Harbaugh: “We didn’t get a fast start in terms of moving the football offensively.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh spoke in the defensive meeting room Monday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


Were there a few more people getting treatment today after having such a physical game yesterday?

“It was normal, a normal day.”


Did it seem like a more physical game than usual?

“It was very physical.”


On the 18-play drive in the fourth quarter, how well-executed were the blocking assignments all across the board, lineman, tight ends, receivers, fullbacks?

“There was some good, a lot of good. The highlighted one would be the touchdown run by [RB] Kendall [Hunter], block by [TE] Vernon Davis and [T] Anthony Davis was textbook. That was something to really be admired and highlighted.”


Do you have an update on DL Glenn Dorsey at all?

“You know, I personally stopped by the doctors in the training room before coming to the press conference here. They’re still working through the information and their data. So, I don’t have anything to report to you yet.”


Is there a possibility that NT Mike Purcell could be elevated to the 53-man?

“Really wouldn’t talk about the possibilities right now. Let’s kind of wait and see where we’re at. But, Mike’s doing a good job.”


Have there been any moves made to elevate some of those reserve list guys to practice? Does that have to be made?

“Sure. We’re looking at that. And every roster position and thinking through all of the possibilities. But, as far as it pertains to [DT] Quinton Dial and [DT] Tank Carradine and [CB] Eric Wright, [WR] Mario Manningham, they can start practicing this week and we anticipate that.”


So that would start tomorrow, the clock, that 21-day clock would start tomorrow?

“Yeah, we’ll anticipate that tomorrow.”


Do you expect a number of those guys to be ready after 21 days or is this just a diagnostic thing just when they practice to see how they’re doing?

“Yeah. Well, I mean, the way it works for everybody, and every guy’s different, but pretty much the way it works is a guy that’s coming off of injury in some form or fashion, especially guy’s that are coming off of a serious injury, I mean, they go through a period of grueling rehab until they’re healed and medically cleared by the doctors to participate in practice. And then, it’s where they come back at. Where they come back football shape, football playing ability. Is that 100 percent of what they were? Is it better than what they were? Is it 95, 90, 85, 80? How long is it to go from, maybe they come back at 60. Then it’s 70, then it’s 80, then it’s 90. There’s a process there once they come back to being ready and to compete in games. And then, the final step is, they’ve got to be better than somebody? Are they going to be better than somebody that’s at their position? So, you know, I think there’s been a lot of discussion in the past about players that come back from injury. Do they still have their job, etc.? It really kind of just falls back into that process. You come back cleared by the doctors. What percent are you of what you were? And then, are you better than somebody else? That’s the final piece. When that process is complete, then people are either back in there playing or somebody else is in there playing.”


There’s trade deadlines coming up. There’s always speculation about what receiver’s out there. It seems like whenever names come up the 49ers are always talked about. With Manningham and WR Michael Crabtree, with their returns in the future, what do you feel about the 49ers wide receiver position?

“Well, just general practice again, there’s always possibilities out there and you can go on endless speculation if you commented every time somebody speculates about something, which we just choose not to do. I wouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.”


Some of it, but not all of it?

“I wouldn’t believe everything. Or you can take the approach of it’s on the internet it must be true. So, since I see there’s a group of people that do that too, you know. It’s on the internet, it must be true. But, our receivers are coming. I thought, a lot of good things in the game, some big-time plays made by those guys. It’s not always just the low hanging fruit that you say, ‘OK, how may catches did they have? How many yards did they have?’ Quite a few other things that will really be highlighted. The 4th-n-1 play that [FB] Bruce [Miller] picked up, the play with a great cutoff block by [WR] Anquan Boldin. I was very excited to see [WR] Kyle Williams make the big third down conversion along with [QB] Colin [Kaepernick]. Another textbook route by Anquan to pick up the third down earlier in that 18-play drive.”


That drive had a little bit of everything didn’t it?

“It did. It was a great drive. And it was setup by a great play by [LB] Patrick Willis. Causing the turnover and [S] Eric Reid recovered the fumble. That was outstanding. [LB] Corey Lemonier caused a fumble and [LB] NaVorro Bowman was able to recover that. Eric Reid got an interception for us. [CB] Carlos Rogers got an interception. Corey Lemonier got a sack that resulted in a safety. Those plays were huge in turning the game in our favor and credit those guys that made those plays.”


Could you address kind of the conflicting emotions of, you know, you’ve got a jacked-up crowd and then you potentially have a guy that’s down on the field and he’s hurt and it’s a serious injury and they’re doing the wave and guys are trying to say this isn’t the right time? It’s kind of conflicting emotions going on at that particular time.

“I think everybody that was playing in the game, their emotions were with [Cardinals DE] Calais Campbell. They were praying and they were supporting him and they were excited when they saw the hands moving and the thumb go up. So, I don’t think anybody was conflicted down there. Everybody was together on that, both sides, all players on each team.”


Is there a right way to kind of address the crowd and say hey this isn’t the right time and place for the wave?

“I don’t tell people what to do. But, I think people know that if the cart’s coming out on the field that signifies a pretty serious injury. And the best thing to do is silence, let the doctors do their work and collective prayer would be much appreciated.”


Where is RB LaMichael James in his development and what does, I guess, he have to do to get more playing time?

“His development’s been fine. He’ll be back playing. I know the talk about ‘insurance’, etc., and it’s no slight to LaMichael. LaMichael’s a very good player and he is a very valuable member of our team. We’ve had a situation where we’ve dressed three running backs on certain games and in certain games we’ve dressed four. But, you know, I definitely, we definitely all value and look at LaMichael as a backup running back, like a two. And, there’s going to come time where he is a, like last year, where he’s fully in the mix and depended on and that time will come again. But, he’s doing a good job. I know he wants to play, he wants to be contributing, and when he is dressed he is contributing and doing that.”


Will this be a week-to-week thing as far as three of four running backs?

“Yes. When all the running backs are healthy and playing, yeah there’s, there’ll be a week-to-week thing whether we go three or four.”


Is he, obviously, is he an option to spark the punt return game? Because it doesn’t seem like you guys have gotten much productivity out of that so far.

“Yes. No, we’ve had some good ones too now. We had a 22-yard return two weeks ago. So, but I mean, he’s definitely an option in the return game.”


Well, I guess what I’m trying to say is, Kyle has a lot of fair catches. I think he has twice as many fair catches as returns. Is that fine with you or is it, would you like to see him take a little bit more risk?

“We were singling up the gunners in the game. There was another instance where we called, we doubled the wrong side and tried to make an adjustment late in the snap and didn’t get it done. That’s not, those fair catches aren’t all on Kyle. I mean, he does a good job. He does a good job whether to fair catch or catch and return.”


In talking about LaMichael, you referenced insurance, which got some play.

“Yeah, I saw that get some play and some banter.”


Did you have a discussion with him that, I don’t know if clear the air is the right term, but about that?

“Always. Always communicating and have conversations every day with guys. But yeah, just to let LaMichael know he’s a valued guy around here and has a big role for our football team.”


Obviously the circumstances aren’t what you would like, but Corey Lemonier has stepped in for LB Aldon Smith. How can this experience help him going forward with his development now and later in the season?

“Obvious answer is it helps a lot. Get better at football by playing football. He’s doing some very good things.”


All the takeaways, eight takeaways that have led to scoring opportunities and points for you the last two weeks. How encouraging is that and what do you see in terms of your secondary and some of the plays there?

