Harbaugh: “I thought Jonathan Martin played extremely well. Very effective.”

Here’s a transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Saturday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.

You had a couple roster moves today. Tell us about the new wide receiver you’re bringing in.
“Well, first of all I just want to say that what a pleasure it is to be here. Always feel like you can make a lot of progress as a football team between the first game and the second game. Couldn’t have a better place to do it. Tremendous facility. Appreciate the Ravens. Looks like they’ve gone to a lot of expense and effort to make sure that we have a first-class environment here. So, we really appreciate that and look forward to great work. Look forward to good practice with a first-class organization. We have tremendous respect for the Baltimore Ravens, their team, their organization, their coach. Definitely want to beat them when we play them, but always cheer for them when we’re not playing them. Just a great environment for us to be in and we anticipate great work. We did make a roster move, [WR] Lance Lewis, signed him. [WR] Chuck Jacobs tore his ACL unfortunately, and we made that roster move this morning. Tough deal, tough break for Chuck. He’s been the type of guy who never has an injury. First injury of his life. He can run all day and he’s like the unbreakable man. Got in a tough situation on the boundary the other night on the kickoff return and unfortunately tore his ACL. It’ll be all healing from here and anticipate fully that he’ll be with us this season and going forward.”

Do you guys have to do anything on the defensive line? Are you thin there? Will you have some guys back today?
“Thin still and will be through the weekend and until we get back next week. We’ve got some reinforcements coming next week, from our own team.”

Will FB Will Tukuafu do a little bit more defensive line?
“He can. He can. That’s available to us. We’ve talked about that, yes.”

We deal a lot with your brother over here. Do you come up with as many different slogans and mottos that he does? From ‘One Accord’ to ‘All In,’ ‘The Mighty Men,’ he’s come up with different T-shirts over the years, and I’m just wondering if you’re doing a similar thing out West.
“I don’t have that list in front of me.”

Nothing similar?
“There’s some similar. Oh yeah, there’s some similar. Sure. Raised in the same house. Ate the same food. Came from the same mother. Lived in the same room for 16 years. There’s bound to be some similarities I would think.”

Can I follow up with that and ask you about the fact, does it irk you that he’s now 3-0 against you, but has never played at your place?
“Yeah, we want to win those games. Like I said, I have great respect for their team and how they do it. When we don’t play them, we root for them. Definitely want to get good work this week. That’s the objective. Great opportunity to get that work with their ball club and look forward to three great days.”

Are you getting much family time together away from the field?
“Yeah, one which is rare. It’s so rare that you get the whole family together, but we spent a couple hours last night at John’s house. Joanie, my sister’s birthday was yesterday and Allison, John’s daughter’s birthday is today. So, my wife made sure I delivered those presents and just a wonderful family to be a part of. I was there last night, our parents were there and uncle, aunt, cousins, and wonderful, wonderful to be a part of that family. Very, very, very fortunate.”

You only played in Baltimore for one year. Do you have any special memories from that time?
“Oh yeah, very special memories. People that I met and games that we played.”

What’s WR Anquan Boldin brought to your team not necessarily just from on the field but his personality, his leadership?
“A-plus, plus. The most special practice player I’ve ever seen. None better than him. Just the way he competes to make the tough catch in practice, in games. Great leadership. Any player, any coach could watch him and know that’s the way it’s supposed to be done. Very serious about winning. Very serious about being good. He just showers us with all those qualities daily, hourly.”

How do you think he’ll approach these practices against his old teammates? You said, you know, he’s a great practice player. How do you think he’ll —
“The same. He enjoys it. He enjoys getting into that position to make the tough catch. I think he thrives on that. He loves to practice. I know there’s other great practice players, there’s no question about it, but I‘ve never seen any better than Anquan Boldin when it comes to that. And he’s the same way on the field on game day.”

How did you evaluate how TE Vance McDonald did the other night?
“I thought Vance played really well. It was plus, plus with Vance. Did a very good job catching the football, blocking. A really good night for him.

You said that your guys are going to treat the Ravens like your own – protect each other during the practice. Is that something you and Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh talked about? Did you get assurances that the Ravens would approach practice the same way you guys are approaching it?
“Yes. We’ve talked about it. We feel like it’s in the best interests of both teams to do that. We want to take care of the Ravens, we want to be safe out here, and we need them to do the same for us. That’s the kind of environment where iron sharpens iron. That’s what we’re looking for. We’re looking for good practice work. These aren’t games out here. This is practice. This is drills. Expect really good practice.”

