Harbaugh: “We made plays in the passing game – Colin moving.”

SAN FRANCISCO – Jim Harbaugh spoke about Colin Kaepernick at the podium after the 49ers’ 23-13 win over the Rams. Here is a transcript.

Q: How was the Rams’ defense playing your offense?

HARBAUGH: They did a good job containing the run. We made plays in the passing game – Colin moving. He had a lot of big plays off of scrambles, either him running it or moving to create space. I thought he did a great job throwing the ball in those scramble situations.

A terrific play that me made to Vernon Davis on the naked bootleg. Three weeks ago when we played Carolina, that turned into a big negative play. We really learned from that and responded in this game. Had pressure exactly the same way, off the edge. He got depth. He retreated with dignity and feathered the ball, laid it in there for Vernon to make a big play. That was the first one where he hurdled a man. That was really encouraging.

    1. The Niners ran 30 times for 81 yards. Yeesh! It didn’t seem like Gore had anywhere to run today. There also wasn’t a lot of time to throw.
      A win is a win. The Defense is playing at a very high level. Better then Seattle and Carolina in my opinion.
      There were nice moments for the offense, nice to see Crabs out there, but at the same time, it looks like some of the same issues are still there. Boldin manhandled his CB, but Colin also still stares him down. I did some some progression reads today though, so that gives me hope.
      Like 2011, the D is the strength of this team.

  1. Good thing the passing game is coming around because the run game has been shut down for three games in row. I am worried about Kap getting killed on a sack if Staley and Iupati are both out next week.

  2. The Colts came in and outhit sf in their own house. The Rams tried, but the 9ers were ready to match the intensity and then made more plays. The pre game confrontation was fair warning to all concerned.
    Maybe it’s just me being a homer vs a Div opponent, but despite acknowledging that Chris Long is good, I don’t much care for him. Talkin stuff and whining to the Refs constantly. Mffffph.

    1. Agree Brotha – we got outhit by colts and Sea but we won battle of trenches vs NO and should/would have won if the Brooks sack/strip wasnt nullified or if we had better play on offense. Will be great to see Niners go against Sea at our place and with Sea down a couple of dbs

      This young ram team could be a factor in future years but hopefully Bradford stays where he is – just good enough to lead a mediocre offense

  3. This game did not change anything in my mind. I already knew we could defeat a bad team. I knew our defense is good enough to beat any team in the league. Our O looked decent against an inferior opponent. Running game struggled. We struggle on 3rd and long. Why do we always hand off to Gore on 3rd and long. LMJ was shaky in the return game.

    The dynamics have not changed. Let’s see what happens next week.

    1. With the way our defense is playing, we need out punt returner to simply make good decisions and catch the ball consistently. The WORST thing that can happen is to give an opponent a cheap TD because we fumbled away field position. If LMJ fumbles again, we need to try a WR such as Manningham back there.

  4. Didn’t get to see the game live, did Kaepernick look as good as his stats do? Also while I’m happy with our wide receiver group now that Crabtree is back, I’m starting to think a 2nd round pick for Josh Gordon would have been highway robbery. Hes unstoppable.

    1. Tkamb,

      Yes, Kap played a lot better and actually went through his progressions today. He hit his checkdown a few times as well. He got out of the pocket a few times and ran too. He made a lot of solid accurate throws. Crabtree certainly made a big difference. It allowed Boldin to match up with and abuse the Rams 2nd corner. Crabtree was physical and looked a lot better than anyone on this blog thought he would. He caught a 50 yard catch and run.

      I said I wouldn’t judge Kap until Crabtree came back. Kap had 100 yards more than his season average. I’d say Crabtree made a big difference like I said he would. That’s for all the naysayers that said Crabtree wouldn’t make a difference this early or at all. Kap showed more poise in the pocket even though the Rams were getting pressure and did sack him 4 times I think.

      1. Good to hear he improved especially with check downs and progressions. Hopefully he can keep it going against the Seahawks next week because we’re going to need him at his best.

    2. Boldin and VD looked great today, and Crabs made a big play. We are now a triple threat. I don’t even remember seeing Manningham play.

    3. Jordo covered it pretty well. What you missed, besides a fine defensive performance was a Hella good example of Next Man Up.
      Staley went down. Boonie moved to OLT and shut out a good pass rusher. Joe Looney took Boone’s spot at ORG and played pretty well early, then got even more solid as the game wore on.

      1. Tuna,

        Well said. Looney did great, except for the holding penalty on his 1st snap. Defense was unreal. The starters didn’t give up the TD. The backups did.

  5. Last year I told Grant that Josh Gordon would become the best WR to enter the league since Megatron, including Dez, Julio, & AJ. Nobody wanted to talk about it, because nobody knows WRs like I do. I should probably be the Niners’ GM.

  6. 49ers offense by personnel groups:

    12 runs – 19 yards
    6 passes – 5-6 for 69 yards and 1 TD

    1 run – 0 yards
    12 passes – 9-10 for 137 yards, 2 sacks

    4 runs – 19 yards
    9 passes – 3-8 for 55 yards, 1 sack

    6 runs – 24 yards
    6 passes – 2-4 for 17 yards, 1 sack, 1 scramble for 9 yards

    1 run – 7 yards
    1 pass – 1 scramble for 8 yards

    2 runs – 4 yards and 1 TD

    The 49ers had a total of 29 1st down plays, 16 runs and 13 passes. They were perfectly balanced at 13-13 on 1st down until the last 3 of the game were all runs.

  7. I believe if Joe staley misses against the Seahawks we should sit him until the Arizona game. No need to rush him back and something worse happens

  8. They beat another sub .500 team, just like they have done all season. Big deal. Let’s see what they look like at home against Seattle.

    1. The Rams are a dangerous team that we couldn’t sleep on. They beat Seattle up in every phase of the game except the score unfortunately giving up one fluke play. And they DESTROYED the Colts who also had some big wins.
      You glass half empty guys guys just kill me.

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