Harbaugh wants the 49ers “to make significant improvement this week.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is a transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday press conference courtesy of the 49ers.


Anything going on with NT Ian Williams? What’s his prognosis?

“It looks like he’s going to be out for the year. Disappointing, he’ll have surgery today.”


It was a broken ankle?



After watching the play, any thoughts on just the block?

“No, an unfortunate play.”


How do you think DL Glenn Dorsey did?

“I thought Glenn played well. He had a lot of good snaps.”


Do you have to make a move at that position now? Are you comfortable with just one true nose tackle on the roster?

“Yeah, we’re looking through that right now and we’ll make a decision on that in the next day or two.”


But you can’t sign either NT Lamar Divens or DT Will Tukuafu?



What about S Eric Reid, what’s his, is he going through the protocol right now?

“Yeah, he’s going to go through the protocol, and the good news is he’s not symptomatic today. So that’s a positive.”


Anything on DT Ray McDonald?

“No, nothing to report there.”


And TE Vernon Davis?

“Yeah, being looked at today.”


Did you look at just the film what happened to you guys offensively? Anything you can put your finger on why you guys struggled so much to move the ball?

“In a lot of ways it was both offenses were struggling. Two good defenses out there playing. Yeah there’s things that we’ll put our finger on and try to make improvement, significant improvement this week. That’s something that the earlier part of the season you want to make the most of identifying where you can get better and make improvements and then you want to see those improvements made. I’m not going into every single detail, but we’re trying to put our finger on some things.”


One of QB Colin Kaepernick’s calling cards early in his career obviously has been the ability and willingness to go downfield, deep downfield with the ball, didn’t do much of that yesterday. What was happening downfield that was kind of interrupting that process?

“There was good coverage. There was pressure at times. I thought, when we go back and look at the tape Colin competed, was seeing the field, made plays, made the most amount of plays that we made on offense. And I’m not saying we made … we didn’t make enough, but I thought Colin competed and played hard and played well at times. He probably played the best, most productive person we had on offense.”


Do you think the decisions he made, whether it was to not throw the ball downfield for the most part were the right decisions?

“I do. I think he was seeing the field. I’m not disappointed in the way Colin played at all. I think he’s, he did what he could.”


Why do you think that the offensive line struggled to get, to open holes for RB Frank Gore in the running game in particular in these first two games?

“Again, I’m sure we could dissect it here right now. Maybe you’d like to do that, I’d prefer not to and look more at ourselves and identify what we can improve and then set out to make those three or four things significant improvement after this week.”


Is it a concern to you?

“You can use what word you want to use. We’re using this early part of the season to identify it and improve where we can.”


Is it more an issue of the offensive line or Frank Gore?

“Again, I’m not going to dive into the details of it.”


I’m just asking you to put your toe in, you don’t have to dive.

“I think I’m putting my toe in, I do. I think I’m being clear about how I want to say it. We’ll look to make some significant improvements. Again, Seattle’s got a very good defense. They played extremely well. As the game flowed, we don’t get points on the first drive. We come away with nothing after a good drive and then momentum plays were made by Seattle’s defense, that kind of the hole in the dyke got a little bigger, a little bigger and then finally caved in. But, I think what we do, look, again, where we can make improvements, zero in on that and see if we can’t come away with this week significant improvements in all those areas that you’re talking about.”


Of all the years you’ve watched, coached, played, college, pros, everything, does a game like that leave you in disbelief like how does this happen, or you’ve seen it all and anything can happen?

“Not to stack up, compare any other game in all the years that we’ve played or watched football. In a lot of ways, we’re like I just described. We were there, we had some chances. There were some missed opportunities and then some momentum plays that went against us. Now that’s on us, coaches, players. That’s also credit to what Seattle did.”


What are your thoughts on the hit from LB Ahmad Brooks on Seahawks QB Russell Wilson on the read-option?



What were your thoughts on Ahmad Brooks’ hit on Russell Wilson during the read-option?

“Well, I think you know how I feel about that. I’ve been pretty outspoken that they need to look at that rule.”


So did you think it was a penalty because it would have been a hit by saying it’s flawed and biased?

“Do I think it was a penalty? No. That’s the way the rule’s written right now. Let somebody else carry the water on that from now on. One voice isn’t enough there.”


Seahawks CB Richard Sherman was very physical near the line of scrimmage, a lot of clutching and grabbing. Do you think he was playing within the rules because it was in the five-yard window and how do you combat that to get open?

“Yeah, he did a very good job. The coverage was tight. He’s an excellent player.”


Any comment on the penalties? I think 23 in the past couple games. I don’t know if you want to use the word concern or whatever, but how would you identify  those and improve on it?

“It’s an obvious area that we need to improve on and hopefully we’ll see significant improve this week in that. But that’s something we’ll zero in on, yes.”


