        I agree with your statement about Kap. He has to learn to trust his reads and go through his progression regardless of the receiver. I forgot 2 other I’m excited about which is Patton and reluctantly VMac. I really like Patton enthusiasm and I think he will be a contributor next year, although I am still hoping for Boldin to be back. Would love to see a full year of Boldin, Crabs, and VD. And it was frustrating watching VMac this year. He has so much talent and potential but just couldn’t bring it all together. I’m hoping most of those drops were just a rookie over-thinking the play.

        Where did that 3rd 3rd round pick come from? I know the 2nd rounder is from the Chiefs and a 3rd rounder from the Panthers, but I don’t recall the other.

      2. With their first 6 picks I would draft 2 WRs (One massive 6’4 guy and one super fast guy, 2 corners, 1 safety and either a QB or Olineman.

    2. In addition to CK’s offseason development, I think this is a huge offseason for Trent Baalke. He needs to have a draft like the 49ers had in 1986 where dominance was re-established. Of course the 79 Draft was great but that 86 draft was amazing for the number of great players who really solidified the dynasty.

      2nd Round – Larry Roberts
      3rd Round – John Taylor, Tim McKyer, Tom Rathman
      4th Round – Charles Haley, Steve Wallace, Kevin Fagan
      6th Round – Don Griffin

    1. Jack thank you for the break down. This is still hard to say but I think it might be time to part ways with Frank Gore. From a cap and performance perspective, its in the best interest to move forward giving Hunter and Lattimore and James more opportunities.
      As for extending Crabtree and Kaepernick this is where it might get tricky. It might be in the best of interest of players and organization to wait til next year. But, in the game of football, playing out your last year can be risky if the player gets hurt. Right now based on the play of both the QB and WR, you might get a bargain deal.
      I know a lot of fans like Crabtree, I do too, but I really do not believe he is a #1. Maybe another full year will say otherwise, but to me he is a complimentary #2. This offense needs big play capability and there is no one on this roster who has that. Boldin, Crabtree, Vernon at times have it, other times they are easily taken out of the game or shut down. My point is something needs to change offensively in terms of having a guy with that added big play potential. We seem to be easy to defend when one of our playmakers is defended tough.
      The defense looks good. Pending Culliver’s health and the emergence of Brock and Reid, the secondary needs an upgrade at the corner position but I still think Whitner would take a discount to stay.
      Big decisions to make, this is a big draft for Baalke to get the Niners over the championship hump.

    2. Jack,
      Very nice column, love the breakdown. I can see Gore, renegotiate his contract like you said. I would expect if the Niners cut him, he would only be able to receive about 2 million max from another team, so I expect him to stay. I don’t think Kendal Hunter is a every down back. I would expect the Niners will trade James, for a draft pick or another player, perhaps to the Eagles, and he can team up with his old college coach, who can probably use him in a better way. Not even sure why they chose James with a second round pick.

      As far as Kaep, I can see they trying to negotiate with him, more then Crabtree or Aldon Smith for next season.

      I expect they will resign Boldin, with a two to three year deal, perhaps using Carlos Rogers money, when he gets cuts in June.

      I hope they can bring Dawson with a two year deal, and perhaps look for another punter, Andy Lee is paid way too much money for being a little bit better then average. Again very good column.

      1. I disagree with alot of people on this, and agree with you that we should try to extend frank for another year to lower the cap hit like with Justin. I believe he would take a discount to retire a 9er and have another run at a ring. We do not have another back on this roster who I trust as a starting/every down back. Lattimore would be the only one and with two knee reconstructions who knows how he will be (hopefully the next frank gore)? If he returns to his collegiate form and is able to be the starter, frank would be an amazing number 2 later in the season and postseason.
        I hope we draft a tall receiver who can compete with the hawks big secondary players, as well as sign bold in for another year or two.

      2. We still need a dangerous kick returner, James is not the answer, and I don’t believe he will be on the roster next season. Roman and company did not use him properly.

    3. Great stuff Jack as usual.

      I have to agree that Gore will without question take the reduction and stay with the team and finish out his legendary career as a niner.

      I noticed you didn’t mention an extension for Crabs. Do you not think he should be considered for that? And if he is do you think he currently has a lot of leverage due to the struggles of the offense when he wasn’t in the lineup?

