Harbaugh: “We wanted to have two veteran quarterbacks.”

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh spoke in the media tent Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: Would you address the move of releasing B.J. Daniels and bringing in John Skelton? What’s your reasoning for that move?

HARBAUGH: Felt like we wanted to have two veteran quarterbacks, two guys who have started games, played in games, won games. Felt like that’s what we needed to do at this time. We’ll be hopeful B.J. will return (he will not; the Seahawks claimed him on waivers). I trust that we have a plan for him and a process of developing him and getting him ready to play in the National Football League as well.

Q: What do you like best about Skelton?

HARBAUGH: Good stature in the pocket. Experienced guy. He’s played, won games and been in those battles. He had a workout here a few weeks back, one of the better workouts I’ve seen from a quarterback in one of those types of workout environments.

Q: It seems like the quarterbacks you’ve had success with all have had really good athleticism. Where is his athleticism?

HARBAUGH: There are different levels of athleticism but anybody who plays quarterback in the National Football League is a pretty darn good athlete.

Q: It seems like his best game was in 2011 against the 49ers. Do you remember that game specifically?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, we’ve always been impressed with him.

Q: Did you guys put a waiver claim in on him in April?


Q: Do you vision competition between him and McCoy for the No.2 QB job?

HARBAUGH: I understand the starting quarterback competition and the need to talk about that. As it relates to other positions, not so much.

Q: How is Patrick Willis doing?

HARBAUGH: Good. He says he feels good. I anticipate he’ll practice today and we’ll see how that goes.

Q: Everyone is saying the Texans are in big trouble. Are teams in big trouble dangerous?

HARBAUGH: They’re a good football team, that’s what I know. I know I see on tape talented players, well-coached. Every game they’ve been in has been competitive right down to the wire. They’ve found ways to win games. That’s a big test for us. That’s our job is to prepare for it and get ready to win the next game. That’s the most important game on the schedule. That’s how they’re approaching it as well.

Q: What’s your impression of J.J. Watt?

HARBAUGH: He can ruin a game for his opponent. A lot of good players defensively, secondary, front-seven, linebackers, talented group. J.J. Watt is one of the top players in this league. Great ability to rush the passer, get past blocks and on the quarterbacks almost immediately. He’s able to run and use his legs. A lot of really good things to his game.

Q: How much did NaVorro Bowman mean to getting the defensive identity back?

HARBAUGH: He meant a lot in our last ballgame. I thought our defensive player of the week, game ball, pressure, a sack, two tackles for losses. He was all over the field, did a great job of leading our defense.

Q: What about Skelton caught your eye?

HARBAUGH: For where we are, what our situation is, a guy, along with Colt, who’s played in games, won games. Being on our 53 gives us a chance to contribute if needed. That’s what we needed from that third quarterback.

Q: Does’ Skelton’s arm talent stand out to you?

HARBAUGH: Yes it does. Big, strong. Definitely has arm talent. Excited to work with him. That’s really what it amounts to, three quarterbacks who’ve all played in games and been in the fire. Now we have three at our disposal, a great starter and two guys to back up who have been in those games.

Q: How has Jon Baldwin been doing?

HARBAUGH: Jon stands out as one of the guys who comes out early, who stays after practice and during defensive periods, special teams periods he’s seeking Kap out or Kap’s seeking him out. And there are other guys who do it. Jon is in that group of guys that does that extra.

Q: What does a game like the Rams do for Frank Gore?

HARBAUGH: I think it’s positive. I think Frank knows who he is as a player and what he’s capable of. Is it good for his confidence? He’s a confident guy. I don’t know how much it does for him. We know he’s capable of that. He knows he’s capable of that. Our offensive line knows he’s capable of that. No question that everybody’s inspired by what he does. Nobody does it like Frank Gore.

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  1. More likely they realised the ‘veteran’ QB they originally traded for wasn’t providing the support they hoped for in their back-up QB.

