Harbaugh: “There was a time I was superstitious about not being superstitious, now I’m suddenly superstitious a little bit.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is the full transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Any challenge getting the guys back up for a game that doesn’t have quite the luster as this one yesterday?

“Every game’s a challenge. Every game’s a big task. Tampa’s playing extremely good football right now. I’ve been following them the last month, playing good ball. So, we’re into that process right now. The players are making their bodies feel better and coaches have been game planning. We’re moving onto the next one.”


Making their bodies feel better. Was it especially physical yesterday? Are there more bumps and bruises today than you experience on a normal Monday?

“I can’t say that it is or isn’t. Standing on the sideline, it looked like a physical game.”


When you go back and watch over the film of yesterday’s game, did you look over RB Frank Gore’s run, the 51-yard run a lot just to see who executed their blocking? Because it looked like everybody was in on the play.

“Yeah. It was one of the biggest holes we had on the day to run through. And, everybody got their blocks. [T Joe] Staley, [G Adam] Snyder, [C] Jonathan Goodwin. [G/T] Alex Boone got up on the second level and was able to shield and get Frank up on the safety, which Frank did a great job of making him miss and then making the long run.”


You had asked last week for a nice showing by the Candlestick crowd. What did you think about the crowd yesterday?

“I thought it was outstanding. It really shows you what you can do when you put your mind to something. It was great support, a great atmosphere, and we’ve got one more game.”


Did it sound like a playoff game? I mean, the Saints game, the Giants game from 2011?

“I thought it did, yeah. The energy from the fans. And our fans are great. They know football. They know what’s at stake in these games and it was great to have that support.”


Do you still see this team as ascending, you guys still getting better?

“I think so, yeah. At this point your aim is number one to win the game by any means possible. And you’d also like to improve and come out healthy. I think that’s going to be the case in this one. But, it was a good team win, like we said yesterday.”


You said yesterday games like that aren’t necessarily enjoyable. When you know the outcome and you can then review the tape, is it more of an enjoyable experience to watch that?

“Yeah. I’ve always said it. That’s what games feel like to me. People say you must be having a lot of fun out there. But, it’s a grind. It is for the players. Yeah, you allow yourself after the game. There’s no finer hours than those hours spent after a game that your team came together and won the football game, accomplished the goal, accomplished the mission. Those are wonderful hours.”


Speaking of that, it looked like you guys had a lot of fun in the locker room after, everybody did the slapping high-fives. Where did that come from, or what’s the, it seems like there might be a story behind that?

“No, I don’t think there’s a real story that I could think of. Just everybody congratulating each other on a job well done. We’ve done it after a few ball games.”


And that leads to the, ‘who has it better than us?’

“It did this week, yeah.”


You guys are currently in the sixth spot, the last spot in the NFC. Do you have a goal? Would you rather be in the five spot? What are your intentions? What are your hopes for the playoffs?

“Well, win the next game. Win games in December. Those count just as much as the other games do. But, where we’re at we’ve got to win football games. [Former Oakland Raiders owner and general manager] Al Davis said it as well as can ever be said, ‘just win,’ and those are our intentions.”


A lot of new faces on special teams, three in particular contributed big yesterday, K Phil Dawson, WR Kassim Osgood and S Bubba Ventrone on the final kickoff. What have your revamped special teams meant to you guys this year?

“They’ve been playing extremely well. Been on a roll. Been consistently good every week making plays. In this one, the blocked punt was big. That led to points on the board. And then, Phil putting the points on the board. I understand that he broke a record for the 49ers organization. Congratulations to him on that and everybody that’s involved in the mechanic of that operation. To kick 20-straight field goals, quite an accomplishment. You get a chance to put points on the board you want those points. Three guys really stood out yesterday on special teams besides Phil. That was Kassim, two tackles and a blocked punt, Bubba, four tackles and [S] C.J. Spillman I believe had three or four. So, those guys really shined.”


What did the officials tell you on the blocked punt when the Seahawks batted it forward? That if you had challenged it they would have, or if you would have accepted the penalty they would have gotten a chance to punt again?

“Correct. It was not a loss-of-down penalty. It’s different than kicking. Kicking’s a loss-of-down penalty. Batting’s a, treated like any other penalty. If you take the penalty then replay the down. So, the options were, take the ball where it lied at the end of the play, or take the penalty and they would re-kick, re-punt.”


What do you think about that rule? It seems odd that they’re allowed to kind of move it downfield with a bat?

“It does. That you could benefit from a foul, I don’t think anybody wants that. So, the solution possibly is you treat it like the ball was kicked. Kicking and batting would be the same. It would be a loss of down. But, that’s for the Competition Committee to decide.”


Regarding Ventrone, he’s getting older, 31, he’s not the biggest guy, but obviously he’s done this for a long time and stayed in the NFL for a long time. How’s he done it? Because when you look at him, he doesn’t strike you as necessarily being a special teams demon.

“He’s got a lot of talent. He plays fast. He runs fast. That’s what he’s been doing extremely well. Penetrating on the kickoff. And, he’s smart, physical on the punt. He’s our punt protector. He just plays with a lot of great energy and effort. He’s special in that way. He’s a shining light, shining star in that regard.”


Obviously assistant head coach/special teams coordinator Brad Seely has a long history with him. Was he a guy that, I guess, kind of vouched for him or influenced the decision to sign him?

“Yeah. Yes, Brad was with him and I remember when we were signing [former 49ers and current Chicago Bears LB Blake] Costanzo, who is a great special teams player, was a great special teams player for us. We were looking at the tape, game tape, practice tape, and it’s like, ‘Was that our guy there with the long hair? Is that our guy? Because he’s pretty darn good too.’ But, those players really add a lot to your team and Bubba’s been, been thrilled to have him on our team. He’s a joy to be around every single day. He doesn’t have a bad day. He doesn’t come to work down or, he’s just not had one bad day since we’ve been with him. A great teammate. ”


Could you say the same for WR Kassim Osgood? He’s in his 11th year and to have that veteran presence on the special teams. He seems to be having a resurgent season.

“They haven’t had a bad day between the two of them. Kassim is, we’ve talked about this a lot just as a team, just how great Kassim has been for our team. A wonderful, wonderful teammate. Every day he comes with a bounce in his step. Pizzazz. There’s guys that have just got oomph. Don’t know another way to say it other than he’s got a lot of pizzazz. There’s some people, we all know them, that kind of sleepwalk through the day and got no oomph. He’s the opposite of that. He’s got a lot of pizzazz.”


Several weeks ago, you guys didn’t suit him up for a game. Looking back at that, could you tell that his presence on special teams was missed that game?

“Yeah, I mean, the reason we’ve suited him up for all but two games, wasn’t suited up for the first game either, was he just brings a lot to our team.”


WR Michael Crabtree’s stats don’t jump out, what you would call low-hanging fruit, but what kind of impact did his presence have on this game, especially when you can contrast it with week two when he wasn’t here?

“Well, good, good. Again, he made some real phenomenal catches. He made one phenomenal catch. It was only a four-yard gain, but somebody that [QB] Colin [Kaepernick] has confidence in, the team has confidence in and he was really motivated for this game. It’s like he’s back. I could tell. Not this game, but the game before, I turned around at one point and he turned around, but it’s like, ‘What do I have to do to get the ball?’ Alright, Crab’s back.”


The defense has not allowed a 100-yard rusher through 13 games. Is it really just a strong testament to how the front seven and even the depth players behind them are stopping the run?

“Yeah, that’s quite an accomplishment. It certainly was in this game. Seattle’s got an outstanding offense. They have a very good scheme. They believe in it, they stay true to it and they execute it very well. That running game, that corps of playmakers and the quarterback, it’s a lot of ways to move the ball and score points. Our defense played really well. Really good team defense. Quite an accomplishment really to hold them to just 17 points. Don’t know that there’s a guy you say, ‘That’s the game ball,’ because so many guys played really good, played well. Nobody played bad kind of effort. So, it was good.”


During that 21-day practice window, what did you see from RB Marcus Lattimore?

“I thought that he grew in confidence and just being able to turn his feet over and put his foot in the ground, run behind his pads. Felt like each week got better and better. I think he’ll be excited about having that time and knowing the offseason every day he can get better and stronger and more confident with it. So, I thought it was very positive.”


