Why hasn’t Chip Kelly quit yet?

On Friday, I predicted Chip Kelly would resign as head coach of the 49ers and become the new head coach of the Oregon Ducks by Monday if Oregon lost on Saturday.

Well, Oregon lost on Saturday, and Kelly hasn’t quit yet. What is going on?

Here’s how I read the situation:

Kelly can’t quit yet, because Oregon hasn’t fired their head coach, Mark Helfrich. But, according to USA Today, Oregon is expected to fire Helfrich, who said he will meet later this week with athletic director Rob Mullens. I imagine Mullens will fire Helfrich during or soon after that meeting.

This brief delay works in Kelly’s favor. Quitting this week while the 49ers are staying and practicing in Orlando would look terrible, because Kelly dragged them there in the first place. Now, Kelly can wait a week and quit next Monday morning after the team returns to Santa Clara.

That’s what I think is going on. What do you think?

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        1. 22.5 and 19.6

          Those are the average scores of the team under the 2 quarterbacks this year.

          Tell me why the team under Colin is averaging 3 pts less per game?

    1. I think the more they lose, the greater the chances that more heads roll. So I’m rooting for 1-15 and a clean sweep. Of course the cleanest sweep would be Denise stepping in and booting Jed upstairs and hiring a real football person to run things on the football side. Absent that pleasant development, dumping Trent and Chip works for me, and again the worse the record, the greater the chance of more pink slips.

      1. Correction (with all due respect)……….

        The cleanest sweep would be for the Yorks to sell it to the Warriors owner.
        Or just sell it to a local concern. Or just sell it.

  1. The team hasn’t quit on Kelly, so why he quit on them?
    The team is playing “spirited” football which tells me that they are starting to buy into his system.
    Also, I believe that Kelly took this gig for another reason that may be personal – remove the ugly stain he left in Philadelphia.
    Quitting now will only further sully his resume for future employment in the NFL.

      1. I believe Paul Brown had the same sentiments regarding Bill Walsh as a NFL head coach.
        And in Walsh’ first year as head coach of the 49ers, Paul Brown sure looked like a prophet.

        But then something happened in Walsh’ 2nd and 3rd year as HC, the org started drafting players that would become the building blocks for future superbowl trophies.
        My point is that talented players will greatly increase the ability to win games.

        Kelly does not have the talent on this team to garner wins. Neither did Bill Walsh in his first year.
        My question to you is; how many wins do you believe Bill Walsh would have with this team?

        I would not blame Kelly one bit for jumping ship, but I would also like to see what he can do with more talent. And have a sneaking suspicion that he would like to as well.

        1. Well said, and to add to that, chip is still evolving. I love how he calls in plays, how the niners don’t huddle, I love how he schemes receivers open, I’m not thrilled with his running attack yet but even that seems to be getting better.

          I don’t think Walsh would do much better since he doesn’t throw & catch.

  2. Thoughts? Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet “It’s always interesting. Every week the #49ers lose and every week someone who has played them points out how well-coached & sound they are.”

        1. Grant

          How do you square your negative opinion of Kelly with those of Belichick and other top coaching minds, which are extremely positive?

              1. Saban is on record saying Kelly’s uptempo offense won’t work in the NFL. Check the feature in The Ringer from earlier this season.

              2. As a writer..give us more insightful analysis than the same old, same old coach has to go story… that’s all you’ve got after reviewing the personnel? Next lets hear…. like a hot knife through soft butter, it is what it is or taking it to the house. Zzzzzzzz

      1. Keep Baalke also because if I’m a in-division GM I would want to make sure that horrible roster stays intact so I could whoop that butt every year so it works both ways right.

      1. He addresses that…. Keep diggin:

        “‏@jhiffner @RapSheet let’s be real though Ian.. would anyone really say they’re terribly coached and always outplayed?”

        “Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet @jhiffner lol. Yes. I hear it every week about plenty of teams.”

      2. Grant

        What a stupid article!….not yours, but LaConfora’s….His articles are usually more worthwhile reading than …”one NFL executive…” Most of the coaches in the NFL know that ‘Chip’ has had everything against him in SF, and would love to see him back in the college ranks before he has a couple of drafts under his belt and has some skill players. And YES, as his players fall into line and buy into HIS system…you’ll see that he is closer to Walsh than anyone out there other than possibly Belichick.

    1. How can anyone, hand on heart, say the 49ers are a well coached unit? The D has been horrible pretty much every week since week 1. And the offense has pretty much disappeared in the second half most weeks this season. It isn’t just a talent level issue – there are too many mistakes in terms of tackling, positioning and teamwork to give the coaching a pass.

      1. The team has not quit. They quit last season for Tomsula. On that ground alone, I’d say the staff is doing something right.
        All of you expect the impossible. Who is going to come in and fix the talent void, the ownership issues, the problems at GM and give you a winning record year 1?

        That option is not there. It is more detrimental to change coaches and schemes yet again. Too many “die hards” sound like teenage girls on here demanding a coaching change. The talent isn’t here.

        It takes continuity to build success. So, buckle up and hang on. In three years you can reassess. It’s all I hear each year about all the busts drafted, but now after 1 season you expect chip to do something with the 2nd toughest schedule in the NFL? Those are realistic expectations for sure.

        1. Who said anything about expecting a winning record? Are you honestly trying to tell me O’Neil has done a good job, and its only a talent issue on D that has led to records being broken for rushing yards against this season? I find that hard to believe.

          1. I think it is much complex than one issue and that expectations were unrealistic -mine included. The system takes time to implement. The team lacks talent to implement any sort of successful scheme. Many of the teams whose defenses are now competitive took years to assemble. This team has been through 3 years of dismantling.
            I think the team is player better now than they started the season. As you’ve intimated multiple times surrounding the draft, it takes time to develop players, I’d add that it takes time to implement any system.

              1. I think you misunderstand the comment. I hold the organization responsible for 3 years of dismantling. I however do not crucify the current coaches for attempting to implement their systems.
                I am not condoning the hiring of O’Neal, but my expectations of the hiring is that it takes 3 years to put a system in place. So, at 3 years, he dang well better have a very competitive defense on the field. Year two had better be better than year 1 and year 3 had better be fully installed with great success.
                I believe the contempt should be saved for the ownership and upper management. The coach is too low level to make much difference in the long run of this organization.
                Just my opinion though.