    1. I think you guys are both off. Daniels was a poor passer in college, didn’t pick up the offense quickly. With the apparent approach of a more conventional offense being used, Daniels stock fell. He’s not a pocket passer with good ball skills [play action] that is needed for this particular type of offense. And as JH said, has zero experience.

      I really think they thought he would clear waivers so they could place him on the PS. The only team interested was SEA. They only have the wonderful Tavaris Jackson as a backup.

      If McCoy wasn’t providing the support you speak of, they would of let him go and picked up Skelton, but that’s obviously not the case.

      1. Daniels skill set is pretty similar to Kaep’s – in the future you would think that would be of benefit as they wouldn’t need to change the offense drastically if Kaep was hurt and Daniels could step in.

        As for Daniels being slow to pick up the playbook, your comments are the only place I have heard that as an issue. But would do you expect of a guy that was being made to learn multiple positions in TC?

        If McCoy was everything they wanted in their back-up QB they wouldn’t be worried about their 3rd QB – he could be a developmental guy.

      2. Something tells me they realized they can’t afford to restrict Kaepernick any longer if they want the division. McCoy is one hit away from the bench. He’s brittle. Say what you want about Skelton, but he’s big, tough and has a cannon. If what they say about the quarterback whisperer is true….Hakuna Matata.

      3. Razor, just another reason why McCoy is not the back-up QB they were hoping for.

        Relying on your 3rd QB to win games if #1 and #2 are out injured is having pretty high hopes, even if it is a veteran or a rookie. Either way you will be limiting what they need to do and using other strengths of the team to mask them. In that situation you’d almost prefer a guy like Daniels that can make things happen with his legs as well as his arm if needed.

      4. He just might be what ‘they’ think they want in a backup QB, just not what the PD bloggers want. As Razor said, McCoy is a stiff breeze from hurting himself and then you have a 7th round rookie with zero NFL experience playing QB. Skelton won’t be ‘scared; of the situation whereas BJ may have been. You cannot take that risk with a SB ready team.

      5. Bray, do you honestly think McCoy or Skelton are taking this team to the SB? If Kaep gets hurt for a game or two they need someone to step in and let the running game and defense try and win the game for them. If they need someone to step in for more than a couple of games the 49ers are in trouble. If McCoy can’t even handle one or two games of spot duty, he shouldn’t be on the roster.

      6. I’m pretty sure there is a method to this madness Scooter. Just going to have to let it play out. Daniels looked slow even against preseason fodder. He may or may not pan out. Only time will tell…

      7. You’re right razor – for all my comments regarding Cooper and now Daniels, it is way too soon to be knowing whether either guy will end up being decent NFL players.

        That isn’t the real issue for me though – my comments the past few days have all been based on whether the 49ers are placing too much emphasis on veteran insurance across the 53-man roster and not enough on development of future players. I believe they are, to the potential detriment of future seasons. My whole ‘short-sighted’ argument. I also don’t think they are giving many of their young players an opportunity to develop, or showing much belief in them.

        Of course it may be they see Skelton as a better developmental prospect than Daniels. That is fine. But if that is the case, why not make that move as soon as Skelton was released?

      8. You make a good point, and one example comes to mind. Asomugha. From my layman’s perspective, he should have been released and Brock taken over, and Cooper retained.

      9. Yep, exactly.

        Or, if Asomugha was considered the 3rd best CB and beat out Brock for the role, then maybe Brock was expendable. He’s in his 4th season now, and hasn’t had the complication of having to learn a whole of different defenses, so he should be playing at close to his potential. That potential appears to be set at around ‘back-up’ calibre.

      10. Brock actually was the starter until he got hurt and then Culliver got his opportunity and never looked back.(seriously, he has difficulty looking back and locating the ball) Brock actually played a very good game and made a hell of a play for Mr. Hitners’ Int. He’s a much better tackler and he’s faster….

