Harbaugh: “You didn’t think we were going to pull that out, did you?”

GREEN BAY – After the 49ers beat the Packers, Jim Harbaugh strode to the visiting team’s podium, locked eyes with me and said to me, “You didn’t think we were going to pull that out, did you?”

Of course I did, I said. And I really did.

Who didn’t?

“It’s not our first time,” Harbaugh said. “We’ve got a lot of tough guys here and they generated a lot of toughness. And clutch. Clutch performances by Crabtree, Kaepernick, T. Brock, a lot of guys – Bowman, Willis, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore. Offensive line – great protection all day. I thought our guys kept our poise extremely well, fought and played well.

Q: Did that look like a pick-six to you that Mycah Hide dropped?

HARBAUGH: No, it didn’t. It was an incompletion (smiles).

Q: Were you urging Kaepernick to run, or were most of those called?

HARBAUGH: There wasn’t a whole lot called out there today. Our receivers were getting grabbed. I think Colin saw that and took matters into his own hands. He was around the edge a couple of times so fast. If it was a yard, it was 20, the way he was getting the edge. Just clutch. Colin Kaepernick is – I think we can all agree – a clutch performer.

Q: Were you surprised Kaepernick didn’t wear sleeves?

HARBAUGH: I asked him if he wanted to wear sleeves and he said, “No, I’ve played in colder.”

Q: What was Phil Dawson’s range for that last field goal?

HARBAUGH: Especially going the way we were going, we would have attempted it from 30 (yard line). That was about where things were standing.

Q: What do you mean when you say Kaepernick is clutch?

HARBAUGH: Somebody that answers in the clutch time of the game. The important down. The time when it matters most. That’s what I call “clutch.” He’s Kaepernick tough.

Q: What was going on with the back-to-back timeouts in the third quarter?

HARBAUGH: Kap forgot his wristband on the first play of the second half. A player lined up on the wrong side of the formation another time.

Q: In all your years playing and coaching in the NFL, how unique is Colin Kaepernick’s ability to take off and make huge plays?

HARBAUGH: The unique part is just how much ground he covers with the strides, how much ground he covers when he gets an edge, how much ground he covers when he steps up in the pocket. They go quick – 5, 10, 20. They go pretty fast. I think that’s unique. I’ve never seen that before. But he made some great throws today, too. Some clutch throws. The catch that Michael Crabtree made, and Colin – they executed. It was unbelievable. And the play that Colin – if he would have thrown it, it would have got batted down. He pulled it back and then scrambled for a first down. Clutch. Tough. Great. But like I said, our guys have done this before. It isn’t the first time they’ve done this. Onward now.

Q: When you signed Perrish Cox, did you think he’d play this much five days later?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, we figured he’d be playing a lot because of Carlos’ situation.

Q: Was Eric Wright healthy enough to play?


Q: What influenced that call?

HARBAUGH: They were both in there. I don’t want to talk about nickel-corner controversies.

Q: How good was Crabtree?

HARBAUGH: People talk about cold weather and it is hard to catch balls, but the greatest catcher of all time (laughs). Michael Crabtree catches everything. In the northern slow lands down to the tropic, sunny scenes, he’s catching the football. Where they throw a football, he’ll be catching it.

Q: He’s the greatest catcher of all time?

HARBAUGH: I think so, that I’ve seen. I’ve said that before. That’s not new. If my life depended on it and somebody had to catch a ball, I’d enlist Michael Crabtree to do it.

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    1. It was ridiculous. they let the Packers play. that TD by Nelson was a blatant push off. He one armed him away. Our d line was raped too.

      1. Even my wife and daughter, who know next to nothing when it comes to football, saw the hold on ‘Ole McDonald during Rodgers’ Houdini move for his last TD….

      2. It was ugly. The sad thing is nothing will be or can be done about it……Aldon Smith was held on at least 20 percent of the snaps and then you hear Buck say, they’re letting them both play….how many plays were their DB’s either holding or getting to the ball early?

      3. The play where Rodgers ‘escaped’ from McDonald was ridiculous, but the one that got me was earlier in the game when Bakhtiari actually bear-hugged Aldon – he had both of his arms wrapped around Aldon in an embrace and it wasn’t called for holding. If they won’t call that, they aren’t calling anything. The refs were a joke all game.

      4. scooter, Aldon has some nasty stains on him, kinda like the ones strippers get after a bunch of lap dances……let’s just say, he might deliver a baby in 9 months…

      5. The officiating was blatantly horrible. They obviously wanted the game to go as fast as possible so they could go back to their hotel rooms and drink hot chocolate.

    1. If I remember correctly (I probably don’t), Joad was the go-to wide receiver for the Cantonville Bulldogs when Harold Houdini was their quarterback. The two of them were the old-timey version of Montana and Rice.

  1. I thought the 49ers were going to drop this one. The combination of Packers being allowed to tackle 49er WRs and Pass Rushers…. Joe Buck’s awful voice booming along with the Fox networks sociopathy. I thought it was going to be one-and-done. Then Gore and that “4 minute offense” sealed the win. Gore’s a total stud!