              2. Matt,

                Again, thank you for your patience as we move through this process. I completely agree with your 3 year wait and see plan. We truly appreciate your support.



              3. Dear Jed,

                Stick to your cabana project, and do not get on social media, because that just gives fans like myself the opportunity to rip you back and forth.

                IICRC, you told us to hold you accountable. Please resign so you will have plenty of time to paint your cabana. Fire Baalke, too, or if you do not have the guts to do that, kick him into the financials and scouting department.

                Also, show a little class and send flowers to your neighbor who you refused to shake hands with. Better yet, send her and Killion to the FL for lunch, and Ann can write a nice puff piece on it.

                Please expect more banners. It was truly unfortunate that the rain prevented them from flying last time. Glad to see you trying to honor your uncle, but it was humiliating for him to do it in front of an empty stadium. Of course, Eddie showed class with his low key self deprecating humor. Maybe you should emulate him.

                Please hold yourself accountable, and end this nightmare.

              4. Sebnynah,

                Thank you for joining the discussion. Your thoughts have been noted, but if I resign and give up my position how do you expect me to fire Trent?

                This is a process, and I ask that you be patient like your friend Matt.

                I love the banners. They are excellent and show the true passion of The Faithful. Please keep them flying while we work on raising another championship banner.



                PS- I hope to have lunch with Ann at French Laundry very soon. My treat of course.

              5. Dear Jed,

                It is very easy. Fire Baalke first, promote Gamble for continuity, then resign.

                BTW, you owe TK a lunch, too. Being cheap may have given you some laughs at his expense, but he took his pound of flesh, too.

                I will give you same advice I have given the team. Stop shooting yourself in the foot.

                I admire your sang froid attitude in the face of being publicly humiliated, but it is not good for your mental health. It must be trying to be silent and having to hide your face so fans will not hurl epithets at you. It must be even worse for your wife. Do yourself a favor, and make your wife happy. Be forthright and resign for the good of the team.

                I know you cant help yourself. You seem to stumble from one catastrophe to another. Those Girl Scouts beat you up pretty good. You seem to soak up abuse like a sponge, but no job is worth that grief, unless you are a masochist.

                I have a simple way that will make you a hero. Admit your faults, apologize for destroying a storied franchise, and show some class by accepting blame. Hold yourself accountable. If you resign, fans like myself will want to sing your praises and shake your hand. Let your brother try his hand, or better yet, allow Eddie back, or at least one of his daughters.

                Please do the right thing, and end this nightmare.

                Signed, a die hard faithful Niner fan.

              6. Sebnynah,

                My wife is quite happy, but I appreciate your concerns. Business is going very well, we are netting record profits.

                Hang in there.



  3. I think you have no business being a writer in the 49ers. I think you should write about things you like, like dating sites, Cartoon Network, and your parents. I think you just like to throw crap against a wall and see what sticks. And if by some miracle it happens to be write, you pretend you knew exactly what you were talking about. I think you are a sad sad little man.

    Happy holidays

      1. Ironically… Grant doesn’t write…. He rights. Not articles. But hit pieces and inflammatory garbage to get clicks. This isn’t journalism, this is trash.

        1. Yet, he generates enough interest to get you to post. Who is schooling who?

          Personally, I think his writing is refreshing and insightful. Maybe you are not smart enough to recognize talent.

          1. refreshing and insightful? Guessing and HOPING one man gets fired from his job, another man quits his job and the 49ers are without a head coach for the remainder of the season after all this happens?

            How refreshing and insightful!! How “smart” you must be to find it so insightful and REFRESHING.

            I am glad for Grant there are morons like you to find value in this HS.

            1. Tim, this team is 1-10. Get a clue. NO HC should look at this team and feel like he has job security.

              They fired Tomsula after he went 5-11. This team has the possibility to do worse.

              Glad I upset you enough to attack me, Just goes to show I was WRIGHT all along.

      2. @Grant, Now that was funny. People have a write to criticize righters on public blogs. It is there write if their upset when reading they’re favorite righters.

      3. Nice. These guys are jackasses. Keep doing what you’re doing Cohn. Big changes need to happen. York, Baalke, and Kelly do not belong in the NFL. Especially Baalke. He has one of the worst draft records in the last five years for a GM. The Browns are the only yeam that can compete with Baalke’s incompetence.

        1. Myles…………………..
          More than that-I submit to you he is one of the 5 worst GM’s in the history of the NFL.
          I challenge anyone to name a worse-not as bad-but a worse GM in the history of the NFL.
          But Jed likes him, largely because he keeps costs down. Not at all un-like a slum-lord…………

    1. When you cannot spell correctly, it makes your hate filled screeds look foolish, and confirms your lack of intelligence.

      Happy Holidays

      1. I would say spelling has very little to do with intelligence. Some of the greatest minds in history had learning disabilities. I haven’t found any data supporting spelling as a prerequisite or a measure for intelligence.

        1. Matt, I peruse other sites, and the spelling can at times be atrocious. Some are barely phonetically intelligible.

          I like this site because the posters are grammatically correct for the most part.

          I find posters who are too lazy to spellcheck are also intellectually lazy. It is just too easy to deride them for making mistakes, especially when they are hurling insults and snark.

          I find it deliciously ironic that posters can hurl insults at me ad nauseum, but some cannot even take a soft jibe from me. I have thick skin, they need to grow up.

          1. I was just poking the bear Seb :) Happy Holidays I read your posts about football and find them interesting even when I don’t agree. I just wanted to ruffle the feathers a bit without some silly name calling. Carry on Sir.

            1. Salutations,and a Happy Holidays to you, too.

              I try my best to have a little levity, but may have become jaded, especially with a 10 game losing streak.

              Hope to read more of your posts.

  4. Kelly is not going anywhere.. He has no interest leaving the NFL. You guys make me laugh.. He will be back next year as the coach. Oh which means Kaep returns as the starter. That’s what we have to deal with for another year.