      11. Brock was the #3 CB before he got hurt and Culliver took his role, so I guess a starter, but in the nickle only. Poor guy keeps losing the job for #3. I kind of hope he holds onto the job even when Asomugha comes back… though I thought Asomugha was doing a decent job.

      12. >>Look for the 49ers to draft a QB somewhere in the first 4 rounds come April.

        And then release him at the 53 cutdown or sometime early into the 2014 season ;)

    2. Seahawks sign a quarterback from the 49ers: The Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers are now even this fall when it comes to claiming each other’s draft choices.

      San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh made it clear the 49ers valued Daniels and his future with the team, and had every intention of signing him to their practice squad. “We have a plan for him,” Harbaugh said.

      Apparently, so do the Seahawks, and they know the feeling of losing a guy they wanted to keep around. Before the season began, Seattle released receiver Chris Harper, a fourth-round draft pick, hoping to add him to the practice squad. But the 49ers added him to their 53-man roster.

      By Terry Blount | ESPN.com

    3. The number 3 QB should be the guy you are developing for the future. Slelton ain’t that guy. BJD should have been. This shows that they are not comfortable with Colt as veteran backup. No doubt if Alex was willing to take a pay cut and be a backup in SF (fantasy ftbl on my part) then none of this would have happened.

      Also what was hinted at in this press conference and that others on past blogs have mentioned is that the wild west experiment is over and we are back to under center and pocket passing.

      This interview also suggests to me that Harbaugh thought he was going to win the gamble. Really? You show your hand, a potential Wilson 2 and then on top of that piss off the player opposite you who really needs and wants your king and then expect to win.

      Sam the gold miner got beat by Pete the gambler.

  2. At first i thought- ok the niners must have given up on Daniels- they dont think he is worth anything…. Then harbaugh talks about him on PS… WHAT????

    With Cooper and now Daniels- it appears that the niners dont understand which players hold value outside their little world. If you wanted to get skelton- get rid of mcCoy- McCoy is awful- he will never be anything. This is his last stop in the nfl. I like skelton much better- but personally i think daniels will be a worthwhile backup.

    It sucks seeing good players with potential leave the team because they would rather keep awful veterens like mccoy and carlos rodgers and kyle williams (i loathe kyle williams)

    1. They could have gotten Skelton at any time. It’s not like there were a lot of people banging down his door.
      With Jenkins gone and LMJ at the bottom of the RB hill, we gave credit to Trent Baalke way too soon.

      1. LMJ should be traded- the guy still has value- he would be a great player if he got some screens and pitches in thr backfield- but it seems the niners arent interested- if so they should move the guy along so he can have a career elsewhere

    2. It’s YOU

      That doesn’t understand. You’re in the Dark just like everybody else here who has no NFL Personnel Experience.

    3. Good and bitter points Suede. Makes me think they are gambling away the future for the now.
      That Harbaugh comment got to me too. He actually thought this wasn’t going to happen. See my gambling statement above.
      Baalke is 49er Sam the gold miner who finds the nuggets. Then they all decide to gamble the nuggets away and inevitably loose. Hello; everyone knows you have the hot hand you are the super bowl team with the mother load after all.

    4. Big Suede,

      There is no way they were going to cut Carlos Rogers in favor of a rookie who didn’t even start in College. I get people being upset because a young player they liked wasn’t kept, but this isn’t fantasy football, and teams have to keep players you might think aren’t as good because they have a significant role on ST’s or in Rogers case as a starting CB. With the injuries they had at WR, there is no way they were cutting Williams either. Wouldn’t make any sense.

      Cutting McCoy has some validity but they obviously either didn’t see Daniels becoming a viable option anytime soon and/or just preferred to have players with a little more experience. I don’t know the answer but we are talking about end of the roster players here who have no resume so we may be overreacting just a tad.