“Well, it’s been good. Very opportunistic. You love seeing your defense generate turnovers, be opportunistic. And the safety play, when they’re getting involved in the turnovers, that’s been something in the past has been very good for us. The evidence the amount of times [S] Donte Whitner, [former 49ers S] Dashon Goldson were involved in turnovers, stripping, causing, recovering, intercepting the football, and I think it’s very encouraging that Eric Reid is getting in on that, recovering, causing or intercepting. Something that’s been very good for our defense.”


Reid was saying last night that watching Donte, being around Donte every day has taught him how to be a football player, how to work. Have you seen that progression of Donte taking that mentor role and sort of Reid growing in that?

“Yes. I mean seeing it for, good evidence for three years now, going on three years. And talked about it last week, highlighted the secondary and how well they’ve played in the game against the Texans. Donte Whitner being the catalyst of the communication and getting things orchestrated back, on the back end. So, yes have seen that.”


DT Ray McDonald was saying after the game that he didn’t feel like he had his full strength in his right arm. What is the belief moving forward that he’ll adjust to that or that will improve as the weeks go on?

“The feeling?”


Yeah, the strength of the arm.

“Yeah, I don’t know what the feeling is on that from the doctors.”


Is that something that if he doesn’t feel like he’s got enough strength in that arm, you feel like you have to make adjustments at that position?

“I really don’t speculate without knowing exactly what I’m talking about.”


Any early reads on your opponent this week?

“Yeah, good football team. Watching them now. Got started watching them a little bit later in the week last week, but diving into it right now.”


You guys have been to Youngstown a couple years, last year in the Super Bowl. Does this week before a week-long road trip, does it change at all for you? Do you have to do stuff to get prepared for the extended stay away from the facility?

“This week, no. This would be a week like we’ve had before we play an East Coast game.”


All the London stuff, do you just not get involved in that stuff?

“Some of the logistics, but the major logistics will be handled our staff, our front office staff and [manager, team logistics] Steve Risser does an excellent job of that and our security team. They’ll carry the water on that one. They’ll have the heavy burden of that. Coaches and players will be concentrating on the ballgame and the preparation this week.”


You weren’t here the last time this happened. The team went to Carolina, lost the game, and then there was some speculation about getting the passports together and packing and everything playing some effect on that. Do you have to address that? I’m guessing you probably don’t have to worry about packing too much, but just the extra stuff.

“No, you’re exactly right. Pretty much, I’ll just go with the clothes on my back. I’ll pack my playbook, a toothbrush and a great attitude and we’ll see if we can’t encourage the rest of the guys to do the same. Most of the passports, we’ve got those taken care of.”


Is that a lot of work?

“Been working on it. Been working on it for a while now. There were one or two hitches with the government shutdown, but we’re working through it.”


When you look at the game video from yesterday and how obviously the defense gave the ball in the red zone twice in the first quarter. In those first four drives for the 49ers, what did the offense struggle with overall? What caught your eye?

“Struggled getting a first down. There were different reasons for different plays and different possessions, but yeah we weren’t picking up first downs. And the two in the red zone, we didn’t put the ball in the end zone. And yeah, there’s reasons for that. Different reasons. Not going to go into all of them, but we didn’t get a fast start in terms of moving the football offensively.”


We’ve heard a few of your defenders the last week or two say they had their identity back. They maybe feel like they didn’t have that ball-hawking identity for a couple games. What’s your take on that?

“They’re definitely doing a great job. You looked at this game, the game before, the game before that, really, really outstanding in a lot of areas. This past game against Arizona, there’s so much good and then there’s two big, explosive plays that you give Arizona credit for. But, yeah overall doing some very good things defensively and encouraged by that. Same offensively. Made plays when the team had to. Like we talked about, that game could have gone either way yesterday and some opportunistic plays, some good play. Anthony Davis, thought he had one of his best games, certainly this year. Did an outstanding job. Vernon doesn’t want a game ball he said, but he had a career day and made some great plays. We talked about the one corner route on the sideline and it was even better watching tape of it. The adjustment that he made on the ball was outstanding. And Colin played extremely well too. I thought his decision making, timing, location of his passes was outstanding. Maybe a poor decision here, a one missed location ball, but those are high percentage. I mean, that’s A-plus kind of stuff from the quarterback. There’s good things, there’s encouraging things and we’ll keep striving to get better.”


When Vernon turns down a game ball, does he get the option to hand that game ball to somebody else or is that your decision? He wanted to give it to Colin.

“He could. He could bequeath it to somebody else.”


OK. That’s allowed?

“That’s allowed.”


Colin’s interception was tipped, the ball was tipped. I mean, was that a questionable decision or was that because of the tip that it was intercepted?

“You know, I thought it was, I really thought it was going to be a questionable decision or a poor located throw. But, he really, really the ball was going to be offset just perfectly. Kind of like the one he offset to Anquan Boldin in the, on part of the 18-play drive. It really would have been, it would have been a touchdown throw. In a split-second decision that would have been the right decision. Unfortunately, it got tipped.”

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  1. BREAKING NEWS: The Redskins are finally changing their name. They’re dropping the word “Washington” because it’s embarrassing. Ba-da-bing…

      1. I wish I could laugh as well, but this thread only reminds me that the biggest losers are the one who elected the “losers” in Washington.

      2. Only for effect. I doubt mr. Snyder gives a hoot. The Vikes could be “Aryans with axes”, but Vikings is more pc. ‘Washington Wannabes’ is probably more deserving.

      3. Bro tuna – no luck so far finding Carneros beers here in SoCal. I will keep an eye out though. I saw on website they do have IPA, my favorite.

      4. You guys are missing the obvious:
        Washington Rednecks. You keep the red, it’s the same amount of syllables, and it’s still delightfully racist.

  2. Would be awesome if the rookie DL’s and Mann come in and play great immediately………

    Worst case scenario they are ready to play after the bye week……

    1. Vernon has always been consistent in the area of trying to lift the spirits of his QB…….Good stuff

      i recall the days the zombies were whinning he was a bust…….

      1. I only worry that Dial and Carradine’s haven’t had much competitive contact with NFL players. They did both play in the SEC, which ain’t no slouch. Fangio seems scared of rooks.

      2. Carradine, Florida st, ACC, but yes point taken. If they get in practice and show they can play they’ll earn a spot. Dial especially is needed right now.

    1. I am sure this joke, or something similar, had to be on Letterman or Leno, but watching those shows is way past my bed time.

    1. Grant Cohn 4-12-2012: “49ers (trade) – TE Coby Fleener. The Niners swap first round picks with the Bengals, plus they give them their second and fourth rounders this year to draft Fleener, who should be a top-10 pick. Why? Because the NFL is evolving into a passing league and Fleener is the best receiver in the draft. If the Rams were shrewd, they’d draft Fleener over Blackmon with the sixth pick. But I don’t think they’re that shrewd, and I do think Fleener will drop into the late teens because conservative general managers will draft a “potential No.1 WR” over a “tight end who’s just a mediocre blocker.” Mike Mayock doesn’t even give Fleener a first round grade. There’s a chance Fleener could fall to the Niners at pick 30, but there’s also a chance the Bears could draft him at pick 19. If he falls to 17, the Niners should consider themselves lucky and trade up for the future perennial Pro Bowler.”

      It’s the gift that keeps on giving. That was a fun offseason. I’d still like to see Grant race Luke Kuechly.