    1. That’s the most likely scenario with Jed at the helm of this Chipwreck.

      Baalke/Kelly remain-60%
      Baalke sacked-30%
      Kelly to Oregon-10%

      1. Now a national leak by Ian Rapport saying that every team Chip plays they brag about how well coached they are. That’s coming from Little Jed… You can book it he is back even if they go 1-15…

          1. Much different situation. Kelly took this job because he knows that he will get more control next year. He knew the team would struggle with this roster. He will get 1 more year to see what he can do. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

              1. I don’t know that. What’s obvious is that Kelly is having some say with the roster cause he is playing the QB he wants. Trading for a slot receiver like Kerly was a Chip move. Also Balke not resigning his own players is a sign that he is losing his GM duties. Maybe I’m looking to much into this but it sure seems weird that Balke hadn’t extended anyone.

              2. Baalke’s 6R RB/KR was just released in favor of Kelly’s former Eagles guy.

                Baalke backed Gabbert, Kelly never once disparaged Kap.

                Even if Baalke stays, Kelly has already diminished his influence on this team.

                Anybody on here ever had a really destructive relationship that you couldn’t get out of because you just knew it could be worked out, if only … ? It loses you your friends, maybe even your family, but still, you persist? Well, one day, after too much evidence mounts against your last hope, finding yourself at rock bottom, you find what it takes to pull the cord. Baalke is Jed’s biggest mistake. Harbaugh is that lost friend, never to return, and Chip is just a side player. This has always been about Baalke’s spell on Jed. Is 3-13 rock bottom? Is 2016 the year this relationship finally ends?

  5. Sure hope Chip will not quit. he actually has the team playing hard.

    Quitting this late will not help attract recruits. They will wonder if he will not quit again.

    Hope Helfrich stays, and that win over Utah may have saved his job.

  6. From Grant a few day ago “Chip Kelly to Oregon could happen fast or not at all”.

    You can’t be wrong when you cover both sides of a bet!

          1. I’d rather get McDaniels and trade for Jimmy G. Trade that #2 pick back for a later 1, another 2 and a 4, package those 2’s and make it happen. Go WR, Oline, OLB, MLB…db, db, db, db.

    1. I think Mike would still be interested. Kyle might have other options though.

      How would this season be different if Mike or Kyle were coach? Kap would have been gone before training camp, that would have been the right move. We probably would have taken a QB in the first three rounds. We would be running a WCO with a FB. Having a lead blocking FB would have helped Hyde. We wouldn’t have been stuck with O’Neil and Modkins. We may have gotten Vrabel.

      Shanahan gets crushed because of his time in Washington. Why? Because he didn’t want RG3? Mike was right, or should I say he was write.:-)

      1. Hyde is a spread RB. Having a FB wouldn’t have helped him. Not being brittle would help him. Having an aggressive demeanor would help him.

  7. I’d be surprised if Kelly quit. He doesn’t seem like the type to do that, but as we’ve seen before with former College Coaches cough Bobby Petrino cough it’s not unprecedented.

  8. Why are you asking the question…Kelly signed on to be the Niner’s coach and unfortunately the team is seriously lacking talent in many areas. Why would he quit? The FO has to do right by him and acquire the talent he needs to be successful. That will hopefully include a new GM…one who can draft & sign offensive skill players that Baalke has been woefully unable/unwilling to get. There are plenty of defensive needs, too. BL is Coach inherited one of the worst rosters in the league. Kelly’s in much the same boat as Hue Jackson is in Cleveland. It’s up to both teams’ management to acquire the talent they need. A much better question you should be asking is, who should replace Trent Baalke.

  9. Grant – Your way off on this subject. First of all, it does make sense what you propose, that alone disqualifies it from happening. Second of all Chip won’t quit, he is not a quitter. Yesterdays game is just one qualifier for that thought process. Third the Niners FO wants this to work – reason, they understand the problems of transitioning from college to the NFL, they want to make this transition easier, fourth Chip is not the problem with the Niners so why?

    1. This team is improving on the field with a horffic roster. There competitive in just about every game. He deserves 1 more year with a better roster IMO…

              1. I don’t think you have ever been right on any predictions regarding the Niners. Whether it’s draft picks or free agency moves. Let’s not get to arrogant cause your going to wrong again.

              2. 22.5 and 19.6

                Those are the average scores of the team under the 2 quarterbacks this year.

                Would it surprise you to know the team that averaged 22.5 was the Gabbert team and the 19.6 team (even with the 24 pts vs Mia) was the Colin team?

      1. Raw – I agree that he needs at least another year. The problem with that if it does prove to be a failure then the players that were selected for a system team probably won’t translate to the more traditional NFL offenses. Thus in a year or too you might have to start from scratch and that can take years.

        1. This is one of my greatest fears, UC. In particular drafting a QB high to play Kelly’s system would somewhat lock the team into sticking with a similar system for a few years, or trying to adapt a QB from a spread type, fairly simple offense to a more complex one they aren’t suited to.

          1. Scooter this off season is going to be a turning point, and I believe whichever turn they take they will be committed and no looking back. Big decisions coming up. I don’t mind the Kelly way but the risk is enormous.

            1. I strongly suspect both Kelly and Baalke will be here for at least one more year. And like it or not, if that is the case they must look to bring in players that fit Kelly’s system.

              I’m not against the idea either, but as you say, it is a big risk. And that is the risk you run when you bring in a HC that runs a system that is quite different to what most teams in the NFL run, and quite different to the system you ran previously.

              My early call is that Deshaun Watson is the QB the 49ers take. Probably not at #2, but either through a trade back in the first round or a trade up from the 2nd round.

              1. if that is the case they must look to bring in players that fit Kelly’s system.

                Baalke won’t do that, and that’s his problem. He doesn’t listen to his coaches.

              2. I think Kelly got the job because he agreed to keep his mouth shut about personnel. His job was to rubber stamp Baalke or push him in the direction he was already leaning. A competent DC working for a competent HC would not have approved Buckner because we already had one and had greater needs elsewhere. Everything that is visible to the eye says Kelly is eager to pass the blame for this mess on to the personnel department where he had no input, and after what happened in Philly, anyone who would give him any significant authority has got to be too stupid to go outside.