Getting back to Crabtree, you look at WR Anquan Boldin’s stats from week two, seven yards. He had 93 yards yesterday. Is that attributable to having Crabtree on the field at the same time. Were the Seahawks able to be as aggressive with Boldin with another high-caliber wideout on the field at the same time?

“That’s a valid point. There’s been times throughout the year where Anquan’s gotten doubled and [TE] Vernon’s [Davis] gotten doubled on the same play. Michael’s presence out there and everything he’s done and everything he’s shown he can do since coming back, that’s another guy, high-level guy, that’s got to be accounted for.”


As the games get bigger here down the stretch, how important is your depth given that everybody on the roster may be asked to make a big play in important moments here in December?

“Very important.”


Frank Gore kind of ended limping around after the game. Do you expect that to be anything serious, something you have to monitor this week?

“I don’t know that at this time.”


The Buccaneers obviously, as you mentioned, they are playing better. Have you been able to dive in a little and have a sense of how they’ve turned things around?

“Yeah, just doing that right now. We’ll have a better feel as the day goes on today.”


Did T Joe Staley come out of the game OK health-wise?

“I think so. I think he did. Said he did after the game, but see how he feels today. I think that’ll be important, but was able to suck it up, walk it off, all those things and looked like he played pretty darn well too.”


I’ve got a fashion question for you. Have you gone to cleats on game days now?

“Have I? Yes.”


What prompted that change?

“The first thing that prompted it was that scuffle I was trying to break up in Tennessee. I had no traction.”


You wanted to be prepared for the next time?

“Didn’t want to be in that position again.”


Now, did you unveil them in London?



And you’ve worn them every game since London?

“Two games I didn’t wear them.”


Noticeable difference in your footing?

“Yeah, there was a difference in the footing. One was on turf and the other was a home game. So, I hadn’t worn them in those two games.”


Not to beat it into the ground, but how do you decide, ‘I’m going to wear cleats.’?

“I’ve been wearing the cleats because we’ve won every time I’ve worn the cleats. So, there was a time I was superstitious about not being superstitious, now I’m suddenly superstitious a little bit.”


Former MLB manager Tony La Russa got elected to the Hall of Fame today. He’s a friend of yours. Any thoughts on him getting elected and any advice he’s given you over the last year or so with team success?

“Yes, so many things. Few people understand it like Tony La Russa understands it. I would share one example with you, but I don’t know if he’d want me to share it. So, I’ll just keep it private. Yeah, he just understands things. He gets it. Been a great mentor. Great advice. I had heard a rumor that he might get elected to the Hall of Fame and there’s nobody more deserving than Tony La Russa. He pulls for us. He’s in our corner and feels great to be able to have somebody like him to call up and get advice from.”

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  1. Three things stood out on Sunday for me…

    1. Our Defense is sweet. They have carried us all year. I just hope the offense doesn’t squander this elite defense by not delivering a ring three years now.

    2. Our Offense did much better, but still has a lot of work to do. Crabs is not fully back, MM seems to be another body out there, CK a predictable delivery. and Boldin is a beast.

    3. I wonder if Seattle was holding back some of their offensive looks, assuming we may meet again in the playoffs…with that, did the Niners open up there playbook/math-ups???

    1. One thing that stood out to me was how Kaep seemed a little bit more comfortable in the pocket. He stepped up as the rush came around him, didn’t take off unless he needed too and when he did take off he didn’t run right into a sack. He got sacked only two times and one wasn’t his fault. The other was on slow developing routes so call it what you want. Two sacks is pretty great with the pass rush Seattle has.

      1. I think 80-85 seems pretty reasonoable. It seems like he improved quite a bit from the Rams game to this game. He looks a lot quicker, smoother out of his breaks. I think he should be at a 100% come playoffs, which is right where we need him.

        I think we are that team getting hot at the right time

      2. I agree Leo. Yes 49er fans, there is a Santa Claus. Mr. Crabs at 100% for the playoffs is a bonafide miracle, and a hell of a Christmas present for Kaepurnicus….

      3. He may not be back 100% physically right now, but mentally he’s looking pretty fearless. Doesn’t look like he’s holding back afraid of re-injury.

  2. That’s twice now Harbaugh has teased with a forward to a story, and then declined to share it. Must be saving it for his book….

  3. Looks as though the 49ers sent Stinky Pete into the research facility to study whether or not any team has been successful allowing an opponent to score in that situation. Unprepared? Or deep down, did he know Harbaugh would have instructed his men not to score, even if the seas parted all the way to the endzone?

  4. So, there was a time I was superstitious about not being superstitious, now I’m suddenly superstitious a little bit.”

    The Harbaughism of thr year.

  5. Check out these stat lines:

    14-23, 140 yds 1 TD 1 int 6.08 yards per attempt
    15-29, 175 yds 1 TD 1 int 6.03 yards per attempt

    The stat line on the top belonged to Alex Smith the last time the 49ers defeated Seattle. The stat line on the bottom belonged to Colin Kaepernick yesterday.

    As I said back in my piece in September, the 49ers needed Colin to play an Alex Smith type game to beat Seattle and he did it yesterday. He was efficient, didn’t put his defense in bad spots, and made just enough plays to win the game.

    He is only about halfway through his second season as a starting QB and yesterday’s win was a big step forward in his development under Harbaugh and Roman.

    1. Jack thanks for sharing. If Colin would have completed just a few more of his passes underneath and did not throw the short pass for the INT he would have a great game. but not bad for a rookie as long as he continues to learn and improve just like Alex in his last year with us.

      1. He’s started 23 games now Chicago, Kaepernick is no longer a “rookie”.

        I agree with you though that it is good to see him doing some things now that took a while for Smith to figure out. Maybe these coaches aren’t so bad after all.

    2. He needs to get better at “throwing open” his receivers, make better “reads,” and get off his progressions faster. I think he will and become an elite quarterback, but can he do it this year?

      1. Chi
        Its another dreadwed case of not believing what your eyes (game tape) tell you. Jeffrey balled out at an SEC school and was a beast as a freshman. but he balloned to 230 lbs and ran a 457 40 at the combine. all of a sudden a WR that was a surefire 1st rounder in Nov fell all the way to late 2nd. and a no name like AJJ gets drafted on measurables and potential ugh

      2. @BOS
        Ha. I was thinking last night as I watched him play about how his draft stock slipped. I was believing the complaints about weight, work ethic and lack of speed too, so I went with the consensus on him. Then just before the draft some sage on here (can’t remember who) pointed out that Brandon Marshall ran a 4.75 at his combo, so I began to wonder if I was wrong. Yup. Alshon has been more productive than Stephen Hill, who I would have taken.

      3. Tuna
        Its crazy the sway that the underwear olympics has on people. Myself included. I have been an ardent FSU fan for years and watched as Anquan tore it up and then ran a 4.75 at the combine and slipped to the second round. While people like troy williamson and kevin dyson parlay their track stats in to millions. All Boldin did in his first game as a pro was go for 200+ yards while Dyson and Wiliamson were washouts. One of the few WR’s that was elite in College but useless in the pros Peter Warrick, I was convinced that Boldin’s combine meant that he would suffer the same fate as PW. Needles to say i won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon

      4. From recollection the biggest concerns regarding Jeffrey were around his commitment, maturity and attitude, not helped by his history of letting himself get out of shape. Nobody doubted he was talented. 20-20 hindsight shows he’s matured and has turned into a good #2 WR.

        Personally I didn’t want him because of those attitude and commitment concerns – give me 53 guys that live and breathe the game please.

    1. Regardless of talent level…the off coordinator whose team is last in passing should be fired. Considering the talent level on this offense, being last is disgraceful

  6. Hey Grant… remember when we were talking 2012 draft and you liked Fleener and I was pushing for Alshon Jeffrey? How do you like me now? That guy’s amazing. Fleener is and was fool’s gold.

      1. Neal says:
        but he did say that he might of over estimated Fleener
        That’s an easy admission, the tough one will to get him to finally agree that Kuechly was worth a top ten pick.

    1. What up Brotha, yeah I called him on it, too. Pointed out that, at best, the runner up in that division will have at least 6 losses since they play each other in Week 17….. After tonight, it’s a moot point. The East won’t even be in the discussion for a wildcard.

