Harbaugh: “We feel like we have a good plan.”

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh spoke in the media tent Friday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

Q: Are you satisfied with the week of practice?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, I think it was a real good week, both teams ready to play. Excited to go up to Seattle and get this game going.

Q: What did B.J. Daniels offer as the scout team quarterback this week?

HARBAUGH: He did a real nice job.

Q: Brandon Browner is listed as doubtful for this game. How did Walter Thurmond play last week?

HARBAUGH: He played quite a bit. Their entire defense had a good showing as usual. That’s a fine defense.

Q: In the four times you’ve played the Seahawks, special teams have played a pretty big role. Is that something you’ve talked about in meetings?

HARBAUGH: That’s something we talk about every week, that phase.

Q: Is there anyone you compare Marshawn Lynch to, either in the game now or in the past?

HARBAUGH: I don’t get into comparing people too much. He’s a great back.

Q: What makes him so great?

HARBAUGH: Physical, fast, he’s got great ball security. Tough runner. Tough man. He’s a real football player.

Q: The NFL announced they’ve fined Clay Matthews $15,000. They’ve also fined Ahmad Brooks $12,000. Even Anquan Boldin got fined. Did you understand those fines?

HARBAUGH: Do I understand it? I have no reaction to it. I have a zero reaction to the fines. At the direction of the league, I have nothing to say about that publically.

Q: After a week of practice, do you feel good about the improvements your staff has been able to make as far as getting the plays in quicker?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, we feel good. We feel like we’ve had good preparation. We feel like we have a good plan. That will continue tomorrow, another workout and another practice tomorrow and then travel up there, more meetings. The hay is never really in the barn. Where we stand right now, we feel good. We feel ready to go.

Q: Are you implementing new things or are you just refining what you already do as far as getting the play in on time?

HARBAUGH: Um, yeah, wouldn’t really discuss that.

ME: Last time you played in Seattle you didn’t have play clock issues after halftime. Did you make any adjustments?

HARBAUGH: No, we were down several scores and we started going some no huddle.

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  1. Just once I want to hear a coach say, “we aren’t quite sure about our plan, but what the heck, we’re going to give it a shot!”

    1. I think plenty of coaches say that, it’s just translated into coachspeak. Usually you hear it after a game, I believe the approximate translation is “I have to check the film”.

    2. Not at the NFL level…I don’t want to ever hear a coach say that! 1) they don’t get paid millions to be unsure, 2) a good plan is steeped in history, logic, and personnel, 3) coaches expect their players to KNOW if they can execute, so living by a double standard would cost them the entire locker room, coaching staff, AND Front Office.

  2. I hope Harbaugh’s plan is to stuff the rock down Cliff Avril’s throat! He is one the league’s worst DEs at stopping the run (graded at -24.4!). He has only had one season in his entire career with a positive run grade. Pete Caroll must know this and will probably alternate Avril with Clemons. At any rate, I think the pistol formation will work when Avril is playing DE.

      1. According to John Clayton this afternoon Clemons is likely not going to be ready for Sunday and Browner is a game time decision.

      2. What? Are you scared, Clem, or just nursing that thumb injury from slicing truffles?
        PS Slow cooked baby back ribs for me tomorrow evening. I don’t want to be cooking; just pull ‘em off at 5:30. Eat rib, dispose bone, lick fingers. Repeat. Maintain fluid levels with preferred beverage. Digestion and satisfaction will be improved by a sound thrashing of Seahawks, but leave Albatross alone; bad luck if you mess.

      3. E
        Sometimes there’s elegance in simplicity, and on Gme Day, simplicity rules. I take a rack of baby back pork ribs, and take the time to peel away the thin membrane off the back. Usually if you get a filet knife under one corner you can then peel the whole thing back. This makes a difference in the outcome. Then salt and pepper and double wrap in aluminum foil. Cook five to five and a half hours at 250F. Optional: open foil and baste with BBQ sauce for last 25-30 minutes.
        Recommended side dish: corn salad. Your regular favorite salad ingredients with fresh or roasted kernels cut from the cob as a substitute for lettuce. Try some minced Jalapeño in there too. I use organic non-GMO corn because I’d rather die from too much alcohol than from corn-clones that are resistant to RoundUp.

  3. ” We feel as though we have a good plan. ” Like it or not.
    In about 50 hours, the entire world will know if the plan was any good.
    Be sure to check the Power Rankings next Monday, willya….

    1. Those were my thoughts too regarding the plan. All the “experts” can critique anything they like. At the end of the day all that matters is the final score Sunday night.
      I am playing both sides of the fence. I’m picking SF on the pick’em league, because I want to believe Harbaugh is going to win this game in Seattle. I predicted a Seattle win on here though earlier in the week though. I will say that I disagree with Grant’s score just because I think SF is going to score a field goal.
      As for power rankings, I put very little stock in them.

      1. Sorry That Guy, I’m not a fair weather fan. Win or lose, I’m still a 49er fan. I don’t need the team to win to root for them. So, I can predict a realistic loss and still be a fan.
        If the game were in SF, I’d predict an SF blowout. Until SF shows they can fix their communication and play clock issues, there will be questions when they travel to Seattle. That’s just my opinion. It isn’t sacrilegious to hope you team will win but think they may lose.

  4. Nobody seems to acknowledge there is a fair bit of luck factor in these games. How the ball bounces, fumbles recovered or not recovered, tipped passes, blown calls, right play call/wrong play call at an important moment on both sides of the ball. No one has any idea how these games are going to turn out. Hopefully it will be competitive game this time. Last game everything went Seattle’s way. It is a very tough place to play. If the 49ers get a few breaks going their way, I think they can win there.

  5. The Niners will line up with Boldin, Baldwin, and Williams. I am thinking that the key player in this game is Baldwin. He will be targeted early and often, as a way to keep the Hawks in check. If he catches 2-3 passes for first downs, that will open up the run game, space for the TE’s in the passing game, and will give the Hawks something to think about.

    1. I don’t think this coaching staff likes to test out unproven guys in big games. So I don’t think Baldwin will be an X factor, or any factor. But there’s always hope

  6. Five keys to win this game.

    1. Win the turnover battle wins this game.
    2. Control the line of scrimmage, both sides of the ball
    3. Make Wilson a pocket passer
    4. First downs, keep the drives alive, ball control.
    5. Special teams – field position.

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