              3. That’s Baalke’s “problem”? Baalke has at least 10 bigger problems. Personality disorders drive them all. The dude should spend his life in a cubicle talking to statistics.

              4. Baalke here for another year???????

                Conclusive proof that-at this time-improving the team and selling tickets is a very low priority.

  10. The only way Chip quits is if Baalke stays. Looks like Baalke is awol on scouting trips, so he may have one foot out the door.

    Glad Baalke is falling on his sword, accepting all blame. He should not only be fired because of his ACL draft strategy, whiffing on an entire draft class and the fact that decent FAs have avoided the Niners like the plague, Baalke did not lift a finger to retain veteran leadership like Gore, Boldin and Crabtree.

  11. Why haven’t you quit yet? You and your father are both hacks of reporters!

    Chip has a terrible team, riddled with injuries/retirements and 49 million in cap space not spent. He had two winning seasons in Philly. His resume is way better than yours. You should write for the breitbart or some other hack publication

        1. All three teams have been hit with injuries and lackluster play that have hurt the team, yet all three are in the race for a spot in playoffs.

            1. Due to the reasons I stated. The excuse that Kelly is faltering because of no talent is just that – an excuse.

              1. Call it whatever you want, but there is little talent to work with on this team and it pales in comparison to the two teams you are referencing. I’m not giving Kelly a pass by any means, but the cupboard is pretty bare.

              2. I agree there are a couple of positions that are bare, but good coaching staffs can get the best out of their roster despite such a situation.

              3. The biggest issue is the D, which Chip doesn’t control. If the D was able to play competitive football regularly this probably wouldn’t be a 1-10 team, and would actually be quite watchable most weeks. And the D problems are a combination of talent and coaching.

                The problem Chip brings is no competent DC wants to work for him.

              4. That is what I see as well Scooter. My point to the others is that blaming only the talent is an excuse because the problem is a mixture of bad coaching and talent.

              5. You can never point to one thing when it comes to Football issues Mid, and I don’t think anyone has said talent is the only problem. What we do have to allow for however is just how much this team is capable of in regards to how they stack up with the opposition each week, and every week they are the less talented team. There is no doubt the DC is a joke and the offense going into the tank in the second half is as much Coaching as anything else, but when you are at a talent disadvantage going into a game in a parity league like this, it’s tough to overcome.

              6. …and I don’t think anyone has said talent is the only problem.

                Actually there has been those who believe Kelly was handed a raw deal in terms of talent and that is the only reason he is not doing well. I would name the posters, but I prefer to avoid the threads getting nasty on here.

              7. My comment wasn’t intended as an insult, Grant. Nuance just isn’t often a feature of your comments or writing. You make declarative black and white statements and dig in your heels when challenged. Surely you’re self aware enough to know this is true.

              8. Right, I’m not saying any different. I was just pointing out the irony of Grant calling anyone out for a lack of nuance, that’s all.

          1. Okay that’s great but there rosters are 10x better. They have very good GMs too. There Defenses can win games. There QBs are able to just manage games. Really bad comparison. The Chiefs have J Houston, Tampa, Ford, Poe, Berry, Peters, Johnson.. The Viks have Barr, Rhodes, Joseph, Griffith, H Smith. The Niners do not have 1 player that is at there level on D…They have had injuries true but there depth allows them to not miss a beat…

            1. Just stop. A good majority of the players you mentioned on the Chiefs have missed time due to injuries, and the Vikings are literally having to patch and offense together due to injuries. Then there is the Dolphins who came into the game yesterday limping as well.

              1. You are comparing the Chiefs and Vikings out of all teams with the Niners. There is nothing more to discuss. You want to mention injuries as your main point and I’m here to tell you that those teams regardless of how many injuries they have are much better talent wise. The Niners have had a lot of injuries too. The difference is that they do not have the depth of those teams you mentioned. That is a fact!

              2. Again, you have no comeback to the facts. All four teams are dealing with injuries and lackluster play, but three of those teams have better coaches, and the 49ers are not one of those three.

    1. “….Why haven’t you quit yet?…”

      if he did quit .. where would you
      go to spout your diatribe ..?

      Grant …

      with both columns … I’m thinkin’ .. you
      excelled at “Tea Leaf Reading 101” ..
      in college .. :-}

  12. I don’t mind Kelly coming back, in fact he can bring back old wind up too. All I know is that the 49ers need to not pay Kap 14.5 million to come back as a back up to whomever they acquire(see below) or draft in the first 3 rounds. That guy has to be able to win the job and start day one.

    My XMAS wish list:
    1. Trade a 2nd and 4th round pick(2017) and a conditional 5th in 2018 for Jimmy Garropolo.
    2. Draft Myles Garrett at #2 overall.
    3. Fire Baalke and promote Tom Gamble.

    1. I like your ideas Prime. Problem is the if they retain Kaep which is becoming more likely if Kelly is retained. They won’t go after Jimmy G..

        1. Prime, Kaep is looking like he will stay.

          You must be grinding your teeth, but I am happy as a clam.

          Glad Chip is smart enough to recognize talent. Now, if only he will roll Kaep out more….

          1. He is looking like a guy who can only run the ball. The 49ers might keep him, but that would be foolish. And yes, I am grinding my teeth because this team will never be successful with Randal Cunningham 2.0 as their QB.

            1. Prime, he threw for 296 yards and 3 TDs, with a 95 QBR. Last game, he threw for four hundred yards.

              I notice you are not now claiming that he is wildly inaccurate. He also did not have any balls batted down at the line of scrimmage so the long windup snark does not pertain to his play.

              With the magic of replay, I saw Kaep throw with touch and he zipped the ball into tight windows.

              Foolish? Yes, your screeds now seem foolish, because Kaep is playing like the 2012 Kaep.

              Looks like a storm is coming…..

              1. Yards are worthless unless you’re playing fantasy football.

                The 49ers offense has scored almost 3 points less per game since Kaepernick took over despite having 2 games with at least 475 yards of offense. Big deal. The 49ers scored 23 and 24 points in those games.