  3. Did anyone notice how New England held Jimmy Graham to ZERO catches. It seemed they simply put their best corner (Talib) on him the entire game.

    Two questions:

    1. Can the niners use a similar strategy when we play the Saints.

    2. Can teams use similar strategy to take away Vernon when they play yhe Niners.

    1. @ Rick
      BB’s basic strategy is to try to take away what the opponents do best and feel most comfortable with. I think putting Talib on Graham fits that approach.
      A couple of years ago Philly matched up Namdi on Vernon on passing downs and negated much of his usual speed advantage against LBs and Safeties, but SF won and popped the Dream Team bubble. Vernon is a better route-runner now after all that work in Spring and Summer. Much as I hate to admit it, he wasn’t able to get open against Sherman in Seattle as I recall, but that leaves Boldin on the next best CB.

      1. Tuna,

        I think our best approach would be to put Nnamdi on Jimmy G. when we play the Saints. Yes, Jimmy is going to catch some balls but Nomadic has the coverage skills to get physical with him and slow him down at the line. That is, if Nnamdi isn’t cut by then. That would be a mistake. We need his experience for matchups against better QB’s.

  4. I believe our best wr grouping is boldin and davis out wide n vance at te. We could create mis matches all over the place.. our best personel grouping

  5. coach said Mario will start practicing tomorrow ..

    Grant, have you seen anything recently to indicate
    where he might be in his rehab ?

  6. I wonder how long it’s going to take the other receivers to stop trying to get open. When you’re rarely targeted its starts to make them think… What’s the use I’m not getting a throw anyways. Ck HAS to start getting them involved more.

    1. The passing game begins with vernon and ends with boldin…or vice versa…They are “specific” targets I can tell..Unless Roman starts putting the other as primaries.once in awhile..which technically u can say happened last sun..cause kap threw to vernon,boldin,kyle,baldwin,vance and bruce..we just need more of it..And the more I think about us trading for a wideout..Will the coaching staff use routes that will take advantage of that wr skills?

      1. Idk if they would. Idk if trading for a receiver will help the passing game. It’s frustrating for a fan. I’ve been to games where I see WR getting open and seen them not getting open. It starts with ck. not receivers. He’s learning how to be a pocket passer. I was hoping he’d come along a little quicker. This schedule the next couple of games should help his progress. I’m hoping. He’s got the accuracy and arm. He threw some beautiful balls last Sunday. I think he needs to get familiar with nfl speed and schemes while in the pocket.

      2. Deez, Md,

        The problem is, we’re not gogoing to trade for a wideout. It looks like we are going to try and wing it in the playoffs once again with what we have, and hope they can get the job done.

        One thing Eddies D and John McVay didn’t do for the championship Niners of old. They didn’t hope we had enough to win a championship. They made damn sure of it. Yes that was the era of no salary cap. However, we have the volume of picks and can create the space for a player like Gordon. I didn’t think we needed him at first. However, that’s just not the case.

        Have we forgotten, Seattle is about to get Harvin back. He is going to make them better offensively. We need a jolt as well. JH and Balke must have some pretty good info on Crabtree and Manningham. It would be pathetic for us not to win the Super Bowl this year because we don’t have the firepower at wideout.

      3. Md and jordan: We just need another option..A Decoy.. Vernon and Crab benifitted from havin Moss in there..Just the threat of a guy goin deep..would change coverages and helpthis offense tremendously..Cause you can’t cover everybody..If theyre not gonna trade…Start sending Baldwin and Vance deep..Now in my dream scenario..lol..we’d have britt and gordon on this team..cut moore..cut kyle..I know just a dream..lol

      4. Deezy,

        Here’s an idea. How about we trade LMJ and a 4th or 5th rounder for Hakeem Nicks. The Giants are hurting at running back and we need Nicks. That would be a heavy price to pay but we are going to need another impact receiver come playoff time. We aren’t playing LMJ and we’ve got picks galore. LMJ could be just what the giants need to kick start that running game. What do you think?

      5. We can’t cut Kyle, we don’t have a punt returner. Cox is the backup punt returner and LMJ was the kickoff returner before he lost his job this past week. Kyle is obviously a liability is the pass game. Kap does not trust Kyle or he doesn’t see him out there because he’s not getting open. Either way, he’s not helping us.

      6. Im not sold on nicks..I think he’s a last option as wr’s go..but if we do..could we get Justin tuck in a packaged deal? Ray McDonald is not gonna be 100percent..another pass rusher up front to sub in would help the defense..

      7. Kyle is fair catching more back there than anything…I say increase Cox’s reps or Lamichael’s at punt returner..have them get more comfortable with it..

      8. Jordan i thought that Cox looked far superior to Williams as a punt returner and LMJ is a better KO returner. I think its time to set Kyle free. I believe they should keep Baldwin a few more weeks and if he does’nt show anymore than he has[ which i do'nt believe he will] its time to cut him loose also.

      9. OC,

        I like Cox as well. I don’t understand the loyalty to KW. I was finished with him after the 2 fumbles. If we put Zcox back there on punts, we still need someone to back him up if we cut KW. I’d rather have LMJ returning kickoffs as well. He’s gonna get loose sooner or later. He was close a lot last year on kickoffs.


        Nicks is a big target with great hands. He would make everyone else better. We need weapons. He’s having a good year statistically, just no touchdowns. He would definitely give our offense a boost. I say we pull the trigger right away on him.

      10. I’ve never understood the loyalty to Kyle Williams either. He just isn’t a good NFL receiver. He might be suitable as a #4, but that’s about it. That being said, I don’t like Nicks at all for what we need. He is a rental that will struggle to learn the play book at this point of the season. He is also overrated and injury prone. I would rather go after Blackmon, if anything. He would be a contributor beyond this season and could fill Crabtree’s slot if Crabs signs elsewhere after next year.

      11. Big P,

        Blackmon would cost us a #1 pick. I don’t know if Jacksonville is willing to trade him. He isn’t rumored to be available. I like him as well but not for a #1. All things equal, Gordon is the guy but we don’t want to give up that #2 for him. We need Cleverness to lose the next 2. That division is still up for grabs. That doesn’t strengthen our position on a trade with Cleverness. I like Nicks, a lot. Large hands, large catch radius. Better for kap.

      12. 23J,
        He was rumored to be on the trade block, but he also put up 190 yards against the Broncos last week with Chad Henne throwing to him, so that might be off the table. He is better than Nicks. Same size and significantly faster (4.46 vs. 4.63). I said he was the best pass catcher in last years draft, and he is. As a rookie, he had 865 yards receiving with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne throwing to him. Maybe the Niners can swing a deal to get Nicks for a third or fourth. I just don’t expect him to be a big contributor or to re-sign after this year.

        Old Coach,
        They could make the cap numbers work, Jacksonville would take the majority of the cap hit this year. I think it would be smarter to invest a #1 for Blackmon than a #2 or 3 for Nicks. It’s a better value for a better player.

      13. I don’t think they are going to trade for a WR at all, but if they did I think the most likely is Britt from the Titans due to the asking price being the lowest.

        Blackmon isn’t on the trade block as far as I’ve heard, Gordon is probably not anymore either, and with the way he’s played the asking price will be too high along with the fact he is one strike away from a year suspension.

        Nicks is intriguing if the price isn’t too high simply because he’s a vet that could adapt pretty quickly, but I’m guessing the Giants aren’t going to give him away for less than a 3rd which is probably too high for a rental in the minds of Baalke and Harbaugh.

