Harbaugh: “You never get tired of having your name or your team be associated as a champion.”

Jim Harbaugh spoke on KNBR Wednesday morning. Here’s what he said about winning the NFC West for the second-straight season, and his approach to the playoffs.

Q: You guys have a week off and a home playoff game. You must feel like everything you worked for in July you’ve achieved to this point.

HARBAUGH: Yeah, it’s a wonderful thing. When you get into athletics as a youngster, to go for a championship, to be involved in winning, whether it’s the local city championship, or the district championship, or the state championship, or in college to be the Rose Bowl champion, and for us, winning the Western Division – you never get tired of having your name or your team be associated as a champion.

That also gives us a running start into the Big Championship, which is the Super Bowl. For us, where we’re positioned right now, we’ll look at is as three Super Bowls. That’s extremely fun to think about that and the excitement of that because it’s so immediate, it’s so now. It’s not like the beginning of the season when you’re thinking long term plans or keeping the guys healthy for the stretch run.

Q: It will be next Saturday. You will host either the Packers or the winner of the Seahawks-Redskins game. You’ve played the Packers already this year. They’re playing pretty well right now. Are you expecting to see them next Saturday?

HARBAUGH: No, no expectation of what team we’ll see. It could be any of those three that you just mentioned. A couple of things we can do is familiarize ourselves with those teams more than we are now. Also, look at our own team and find out the areas that we can improve. That’s the two things we can be doing right now.

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