Sherman had some interesting comments after the game. What are your thoughts on his postgame interviews?

“I’m not aware of what his comments were.”


With Colts QB Andrew Luck coming this week, how do you game plan for that guy and I know you know him well but it’s been a couple years since you guys have spent day-after-day together.

“Yeah, he’s a terrific player and you see it on the tape. The ball comes out quicker than it looks like it comes out. The velocity on the throws is more than what it looks like. As good as he looks and as physical as he looks in the pocket and tough to bring down, he’s even harder to bring down than you think. He looks fast when he’s running with the ball and he’s out of the pocket and can make a throw on the run or run. But he’s faster than he looks. Third week in a row, we’re playing one of the top quarterbacks in the league.”


How do you describe that dynamic of for years putting together a game plan to take advantage of his strengths and now being on the other side trying to put together a game plan to exploit whatever weaknesses he might have?

“There’s not a lot of weaknesses that he has. He’s a top-notch player. We’re going to have to be very sound, very good. Again, a top-notch quarterback in the NFL. And hopefully we’ll be better for it as we play these top guys.”


You know that Seattle’s defense is obviously just talented, they’re very good players. Is part of their success, last night also, that they have a pretty good familiarity with you like any division team?

“Is it part of that? Yeah, could be.”


Seahawks head coach Carroll indicated that they really studied you guys very closely and felt confident about their plan?

“Yeah, don’t disagree with that. They had a good plan and executed it very well.”

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  1. We got beat down. End of story… important thing is to re-group and come out swinging against the Colts. Have to play better in every aspect of the game

      1. I feel great frustration when the 9ers repeatedly run at the opponents strength–interior line, right where there are the most defensive players. Such Macho! One ought to attack the opponent’s weakness, not his strengths. It’s something the dynasty teams rarely did. Do u suppose these coaches ever look at film of the 9er championship teams? …..since they are NOT championship coaches at this point. That should be required. There is a mind set, an attitude there which can be attuned to and continued.

      2. @greennoblework

        You’re Knowledge or Lack of is underwhelming.

        To win games in the NFL it ALL starts up Front. You have to be able to run the ball in order to keep defenses honest, otherwise you become 1 dimensional & that’s how you lose games for sure.

        Bottom Line

        The O-Line has to play much better in Run blocking if the 49ers want to win games. Hopefully that get’s better in practice this week & shows on Sunday against the Colts.

  2. We got beat by a better team …plain and simple..Seattle is the team to beat in the NFC West.
    We got outplayed , outhit and outcoached.The Niners are slowly regressing..Im not saying the sky is falling but were not as good as we were.We consistently are lacking at wide reciever and our secondary is suspect..The Seahawks draft great and plug them right in..Baalke almost out smarts himself..Reid is looking great but not to pleased with all the projects weve drafted.We could have been drafting healthy corners that could be play8ng now..
    I cant believe Im saying this but Im starting to believe we were better off with Alex..Starting to look like Kaep is a flash in the pan..

    1. LMAO really? 1 bad game against a GREAT defense in a hostile environment, and everything else he’s shown up to this point is a fluke? Get outta here man. Bet you weren’t saying that last week when he abused the Packers with 400+ yards.

      It was just a bad game, that’s it. No running game to help out. No WRs getting separation. What’d you expect him to do? Pass to himself?

    2. They are the team to beat at HOME!!!
      Not in the NFC. Which of these two teams have went into a playoff teams home and won games the past two season?
      We got beat. And at least half of it was self inflicted. And THAT can’t happen again. Toughest place to play and you’re giving them more chances after stops on 3 rd downs. It’s one game, good thing is we’ve got them at home later in the season. If we had won that game. Do you believe we should have forgotten about them for the rest of the season? Would their season have been over? We could have just mailed in the game in December. Right?

      If I see us down like that again and personal fouls and boneheaded penalties occurring frequently because of frustration. THEN ill start to worry.

    3. SS,

      You sound like a fool and a troll. Were we regressing last week? Or did we just start regressing this week because of the loss? Were we regressing last year when Seattle beat us 42-13 in Seattle last year with Kap? Were we regressing when we were in the Super Bowl against the Ravens. You sound like an idiot. BWe’ve been lacking at wide receiver for over 5 years. Is that how long we’ve been regressing? How can you be pleased with all the projects we’ve drafted? You’ve not seen them play. I think you’re a closet Seahawks fan. You can come out whenever you’re ready. Or are you going to wait until after the Seahawks start regressing?? Alex Smith over Kap??? Your credibility is ZERO! Your sky is falling!

    4. yes, it does look like you’re seeing the sky fall.
      49ers were playing in the same “field of mind” that they got clobbered in the last time these 2 teams met. The same place, the same fans, wanting the same outcome. That’s a huge factor….as is the obvious talent of their team. Our home field advantage is not quite so pronounced, for some reason I haven’t identified, but we will have a more favorable outcome when Seahawks come here later this season. Especially if we have Krab and Manningham to help.
      Kaep was trying to do do too much to make things happen; no one else had stepped up, was open, so he was trying to do it alone……and doing well intermittently. Other teammates on offense were getting beat……or could not get open.