        I think they are going to go with the guys they have and hope Crabtree can give them a spark at the end of November. Manningham is the wildcard because if he comes back and looks good in the first couple of weeks of practice they will not even think about a trade, but if he has a set back, then we could see them pull the trigger on somebody.

        Ultimately no matter what they do, I think expectations need to be tempered because as we’ve seen this passing offense is not conducive to multiple receivers having big numbers. It’s about running the football and making gains in the passing game off of play action. For better or worse that is what this Coaching staff believes in so we have to accept it.

      14. Rocket,
        I agree. I don’t see them making a move, although it has been reported that the front office has contemplated making an offer for Nicks. I think they sit tight and hope Manningham and Crabs can spark them. I just don’t see either of them being the same players until next season.

      15. If u goin after Blackmon.. it means u goin all in..giving up 1s and 2s draft picks..If not and value those picks like baalke does…somebody in next yrs draft is on his radar…that he’d rather use those on

      16. BigP i agree if the 9ers could get Blacmon for just a 1st it would be a trade worth making but i believe Jacksonville will want more than a 1st that could end up being #28 to #32. Also the season is only just over 37% complete so the 9ers would have to pick up the vast majority of this yrs salary and signing bonus and there is no way they could get under the cap but as far as dream senarios go i would love to see him here.

      17. BigP,

        I agree with your thoughts on the health of Manningham and Crabs. I’m guessing the Coaching staff feels anything contributed by these guys is a bonus and enough to get them through. As I said the only way I see them pulling the trigger on a trade is if one or both have a setback in the next couple of weeks. The cap space isn’t there and the Niners just don’t use multiple receivers enough to make a trade worthwhile otherwise.

      18. Deezy a month ago i would have agreed with you about the need to revamp the secondary next year but now i believe we will be able to keep Brown, Brock and Culliver around at a pretty cheap price. Reid will be a stud for a long long time so the only decision they have to make is with whitner and he has made enough in his first 2 contracts that i could see him singing on the cheap.

      19. Old Coach,
        I would trade a #1, but nothing more. I believe the Niners would only be on the hook for $769,375 this year in prorated base salary. The rest of his base and prorated signing bonus would be applied to future years. Those would be manageable for a good starting WR. My main thing is that he would be a good player for the future, not a rental. Their issues with drafting and developing WR’s make the scenario even more enticing, but I don’t see it happening at the end of the day.

        What makes you think they will do a good job revamping the receiving corps? Are they going to overpay in free agency? They have not shown that they can draft or develop WR’s. It seems like the exact opposite is taking place.

      20. Old coach-when I mean by revamp..is rogers is gonna be gone,culliver comin off acl injury,brock is an okay corner,brown may want more money than he’s worth…eric wright may still be in the plans next yr..who knows..cox is more of a special teamer..the team may ext whitner…but they gotta draft his future replacement

      21. Old coach-when I mean by revamp..is rogers is gonna be gone,culliver comin off acl injury,brock is an okay corner,brown may want more money than he’s worth…eric wright may still be in the plans next yr..who knows..cox is more of a special teamer..the team may extend whitner…but they gotta draft his future replacement

      22. Oh I agree with u big p..the front office is not good at finding receiving talent..idk if the scout,wr coach has more say or baalke wants what he want.. im thinkin roman may get a coaching job elsewhere next season..so his successor may change up the scheme and philosophy..thus changing personnel types.. but im wit ya on blackmon ..

      23. Big p: oh I agree with u big p..the front office is not good at finding receiving talent..idk if the scout,wr coach has more say or baalke wants what he want.. im thinkin roman may get a coaching job elsewhere next season..so his successor may change up the scheme and philosophy..thus changing personnel types.. but im wit ya on blackmon ..

    2. I wouldn’t worry about Harvin coming back at optimal condition. He will need time to acclimate his body into football shape as well. I think Manningham is the key. If he is fully healthy and ready to go, no need for trade. If not….the 49ers are about $750,000 below the cap which could be problematic and might make it ill advised to sign a WR.

    3. Razor,

      I know Harvin won’t be 100% but neither will Manninham or Crabtree. Harvin is a real weapon for them. He’s gonna come back and give their offense a real boost. An offense that could really use one. Wilson and lynch are saving that team right now. They are vulnerable on the road for sure.

      1. A hip injury for a running back/wr that depends on the evasiveness it provides a player like Harvin in my opinion may be more critical.

    4. ninermda. How can the other 49ers recievers catch the football, kap is having a tough time in the pocket throwing the football to other WRs, the only reciever kap is reluctant to throw the ball too, is Vernon. When kap and the 49er offense play a tough pass coverage team, the 49ers have to rely on the run, but if the the 49ers offense can’t run the football, the 49ers offense struggles.

  7. Could be worse. We could have drafted Fleener, who is a lousy blocker, catches half the passes thrown his way and cannot run for beans after the catch. Was a total non-factor in the Colts loss last night. Dodged a bullet there and thanks Coach Harbaugh for your astute drafting…

  8. I will go on record with Old Coach having seen enough of Mr. Williams. I too would like to see Cox and James at PR/KR.

    1. I was expecting far more from Williams this season. Last year 49er staff praised his development and it showed when he got his snaps. This year? Is the problem that he’s really strictly slot? Is the injury slowing him down? Less practice reps with CK compared to last year?

      Best case scenario is Williams is still recovering, will gradually develop chemistry with Kaep, and will play more slot when (Manningham, Crabs, Balwin) is ready to play.

      1. Williams can’t seem to find his way in this offense. You’d think a guy with his quickness could elude a defender trying to press him at the line but he can’t. He’s just not shift enough or strong enough. He’s not making guys pay for tying him up at the los. Its time for him to hand over his ipad!

      2. 23Jordan you shouldv’e said something about Kyle william a year ago, when he commited that three unexcusable miscuse, fumbling the football? Kyle cause the 49ers the NFCC, and the 49ers wouldv’e gone to the SB and beat brady the Patriots.

      3. Cape man,

        If you had been trolling back then like you do now, you’d know that I did say something about Williams after that game. It must be lonely over there huh?

    1. Excellent post Jack once again we agree. Davis is a great #2 and help is on the way. I wonder what kind of reaction you will get around here when you compliment Roman [i believe he takes way much blame around here] Lastly i would like to see the team package a 2nd rd pick with their first and move up into the top 15 and pick up a receiver in next years draft.[If the 9ers and KC both finish to well they might have to throw in one of their 3 3rd rd picks.

      1. The 49ers had to trade like crazy last April because the roster was so packed.

        Next draft the roster math will be even harder.
        Tank, Patton, Dial, Harper and Lattimore are expected to make the roster (with Okoye in TC) and they have the following 2014 picks…

        First – own pick
        Second – own pick
        Second- from KC
        Third – from TN
        Third – own pick
        Third – expected compensatory
        Fourth – own pick
        Fifth – own pick
        Sixth – own pick
        Seventh – own pick
        Seventh – from Carolina
        Seventh – from N.O.

        I’m expecting a trading frenzy… up, forward or drafting more talented players they can stash on NFI.

        I agree, if there is a star WR trade up to grab him.

        In the unlikely scenario a few GMs get brain freeze and allow Clowney to drop a few spots, trade up for him.