                The Rams put up 21 with a rookie QB making his 2nd career start against NO yesterday.

              2. I never said stats were irrelevant. I said yards are irrelevant. The Dolphins had nearly 100 fewer yards yesterday but won.

              3. Yet, the Rams got their butts whipped last game, so those TDs were probably gained during Garbage Time…..;p

              4. Maybe they were. They put up almost the same score as the 49ers yet did it with a guy making his second ever start in the league and on the road.

              1. And both guys were one trick ponies. They achieved their recognition by having rifle arms, but no accuracy. They also had great running ability, but limited after that. That’s why both guys will always be referenced as “running QB’s who never won anything in the NFL”.

          2. I don’t know Seb

            Looks like Kap is polishing his resume for free agency… If/When Baalke is gone the chances are higher but still slim in my mind.

            He’s been playing pretty well and worthy of a look from other QB needy teams, but with all the headlines he draws he may be radioactive at this point. So who knows? It will be an interesting off-season

    2. Jimmy G may be fools gold. Everyone looks good in New England’s system. The only way I could see this working is if the Niners hire Mcdaniel as the head coach then at least Garropolo would be playing in the same system.

  13. There’s not much chance for the playoffs (SuperBowl Jed is a laugher) with the current roster; and player acquisition is at a premium.

    Little Jed needs to decide whether to let Trent keep ****ing it up; or terminate Trent and find a new GM that can acquire the right players.

    Whether Chip is helpful in player acquisition remains to be seen. A recent college coach should be a bit ahead as far as knowing what’s available; and one with NFL experience should know enough about needs. I’d rather have Chip influencing the draft than Trent, but neither seems to be very good at that at this point. When I see No. 26 in the backfield, I cringe.

    The Niners need a coach, GM and owner change; and the owner thing aint happening.

  14. You asked for predictions so here’s a few:

    Chip Kelly stays as coach for another year.
    Trent Baalke gets fired.
    Jed York hires some incompetent boob no one else wants who royally screws up the next 3 drafts.

    And for a wild prediction out of left field – Oregon hires Art Briles as it’s next head coach.

  15. My prediction is the three headaches will return in 2017 and the indigestion that is the 49ers owned by the Yorks will continue.

    1. Totally agree with you. Do it now. BUT the mistake you’re making is thinking the York’s can competently manage a lemonade stand much less an NFL franchise.

            1. I don’t think that’s the purpose. Gamble knows Kelly and can speak for him in general terms. All these guys are super busy and it makes sense for Gamble to be there, after all Baalkis does not have a clue about offensive skill positions.

    2. I don’t see the need to fire Baalke now except for the sake of looking like you’re making changes which at this point in the season is pretty futile. No new GM is going to have any kind of impact on this season or even next coming into the team at the 2/3’s mark. It’s nearly December if Baalke is going to get canned it”ll be within the week after the last game is played. January is still plenty of time to get working on the 2017 season.


    Bill Walsh Coaching Record 1979 2 – 14
    1980 6 – 10
    1981 13 – 2

    Most of the commenter’s on this site would have fired Bill Walsh after the first year -including and especially you, Grant.

    Leave Chip Kelly alone. We need CONTINUITY at the coaching position, not another
    new coach to change the whole system and add all new coaches. That’s a horrible thing to
    do to the players. Kelly is their 3rd system already.

    Bill Walsh needed THREE drafts to put together that first Super Bowl team- especially the 1981 draft when he drafted Ronnie Lott, Carlton Williamson and Eric Wright. Kelly has only
    had one draft but it yielded Garnett and Buckner- possible All Pro’s, Robinson and Blair who are going to be very good ( Remember, this is their rookie year). And it was a Trent Baalke
    draft. Baalke will get at least one more year – he’s doing all this scouting and Jed wouldn’t fire him after the season with all of his scouting knowledge. Besides, Jed likes Trent and is going to give him another year.

    So what if we’re 1-10?? I’ve been seeing progress – Kap is getting better and so is the
    offensive line because every game they get more reps. You’ve got 2 new guys-Garnett and Beadles- plus Kilgore who had never played together. You know the O-Line has to move
    as one and it just takes awhile.

    As for the terrible D-line it got instantly better when Dorsey finally got in as the nose and
    the D-Line started attacking instead of reading and reacting, Williams was a huge loss
    and Purcell turned out to be terrible. We need to go after Dontari Poe in 2017 as a free
    agent. The loss of Navarro Buchanan was critical. You can’t coach for the loss of an
    All Pro.

    With 90 million in cap money and plenty of high round picks for 2017 the future looks
    very bright to me.

        1. There’s this great little invention Al Gore dreamed up called the “internet.” Heard of it? It’s great because you can actually look up things like the 49ers offensive rank in 1979. Don’t be an imbecile, man. Grant obviously looked it up. AND I actually remember it. The team was awful but you could see it progressing through the year. They definitely made strides.

          1. Not to be rude, but have you guys thought of that Grant is a sports journalist and the son of a sports journalist, so it is possible that he does know that information without having to look it up?

            1. Okay that’s a fair point but in this case he didn’t use his Fathers knowledge cause it would of been a little more detailed to prove a point. Not just mentioning a QB that threw 21 Ints so the talent level had to be worse.

              1. That is an illogical conclusion because everyone can state the same thing different. Some good into a detailed explanation while others give a brief to-the-point answer.

      1. Yet Walsh held 200 player tryouts to find decent players. The current Niners are doing very little, especially with 43 mil in cap space.

        With Baalke running the draft and free agency, they will fail miserably. Walsh caught lightning in a bottle. Baalke will be up to his armpits searching that dung heap for a pony.

          1. Jack,

            I have no dog in the “who’s worse, the 1979 49’ers or the 2016 49’ers” discussion. They are two bad teams. Which one is worse seems to be a matter of ‘nuance’. I just wanted to know the metric.

    1. 90 million or 190 million-so what? Baalke is making the picks…………..Case in point-look at that rookie QB found in the 7th round at Denver. THATS competent talent evaluation.
      Elway is better than Baalke, right now…………..

