Harbaugh: “We’re going to have to run more data and log some more time on Washington.”

SANTA CLARA – This morning I wrote the 49ers should spend their bye week preparing and game planning more for the Redskins than the Packers or Seahawks.

I asked Jim Harbaugh this afternoon if the 49ers coaches will indeed spend more time preparing for the Redskins than the other teams. Here’s what he said.

COHN: Are you preparing more for the Redskins because you haven’t faced Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris and you have faced the other two teams, the Seahawks and the Packers, this season?

HARBAUGH: I think we need to prepare equally, but they’re the ones we haven’t seen yet. We have to run more computer data on them than we already have on some of the other teams. I’m not making any predictions of who we’re going to see or that kind of thing, we’ve got to get prepared for all the teams across the board, but yeah we’re going to have to run more data and log some more time on Washington. I think that makes sense.

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