      2. Brodie,

        They’ll also lose a few players so there will be spots available. WR will be an obvious target, but so will CB. They will need to draft at least two CB’s imo. They also will need to find an OG to possibly replace Iupati if he isn’t resigned along with another Safety if Whitner doesn’t come back. There will be quite a bit of roster movement this offseason I think.

      3. rocket – Yes. CB, depth at OL and Safety too. With little idea what happens to Aldon, a pass rush specialist too.

        2013 was a deep draft with little quality drop off from the late first to the mid 2nd. If 2014 is the same, a combination of trades up/back could garner four 2nd round picks.

      4. Lots of draft picks once again, and I’m sure come draft time lots of people will be saying only a handful can make the roster, so they should package them all up to draft a handful of studs.

        Way I see it, given guys coming off contract, there could be room for:
        - 2 x CBs, at least one in the first 2 rounds
        - 2 x WRs, one in the first 2 rounds
        - 1 x OG/OC
        - 1 x OT
        - 1 x QB, probably mid-round
        - 1 x OLB/DE (depending on Aldon Smith, potentially 2nd/ 3rd round) – pass rush specialist
        - 1 x SS/FS 2nd to 4th rounds

        They’ll probably want to get another DL as well to add to the TC mix, but will be tough for any DL to make the roster.

        I expect they’ll play the draft similar to this year. Very active, not afraid to use later picks to move up a few spots and get the guys they want. Probably move up in the 1st round as well. And also trade some picks for 2015 picks.

    2. Nice job as always Jack. I agree with you, I don’t think they are trading for another WR. If Manningham comes back relatively healthy, then they have enough to work with. Crabtree will be a luxury if he can return at anything resembling full strength. I’d really like to see them give McDonald a few more chances as well. They seem to have completely forgotten him in the passing game.

      The key to this teams offensive success is exactly what they’ve rediscovered the past few weeks, the power running game, so healthy options in the pass offense will only add to their effectiveness in playaction.

      1. Roman has said on more than one occasion that they need to get McDonald more touches. I think it will happen, and he has shown some flashes of greatness when he gets the chance.

    3. Hey Jack,
      I know at some point in the game you posted that Kapernick sucks. It was right after the INT. Do you still feel that way?
      I think he’s a WIP, which is not a negative under normal circumstances, but given the way he came in as a starter, on a SB or bust team, it seems he should be farther along.
      Or perhaps it was on the coaching staff expecting him to do too much.
      It seems like the Niners Offense creatively is based on personal match-ups, to mix the formations to get the first read match-up.
      I would love to see some creative route formations. Do you see it in the all 22?
      It would be great to see the Niners use LMJ in the slot next to VD. Unless he just plain sucks in practice, I’m not sure why the coaching staff doesn’t utilize him more like Sproles.
      Maybe they do know way more then us and are saving a few things so there’s less on tape.
      Basic vanilla, if they execute, should keep them competitive in the next three games.

      1. Fan,

        I won’t answer for Jack as you addressed this to him, but I think we are seeing a young QB go through the normal struggles that young QB’s go through. The expectations took a huge turn last year because of how well Kap played out of the gate, but up until then I think the expectations for him were much lower due to his needing to gain experience in a pro style offense. We are seeing now that incorporating Kap into the offense is harder than changing the offense for him.

        The Pistol can still be used on occasion, but teams have seen and adjusted to what the Niners like to do out of it, and there don’t seem to be enough variations to be successful with it as the base formation.

        I agree with your take on the lack of creativity in some areas of the passing offense and it’s easy to see that Roman was a running game coordinator at Stanford and not heavily involved in the passing game. The key to this offense is effective running and play action so as long as they can run the ball, they can be ok, but the passing game on it’s own is still a work in progress if the running game isn’t working.

        I don’t know what they are doing with LMJ quite frankly. They used a second round pick on him and seem unwilling to devise a way to make the best use of his skills. He is a guy that is devastating in the open field and yet of the few touches he gets, none have been outside the numbers where he can make some gains in space. He’s being wasted right now imo and I don’t know why.

      2. Fan,

        That was a stupid comment based on emotion the limited view we have on TV. It’s a perfect example of why I rarely join the live game blogs.

        After rewatching all of the passing plays this morning on the All 22 there are only a couple of plays in which I think Kaepernick should have gone elsewhere. The throw I mentioned in my post to Boldin is one, with the Cardinals blitz the ball should have gone to Williams instead of Boldin.

        On another 2nd quarter play Kaepernick throws to Davis on an out, and the ball is deflected by Karlos Dansby, (Dansby gave Davis more trouble in coverage than the safety or corner did. That’s a matchup that did not favor the 49ers). On that play Kaepernick has McDonald breaking wide open over the middle of the field against Powers, but he never looks that way. Powers is the weak link in the Cardinals secondary, and he should have recognized the matchup advantage there.

        The last play was in the 2nd quarter, and after play aciton Kaepernick rolls away from pressure to his right. As he is rolling Moore starts coming back to him and has 3 yards between himself and the corner, Powers again I believe. Instead of throwing the ball to Moore, Kaepernick throws the ball away. This shows a clear lack of confidence in Moore on Kaepernick’s part to me.

        You’re right, Roman uses formations to create opportunities, and after watching the pass plays this morning I think he did a real nice job on Sunday setting the offense up. I think the early struggles on Sunday were due in part to having the ball in the Red Zone so much early on, that it forced them to go away from their script, and even with that they had a touchdown to Boldin if not for a real nice play by Peterson to break it up. Peterson basically took Boldin out of the game.

      3. Rocket,
        Good points. One of the comments that Alex Smith made in his article with Ann Killion from the Chronicle was how he was a spread offense QB, and he was starting after four games taking snaps under center. He was never used to seeing so many people in the box.
        Colin was coming from the pistol, running read option, so maybe expecting him to be farther along was wishful thinking. Aaron Rodgers came from a Pro style offense, same with Andrew Luck even if it was a run oriented offense.
        I thought it was just me that didn’t seen an ingenuity in getting guys open through route running.
        Harbaugh and GRoman caught everyone by surprise and now teams know how to push players towards the weak spots.
        Vanilla and execution can help the Niners beat most talents based on talent. But it may be harder to beat the better teams if they can spring any October surprises to gain in advantage.
        Maybe that’s why the brought Mangini in, to challenge the Offense to be more creative to defeat certain schemes, and not just rely on formation shifts to get mis-matches.

      4. Jack,
        There was one play where Colin scrambled and he had a streaking Jon Baldwin right in front of him. He could have thrown it easily. I saw it live and then they went onto a replay of the all 22 and you can see Baldwin was wide open.
        It’s not a negative that Colin ran, but shows his mindset. He has freakish ability, much like Randall Cunningham and Michael Vick. Remember that Nike commercial with Michael Vick and Terrell Owens? Michael in his prime was amazing, until you forced him to sit in the pocket.
        That’s what I hope to see from Colin, is to evolve and be a true QB, more like Lebron who can score at will but knows he needs to get his teammates involved to be a better team so he’s willing to pass up his shots to help others get better looks.

      5. I wonder if any of the other receivers have the “balls” to call for more looks. Any veteran wouldn’t take not being thrown to very well.

      6. Yes, Baldwin was wide open and Kaepernick never looked at him. He waited too long on his first reads. I give him a pass on that one because he did pick up a nice gain, though at the time I was doing my best Baalke impersonation and yelling at him to throw the ball through my TV. ; )

      7. Here’s hoping that missing some open guys is just part of the growing pains of having a young qb as opposed to him showing that he’s nothing more than a bigger Vick. A freakish athlete but mediocre qb. Like Cam Newton.

