Harper: “I thought I was a great blocker at WR, but now I’ve got to block dudes like Aldon and Patrick.

SANTA CLARA – Chris Harper spoke at his locker Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: Is H-back a new position for you?

HARPER: Yeah, I’ve never gotten in a three-point stance before. That’s going to be different for me.

Q: Did you do a little bit of that today?

HARPER: Yeah, I did. A lot of it today, actually.

Q: Has the name Delanie Walker come up?

HARPER: Nah, never heard of him (laughs). Yeah, I’ve heard his name.

Q: Have you watched film of him?

HARPER: I watched a little bit last night. His name got brought up a lot today. I’m going to watch a lot more because we’ll do a lot of the same things.

Q: What did you think of him?

HARPER: I had already watched him before. I knew him before and how they used him. I knew he was the H-back and they put him all over the field. He’s a great athlete. That pops off the film. He’s a big guy who can run.

Q: What kind of blocker are you?

HARPER: I thought I was a great blocker at receiver, but now I’ve got to block dudes like Aldon and Patrick. We’ll see.

Q: You’ve got a wide receiver’s number (13).

HARPER: Yeah. Coach Harbaugh, I asked for 13 and he got me 13. It’s not like I won’t be playing receiver, too.

Q: What did the Seahawks do to keep you?

HARPER: They did a lot. It just came down to me wanting to play. That’s what mattered.

Q: Did they offer you a spot on their 53-man roster?


Q: But they pumped up their offer for the practice squad?

HARPER: Yeah, something like that.

Q: Have you noticed any differences between this team and the Seahawks?

HARPER: Yeah, it’s different. This feels more like how it was in college at K-State. It’s similar to that. I know Coach Harbaugh has a lot of respect for Coach Snyder.

Q: Delanie had to learn a lot of stuff because he played so many positions. Is that something you embrace?

HARPER: Yeah, learning the offense is not going to be hard. The thing for me that will be hard is learning the fronts. Even as a quarterback, I would have to look at a nose and stuff, but I never had to indentify a front right off the bat. That will be the most difficult thing for me.

Q: Do you feel like you need to get bigger to play in the trenches?

HARPER: I don’t know. They told me that I might need to get bigger, but they said they want me to be able to run with it, too. They don’t want me lose speed. So, getting stronger instead of just getting larger, that’s the main thing.

Q: How much do you weigh right now?

HARPER: 232.

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  1. Anyone want to take a stab at interrupting this:
    HARPER: Yeah, it’s different. This feels more like how it was in college at K-State. It’s similar to that. I know Coach Harbaugh has a lot of respect for Coach Snyder.

  2. He got me with this exchange –

    Q: Has the name Delanie Walker come up?

    HARPER: Nah, never heard of him (laughs). Yeah, I’ve heard his name.

  3. Regardless of Harper’s eventual position, the 49er are stockpiling alot of physicality at pass catching positions. V. Davis, McDonald, Boldin, Celeck, Baldwin and now Harper. I see some major matchup problems for defenses if anyone not named Davis/Boldin step up this year.

    1. That’s my feeling, Brodie. Too much attention is being paid to position at this point. We’re going to be moving all these pass catchers around. Same as they did, and still do, at Stanford.

      1. It’s true, 49ers are desperate at the backup position. Would not be surprised to see a trade for a legit backup. It only makes sense. This team is ready to win now. CK goes down, it’s game over.

      2. John Skelton might be a good idea but I like Brad Gradkowski for his experience and grittiness. Drew Stanton might be a serviceable game manager and possibly Matt Hasselback to be a mentor for Kaepernick.
        Personally the 49ers left it too long. They should have seen in OTA’s that McCoy was not capable. Now no one is going to give up a serviceable back up for anything less than a 4th round pick.

      3. Not that I feel real comfortable with him, but I don’t think any of those guys would be better than McCoy.

        With this defense and run game I think they could manage to squeak by with him for a week or two. Anything more than that and they’re done. Thing is, you can say that about almost every team in the league.

      4. McCoy looked awful with a scaled down vanilla offense. What happens if they ask him to do something other than drop back and run? Since being in the league he has seriously gotten progressively worse. Skelton would be a 100% upgrade over McCoy.

      5. He played better because he was playing against scrubs or because of Jenkins? This guy Jenkins must be one influential guy to make a QB and offense look that bad.

      6. Because he was playing without Jenkins. His best preseason game was against the Vikings, and they had their starters in the game until almost the end of the 3rd quarter.

        Jenkins was influential. When one of your WR’s can’t get off of the line of scrimmage it makes completing passes tough and throws off the timing of the entire play.