    5. BruceZ,

      How are they gambling away the future? Daniels was never going to play here with Kap being the starter. At best he would be a decent backup they could trade for something in a couple of years or just walk away when his contract ran out. Cooper has played extensively in one game and has two passes defensed. It’s a little soon to mark him as the future that got away. You can’t keep everybody and if they had kept some of the players the fans fell in love with (Cooper, Gray) at the expense of some of the guys kept for ST’s, you’d all probably be bitching at how bad the coverage teams are right now. The coverage teams have been stellar so far this season, because unlike last season, they kept the ST’s specialists who make a difference.

  3. No need to analyze or theorize the move, if Harbaugh says he needed another veteran QB that’s works for me.

    As good as Daniels looked in preseason, he has never started in a regular season game. Harbaugh made that level of play (starter) a requisite in this move.

    Hate to see a young talent like BJ be claimed off waivers, especially by the c-hawks, but the coaches (who see him everyday) have to be trusted on this one.

    1. If Harbaugh really thought he had a diamond in the rough he would of kept BJ. He does know a thing or two about QBs. My guess is BJ is Nate Davis 2.0 and will never be a quality NFL starter. End of story.

      1. Sorry Maui, but this was about a gamble that Harbaugh thought they were going to win. Read the transcript again.
        That means they knew they had a good value in that 7th rounder who just needed development. And further read suggests they don’t feel good about the current veteran QB forcing them into the gamble.
        Clearly they miss read the arch rival’s hand in this game and played right into it.
        Picked off by a hovering hawk. Never saw it coming.

  4. My hunch is say goodbye to the pistol/RO
    What we saw last week is our bread and butter. And with Daniels being short for an nfl qb, I don’t see him fitting the mold of pocket passer. That’s why I think they snatched up Skelton. Big arm and a pocket passer.
    I think we will see the Pistol/RO sparingly through the year, as a surprise play. FG 21 and play action is about to happen. Back to basic baby. Strap on the seatbelts because this ride (if it stays on the road/health) is going far.

    1. I for one would be happy to see the back of the read-option. Gimmick offenses never last.

      I don’t mind seeing a sprinkling of it now and then as a change-up, but the staple has to be a more traditional offense.

      1. Go back and watch the games from 2011 with Smith at QB and you will see they were running the RO even then. The only thing that changed was Kaepernick presented a bigger break away threat so they utilized it more once he took over.

      2. Running it, yes, but sparingly. As I said, happy for it to be used as a sprinkling, but the vast majority should be more traditional.

      3. They did Jack, but it wasnt our featured offense with a qb that could choose which option to take. Last season it was broken out the way it was supposed to be used. It’s done already. If they use it sparingly it may work again for a big play here and there. IMO their lesson was learned. Back to basics

      4. But then again, after watching Seattle and their midget qb start running on them through scrambles I wouldn’t count out ck having a huge day on the ground.

      5. Read option is not a gimmick offense. How many years have college coaches had to neutralize it? NFL rules have more to do with less RO offense this year.

      6. I agree 100 percent, Scooter. Gimmick offenses don’t last and the read-option should be a change up at most, not a steady diet or the basis of an NFL offense. It’s always good to force defenses to prepare for it, though.

    2. Yep, swapping Daniels for Skelton is a sign Coach is going back to his roots of timing patterns and ball control. I think it probably hurt everyone on offense this year that we split time between the read-option and the passing game. Obviously Kap needed all the reps he could get practicing the latter.

    3. Your hunch may very well be a part of this decision.
      Another part is that they also got a little too confident about taking this gamble part way into the season. And maybe forgot to look at Seattle’s needs and that little thing called revenge.
      My hunch is that BJD aka Wilson 2 will be a very good fit in Seattle.
      And if so then we will pay in double.