      I think our future at OLB will be interesting. I started of thinking that Aldon has to be a priority. But you make great points about his off-field issues and also the play of not only Skuta, but Lemonier as well. Aldon really didn’t play to well down the stretch, although he played great in the post-season. Perhaps Aldon isn’t such a priority. Do you think perhaps the Niners look for a trading partner for him?

      Lastly, Whitner will be interesting. I think he really brings a great verteran presence to the backfield, and played a big role in reid’s development. I don’t think he will be so easily replaced as Dashon was. I think we were very fortunate Reid worked out, I don’t know if we can hit on another rookie safety.

      1. The problem with the extensions is that it takes both sides to get it done. If I am Kaepernick, Crabtree, or Aldon Smith why would I take a deal now? By holding off the negotiating power goes in my direction if I play to the level that I expect of myself.

        We keep hearing Joe Flacco brought up as a cautionary tale, but what doesn’t get mentioned is that although his deal averages $20mil annually, the actual cap hit was only $6.8mil this season and will be $14.8 and $14.5 over the next two seasons.

      2. The other side of that Jack is what if you don’t play well, the team struggles or you get injured, your value goes south.
        Flacco gambled and it worked, he played well, the team played better and he robbed the Ravens.

    4. Very good breakdown Jack. Thanks for taking the time to put all that together.

      I’ve already made my thoughts known on what I think will happen with Kap. I don’t see him or his agent wanting to risk playing out his contract when he can get a lot of guaranteed money now. Few players just entering their prime take that risk and I don’t think Kap will either. My guess is they do a 5 year extension with most of the cap hit starting next year.

      Gore is a tough one. This is going to be very tricky and I’m not sure how you go about handling it. They can’t keep him at that number and it’s dangerous to extend a RB his age, so what do you do? Ask him to take a paycut? Change the deal to include incentives? Really tough call here especially considering Lattimore is going to be ready to go next season.

      Another potential issue I can see there is Justin Smith. That is a lot of money against the cap for a soon to be 35 year old player who is wearing down. There is also a lot of depth on the Dline and possibly more to come in the upcoming draft. That’s another decision that is going to be tough.

      I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Whitner, Brown and Rogers are going to be gone, so the draft will be focused on that area at some point likely in the first 3 rounds. This team could look a lot different next year that’s for sure.

    5. Jack I have a question for you with all of this. Doesn’t Aldon Smith have a 5th year team option? I think the team option is average salary of top 10 at that position. So we can think that Aldon still has 2 years left under his contract. More time to figure him out.

      1. If the 49ers choose to exercise the 5th year team option on Aldon Smith he would count ~ $10,015,125 against the cap in 2015. (The average of the top 10 at his position)

    6. Very nice job Jack. I like your break down and suggestions. I love Frnk Gore and the way Whitner plays but I would we can not afford to keep everyone. I would suggest to cut Frank and Rogers unless they are willing to take a substantial pay cut. We must try to lock up Aldon Smith, Boldin, Crabtree and Ck if possible. This is football and one freak injury can impact your stock very quickly!

      My wish for the draft:

      Physical and tall Corner
      Physical and tall Reciever with great hands
      Strong safety that can play both positions with good ball skills
      Inside LB with speed
      A big physical down the hill runner that can punish people
      A huge guard with nasty attitude
      A Raw talent QB to be developed
      A raw talent pass rusher (LB)

  15. Back in the Olden Days Niner Fans had a comfortable feeling knowing their team was going to be in the chase pretty much every year; at least in the conversation. We lost that for a while and sank back into the Dark Ages.
    Since Harbaugh’s arrival the team has been to three consecutive NFCC games. The 49ers will be in the conversation again next year. Realistically, what more can a fan expect? None of us, nor anyone associated with the team is satisfied with anything short of winning it all, but the FO, the coaches and the players with their buy-in and work ethic put themselves in position to succeed.
    I appreciate what Harbs has done, and Alex’(Mom)’s lunatic laments and the Chicken Little comments from some others carry no weight with me.

  16. next year won’t be so easy, the nfl always changes, even if you keep your own its not like other aren’t doing anything to improve.

    the whole nfc east is going to be better.
    the packers will for sure be better, the lions could be better, the bears could take another step, atlanta could be back in it, heck the cardinals and rams could pose a challenge too.

    we had 3 straight chances, and i do like our chances moving forward, but getting those 3 straight chances is something you don’t see anymore unless you are new england, this is a parity league, minor things that go wrong (or right) can change whole seasons. lets hope we can keep up!

    go niners!