      7. “His best preseason game was against the Vikings, and they had their starters in the game until almost the end of the 3rd quarter.”

        11/15, 109 yards passing, 1 INT, 10 yards rushing.
        If thats his best game with or without Jenkins, you are blind and we are worse off than ever!

      8. Relax Prime. You get yourself so worked up. Those are decent numbers for a half from a backup QB.

        Up the thread here you say you like Bruce Gradkowski. In his 7 year career the guy has a career passer rating of 65.8, has completed 52.9% of his passes and thrown 24 picks to 21 TD’s.

        You also like John Skelton, who despite playing with one of the best WR’s in the game has put together a QB rating of 63, completed 53.2% of his passes and thrown 25 picks to 15 TD’s.

        Drew Stanton has a QB rating of 63.1, while completing 55.6% of his passes with 9 picks and 5 TD’s in his few opportunities.

        Compare those 3 guys that you like to McCoy who is better in every category. He has a career QB rating of 74.8, completed 58.3% of his passes and is the only one of the group to have thrown more TD’s than picks, 21 TD’s to 20 int’s.

        Of all the names you threw out, the only one that is actually better than McCoy is Hasselbeck, but would you really want to give up a mid-round draft pick for a 37 year old back up who may not be around more than 1 year? And that is only if Indy would be willing to do it which they probably wouldn’t.

      9. Jack, when in doubt throw out your trustworthy stats. The bread and butter of every one of your arguments. The ridiculous thing is how do you use stats to distinguish a quality back up? There are so many subjective things that go into a backups number, one that would never give you an accurate account. That’s why when you consider choosing a backup, the intangibles qualities, experience, and ability to manage outweigh QB rating by an enternity.
        So my predictable little friend, once again football and stats will never tell the whole story and are only resourceful when choosing a fantasy football team.

      10. Prime,

        Funny thing is you introduced stats to this thread in an effort to show how McCoy is such a poor backup. But now that they show the guys you want are actually worse they are worthless? Gotcha.

        How about you try answering the question instead. Would you really want to give up a mid round pick, say a 4th rounder, for a 37 year old backup QB like Hasselbeck?

      11. Prime:

        Jack is merely using facts in support of his opinion/position. You did the same when you threw out McCoy’s stats against the Vikings to support your opinion/position. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I find it preferable to the slinging of unsupported and uninformed opinions that we too often get from commenters on this blog.


        The 49ers’ 2013 defensive statistics before and after Justin Smith’s injury say you are wrong.

      12. Claude I’m all for facts to support opinion, but in this case using stats to justify who is a better back up simply does not work because of the nature and role of a back up QB in the NFL.

        McCoy looked terrible in the preseason. His stat line showed he did not play well against the Vikes, Jack said he did. I simply could have said he looked like crap, which he did, and everyone knows that including the front office who are feverishly shopping for help.
        I don’t like stats, it does not work for football. QB rating vs. a box score stat line show completely different things interms of my arguement with Jack. We’re talking about one game, not career stats which he pointed out.

        @jack, considering the Niners have an abundance of draft picks, and a team that is ready to win now, the insurance of a capable backup to me would be worth a 4th rounder. Why, because if CK goes down, the season is over. So in that scenario, I would even give up a 3rd for a quality backup. Wether that’s Hasselback or the reincarnation of Frank Reich, I would do it.

        Windows to win in the NFL close fast. You gotta be prepared depth wise to have capable depth.

      13. @Deputy Balls

        I’ll let you tell Mr. Smith he is wrong:O

        All in fun with you and Officer Hammer. No hard feelings and thanks for all the 49er interaction. Enjoyed every minute. I’ll miss you two:)

    1. I agree with Jack. No true backup QB is taking you to the Super Bowl. So why pay $3 mil a year for a guy such as, I don’t know, Matt Moore, when McCoy/Daniels is just about as good.

      Now, that statement obviously doesn’t include developmental guys like Kaep last year or Foles this year. But then you have to use a valuable draft pick on those guys. So you pay in that way.

  4. I saw someone post something about a fantasy league, but what about that Yahoo pick ‘em thing we did last year. I enjoyed picking the games each week last year. Has anyone from this blog signed up for a pick ‘em league?

  5. With Patton, Harper, Baldwin, and VMac, we may looking at our next generation of star Receivers.

    Patton and VMac look legit, but if Harper and Baldwin can emerge and become productive, one of our most squirrelly positions could be solidified.
    I like K.Williams, Mario, and Crabtree, but I’m a little queasy about their long-term future. The Org needs to groom these young WR’/TE/HB ASAP.

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