    4. Good stuff Jack and completely agree. I don’t see them needing to trade for a WR.

      It will be interesting to see whether they can continue to find ways to get favourable match-ups for key players going forward.

    5. Jack:

      That’s great work. I appreciate that you committed time and effort to reviewing the game film and documenting Roman’s creative use of Davis before forming/offering your opinion as to what the 49ers should or shouldn’t do offensively.

      Does the film show that the Cardinals adjusted in the 2nd half by putting someone else (other than Powers) on Davis? Or is there another reason for his lack of production in the 2nd half?

      1. Thanks Claude.

        The 49ers were run heavy in the 2nd half is what happened. After throwing 22 passes in first half, they threw only 7 in the second, and Davis was still targeted on 2 of those.

        On the first target they tried to isolate Davis with a shift, and ended up with Dansby covering him and Dansby was all over it and almost forced an interception on a deflection. The second target was on the 3rd and 10 during the 18 play drive. They ended up with a one on one with Bell, and Bell just made a nice tackle to stop him a yard short. After that play the 49ers ran the ball the rest of the game.

        For me the play of the game by Kaepernick was the 3rd down completion to Williams, after missing on a similar play earlier in the game. That play showed his ability to adjust and recognize, and was a big time throw.

  9. I don’t know why people are talking about Nicks right now (or why there’s a poll question about it). The Giants said they are NOT shopping him nor are they considering shopping him.

    1. Teams say anything until they are offered a deal they can’t refuse. Then all of a sudden, the player is on his way out of town.

  10. I don’t see us signing a rent-a-wr anytime soon. We are winning by basically using two receivers. Soon Manningham will be in the mix and our best receiver (MC) will be back (hopefully) by mid-December.

    It does not look good on paper when we are throwing to only VD and AB. But up to this stage of the season it has worked. There’s no guarantee that we will continue to find success with only utilizing VD and AB, but if it has worked to this point there’s no need to take on another WR and his contract.

    I still see some good potential in Jon Baldwin and some special routes for KWill.
    So far, I’ve seen Baldwin display pretty good hands when thrown the ball. I would like to him used on slant routes where he can use his size advantage.

    I’m not sure what the status is on Chris Harper, but he’s another big WR who could prove to be valuable when he’s ready and given an opportunity.
    I also like Q.Patton when he returns.

    I’ve written all this to say that I believe we have a good corps of WR’s here in our own backyard. Now getting CK to throw it their way is another topic in itself.

  11. Breaking news…..

    On KNBR an hour or two ago Vic Fangio said that Glenn Dorsey’s hamstring injury was not as bad as they feared. Still don’t know if he will play.

    Now back to WR draft/fantasy trade talk….

  12. Something very strange is going on around here today…… no name calling no yelling [not literally of course] some disagreeing but done in a respectful manner. Did we all change our diet or is it just in the air?

      1. No..no…no. You’ve got it all wrong, his neighbor finally installed a password on their wireless router. I actually think Bay is alright, I just couldn’t resist. At least he isn’t posting as Fansince77 on the K.C. Blogs, that would more douchey than a 56k modem.

  13. if Manningham returns to full practice does this mean he can play Sunday or is he returning to light practice?If I remember correctly before he went down he had a good connection with Kaepernick.

    1. It will, of course, be great to get Mario back .. but
      it seems to me …
      (and someone please correct me if I’m wrong, here) ..
      that he really wasn’t a huge part of the offense when he
      was on the field ..

      I seem to remember him only catching a few balls per game..
      but .. I also remember some of the ones he caught were
      for some pretty good gains

      Now .. Crabs is another story ..
      I’ve got my fingers crossed that he’ll be as close to 100%
      as possible when he gets back .. cuz .. you just gotta
      love the chemistry between he and Kaep !

      1. I think Crabs takes at least 5-6 weeks before entering a game and live action. Still, even then I don’t know if he will have his explosiveness in terms of cuts at the point of catch which was the main reason he elevated from being an okay possession receiver to a threat to go for big gains on any given play. So having Crabtree would be nice, but I don’t know if we’ll get the bada$$ Crabtree from last year or the one from 2 years ago who would give you some catches over the middle but nothing sexy in terms of RAC or TDs.

    2. He can play but he won’t. It just means he’s eligible to practice, but he needs to get into game worthy shape, which means testing out his cuts in practice. It can take up to the full 6 weeks for him to return, although I’m guessing he might be back a week or two before that. Just my opinion on the timing.

      1. Fourth and A I’ll bet you he will play in the Seahawks game Dec 8 and he will be the Crabtree of 2 yrs ago and thats all the team needs this yr along with a healthy MM. Hopefully he will be back to 90% by mid to late Jan.

      2. I think the plan is to get MM back after the bye – but I would not be totally shocked if he got activated for the London game against the Jags if he is looking good in practice.

        But as has been said, the three week window has opened to either put him on the 53 or back to IR. If he needs an additional three weeks, the 49ers can’t afford to keep him on the 53 as another inactive player as they are doing with Patton. Too many roster spots are going to be needed very soon to do that.

      3. Fourth:

        After the 6th week of the season, the team has a series of decisions to make with regard to each player on the Reserve PUP (like Manningham). The first decision is whether or not to activate the player. This rarely happens because it requires the team to make room for the player on the 53 man roster immediately, which means cutting someone else. The 49ers have not activated anyone from the Reserve PUP list.

        If the team does not activate the player immediately, it has a three-week window to decide whether to: (1) place the player on injured reserve, (2) release the player, or (3) have him participate in practice for purposes of evaluation. If, at the end of that three week period (or any time during the period), the team chooses option 3, it will then have three weeks (while the player practices) to decide whether to activate the player, release him or put him on season-ending IR.

        The 49ers have already decided to get Manningham, Carradine, Dial and Wright back to practice (option 3). It looks like the 49ers will wait the entire three weeks before making a decision on Crabtree. Having chosen to bring those four players to practice, the team now has three weeks to evaluate them and decide whether they are going to play this year.

        Here’s a good, thorough explanation of the PUP rules:


    3. He would be eligible to play sunday if the team activates him and adds him to the 53. Any of the players could play if the coaches decide to add them.

  14. Why even vote, no chance that the Niners are getting Nicks. They probably could if they really wanted him, but here is the deal, They don’t want a diva, which Nicks is, they don’t want his salary, and it appears that they are following the same game plan as the Patriots, find good players through the draft and get them cheap for 3 or 4 years and then do it again. They will have to pay Kaep, but I donot think he will command the same $$ as Breez, Rodgers or Flacco. Unless his play improves greatly and a Lombardi trophy will help.

    1. Neal, kap is nowhere D. brees, T. Brady, Payton and Eli Manning, Flacco and specially with A. Rodgers. And he won’t be making top dollars like these proven elite Qbs. Kap would probably make a lot money, by modeling and showing off his tattoos in television commercials. This guy kap loves the limelight, its just too bad he won’t be an elite Qb in the NFL. The best of kaps career came too fast for him last year, this year the other NFL teams have films on Kap , now Kap is struggling, because hes having a tough time making adjustment playing Qb at a high level. Every 49ers fan have high expectation for kap, but hes having a tough time getting to the same level of success, that he had from last year.

  15. According to Maiocco, Boone, not Iupati is viewed as the better long term signing for the money…..Doesn’t hurt that he could play left or right tackle.