    1. Kaep made some huge plays in the that drive too. With both legs and arm. Of course he also got lucky on the ball that was almost intercepted.

      As coach says, he’s clutch. Not the first time he’s led a game winning drive. And while everyone likes to complain about the last four offensive plays at the goal line in the SB, he also did an amazing job that day getting them back in a game they had all but lost by half time. For all his faults, and he still has a few, he’s also a baller and when he gets hot he can be great.

      Alex had the same opportunity for the Chiefs and couldn’t pull it off – that’s why he’s in KC now and Kaep is the starter for the 49ers.

      1. Of course Alex opportunity was without his Pro-bowl RB, his backup RB and his most prolific receiver.
        Other than that, about the same.

        Oh, and he put 44pts on the board.
        So if he had a defense that could hold opponents to 20pts, he would have won too.

        Kaep had a great game. Again.
        No need to fly undeserved jabs on Alex Smith.

      2. Allan, that wasn’t really meant as a jab at Alex so much as a tip of the hat to Harbaugh for going with Kaep. Alex played lights out yesterday. And as I’ve said all along I really like Alex Smith and wish him the best – and when he was our QB I supported him.

        But today was another example of Kaep producing plays when the team needed them – daring to do. Some guys have a knack for making big plays when you need them most. You need those guys to win big games. Kaep has been pretty darn good in that department since he’s been the starter.

        Sadly for the Chiefs and Alex he wasn’t able to do the same for them against the Colts, despite playing oh so well in the first half. Aside from a few instances when he was a 49er – the NO playoff game a few years back comes to mind – its something he’s not really shown the knack for. Alex Smith and “clutch” don’t get used in the same sentence very often.

      3. geez scooter did you see the placement of the pass smith made to bowe on last chiefs,,,has kaepernick made such a pass under pressure situations? as noted smith was losing support in colt game, with charles, avery and several defenders going down,,kaepernick was going against a team that was losing defenders (neal, shields, mulumba)

      4. Smith must be doing something right because reports are coming out of Kansas City that the team wants to extend him.

    2. Brodie you have never been so right as you are about FG. He made about 5 great plays that won the game. Yet I’m guessing GC will be critical of his numbers. I hope Grant puts his grades up before he leaves balmy GB

  2. Kap proves, again, that he is a talented playmaker.
    The last three games have been nail biters and the team has flaws, but, wow, they are tough and tough minded.
    The rematch with Carolina will be another classic.

    1. Forecast for Sunday in Charlotte:

      Cloudy with occasional light rain. High 58F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.

      (I thought I learned my lesson a week ago with that long range Green Bay forecast in the teens)

    1. Many people having probs. my old desk top and iPad are fine. My wife’s newer iPad (OS7 is stuck on old posts).

      1. lol Nick, my desk top goes to Jan 1,Carlos Rogers blog, and it has nothing to do clearing Cookies, or refreshing on bing or google. Hello India fix it.

  3. Does anyone else notice how LMJ takes his returns straight upfield now as opposed to 3-4 games ago when he would run sideways or half speed tring to make someone miss. He started running this way against Arizona last week and he almost broke a couple of them today. He getting upfield on his punt returns and kickoff returns. I’m happy for him and proud of him for what he’s been through these last 2 seasons.

      1. If LMJ is gone next season, I’d like to us take a shot at D’Anthony Thomas.
        He’s another OU baller’ (who’s just declared to the NFL) with exceptional speed and talent. He’s listed as a RB/Athl, but has the potential to become a DeSean Jackson type WR in the NFL.

        He may still be there in the 2nd rnd, but that would a big gamble for any team needing an explosive type player. I believe he goes in the late 1st rnd.

  4. Mike McCarthy pre-game speech transcript:

    “Grab, hold, tug, pull, mug, hook, clench, clamp, rip, tear, yank and tug.”

  5. Before the game one ex-player/analyst, maybe Key or CC, said they already knew the Niners had the physical toughness to beat GB in GB, but he was waiting to see if they had the mental toughness to win there in the cold.
    That kind of mental toughness requires 101% effort and 111% buy-in. It’s Jim’s ‘religion’. Grant is a natural skeptic. So Jim Harbaugh and Grant Cohn exist in different dimensions; they operate on different frequencies; realities that brush shoulders now and then but then move in separate orbits. So they recognize each other, but they don’t “get” each other. Nary the twain shall meet.

  6. The team played hungry today..some things were well structured others just human instinct. The PANTHERS will be rady next week so freshen the side up and think only about this game..one game at a time..a small step..with another series of steps to take,,DON’T GET AHEAD OF THE FINAL FOCUS 49ER’S. mAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!

    1. I had the exact same thought Neal…. I hope not. They basically rewrote the rules book as far as what they were allowing.

  7. I’m a Niners Fan. Again I have no idea of what play callers for the Niners are thinking when they are on the 5 yd line and decide to pass, next series on the 11 and decide to pass…this type of decision leads me to believe they won’t make the super-bowl much less the next game against the Panthers. Of course I’m not on the field so…I don’t see what they see. Did anyone see the play where Aaron Rodgers grounded the ball without moving out of the hash marks and the refs didn’t call it? Am I wrong about that? Peace, and go Niners!

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