  7. Niner Faithful are you watching the supposed Super Bowl contenders the Dallas Cow booos getting smacked by the bears tonight!!!! I love it

  8. Grant,
    The Cowboys were probably your worst prediction, you are usually much more accurate. I place credit for the Cowboys woes right were it belongs, with the top man. Jerry Jones doesn’t make plays, or call plays (I hope), but the guy at the top sets the tone for the organization. It doesn’t matter if it’s a football team, a bank, a business or a newspaper, the person in charge sets the tone and direction and everything begins and flows from that person. Jerry Jones has a few screws loose and it is reflected throughout the Cowboys organization.

    1. The defense is decimated, and yet the Cowboys still control their own destiny. If they win their next three games, they win the NFC East. They’ve got Matt Flynn (probably) in Dallas, the Redskins in D.C. and the Eagles in Dallas.

      1. If their defense is decimated as you say what chance do they have of winning the next three games? They just got annihilated by Josh McCown, say that out loud a couple times and let it sink in before declaring they can win the next three games.

      2. Its hard to think that GB would win without Rogers in Dallas. Tough even for a rusty Rogers, but if GB runs the ball…? In fact, if GB runs, even Flynn might have a chance.
        I’d have to favor Pokes over the demoralized Washington team, but it is one of those division rivalries….
        The Eagles, even in Texas, I think are a problem. At this moment I’d lean towards the birds in that matchup.

      3. Green Bay is running the ball well right now. Dallas is bottom 5 in rushing defense and last in overall defense. Green Bay probably does not need Aaron Rogers to beat Dallas.

        Philadelphia is 3-4 at home and 5-1 on the road. The sole road loss was to Denver.

        I wouldn’t pencil in the Cowboys just yet.

        1. The Cowboys beat Jennings and McGloin. The Cowboys could beat Lacy and Flynn.

          What’s Dallas’ home record this season?

      4. Grant Cohn says:
        December 10, 2013 at 9:41 am
        The Cowboys beat the Raiders. The Cowboys could beat Green Bay.
        In this league beating one team hasn’t proven, with much consistency, that you can therefore beat another. The Packers overall are a better team then Oakland, the teams play with more then just the QB and RB, I think.

      5. I for one hope that Dallas can somehow beat Green Bay on Sunday. It is starting to look like the Packers might somehow pull out that division and they are a scary team.

      6. The Cowboys beat Jennings and McGloin. The Cowboys could beat Lacy and Flynn.

        They could. But I wouldn’t be comfortable with my Cowboys-to-the-Super-Bowl prediction riding on it.

        What’s Dallas’ home record this season?

        5-1, with the victories coming against a murderer’s row of the Giants, Rams, Redskins, Vikings and Raiders. The Eagles will be a definite step up in competition.

      7. I know i’m about 12 hrs late but HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!! Now all i want to hear or actually read is GC writing regardless of all the “legitimate reasons” I was wrong…….

      8. >>I still don’t have a good handle on the Eagles.

        While he looked awful in the first Cowboys game, Eagles are otherwise undefeated since Nick Foles went on his freakishly good tear. Is he for real?

      9. Grant,
        waive the white flag already…..

        LOL c’mon Bay be serious. Grant will never give in until the last horse is beaten to death, and even then he’ll change the topic enough to keep from admitting being wrong.

  9. Did anyone notice Tony Romo’s Jim Everett phantom sack? Romo went down without being touched lol!
    allas is awful, Jerry is a sick mess!! I love it!!

      1. Chicago – Did you see Romo sprinting full speed to locker room at half time, because of tbe cold? What a sissy!…..he is so overrated as a QB too.
        allas is not making playoffs and I love it!

  10. I wouldn’t want to be Jerry Jones’ Eyeglass-Cleaning Deputy Assistant BrownNose tonight. Well, ever. But you know……

  11. allas!!!!! What’s wrong Jerry? Average Bears offense did not punt once entire game. …Playoffs? Are you kiddin me? Playoffs?

  12. There is a decent possibility that there could be 3 Pac 12 head coaches in the playoffs and if that turns out to be the case each of them took their respective teams to the playoffs in their first year. Harbaugh, Carroll, Kelly.

  13. isn’t josh mccown the guy who niners signed while he was at home coaching high school football a few years back? I suspect harbaugh might be more keen on letting kaepernick run the ball if he had a josh mccown rready to sub in if needed

  14. question for grant after thinking about your d plus grade for kaepernick—you said it was based upon, in part his pick and his 67% qb rating…how much of your grade is based on something like a qbr as opposed to what you see on the field?
    hypothetically, a qb has a game like phil simms had one superbowl (I think he was 22 of 25 passing) but on last drive in tied game he throws pick and his team loses–compared with a qb who struggles all game (with corresponding poor #s) but on last drive leads his team to winning score with several clutch passes–who gets the higher grade from you?

  15. Note to Coach Harbaw (the QB whisperer – see below)
    Places you can wear your cleats in the post season:
    on the Pebble Beach golf course – yes
    on the sidelines at the Super Bowl – no

    Josh McCown (under center for Chicago)
    27/36 (75% completion ratio) 348 passing yards
    (an average of 9.7 yards per reception)
    four TDs (hooked up with four separate Bears)
    Talk about balance: McCown also ran one in himself.
    More balance: Matt Forte gets 102 yds rushing.
    Okay, so a total of 348 yards through the air.
    One sack and zero (0) interceptions.
    Their success rate on third down? …. 8-11

    Speaking of forward progress….
    the last time Colin racked up “big points” [42]
    was on week #8 against the Jaguars.
    Monday night, Josh McCown & the Bears put up 45.

    It appears that both you & Colin will be carrying
    the Super Bowl monkey on your backs all summer long.

    1. Do you think the highlight of Alex Smith’s career so far was caddying for Jim Harbaugh? Do you think he fetched Jim’s coffee that day and cleaned his clubs and shoes after the round?

      1. I’ve got a fin that says it’s the same guy and he’s just seriously bi-polar. I think we should call him Sybil from now on.

    2. LOL, I completely agree with you that Josh McCown looked impressive against one of the most pathetic defenses in the NFL. I give him a lot of credit and actually it was so much fun cheering for the bears to beat the cow booooos. The only issue here is Josh’s performance has nothing do to with Alex!!! by the way Alex is not 10-3. Its the Kansas City Chiefs that has achieved the record of 10-3 for your information. I mean how arrogant or clueless can you be to name a teams record after one players name specially for a team sport!!! This is not Ping Pong Bud! The only monkey here is you and your hilarious comments. Please consider joining the San Diego Zoo for a side circus show.

    A) being a legit superbowl contender or even frontrunner?

    B) Defense improving under Monte Kiffin. Current D ranks: 426 ypg allowed (32nd) 26.8 ppg allowed (26th) Eficiency rating 27th

    But seriously how bad do you have to be to not win the NFC east. Looks like another year watching the playoffs from home. Bwahahaha

    1. Maybe A.
      At the time he first made his guess I was guessing 8-8. My main complaint was the OL; they’re actually playing better than I expected. I worried about the RB’s durability. I thought GC over-rated the D and Kiffin. Kiffin hasn’t worked any magic in years, and sometimes a new DC needs a year for his players to completely integrate a new system. Ratliff’s exit (after Grant’s initial prediction) hurt the run defense. Ahem.
      Now Rob Ryan did get the Saints D turned around from worst to rather good in his first year as DC; what’s the difference? What’s ALWAYS the difference with the Cowboys? The Owner and GM think the GM is 101% infallible. See the Saints hired a DC who they knew fit their system that they’ve previously had success with, the HC provided vision and focus and has the DC’s back. The players are all in. They play hard, they play together.
      In Dallas, who has the DC’s back. Who has the OC’s back? Who has the HC’s back? NooooooooBODY!

      1. From a true Cowgirls hater point of view I like to assume that the organization because of it’s owner assumes it should win rather then expects it. Sounds like the same thing but to me it isn’t. Assuming to me means that they think the win should just be handed to them and expecting means they’ll go out and work for it.

        By running his mouth off and calling the Cowgirls America’s team and building that gajillion dollar stadium I think Jerry has left those players with a sense of entitlement and a lack of desire to earn it.

        Is any of that legit, probably not but since I hate them and they’re struggling it’s just fun to pick on’em.