You’ve kicked some players out of practice for fighting. If there’s fights out here, will players get kicked off?
“We don’t anticipate that. I know there will be many cameras assembled, gathered, and I’m sure that’s what everybody’s going to be looking for. That moment when you can capture the negative. We don’t anticipate that.”

Did you use the tablet the other night? Some of the new technology they’re letting the coaches use?
“Yeah, we did. Some of our coaches did.”

Did it work?
“It did.”

So unlike the New England head coach Bill Belichick thing. Did you think it was advantageous? Did it help?
“Yeah. At times it did.”

How so?
“There was a clear picture. It was good. Didn’t have any problems with it.”

Are WR Michael Crabtree and WR Brandon Lloyd going to get back on the field?
“Soon. Today? No.”

You had three new offensive linemen with that starting unit. How did G Joe Looney and T Jonathan Martin and C Daniel Kilgore do in the game?
“They did good. I was really especially proud of the group to play that whole second half and part of the first half. I thought they really battled well. Again, you look for improvement from Game 1 to Game 2, but it was good to be back out in a game-type environment. I thought Jonathan Martin played extremely well. Very effective. Some things to clean up. Had a false start, had a couple of plays he’d like to have back. Joe Looney the same. Got high on a few plays. It was good work and things that are fixable, things that are correctable. Look forward to getting that done between our first game and our second game.”

It’s now pretty deep into training camp, do you have to kind of looking ahead, assume you won’t have G/T Alex Boone?
“No, not assuming anything.”

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  1. I’m starting to think if a team offers a second round pick for Mr. Boone, it might be in the best interest of both parties to make the trade….

      1. Nobody is giving a 1st it 2nd round pick for a guard. If he projects to play tackle for the new team maybe a 4th. Nobody values guards that’s part of the problem for Boone.

        1. This is just about the time of year that the niners make a colossell bone-headed mistake personnel mistake….brace yourself A. Boone, I believe that you’re the next man up.

          1. This is just about the time of year that the niners make a colossell bone-headed mistake personnel mistake

            What are you talking about?

              1. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Your comment suggests that 49ers have made colossal bone-headed personnel mistakes at this time of year in the past. I’m asking you to identify them.

        2. Whoa! What about the FA $ that Miami gave Smiley and the G-Men gave Baas? Those bucks translate to a pretty high pick. A 2 may be the high side, but if a needy team is bidding……?

          1. there’s a difference in the value of a Free Agent and a player holding out. A free agent player can go anywhere so his value/$$$ is going to be pretty high. A team wanting to trade for a player holding out has to compensate that player’s team. And that team has rights to a player but not a player willing to play for that team (plus the trading team will need to do a new contract for that player anyway).

      1. They’d take a 2nd for him, but nobody will offer it most likely. Boone wasn’t very good last year which is why I find it fascinating how much appreciation he’s getting from some fans.

          1. Where do you guys think this rumour of a trade is coming from?
            Boone’s camp no doubt as their trying to force the 49ers hand. All part of the negotiation battle.

          2. Miami needs help and Indy just had injuries, not sure how bad. I’m not believing or rejecting anything at this point.

              1. He graded out as the 38th best guard, but ok. He was terrific in 2012 but really fell off last season.

          1. Sorry Oregon but you are off base here. Boone did not play well last year and is living off of reputation with some fans. He was very good the year before, but struggled with consistency last year. As Jack pointed out, his rating was poor, but it was obvious just watching the games again to see how much he struggled. He really is playing out of position.

            1. @rocket

              My statement: “Other than possibly Joe, Boone was our best Olineman”
              Would you say Iupati (Ole), Goodman, Snyder or Anthony Davis was better…I don’t care where he graded, I said OURS.

              1. @rocket

                Consistantly missing blocks, and jumping offsides….even your later comments acknowledge Iupati’s lack of . pass-blocking…I’ll split the difference with you; let’s try Boone at Rtackle and A Davis at Rguard…then grade or rate…I am finding that too many people on here are trying to ‘tech-the game’.. It’s still football…120 years after it started.

  2. Can you either separate the media questions from Harbaugh’s questions or at least return to putting the media’s questions in bold type? Thanks.