    1. Not really surprising, Boone has been nearly as dominant as Iupati in run blocking and has been a more consistent pass blocker and of course he will cost less. Iupati compared to the other important soon to be free agents on this team is definitely the most expendable.

  16. Ah, it took me almost two hours to hack my neighbors Wireless signal. Ended up being the name of his first pet and the street he used to live on. Lots of football questions right now.
    1. Is Flacco’s deal bad for football? I think it is. I don’t think Flacco is elite, in fact, not even close. IMO, he’s a slightly above average QB with a big arm that got lucky.
    2. For those that thought Eli Manning was “elite”, do you still think so? Ton’s of folks said during Payton’s comeback prior to signing that Eli was the better QB. Still think so?
    3. Can anyone name the last time the Niners scored 30+ three games in a row? Funny how winning and scoring shut the haters up.
    4. Notice how Grant quit talking about Fleener. Even when baited.
    5. Notice how “Hitner” isn’t being exploited as much this year?
    6. Anyone else love this guy Cory Lemonier? He was a beast last week.
    7. Notice how Claude just about NEVER posts a football comment until he takes exception to something and then jumps in.
    8. He Prime, notice how Canadians always try to be cool and misspell things. Like spelling the word color colour.
    9. Five bucks for anyone that locates Hofer in a Chief’s chatroom….
    10. Any plans on bringing in Marcus Lattimore this year? Take a look at his picture sometime. He’s almost as scary looking at Lynch but without the grills.

      1. I would argue that if Witten, Walker or McDonald had Luck chucking it up to them, they would be ranked higher than 13th….

      2. Fleener would have been a solid 3rd rd pick not a 1st rd pick and thats coming from the guy who was the first one here to bring up his name as the 9ers possible 1st rd pick. Boy was i wrong.

      3. That brings up an interesting question (at least to me) — where is Vance McDonald rated by PFF? He is almost a non-factor in the passing game, but I have noticed some nice run blocks he has made the past few games.

      4. Using 20\20 hind site there are probably 25 players who would have been better picks than Fleener. Regardless i would label anyone with his stats and blocking ability as a 1st rd bust but a pretty good 3rd rd draft pick

    1. 7. Smh. I note that you posted that assertion 40 minutes after a comment I left for Jack. You and the truth just don’t seem to get along … which is why I take exception to so many of your comments.

      9. How much do I get for locating 23jordan in a Chiefs chatroom? It’s amusing to read you go on and on about Hofer or DS posting in Chiefs chatrooms when 23jordan is the only commenter who has been documented on one of those sites. Your obsession with those two rivals your obsession with Alex Smith, except there’s less of the scorned schoolgirl aspect to it.

      1. Bayareafanatic, do you ever get tired of being the blog whipping boy? You should have quit while you were behind a long time ago. You aren’t intelligent enough to call out ANYONE on this blog, let alone claude. You get completely owned every time you make one of your stupid remarks and at this point it’s not even funny anymore. You are constantly proven incorrect, and when called out on your BS, you dig yourself deeper. That’s the sad part.

        I used to think 23jordan was the biggest clown on here, but you’ve done the unthinkable and officially surpassed him. Congrats, I guess.

      2. Hey 23 Jordan may be a tool sometimes but I have to stand up and say I made a snarky comment that got taken out of context.

        I was joking that I was pretending to be him on those sites as a commentary on how he likes to bash anyone who follows the Chiefs or any ex-Niners on their team.

        So I personally never went on the Chiefs site and posted anything. I don’t think he did either.

        If you do see posts on their site, it’s someone else using the 23 Jordan handle. When you think about it, the name isn’t even that original (I could say the same about his comments but I’ll let that one slide for another time). Now if we saw a bunch of Cloudy Balls on there, well that’s like leaving a smoking gun at a crime scene….

      3. Claude,

        Let me set the record straight here. I did go on the K.C. Chiefs blog at the start of the season and I posted 1 or 2 comments about Smith. I didn’t accidentally do it and I certainly didn’t try and hide it or I would’ve used another name as some posters here on this blog have often done. I’ve not posted anything since. Don’t plan to either. Whether they win 10 more games or not another game. I told it straight on Smith just like I did here. People didn’t like it here but what I said became reality. Our coach felt like he couldn’t win a Super Bowl with Smith. I said he couldn’t , coach said he couldn’t. Kansas City is 6-0. They need 2 more wins for us to get that 2nd rounder. After that, or don’t want to see them win another game because it will begin to erode that 2nd rounder maybe from a mid round pick to a late round pick. I’m a Niner fan. Funny, that team is starting to look like the 2012 Niner team. He’s starting to play like the QB of that 2012 Niner team.

        Obsessed with Smith, no. Hating his game? Absolutely, vey much so.

      4. 23jordan:

        You’ll understand if I don’t just take your word for how little you have posted on Chiefs blogs. Your track record here has shown you to be untrustworthy. And your 3:35 comment just reinforces that conclusion. The vast majority of your Smith-related predictions did not become reality. That you got lucky and hit on one doesn’t mean you “told it straight” or were right about Smith.

        You can deny being obsessed with Alex Smith all you want, but the fact that you felt compelled to search for a Chiefs blog and post multiple messages arguing with commenters there about Smith says otherwise.

      5. Claude,

        I have absolutely nothing to prove to you. It was for the rest of the blog. You get a high on trying to prove people wrong. I’m not even going to engage you becuse I’d like to stay away from the negative garbage that gets started up here. I realize that you’re elite ism gets the best of you at times. We are all just men with opinions. Have a good day Claude.

      6. LSX,

        Because I didn’t follow in your footsteps with your beliefs about Alex smith I was a clown. Seeing that he’s not here anymore and everything I said about him somehow came to pass, maybe you need to see who’s wearing that little red nose. We never would have exchanged messages if you hadn’t decided to call names because I didn’t feel the way about Smith that you did. He’s not here anymore so what’s your deal? Lol.

      7. 23jordan:

        I’m not even going to engage you becuse I’d like to stay away from the negative garbage that gets started up here.

        You don’t engage me because I continually call you out for your lies, uninformed opinions and other made up nonsense. And I back up what I say with facts.

        Moreover, you were responsible for much of the negative garbage on this blog for two years; you don’t get to claim any high ground now.

        We are all just men with opinions.

        Yeah, but, unlike you, some of us like to base our opinions on fact and reason. We don’t just make stuff up.

      8. I guess LSX plays in the douche band now too.

        If membership comes from calling you out for your nonsense, it’s not a band; it’s a symphony orchestra.

      9. Yeah Claude,

        You’re the best. You really can smoke them out.you are the greatest. Don’t lie to Claude! He will uncover the lies and expose you. He’s really great. He’s elite, that Claude. I’m sorry for lying on the blog Claude. Please don’t expose me Claude, for being a fraud! You’re the greatest blogvestigator. You caught me red handed! Damn!

      10. Claude,

        I’d rather talk football. What did you think about the game. I know, whatever Jack thought! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.
        Let’s talk football Claude. How did Kap look yesterday Claude. I know, you thought he looked like Jack Hammer said he looked. Ok Claude. Time to arrest me for lying! Any football information Claude??

      11. 23jordan:

        Yeah, you shouldn’t be mocked for being a liar and a fraud; I should be mocked for showing you that you are a liar and a fraud.

        Whatever. As long as you keep running way when someone reveals you for the liar and fraud that you are.