    5. Well if you need to go there, Russel Wilson looked bad too. I guess they were better off with Matt Flynn right.

      That game was Seattle’s Superbowl and they rarely lose at home. Niners D played great…until they lost Reid. Losing Williams so early caused the D-line to eventually wear down by the late 3rd early 4th.

      If the niners had lost like that at home I would be worried. But since Seattle is a below average team on the road we will make this game up.

    6. lol. What about Alex AT HOME against New York last year? A much less talented defense, and AT HOME, and he throws three picks as well. Hmmm…

  3. Not much else Jim could say. Bit contrite yet consistent in how he chooses to answer certain questions. Would have loved to have been there to feel the energy in the room. I think he struck a good tone and my sense is he bonded a bit more with the press than before. No next man up posturing. It will be very interesting to see what sort of offensive game plan is installed for next week. Perhaps the other receivers will have to be moved into live action sooner than the staff had anticipated. I wish nothing but the best for all involved. One other note, in reading other blogs and articles there seems to be a growing sense of concern about injuries as a whole. Tough to see your players go down particularly this close to training camp after you have already made some moves you might like back. Go Niners! Jim, break open a good rustic bottle of wine tonight!

  4. I ask myself. What plays would Bill Walsh and Joe Montana would have called on this game, would they come up with special trick plays ? What would Joe Montana would have done differently than Colin? Anything interesting?

    1. BC
      As great as The Joe was .. he, too, had some
      games where the Niners played badly ..
      (although, admittedly… I seem to remember only
      the good ones)

      The Niners will be ok going foreward …

      1. I remember Joe and the niners losing in the playoffs 2 years in a row to the Giants. 17-3 and 49-3 in between SB’s 2 and 3. Looked bleak. That said, coaching HAS to game plan better and use our talent better.

  5. IMO, I think our coaches continually out-smart themselves in a lot of instances. Why did we suddenly make the pistol formation our base offense? What happened to that diverse run game that was so successful over the past 2 seasons, with our offensive line just simply mauling people and playing a physical brand of football? What happened to the power runs, traps, whams, off-tackles, counters, tosses, etc….. What happened to the days where we could chunk off 6-8 yards a time, because the defense was so off balance trying to predict what we were going to do? When did we become this finesse offense that relies on trickery or defensive players missing assignments in order to move the ball?

    Defenses have finally began to catch on to the pistol formation and the read-option plays. They didn’t fool the packers, and they didn’t fool the seahawks either. Teams are bottling up that run game out of the pistol, and it’s making us one dimensional, which goes against everything our offense used to be. Defenses know based on our formation, that we’re either going to (1) give gore the ball right up the middle (2) run around the edge with Kap (3) or play-action pass. This NEW offense doesn’t compliment Frank Gore or our RBs, and it doesn’t suit our offensive line either. Get rid of this crap already and get back to WHAT WORKS…..

    Defenses now have a blueprint for how to stop our new offense. Let’s see if the coaches can put their ego to the side, and play to our players’ strengths rather than continuing to run into a brick-wall over and over.

    1. Exactly! Where are those wham plays? Pistols great, but all the time??!! Can we get a screen pass to a rb sometime too maybe…..Please?

      1. I do believe and most of us knew that we were going to loose some games. Seattle is a tough place to play . Not a excuse always is tough. Keep faith and stop saying stupid things. We will come back.

  6. Note to Coach Harbaw:

    Until we win/dominate a game with a credible (winning record) opponent, your butt will remain in a sling. Find a running back, find a nose tackle, find a receiver corps – in other words, field a team, willya…!!!??!!!!

    1. Yeah, how bout fielding a team that can be in the playoffs during your (Harbaugh) coaching tenure.
      Oh, my bad. You have put your teams in the playoffs during your 49ers coaching tenure.

  7. Would have loved to see some screens or swing passes to keep them honest I dont remember seeing one..And Dan wide recievers were not getting seperation because we dont have any on the roster that can get open..Seattles secondary is great but not impenetrable. ..Good recievers have had good days against them which goes back to my point that Baalke and 9er front office in general lack at drafting skill positions..

    1. I agree, that the WR position has been somewhat of a weakness of ours for the last decade. It also doesn’t help that our #1 AND #2 WR from last year are injured.

      My point is that we didn’t HAVE to have Boldin beat Sherman consistently to win this game. In fact, RUNNING THE BALL is how you beat the Seahawks. By trying to beat them through the air, you’re playing right into their hands. That’s exactly what they want us to do. Think about it. They have a ferocious pass rush and an elite secondary – that’s their strength. Last time we played them, we came out of the gate with 3 straight incomplete passes, following by a punt. We never recovered from that moment on, and Gore had like 8 carries that game. I don’t understand why we continue to play right into their hands every single time? Look back to the win against them last year. We did it by pounding the ball and playing physical. If you can establish the run, then it sets you up better for the passing game.