  17. I don’t understand the hateful comments about Grant just because you don’t agree with his opinions. He is a good writer and his articles are usually interesting and thought provoking.

    Having said that, I’m not buying this one. I see no reason Chip would quit. He knew he was walking into a mess that was created by York and Baalke. He believes in himself and his system and he will try hard to prove himself right. Quitting at this point would be giving up on himself and admitting defeat. I don’t think it’s going to happen nor should it.

    1. Grant is getting blow back because he dares to beard the lion in his den. Those anonymous posters are probably Baalke shills.

      Sounds like he is hitting too close to home.

      While I agree that Chip should stay, Jed does not inspire loyalty, and Chip may have a soft landing at Oregon.

      1. I agree seb. Some of the Grant haters have names I’ve never seen. Is Dilfer posting on here? Guess what haters, Jed, Trent, and Chip are doing a bad job.

        Grant doesn’t pull any punches. I think that is refreshing. I would take Grant over any of his brown nosing colleagues.

        1. Grants comments match your own views that’s why you think it’s great. 2 seasons ago you thought he was an idiot.
          This is same Grant who said Harbaugh was trash and needed to go in his articles. Grant writes the popular sentiment which angers a few posters and generates hits from both parties.
          It’s about antagonizing more than it is about being right.

    1. About time, Thursday night games were always a double edged sword. If it’s your team playing you’re likely pissed about the short week. If it’s not your team then you probably don’t bother watching.

  18. Here are my bold predictions:

    1. Kelly will not quit.
    2. Baalke will not be fired.
    3. Kaepernick will be back as the 49er QB in 2017.

    1. Rick, a lot can still happen with 5 weeks left especially with the Yorks. With that said it sure is looking like your predictions can become pretty accurate. At least that how I see it plan out. Which means nothing ?

    2. Kelly will not quit. There is no leverage in quitting. He was ran out of Philly and I suspect he wants to show he can build an NFL winner in SF. It’s actually in Kelly’s interest to lose out and rebuild. For those reasons, he will stay in SF.
      Baalke was done the moment Gamble was hired. Baalke was training his replacement. Baalke is finishing out the season because the ownership is satisfied with his money management. York has probably already informed Baalke of his impending departure. I expect Baalke to be given a new title within the organization that looks like a promotion or lateral move.
      I could also see Kaepernick returning because there just isn’t any team interested in him. Kelly will sell it as he supported kaep’s stance against inequality and it will be Kelly/Kaep against the world. The whole Chip on their shoulders approach. Kelly will prove to Kaep the money will be spent to build around him and through that, Kaep will resign a two year deal. That is why Ponder has not seen the field.

  19. There are only two circumstances that I see Kelly not coaching the 49ers next year. The first being Knight buys out his contract. The second is that Kelly is told that Baalke will not be fired. Now Kelly has no reason to believe he is going to get better players any time soon and has a legitimate reason to go back to Oregon.

    If Chip Kelly leaves it’s probably likely that Baalke isn’t.

    1. if the Niners truly don’t want Kelly back, then they just have to come to a mutual agreement like they did with Harbaugh, only in this case it likely would be mutual. As long as they don’t have to pay the rest of his contract, I’m sure the Niners would be agreeable to just letting him go where he wants.

      If they keep Baalke they won’t be able to find anyone worth a damn to Coach this team though.

      1. If they keep Baalke they won’t be able to find anyone worth a damn to Coach this team though.

        Do the Yorks really care about that?

  20. Until Kelly gets a verbal assurance from Jed that he will fire Baalke, doesn’t it stand to reason Kelly would look around for a new job?

    1. Sure and that would be why the whispers of him going somewhere else continue to pop up even though he’s denied it. No matter what he says publicly, I can’t see anyway he is content to continue on with Baalke deciding who his players are.

      1. Right. Only a young coach — someone in his 30s — would work under Baalke. Someone who would take the long view and think they could pop up again in the NFL after failing in SF.

      1. Which means to me that Jed has decided that both have to go. The problem is that he can’t fire Baalke until he deals with Kelly. (and that answers Grant’s question as to why Baalke is still employed right now) When the Kelly move takes place, the Baalke announcement will be forthcoming, and Jed will then implement the plan he told Uncle Eddie about. The key to the 49ers future right now is in the hands of Phil Knight.

        1. I also have to add that assuming a scenario where Kelly gets more say about personnel is a non-starter because, as Grant has clearly documented, Kelly’s style is to blame his lack of success on others not furnishing the talent. That is precisely what happened in Philly and is happening before our eyes. He does not want to handle personnel because at the NFL level he is not competent and only wants to us it as an excuse for his systemic and other head coaching problems.

    1. Niners should kick Baalke into the financial section and promote Gamble to provide continuity. Any other GM would want to fire Chip, so I am rooting for Gamble, because if Chip stays, Kaep may stay.

      Then, maybe they can attract decent FAs, and have a non ACL draft.

      1. Its all about Kap. Not about the team and that Kelly is a better suited to coach in the college ranks, but Kap. Tell me again Sebnnoying how you are a die hard 49ers fan?
        Kap is limited: Randal Cunningham 2.0

        1. Prime, Kaep is a SB QB. I want the Niners to win more rings. Kaep gives them the best chance to win, despite your diatribes, especially after we all watched the last couple of games.

          Yes, Kaep is limited, because the defense sucks and he has few weapons on offense. Once they fix the defense and get him a decent WR to throw to, I expect Kaep to come storming back.

          1. Seb, SB participant, not winner, big difference. You remember the INT to Ed Reed? If not for the lights going out, the Ravens manhandle the 49ers. But forget about that. What I remember most about Kap is in the NFCCG in Seattle, and SB, and even yesterday. When its time to deliver, he crumbles.

            Once the 49ers fix the defense and get a WR to throw to, you think all the poor mechanics will go away, fly away to never never land and all the sudden a rainbow of unicorns and accuracy will blossom?


          2. One more reference to Kap having been in the SuperBowl, and I am going to trot out all of the other one-trick ponies that went along for the ride. And you’ll be reminded how many of them went along for the ride……just-like-Kap.