      2. Plus Kiffin spawned one of the worst coaches of all time, Lane the intellectual twerp. Sound familiar to a blogger we know?

  17. IF the Bears are smart they’ll keep Cutler in my opinion. McCown is simply this years; Matt Flynn, Kevin Kolb or any other bench warmer that suddenly looks good in the short term.

    McCown has been in the league since 2002 and to say his career has been inconsistent is putting it nicely. He’s struggled and been cut from every team he’s played for. As most short term success stories go I expect that he’ll struggle once defenses start getting more tape on him and prepare more specifically against him.

    1. I agree. Now the question become should they keep McCown b/c they know how fragile Cutler is or should they try and work a saavy trade for a high-to-mid pick?

      1. You have to trade McCown while you can actually get something for him i.e. Eagles/Packers with Kolb/Flynn. I bet both organizations would have liked to have kept those guys around as depth but if the value is high for a bench warmer you pull the trigger and get something while the value is still there.

  18. Losing K.J. Wright, the 10th best 3-4 outside linebacker according to PFF, is justice to the team that cut down the 49ers starting nose tackle Ian Williams. This is for Pete, Sherman and Crapman….

    Can’t seem to figure out your problem
    I’m just not hearing what you say
    You got a mouth just like a shotgun
    Go spit your Buckshot out the door

    What goes around comes around
    You’re gonna get what’s coming to you
    What goes around comes around
    You’re gonna get what’s coming to you

  19. Jerry Jones and Tony Romo quotes before season started:

    Jerry Jones says “Tony Romo has committed to spending “Peyton Manning-type time” trying to turn the Dallas Cowboys into Super Bowl contenders again”.

    Romo said. “This football team that we have is a good team and with all the people we have coming back and the things we are doing behind the scenes, it will make us a very difficult ball club to beat.”

    Hey Tony Romeo…. what were you all doing behind the scenes? Playing Texas Hold’em?
    Hey Jerry….please don’t ever mention Tony Romeo in the same sentence as Peyton Manning…..EVER!

    allas (no D) just doesn’t get it. They will NEVER get to a Super Bowl with Romeo and that soft defense.
    Face reality Jerry, it’s time to start over…….again.

    Norm Macdonald jokes/give facts about allas Cowboys

    1. allas. That’s freaking classic!

      I have to say watching my 9ers have success for the 3rd year in a row is obviously my favorite thing about the 2013 season but a very close 2nd is seeing allas get rolled in December.

      1. Yeah, I’m loving ‘allas’ too.
        It reminds me of the Central Valley term of ‘Amonds’. They call ‘em Amonds because at harvest time they hook up a machine to the Almond Tree trunk and shake the L out of ‘em.

      1. E – Well at least Romo pulls in hotties, I’ve never seen P. Manning with a chick (nothing meant by that) for the dirty minds.

      2. Bos49er – She looks like the sweet type, pretty cute too. Not my type though. I prefer the sexy wild one’s that you need to keep an eye on. Like my ex……who ended up bangin some semi-pro dirt bike rider….so I dumped her and “dirt bike dude” dumped her later too.
        Then she came crawling back but I showed her a picture of new girl and then she understood how the crab performs paybacks.

  20. NO STANDING? what the h#ll happened to this team? since when can you not stand, wow, i’m not gonna miss this team and their crazy rules when they move. Santa Clara deserves them and their quiet corporate crowd..

    and o by the way, no primetime games either, lol

    way to showcase the new stadium and generate $$$, lol

    run by a bunch of clowns

  21. Grant doesn’t need me to defend him but I think it’s crossing the line big time to insult him because of his SB picks. Ribbing and giving a bad time is one thing but to take it beyond that shows a total lack of respect and since you aren’t forced to respond it only makes you look bad if you do so.

      1. Rib
        Actually many on here were in the 12-4 11-5 range (myself included) while the wins and losses wern’t against teams we thought they would be (who foresaw the panthers loss?) and the landscape changed quite a bit (where have u gone HOU ATL WAS?) overall the season is playing out like we thought it would.

        The hard time isn’t for the prediction (which was horrible) but for the constant failure to EVER ADMIT TO BEING WRONG. No one is nostrodamus, most of our guesses are equal in value but once proven wrong time and time again (cough cough luke kueckly) many on here admit to being wrong and offer a mia culpa. Not our blog moderator. Time after time he either doubles down on the prediction, denies ever making said prediction, or just deletes posts that illuminate the error of his ways.

      2. Niners season has been going just fine. We are 9-4 and have a great chance to finish with a record of 12-4.

        I agree that no one should be disrespectful to Grant for his pick but this is the San Francisco 49ers Insider Blog for god sake and for no reason (lack of data or facts) our insider picked the arch enemy nemesis to win the Super Bowl while weekly writing about how we the 49ers suck! Grant is very skilled with the art of creating drama for discussion and i have to give him credit and hopefully press will compensate him at least for increased drama!

      3. Raise hands. Who here thought Niners would be near the bottom of the league in offensive categories? *The* last in passing in a passing league? Or that we’d have to win out our final 4 games just to keep 6th seed in hand?

      4. Rib you have a point about being last in the passing stat since i did not imagine us being that team, however this is the NFL and just injuries alone can derail a major playoff team to have success. So I guess nothing surprises me anymore. I also did not imagine for us to lose Crabtree either or for Colin to struggle.

      5. Not me Rib. And Atlanta, Washington, & Houston having their sucky seasons; not that either. Ha! But one of the very self-confident prognosticators on here picked AZ 1st and SF last in NFC West. I don’t remember for sure who that was back in August or September, but back then I was looking forward to about now so I could snicker. (Snicker)- there! Who was that?

      6. In spite of it all, I’m still picking the Niners to win it all.

        But I’m a fan, exercising my fanatic’s right :)

        A few weeks ago I made the offer to Grant to recant his Cowboys pick. He declined. As he claims he’s not a fan, what’s his excuse? It can’t be from a levelheaded analysis of the teams potential ;)

        What about it, Grant? Still have the Cowboys hoisting the Lombardi?

      7. ribico says:
        December 10, 2013 at 9:37 am
        Raise hands. Who here thought Niners would be near the bottom of the league in offensive categories?
        Who could blame us? Colin tricked us into thinking we had ourselves the Anti-Alex and that all of our offensive woes were to be nightmares in the past.

      8. Rib,
        prior to the season starting where would you have predicted we would be ranked offensively if you knew that
        Manningham and Crabs would be out until end of Nov.

        That Jenkins would be cut mid season and Kyle Williams would be cut mid season.

        That our number one draft pick Patton would be out with a broken foot and not return to practice till mid dec possibly.
        What if I told you that Delanie Walker received 38 targets last year and had three TD’s. And his replacement VMac would only have 8 catches and zero TD’s to this point.

        And that VD would miss two or three games due to injury.

        Now Rib,
        knowing all that at the beginning of the season, what would you expect to be ranked offensively? Knowing all of that, I would be ecstatic to know that we were 9-4. That’s just me.

      9. I think a lot of us had high expectations for our draft picks. Especially VMac and Patton. I envisioned VMac getting involved in the red zone utilizing his height. I thought Patton looked good in preseason. Thought he would be used as a slot guy. And thought his role would increase over the period of the season.

      10. ribico says:
        December 10, 2013 at 8:40 am
        Exactly, CfC.

        Niners season hasn’t gone exactly the way most of us foresaw it at the outset either.

        Oh it’s going exactly how I saw it in the offseason.
        We aren’t losing another game this season that means superbowl winners!!!!

      11. You make good points bay.

        My point is possibly there were unforeseen in-season issues effecting Dallas that prevented them from reaching the potential Grant had picked for them as well.

        I can’t think of any at the moment, but there must be some ;)

      12. If you want some laughs at predictions gone horribly wrong find the post at the end of August where we guess the numbers that our WR will put up this year. from AJJ to Patton to Ricardo to Vmac to even CK himself I for one couldn’t have been more wrong. (see what i did there admitting mistakes)

    1. Agree there’s no need for nastiness. The poking and prodding do seem rather inevitable though given the inflammatory nature of picking the Pokes on a Niners site; “Inside The Forty Niners”. And how good a pick was it at the time? And now, in hindsight?
      If this were ‘Inside The NFL’ or “Grant Cohn’s Excellent Analysis” blogs then picking the Cowboys is just a pick. In a partisan context like this one, it attracts reaction. Grant can stay above the fray and independent if he wants to, but most of us come here because it IS the 49ers fan site. Shock.