      In addition, we could’ve used bunch formations with 3 WRs to combat their aggressive press coverage. We could’ve spread the field out a little more to get rid of that 8-man box, and THEN run the ball through the open lanes. Our game plan last night was absolute garbage, and our adjustments were even worse.

      Somehow we went from being a physical power running team with a diverse attack (running and passing), to this finesse offense that relies on gadget plays to move the ball. It’s stupidity.

      1. Completely agree..And I dont put it on Gore either..There were no lanes opening up at all..We used to have great push up front but now it seems like our o line is better at pass blocking..wierd…Im also troubled how quiet J Smith has been..

      2. Even with Crabs and Manningham, the Niners were not getting their receivers open. It doesn’t matter if it was Alex Smith or KAEP. If you read the stats from the QB from the recent Seattle game, you would have thought those were Alex’s stats. Remember how we used to complain about his low yardage output?
        Normally in the past, the when the Niners lost I thought I was from an X’s and O’s perspective. Now, in addition to the bad game plans, we also have a team that is not very disciplined with all the stupid penalties. The Niners are too talented to not make a deep run into the playoffs, but this does not have the look and feel of a hungry team. Not like 2011. 2012 was a goofy year because of the QB switch. Simply put, the time for talk is over. Time for the men to show up and just get it done….

      3. Fansince77,

        No one is going to get great yardage through the air against the Seahawks. It’s not just us that can’t pass against them, it’s the entire NFL. That’s why they’re the best team in football.

        And THAT’S why you attack them on the ground, where they’re vulnerable. We need to use the run, to set up the pass. Not the other way around! We came out passing from the gate last season against them, and it was a disaster from that point forward as well.

      4. Well put Dan. It’s like coach is trying to prove a point without making the adjustments. There’s something about this Jim and Pete show that gets under my skin. This team is capable of kickin’ the Seahags asses and yet, the game plan stinks. I don’t get it. Watch out Andrew, suddenly we need a win.

      5. I agree that much/most of this is on the coaches. These coaches should be required to spend time watching film of the championship teams that preceeded them……..until they become champions themselves.

      1. The 49ers are a poor inside screen team. They run the ball so well that the 8 man fronts cause a lot of traffic for those to work through.

      2. I want to see some bubble screens against the seahawks! Rchard Sherman is a loud mouth punk! And the way to deal with a punk is to hit him in his loud mouth! Give me a 4 man diamond bunch, VD, AB and VMAC with KW behind, throw the screen to KW and let AB, VD and VMAC pound Sherman into the turf!!! Do this often, i dont care if it gains much yardage, i just want Sherman pounded into the dirt to set a tone! Also, run at him! Sweeps and tosses. Get a FB running at him, heck, how about Iupati pulling !!! In the NFL, the way you d3al with an elite CB is to run at him!!! Make him play football!!!

      1. that’s exactly why you run the outside screens to the wide outs. with 1 on 1 coverage, your wide out basically is a punt returner who just has to make one guy miss. with 8 in the box and a low s/s, the corners are on islands. not good, thought, vs. bump and run unless you are running tunnel screens (jail break screen) away from the 8th defender down in the box.

  8. Dan you are so correct. That’s why I ask myself. What would Bill Walsh and Joe Montana would have done in this situation. They would have made some kind of play adjusemts.

  9. funny stuff on Luck:
    faster than he looks
    stronger than he looks
    quicker release than he looks
    harder to bring down than he looks.


  10. the question that did not get asked:
    So with six minutes left in the third quarter,
    you are behind by 12 points,
    you have the ball first and 10 on the opponent’s 10 yard line…

    what is the effect of giving your “franchise” quarterback only 3 downs
    in which to score the needed seven points…?
    You just delivered a devastating message to a rookie QB:
    ” we do not trust you to score in the red zone. ”

    That series has left a mark on him. The 3 points on the kick… meaningless.
    Kaep needed to be handed the rock on fourth down and told:
    Score a touchdown. Score it like a real man. Then go on to win this game.
    It was still within reach at that point. Fear factor, or what?
    Grow a pair, Jim. A Super Bowl sized pair, okay?

    1. I didn’t realize Kap was a rookie QB?

      Why don’t the Broncos just go for it every 4th down in the red zone then? I guess they’re sending a “devastating” message to Peyton Manning. They don’t trust him!!

  11. Bottom line, the 49ers weren’t the best team in the NFC West yesterday.

    The Seahawks exposed the 49ers shortcomings at WR and in running the ball effectively against 8 in the box. The receivers were mauled at the line of scrimmage and didn’t have the speed or elusiveness to shake their defender. I know some people have said Kaep didn’t see a few opportunities when receivers were open, but for the most part the receivers were just very well covered. Kaep did miss a few short passes he should have made though that killed drives.