            And, many of those also never saw the HOF. Has Kap even been an all-pro?

  21. He hasn’t quit because it’s not his fault that the team has zero talent. There isn’t s coach that exists that can take this ragtag bunch anywhere. We get it, you hate Chip Kelly. Let me ask you this, do you think Hue Jackson should quit too? His team is awful too. Give Kelly an actual competitive roster and then try to evaluate him. He wasn’t my first choice as head coach either but we’re stuck with him whether you like it or not.

    1. First time, long time. You can be really spot on with your stuff but I don’t agree with this one…at least not yet. You can’t possibly accurately evaluate an NFL coach with a college level roster in place. Bill Walsh was arguably the greatest coach ever, those guys come around once in a lifetime. It’s not an accurate comparison between him and Kelly. If we were to compare all current head coaches to Walsh, every one of them would suck in comparison (Except Belichick).

        1. True…Thst being said, he’s still failing and another year of this will be his ticket out of town. He has to show some sort of improvement next year.

          Would love to see a piece on potential replacements for him and/or Baalke.


              1. Good point. Would Saban prefer someone with more NFL experience? What about Mike McCoy if he gets fired?

              2. I do not believe McCoy will be fired since he has the Chargers competing in a very tough AFC West.

              3. Grant,

                The comparison between Kelly’s and Walsh’s offense isn’t complete without nuance.

                Walsh’s offense was in it’s first year in the NFL during his 2-14 season, it was a total unknown to defenses. This made it more possible to rack up yardage with substandard talent.

                Kelly’s offense is its fourth year in the NFL, and, as a result, NFL DCs have a fairly deep understanding of what Kelly is trying to do. Even so, the 49ers have had a lot of WRs / TEs running free during the year.

                Additionally, NFL DCs are better at dealing with new offensive schemes today than in the late 70’s.

                Before anyone accuses me of saying that Kelly is Walsh’s equal, stop. I’m saying nothing of the kind. All I’m saying is comparing Walsh’s first year offensive yardage total to Kelly’s fourth year offensive yardage total, isn’t entirely fair or nuanced.

              4. Then I’ll take McElwain. He’s terrific.

                Did you not pose the question if Florida would fire him?

              5. Grant,

                Kelly is no Walsh and I’ve never said anything different.

                I was just pointing out that comparing offensive yardage numbers between Walsh’s first year running his own offense and Kelly’s fourth year running his is a bit skewed because there is more of a book on what Kelly is trying to do. I never said the comparison was completely invalid, just that the difference in the circumstances is worth noting.

                Besides, what’s the point of comparing Walsh (one of, if the not the, best offensive minds in the history of football) to Kelly?

                It’s like using Jerry Rice as the standard for the assessment of any WR being discussed. No one is going to compare favorably.


                Was LC with Walsh in Cinci (’68 through ’75), too? I thought it was only 15-20 years later in ’92 while writing a book about Walsh’s return to Stanford.

              6. He spent years covering the man, and then spent a season with him. I’m pretty sure that what he wrote about Walsh was correct. But maybe you know better.

            1. Walsh spent eight years with the Bengals, none of them as offensive coordinator (according to wikipedia). He coached WRs and then adding QBs. I’m sure he had a lot of input into the offense, but do you really think that Paul Brown let him run the offense by himself? I don’t. Hell, they never even gave him the title of OC.

              Do you think that what the Bengals were doing while Walsh was there is what the 49ers did in ’79? I don’t. While there might’ve been some similarities, I’m pretty sure that Walsh’s fully formed WCO, unveiled in ’79, was quite a bit different than what Walsh, constrained by Brown, was doing four years ealrier in Cinci.

              1. Teams didn’t give out those titles in the ’70s, but Walsh ran the offense. That’s a fact. Look it up.

                And Walsh constantly evolved, which Kelly doesn’t do.

              2. This is rich. Argue about Walsh with a guy who’s dad spent an entire season with him in meetings, on the bus, and had access to everything.

              3. From what I remembered, Brown bad mouthed Walsh to other teams because he did not want to lose Walsh’s genius running the offense.

                Brown promoted another coach, Johnson (?) instead of Bill, so Walsh went to Stanford.

                Walsh paid back Brown big time by beating him in the Super Bowl.

              4. Walsh went to San Diego under Tommy Prothro for a year, before Stanford.

                Brown was known for his autocratic ways and strategy, especially in the passing game. Does that sound like a HC that would give an assistant, even his top offensive assistant free rein with the offense? Add in that Brown ended up hating Walsh, it’s not much of a stretch to believe that they must’ve butted heads on offensive strategy and game planning, at least somewhat.

              5. Starting something somewhere doesn’t mean that’s where it was completed.

                Walsh had a big impact on what the offense was doing in Cinci, but it wasn’t the WCO he unveiled in SF in ’79.

                And yes, Walsh did continue to evolve, as few before or after have been able to do.

  22. Chip Kelly resigning and going back to Oregon would be the best. Chip Kelly is not an NFL coach, he is a college coach. His offense is not designed for the NFL. Yes, the first year, teams were not prepared for that offense. What Kelly did not realize though is that teams playing them studied his offense and had their defenses prepare for it. I really thought that with Kaepernick he might be able to actually make the offense work, like he did with Mariota while with Oregon, but it’s not working out that way.
    Kelly took a program at Oregon that wasn’t a threat in the PAC-10 now the PAC12, turned them into a team that in three years went to a Rose Bowl(lost), Championship Game (lost) and another Rose Bowl (won). Oregon become the dominant team for many years in the PAC-10(PAC12). I just think every coach has dreams to coach in the NFL, but not everyone is cut out to coach. He is best as a coach in college, not the NFL.

  23. Actually, the 1979 49ers had quite a lot of talent.

    The starting offensive line in 1981 was Fahnhorst, Ayers, Quillan, Cross, and a smallish guard acquired from San Diego whose name escapes me.

    Dwight Clark, Freddie Solomon, Mike Shumann, Joe Montana, Steve Deberg (who, like him or not, had a long NFL career) and Charle Young’s backup, Eason Ramson were all on the team.