    4. Ditto — why do you say that?
      The pistol like the shot gun and the wild cat will see limited use in the NFL because a DC and defense can sooner or later get hip to a formation and adjust accordingly. But the read option will continue to see plenty of use. It is not so formation dependent and it has too many fits in what a defense is giving you and the flow of a game.
      It can offer that last second element of surprise with that last moment decision.
      That last second decision is what Frank Gore complained about so SF needs to adjust away from read option accordingly and currently. And FG is in a way speaking for the entire run blocking offense that want less surprise and guess work at the hike.
      Two NFL defensive adjustments are hurting the read options right now. The slow react by the hot / free defender and the threat to the QB that the rules allow currently. With the Niners I would suggest you further have a Nolan / Singletary offense not built for it. And you have to work with what you were given.
      SF will pepper in the read option and will find fits for it. It ain’t going away in the NFL or here. Maybe Niners will find their way to their own version. Maybe some triple option read hybrid were Miller is the man in motion. Miller as blocker or reciever for that fourth option surprise to make further use of the Swiss army knife.

  5. Maybe Skelton is meant to be the Peyton Manning QB the team tried to get last year. They have a few similarities. Neither is mobile. Both have strong arms. I’d bet Skelton is stronger now. They both wear number 18. That’s where the similarities end. :)
    On a serious note, it appears SF isn’t interested in a mobile QB. They went after Peyton Manning last year. They aren’t letting Kaepernick run now. They signed a statue to stand in the pocket this year.
    The positives: Skelton has beaten Houston, Dallas, St Louis two times, Seattle two times, and SF.
    I don’t particularly think that Skelton was bad in Az. I think he is a better QB than McCoy. Az hasn’t had a line since I’ve had a date. So, I think there is a lot of upside to Skelton. I do know that if he has any talent at all, Harbaugh will make him great. That’s all I know. The rest is just speculation.

  6. Checking participation at Texans practice, the 49ers might owe stinky Pete a debt of gratitude. Key personnel beat up and could factor into Sunday evenings game late…

  7. I am just a fan and not an expert, I have full fate in Trent and Jim H but i hate all these moves by the forty niners! Why we need to let go of BJ when he was the most impressive QB on the roster during the preseason! Also, i am still not happy about trading Parys Haralson to the Saints. I am just shocked since AZ QB sucked when he played for Arizona. What is even more depressing Seattle picks up BJ.

    1. I actually didn’t mind the Haralson trade. It gave Lemonier a better chance to play. And in the battle with Skuta for the backup OLB role on base downs, Skuta provides greater ST value.

      I just get frustrated when the team drafts these players and then doesn’t give them a chance. I was thrilled to see Patton get the starting nod last week, even if he hasn’t looked that great so far in games. It’s a better option to work through some growing pains early in the season than stick with a previously tried and failed Marlon Moore. What I didn’t like is that it took them 3 weeks to figure it out. Hopefully now Baldwin will get a chance. If he doesn’t work out, so be it, but I’d rather they try a talented young player with potential upside than a vet that has never shown much of anything. And that goes for any position and player.

    2. Chicago,

      Niners’ coaches evaluate the players to a far greater extent based on their performance in practice and classroom than they do in second halves of pre-season games.

      The Niners offense face the Niners’ D in practice. That’s a better measuring stick of offensive players than other alternatives.

      Statistics show that only a very small fraction of the lower round players (5th and below) ever become starters, let along make a difference to their teams. Meanwhile, the team can only have 53 players.

      Niners have chosen to keep Kaep’s backups as cheaper journeymen QBs in preparation for the huge salary the former will demand. This is the case with all the elite QBs in the league. These teams know that their playoff aspirations are over if the QB is gone for most of the season. The only meaningful role of the backup is to win a couple of games for brief absence of the elite QB. The only meaningful role of the third string QB is to push the backup to get better.

      No team makes big plans for developing a marginal late-round QB into a backup QB when they have a very young QB who they believe is elite talent. The NFL finances /system don’t allow developing backup players for possible trade value in distant future.