    It appeared the 49ers only plan to deal with the aggressive man coverage was to get Kaepernick to run into the space left by DBs covering their player. They hardly even attempted to stop the jam by motioning receivers or bunching them. To be honest, even if they had, the way the ‘Hawks DBs played they still probably would have had the receivers measure – Sherman matches up well with Boldin even playing off coverage, and Williams and Moore have looked pedestrian two games in a row. Watching the game I couldn’t help but wonder if a more explosive guy like Jon Baldwin could have helped.

    As for the running game, time to go back to their roots. Too much read-option and running sideways, trying to set runs up. Gore has been getting hit behind the line of scrimmage way too often. The defenses have been hitting the OL fast and hard, time for the running game to do the same back.

  12. I know its week 3 but I think Roman needs to go..His playcalling is puzzling.Second maybe we can make a trade for a big bodied receiver and a corner.Its time to put Baldwin and harper in the mix.These speedy slots.2′s and 3s are not gonna match up with tall,big physical secondaries goin forward.

    1. Don’t Worry.He’s excited and giddy rite now..beating the 49ers is personal for him..The other teams are gonna come after them..play them tougher.let him celebrate now..Its gonna be shortlived

  13. This loss reminds me of the game against the Vikings last year. Game on the road, poor game plan, never adjusted. Offensively flat. Basically same thing. What makes it feel worse unfortunately is that everyone including myself was using this as a measuring stick to see where our team was. Not in mid season form unfortunately. Even in our game against Green Bay, our running game was non existent. Our defense was decent but not great. Teams are gunning for us now. No more sneaking up on people. It starts with brilliant, creative game plans. Roman step up.

    1. I still think that giants loss at home in week 6 or 7 last year is worse than this.We were at home..couldnt wait to exact revenge.Then one thing after another went wrong..Least We were able to slow down the seahawks for a lil bit..We couldnt stop Cruz,eli and bradshaw in that defeat..I still think roman and a weak receiving core is the problem..

    2. bayareafanatic says:
      September 15, 2013 at 8:52 pm
      We are going to win this game…. Remember that statement.

      Was that before or after you removed your head from your spincter?

    3. Actually I thought our running game worked pretty well at the end of the GB game. Had some pretty big runs to finish them off. The entire game it wasn’t anything to brag about, but when we needed it, it was there.

  14. Now that the initial sting of the emotion from the game has wore off, I have this to say.
    1) We did NOT get bear by a better team, we got beat by an equally matched team that had the advantage over us because of their awesome home crowd (respect). If that advantage is taken away you learn very quickly that their 49ers circa 2011 with a slightly more explosive offense.

    2) We have things to fix, but they’re not things that we should write off. They’re fixable and we have FIFTEEN more weeks to fix them. Of course we don’t want to wait that long, we want them fixed and clicking by week 4/5.

    3) We knew going into it that the Seahawks in Seattle was our toughest game all season. Let’s lick our wounds, regroup with firey humbled hearts and get on with the business of winning our division and getting homefield advantage.

  15. Hammer, u seem to know football well, I believe this was a one game fluke, but what’s your take on Frank Gore , he looks like he’s lost a step, also our O-line has looked terrible 2 weeks in a row , could it be the line coach ?

    1. 94509,

      I’m not ready to say that Gore has lost a step yet. The issues in the running game are a combination of things. The running game is just not in sync. One play it’s a missed block up front, the next play it looks like Gore just misses the hole. Through 2 games Iupati, and Goodwin have been rough as well. It’s amazing the number of times on a run play that you see Goodwin just standing there watching instead of working downfield looking for a block.

  16. Also why not run a pick ( crackback) type play on sherman ? Too me run some quick hitches, bubble screens setting up Sherman to have to come up and set some hard cracks on his Ass just to get him thinking ? Why didn’t we go spread 4or 5 wide outs and then run Kaep or Gore ? What’s your take ?

    1. Regarding Sherman, quick hitches won’t work because he doesn’t give any cushion. They did run an outside screen to his side early in the fourth quarter to Kyle Williams and Sherman got past the blockers and put a perfect form tackle shot on him.

      As for why didn’t they spread them out, your guess is as good as mine. It was obvious from my view on TV that wherever Boldin went that was where Sherman was going, yet they never seemed to adjust to try and get him a free release. Other than a couple of times early on it seemed like they just played right into the strengths of the Seattle D by trying to force things. There was almost no bunch, very little motion with the receivers. It was as though the offense was operating in a phone booth.

      1. Jack,

        While KW’s took a big hit on that play, it did go for seven or eight (?) yards, didn’t it?