  3. Initial reports from the 1st Ravens/49ers is that Elvis Dumervil is dominating Jonathan Martin during one on one drills.
    Harbaugh may have to adjust his recent opinion of JM.

        1. Martin. He’s been getting knocked around out here, so why not back there too.

          Harbaugh is never going to say something negative about a player to the media.

          1. I am sure Jim is hoping Boone didn’t watch the game. I think he building up those players so as not to give Boone more leverage. He needs to give the appearance of “alls well” to enhance the teams bargaining power with Boone. It’s just blowing smoke.

          2. I know. I was joking.

            There seems to be a real split on Martin’s performance Thursday night. While most of us were discouraged, others swear that a review of the tape reveals that he generally did OK. I find that fascinating.

            1. Claude,

              With all due respect, those that are saying he didn’t play well are basing it on watching it once live.

              As I’ve pointed out along with Barrows and now Harbaugh himself, Martin played very well in pass protection. He wasn’t great in getting movement in the running game which is where the improvement needs to come from.

              1. rocket:

                You have made your position clear, and I respect it. I’m just noting the dichotomy.

              2. Yeah Rocket, I agree with that take. My frustration was the lack of movement. Niners are a running team and can’t be only left-handed. Now I note what Jack says below about Iupati on pulling but that was what? 1 or 2 times? Must be able to move the pile on the strong side to succeed.

              3. Claude,

                I get what you were doing, I was just responding to the point you made about people being discouraged. I find it amazing how quickly fans turn on somebody based on a prior reputation or something they said etc. Same thing happened with James when he complained a bit on Twitter. All rationale goes out the window and that player can do nothing right from that point on.

                Reading some of the reaction from the game blog it was as if they weren’t even watching the game, but instead looking for somebody to dump on. I guess I feel a need to set things straight when egregious errors are made in analysis.

                Martin isn’t great by any means, but he didn’t deserve the criticism he was getting. He may come out next week and be as bad as the reports have stated, but it wasn’t the case on Thursday.

              4. BT,

                No question the run blocking was poor overall. Iupati has struggled with his overall game going back to last season, and while I didn’t single him out in this game, I’m not surprised Jack mentioned a missed block on a pull. Iupati has been doing that for awhile now.

            2. What I’m finding fascinating is the pass that Iupati is getting. When I rewatched the first half I came away with the feeling that his play was about the same as that of Looney.

              We see the runs to the right getting stopped and blame it on Looney/Martin, when at least one of those negative plays was the result of Iupati not getting to the LB.

              1. Jack, I agree. Iupati’s mobility and timing is clearly regressing. If it were possible to trade him for something of value based on his reputation, I’d do it.

          3. There was little to knock Martin for. He played well in pass pro. I don’t care what he does in practice as long as he holds up when the lights go on.

    1. I think Martin is similar to Anthony Davis in that he needs an above average guard playing next to him in order get better and realize his potential.

    2. “49ers RT Jonathan Martin was smoked twice by Elvis Dumervil in one-on-ones. Later, Suggs put Martin on his rear. Harbaugh replaced him.” @GregABedard

      1. Two Pro Bowl players beat a guy who missed a good majority of last season plus had to deal with a case of mono during the off season. Shocking.

          1. He lost a good chunk of last season, had a setback with his health, and doesn’t have a quality RG playing next to him. Again, shocking.

            1. What does the guard have to do with him getting beat in 1-on-1 drills?

              This is a guy who stunk in Miami, the excuse there was Incognito was a big meanie. Now the excuse is that he’s still overcoming mono and he needs a better guard next to him. Got it.

              1. Stop sounding like an @$$ Jack. You’re better than that (or at least I hope you are).

                This is a guy who stunk in Miami, the excuse there was Incognito was a big meanie.

                The stunk part is not true Jack. He was actually considered an ascending player until last season. And you obviously have zero knowledge about how mentally and physically exhausting any form of bullying can be to a victim.

                Now the excuse is that he’s still overcoming mono and he needs a better guard next to him. Got it.

                So mono has no affect on anybody, especially if it’s a football player? Got it.

                Another thing you’re obviously ignoring is that Anthony Davis sucked until he had Snyder and then Boone by his side to set an example for him. That looks like the same thing Martin needs. And yes, having a strong mentor can go a long way in helping a player get better, whether they work in tandem or separate.
                Another thing you’re overlooking is the fact that this most likely just a year for Martin to regain his confidence and continue his development. Davis will most likely be ready by Week One and I expect Boone to be back by then as well hence there will be no need for Martin to play unless the team has exhausted all of its other options.