    Defensive line, Archie Reese, JImmy Webb, and Dwaine Board.
    Linebackers, Willie Harper, Dan Bunz.

    So the defense was a little short of talent.

    I am not comparing Kelly’s team, and it would take a few years for Walsh to succeed, but there was progress over the execrable Meyer/O’Conner/McCulley years. The team could score and move the ball, finishing 3rd in passing yards and the most passing attempts in NFL history. Problem was the 49ers couldn’t stop teams from running the ball into the end zone and no pass defense to speak of.

    There isn’t any magical formula. I remember thinking the 49ers seemed to have figured out one part of the team in 1979, but also wondering whether the defense would ever come together. I think this team might be a big younger. Too many washed up veterans on that 1979 team (O.J. Simpson AND Al Cowlings, Sir Cedrick Hardman) etc.

      1. Grant,
        You are right about Clark and Montana not yet making a name for themselves in 1979.
        But I would put these 1979 players ahead of current players in the starting lineup:
        1. John Ayers
        2.Fred Quillen
        3. Randy Cross
        4. Fred Solomon
        5. Dwain Board
        6. Dan Bunz
        7. Cedrick Hardman
        8. Willie Harper
        9. Archie Reese
        And throw in Paul Hofer for good measure.
        Some of these players were on the cusp of becoming stars and some were in the twilight of their careers, but Walsh certainly had talent.
        And next few drafts that Walsh was involved in produced future HOF players.

        I don’t see any players that Baalke has drafted becoming HOF players, do you?

    1. Yes, that team had talent. They would score a lot, but in the end, they would lose, because the DBs sucked.

      Walsh finally fixed that when he signed Hicks and drafted Lott, Williamson and Wright.

      1. You’re right Seb the DBS sacked but how many years did it take to fix it. Baalke will be shooting crops until we’re all dead.

          1. The DB’s on the ’81 Superbowl Team were Dwight Hicks, Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright, and Carlton Williamson. They were known as Dwight Hicks and the Hot Licks because they were such hard hitters. Hicks played in the CFL for a year and then bounced around a bit. He was working in the stock room at a health food store in Detroit when the 49ers signed him. He was only in his second year starting when he became the leader of the secondary in the first 49er Superbowl season. He was the leader because the other 3 guys were all rookies. Imagine that in today’s NFL. A Superbowl winning defense had a secondary of 3 rookies and a guy who was a CFL reject.

  24. So Kelly’s “Gimmick College Offense” doesn’t work in the NFL because NFL teams finally figured it out? That’s garbage. Kelly’s Eagles went 10-6, 10-6 and 6-10. And it took the super bright NFL coaches TWO YEARS to figure it out?? There were a bunch of things that
    went wrong in Kelly’s last year but it wasn’t his offensive system.

    Kelly’s gimmick system is a zone blocking run heavy system with a few variations. Not gimmicky at all. And it worked pretty good against the Dolphins

    Everyone has the Dallas Cowboys “Figured out” this year too. They’re going to overpower
    you at the line of scrimmage and run Ezekiel Elliott down your throat and dare you to stop
    them -and nobody has done that yet. Everyone has Tom Brady figured out too. How come he keeps completing all those passes and nobody can stop him?

    1. 49ermadman

      Excellent post..! You’re on my side…or I’m on your side…whichever

      In a short 2 more years, with a QB and a couple of WR’s who don’t flinch and throw in a TE to bookend MacDonald …we can draft propitiously and revive the niner legacy of LOMBARDI’S

  25. Baalke is gone and the dirt that will come out after he leaves will fill an organic farm in Mendocino…

    Then what’s-his-name lurking in the head office takes over. Niners will be 8-8 next year and in the playoffs two years from now.

      1. When I see that little post card, I get this uneasy feeling. I prefer the menus which makes it much harder to know what’s coming next. Andy Reid has a really nice menu….

  26. Grant Cohn, see I read this article and yes it does make since on the part of Orgeon wanting him back. I am sure he might have even listened, but your timing on if he would leave is wrong. See he is going no where right now, but if Trent balke is still the GM at the end of the season then he is gone. Now if balke who BETTER be FIRED is fired then he will stay. They find a good matching GM to chip Kelly no not chip Kelly we all know he can’t be the GM. Now we might be able to start rebuilding. Chip Kelly is a good coach see I went into this season already knowing that outcome and so did anyone with a football brain. All I wanted to see from them is be in the game come 2nd half show some heart and effort, don’t give up. This team is doing just that, this team has NO TALENT tell me name 1 WR on this roster that would be a starter on a good team. Maybe Torey Smith as a number 3. We need Talent there is none but there still in the games. That’s because coaching is keeping them in it.

  27. I am an Eagles fan from PA. I have watched Chip Kelly run the Eagles team for three seasons. I think Chip Kelly is a good coach for a NCAA division 1 football program. I think he is a great talent with the offense he creates. His offense is not suited for the NFL. Why? His offense scores so many times too quickly, that he leaves no real time for the defense to rest. With a 53 man roster there are not enough players to plug in on the defense to rotate the talent for the longer offensive drives by the opposing team. By the 4th quarter, in many Eagle’s games, the defense was just plain worn out. The defense was on the field for just too many plays.

    What made Chip offense work was the expanded rosters in college, Chip at Oregon, could rotate enough defensive players into the game in order to withstand longer offensive drives by the other team.

    Chip Kelly is a good football coach. His style of offense is just not suited for the NFL because of the roster restrictions. .

  28. Why in the hell does every football writer feel compelled to put out a story that Chip Kelly is going back to Oregon? Laziness .. lack of imagination?

    More than anything, Chip wants to win a Super Bowl – he’s not going to be able to do that at Oregon. Chip’s where he wants to be and he has a contract. He won’t be leaving SF in the next two years unless he gets fired.

    One other point that everybody overlooks is that if he does get fired, he’s too smart to go back to Oregon. It was a good run while it lasted but it’s over. Oregon is pretty much a coaching graveyard for the next decade. The rest of the conference has caught up to/passed Oregon, and Oregon has pretty much burned its appeal to top level recruits.

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