        Did any of the four 49ers out there even think about blocking Sherman? It sure didn’t look like it. I would’ve thought he would’ve had a bullseye on his chest. When I saw the play develop, I was praying for someone to get a good clean shot at Sherman. Oh, well.

  17. The remedy is simple. It’s all about accountability. Every individual in this organization has to be held accountable for their action. football is a team sport. You can’t be on offense and assume that if10 people do their jobs, the play can be successful. Everyone has to do their jobs on defense and especially on offense.

    I’ve been saying it for weeks. The offensive line has been plain offensive run blocking. Miller has been horrible blocking out of the fullback position. I’ve seen him whiff on 5 blocks in 2 games. Our offensive line has been reading their press clippings. We have to be last in the league in rushing.

    Our defensive line has to get pressure on the QB. We need Brooks to get to the QB as well. I personally think Lemioner should get snaps at Brooks position. Brooks can set an edge but we need him to attack the QB. Im looking forward to seeing what we have with our injured D lineman off the IR like Tank and the tackle from Bama. Our interior has to hold the fort until them.

    Do your job or sit down and give someone else a shot!

  18. Should of asked him why they waited until the 4th quarter down 19 to give Hunter is first carry. Makes no sense. Patton needs to start in base formation instead of Kyle Williams. Lemonier is not doing any good sitting on bench. Our defense cordinator will never change. We never rotate fresh pass rushers and teams wear us down.

    1. The best play by a running back vs Green Bay was Hunter running wide right.

      In SeAdderal I don’t remember a single run designed to go wide right, and was wondering out loud where Hunter was all night.

  19. On another note, Dashon Goldson is now suspended 1 game for yet another illegal hit. The NFL summed up his coverage and tackling ability in a letter to Dashon, “You delivered a forceful blow with your helmet and made no attempt whatsoever to wrap up your opponent or make a conventional tackle on the play.”
    Yeah, that sums up his game.

  20. note to Coach Harbaw:
    there is only one “finest hour” in the NFL:
    holding the Lombardi trophy in yr hand.

    (The Super Bowl monkey is still on yr back…)
    (P.S. Your brother John won in February 2013…)
    Get motivated, or get lost..!!

      1. BT,
        It’s DS, the artist formally known as Xilicious. Remember, the freaky little alien that won’t admit whether it’s a man or woman.

  21. If I am a D coordinator and I see Gore in the backfield, I am 95% certain that if it’s a run play that it will be between the tackles. Gore is a warrior and his #21 will forever be burned into our hearts. But the man lacks the speed to get outside. Also lacks any form of break away speed.
    If we have someone more explosive and more versatile that can also run between the tackles, then I think that player needs to get more reps. I believe that back is Hunter.
    I also wonder why Dixon who is a bigger back and in his only carry got 4 yards, did not receive more carries.

  22. I thought i would drop by this morn and see if the chicken littles on this blog had settled down yet. I see the 9ers are 10 pt favorites vs Indy this week it looks like the people who really know what they are talking about are’nt panicing about the 9ers yet. I just hope that Pete the cheat keeps running his mouth it will make our dominant win over him in dec much more sweet. My only worry is we make the playoffs but do’nt win the west i do’nt think there is a team in football who can overcome the noise level in seattle in the playoffs.

    1. We can win in Seattle. Our young receiving corp is inexperienced and Kaep has zero chemistry with them. Put us in Seattle again with Crabs and Manningham back and a more creative game plan, and we win this game.
      We need to pound the rock there. Score first to take the crowd out. Game plan and coaching gave us very little chance to win this game coach.

      1. Bay i think we had a poor game plan also but i believe the game plan was in reaction to the crowd noise. The main reason i do’nt believe anyone can beat this years Seahawk team at home is teams are absolutley forced to use the silent count and you ca’nt beat a good defense using a silent count. When good D linemen can get off at the same time as O linemen the D will always win. Its pretty simple. I do believe the 9ers are the better team and we will win at home or on a neutral field but no one this year will beat Seattle using a silent count.

      2. Oldcoach: I agree. Hard for a lineman to visualize a good run block with his head turned back towards the QB 2 seconds before the snap.

        My biggest disappointment is not the loss or the score, but the injuries. Ian was poised for a breakout year.

      3. Brodie i’m even more concerned about reid and davis. Hopefully Reids concussions wo’nt become chronic and Davis’s hamstring wo’nt be something he is dealing with all year.

    2. The one thing that bothers me is how it looked like they gave up and got upset over being out played. In the second half. Frustration should NEVER get the best of a championship team. I hope they learned that.

  23. The last two polls on this site shows that 65% of the folks on this blog were wrong about Aaron Rodgers v Colin and 73% of the folks here were wrong about the Seattle game outcome.