      I think Harbaugh concluded that Daniels progress was too slow to push McCoy this season and there was little chance that Daniels would be in the 53 with the Manningham and Crabtree returning. They clearly feel that McCoy will feel the heat more with Skelton in the meeting room than with Daniels. So rather than wait for another 3-4 weeks to cut Daniels, they might as well claim Skelton now than risk some other team pick him.

      I’m no expert either but just trying to understand the front office moves rather than add more uninformed criticism of them in this discussion.

  8. Wasn’t he the QB that went off when he was accused of smiling on the sidelines by Gruden during a loss?
    Dont make me google…its ok to tell me if that’s right or wrong. I will live.
    The cats tell’in me he wants to be fed..

  9. As far as I know, wasn’t Skelton released last week from cinci? I wonder is skelton is to kap as Marecic was to Miller.
    Imho, Colt will not be on the roster to finish the year. He sucks. Skelton will be the number two by the end of the bye week. He has a strong arm. He played on a bad team. Now trade for Blackmon….we can get him like Baltimore just got their left tackle.

  10. BJ Daniels is simply too short (5-11). Of starting QBs this year, the only truely good QBs shorter than 6-2 are Drew Brees (6-0), and maybe Michael Vick (6-0). Russell Wilson is 5-11, and seems to have special talent, but has struggled in the pocket this year. Understandable, since defensive lineman now are 6-4 or taller, and offensive linemen are also taller to match up against the defensive linemen. It’s just difficult to see over these taller guys. The only “elite” QBs under 6-4 today are Aaron Rodgers (6-2) and maybe RG3 (6-2). The rest are 6-4 or taller, including both Mannings, Brady, Flacco, Rivers, Ryan, Shaub, Roethlisberger, Luck, Kaepernick, and 4-and-0 Alex Smith. In the past, NFL QBs could be 6-0 or 6-1 like Theismann, Tarkington, Tittle, Unitas, Starr, Van Brocklin, but the only decent QB to come into the league at less than 6-2 after 1980 is Jeff Garcia in 1999 (excepting Brees, Vick, and maybe Wilson). The point is that unless Daniels has exceptional talent, really exceptional, the chances that he’ll become a great NFL QB seem small. I don’t think the Seahawks will really prosper with two 5-11 QBs, the chances seem very small. Despite the seemingly great potential Daniels showed in the preseason, it seems to me Harbaugh and Baalke made the right decision at the right time. NFL history appears to back them.

    1. Then the question becomes why draft him in the first place? At some point they must have thought his height wasn’t an issue – what made that change?

      1. It was the 7th round. Wilson seemed to work out at 5-11. Why not take a chance? Few 7th round choices ever make it in the NFL. It was no great gamble. Really, the 49ers wasted nothing in taking Daniels in the 7th. And in all probability, as NFL history shows, they’ve wasted nothing in releasing him now.

      2. So he’s worth taking a flyer on as a 7th despite the fact that he’s ‘simply too short’ unless he’s exceptional? If they thought he was an exceptional talent all along I doubt they would have waited until the 7th round to grab him…

        He really wasn’t given much of an opportunity to show whether he is exceptional, rubbish or anywhere in between. As you said, in the limited opportunity he had in pre-season he looked alright, but now they are deciding he’s too short?

      3. Scooter

        My feeling is that Daniels was drafted as an all-round athlete, not as a QB. They had several months to evaluate him and assess his value as a member of the 53 squad. Many ex-QBs drafted in the lower rounds have had a future in the leagues at other positions. Niners are currently too talented a team to accommodate Daniels.

        More players will be cut as those on PUP return generating more (utterly pointless) fan angst.

      4. Mood, I asked this in another thread, but seems pertinent here too. If what you say is correct (they never really saw him as a QB and they can’t accommodate him), why didn’t they just sign Skelton at the start of the season after he was released by Cincy? If they think Skelton is a better QB prospect they should have been on him like a rash.