              2. “He was an ascending player”

                Of course he was. He had nowhere else to go but up. In 2012 Martin graded out at119 of 122 tackles in the league.

              3. 2012 was the season in which the bullying was starting to take its toll on Martin, but he was still being classified as a player on the rise.

              4. Didn’t realize disagreeing with you made me an @ss.

                Nitpicking on every little thing without considering what he has gone through and posting every little mistake that he makes does Jack. He’s a reclamation project with potential. And arrogantly posting ‘This is a guy who stunk in Miami, the excuse there was Incognito was a big meanie’ doesn’t exactly help your cause either.

            2. Exactly Rocket. It’s like how I’m not pleased with how Wilhoite looked in last week’s game but not worried about unless he playa like that during the season.

              1. I was never exactly sure what the “real” relationship was between those two, and I read a number of their email exchanges. And Incognito is a “real piece” of work. And now 3 NFL teams have fired him and he’s a fair player, right. I thought that was impossible.

            3. From Wikipedia:

              On November 2, it was reported that Richie Incognito’s ring-leading role in the harassment of Martin dating as far back as the 2012 season was being reviewed by the NFL Players Association.

              As I said Jack.

              1. I read it MidWest. If you like Martin as a player cool. Didn’t realize disagreeing with you made me an @ss.

            4. MidWest are you brain dead? Martin stinks. He stank at Miami which is why Philbin told Richie to toughen him up. And he still stinks. Why are people on this board defending him? Out of desperation?

              Gabbert, Martin…those moves have been an embarrassment from the beginning. And Harbs trying to cover for it doesn’t help.

              1. Sully,it’s been one game, a preseason mind you. Just relax and give it the entire camp. Guys can improve you know.

              2. Prime, you want me to relax? When we’re making moves for guys who clearly can’t play? What do you mean give it time? Gabbert and Martin have both been losers at other places, and now they’re playing subpar football for us. I can’t relax when that’s going on. Sorry.

              3. MidWest are you brain dead? Martin stinks. He stank at Miami which is why Philbin told Richie to toughen him up. And he still stinks. Why are people on this board defending him? Out of desperation?

                An example of a sad rant full of sheer nonsense, especially when you use head case Incognito as part of your reasoning.

              4. I see Sully is in full blown panic mode again.

                Don’t worry, it’s not the least bit annoying.

              5. CB and Midwest, I’ve been in panic mode regarding Martin/Gabbert since the beginning. Now that you see what I’m talking about for yourselves, instead of getting worried yourselves about those two, you go into full-blown denial.

              6. Sully:

                1. The two players in question have spent half a training camp with the 49ers’ coaching staff. Your panic is premature.

                2. We’re not talking about starters; we’re talking about backups. Your panic is out of proportion.

                3. The 49ers spent a 6th and a conditional 7th to acquire those players. Given the rate at which 6th and 7th rounders actually make NFL rosters, your panic is beyond silly.

              7. Now that you see what I’m talking about for yourselves, instead of getting worried yourselves about those two, you go into full-blown denial.

                I have always said that Gabbert wasn’t good, so his performance last week didn’t exactly come as a surprise, and Martin is not likely to see the field this season unless Davis, Boone, and potentially Synder go down with an injury. If I had to attempt to worry about one or the other, it would be Gabbert hands down, especially if our starters on the OL continue their regression from last season because it increases the chances of Kaep taking the type of hit that could knock him out for the season.

              8. Sully,

                If I thought for a second you actually watched Martin individually and broke down his play, then I’d place some relevance on your opinion. It’s obvious you didn’t though, and are basing your view on what has been said about him previously. He played very well in pass protection. Harbaugh singled him out for a reason.

                Gabbert was terrible, no argument. He was inaccurate even when he had time which is a concern. Hopefully it was first game issues and he will be better in the next one.

                Keep in mind you are also in total panic about players that may not even play this year.

  4. note to Coach Harbaw:
    same house
    same food
    same mother….

    Super Bowl record – not the same, yet.
    Any chance you ring the bell this season?

    If not, then you will have the very
    same Super Bowl monkey on your back
    next summer too. Count on it, fella.

  5. Quick note from Barrows’ practice report, “Kaepernick’s favorite target may have been receiver Stevie Johnson, who turned in a good practice following his strong showing in the preseason game.”