    That means this place is filled with homers who know very little about football. As Harbaugh says, “we need significant improvement in some areas”. Still, I enjoy reading the comments and making my own homer remarks. I aim to improve by 1% everyday. My QBR:blog posting equivalent is at an all time low of 20.1

  24. 10-point favorites against the Colts.
    Time for a big game, fellas.
    The oddsmakers are assuming that you can score ten points.
    The game against Seattle tells us that is not a given, okay?
    Last week Coach Harbaw was paid $312,000
    (that’s over three hundred thousand dollars)
    for a whopping 3 points.
    If the Niners do not get their butts in gear pronto, the HC is going to look bad. How bad?…. Real bad.
    Further discussions of extending his contract will be put on hold….
    Let’s keep the jury out on that subject until he brings home a Super Bowl win, hmmm?

    1. “Last week Coach Harbaw was paid $312,000
      (that’s over three hundred thousand dollars)
      for a whopping 3 points.”

      Considering your housing, food, Xbox and weed is taxpayer funded, that should make you happy. You shouldn’t worry about other people’s income when you don’t generate any yourself.

  25. I cant believe im seeing this kaep is a flash in the pan? One bad game on the road , did you see what kaep did against packers well our problem is always against power runners. And good qbs the 3 teams come to mind seattle st louis and giants we do need to get our runnin game back on track in does start with oline but they need one more wr to compliment boldin a guy like terrell owens that can knock sherman on his azz out der loked great first half it was only 5-0 but ouroff never got going every year under harbaugh we win first game loose second or thi. Then look greatr

  26. Never ceases to amaze how many fans go off the rails after a loss. We are less than two weeks removed from Kap throwing for over 400 yards and now people are questioning his ability to play. SMH. The Coaches aren’t idiots and the players on the team are still the same ones that went to the SB for the most part. This team was not going 16-0 and it’s obvious they have issues in Seattle.

    After looking into some of the runs that were big plays and looking at the formations as Jack pointed out (most of the success came out of Shotgun), it looked like Seattle did damage on the ground when the Niners were in Nickel which makes a lot of sense and was a good game plan by the Seahawks. However it reaffirms my opinion that Seattle did not dominate in the running game as 3 quarters of the running attempts and pretty much all from a running formation, were stopped for minimal or negative yardage.

  27. Does it bother anyone else that our team couldn’t even make a snap count adjustment? Boone taps Goodwin, Goodwin bows his head and as soon as it comes up heres the snap. Even I can anticipate that from the couch. So you give the defense a head start. No wonder the penetration was so disruptive. How about 2 head bobs? 3? Just something different to get a free 5 yds and make them hesitate just a little

  28. What beat them, ultimately, is that playing in Seattle is a mismatch for any team. When the offense cannot hear AT ALL it SEVERELY limits what you can do during the game. The simplified gameplan was an attempt to deal with the crushing noise, noise that is unmatched in ANY other stadium. The defense did very well against their offense until our offense’s inability to move the ball caught up with them. I expected a beatdown, because the noise in Seattle is beyond the limits of reason.

    I expect the 49ers to beat them in Candlestick, which in comparison to Seattle, feels like a neutral site.

  29. Just for Grant, I thought I’d update how the change in play calling to Callahan in Dallas is going. So far not so good. 26th in rushing, 27th in rushing attempts, and 24th in total offense. Garrett has come out and said they need to run the ball more. Oh the irony.

  30. After Sundays game I don’t think it’s ever been so clear that we need to re sign/extend Crabs contract. We are so thin at WR. I know there is a lot of talk about letting him go, but how can we afford to? Boldin is a nice answer for this year and maybe next. Patton Williams Baldwin? Don’t think any are near capable of filling his shoes. We let go of crab and our SB chances are out the window. This is all assuming he comes back 100%

    1. Well done Jack. I haven’t had a chance to watch it from the all 22 view yet but I will. From what you’ve said here, it appears Williams should have had a bigger game than he did. This could be a case of Kap locking on to Boldin or Davis as he’s been prone to do at times with Crabs in the past. Good point on the lack of rushing attempts as well. They did get away from it too early just like last Dec. and in both cases they should have stuck with it. In the first meeting last year Gore had a big night running the ball and catching it for that matter. I haven’t seen much of what they did in that game show up in the last two in Seattle. I also didn’t see much of the bunch formation that was so successful the week before against GB. Very strange that the Coaching staff played things so basic on offense and disappointing. The crowd noise makes it tough but you can’t abandon everything because of it.

      What stands out to me through the first two games is Iupati is really not playing very well along with Goodwin. Goodwin I can see as he’s never been a great player and is getting up there in years, but it’s concerning to see how poorly Iupati is playing at times right now. That ass over tea kettle knock down he suffered at the hands of Red Bryant should never happen to a player like Iupati.

      Those two drives in the 3rd quarter were ultimately the stake in the heart for the Niners, but both drives should have ended in FG attempts. The penalties and the pass to Baldwin after Wilson escaped the pocket were the killers.