  17. Grant,
    The Niners had another great year, and have a great coach in Harbaugh and a very good team. But like in all pro sports losing in the very big games gets old really quickly. When you have a very good team, you just have to win the super bowl now. To do this I believe the niners should trade Colin Kaepernick to Houston and draft Manziel or whomever Harbaugh believes to be the qb he can have more success with. I just do not think Colin can become “the one”. He simply does not possess the intangibles that all great qb’s are born with. His contract is coming up soon. Do you really want to pay him the big money that he will demand? Harbaugh has proven he can mold good qb’s into really good ones, but he needs someone better than Colin .

    1. Losing big games gets old quickly? How about not being in contention year after year? THAT gets old, quickly.

      Manziel over Kaepernick? I can’t decide if you’re a troll or just completely off your rocker.

    1. He can be a bit of a homer but I still like him compared to most. He and Kirwan made a great team on Moving the Chains. I was hoping he’d come back to the show in the off season. Anything to get rid of Jim Miller.

      1. I guess you got to acquire a taste for Davis, he reminds me on Tom Flores with a ridiculous laugh if things go his way. Not a fan when he was on the Game, when he had his radio show in the afternoon.

    2. I like listening to Davis. Yeah, he has a homerish streak from time-to-time (as a fan, myself, I have no truck with that), but he also has a penchant for real talk and his ability to describe the actual happenings of the game from a player’s perspective is better than most, imo. In other words, I believe I’ve gotten more out of his commentary than I have from nearly any other color-guy I’ve listened to.

  18. We know what the priorities are cb, safety, wr, ….. but what do you think late round picks will be? Do we address te too? If Vernon goes down, I think we are in some serious trouble.

  19. I honestly think we should draft two corners and a safety with our first three picks. It’s obvious we fail at drafting receivers so why bother taking one early? Spend a 4th or 5th on a WR and just wish for the best. It looks like a deep draft at receiver anyway so maybe we’ll get lucky

    Like Jordan has been saying all season, trading for Josh Gordon would have been the right move. Just think about what could have been…..

    1. While I do agree we suck at drafting receivers it seems like we have better luck if we take them early. The last 2 1 st round receivers we drafted was AJ and Crabs, one worked out and the other didn’t. I just don’t think they’d make the same mistake twice by drafting a 3rd round projected, small frame, weak, short, out of shape receiver. They have to go after the blue chip 1st round worthy receivers. Preferably 6’3 or taller and a sub 4.4.

      Should be interesting.

    2. LSX,

      Trading for Gordon was a rumor. There is no evidence that the Browns wanted to trade him or what it would have taken to get him. He wound up going nowhere so the idea that this is an opportunity missed by the Niners is pure speculation that is shared among 30 other teams.

      I also disagree with the notion the Niners can’t draft WR’s. Baalke has selected on WR with a top 3 pick since he’s been in charge. The others were 5th round and 4th round where it’s less likely you are going to find a good one. He missed on the Jenkins pick no doubt about it, but he also appears to have found a promising prospect in Patton in the 4th, so this rep he’s gotten for not being able to draft WR’s is unwarranted imo.

      1. Fair enough. Although I do remember hearing multiple sources suggesting the Browns were listening to offers, it’s all just speculation in the end. I would’ve had no problem giving up a 1st round pick for Gordon, for what it’s worth.

        And I just don’t have any faith in Baalke and our guys when it comes to evaluating receivers. Crabtree was a no brainer so it’s hard to give them credit for that. And it’s not just about Jenkins and the guys we’ve missed on, it’s also about all the guys we inexplicably passed on. Jeffery, Allen, and so many other stars that were drafted in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounds the past few years who we had a shot at.

        Hindsight is 20/20, yeah, whatever. I guess I’m just in a salty mood about the loss still.

      2. LSX – That’s what I’m getting at. Crabtree was a no brainer…we need to trade up and get another no brainer. It’s not like we have many needs, may as well go after a gamebreaker for Kap.

        The only other position that maybe 1st round worthy would be CB imo. Rogers is out, brown likely too, Brock and Culliver I like, even Cox, but we need a solid #1 when our pass rush isn’t there as it hasn’t been at times.