  6. I’ve only seen some fragments of games and some highlights, but two rooks look good; Cooks down in NOLA and Richardson in Seattle. Richardson seems assertive when on the field.
    The clips I saw of Cooks looks like his game translates just fine to the next level. I’m thinking that the Saints look poised (yes, it’s early) for a strong run in 2014.

              1. Because the Bears would have go up against our defense or Seattle’s in order to get there.

              2. The Cardinals beat the Seahwaks and our defense sucks at the moment. You’d be foolish to rule out the Bears or Eagles at this point.

              3. Our defense is strong enough to silence a potent offense in my honest opinion, so yes.
                I’m not discounting either team Coffee, but I do think that each team’s defense isn’t ready to compete with the big dogs yet.

              4. Not that you probably aren’t but I do hope you are more right then me. I think this is our drop back year. At the end of the season there will be lots of excuses made about injuries and what not but the bottom line is this just isn’t going to be our year. 2016 the 49ers will win the Superbowl at Levi’s stadium but 2015 we’ll finish 9-7 at best. Blah blah que the haters and the kool aid drinkers to come and spew their hate. Give it to me, I love it.

              5. I think the team will finish 10-6 this season, so you’re not the only one thinking that we will drop back Coffee. It’ll be enough to get us into the playoffs, but I think that we won’t be able to get past the Saints or Seahawks, which is a shame because I’d love to see Cowboy and Gore go out on top.

            1. I’m predicting that the Broncos take a step back this year because I don’t believe that their revamped defense will stay healthy,

              1. I dunno. I think Denver got a bit better. Not sure SD did. KC backslides. Oak may be better, but not enough. Denver in a walk in that Div.
                Indy and NE too.
                Can’t call A/North, too tight. Balt rebounds, Cinci good, Pit improved to contend, Cleve enough better to be a spoiler.

              2. I think they got better on their defense but not so much on offense. Also their pickups on defense are injury – prone and getting up there in age. I think the Broncos will win that division, but I’m expecting them to come out of it with a few pieces missing and less wins than last season.
                I agree on the AFC North being tight and the AFC East being a cake walk for the Patriots, but I’m not sold completely on thr Colts. I think they’ll win the division, but it could be tighter than anticipated. The Colts have a shaky RB corps plus a secondary that was chewed up at times last season. I also think the Jags could surprise everybody with a strong season.

  7. It’s quotes like this that show precisely why it’s totally pointless to even bother interviewing Harbaugh.

    1. I realize as a professional reporter employed by a major circulation newspaper(pfft, newspapers, might as well call them 8 tracks) you are compelled to hold your iphone up in the air while the head coach is talking but seriously, I think you can skip printing what he said from here on out since it’s actual value in the universe is on par with Razoreater’s scouting ability.

  8. PS: Harbaugh actually gained some points in my book when he hired Martin and I’m not his biggest fan, although I respect his coaching ability. But he did a very kind thing when he hired Martin. That whole mess was so controversial at the time and no one would touch either one of them. I doubt Martin will be with the team in 2 years, but Martin was suicidal at the time. . .

  9. Jim will never throw a player under the bus. Martin was slow, indecisive and missed blocks. Other than that he was great…

    1. I think the rhetoric Jim is putting in print is throwing Staley under the bus.
      At the end of the day Jim’s checks support Jim’s family. He appears to be doing what he’s told regarding media, rhetoric, and interviews. Let’s not give the guy saint hood just yet. He is a pawn in a billionaire’s chess game.

      1. @Matt

        I am in total agreement with you….but you know you’re gonna’ catch hell for saying it….

        also agree with C4C’s post from 23:17…it’s a drop-back season

  10. From Matt Maiocco:

    –Right tackle Jonathan Martin got knocked backward to the ground while working against Terrell Suggs during an 11-on-11 drill. Martin was replaced after being slow getting up. He was all right and returned to practice.

    1. –Andy Lee blasted a punt that sailed 75 yards in the air – far over the head of the Ravens return man.


  11. Sounds like WR Johnson is starting to come around and our secondary is continuing to be suspect to the big play.

  12. OK, just a tad off topic,….but….
    I’m an old codger, but does anyone else like Leonard Cohen? Watching and digging his London show recording.