    2. CFC, Rib – I agree……..I hope you don’t think my ripping Cowboys is a poke at Grant.
      I hate Seattle and allas equally, with G.B. and N.E not far behind. I enjoy seeing Jerry squirm around in his not so private suite.

    3. I don’t read everything but I haven’t seen any nastiness at all. Giving Grant a hard time about his Cowboys pick is inevitable and totally warranted. If you can’t give a guy a hard time about a stupid SB pick then you don’t have thick enough skin to be a football fan. It’s nothing personal. Grant made a dump pick for the SB. It was dumb when he made it and it is dumb right now. My initial reaction to the pick was he was only trying to generate blog hits. I didn’t believe he could be that uneducated but it turns out that he apparently really believed the Cowboys had a shot. I believe my prediction at the time was that the Cowboys wouldn’t even make the playoffs. I stand by my guess. I still don’t think they’ll make the playoffs. They’re roster is sub-par especially on defense.

      1. Houston 9er says:
        December 10, 2013 at 9:08 am
        I don’t read everthing
        Then you shouldn’t be responding until you have and can speak from a position of knowledge on the subject rather then just aimlessly project your opinion.

      2. I think Cfc is referring to a since-censored comment from E in which E exhibited his special brand of psychopathic narcissism. He insulted Grant while bragging on himself (Surprise!).

      3. So let me get this straight Coffee, you post a comment denouncing people for crossing a line and showing a lack of respect and then you cross a line and show a lack of respect. Nice job. You win the hypocrite of the day award.

    4. Its because the Allas pick was purely inflammatory, not based on any actual football insight. He just constantly click hunting. He gets no respect.

  22. I guess I’ve been under a rock. I had no idea Harbaugh and La Russa were good friends. I can never, in good conscience, ever root for Jim Harbaugh again. I must now question Harbaugh’s judgement on everything. La Russa is a delta bravo of the highest order. It’s time for Jed to start looking around and seeing what other coaches might be available. I’d say Shaw at Stanford would make a seemless transition. I’ll bet Shaw would be able to come over and pick right up and coach the Tampa Bay game. It’s time for Harbaugh to go. Make the announcement today.

    1. Really you can not ever root for Jim because of his relationship with Russa! Houston people relate to each other in different ways my friend. What is your beef with Russa!

      1. Chicago, I was kidding. Thought that was obvious.

        I hate everything about La Russa. I hate the way he complains about the actions of other teams when his team does the exact same things. I hate the way he walks to the mound. I hate the way he tries to portray himself as so smart and bats the pitcher 8th. I hate that he is a member of that idiotic group PETA.

        What movie is this from…

        God, I hate that man! I hate the way he licks stamps. I hate his furniture. And I hate that little sound he makes when he sleeps…

      2. @ Houston
        Don’t lose any sleep over it, just a wise crack. Jim expressed an affinity for a long-running Court TV personality. Personally I was surprised as I see the show as a tribute to improper conduct from The Bench, but its this sharp-tongued Judge telling losers what we’d all like to tell them, but most real Judges wouldn’t say it that way. Jim likes the directness, I guess. These are dim bulbs who accept deferment on their dumbass small claims to this alternative TV court and they agree to accept the rulings.

      1. Yeah, I think a deal with the devil or La Russa ( not sure which is worse) would be better than returning to the Singletary/Raye era.

    1. I made a G Rated comment admonishing a question asked at a press conference. It wasn’t until my comment was nuked a second time that it dawned on me, the person that asked the question was Grant….

  23. Why is E being censored while idiots like capeman and Alex smith blah blah blah can come on a 49ER page and rant about how bad they suck?

    1. I don’t know for sure because E’s comments don’t stay up long enough (insert Viagra joke here) for me to read them, but I suspect Grant is censoring him for throwing personal insults at Grant. Capeman and the two Alex Smith (blah blah blah) commenters don’t do that. They merely post opinions that other commenters don’t like.

      1. One of them was saying censorship is awesome and likened it to a regime in germany circa 1930-1945 ish that used the iron cross as its symbol, no personal insults there

      2. What are you going on about, E? This is a private blog. As such we are guest here. The host is well within his rights to remove any and all posts he finds objectionable *for any reason* whatsoever.

      3. Well talking about the mans mother probably had something to do with it. I don’t blame grant. Don’t chu B talkin bout my momma neiva. Low blow E. you deserve the boot.

    2. Perhaps because Grant doesn’t find them offensive? I do; they waste time & energy. I don’t mind that Capeman changed allegiances and roots for the Seahawks, but what’s up with singing that song in our tavern? Get your own life.
      The other Gas Bag with the stalker love-Alex/hate-Harbaugh agenda is the lunatic on the street corner. Why Grant doesn’t get that letting his guano posts tar us all by association, I’m not sure. Again, GC doesn’t much care for Harbaugh either, so he may enjoy the criticism directed at JH.
      Their stuff isn’t directed at him, and since he’s not a Niners fan, Grant isn’t moved or even slightly annoyed by them. Evidently he doesn’t think that their Troll postings here are inappropriate. He might even enjoy that those folks jack-up some strident voices here.
      As to E, well, if you insult the host of a party, you may be asked to leave. Prime railed against lots of folks and dished out a lot of guff, but got banned for a bit when his stuff was directed at Grant.

      1. We remember the episode you had with A.D., not to mention the body language Harbaugh displays when you ask him a question…..

      2. Fair question, and I absolutely am projecting that on you. The answer is personal. I need to have some minimum level of respect for someone to like them. I take from your writing a distinct lack of respect for Harbaugh. Some of that ‘take’ is based on the semantics you use in your critiques. Phrases like “Not capable of understanding” (something you’ve pointed out) or “doesn’t know or doesn’t care” (because he doesn’t come to the same conclusion). You know, and for the benefit of others I am paraphrasing, those aren’t specific quotes, but they express the message I took away from your posts a number of times.
        So I can’t like somebody I don’t respect or trust. The cumulative body of your writing, or my interpretations of it, brought me to that conclusion, that you don’t like Jim. I’ll stand corrected if I’m wrong. I may also be projecting a mutually worse relationship between you & Coach than actually exists.
        I often disagree with you, but I don’t dislike you. Pretty much like Lowell’s writing too. Now I wish you would think more like 90% of the time. I’ve labored long and hard to bring you around, but you’re having none of it!

      3. Grant
        I’ll have to let your statement on the working relationship stand. I would not have so guessed. I suspect others here might not have so guessed.
        I do a pretty good Sherlock Holmes at reading people’s inflections, vibes and body language, but without being in the same room with you two at the same time, its not something I can dispute or agree to.

      4. Holy Cow Grant. I didn’t say anything horrible. Just a bit critical of you and you deleted it. That makes me think E may not be too far off base.

    1. I’ll repeat what I said back in the days when the usuals here were complaining that AS was holding back our offense. Niners, under Harbaugh, are predominantly a defensively oriented team. When you look back at the some of the greatest defensive teams to the play in the NFL – ’85 Bears, 70s Steelers, 2000 Ravens, etc. the point differential between the Niners and those teams are very much the same. Historically, you rarely find teams with both killer defenses and offenses at the same time. Though it’s simplistic – don’t allow a lot of points? You don’t have to score a lot of points.

      year, PPG scored – PPG allowed, differential

      2011 23.8 – 14.3 diff – 9.5
      2012 24.8 – 17.1 diff – 7.7
      2013 24.3 – 16.5 diff – 7.8

      We are actually beating our superbowl berth pace from last season.

      1. hey Ribs, not sure where you get your stats but I’m curious about all time point differential. I think the 84 49ers (who I consider to be the best team of all time) had a point differential around 16. Does your stat cite provide historical numbers. Just curious if that is the all time high.

      2. Houston, yeah I’d say that Niners team was potent on both sides. The 85 Bears somewhat better that I remember as well with a 16.1 point differential. Back in 2011 when I was looking up those stats the Niners (9.5) were right there with:

        2000 ravens

        1978 Steelers

        1979 Steelers

        Championship teams known primarily for defense.