      3. LSX,

        I honestly don’t believe the Browns were going to trade Gordon unless they got a Kings ransom in return. That is why he is still in Cleveland. He would have been a great addition to have but I don’t think it was ever close to happening and there’s no way the Niners would give up a few prime picks for a WR. Not with the offense they run.

        I understand the hindsight angle, but you can play that game with every team in this league. They took Jenkins I’m guessing because he was different than what they had as far as speed and style of play. It was a mistake, but I don’t think it’s fair to slap a rep on them that they can’t scout WR talent because of it.

        Jenkins is one of the 3 WR’s the Niners have drafted since Baalke took over, with Ron Johnson and Quentin Patton being the others. That is way too small a sample size for a label to be placed on the GM and Personnel dept that they can’t draft WR’s imo.

      4. Rocket, you make some solid points. Well said.

        Leo, I would definitely be willing to trade up if we have the opportunity to get a “can’t miss” WR early. I would also be happy trading a pick for someone who will make an immediate impact. I still can’t believe we got Boldin for a 6th.

        Does anyone think the Packers would give up Jordy Nelson for one of our 2nd round picks?

      5. Rocket,

        What exactly do you call a kibgs randsom? I believe a number 1 wouldve gotten Gordon. We never offereed it and thats what Cleveland wanted. Next thing you know, Gordon goes bannanas on the league for 5 dtraight weeks. He was available and you can bet that Cleveland wouldve taken the pick.

      6. Jordan a first rd pick from the 9ers is a whole lot different than a first rd pick from the Raiders. It would have taken multiple picks including their first rd pick for the 9ers to score Gordon. Trading picks for players and signing FA’s lead to salary cap hell. The 9ers management is too smart to go there. Lastly there is the character issue regarding Gordon, he could be suspended tomorrow.

      7. especially when niners get mario a proven commodity and then given via nepotism a leader of a WR for a 6th round pick the focus of draft can shift away from WR…and they traded a 1st round WR draft pick for another first round WR pick

        niners are not a passing team … they are a running team and that is going to be a strong focus this off season IMO….need to make sure OL and a RB are addressed in the offseason….

        who is the best RB the niners should target…

      8. They were never going to get Gordon. If they did, he was never going to have the production that he had in Cleveland this year. He was on a horrible team and was force fed the ball. He was thrown to ten times a game. He was thrown to eighty one times in five games this year. Dude is a flat out stud, but it just wasn’t going to happen unless some team gave up a high pick. Nobody wanted to do that because he is one positive drug test away from a year long suspension. He had to fail three previous drug tests to get to that point. We are probably lucky that Seattle signed Harvin, I could see them going after a guy like Gordon had they not.

      9. Jordan,

        There were all sorts of rumors over what the Browns wanted in return for Gordon. Started out as a 2nd rounder, then went to a 1st, then multiple picks; in other words the rumors were all over the place.

        What we know is NOBODY traded for him, which tells you that either he wasn’t available and the rumors were BS, or they wanted too much and nobody was willing to meet their asking price.

        You continue to look at this like the Niners screwed up or made a bad decision when we don’t know if they were interested to begin with or even had something to be interested in. It’s complete speculation and innuendo.

        What I do know and has been pointed out here already, is that Josh Gordon wasn’t going to put up numbers like that in this system. This offense is not reliant on WR’s or high passing numbers which is why giving up premium picks for him was likely never a consideration.

  20. Put your money on the Seahawks boys. The Broncos chose to wear their orange jerseys. They lose when they wear orange in the SB.

  21. Pressing on from the depression, here’s my SF49ers mock draft 1.0:

    1)Kelvin Benjamin WR(FSU)
    2)Kyle Fuller CB(VATech)
    2)Deone Bucannon S(WSU)
    3)Keith McGill CB(Utah)
    3)Tyler Lawson C(Utah St)
    4)Andrew Jackson ILB(Kentucky)
    5)Tajh Boyd QB(Clemson)
    6)Cameron Fleming OT(Standford)
    7)Ryan Hewitt FB(Standford)

      1. True, but not when they needed him. TO had inconsistent hands as well. I was thinking some time on the juggs machine after practice, like Vernon, might help with his consistency.