  13. Harbaugh’s comments on J. Martin are just a thinly veiled attempt to maintain some leverage in the Boone negotiation IMO. I think Boone is going to get a deal soon as it’s pretty clear he is needed. Here is my crack at the roster. A lot of WR’s, but you can rationalize it given Ellington is our return man and Osgood is a beast on special teams. I kept Bubba Ventrone and Spiller on the roster because of their special teams contribution and I kept Okoye on there because he seems like he is breaking out and clearly a ridiculous athlete. Not sure who plays FB if Miller goes down (Hyde?).

    1. Colin Kaepernick, QB.
    2. Blaine Gabbert, QB.
    3. Josh Johnson, QB.
    4. Frank Gore, RB.
    5. Carlos Hyde, RB.
    6. Jewel Hampton, RB.
    7. Marcus Lattimore, RB.
    8. Bruce Miller, FB.
    9. Vernon Davis, TE.
    10. Vance McDonald, TE.
    11. Derek Carrier, TE.
    12. Joe Staley, OT.
    13. Mike Iupati, OG.
    14. Daniel Kilgore, C.
    15. Alex Boone, OG/OT.
    16. Anthony Davis, OT.
    17. Jonathan Martin, OT/OG
    18. Joe Looney, OG.
    19. Marcus Martin, C.
    20. Anquan Boldin, WR.
    21. Michael Crabtree, WR.
    22. Quinton Patton, WR
    23. Bruce Ellington, WR/Return man.
    24. Kassim Osgood, WR/Gunner.
    25. Justin Smith, DT/DE.
    26. Ian Williams, NT.
    27. Ray McDonald, DT/DE.
    28. Tank Carradine, DT/DE.
    29. Jerod Eddie DT/DE
    30. Quinton Dial, DT/DE.
    31. Aldon Smith, DE/OLB.
    32. Ahmad Brooks, DE/OLB.
    33. Dan Skuta, OLB.
    34. Corey Lemonier, DE/OLB.
    35. Lawrence Okoye DE
    36. Patrick Willis, ILB.
    37. Chris Borland, ILB.
    38. Nick Moody, ILB.
    39. Shayne Skov, ILB.
    40. Chris Culliver, CB.
    41. Tramaine Brock, CB.
    42. Dontae Johnson, CB.
    43. Chris Cook, CB
    44. Darryl Morris, CB.
    45. Parrish Cox, CB
    46. Eric Reid, FS.
    47. Antoine Bethea, SS.
    48. Jimmie Ward, S/CB.
    49. C.J. Spillman, S.
    50. Bubba Ventrone (S/Sp Teams)
    51. Phil Dawson, K.
    52. Andy Lee, P.
    53. Kevin McDermott, LS.

    1. wow, that’s a crazy one. some things that i can guarantee are wrong. jewel hampton isn’t making this team over lamichael james. it’s very unlikely they keep 3 QBs. it’s laughable that they would cut both stevie johnson and brandon lloyd. no chance in hell they cut Wilhoite to keep both Moody and Skov, especially considering Wilhoite actually has playing experience and played well last year when he replaced Willis.

      1. Anybody can poke holes at a 53 man roster; that’s why it’s called the bubble.

        Jewel Hampton vs. LMJ is more of an injury question (PUP?) and a call on Lattimore’s status (i.e. both could make it). Speculation, yes, crazy, no.

        3 QBs vs. 2, close to a coin flip. Certainly plenty of teams only start two if both are 100%

        You didn’t like the WR call, but predictably didn’t offer an alternative. Will they use another spot on the roster for a WR? Will Lloyd beat out Osgood, given where he would be in the depth chart (#5 after Crabs, Boldin, QP, Ellington?) and their relative special teams value? I’ll admit, S Johnson would be tough cut because of the trade (though it was conditional), but most of his $$ isn’t guaranteed. If he doesn’t flash something in camp soon, that money might be better spent on Boone given Looney’s struggles thus far.

        Whilhoite did a fine job filling in last year and chances are that Skov can be tucked on the practice squad without loosing him like we did with Cooper last year. So, it’s a fair criticism.

        Where’s your roster or do you just troll?

    1. It is good. Maybe Gore needs to stop by SpeeDee.

      BTW, just a small detail, Hyde didn’t have a 28 yard run Thursday night. It was 19.

    2. Interesting opinions, but is your source reliable? Where’d you dig that guy up?
      Just kidding.
      On another note, a slight fix on one of Lowell’s lines:
      Boldin is a fantastic terrific turtle….