      1. Rocket a player gets “knocked ass over tea kettle” when he is on his heels. O linemen are on their heels when they are going on a silent count. Iupati looked bad vs GB no excuses there but VS Seattle his play had a lot to do with the noise level.

      2. Good point old coach. Just really surprising to see Iupati being pushed around through the first two games. He’s one of the strongest people in the league.

      3. Thanks Rocket,

        Yes and No on Williams. There were a couple of times when they had him open deep with another guy open underneath, and Kaepernick chose the underneath guy. The decision on both wasn’t bad, but he threw both into the ground.

    2. Dog-gon-it Hammer!
      Right when I was finally getting my blood-pressure lower from Sunday’s defeat I read your post (lol).

      In any case, good synopsis Jack.
      I was not happy with the way we handled the noise level at the LOS. In watching the Eagles/Chargers game, I noticed the Eagles sideline holding up large picture posters to convey their playcalling. River then seemed to have a few hand signals if he chose to option to another play.

      I came away thinking that a scenario like that could be effective against the c-hawks crowd noise.

      I believe that the offense was calling two plays in the huddle to help counter the crowd noise, but that did not seem to have the effect we needed.

    3. Thanks for your analysis / observations, Jack. Colin seemed to be completely overwhelmed and didn’t have the ability to bounce back from his mistakes like he has so many times in past games. It will be interesting to see how he ups his game after such a complete meltdown. Indianapolis might be in for the Wrath of Colin K. (WOCK).

  31. Stink stank stunk, how could they do worse? Ol got elated up by no name front 3. Wilson looked like Steve young. Secondary swallowed vd, boldin et al whole. How can Harbaugh justify a defense and offense with that many probowler s playing so undisciplined and heartless?

  32. Look at Tom Brady this year. The Pats are AVERAGE at best. Why? No receivers. Boldin is NOT a number one. He needs someone to take the pressure off of him to succeed. If one of our young guns does not step up at receiver, we are going to struggle until MM and MC come back. Especially if we can’t run the ball.

  33. I’m going to say something that is going to get a howl of protest but it needs to be said: we have too much money tied into the inside linebackers, we need to trade Patrick Willis if we get a good deal for an elite receiver or some top draft picks. We don’t need Bowman AND Willis. When one of them is out the subs do very well. Together they still can’t stop Lynch. We need to maximize our value, spread some of the wealth to elite defensive backs and receivers and a fast pass catching running back (maybe that’s Lattimore but he hasn’t played in the NFL). It would have to be a great deal — agreed! I love Willis as much as the rest of you but it could be best for the team’s future.

    1. Bowman signed for below market value which is why they signed him to an extension. Willis is the heart of the defense and I can’t see them parting with him anytime soon. Trading away a pro bowl player for more draft picks is pointless when they have so many already. If Cincy will trade us AJ Green for him then we have a deal but nobody is trading a top WR for a MLB nor could the 49ers probably afford one under the cap anyway with the contract extensions they have coming up.

      The defense hasn’t been a problem through the first two games. So far it’s the offense in the second game that has been an issue. They’ll pull it together.

  34. Harbaughs one hell of a coach n we have one helluva team! Honestly would trade neither for any others in the league! On that not this was a minor speed bump! We will be fine.

    1. Marecic fills the roster spot left by Williams being placed on IR. That leaves them with only 4 healthy d linemen, Smith, Dorsey, Dobbs, and Jerod-Eddie. Thinking there may be another move coming up depending on how bad McDonald is hurt.

  35. I don’t mean trade willis for dumb 7th rounders like they’ve been doing but for very high draft picks like in the top 5 or 10 and for an elite receiver. Bowman has been outplaying Willis for some time now and they sort of do the same thing for the defense. the offense needs the help.

    1. Dont be crazy roc!!!!!!!!!!! A bird in the baskett is worth 2 in the bush!!!!!!!!!!!! You dont trade someone who is in the top 3 at their position for a draft pick, no matter how high!!! Draft picks are about 50-50 as far as panning out, and certainly not guaranteed to be elite!!! I can sit here for the next 2 hours naming top 10 picks who were absolute bust!!!
      A lot of the answers are on this roster, just not healthy: LMJ, Hunter, Lattimore, MM, Crab, Tank, Cully!
      We use are 15 draft picks to move up, not All-pros!!
      Next years draft we need: CB, WR, C, depth on O and D line

  36. If Harbaugh thinks Marecic is the answer then we can hang up this season. I don’t know if Harbaugh can win the big one. He keeps getting out coached.

    1. The answer? No just a little help.
      Keeps getting out coached? 4 or 5 games out of 40 is NOT being out coached. 1 SEA game, 1 MIN game, 1 STL, 1 NY game.

      The sky is NOT falling. The Niners have 16 tests, if we ‘pass’ 10-12 of them, we’re doing fine.

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