        Source (various on http://www.pro-football-reference.com)

      3. The 85 team was great but I think the 89 team was the best of all of them. That team dominated from the start of the season to the finish including the playoffs and SB.

    2. Jack,

      Roman should be very happy he signed a extension through 2015, because he is not going anywhere, if he was such a great O coordinator, he would of been a head coach by now. I fine it rather unusual that he can’t even get a interview, other then Penn State. NFL executives and College athletic directors, don’t think very high of him. Quite obvious.

      1. Neal,

        It would be great for the 49ers organization if Roman doesn’t go anywhere. His offense has been in the top 3rd of the league in scoring every year that he has been with the organization.

      2. Jack,

        Don’t you find it unusual, that after two great yrs with the Niners, that Roman is still here? I doubt that he will get the Washington or Houston job. It a bunch of boloney, that he lost other opportunities because teams had to wait for him till the Super Bowl is over.

      3. Neal,

        A little bit, but we don’t know what went into the decisions to go with other guys. Maybe Roman is a terrible interview. Whatever the case, the 49ers are lucky to have him.

    3. Jack:

      Great piece.

      As I suggested yesterday, I think much of the discontent with Roman comes from people who believe that Madden (the game, not the coach) accurately represents NFL football. Fantasy football also doesn’t help.

      1. Thanks Claude. That gave me a good chuckle yesterday and I agree.

        Roman isn’t perfect, but he is pretty darn good. It should be little surprise that fans in Indianapolis are not happy with their offense either under Pep Hamilton.

      2. Also the media emphasis and hype machine is on offense and scoring in the actual League too. Manning – 50 touchdowns!?!? Brees… Rodgers… Stafford… 5,000 yards!!!! 100 TDs in one weekend!!! Is it any wonder a lot of Niner fans wouldn’t want a piece of that too?

      3. Jack:

        Are they blaming Hamilton for the team’s recent troubles?

        As for 49ers fans, I also think that we were spoiled by some of Kaepernick’s numbers last season and expected him to duplicate, or even improve upon, them this season. Those expectations were neither realistic nor reasonable.

      4. Well thought out and presented as usual Jack. I think when the team loses people just tend to look for a fall guy and Roman was in the cross fire. His offense is boring, conservative and oh yeah…has taken them to the SB and NFCCG in back to back years. Roman’s offense isn’t aesthetically pleasing, but they win more than they lose so obviously complaining about it is not backed up in the win loss column.

        I do wish the passing offense was more creative, but I must admit as the weeks go on, we are seeing them try more and more things. It could just be a case of not wanting to overwhelm Kap and putting more in as they believe he’s ready to handle it.

    4. Jack,

      I just don’t know why you have to ruin a good story with facts. You should be run out of town on the same rail as Roman.

    1. Why waste so much of your time talking on here, when it’s just going to be deleted for saying nonsense? Is your life that pathetic.

    1. Based on the reply i read I think this is getting personal.

      It seems it has been personal from E to Grant but I think now the shoe is on the other foot.

  24. Grant if you are going to block everything that E says regardless of the content why not just block the IP so that these pages are not unnecessarily long?

  25. It is quite annoying to read from Seahawk fans and Seahawk themselves blame the refs and claim they “gave” this win to us. Niners played better. Flat out. The one call I recall that was bad was the face mask on a punt, but from what I recall that led to no points for the niners. I just hate when fans or players blame a loss on refs (with exception of GB v sea MNF 2012), that’s pure bush league stuff. Stuff my brother, a cowboy fan, does regularly.

      1. In all fairness to the Sea hags and their fans, the Refs let them get away with murder for half a season and change the rules on them now. It’s the Refs fault ultimately.

      2. The Seahawks still got away with murder, just a little less than normal. They did look confused by some of the penalty calls. The looks on Carroll’s, Sherman’s and Tate’s faces were really quite precious.

      3. Sherman was in a refs face twice in between timeouts pleading his case. Very demonstrative. Surprised the refs took that from him.

      4. Guys, this ain’t the Refs deciding this. Their bosses, and probably their bosses, are pre determining how to call games. The Refs are letting outrageous stuff go on direct and specific instructions to do so.

    1. Wow!!!! I thought it might be 50/50 that Brown was let go. Texas wouldn’t have made this move unless they had another coach waiting in the wings. I don’t think it will be Saban. Perhaps Art Briles?

      1. I completely ignore when coaches sign extensions. Contracts seem to only serve the purpose of creating a bigger buyout when a school is about to lose a good coach.

  26. Over/under for how many times E will try to post a comment today?

    I’m pretty sure he’s already over 100 and we’ve got 11.5 hours to go.

    Whoever is closest to the correct number is the poster of the day, and the prize is the shirt Razoreater owes me.

    1. Lets see….

      1939 (the year Hitler invaded poland)
      3620 (the number of “Downfall” spoofs on youtube)
      1 for the first amendment rights E no doubt thinks he’s being denied

      divided by
      40 (the number of hours Hitler was married to Eva Braun)

      I come up with 139

      1. Did you know E was pork bun luncheon? I didn’t. E is a better speller than pbl, but E’s spelling tends to deteriorate as they day goes on and his exclamation-point-usage rises considerably.

      2. Grant,

        What you’re doing is wrong and immature. If you want to ban the guy then ban the guy. I now know you can delete comments so that the posters name doesn’t show up because you’ve done that to me for completely benign posts with the exception that they were critical of you. Posts should be deleted if they are offensive or contain profanity. You are playing a childish game that has no place on this blog. I’ve been here MUCH longer than you and I’ve had toxic, vile arguments with several people. Your censorship today has been the most offensive thing I’ve witnessed on this blog. Either ban the guy or don’t. Stop deleting posts. It’s a poor reflection on you and the company you work for.

      3. Maybe he’s just flipping because his Mr. Everything (contracted to the easier to spell E) hasn’t been everything this season.

        Hopefully, a Mr. Something will be enough to get us back into the Superbowl.

      4. Houston, that depends on the blogging infrastructure’s banning capabilities. Maybe he *can’t* completely prevent E from posting. I’m sure Grant has more things on his plate than manually deleting posts.

      5. Grant,

        E may be a horrible, detestable, disgusting person that should be banned if the technology allows it but that doesn’t explain deleting my posts that were not offensive in the least. You could justify deleting one of them to Coffee because of an acronym I used but there was absolutely nothing wrong with other posts. When you do things like that, it gives creeps like E some undeserved credit as if they have a legitimate beef with you. I wouldn’t mind being required for a login to give yourself the option of banning jerks. They’ve done it before on this blog. I think that’s how Maiocco got rid of Oneniner a few times.

      6. I knew E was Pork Bun Luncheon. Both identities were an example of Internet Tourettes syndrome. Just says whatever dumba$$ thing comes into his mind. He can’t help himself.

      7. E is Pork Boy Luncheon? Pork was a PITA, but I don’t recall him constantly using derogatory comments or being this insensitive.

    1. Don’t cuss yourself, Oregon! This is not your time. This is Grant’s time, and my time. And it’s not wasted. It’s time well-spent, just like every time Grant practices the Nazi art of censorship on this website… it takes the same time to delete a comment as to write one.

      1. E your ignorance of history is mind blowing. Your constant reference to Nazi censorship as if censorship was among the top 500 most horrific things the Nazis did in the 30′s and 40′s is mind blowing. I’m sure if you follow the Cohn family tree you will find at least a few who perished at the hands of the nazis. Call him any other epithat you want but do’nt be so hatefully ignorant to call a man of jewish heritage a nazi. I’m curious are you a racist, anti semite or homophobe because your use of the nazi analogy makes you sound like one. If you replace the word facist where you are using nazi you would at least sound less hateful and ignorant. imho

  27. December 10, 2013, Update news from Seattle, W.A. for 23Jordan and his friends.

    Here’s what HC Pete Carroll had to say:

    The better team won today, but the best team in the NFL loss the game.
    Why I am not worried? Because out of the four best teams in the NFC, I still feel that the Seahawks are a solid notch above everyone else and will almost certainly be at home. Seattle has allowed seven offensive touchdowns at home, most of which came happened with the game over (Jacksonville, Minnesota) or off of offensive mistakes (Jacksonville, Tampa Bay.