    3. yup, he’s right. Niners are a running team and Hyde appears to be the next bell cow back (even if the Niners contend they’ll be shifting to more of a committee approach).

      the only minor problem I have is this statement: “They are not a team that uses the West Coast Offense. “ I think it’s somewhat technically inaccurate. He’s right Harbaugh’s offense isn’t a short passing game to set up the run or deeper passes. Harbaugh’s offense uses a ground and pound Bo Shembechler offensive philosophy. But much of the passing game concepts and mechanics are West Coast Offense. So the mechanics of the WCO are in Harbaugh’s offense to a certain degree. I think the Andrew Luck passing game was a bit closer to WCO passing concepts. But the Niner’s tend to pass when forced into passing situations which makes them go to a more vertical “attack the seams” and deep crossing routes to stretch the zones…type of passing offense. But when the Niners do pass on downs that aren’t strictly passing downs, you’ll see play action but also more WCO passing concepts. But the over all philosophy that Harbaugh/Roman share with Walsh is finding optimal match ups; which at it’s essence was Walsh’s WCO with it’s short passing game that had WRs and RBs catching passes against run defending linebackers and safeties.

      So as a result Roman can sometimes spend too much time trying to “zag” to the defense’s “zig” instead of straight up dictating with the run game or passing game. But then again, the Niners often stick to the power run game when they should “zig” when the defense is stuffing the box with defenders. The balance between finding optimal match ups (WCO philosophy) and the power run dictating of the Schembechler philosophy isn’t always a smooth relationship.

        1. Razor,
          I don’t recall hearing an official report on the type of (if any) injury on Patton (from Maiocco).
          Are you hearing something different or an updated report?

        1. I told you it would be a war of attrition, and you have Got To Be Strong. The leverage pendulum has swung towards Mr. Boone as fate would have it…..

        1. rocket,
          Is it me, or does it seem like TC injuries have been on a rise over the last few years?

          I know that players will get injured because of the nature of the sport, but the 49ers have been hit hard.
          I’m trying to determine why players are going down at an increasing pace.

          My questions:
          Player’s individual warm-ups

          Players practicing with minor injuries because of fear of not being on the field and missing vital time

          Conditioning coach’s not making an impact

          The fierce contact on the practice field

          I’m sure there are more reasons but these stand out for me.

          1. AES,

            It does seem like it but I would imagine if we did a search into TC injuries over the years it would probably be similar from year to year. It’s the reality of playing this game.

            I do think there’s a problem with conditioning since the NFLPA won all the offseason conditions in the last CBA.

            So far the injuries have been to backups with the exception of Dorsey so let’s hope we’ve seen the worst of it.

          2. I think TC injuries have jumped way up. On a recent radio interview Randy Cross wondered “what’s with all the soft tissue injuries?” (not exact quote)

            To list some possible reasons…
            – Long seasons = shorter off seasons. The first super bowl was January 15 What was originally a fall sport now extends into February.

            – Players are bigger, faster, stronger, more explosive. Players like Crabtree and Patton change directions in an instant. This means more PSI on joints and soft tissue. Don’t know the exact formula, but PTs have told me a 3% increase in weight means greater then 3% increase in PSI.

            – Strength of joints and connective tissues can’t keep pace with sudden increases in muscle mass… even when the muscles are developed ethically.

            – Competition is Harbaugh’s theme, but it might be pushing players too hard (even in light contact situations). Its always “so and so was having a great camp, then his snerkly ruptured in a routine non-contact drill.”

            Two opposing boxers training for a match don’t have identical work/rest schedules. Why should linemen?

            There is an ebb and flow to getting in shape. There will be days when a player needs to throttle back that’s different then the player next to him.

            “Out there competing every day” might not be the way to go.

            1. Thanks guys (rocket, B2W).

              There are some freak injuries that take place as well. Last year Crabtree was injured pushing off his foot. Crabtree’ injury was huge because he and Kap were developing great chemistry coming off the 2012 season.
              KHunter was injured by planting his foot as well (2012 season and 2014 TC). I was really looking forward to seeing KHunt have a breakout year. Now, CHyde will get KHunt’ carries and LMJ will likely get some when he’s ready.

              Right now, I’m just hoping for the best on the injury front.

              1. Hunter was 2014’s under the radar secret weapon. I was expecting him to get = the carries Gore would.

                A true measure of his skills is 2012 (before he was hurt). 5.3 YPC.