      12. Jack,

        That was for Claude.

        I thought Kap looked better than he has in the losses we’ve had. I thought he played with more poise and confidence. I hate that he thinks he can rifle the ball through the hands of defenders and that his teammates are going to automatically co e up with the catch. I’m disappointed that he doesn’t trust his teammates to make plays for him. I’d be pissed at him if I were a receiver because I’ve seen him miss several open receivers in the wins and the losses we’ve had. I wish he were a bit more protective of the football but turnovers are going to happen in this game. I realize that he’s not Peyton Manning, but I’m thankful that he’s not Blaine Gabbert. I do love the fact that he threatens the entire football field. He has the respect of his opponent because they know he is a legit threat with his arms and legs. He played decent yesterday. He made good throws on the drive that mattered the most. The 18 play 89 yard drive to put the game away.

        How did you think he played Jack? Don’t respond just yet. Give Claude a chance to respond so he won’t copy your response.

      13. You got me Claude? You didn’t answer my FOOTBALL question! How did Kap look on Sunday? Do you understand the question? You understand that you are under Oath Claude?

      14. I know Jordan. Just trying to get it back to football. After rewatching it with the All 22 view I think he played pretty good. He only had a couple decisions that I would question, and a couple poor throws.

        His throw to KW on 3rd & 7 on that 4th quarter drive was nice. He’d missed it earlier, but nailed it in a clutch moment.

      15. Jack,

        The real test comes when he plays this Sunday on the road against a good Titans defense. He can’t turn the ball over. They have very good corners and their best safety got hurt in the Seattle game. #33, I forgot his name. We have to use Davis the same way and pound them again with the run. Kap needs a couple of designed runs this week as well. Russell Wilson ran them silly last week.

    2. Bay,

      Maybe you missed it when Whitner totally whiffed on Larry Fitzgerald, leading to a 78 yard TD?

      From Pete Prisco, “Watching Larry Fitzgerald’s TD catch against 49ers, Donte Whitner played it horribly. Went for hit. Again, change name to Donte Coverbetter”

      1. Compare that play to the rest of his season and he’s playing better football this year imho….Reid is part of the reason.

      2. Razor:

        It’s not clear to me that Whitner was as bad last year as most people think he was. I had the impression that Goldson’s coverage deficiencies put a lot of stress on the other members of the secondary last year. As a result, it doesn’t really surprise me that Whitner’s play has “improved” from last year, the Fitzgerald touchdown notwithstanding.

      3. Claude,

        I’ll help you out right here. Check Whitners stats before he got here. He was getting killed by the other teams tight ends when he was with the bills. He was horrible. He was the worst in the league defending the other teams tight end. Our safeties were both horrible in coverage last year. They were massive hitters but they couldn’t cover their face. Take a look at Goldson’s game yesterday. He was horrible. Those big hits are penalties now. If he and Whitner were on the roster right now, we’d probably be .500 with the most fined secondary in football. And some guys who couldn’t cover. Now we have Reid to cover the deep stuff and Whitner can lay the wood. There you have it Claude. Football!! Now tell me where I lied counselor?

    3. I’ll say this, it was very peaceful on this blog, and then Bay Area Fanatic figured out the password to his neighbor’s wi-fi and now all hell is breaking loose.

  17. It drives me crazy that during the draft we constantly pass on guys like Alshon Jeffery, Keenan Allen, etc. Receiver has been our biggest need for how many years now?

    1. Terrance Williams would fit perfectly on the 49ers right now. The Cowboys took him with the 74th pick. The 49ers took Vance McDonald with the 55th pick.

      1. Not neccesarily, the Niners don’t throw any where near as much as the ‘Boys and he wouldn’t have Romo throwing the ball to him. Taking a players production off one team and plugging in the same numbers for a different team simply doesn’t compute. Different players, different philosophies and different opponents.

        The grass is always greener. How many teams fans wish they would have drafted Bowman? How about all 31 of them. Hindsight is 20/20.

        Maybe JH and TB agree with me, WR is the least valuable position on the field. A lot of the time, it doesn’t really matter what they do [See Randy Moss].
        Any other position would never get away with only doing their job 2/3 of time and still see the field.

        That’s right, I said it. It doesn’t mean you don’t need good ones to be successful, just other parst of the puzzle come first. Defense-OL-QB is where you make hay in this game. That being said, we have a fine cake here, we just need some ‘icing’ to make the cake complete.

      2. McDonald plays one of the more complicated positions. The fact he’s already getting a significant number of snaps bodes well. His body type is neither Vernon or Delaney, but he’s playing the SAK anyway. (Am I the only one who thinks VMac’s measurements scream edge pass rushing 4-3 DE?)

        If Harper develops in 2014, I see the 49ers using Vance less as SAK and more as a traditional TE. He’ll be a road grading TE that suckers linebackers and safeties in, then slips behind them for big plays.

    2. I do remember that. Either Allen has come a long way since or he’s benefitting from the players around him. Probably a bit of both.

      I’ve been a bit surprised by how well some of the rookie WRs are doing. Allen, Williams, Hopkins, Thompkins, Dobson, Woods – all those guys have been pressed into action and played pretty well for rookies. Austin has also been getting a few grabs though he’s not been doing anything with it. There are a few guys that haven’t gotten much of a go but have had good things written/ said about them.

      Could be a bumper crop of WRs.

    1. Great news. I hope Dorsey is OK for Sunday. I heard Fangio say (in more then one interview) it takes months of practice reps to get up to speed… and Dial and Carradine have only had one practice under their belts.

  18. in retrospect, would niners be better off with Michael Crabtree and Anthony Davis (1st rd picks in successive years) or Michael Oher and Dez Bryant (alternative 1st rd picks in thos same years)

      1. Adam707:

        Dez was a different draft than Crabtree

        But he was the same draft as Davis. What mark is asking is whether the team have been better taking Oher at OT, instead of Crabtree at WR, in 2009 and Bryant at WR, instead of Davis at OT, in 2010? In other words, which pairing is better:

        Crabtree (WR ’09) + Davis (OT ’10) or
        Bryant (WR ’10) + Oher (OT ’09)?

        It’s a legitimate Q, but even with the use of hindsight and the likelihood that you wouldn’t have to spend the 4th round pick to get Bryant in ’10, I prefer the existing pairing to the hypothetical pairing.

        Reasonable minds can differ on this one, however.

      2. Dez is possibly the second or third best WR in the league. And a legit #1. But the reality is there’s no way this scenario suggested could have played out. In 09 Crab fell to us at #10. He was the 2nd best player in the draft at the time (curry #1 LMAO). And he was arguably the greatest collegiate wr ever. So in fantasy land would this scenario be better? Probably, but it’s not something that could have actually happened.

      3. Adam707:

        But the reality is there’s no way this scenario suggested could have played out.

        How do you come to that conclusion? When the 49ers drafted Crabtree in ’09, Oher was still on the board, and they could have drafted him instead. Similarly, when the 49ers drafted Davis in ’10, Bryant was still available, and they could have selected him.

        The only way you can say it wouldn’t have happened is to speculate that the 49ers and the Panthers would have finished with better records than the Cowboys in 2009 and therefore the 49ers’ two first round picks would both have come after Dallas’ first round pick. I don’t see any basis for thinking that would have happened.

  19. thanks Claude for explaining my question much better than I did…that is exactly what i was asking…..hindsight is 20-20 but i just was interested in others opinions re which pairing would have been better….

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