    The Seahawks remain second in scoring offense, behind the Broncos. Yes, after scoring just 17 points and struggling in the second half, there’s still only one team in the entire NFL to have scored more points than Seattle is and that team might be the best offense of all-time.
    Marshawn Lynch topped 1,000 yards, Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin are both right at 700 yards, and Russell Wilson and the passing offense are tied with Peyton Manning and the Denver offense at 9.3 adjusted yards per pass attempt.

    It wasn’t Wilson’s best game (though the meaningless end-of-game interception will change the perception of anyone who just looks at the box score) but he played well for the most part. If memory serves me correctly, last year in San Francisco it was a very similar situation, with Wilson being a lot more productive in the first half and then just taken out of his rhythm in the second.
    It really seems like that read-option isn’t quite so effective if the quarterback never keeps it.
    But why put your most valuable asset at risk in a regular season game with most everything locked down? I can’t take anything away from the 49ers defense in this one, they can play Seattle better than anyone in the league thanks to Justin Smith and those linebackers, and Navarro Bowman put the biggest hit on Wilson we may have seen yet. And when you’re a virtual lock to win the number one seed, I had seen enough.
    All of which comes with the added bonus that there are four more weeks before a likely playoff game in Seattle. Four weeks for Percy Harvin to get his mind and body right.

    - The 11-2 record matches the starts by the 1984 and 2005 teams. The 152-point differential comes in third, behind the +168 of ’05 and the +159 of ’84.
    - If you wanted to ignore the end-of-game Hail Mary interception, it would be the fourth game in a row where the Seahawks did not turn the ball over and I do think it’s fair to ignore it. Which still sucks since that means that Seattle basically won the turnover battle but lost the game?

      1. There is zero chance the 49ers walk away from that game feeling like the better team.

        They got the win, but they didn’t win the game.

      2. Better, get yourself prepared just in case your 49ers team make it through the 1st round of the playoff, because they might have to go Seattle again and play the Hawks and the 12th man in Playoffs. It will be a different scenario from the 19-17 loss at stick.

        Going back to the two previous games between the Seahawks and 49ers at Seattle, the 49ers have a tough time playing the Hawks and the 12th man at Seattle. The 49ers lopsided 42-13 and 29-3 blowout losses to the Hawks will be in each of the 49ers players mind when they go to Seattle, same thing that happen with the Seahawks players when they play the 49ers at San Francisco…That’s why you better believe it, that home field advantage makes a lot of difference in the outcome of the game, especially with good teams.

      3. Everyone has a tough time playing in the CLink, but don’t forget who the last visiting team to win up there was.

        See you in January.

      4. Browner, gone.
        Thurmond, gone.
        K.J. Wright, gone.

        Lynch hasn’t produced beast mode in a while. Cause he’s worn down.
        Percy Harvin???? Physically won’t play for you this year.

        Wake up Capegirl, Wilson only rushed for 2 yards cause we spied him. And he only managed 48 second half yards against us. Defense travels son. We are healthy now. We have depth on the d line. Cowboy is fully healthy.

        Crabtree is back. We now have mismatches that your adderall freaks cannot handle. What is worse for you though is that enough teams have complained about your defensive backs holding that it is being called against you. Your entire team couldn’t believe those penalties were being called hahahaha. At this point you are spewing garbage to talk yourself into believing you have a shot. Trust me, you don’t want the Niners coming up there. You know and I know we are superbowl bound.

    1. Capedouche,
      7-13 for 48 yards 0TD’s and 1int. Those were Wilson’s stats in the second half in a must win game to clinch the NFC home field. He choked. And now your coach is doing his best to not let DOUBT creep in. Cause trust me, your offense got their asses handed to them.

      You should have seen all the crying low class adderall Sherman was doing on the field. You are actually lucky that they missed a pass interference call inside the five. Otherwise it would have gotten out of hand.

      The Seahawks will never be considered great. Why? Because they need that engineered stadium as an advantage. The seachickens are 0-5 IN MY HOUSE since 2008. If it flies it dies. You mad Bruh?

      1. Bay,
        I’m not going to argue with your non-sense, because it’s not worth it. Go back and stare down your toilet bowl, and look for your brains.

        Btw, I made a bet of $100.00 dollars, and I’d picked the Hawks +3 to win and I still made some money even the hawks loss; because the 49ers didn’t even cover the three point spread, winning by score 19-17. Thank you 49ers for money for buying the gifts for the kids…

        Next time these two teams play, the Seahawks and the 12th man will humiliate the 49ers again in Seattle, and Kap’s record will be 0-3. The score will be a lot different in favor of the Hawks in the Playoffs.

      2. Capeman,

        Seattle will not beat the 49ers again this year, count on it. Why are you even commenting here? Did you get kicked off all the Seattle blogs for being a douche?

        Suck my Seacock.

      3. Pay no attention to these Niner fans who fail to recognize the greatness of your Seahawks, it’s a shame really. So what if your stadium is engineered to enhance crowd noise or that your team holds on every play, and keeps getting players suspended….isn’t that consistent with what Pete Carroll preaches, win at any cost?
        Look, no matter what the naysayers say, I congratulate you and your team in advance, they are right on schedule for winning the prestigious NFC Regular Season Championship.
        Undoubtedly Seattle is prepping for a parade, right? Air banners, confetti, the whole works.
        I sure hope the Seahawks issue commemorative hats and tshirts celebrating this glorious achievement, I for one, plan to purchase some and put them to good use.

      4. LSX, you must be one those people that loves same sex action. Sorry, I only like woman not man. You won’t have any difficulty find one, there’s a lot them in downtown San Francisco.

      1. Wow! very courageous words behind the key board! I’m not going to engage in name calling with you fools , because i know for one thing, I don’t need to explain anything to ignorant people like yourself.

      2. You’re right Flipper. You don’t have to explain yourself because everybody knows that you are a fair-weather fan. Back to the sea with you now.

      3. Cape,
        look at what a moron you are….

        Capeman says:
        December 7, 2013 at 8:13 pm


        You’re absolutely right in everything you have said in your post. I think you got to generous with the 49ers score… I see the Seahawks winning by two touchdowns 24-10 over the 49ers easy. The Seahawks defense will clamp down on Kap and Gore and they will make it tough for the 49ers offense to score.

      4. Moron is 0-2 now…

        Capeman says:
        December 7, 2013 at 9:01 pm

        There’s no argument that the 49ers have the home field advantage, but in reality, the Seahawks are a lot better team now since they last played the 49ers at the stick, which the 49ers won 13-6. The Seahawks are a much improve team in both side of the game and their second year Qb Wilson is playing like an elite Qb. Who can probably take the hawks team deep in to the Playoffs and to the SB.

        I guess Wilson proved that went he went 8-15 in the second half for 48 yards and no scores plus 1 Int. He choked… Wilson choked.

      5. 0-3 Loser

        Capeman says:
        December 8, 2013 at 12:45 pm

        Neal, Bay Losers,

        I’ll bet you’re enjoying your toilet bowl party before the game starts. Both of you might as well bring two box of Kleenex it might come handy after the game…

      6. And this douchebag is ALWAYS WRONG

        Fansince77 says:
        December 8, 2013 at 10:13 am

        If it’s a close game in the 4th quarter, I think Seattle finds a way to pull it out. They have shown more mental toughness right now.

        On one hand, Colin then gets a chance to show if he can pull out a close game in the closing minutes of a critical game.

        And if he fails then this team, on the offensive side, really needs a lot of work.

      7. ‘I don’t need to explain anything to ignorant people like yourself.’
        Yeah, right Cape Foulweather, that’s why you keep slinking back here.
        Game Over. Your time is up. If you’re so unliked on Seaslugs blogs that you need to socialize elsewhere, go root for truffles in your next opponents’ blog. This Fan stuff isn’t that complicated, you should be able to keep up.

      8. Love it when a troll comes on your site and looks so lost and blind and dumb… Moron.

        Capeman says:
        December 6, 2013 at 1:04 pm

        Razor, was this post a missed print? I thought, I read this prior to the Hawks and Saints game. The one that I know that went down was the Saints. Better, make sure you’re right next time who’s going down. All I know comes Sunday the one that’s going down is Kap and the 49ers at the stick.

      9. Pfft. Ignore any sqawk fan. The only thing they are good at is making a racket. Stadium or forum, it doesn’t matter – just mindless noise.