                LMJ telegraphs outside run. Gore runs mostly inside. Hunter threatened the entire defense.

      1. Reason being… I think our D takes a step back this year defending the run and pass. I don’t think Kaep has it in him to run an offense that consistently puts up 27-30 pts a game. And we play in the league’s toughest division.

  14. I feel sorry for the dogs getting kicked by all of these knee-jerk reactions to “injuries” that could be nothing at all.

  15. I don’t wish injuries on anyone but if Snyder is out of the running it means the tightwads running the Niners will have to get serious about Boone’s very real requests. And that’s a very good thing…

  16. “Lynch continues to look good, and he later had a would-be sack of quarterback Tyrod Taylor during team drills.” -Matt Barrows

    1. If the “First Round Body with the RFA Brain” gets his poop in a scoop, he’ll be a draft steal. A team can never have enough edge rushers.

  17. Sounds like the 49ers had a much improved day of training against the Ravens today all round. Big plays on offense on defense. Dontae Johnson with a pick-6, coming one play after he broke up a pass.

    Aldon apparently was very good, and will definitely be a blow if he ends up missing a lot of time due to suspension. But two straight days Aaron Lynch has gotten some positive comments about his pass rush skills… maybe he could help fill in for Aldon.

      1. Sure. They did just fine with Lemonier and Skuta a year ago, and by all accounts Lemonier has looked much improved.

      2. I agree Grant, that will be a key question while Aldon is out. As Jack said, we did ok last season without him, but the team also had Bowman, Dorsey, Rogers, Whitner and Brown. Will be interesting to see how they go this season. Hopefully the young guys will step up, like Carradine, Lemonier, Dial, and maybe Lynch as I suggested above.

        1. Bowman was key. He was by far the best blitzing/pass rushing inside linebacker in the league last year.

          How many sacks will Justin Smith have this season? Warren Sapp had 2 when he was 35.

          1. I think Justin will still get around 4 – 6 sacks this year, if he stays healthy for the most part, and will be a big part of creating pressure up front once again. I’d be very surprised if he was as dominant as in 2011 and 2012, but still good.

            What will be very interesting to see is how much time a guy like Carradine gets. He could be a guy that makes up some of that slack up front if the coaches feel confident rotating him in on a semi-regular basis.

            1. Justin Smith probably will get more left tackle-left guard double teams this season while Aldon and Bowman are out.

      3. The 49ers have alot of pass rushers, but Aldon is a supreme talent. His overall OLB skills have greatly improved too. Sets the edge nicely.

        – If Lemonier or Skuta fail to pressure, moving Tank or Dail outside on passing downs could work.
        – Lemonier has natural (but still developing) coverage skills, so zone blitzes with Ward/Borland rushing and Corey dropping back could work.
        – Okoye could make the team as a designated bull rusher while his other skills develop.
        – Lynch (in a pinch)

  18. Let’s say Aldon Smith receives a 6 game suspension, and take a look at the first 6 quarterbacks they’ll face:

    Tony Romo – I don’t expect his back to be 100% and I don’t expect him to run around. His Offensive Line could be the best on paper…..

    Jay Cutler – The last time they met, he threw 5 INT’s and I’d expect at least one in this game. He obviously is not a scrambler and his Offensive Line might not have gelled in time for this match up….

    Carson Palmer – Improved Offensive Line, but that’s not saying much. Pure pocket passer, so you’ll know where to find him….

    Nick Foles – Depth in this game could potentially come to bite the 49ers against this up tempo offense. The O-Line is top ten, and again this quarterback is not a scrambler….

    Alex Smith – The Chiefs O-Line is young, and susceptible to stunts. While athletic, Alex Smith isn’t dangerous in the open field…..

    Sam Bradford – Their O-Line is big, and rush dominant. Bradford is another pure pocket passer, and he’ll look to get rid of the ball quickly….

    1. With all that being said, each of those QB’s will stand in the pocket, deliver it and take a hit.
      It’s not just about scrambling, rather putting heat on a pocket passer which all those guys are and then some.
      If the Niners can’t put the QB on the ground it will put slot of pressure on a young and new secondary.

    2. The next Monday game is Oct. 13. One would think the 49ers would be stressing about having Aldon start his sentence sooner rather then later. But Aldon’s been practicing Mondays

      Could the 49ers lack of urgency mean they have inside information that any suspension will go well beyond Oct. 13?

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