      5. Evaluation would seem the logical reason…Another might have to do with the early opposition at the quarterback position.

      6. Razor, I actually think Grant (and others that have said the same) is likely closest to the truth of the matter. Change in strategy from read-option to more conventional offense means McCoy and Daniels are no longer the best fit. 49ers are scrambling.

    2. Hedge your bets,
      If you can figure out for one (that 5’11 handicap) then you can figure it out for another. And especially when skill sets appear very similar. That is what is called made to order.

    1. Ha, that’s good!

      Apparently Donte is not a student of 20th century history. Dropping that W does not give him the name, at a cursory glancing, that invites favorable comparisons.

  11. Colin Kaepernick (quote):
    ” Why the continuing backup QB shuffle?
    Don’t they trust me to (a) stay healthy & (b) win games?
    If they persist in their anxiety, then I feel anxious too.”

    “I feel distracted… just a little.”

  12. Everybody is a GM/Scout/HC.

    “A Man has got to no his limitations” as a very popular Actor in these parts once said in a movie.

    Evidently these people who are ripping the 49ers for this clearly don’t have their porch light on or any sense of Reality. They haven’t an ounce of background in NFL Personnel, they’re not their every day seeing what the 49er Brass sees & get’s paid handsomely for their skills & experience.

    But yet people here who don’t like what’s happened know better?


    They need to get a GRIP!

    And stand down to their level of expertize…

    Which is virtually nothing.

  13. There is no one more popular in football then unknown 3rd string QB’s. Since the dawn of the NFL that guy who looked good in the 4th quarter of the preseason games is the most over rated player on every NFL roster. In SF there has been George Mira, Scott Bull, Tom Owen, “singing” Joe Reed,Cody Pickett, Nate Davis and B.J. Daniels. Not alot of great careers there but hopefully for Daniels sake he will be the exception but i would’nt bet on it.

    1. Coach- You forgot Tolzein, the world beater. This topic is just plain silly. Most 3rd string QB’s don’t ever see any regular season playing time, this is about as close to a zero effect move as you can possibly make.
      Its like switching your ‘backup’ insurance policy from one provider to another. It won’t change a thing unless disaster strikes, yet people are actually upset.

      1. Bray how could i forget “Baby Brees” so quickly. He may never start a game but he did a hell of a job helping the Packers prepare for the 9ers in the opener.

  14. The Crab’s – Pro Athlete Name Change Ratings:

    Good –
    Donte Whitner → Donte Hitner
    Eldrick Woods → Tiger Woods
    Lawrence Berra → Yogi Berra
    Terry Bollea → Hulk Hogan

    Bad –
    Chad Johnson → Chad Ochocinco

    The Ugly –
    Ron Artest → Metta World Peace

    Non-rated (for religious sensitivity) –
    Cassius Clay →  Muhammad Ali
    Bobby Moore → Ahmad Rashad
    Lew Alcindor → Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

      1. Rib – Good one!…..I never was a Ron Artest fan, now he’s on our beloved Knicks. A thug that changes his name to “World Peace”….still can’t believe it.

    1. Whitner is not going to change his name. He is just trying to make a mockery of the NFL for the confusion they are causing NFL defenses. Mr. Hitner is correct. I guess the NFL just wants DB’s to allow the passes to be caught and then to tackle the receiver at the waist.

      To make things worse, the NFL fined Mr. Hitner. Terrible.

      1. I say if Donte really wants to intimidate the opposition, go all the way; change his first name to Adolph.
        Blitz becomes Blitzkrieg!

  15. When is the last time Harbaugh has actually said anything revealing. It’s just the usual B.S. from him. He is never the least bit candid, always sugar-coating his responses with vague superlatives. The only reason I read this article was knowing full well that the most insightful responses will come from the fan-base commenters, who read between the lines and deduce what Harbaugh is truly up to.

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