      2. I love Benjamin, he’s a red zone threat and has a huge catch radius. He needs refinement, but you can’t coach size and ability. I read that Boyd looked terrible at the Senior Bowl.

      3. No, not at all. I love Evans, but he is going to be drafted early. I don’t see the Niners trading up that high, which is a shame.

    1. WOW Razor you are ahead of the curve on this whole mock draft thing. One prediction i will make is Baalke will make a major move up or down in the 1st 3 rds

      1. Which star running back do you suggest? The NFL is a running back by committee league now for the most part. When I see guys like Alfred Morris, Eddie Lacy and Demarco Murray putting up pretty good numbers I find it hard to allocate high draft picks to the position. I do think Gore’s role will be substantially reduced this offseason and I would love an explosive back, I just don’t see that player arriving via a high draft pick.

    2. Nice stuff razor – I agree with the positions you have taken very strongly, but too early for me to have too strong an opinion on the players just yet. At the moment (with very limited time looking at prospects) I’d like Jordan Mathews over Benjamin, but very preliminary atm.

      I’d also take a long look at Aaron Colvin – good, aggressive CB that will fall after tearing his ACL at the Senior Bowl. He’d be a good pick up late 3rd or early 4th.

      Also, again very preliminary, but WR Herron is a guy I’ll be taking a long look at in the next few weeks. Only a short guy (5’9″) but solidly built and has blistering speed. But more than that, he actually looks a decent WR to go with it (again, from the very limited time I have spent looking so far). I think 49ers can double dip at CB and WR this year, and Herron could be a guy to look at mid-rounds.

      1. I liked Colvin as well, but I figured this team has enough walking wounded……Looking forward to your scouting reports Scooter.

    3. Kelvin Benjamin or Mike Evans. We need a tall physical WR. We will see Seattles secondary again. Winning jump balls, getting off the line, and not being afraid of hits is a must.

    4. I like that draft except for Tajh Boyd. I would take another receiver at that spot. Pick the fastest guy left on the board. 9ers need somebody that can scare defenses deep. Get your QB in the 4 round or later.

    1. And then as soon as the game was over they’d zoom in on Sherman’s face…..

      And then manning would run up to him and the nation could read his lips…”You mad bro?”

      That last part won’t happen but everything else would be utter bliss

    1. Neal ..
      I, too, am excited about Lattimore …
      can’t wait to see him on the field ..
      He’s had a whole season to watch Frank the Tank..

      Sure hope he’s learned something

      1. MW Niner,

        We may have a real steal here, I believe he was taken in the 4th round. What I really like about him along with quickness, power, he has great hands. This guy could be another real option for us. I would love him to be the starter and Gore come in for about 1/3 of the time.

  22. Question for the faithful: if we had the opportunity to draft a game changing WR similar to Calvin Johnson or Julio Jones what would you give in draft picks to get him?

    1. If we had an offensive philosophy that allowed us to actually open up and throw a lot, I would trade our first three draft picks for Calvin Johnson in a heartbeat. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother trading picks for a guy we wouldn’t bother to use correctly in the first place.

      1. Hopefully, we’ll figure out if Bolden stays or not
        by then..
        I think this will influence where
        we get another WR in the draft ..

  23. Watching some clips from Senior Bowl practices, Utah CB McGill looked like a good 2nd round value. Tall fluid kid. I haven’t watched any game tape on him yet.

  24. Almost everyone here is talking WR and CB. I believe we need to look at O line men. I was not happy with the performance of our O line both run blocking and pass blocking. We need a center unless the team is really high on Kilgore or Looney [they have'nt shown much confidence so far] They need a Guard i think they should keep Boone but for what they are going to have to pay Iupati i would say good bye. We need a tackle at the very least to be a swing tackle but i would like to see them draft a future starter in the 2nd or 3rd rd. Games are won in the trenches. Lastly i believe we need to draft a QB in the 2nd rd to back up CK and to step in in 2015 in case CK does’nt improve as much as he needs to next year.

    1. I think the focus is on the skill positions because they are going to get thin after releases and FA, while the Oline is pretty set for next year with the exception of Center coach. I agree with you that they should be looking at Iupati’s eventual successor and a Center, but they also have Looney and Kilgore sitting there, the kid they signed from the Seahawks (Seymour) and the two young OT’s they drafted and signed last year as well. My guess is they will draft an Olineman or two, but it will be after the first couple of rounds.

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