      10. You’re calling me a Moron Bay. You’re probably are the one that’s a moron. Because when you post you absolutely speak from your azz for one thing, and all your arguments sound idiotic. All your comments are Garbage just like brains that are stuck in your toilet bowl. You have no common sense at all that’s why you stink.

      11. Capeman:

        Isn’t there a Seahawks blog somewhere you can join to complain about the referees unfairly enforcing the rules against the Seahawks secondary or missing Vernon Davis’ “hold” on Richard Sherman?

        Or to celebrate the successful purchase of a flight over Candlestick advertising the 12th Man,* which did nothing but transfer money from the Seattle economy to the San Francisco economy?

        Or, better yet, to engage in a month long circle jerk while thinking about homefield advantage?

        The point I’m trying to make is that you don’t seem to be enjoying your experience here, and this might not be the place for you. After all, it is for people interested in talking about the 49ers, and the 49ers and Seahawks won’t play again until the playoffs, at the earliest.

        If you insist on debating opposing fans on their websites, I suggest you find a Giants’ site and knock yourself out. Here, I’ll help you:


        Seriously, knock yourself out.

        * By the way, Texas A&M fans called to ask Seattle fans to either think up your own nickname or pay them royalties for using theirs.

      12. Capeman you sound awfully bitter pal. You lost, deal with it. Hopefully you will get your chance in the playoffs. Part of me believes that Seattle falls under the category of having to lose bad before they can win. Home field advantage guarantees nothing in the playoffs. We know how to beat the Hawks now.

      13. You are very ignorant. Your manhood does not make you a better person, stronger, more brave or a better fan. Your judgmental statement makes it very clear that you are extremely insecure with your gender and the inner self.

        I am very sorry that you feel so threaten by our most beautiful city of San Francisco or those individuals that prefer same sex partners. Trust me no one would even look your way since you are not even worthy of the attention on the street. By the way there are probably plenty of those individuals in your stadium cheering for your beloved Sea chicken. I will be cheering on the Giants this weekend and hope for a victory. GO GIANTS

      14. CRAPMAN,

        The Hawks are the dirtiest team in NFL. Sherman is a fraud along with the rest of them, they play like a bunch of gangsters, perhaps they should be wrestlers first, all they do is hold you down, pull on opponents jerseys, they CHEAT. CHEATERS WON’T WIN THE SUPER BOWL.

      15. Neal, I have no issues with teams that play physical and competitors that are aggressive. In matter of fact, I played football/wrestled when i was younger and now I am a triathlete and also train mix marshall arts as a hobby. so i dig competition and physicality. But i have zero respect for people that play dirty or cheat. The whole joy of competition is to be challenged as an individual with all your might and to be able to reach a goal that appears impossible.

        My point here is if the seahawks are truly a top team in the nfl then why not play fair and square. May the best man win, no more $hit talking or disrespecting. Just play the game.

      16. Claude,
        And who said that I’m complaining about those penalty against R Sherman and the bad calls made by the Refs on the other Hawks defenders the reason why the 49er’s won the football game.

        In my own opinion, if it weren’t for those penalties the outcome of the game might have been different. The penalty was one of the reasons that the 49ers got the good field position and score those field goals.

        The way I look at it, the better team won that day, but the BEST team in the NFL loss the game. There will be another day and it will be in a different circumstances.

        In your previous post you said, that I don’t seem to enjoy the experience being in these 49er blog, to make it clear you’re wrong. To be honest, I enjoy every moment that I’m here making comment just to taunt these so called group of 49ers whiners. I’m glad that I’m getting in their nerves. There’re Seahawks blogs that I go too. But, I preferred the 49ers blogs most of the time to go too, because here, they have many whiners and cry babies.

        BTW, I don’t need your concern and your suggestion as well. Don’t worry, I’m not too concern on what these fools are saying, it doesn’t make them better then myself when they make those ridiculous comment. If the 49ers make it to the NFCC game against the Hawks, that’s good. When the 49ers lose again to the Hawks at Seattle the one that won’t laughing is these 49ers whiners and they’ll be talking smack how bad Kap is.

      17. Capey wrote, “To be honest, I enjoy every moment that I’m here making comment just to taunt these so called group of 49ers whiners. I’m glad that I’m getting in their nerves. There’re Seahawks blogs that I go too. But, I preferred the 49ers blogs most of the time to go too, because here, they have many whiners and cry babies.”

        So, you are admitting you are a troll, eh? Good for you. Admitting your problem is the first step.

        And I am not trying to be rude, but is English your first language? If not, then you are doing fairly well, but you need to work on prepositions, contractions, pluralizing nouns, homophones, past tense, comma usage, etc. If English is your first language, please go take a writing class and a critical thinking class – these will help you craft posts above the third grade level, something you tend not to do.

      18. Gadfly,
        Thank you, professor for some of your good insight. It’s nice to know that there’s an English teacher that’s very concern on how people make their comments on these blog. A lot of people can benefit on your expertise in English, way to go professor… Keep up the good work.

      19. Claude,
        And who said that I’m complaining about those penalty against R Sherman and the bad calls made by the Refs on the other Hawks defenders the reason why the 49er’s won the football game.

        In my own opinion, if it weren’t for those penalties the outcome of the game might have been different. The penalty was one of the reasons that the 49ers got the good field position and score those field goals.

        The way I look at it, the better team won that day, but the BEST team in the NFL loss the game. There will be another day and it will be in a different circumstances

        I don’t even have to comment because the double standard part of your post speaks for itself Flipper.

  28. Wooooooboy! We have some tenacious personalities on here! E’s travails are reminiscent of some others’. Remember Prime’s ghost posts?
    Occasionally I’ve wondered if there are some BPD folks out there who cruise along fine for months and then go off the tracks for a time. I’m not accusing anyone in particular of anything. I don’t think Prime, just for instance, is ill, just chronicly cranky. ; >)
    Our host can be a bit tenacious sometimes too.

  29. Cape man, I dedicate these lyrics to you:

    You’re the kind of person
    You meet at certain dismal dull affairs.
    Center of a crowd, talking much too loud
    Running up and down the stairs.
    Well, it seems to me that you have seen too much in too few years.
    And though you’ve tried you just can’t hide
    Your eyes are edged with tears.

    You better stop
    Look around
    Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes
    Here comes your nine-teenth nervous breakdown.

    When you were a child
    You were treated kind
    But you were never brought up right.
    You were always spoiled with a thousand toys
    But still you cried all night.
    Your mother who neglected you
    Owes a million dollars tax.
    And your fathers still perfecting ways of making ceiling wax.

    You better stop, look around
    Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes
    Here comes your nilne-teenth nervous breakdown.

    Oh, who’s to blame, that girls just insane.
    Well nothing I do don’t seem to work,
    It only seems to make matters worse. Oh please.

    You were still in school
    When you had that fool
    Who really messed your mind.
    And after that you turned your back
    On treating people kind.
    On our first trip
    I tried so hard to rearrange your mind.
    But after while I realized you were disarranging mine.

    You better stop, look around
    Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes
    Here comes your nine-teenth nervous breakdown.
    Here comes your nine-teenth nervous breakdown
    Here comes your nine-teenth nervous breakdown

      1. Brotha, I’ve just been thawing out, watching the snow melt — along with a couple of other meltdowns, lol. But, nope, no sympathy for the Devil (trolls).

    1. I figured Seahawks fans were singing this to each other this week:

      Capeman, Capeman, when will those clouds all disappear?
      Capeman, Capeman, where will it lead us from here?
      With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
      You can’t say were satisfied
      But Capeman, Capeman, you can’t say we never tried
      Capeman, you’re beautiful, but ain’t it time we said goodbye?
      Capeman, I still love you, remember all those nights we cried?

      All the dreams we held so close seemed to all go up in smoke
      Let me whisper in your ear:
      Capeman, Capeman, where will it lead us from here?
      Oh, Capeman, don’t you weep, all your kisses still taste sweet
      I hate that sadness in your eyes
      But Capeman, Capeman, ain’t it time we said goodbye?
      With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
      You can’t say were satisfied

      But Capeman, I still love you, baby
      Everywhere I look I see your eyes
      There ain’t a woman that comes close to you
      Come on baby, dry your eyes
      But Capeman, Capeman, ain’t it good to be alive?
      Capeman, Capeman, they can’t say we never tried

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